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32 Unique & Fun Things to Do in Portland (Maine)

With over 68,408 inhabitants, Portland is the most populous municipality in Maine.

It is a quaint city and the 104th-largest metropolitan area in the United States.

The series of beaches and gorgeous dunes draw thousands of tourists yearly to this city, and it prides itself on its many places of historical significance, parks, routes for hiking, shopping centers, and a series of places to surf.

Whether you’re a winter fun-seeker or planning an adventure in the forthcoming summertime, Portland offers something recreational.

In fact, this city boasts several free attractions for every budget-conscious thriller.

Carefully read through the comprehensive list of 33 fun things and places you can check out whenever you are in Portland.

Things To Do In Portland, Maine

1. Portland Museum Of Art

Portland Museum of Art

Portland Museum of Art

The Portland Museum of Art is an accessible, welcoming, and inclusive environment. It aims to enrich and engage tourists through the conservation, presentation, and interpretation of arts.

With a deep commitment to the collection of several artists’ work from various cities in the United States, this insightful spot aspires to reveal the complexities of the world and create a greater understanding of shared humanity through creativity.

Being the largest and oldest public art museum in Maine, anytime you’re here, you can explore over 22,000 art collections.

These include exhibits from renowned artists such as; Marsden Hartley, Winslow Homer, and John Marin, among several others.

As one of the few museums with higher collections of European artifacts in Maine, you’ll equally see some thoughtful works from Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Edvard Munch, Edgar Degas, René Magritte, and other British artists.

As a beacon for education and culture, this 1882 establishment also recognizes and honors some sculpture makers that are aboriginal settlers of the region where this museum now stands. They include the Kathlemet, Willamette, Clackamas, Tumwater, Multnomah, Molalla, and many others.

Whether you’ll be in this quaint location for a short trip or a holiday vacation, this is the perfect area to commence your sightseeing tour.

Impressively, this is a free attraction. However, the Portland Museum of Art isn’t accessible on Mondays and Tuesdays.

On all other days of the week, it’s open from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Address: 7 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

2. Portland HeadLight

Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light

Just 5 miles away from Portland towards the Northern side, the Portland Head Light tops the list of one of the fun things to do in Portland this weekend.

As distinct from what’s obtainable in the Portland Museum of Art, this spot on the spectacular shores of Cape Elizabeth presents absolutely stunning ocean views as far as your eyes can see and waves crashing as long as you’ll be willing to stay.

Additionally, there are many flat snowy areas to build snowmen or have a snowball fight, and if you crave something more enjoyable, you can try out hiking or enjoy wildlife viewing.

Although, because of the rocks all over this attraction, I suggest you wear firm footwear. That’ll allow you to feel quite comfortable anytime you’re here.

However, beyond its recreational activities, there is a small gift shop and an ice cream truck nearby with plenty of vendors to grab a bite if you want something more scrumptious.

Address: 12 Captain Strout Cir, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107, United States

3. Portland Observatory

Portland Observatory

Portland Observatory

As the only remaining historic maritime facility in Maine, the Portland Observatory is one of the unique things to do in Portland in October.

If your period of vacation to this quaint city falls during this season, don’t be hesitant to check out this great site for an hour or more.

This historic maritime signal at the Congress Street of Munjoy Hill has since 1807 been one of the major sites bringing thrill-seekers to this city.

If you’re here, you’ll be able to expand your horizon on the history of the watch tower and get a unique and stunning bird’s-eye view of Portland and its neighborhood.

You will be totally surprised by the historical information that’s well presented in a simple format which always makes it thoroughly enjoyable.

Besides, the various tour guides here are clearly passionate about what they do. Beyond that, they understand the history of the observatory, which will undoubtedly help to make it a more enjoyable adventure.

Notwithstanding all these, the cost of admittance to this destination is just $10 for an adult. On the other hand, kids and senior citizens pay something lesser. This is so great!

However, whenever you’re here, endeavor to come as soon as possible, this is because it’s sometimes overly crowded during the evening.

Nevertheless, your highlight and experience in this Portland’s recreational activity will definitely be worth it!

Address: 138 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

4. Victoria Mansion

Victoria Mansion

Victoria Mansion

The Victoria Mansion is a much-loved landmark in Portland that is significantly relevant to all fun-seekers who have a keen interest in history.

It is distinguished for its extraordinary architecture and its original interiors making it one of the few historic homes of the nineteenth century that houses a plethora of exhibits reflecting the true history of Portland.

Although, built as far as 1860. Nevertheless, its tons of monuments are still very much insightful.

The best part of this destination is that there is also a larger proportion of artifacts here that illustrate how Maine was centuries ago.

