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21 Best & Fun Things to Do in Old Forge (New York)

Old Forge, New York, has been a favorite spot for visitors worldwide for many years.

It was initially a forge that was declared unsuitable for farming.

As a result, Charles Frederick Herreshoff II and his wife opened an iron mine and built the first forge.

Although this hamlet remained a village for 30 years, by 1936, it was dissolved due to the high cost of government operations.

Old Forge, known as “Adirondack Base Camp,” is now famous as a summer vacation destination with many places that appeal to tourists.

Therefore, despite its bulges, Old forge stands out as an extensive business district and tourist attraction.

Although moderately populated, its mountainous region makes it a place nothing short of natural beauty.

Regardless of the time you come visiting, there are lots of attractions I’m confident you will love to add to your bucket list.

From McCauley Mountain to Water theme park to boat cruises and many other attractions, there is something for everyone.

Old Forge offers perfect accommodation and a conducive environment for visitors, whether you’re a first-timer or a returning tourist.

Things to do in Old Forge, New York

1. Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Things to do in Old Froge

MattCC716 / Flickr

One of the numerous top activities making Old Forge gain prominence among travelers is the Enchanted Forest Water Safari.

The park was opened in 1956 and remains the largest water park in New York.

Located in the Adirondack Mountains, Enchanted Forest Water Safari is a mecca for all ages.

Therefore, there are more than 50 rides and attractions, including 32 heated outdoor water rides.

Water rides such as Cascade falls, Bombay blasters, Amazon, and Kid wash, to name a few.

Also, from kiddie rides to classic amusement rides to exciting games to storybook-themed characters to a family circus show to the barnyard and many others, guests never run out of fun things to do.

Besides, there are campgrounds with accommodations and classic cabins in Adirondack style as well as a pond with row and paddle boats.

Additionally, restrooms and other facilities are included.

Besides, while visiting this park, getting delicious food wouldn’t be an issue because many restaurants on-site offer excellent American dishes.

Indeed, Enchanted Forest Water Safari is a place where the fun never stops.

Address: 3183 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

2. Old Forge Camping Resort

Things to do in Old Forge

Old Forge Camping Resort

If you want to experience camping in New York, you won’t go wrong choosing Old Forge Camping Resort.

It’s located next door to water Safari and has been the choice of local and visitor campers for many years.

Old Forge Camping Resort offers year-round Adirondack camping and special seasonal-themed events. 

This family-friendly, pet-friendly, versatile campground provides heated one-room cabins and two-room cottages with adequate facilities, as well as tent sites and RV hook-up sites.

You don’t have to come with all your equipment as a camper because the heated cottages are ideal for you.

There are 60 attractive Adirondack log cottages consisting of two rooms and can comfortably accommodate six.

In fact, this place is a mecca for family-friendly activities and organized events for every family member. 

Also, the cottages are equipped with a bathroom and kitchen, and outside there is a porch swing, picnic table, charcoal grill, and fire circle.

Besides, the cabins are nestled amongst the trees, and there are 132 log camping cabins.

The one-room cabins comfortably sleep four with a double bed and a set of single bunks.

Additionally, the tent and RV hook-up sites are conducive for campers, and you’ll experience the rustic vibe within the hook-up site, widely spread over 130 wooded acres.

Address: 3347 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

3. McCauley Mountain

Things to do in Old Forge

The McCauley Mountain

McCauley Mountain is located in the central Adirondack Mountains just outside the hamlet of Old Forge.

Opened in 1958, McCauley Mountain is at an altitude of 2200 feet. 

Since you will be in Old Forge this winter season, why not consider a stop at this worthwhile attraction?

If you would, this Mountain boasts a 633-foot vertical drop, double chairlift, two T-bar rows, two rope tows, and multiple ski trails.

Therefore, it has about 21 ski trails between 3,000-5,000 feet.

It’s a perfect place to bring the family for a quick and easy morning or afternoon excursion.

Most interestingly, the trails come with different difficulty levels, from beginners to experts who can enjoy skiing at affordable prices.

Besides, you’ll enjoy scenic views of the Adirondacks during the Falls and see the beautiful blooming of the foliage.

Also, some restaurants give guests nice treats and delicious food.

Overall, McCauley Mountain is refreshing and definitely a place worth visiting.

