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25 Best & Fun Things To Do in Durant (Oklahoma)

Are you looking for the best and most fun things to do in Oklahoma? Then Durant is arguably your best choice city to explore in the state.

Durant was named after its founder, Dixon Durant, who created the city after the MK&T railroad arrived through Indian Territory in the early 1870s.

Durant occupies an area of about 69.31km² out of the total Oklahoma area of 181, 037km².

And it is widely referred to as the “Magnolia Capital of Oklahoma”.

Furthermore, Durant boasts of a lot of historical sites and attractions, museums, art centers, and breweries that offer rare, quality, and tasty wines, among many others.

This is the reason tourists have been flocking to the city in recent times and which many more intend to explore the city.

However, we have compiled a list of the best and most fun things to do and lovely places to visit while in the city.

Check thoroughly through the list below and see what Durant has in stock for you.

Things To Do In Durant

1. Fort Washita Historic Site

things to do in Durant

Narthring / Wikimedia Commons

Are you a lover of war histories and you want to know more about the United States Civil Wars and Mexican Wars?

You should be nowhere but Fort Washita Historic site.

Fort Washita, located in the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory, was built in 1842 as a staging ground for the Mexican War.

The Confederate Army used it as a camp during the Civil War before abandoning it.

However, The Oklahoma Historical Society renovated it into a historical museum in 1962.

Inside this museum, you’ll see a lot of historical artifacts and collections collected from the wars.

Also, there is a brochure that you can make use of while touring the fort.

This brochure explains some structures in the fort, and it also contains some facts about the war.

There are picnic spots where you can relax and refresh yourself in the fort.

The staffs working at the fort are friendly and also well known about the fort.

They will help you know some hidden things which are not open to the public in the fort.

The fort is also very photogenic and you might want to come along with a camera.

Amidst catching fun is a lot of information and education about the United States Civil wars.

Fort Washita Historic Site is a must-visit!

Address: 3348 OK-199, Durant, OK 74701, United States

2. Choctaw Casino Resort, Durant

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Choctaw Casino

Here at Choctaw Casino Resort, luxury doesn’t get any better!

Choctaw Casino Resort is a 4-star family-friendly hotel with up to 776 rooms located in Durant.

This hotel has a lot of world-class amenities that will definitely wow you.

There are 7 restaurants in the hotel, 2 outdoor pools, and a full-service spa in operation.

In addition, while you are in the hotel, you’ll enjoy free Wi-Fi, exotic room services, and a casino among many other world-class facilities.

However, if you come along with your kids to the hotel, they can enjoy the bowling alley, arcade game room, and water slide.

The hotel has very large restrooms that are well kept and neat.

There is also a gift shop at the hotel where you can purchase gift items and souvenirs.

If you don’t have too much cash at hand, you needn’t worry as there are ATM/banking services available.

The parking site is very big, and it is free as well.

At Choctaw Casino Resort, you can’t be short of fun things to do.

It is arguably one of the most exotic and luxurious places you can visit whenever you are in Durant.

Address: 4216 S Highway 69, Durant, OK 74701-1955

3. Three Valley Museum, Durant

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Three Valley Museum/ Choctaw Country

Do you want to know more about the history of Durant? Then the Three Valley Museum is your go-to place.

The Three Valley Museum was opened in 1976 and it contains a host of historical collections and artifacts telling the story of Bryan County.

The museum got its name from a book written by Henry McCreary titled “Queen Of The Three Valleys”. Interestingly, the book talks about Durant.

Also, The Three Valley Museum is a non-profit museum and is operated by the Durant Historical Society.

However, one interesting thing about the museum is that it looks so small and unconvincing on the outside.

But once you enter the museum, you will see how rich the museum is in history and culture.

The museum has a lot of friendly and knowledgeable staff that are well vast in the history of Bryan County.

The environment is also very conducive and neat.

It’s all fun and educational at the Three Valley Museum.

Address: 401 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

4. Elements Art Center, Durant

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Elements Art Center / Facebook

Are you a lover of arts and you are looking for an art center to explore in Durant?

Elements Art Center is the place where you should be.

Elements Art Center is a local art center owned by Artist Amanda Henslee, who is a passionate artist, mother, and observer of the world.