Even if you want to learn about some notable occurrences in the United States, such as activities in the medieval period and the various Civil Wars in the United States, you wouldn’t be wrong to come here.

In addition, if you love to learn about the activities of the blacks during the slave trade era, you’ll find this historic house highly resourceful!

Most admirably, these various exhibits are with adequate labels and information. Thus, navigating through them would be quite easier!

As rarely as you may discover elsewhere, there is also video documentation of these notable events and occurrences.

To top that up, the Victoria Mansion of Portland is wheelchair accessible. So, irrespective of your physical posture, you’ll have an easy adventure here.

This is undoubtedly one of the fantastic things to do in Portland with your couple! A must-stop if you’re in town!

Address: 109 Danforth St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

5. Allagash Brewing Company

Allagash Brewing Company

Allagash Brewing Company

One of the notable reasons why Portland hasn’t seized to be a tourist city is because of the diversity of its attractions.

Whether you’re looking for things to do with your kids in Portland during the weekend or you just crave a refined location to spend your summer holiday, Portland has something for you.

Even beer lovers can’t be short of fantastic sites to explore! So, do you love beers, and you’ll love to have some chilled beers to yourself when next you’re in Portland?

If you would, the Allagash Brewing Company is just for you! There are lots of Belgian-style beers that’ll surpass your expectations!

The beers are flavorful and, most Impressively, they’re made from locally sourced grains.

Rob Tod, the founder, was a renowned beer specialist in Maine, which was why this establishment has been sustainable for nearly three decades of its existence.

Besides, there are also on-site restaurants with various meal options for every conceived budget.

From roasted chicken to pizza, and a host of other baked items, you can’t be short of the best combination for your choice of beer here!

Most encouraging, aside from its affordability, there are also beautiful outdoor centers, and the live music is one of the commendable attributes that you’ll love about the Allagash Brewing Company.

It’s not so surprising this favorite spot has been commanding over 100,000 tourists annually.

If you’re anywhere near Portland, don’t be an exception to the list of prudent travelers coming for a thrill here!

Address: 50 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103, United States

6. Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad

Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad

Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad

Relaxing on the beautiful historic train cars at Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad while equally enjoying yourself in its ever-changing scenery is just one of the craziest things to do in Portland.

You wouldn’t only enjoy an exhilarating train ride, but you will also enjoy learning about the rich history of the narrow gauge railway which is always interesting.

The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad stands out amidst other tourist centers in Portland because they’re the only family-friendly tourist train ride in this city.

Not just that, their affordability is the talk of the whole town, and they create an engaging experience for tourists of various ages.

Perhaps, your period of vacation might fall during the summertime, don’t miss out on the “themed sunset train rides” that are usually held every Friday.

Although, it is pertinent to state that the only drawback of this destination is that there are no functioning restaurants on site or nearby.

But then, to salvage that, you can come with some portion of food and, possibly, a bottle of water.

Similarly to that, this isn’t a pet-friendly destination, and arrangements for reservation are highly necessary.

Thus, do away with your pets, and be sure to arrive at least an hour prior to when you plan to schedule a ride.

Overall, the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad is an amazing tourist center that should be on high of your travel plan if you’ll be in Portland!

Address: 49 Thames St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

7. Children’s Museum & Theatre Of Maine

Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine

Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine

Situated along Thompson’s Point in Maine, the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine is a great option to consider if you’re looking for the best amusement center in Portland.

It features a wide variety of recreational activities for children and houses lots of hands-on exhibits that are so crucial to every child’s improvements.

This attraction is accessible five days a week, from Wednesday through Sunday, between 9:00 AM through 4:00 PM.

But then, is this museum only peculiar to children? Absolutely not! As an adult, in its theater, there are lots of adult-related classical movies that you’ll surely find so entertaining.

Even at that, there are a series of aquatic exhibits that you will find insightful and if you want something more, checking out its garden would be so worthwhile!

In fact, if you crave to explore the true charm of Portland, the culture area presents tons of cultural activities that are always delightful.

There’s also a “calming corner”, where you and your kids could hide – It is an immersive room that’s filled with soft lights, you will love it!

Evidently, this is far beyond a children’s recreational center! There is something enjoyable, entertaining, and pleasurable for everyone here!

Interestingly, the staff is really so nice as well, and they genuinely care about every child on-site.

While coming, if you plan to spend a significant time here, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for your children. This is because they may be wet during the activity.

Address: 250 Thompsons Point Rd, Portland, ME 04102, United States

8. Old Port, Portland

Old Port, Portland

Old Port

The Old Port is a typical tourist destination that’s bustling with restaurants, bars, and galleries.