Address: 300 Macaulay Rd, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

4. Strand Theatre

Things to do in Old Forge

Terry Spencer / Flickr

If you’re not a parkgoer but crave something enjoyable in Old Forge, the Strand Theatre is a perfect place to visit.

Opened in May 1923 as a single-screen silent theater that seats about 700 guests, today, Strand Theatre now has four screens and shows first-run movies.

From fancy to classical performances, the theater is lively with artistic genres and displays of movie memorabilia.

Therefore, the whole place is an homage to the history of movies, with old cameras, projectors, and other equipment on display.

In addition to its historical display, it also features modern amenities, making it an incredible spot to enjoy present-day cinemas.

Not only that, the conduct of the staff is so satisfactory.

Most impressively, the various shows are at fair prices: Matinees are $6.00, and evening shows are $7.00 for adults and $6.00 for children and seniors.

Furthermore, there are on-site snacks which makes the experience enjoyable. 

Also, remember to come with cash as there is no credit card.

Address: 3093 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

5. Old Forge Public Beach

Things to do in Old Forge

Old Forge Public Beach

If you are visiting Old Forge in the Summer month, one of the best places to be is the Old Forge Public Beach.

This beach is open year-round and an excellent spot for both locals and visitors.

It has many parking, a pirate ship playground, and a beach entrance.

The beach is near the lakefront park and has an entrance next to tennis courts near Lakeview Avenue.

Furthermore, it comes with secure fencing that ensures the water remains clean and the sandy area remains accessible to the public.

Also, there’s a changing facility for all.

Kids can have fun on the playground swings and wading pools with a lifeguard on duty.

There are diving boards and rafts, as well as other fun activities.

This beach is open year-round and accessible from 9 am to 6 pm.

Overall, there’s no admission fee, and everyone can enjoy this beautiful place without spending a cent.

6. Bald Mountain

Things to do in Old Forge

Jud Foley / Flickr

Bald Mountain is one of the picturesque spots in Old Forge.

You’ll not be disappointed when you pay a visit to this beautiful Mountain anytime you are in or around Old Forge.

The trail leading to the mountain’s top is a popular hike, likely due to its proximity to tourist towns; it’s also to the Rondaxe Mountain Fire Tower.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some adventurous activities to take on, especially cardiovascular exercise, this Mountain is perfect for you.

You can climb up to the mountain’s peak, which is almost 2,350 feet in elevation.

Also, the Mountain features a trail about miles long and is perfect for hiking. There’s a guided hiking tours for people who are not professionals.

Although the trails are steep on some sides, it gives the best experience for all.

As a nature lover, you’ll surely enjoy this Mountain’s scenery, especially the blooming plants during the Fall.

7. Adirondack Railroad

Things to do in Old Forge

Brad O’Brien / Flickr

The Adirondack Railroad is a tourist railway serving Adirondack park.

Intending to preserve the historic railway of Old Forge, this attraction offers its guests a perfect way to experience the breathtaking Scenery of town.

The railway plans to operate over the former New York Central Railroad track between Utica and Tupper Lake.

Notwithstanding, the tour through the Adirondack park is a first-class choice among a large number of tourists because of its picturesque and natural outlook.

Furthermore, a ride along this railroad will give guests a lasting, memorable experience, whether first-timers or returning tourists.

In addition to the breathtaking Scenery, the rail tour allows guests to take on entertaining activities; also, the trains offer unique eco-tours.

Adirondack Railroad is a must-do if you are looking forward to experiencing scenic rides through the beautiful woodlands, whether through the winter, Fall, or summer.

Note this train ride is not accessible on Saturdays and Sundays.

However, on the other days of the week, It’s accessible from 9 am through 5 pm.

Address: 330 Main St, Suite 102, Utica, NY 13501, United States 

8. Fulton Chain Craft Brewery

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery

The Fulton Chain Craft Brewery is a farm brewery company in Old Forge.

It was founded in 2014 and has since distinguished itself as one of the best breweries in New York.

From “Go Fluff Yourself” to “peanut butter” and many great beers, this is an excellent place for beer lovers!

Little wonder it’s the most chilled-out brewery in Old Forge.

This brewery has more than ten beers on its menu; there is a great chance you will fall in love with at least one. 

If you are in Old Forge, don’t be an exception to the list of fun-seekers who visit this local brewery for fun galore.

Impressively, the beers are produced from homegrown grains and come at relatively low prices.

Additionally, this place is very roomy and has ample spaces as well as outdoor seating.