Do you want to learn painting or experience live painting shows? Elements Art Centre offers a series of training and live painting shows.

Also, there is a chance for you to paint your picture at the art center undisturbed as well.

There are separate art paintings and night classes for kids as well.

The artists at Elements Art Centre are very nice and professional.

They are so calm and they guide and give you instructions just to ensure you paint good artwork.

However, that feeling you get when you’ve successfully painted a distinctive special artwork is what Elements Art Centre strives to give to its visitors.

It is also open to all ages — children, adults, amateurs, professional artists, etc.

Address: 305 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

5. Lost Street Brewing Company

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Lost Street Brewing Co

At Lost Street Brewing Company, it’s all about tasty wines.

Lost Street Brewing Company is a family-owned brewing company on Lost street, Downtown Durant.

The Dewald Family are the founders.

At Lost Street Brewing Company, they brew every of their beer and wine in-house and locally.

Also, the brewery has seats and tables both indoor and outdoor that are designed to offer you comfort as you enjoy your wines.

Although food is not being offered at Lost Street, you may come along with your food to the Brewing company and enjoy it with the tasty wines.

In case you don’t want to enjoy your wines at the brewery, there is a chance to purchase wines for take-away.

However, there are also spaces available to host your events at Lost Street Brewing Company.

The brewery is both kids and pet friendly, and the staffs are super friendly and accommodating as well.

Another fun thing you can do at the brewery is sit outside and listening to the owners tell you stories about the brewery.

Lost Street Brewing Company is a great place to enjoy maximum fun and also relax in Durant.

Address: 109 W Lost St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

6. Bubba’s Brewhouse

things to do

Photo Courtesy of Bubba’s Brewhouse

There are many brewhouses in Durant, however, Bubba’s Brewhouse is one of its kind.

This brewhouse is one of the centers you can have raw, undiluted fun in Durant.

They sell wonderful craft beers that are both unique and tasty, providing you with a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.

At the brewhouse, you can also enjoy live music and dancing performances and also karaoke nights.

The beer garden is awesome, and it is a perfect blend of comfort and relaxation even as you enjoy the live music and dancing performances.

Also, there is a free shuttle service at the brewhouse and it is pet-friendly as well.

The bartenders are always very nice and friendly. They are always readily available to attend to your orders.

Music, dance, fun, energy, and vibes is what you get at Bubba’s Brewhouse.

Address: 9125 US-70, Durant, OK 74701, United States

7. Old Ice House, Durant

things to do

Photo Courtesy of Old Ice House

Another centre yet, to enjoy maximum fun in Durant, Old Ice House is a pub located in Downtown Durant.

It is one of those spots where you can eat delicious food, unwind, and go shopping whenever you’re in Durant.

Varieties of delicious meals are being served at Old Ice House. Some of their customer’s favorite delicacies include their French Bread Pizza, Ham Jam Sandwich, and charcuterie board, among many others.

They also sell tasty wines and beers which you can use to accompany your food or you can purchase for takeaway. They serve cocktails as well.

The environment is very neat, conducive, and serene for you to enjoy your meal, relax, and have a nice time.

Also, there is a shop where you can shop for different men’s and women’s clothing, rock and roll band tee shirts, and classic vinyl LP recordings.

The staffs are also very polite, inviting, and welcoming.

You needn’t worry about the price of the foods or wines as they are very affordable.

If you are looking for a place to grab a drink, hang out and relax with friends and families in Durant, just get yourself to Old House Ice.

Address: 215 N 3rd Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

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8. The Country Framer

things to do

Photo Courtesy of The Country Framer

Are you a lover of arts and creativity and you are craving to see beautiful creative works? Visit The Country Framer.

The Country Framer is home to many beautiful artworks, carvings and paintings painted and carved by the creative people of Durant.

The Country Framer is a family-owned establishment, and it is owned by the beautiful Alvina and Mike Ralls.

There are a lot of designs, paintings, and carvings for you to explore at The Country Framer.

Check out the Vailiani computerized mat cutter, beautiful shadowboxes, handmade ceramic clay beads, artistic fused glass, and many more.