It’s an inclusive neighborhood that makes Portland a more accessible and relaxing spot for every explorer.

Whether you’re craving for a refined site to spend a couple of hours in or you just want a beautiful site to relax from the hustling and bustling of Portland, this spot is a great choice for you.

The energy of this area is just a mix of ancient vibes plus a contemporary reality. Don’t miss out if you’re anywhere near Portland!

From the Port here, you can as well take a ferry to navigate through the islands of Casco Bay.

Even if what you desire is to enjoy some moments of canoeing or kayaking, you’ll have plenty of moments doing that.

Notwithstanding all these, the cost of various offerings here is inexpensive. Although, parking can be a huge challenge. So, be sure to park in a nearby garage.

Similarly, it may get overly crowded when the cruise ships are in Port. Therefore, I recommend you visit during the weekdays when that’ll not so probable.

Address: Old Port, Portland, ME, United States

9. Hadlock Field

Hadlock Field

Hadlock Field

Named after Edson Hadlock, who was a baseball coach between 1950 through 1977 at the Portland High School, the Hadlock Field is a baseball stadium of reputable image.

It is a 7,368-capacity destination that was established in 1994, and today, it primarily serves as the home to the Portland High School Bulldogs, Portland Sea Dogs of the Eastern League, and also Deering High School Rams baseball teams.

This point of interest features lots of engaging local and international competitions and has consistently been a venue for a series of concerts.

Regardless of where you’re, the Hadlock Field has good seats all through; you’ll definitely have the best views.

Above that, there are tons of snacks vendor near this place, and even if you’re a wine lover, you will have amazing selections during your trip here.

Best of it all, this is an affordable fun thing. Hence, you wouldn’t have to empty your wallet before enjoying the best moments here.

If you’re a sports enthusiast with an upcoming voyage to Portland, this is a great area to extend your trip.

Address: 271 Park Ave, Portland, ME 04102, United States

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10. Merrill Auditorium

Merrill Auditorium, Portland

Merrill Auditorium

The Merrill Auditorium is a 1,908-seat complex in Portland.

It was initially known as Portland City Hall Auditorium and has since 1912 been acknowledged as one of the most engaging attractions in Portland.

This eventful area hosts a series of delightful activities including concerts, comedy, and musical performances, among several others.

What distinguishes this point of interest from its contemporaries is that there are no bad seats here, the sound system is also functioning well, and the actors are so skillful.

It doesn’t end there, during the intermission period, there’s an outdoor area where you can seat to sip some chilled wines!

In fact, if you want something more thirsty, you can’t be short of the best selection among the beautiful menu options in their in-house restaurants.

So, what more would you have wanted from an attraction of this kind?

A must check out if you’re in town!

Address: 20 Myrtle St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

11. Deering Oaks

Things to do in Portland

Deering Oaks

Severally tagged as Portland’s “inclusive attraction of all days,” the Deering Oaks is another top attraction with plenty of enjoyable things to do.

This 55-acre public park has a tennis court, baseball diamond, basketball courts, and a well-equipped volleyball court.

Moreover, it boasts a beautiful playground, & a little pond calling for its recognition on the 16th of October, 1989, as one of the most engaging locations in the United States.

The splash pad is also great, and there is equally plenty of space where children can chase the alternating fountains that are usually spouting up as they move.

Besides, this lovely spot has lots of benches and shades all over where you can sit to enjoy the sunset.

The shrubbery and trees are also gorgeous, the pond has lots of ducks & the pedestrian bridge over it features very breathtaking trails that are always inviting. This is just a great oasis!

If your period of travel to this impressive spot falls on a Saturday, the regular Saturday farmer market that’s always held here will be a plus to what awaits your arrival.

Perhaps, if what’s paramount to you is to explore a lovely area with so many fun things to do for the whole family. You’ll be on the right path coming to this worthwhile destination!

The Deering Oaks is just a good-sized park with everything that’ll make your vacation more memorable than ever before!

If you can, plan to spend an hour, two hours, or more here. It will certainly be worth it!

Address: Portland, ME 04101, United States

12. Casco Bay Lines, Portland

Casco Bay Lines, Portland

Casco Bay Lines

The Casco Bay Lines is a ferry operator in Portland that offers all-year-round freight, and ferry service to tourists and locals alike.

For the past 150 years, these vessels have been providing a pleasurable adventure to thrill-seekers of various ages.

Whether you are commuting to Portland, visiting for a day, or you crave to enjoy one of the many scenic or music cruises in Maine, the Casco Bay Lines is your enjoyable, convenient, and reliable connection to the islands.