Food options are tremendous, and order is relatively easy.

Note this brewery is not accessible on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but on all other days of the week, you can check in from 12 pm to 10 pm.

Address: 127 North St, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

9. Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park

Things to do in Old Forge

Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park

Another fantastic and fun place to visit in Old Forge is the Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park.

Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park is directly opposite Enchanted Forest Water Safari.

It’s quite adventurous and thrilling and a place for families, friends, and groups of people.

This park features exciting activities like zipline, Bumper Boats, Go-Karts, Batting Cages, a Rock Climbing Wall, Mini Golf, an Arcade, a Prize Center, and more to visitors’ satisfaction.

While in this amusement park, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in various adventurous and challenging gaming activities that will not only thrill you but also help enhance the physical capability of visitors.

Besides, Pizza Hut Express and Ice Cream give guests the best treats whenever they check in.

Additionally, all these activities are relatively priced.

It’s open afternoons and evenings at the end of June.- Labor Day. Open Memorial Day Weekend, weather permitting.

Address: 3183 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

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10. RPM Snowmobile Rentals

Things to do in Old Forge

Dan Gould / RPM Snowmobile Rentals

Just a few miles from Old Forge, RPM Snowmobile Rentals is a place to visit during the Winter to have a fantastic experience snowmobiling.

What is a Snowmobile?

Snowmobile, also known as Ski-doo, snow scooter, or sled, is a motorized vehicle designed for winter travel and recreation on snow.

RPM Snowmobile Rentals is a perfect, easy, and hassle-free snowmobile rental place when you are in Old Forge and want to enjoy snowmobiling.

Also, it’s a great location close to the main trail system. The sleds are in great shape and run flawlessly.

You can even rent the sled for the weekend. 

As always, the rental process is easy and quick, and You can upgrade to a heated shield cover for the helmet, making it great during the snowy colder days.

Overall, getting a snowmobile for your tours around the scenic trails of Old Forge is without stress when you contact RPM Snowmobile Rentals.

What’s more, it’s accessible all days of the week from 9 am to 5 pm.

Address: 2840 NY-28, Thendara, NY 13472, United States

11. Montezuma Winery – Old Forge

Montezuma Winery - Old Forge

The Montezuma Winery

Montezuma Winery is one of the most famous wineries in the helmet of Old Forge.

Located in the heart of Old Forge, this Winery has walked the road of creativity to become an award-winning winery in New York.

If you are in Old Forge, you should consider a stop at this fantastic winery.

It features over 30 award-winning Fruit, Grape, and Honey wines ranging from dry to sweet plus premium vodka, brandy, whiskey, and liqueurs.

Impressively, the grapes, fruit, and honey are sourced from homegrown farmers and processed in a modern way.

In addition to being an award-winning winery, Montezuma Winery has a spacious wine-tasting bar.

The wine-tasting service is impressively affordable, $8 for three quarter-ounce servings of spirits, which qualifies you for $2 off a full-size bottle.

Lastly, it’s accessible every week from 11 am to 7 pm.

Address: 3050 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

12. Nutty Putty Miniature Golf

Nutty Putty Miniature Golf

Nutty Putty Miniature Golf

If you are looking for unique activities to take on with friends and family in Old Forge, Nutty Putty Miniature Golf is an ideal place to be.

This mini-golf course is an attractive location due to its natural scenery and because it’s made out of wood.

Whether you will be in Old Forge for a short trip or a vacation, this mini-golf course is a great spot to spend an hour or two.

Furthermore, It is decorated with murals and beautiful flowers, which makes it unique and stand out from the usual ones.

There are exciting challenges, such as a puppet and a moving windmill that go up and down.

For the comfort of visitors and players, the surrounding pine trees provide shade during hot weather.

Additionally, there’s a replica of a pinball machine, with moving parts, including flippers, that the golf ball must navigate, making the game more challenging but not impossible.

Address: 2933 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

13. Rivett’s Marine Old Forge

Things to do in Old Forge

Terry Spencer / Flickr

Another exciting thing to do in Old Forge is to visit Rivett’s Marine.

Rivett’s Marine is a full-service marina located on the southeast end of the Fulton Chain of Lakes in Old Forge.

This company is ever ready to meet your needs whenever you visit the Adirondacks’ beautiful Fulton Chain of Lakes.

It’s a company with the best boating gear and quality boating services that satisfy customer needs anytime.