The country Framer is open to all artists, both amateurs and professionals, to come and display their works.

You can purchase artworks, gifts items, and souvenirs here as well. The prices are friendly and affordable.

Visit The Country Framer today and have a great and quality time with your partner, friends, and families.

Address: 113 S 4th Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

9. World’s Largest Peanut

things to do in Durant

Chuck Coker / Flickr

Going to see the World’s Largest Peanut has proven to be one of the most sought-after things to do in Durant.

The peanut statue is by the corner of the lawn just outside the city hall.

It was unveiled in 1974 and dedicated to the “Bryan County peanut growers and processors”.

The peanut is 13 feet long and 18 inches around and it is crafted with about 50 pounds of aluminum. A beautiful granite pedestal is used to carry the peanut.

One of the most important significances of the peanut is that it symbolizes the importance of agriculture to the economic growth of Bryan County.

Also, there is a time capsule buried in front of the statue.

However, it would be nice to take a nice group family picture around the statue of the World’s Largest Peanut.

What a background that would be!

Visit the World’s Largest Peanut in Durant today and stake your claim as part of the people to have witnessed that greatness.

Address: 300 W Evergreen St, Durant, OK 74701-4742

10. EC Escape Rooms

things to do

Photo Courtesy of EC Escape Rooms

If you have been in an escape room before, then you would know how fun and exciting playing escape rooms games can be.

The EC Escape Rooms in Durant provides the perfect platform for you to enjoy the exciting and nerve-wracking moments that come with solving the challenges that will enable you to escape the rooms.

Some games played in the escape rooms include solving puzzles and riddles, searching for clues, and brainstorming solutions to some tasks together.

You must, however, note that you only have limited time to solve these tasks.

The EC Escape Rooms is a perfect place for partners to have a good time together, friends to laugh and play together, and families to form closer bonds.

Consequentially, it is the perfect bonding room.

Also, the games are updated from time to time to keep the challenges in the room fresh and tasking.

Visit the EC Escape Rooms in Durant today to have memorable and once-in-a-lifetime fun with your partner, friends, and families.

In the end, you would surely come back for more.

Address:3803 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

11. Journey Well Spa

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Journey Well Spa

There’s nothing more relaxing and refreshing having undergone a strenuous day of work than having your muscles and body massaged at Journey Well Spa.

Journey Well Spa is a unique health and wellness spa in historic downtown Durant, Oklahoma.

The health of a human being deserves all the utmost care and attention, and this is what Journey Well Spa wellness centre prioritizes.

Consequentially, the healing and relaxation of people around Durant, most especially, is their main priority.

Some services you will enjoy at the spa include a full body massage, facial treatment, Swedish massage, etc.

Also, at the spa, you will learn about the treatments and products that will help you live the best and healthiest life possible.

Also, the staffs are very professional, friendly and well skilled.

Coupled with the amazing services offered at Journey Well Spa, the interiors and environment are very beautiful, conducive, and accommodating.

Address: 123 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

12. The Modern Tot

things to do

Photo Courtesy of The Modern Tot

Perhaps you are wondering where is the best place for kids to visit in Durant? The Modern Tot is arguably one of the best places, if not the best place, you can take your kids to in Durant.

The Modern Tot is a family-owned enterprise that offers amazing shopping experiences for kids in Durant.

They sell a lot of stylish and smart outfits for kids that will leave kids wondering which clothes they should choose or not.

Their clothes are available for both male and female children of ages up to 5 years.

Also, they have a selected corner for female clothing and accessories. Whenever little girls visit this corner, they hardly want to leave.

There are a lot of beautiful and mouthwatering clothing items available on display at The Modern Tot.

However, you needn’t worry about the quality and durability of the clothes because The Modern Tot offers nothing but maximum quality clothing items and accessories.

There is more than enough for you to buy for your kids at The Modern Tot.

Arguably, this is the biggest kid’s shop you’ll find in the whole of Southern Oklahoma.

You wouldn’t want your kids to miss out on this beautiful place; make sure you visit The Modern Tot with your lovely kids today.

Address: Inside of Durant Mercantile, 124 N 2nd Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

13. U-We Gifts, Durant

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of U-We Gifts

Are you a creative lover of crafts and would love to get your hand busy making one or two crafts??