The specialty cruises in this unique destination will allow all riders to escape the mainland in order to experience what residents and travelers have known for several decades – “the magic of Casco Bay!”

Incredibly, the regularly scheduled ferry is made available in this destination 365 days a year. Hence, whether you’ll be here during the hot or spring, it will be a blast.

In addition to that, the captain and all other staff are teams of professionals. Therefore, you’re not only confident of having a pleasure-filled adventure, but equally a safe one which is undoubtedly great!

Even at that, activities here costs just  $7.70 for adults while children pay as little as $3.85, which is considerably low.

With that little amount payable, snacks and wine of reasonable proportion are offered to tourists.

Address: 56 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

13. International Cryptozoology Museum

International Cryptozoology Museum, Portland

International Cryptozoology Museum

Established in 2003, the International Cryptozoology Museum has an exceptional collection of about three thousand.

Unlike the usual exhibits at all other traditional museums, this resourceful location provides insight into the study of unknown or hidden animals. These include Bigfoot, Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, and several others.

To actualize its mission, what awaits your arrival includes a wide range of exhibitions that are scientific in nature, zoological specimens, and a series of anthropological collections.

There are also a lot of information and ‘artifacts’ of African animals that went into extinction over 400 years ago.

More so, in a way to foster its sustainability, this museum also features lots of contemporary souvenirs and native arts.

In fact, it also prides itself on being one of the few museums in Portland that has an in-house gift store with plentiful lovely items.

The International Cryptozoology Museum is a great site that’ll probably leave you wondering a bit.

Meanwhile, don’t leave your kids behind because this great location is a good gateway into biology for the little ones as well.

Most importantly, come with $39 if you have got a kid of two and $45 if your spouse will be joining you.

This museum allows tourism all days of the week between 10:00 AM through 6:00 PM.

Address: 32 Resurgam Pl, Portland, ME 04102, United States

14. Portland Eastern Promenade

Portland Eastern Promenade

Eastern Promenade

The Eastern Promenade is a beautiful attraction that was established in 1905 by the ‘Olmsted Brothers Landscape Firm’ who are renowned for creating Boston Commons and New York’s Central Park.

Today, this 68-acre historic landscape offers an unparalleled view of Portland Harbor and Casco Bay with abundant opportunities for recreational activities and enjoyment in all seasons.

This Olmsted-designed facility also prides itself on its multi-use trail that’s suitable for hiking, biking, and cycling.

In addition to that, it’s also a beautiful area that boasts a lovely playground, a hand-launch boat ramp, and a public boating ramp.

Other fun activities you’ll like here include kayaking, swimming, rowing, and sand castles.

Not just that, there are basketball and tennis courts which is undoubtedly a plus to any sports enthusiast coming for a vacation here.

It’s equally a popular spot for frisbee, picnics, kite flying, running, walking, winter sledding, and many other entertaining events and concerts.

All these activities add life to this beautiful park which is one of the top reasons why travelers of diverse interests haven’t seized visiting.

Mere sitting back to enjoy its amazing view is on its adventure.

No matter the number of times you come to this area, you’ll surely have a newer and richer vacation experience!

Address: Eastern Promenade, Portland, ME 04101, United States

15. Eastern Promenade Trail

Eastern Promenade Trail, Portland

Eastern Promenade Trail

Every tourist wants to have a great time on each vacation embarked on. But oftentimes, the enjoyable moments don’t measure up to expectations.

Of course, the reason is that, in most instances, an inclusive attraction is always omitted from the itinerary.

Therefore, ahead of your travels to Portland, will you love to explore an inclusive attraction?

If you’ll be answering in the affirmative – whether hot or spring, the Eastern Promenade Trail is a perfect fit for your itinerary.

The Eastern Promenade Trail is a paved route, often referred to as the jewel of Portland, where thousands of thrillers bike, run, and swim.

Similarly, this waterfront facility offers a spectacular view of Portland Harbor. Even if you love to jog or brisk walk, this spot is certainly for you!

Kayaking and canoeing are also available on the beach or the boat ramp.

Whatever your choice of activity would be here, you wouldn’t be short of great memories!

In fact, unlike what’s obtainable in other riverside attractions, there are picnic tables and boat launch facilities here.

It doesn’t end there; this large grassy expanse area of Portland also features a series of historical exhibits that are highly insightful.

Most importantly, there are equally food trucks on site with nice menu options at affordable prices.

Anytime you’re in Portland, the Eastern Promenade Trail is simply a perfect place to kick back and unwind with the charm of this downtown.

Note this trail is always open on all days of the week, and it’s free to tourists and locals alike.