Rivett’s Marine offers over 80 dock slips for temporary and seasonal rental as the only lakefront marina in Old Forge.

The company is a one-stop shop that provides rental boats, sales, service, boating accessories, and supplies.

Therefore, boaters, hikers, campers, and explorers have benefited from their superb services for many years.

In addition to boat rentals, the company offers affordable equipment for hiking, skiing, kayaking, and other adventure activities.

Overall, riding on the water of Fulton Chain of Lakes as a tourist will be memorable with the ever-reliable services rendered by Rivett’s Marine.

Address: 102 Lakeview Ave, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

14. Adirondack River Outfitters (ARO)

Adirondack River Outfitters (ARO)

Adirondack River Outfitters (ARO)

Looking for something spectacular and an adrenaline-pumping adventure in Old Forge while not going whitewater rafting with Adirondack River Outfitters?

ARO Adventures has been New York State’s leading whitewater company for thirty-eight years and is an award-winning and one of the best Outfitters in New York.

Adirondack River Outfitters (ARO) is a collection of local rafting experts working together as a team to take customers through top-rated whitewater thrills.

They have been in the business of offering first-class professional whitewater peddling instructions since 1980.

Not only that, ARO will guide and ride by you on the Hudson River Gorge, Moose River, and Black River around the Adirondack, making it a memorable rafting trip of the day.

Furthermore, everyone from kids to adults can be assured of adventurous, thrilling, and safe rafting as the hired ARO guide takes the whitewater with them.

Lastly, ARO is in North River, just 5 miles from North Creek, with excellent hotels, restaurants, and the Gore Mt. ski center.

Address: 3115 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

15. Kurt Gardner Photography Gallery

Kurt Gardner Photography Gallery

Kurt Gardner Photography Gallery

Distinct from other attractions in Old Forge, Kurt Gardner Photography Gallery is the creative work of passionate photographer Kurt Gardner.

This gallery showcases the exhibits, which are fascinating pictures of natural mountains, high peaks, and other scenery in the Old Forge area.

It’s indeed a quality picture showcasing the beauty of the Adirondacks.

Interestingly, the gallery is located on the main street of the hamlet, making it easily accessible to visitors to browse the collection of exhibiting photographs on display.

In order words, tourists can purchase any pictures appealing to them.

Most encouragingly, the extraordinary photographs come at affordable prices.

 If you are in Old Forge or visiting soon, Why not stop at this creative gallery and choose one or two beautiful portraits for yourself?

Lastly, Kurt Gardner organizes and gives a photography class to impact others with his passion and creativity.

Address: 3032 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

16. Goodsell Museum Old Forge

THings to do in Old forge

Terry Spencer / Flickr

A short visit to this museum is well worth your time if you are visiting Old Forge.

The Town of Webb Historical Association is responsible for operating the Goodsell Museum.

This Museum consists of a number of historical exhibitions and antiques, most of which are local and tasteful.

Furthermore, the exhibits are spread across the six rooms with an additional research library that boasts a unique collection of postcards, photographs, maps, books, and business and historical genealogy records. This place is quite historic.

In addition to the museum, it also has a beautiful barn and a special ice house.

It is a perfect place for history buffs wanting to know something worthwhile focused on the Adirondacks.

Address: 2993 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

17. View Center for Arts and Culture

View Center for Arts and Culture

View Center for Arts and Culture

For all lovers of Arts and Culture, the View Center for Art and Culture is one of the best tourist attractions in the heart of Old Forge.

It’s a multi-dimensional facility to educate, enrich, entertain, and inspire tourists, locals, and visitors.

Founded in 1951, the View has since collaborated with other artists across the country to host a variety of national art exhibitions and live performances.

It also serves as a community center, a conference facility, and a venue for special events.

Irrespective of the challenges faced as a result of promoting arts and culture in the area, View Center prides itself as a haven of happiness, fun, and enjoyment for people.

For all the View center has achieved through seasoned programs, it definitely deserves a lot more admiration and attention from visitors.

It’s accessible from Mondays through Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Address: 3273 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

18. Natural Stone Bridges & Caves

Natural Stone Bridge & Caves

Natural Stone Bridge & Caves

One of the famous attractions located just a few minutes from Old Forge is Natural Stone Bridge & Caves.

This is the most prominent cave entrance in the eastern United States.