U-We Gift is the best place to have this experience.

It is a gift store and a craft studio in Downtown Durant where creatives display and showcase their creative prowess.

Some of the crafts you will get to create at U-We Gifts include candles, perfumes, cologne roller, and some other products that use wax as their raw materials.

U-We Gifts is open to everyone, both young and adults.

Also, it creates the perfect avenue for partners and families to bond together.

Creating a craft with your loved ones, sharing ideas, and discussing throughout the creative process enables stronger bonds.

Likewise, there is a gift store where you can purchase gifts products and custom-made items.

You bring the design of the item you want, and at U-We Gifts they help you fabricate it and bring it out to reality, creating an item made personally for you.

U-We Gifts also has gifts for all kinds of occasions.

With unique and excellent customer service, U-We Gifts is the perfect gift store.

Address: 209 N 2nd Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

14. Iron Horse Gallery & Gifts

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Iron Horse Gallery & Gifts

A magnificent art gallery and gift items shop in Durant, the Iron Horse Gallery and Gifts is a beauty to behold.

It was created by retired teachers Janie Umsted, Carla Rainbolt, Barbara Rackley, and Fran Mickle, who are ardent lovers of arts and very talented artists.

The gallery has different sections which portray different categories of art.

There is a traditional and native American art section that houses different natural wall paintings suitable to be owned in a house.

Also, the pieces of art you will find at Iron Horse Gallery and Gifts are one of a kind. They are very rare and not ones you can just come across anyhow.

Janie Umsted has her own studio at the back of the shop where she displays her personal works.

You’ll get to see lots of her works, mostly Native American Arts, though.

And also paintings of horses or any craft relating to horses as well — she is a lover of horses.

Furthermore, let’s talk about the gifts store. There are no gift items you’ll seek at Iron Horse Gallery and Gifts that you will not find.

Ranging from Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, romantic gifts, baby shower gifts, among many others.

They also sell decorative items for decorating homes, offices, churches, etc., at the stores.

Iron Horse Gallery and Gifts is the hub of hospitality and a soothing ambiance.

Your visit to Durant is incomplete if you don’t check it out.

Address: 117 S 5th Ave Suite 100, Durant, OK 74701, United States

15. Carl Albert Memorial Park

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Carl Albert Memorial Park / Travel OK

Craving to have a good time and enjoy maximum outdoor fun? Visit Carl Albert Memorial Park.

Here, you can’t be short of the best and most fun things to do.

Carl Albert Memorial Park has lots of outdoor facilities for you to enjoy, some of which are:

A large public swimming pool, so come along with your swimwear and towel in case you want to refresh yourself inside the pool.

Are you a lover of skating? There’s a skateboard park where you can show off your skating skills.

However, if you come along with your kids, you needn’t worry about where they can play because there is a special playground for kids.

For lovers of tennis, the park has three standard tennis courts.

Also, Carl Albert Memorial Park has proven to be the perfect place to bond together with your families.

They have spaces with benches and tables where you can pitch your picnic tent and enjoy a beautiful time with your families.

However, don’t forget to come along with snacks, foods, and drinks you want to use for the picnic.

Looking for a perfect family place in Durant? Carl Albert Memorial Park is one of the most beautiful spots.

Address: 1301 Gail Farrell Dr Durant, OK 74701, United States 

16. Hometown Hideout

things to do

Photo Courtesy of Brad Williams

Enjoying a drink at Hometown Hideout with your friends or families should be on your bucket list of the best and most fun things to do in Durant.

Hometown Hideout provides excellent chilled drinks and a relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy them.

Also, the bar has a jukebox, pool tables, beer pong, and a corn hole.

The staffs at the bar are very nice, friendly, and accommodating as well.

Ensure you take a stop here whenever you are in Durant.

Address: 1319 N 1st Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

17. Panaderia Villegas, Durant

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Panaderia Villegas

Are you a food critic and you are looking for a restaurant that offers food other than the native American dishes in Durant? Check out Panaderia Villegas.

Panaderia Villegas is a Mexican restaurant in Durant. They offer authentic and delicious Mexican food.