Address: Eastern Promenade, Portland, ME 04101, United States

16. Shipyard Brewing Company

Shipyard Brewing Company, Portland

The Shipyard Brewing Company

The Shipyard Brewing Company is among the list of top places to visit for young adults in Portland.

Unlike Eastern Promenade Trail, the Shipyard is a family-owned brewery that has been serving Portland for over 25 years.

The award-winning beers offered here are handcrafted by a knowledgeable team of brewers who learned the art from Alan Pugsley, – an all-time world-renowned master brewer.

From its smashed pumpkin to barrel-aged smashed pumpkin to Shipyard, there’s everyone’s choice here.

The summer ale is equally super refreshing and a great one to sip on a hot day.

Beyond these, the seasonal pumpkin beer you’ll see in this location is worth dying for. You’ll surely love it!

In fact, the Sea Dog Blue Paw blueberry wheat ale is also great! It’s light and delicious, with an excellent blueberry flavor that is not overpowering.

Just as you’d love, the Shipyard Brewing Company of Portland also offers flatbread and pizza to enjoy with your drinks.

Interestingly, this favorite spot also provides chalkboard glass holders that you fill out with your beer choices and take up to the counter, which makes it really easy for everyone to create a beer flight. So cute, creative, and efficient!

The tasting room is as well highly rustic with a well-lit and nice decor.

Certainly, will be well worth a stop if you’re in Portland and want to try the wide array of locally-produced beers.

Note, this pub center welcomes people from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM on Sundays through Tuesdays.

On Fridays and Saturdays, it’s accessible from 11:00 in the morning through 8:00 PM in the evening.

Address: 86 Newbury St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

17. Edward Payson Park

Edward Payson Park, Portland

Edward Payson Park

Are you a parkgoer looking for something delightful to do while in Portland?

In this 47.5-acre of attraction, there are multiple sports facilities. It includes a basketball court, baseball courts, and beautiful softball fields.

There are equally skating facilities and a large playground for the little ones to enjoy their moments while on a visitation.

Besides this park is also known for its outstanding skiing and snowboarding facilities.

An outstanding attribute of this great area is that, among the numerous recreational centers in the United States, this location is the only municipal park in America that offers riding lessons and free skiing adventures.

It doesn’t end there; this favorite spot of Portland is equally the home to a community garden.

In fact, in its Arboretum, there are a series of gorgeous plantations, including more than forty non-native trees, such as the Betula nigra, the Stewartia, and Cercidiphyllum, amongst others.

No matter your interests or cravings, you can’t be short of fantastic things to explore here! Must check out if you’re in Portland.

Address: Portland, ME 04103, United States

18. Maine Day Ventures/formerly Maine Foodie Tours

Maine Day Ventures/formerly Maine Foodie Tours, Portland

Maine Day Ventures/formerly Maine Foodie Tours

When you think of the best place to experience great dining in Maine, you may reflect on several locations, but the Maine Day Ventures/formerly Maine Foodie Tours isn’t only interested in offering scrumptious meals but to create memories for everyone.

Every town in Maine, from Augusta to Bangor, to York Harbor — alphabetically speaking — has its own unique places where travelers can enjoy a unique dining experience.

Whether you’re a locavore, a foodie, or just an individual who craves to chow down while in Portland, this unique place is for you!

Activities here showcase Portland’s culinary scene and its colorful history.

If you’re looking for a great place to spend an hour or two, or you want a place that’s relaxing for the whole family, the Maine Day Ventures/formerly Maine Foodie Tours is a good route to explore.

While coming, bear in mind that adventure here costs about $49 on average, with no extra fee payable to Park your vehicles at the garage.

Address: Tours begin at Andy’s Pub, 94 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

19. Standard Baking Co.

Standard Baking Co.

Standard Baking Co.

Essentially, the Standard Baking Co. is a family-owned bakery that offers a diverse array of daily loaves of bread & sweets, plus breakfast pastries.

From an elegant piece of French cake that’s always made in layers to sponge cake that’s regularly soaked in coffee syrup to opera cakes that are always tasting so milky, this is simply a paradise for every cake lover!

The bread you’ll see here is equally to die for as their chocolate chip cookies, croissants, and many other sweets.

You can also grab little cinnamon rolls, and if you want something tipsier, don’t hesitate to order some almond croissants.

Perhaps, your little ones might be on a trip to this quaint store with you; try getting them some portion of chocolate chip cookies, or cranberry scones, you wouldn’t be told to order for more because their demeanor will say that loud!

It doesn’t end there; if you’re a vegetarian that prefers something more natural, choose to try the apricot galette or the lemon tart, you’ll love its flavor.