It’s a beautiful attraction that has been part of Adirondack’s iconic historical landmarks dating back to 200 years ago.

This spot features about 15 miles of trails, making it one of the best spots where tourists can enjoy hiking and snowshoeing in Old Forge.

It’s a place to experience nature and every bit of Adirondacks Park for a short hike.

During the summer, you can engage in a self-guided tour and above-ground nature trail to witness this spectacular display of ancient Adirondack geology.

The rustic gravel trail and stone step feature the Artists’ Gorge, old Sawmill Site Waterfalls, incredible potholes, and several surface caves.

During the Winter, you’ll witness a total transformation of the landscape as the ice flows to form everchanging sculptures beneath the Stone Bridge and along the river.

It offers the perfect terrain for snowshoeing.

Furthermore, you can spend an hour, two, or even a day exploring various activities in the park and catch fun-filled moments with family and loved ones.

Address: 535 Stone Bridge Rd, Pottersville, NY 12860, United States

19. Old Forge Pond

Things to do in Old Forge

Oram24 / Flickr

One of the free things to do with the family in Old Forge is to stop at the site of the Old Forge Pond.

It’s a scenic Spot that boasts many activities both during the winter or Summer time.

Old Forge Pond is the starting point of The Fulton Chain of Lakes, the body of water where the Old Forge beach and tennis courts are located.

Over 30 acres, Old Forge Pond averages 5 feet deep and has a depth of 9 feet. A one-and-a-half mile-long channel averaging 3 feet deep connects it to the first lake.

Therefore, it’s a great spot to enjoy scenic views of the water and mountains surrounding it.

Whether you’ll be spending an hour or two, it’s a place that will set your mind at ease and wonder.

You can enjoy a boat ride on the water or just sit on the bench and enjoy the scenery.

Lastly, Old Forge Pond is a choice among both locals and visitors.

Address: Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

20. Nicks Lake Campground Old Forge

Nicks Lake Campground

Nicks Lake Campground

Another top tourist attraction that stands out in Old Forge is Nicks Lake Campground.

Located south-southwest of Old Forge, amidst Wild Forest and the Black River, Nicks Lake Campground is the top scenic location for camping.

This campground boasts 112 campsites, a vast lake for fishing and canoeing, and a comfy picnic area.

If you are searching for the perfect place to camp and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Nicks Lake Campground is more than perfect for you.

Lifeguards are also available if you wish to swim in this Nicks lake.

There are over 5 miles of hiking trails for hikers to enjoy the scenic terrain and get in touch with the beauty of nature in great weather during sunrises or sunsets.

Perhaps, fishing might equally be your favorite activity; there are lots of knowledgeable fishing guides that’ll make your fish adventure more memorable than ever before.

Therefore, when the day is turning towards the evening, you can choose to put out your fishing gear looking for lunker bass and brown trout,

Or you can also spend time at an ADA playground, volleyball game, basketball court, horseshoes, and over 3 miles of paved biking and jogging paths.

Bear in mind that no motors are allowed on Nicks Lake.

21. Moose River Farm Old Forge

Moose River Farm 

Moose River Farm

Looking for a recreational area in Old Forge? Moose River Farm is one of the exciting attractions. 

This farm offers visitors an opportunity to have a unique experience by taking various tours and llama excursions.

What is a llama? 

Llamas, like cuddly, lovable plush toys, are attractive creatures you can get up close and personal with.

They are also very social animals, making it easy for anyone to enjoy an afternoon of spending time with them.

They are so endearing that kids and adults have signed up to take a llama for a walk along its groomed trails.

When you are in Old Forge and want to try something special, a tour of the farm and llama excursion will surely make your day.

Meanwhile, admission costs $25 per person and also includes a farm tour so you can meet the other lovely animals who live on the farm.

You can also enjoy tracking, playing with llamas, and petting the birds, all while admiring gorgeous views of the Adirondack Mountains.

Address: 168 Woodcraft Rd, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

Start Planning Your Trip to Old Forge

From the scenic McCauley Mountain to Water theme park to Old Forge beach and other exciting attractions, 

Old Forge offers many attractions for tourists who are more than ready to explore.

It’s incredible how this historic town with the Adirondack Mountains can have such a beautiful environment.

To enjoy these top attractions in Old Forge, consider these best things to do as you plan your trip to this city in the State of New York.

So, it’s time to pick your itinerary and hit the road.