Some Mexican food you should try out whenever you visit the restaurant includes fajitas, barbacoa & pastor street tacos, chimichanga, menudo and horchata. You’ll love these foods the most.

Though Panaderia Villegas might look exotic, the prices of their foods are friendly and affordable.

Also, they offer a great tea selection which you can use to complement your foods.

If you don’t want to sit down and eat inside the restaurant, the restaurant allows food to be purchased for takeaway. However, they don’t run delivery services.

One beautiful thing about Panaderia Villeges is that it’s kid and family-friendly. There is a kid’s menu where kids can choose the foods they like.

The staffs are friendly and accommodating and also ready to attend to all your needs.

Whether you want to do lunch or dinner, the Panaderia Villegas is your surest bet on enjoying a nice lunch and dinner time in Durant.

Address: 510 S 9th St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

18. Semple Family Museum of Native American Art

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Semple Brown Design

Another major historical site in Durant, Oklahoma.

The Semple Family Museum is located north of the Fine Arts Building and Russell Building on Montgomery/Dunlap Drive, all thanks to a gift from the Semple Family.

It is the permanent home of Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s extensive Native American art collection, which includes works of over 80 artists from 26 federally recognized tribes.

Inside the museum, you’ll get to see a lot of Native American Art exhibits and collections and also learn a thing or two about them.

You might want to come along with your kids as there are a lot of educative and informative materials to see.

It will boost their knowledge of the Native American Art.

However, not only is the museum filled with amazing collections, it is overall beautiful.

The Semple Family Museum of Native American Art is the perfect blend of fun and education. Ensure you visit today.

Address: 430 Montgomery Drive, 425 University Blvd, Durant, OK 74701, United States

19. RibCrib BBQ, Durant

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of RibCrib BBQ

Definitely on top of the list of restaurants serving delicious meals in Durant.

RibCrib BBQ has been blessing the tongues of the people of Durant since 1992.

Every day at RibCrib is their hickory-smoked barbecue being smoked.

Aside from that, there are a lot of other delicious meals you can enjoy at RibCrib BBQ and they include chips and queso with salsa, smoky queso, spicy fried pickles, crib-seasoned cheese fries, among many other delicious meals.

Most foods and barbecues are prepared fresh at RibCrib BBQ, so they always come out hot.

Also, there is a great tea selection, wines, and beers you can help yourself with. However, guess what? You get to keep the beautiful Cup.

The restaurant is also very kid-friendly as they have a kid’s menu.

They offer dine-in, takeaway, delivery, and curbside pickup services.

Moving on from the great food services, RibCrib BBQ has a great environment for refreshing and relaxation.

Their restrooms are also very neat.

With nice staff and great customer service as well, RibCrib BBQ is one of the best restaurants you can visit in Durant.

Address: 311 Westside Dr, Durant, OK 74701, United States

20. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant, an IHG Hotel

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of IHG

Looking for a place to feel home away from home? Visit Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Durant.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites Durant offer comfortability, hospitality, serenity, and a peaceful outlook.

The rooms in the hotel look so exquisite. It boasts of a television, microwave, wardrobe, a small fridge, and air conditioner among many other basic amenities.

The restrooms are also very neat. There are cleaners who see to this.

If you love breakfast in bed, this is a reality at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant.

No matter the amount of days you decide to stay in at the hotel, there won’t be any glitch or itch in how you are being attended to.

Why? Great and elite customer service is their priority at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant.

Also, Holiday Inn Express and Suites Durant offer 24-hour laundry services. The parking lot is very big and spacious, maximum security is guaranteed as well.

You want to feel all the comfort of your home away from your home? This is one of the best hotels you can lodge at in Durant.

Address: 613 University Pl, Durant, OK 74701, United States

21. Durant Riding Club

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Bryan County Patriot

Another best and most fun thing you can do in Durant is check out the Durant Riding Club.

Durant Riding Club has been a major attraction for people near Durant and Oklahoma at large.

It is a non-profit organization, and it was founded in 1941.

If you love cowboys and their lifestyle, you will get to see live cowboy display sessions at Durant Riding Club.

Also, not only do you get to see the performance, but you get to experience it also by being in the heat of the action.