There’s obviously something for everyone here. It will definitely be worth a stop anytime you’re in Portland!

Meanwhile, it’s a highly trafficked area that is usually crowded on weekends. Hence, I suggest you come during the weekdays. You’ll certainly have a blast and leave with smiles all over your face.

Address: 75 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

20. Portland Palace Playland

Portland Palace Playland

Portland Palace Playland

Opening from Fridays through Sundays, the Palace Playland is an amusement center in Portland, just a few minutes drive away from Portland.

It has nostalgia, just like how it was during the 20th century, and there are updated rides. These include Superstar, Adrenalin, Power Surge, and Riptide, which is always enjoyable to everyone.

It isn’t only a fun adventure; the view of the pier/ beach from the Ferris wheel is equally beautiful.

Although a little park, it’s a quaint spot that has the same joy and excitement as a bigger park.

In fact, there are plenty of benches waiting for parents to sit and observe their wards or children.

Meanwhile, towards the summertime, it’s usually overpacked and overpriced. Nevertheless, the merry will go round.

Address: 1 Old Orchard St, Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064, United States

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21. Harbor Fish Market

Harbor Fish Market

Harbor Fish Market

The Harbor Fish Market is another fantastic destination in Portland.

Being one of the prominent fish markets in Maine, it’s a favorite spot that receives over 150,000 tourists annually.

Whether you’re coming for a vacation to Portland during the winter season or summer period, there’s always something bustling here.

The whole offerings here are so affordable, and best of all, all the staff are friendly and act like an old friend to every tourist.

A stop at the Harbor Fish Market will justify the proverbial statement that “a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover.”

Although relatively small, it’s certainly the best when it comes to plates of seafood in the whole of Maine!

If you are here with your car, there are plenty of parking spaces, and it’s pet-friendly.

Address: 9 Custom House Wharf, Portland, ME 04101, United States

22. East End Beach, Portland

East End Beach

East End Beach

The East End Beach is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy an hour or more anytime in Portland.

Whether you want to watch the sailboats, walk through the beach and its surrounding area, or wants to take your dog for a walk, East End Beach offers something enjoyable for everyone.

The sunset is to die for, and there’s also some history in the gazebo up around the eastern promenade area and decent foraging at low tide if you’re looking for sea glass, shells, or other treasures.

Besides, if you want to engage in fishing, there are lots of big fish to be caught here.

If you’re a hiker, its gorgeous paved trails are equally a great place to enjoy some hiking.

In fact, as rarely as you may find it in other similar attractions, East End Beach also prides itself on its well-equipped tennis and basketball courts on ample grassy areas.

It doesn’t end there; this attraction also features some lovely picnic spots. There, you can eat your brunch or simply chill within its landscape.

The best part is that you wouldn’t have any challenges parking your vehicles. And, if you’ll be here with your kids, there’s skating equipment and a little playground.

Although, it gets too busy during the summer season. Therefore, it’s best visited during the early Fall.

Address: Eastern Promenade, 04101, Portland, ME, United States

23. Portland Duckfat

Portland Duckfat


The Duckfat is a little European sandwich shop & Cafe in Portland known for its duck-fat Belgian fries & milkshakes.

It is a beautiful destination that has been serving crispy duck-fat-fried Belgian fries, cones of hot, and several other snacks & fries since 2005.

If you’re a foodie and you desire to feel at home while on a trip to this downtown, this is a great place to add to your to-do list.

Beyond the various fries obtainable here, their homemade cookies and cream are equally the best of their kind.

The Lemon thyme spritzer and orange dream beverages offered in this place are also worth dying for, and best of all, it’s at a price you’ll not get it elsewhere!

Moreover, Duckfat also has wonderful gluten and dairy-free accommodations.

They also have wonderful gluten and dairy-free accommodations.

Duckfat is a total contrast from all the lobster spots you may have visited. A must-stop anytime you’re near Portland!

Address: 43 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

24. Mackworth Island State Park

Mackworth Island State Park

Mackworth Island State Park

Just 7 minute’s drive away from Portland, the Mackworth Island State Park is another unique attraction worth visiting if you’re on a journey to Maine.

It is a beautiful place that offers travelers various adventurous activities, including sunbathing, fishing, and fishing.

There’s equally a great and tranquil trail facility that allows thrill-seekers of various ages an opportunity to hike as much as they like. If you’re a golf enthusiast, there’s an impressive 18-hole golf facility that’ll be worth each of your moments.

But then, is that all this attraction near Portland has to offer?

Obviously, not! The shoreline is breathtaking and equally impressive, and there are swimming opportunities for professional and amateur swimmers.

Despite all these unique offerings, it’s an affordable attraction! It only costs $4 per person for non-residents. However, only $3 is payable by residents.

Above all that, in this open space area are benches overlooking the water in several spots where you can conveniently sit to enjoy this adorable scenery.

Although this spot may appear a little muddy, so, endeavor to wear firm footwear for ease of accessibility.

Address: Andrews Avenue off, US-1, Falmouth, ME 04105, United States

25. The Mayo Street Arts, Portland

Mayo Street Arts

Mayo Street Arts

Mayo Street Arts is a performance venue and a community theater in the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland.

It was established by Blainor McGough in 2010 in a historic building that earlier served as St. Ansgar Church.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this location is a place you shouldn’t leave out in your travel plan. It serves as a concert venue, a theater, an art gallery, and a meeting space.

In addition, this spot also boasts an inclusive artist studio with rehearsal space and a stationed teaching platform for performing artists of multicultural backgrounds and visual arts.

There are also other varying night programs focusing on folk music, puppetry, comedies, and dance.

Other than all these, the Mayo Street Arts of Portland also imbibe inclusive activities specifically designed for the kids.

Amongst these are “Children’s Puppet Workshop,” which is usually supervised by Portland’s professionals and focuses on story-telling and puppetry.

The most commendable effort of this great spot is that its wheelchair is accessible. Hence, it’ll be a smooth adventure for everyone, regardless of disability.

The general admission fee here is $10, while children pay just $5. But then, if you love to explore the gallery and get some beer or wine, come with about $25.

Address: 10 Mayo St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

26. Fort Sumner Park, Portland

Fort Sumner Park

The Fort Sumner Park

Are you still looking for something more thrilling while in Portland?

Fort Sumner Park is also a fun place! This historic landmark is exceptional in contradiction to another point of interest herein.

Historically, its year of construction dates back to 1794, being part of the earliest system of coastal fortifications to be erected by the authorities of the United States.

Although previously known as “Fort Allen,” after the “Revolutionary War battery,” today, this favorite site offers an amazing view of Portland County while featuring a series of historical information about notable events and occurrences in Portland.

More so, this park has a couple of picnic tables and a well-laid paved path leading to a vista point.

In addition to that, there’s a steep and short walking trail that provides an enjoyable hiking experience for hikers.

Although the only downside of this open space area is that it has no map kiosk or restrooms and limited curbside parking.

Nevertheless, that’s not worth worrying about. This is because the enjoyable moment will surely outweigh this little drawback!

If you can spend 30 minutes or more here, it will be a great highlight of your vacation to this Island city.

Note that Fort Sumner Park is open for visitation from 6:00 in the morning through late evening.

Address: 64 North St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

27. Fifth Maine Museum, Portland

Fifth Maine Museum

Fifth Maine Museum

The occurrences in the civil war era make up a significant part of the history of the United States.

No doubt, it’s an ugly incident, but there’s a lot to be learned about it.

Since you’ll soon be in Portland, if you care to learn about this historic incident, the Fifth Maine Museum is apparently a place you should be!

The Fifth Maine Museum is essentially a 19th-century Memorial Hall featuring Civil War-era artifacts & documentation, plus a veranda with ocean views.

It’s a worthwhile destination that not only accumulates exhibits of this era but also tells this story in a regiment and a spectacular coastal setting, making it more interesting and highly insightful.

Far beyond its civil war documentations, a trip to this 19th-century structure gives travelers a great look into many things, including Peaks Island’s life, interesting 19th-century architecture, a lovely ancient garden, and so many more.

Note that the Fifth Maine Museum of Portland operates on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in May and June.

In July and August, it’s always accessible every weekday.

Nevertheless, in September and through Indigenous People’s Day, you can plan an adventure here either on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Strictly speaking, this attraction isn’t kid-friendly. So, consider the list of other things if you travel to Portland with your children.

Address: 45 Seashore Ave, Peaks Island, ME 04108, United States

Still looking for top sites to explore in Maine? If yes, be sure to check out the list of things to do in Bangor and Ogunquit!

28. Portland Downtown

Portland Downtown

Portland Downtown

The Portland Downtown is a historic, compact, walkable neighborhood in Maine.

It offers easy access to green spaces, tax-free shopping, great food, cultural offerings, and seemingly endless things to do.

Whether you’re looking for a family gateway to have a relaxing moment to take your kids to, or you just crave an inclusive destination to spend a couple of hours, this neighborhood offers something engaging for everyone.

Amazingly, this location is the home to over a hundred independent big-name shopping brands with lots of Coffee connoisseurs to select from.