Durant Riding Club also has a large space available to host any kind of event you want to host, ranging from birthday parties, weddings, gatherings, etc.

Sometimes in June, a riding event is going to be held in the club, and you get to see professionals wrangle with their animals.

Durant Riding Club is the only place you can experience this amazing experience. Ensure you visit.

Address: 1901 S 9th St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

22. Southeastern Oklahoma State University

things to do in Durant

Photo Courtesy of Southeastern Oklahoma State University

A public university in Durant, Oklahoma, Southeastern Oklahoma State University was founded in 1901.

It is also called “Savage Storm, Campus of a Thousand Magnolias”.

Although the university didn’t start out as a 4-year degree offering university, it has since then metamorphosed into one.

However, you might wonder what is the fun thing to do in the university?

There are lots of academic programs being held in the university that is of massive benefits to people staying around the university.

The university has a theatre in which live performances are being used to entertain audiences and onlookers.

There are also many stages at Southeastern Oklahoma State University where different plays, literature characters, and social dramas are being acted.

Ensure you check out this school whenever you’re in Durant. You’ll surely have a good time.

Address: 425 University Blvd, Durant, OK 74701, United States

23. Magnolia Cafe, Durant

things to do

Photo Courtesy of Magnolia Cafe / Discover Oklahoma TV

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is ready!

Magnolia Cafe is one of the most sought-after restaurants in Durant and they offer delicious meals that always leave customers coming back for more.

There are wide varieties of foods capable of leaving you mouthwatering available at Magnolia Cafe.

Some of these foods include the veggie skillet with poached eggs, sandwiches, sausages, chicken, and waffles, among many others.

The prices of the food in the restaurant are friendly and affordable.

Also, the cafe is kids friendly as they have a got a kid menu where your kids can choose foods fitting of their ages.

They offer both dine-in and takeaway services as well.

Apart from the delicious foods being served at Magnolia Cafe, the environment is very cool, cozy, and relaxed.

It is a great place to ease off all the day’s stress.

Check out Magnolia Cafe today and have a great time alone or with your friends or families.

Address: 901 N 1st Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

24. Body Business Day Spa

things to do

Photo Courtesy of Apryl M.

“Health is wealth,” they say.

Body Business Day Spa is a spa in Durant that offers amazing body therapy, treatment, massage, and many other healthy body practices.

Aside from all this, the spa also offers a service called aromatherapy, which helps their guest to relax and have a deep feeling of satisfaction.

When you get to Body Business Day Spa, and you explain to them the kind of pain or stress you are going through, they already know the best treatment that suits your body.

Their staffs are professional and well knowledgeable in the business of body treatments.

Also, the prices for their treatments are friendly and very affordable.

There is no better place to feel relaxed and reinvigorated in Durant than in Body Business Day Spa. Ensure you check them out today.

Address: 211 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

25. Lake Texoma

things to do

Photo Courtesy of Lake Texoma

A visit to Lake Texoma should be on your list of the best and most fun things to do in Durant.

Lake Texoma is the 12th largest lake in the entire U.S.

It is formed where the Red and Washita Rivers meet together.

There are spaces for camping by the lake. Benches and concrete tables are available for you to enjoy food and drinks even as you get a beautiful view of the lake.

It is the perfect spot for picnics.

Trails are available for hiking and walking at the park as well.

However, it is best to walk the trail at night as you’ll get to experience the cool breeze from the lake blowing on your skin, hear the chirping of insects, and see the stars — all making a beautiful scenery of the lake.

The restrooms at the lake are clean and nice as well.

Staff, friendly, accommodating, and ready to attend to your needs as well.

Overall, it is all fun at Lake Texoma, Durant, Oklahoma.

Address: 11500 Park Office Rd, Kingston, OK 73439, United States



From the list above, you’ll see that there are a lot of interesting to do in Durant.

The restaurants are top-notch and of the highest quality.

Not to mention seeing lots of artifacts and paintings, especially Native American ones.

Therefore, as you are preparing to visit Durant, make sure you try out some, if not all, of the best and most fun things we’ve compiled for you.

It never gets boring here!

Wishing you a happy and safe journey.