In fact, if you’re here, as the evening unfolds, you can relax in a leather armchair at ‘Multnomah Whiskey Library,’ where the knowledgeable staff will welcome you with lots of spirits brands.

You can also unwind by heading towards the ‘McMenamins Crystal Ballroom’ for some hundred indie rock flavors.

How about its many play area for kids and toddlers?

This is truly a great neighborhood for family gateway.

You’ll enjoy every time spent here if you can check it out anytime you’re in Portland.

Address: Portland Downtown, Portland, ME, United States

29. Bug Light Park

Bug Light Park

Bug Light Park

The Bug Light Park is an 8.78-acre park that was a major shipbuilding center during World War II.

Although not so bustling today, this lovely spot is still a perfect destination for boating, picnicking, saltwater fishing, and kite flying.

Between these activities is a paved walkway along its shore that’s perfect for hikers of various skill levels.

Seasonal social events that also preserve the relevance of this spot, notwithstanding its years of experience, include; ‘a Kite Festival’, a car show event,’ ‘Summer Movie Nights,’ and ‘the 4th of July celebration’ that welcomes thousands of tourists to Portland annually.

However, if you’ll be here, it’s necessary to take note of some strict regulations.

For instance, only off-leash dogs are permissible and must be kept under voice control of about 100 feet.

Similarly, pet waste must be bagged and, when possible, properly disposed of in a trash receptacle, and without any variation, tobacco, and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited.

Address: South Portland, ME 04106, United States

30. Western Promenade

Western Promenade

Western Promenade

The Western Promenade is an 18.1-acre historic promenade in the West End neighborhood of Portland.

It was developed between 1836 through the early 20th century, making it one of Portland’s oldest preserved spaces.

The park provides the best views to the west, including the most adorable White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Besides, it features a network of trails suitable for hiking, cycling, and jogging.

In fact, if you love exploring historic houses, this is definitely a great place to spend a few minutes of your time because there are lots of exhibits here with a series of thoughtful inscriptions.

To further underscore its resourcefulness, this landmark was listed in 1989 on the National Register of Historic Places as one of the most engaging attractions in Portland.

It’s always clean, there’s street parking, and you get a beautiful view of the city any time of day. What more would you have wanted?

Evidently, the Western Promenade is a true gem and will be worth visiting.

Address: Valley St, Portland, ME 04102, United States

31. Peaks Island Golf Carts, LLC

Peaks Island Golf Carts, LLC, Portland

Peaks Island Golf Carts, LLC

Regarded as Portland’s first golf cart rental service initiated by a home-grown local businessman, this attraction is dedicated to allowing tourists of various ages to have an unforgettable experience while in Portland.

If you love golf Carts and desire a safe and fun-filled adventure in Portland, don’t exclude this place from your travel plan!

The entire facility here is in perfect position, and best of all, the tour guides are so friendly and will ensure everyone on site has an inclusive adventure.

Whether you’re coming for a short visit or a holiday vacation, this recreational center will certainly give you the best vibe you’ll appreciate.

Interestingly, it’s an affordable attraction; hence, you don’t have to exceed your budget before having the best out of this site.

If you can, plan to spend an hour, a full day, or some more time at Peaks Island Golf Carts, LLC; it wouldn’t be anything to regret!

Address: 62 Island Ave, Peaks Island, ME 04108, United States

32. Maine Escape Games At Portland

Maine Escape Games

Maine Escape Games

The Maine Escape Games is Portland’s premier escape room facility.

Upon your arrival here, you can solve mysteries by solving clues and finding puzzles.

The rooms are so much fun and immersive but a little bit scary. Nonetheless, the result of an adventure is always fun and remarkable.

So, do you have what it takes to escape from this immersive room within a stipulated period of the usual 60 minutes?

It’s not a question that requires a mere affirmation; it requires more action!

Anytime you’re in this downtown, stop by, form your team, and get yourself lost in an adventure; it wouldn’t be less fun.

Incredibly, unlike what’s obtainable elsewhere, they built all of their rooms with their machines. So, it’s got a personal touch you don’t see in many places.

Other than that, there are on-site restaurants, and there’s a well-managed skating facility for the little ones.

This high-quality facility will be well worth the price & experience if you can make it here in Portland.

Note, with the exception of Mondays and Tuesdays, this Escape House is accessible from morning to dusk!

Address: 125 John Roberts Rd #8, South Portland, ME 04106, United States

Final Remarks

Beyond what you may expect, Portland is naturally a tourist-oriented city.

So, pick your bags, book your flight, pay for your road trip, and embark on an adventurous trip.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to use the above recommendations to narrow down your itinerary.

Your visit to this area will be so worthwhile and highly fun-filled.

Safe Trip!