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18 Best Restaurants in Duck NC You Must Visit (For First Timer!)

With so many great choices of restaurants in Duck, it may be uneasy narrowing down your list of options for dining out.

Well, that’s never anything to worry about; I have painstakingly compiled a bucket list of places to dine throughout your stay in this North Carolina city.

In each of these restaurants in Duck, you’ll leave with a full belly and a joyful taste while incurring the least expenses ever!

Let’s talk about 18 lists of worthy restaurants to try in Duck, North Carolina!

Restaurants in Duck, North Carolina

1. Paper Canoe, Duck

Paper Canoe

Paper Canoe

The Paper Canoe is an intimate waterside restaurant in Duck with sunset views serving coastal cuisine & custom Martinis.

Among the numerous restaurants in Duck, this beautiful place is perfectly quaint and cozy.

From a well-garnished tomato soup to giant and delicious scallops, and lots of sauces, you’ll indeed have the best pick here!

In fact, the sauce on the lobster ravioli is also another star of the show.

Here, it will be so challenging to identify which appetizer or entrée you liked best because all offerings are great!

That aside, the seats in the bar area offer a picturesque view of sunsets over the Pamlico Sound, and you’ll love it.

How about the hospitality from the waitress and servers that work here? They’re friendly and welcoming!

Anytime you’re in Duck, stop by this nice and elegant restaurant to eat; it will be enjoyable!

Address: 1564 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

2. The Blue Point at Duck

Blue Point, Duck

Blue Point

The Blue Point is a mellow spot for locally sourced, high-end seafood & Southern fare, with occasional live music.

Whether you’re coming to Duck for a short visit or a holiday vacation, this spot is one of the few restaurants in Duck with a generous portion of blue cheese crumbles, bacon, and grape tomatoes.

Besides, the crab cakes offered are great, and they don’t make use of a lot of bread or filler, so it’s sure you’ll be getting your money’s worth!

In any of these offerings, you’ll appreciate the accompanying sauce and the lemon juice drizzled on them.

Perhaps if you love ahi tuna special, that’s a plus! You will equally enjoy the way it would be served as it comes with a salsa verde & spiced rice and beans giving it a little unique Latin spin that will give you a fantastic dining experience!

Most remarkably, food prices aren’t high, and it’s dog friendly.

If you are in Duck, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a blue point here, you deserve it!

Address: 1240 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

3. The AQUA Restaurant

AQUA Restaurant

AQUA Restaurant

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast!

If you crave for a leisurely breakfast when you’re in Duck, drive down to AQUA Restaurant, it’ll surely make a difference!

Here, you’ll get to have the perfect pick of poke bowl with local tuna, fresh crab cakes, and roasted ducks that are flavorful.

Even if you fancy chocolate, this unique restaurant offers the most delicious creation of that.

In its outdoor area, you can watch the sunset and listen to great performances from many acoustic artists.

Whenever you’re in Duck, stop in, you’ll not be disappointed!

Besides, all offerings are not pricey, and there are considerably large parking lots!

Address: 1174 Duck Rd Downstairs, Duck, NC 27949, United States

4. Duck’s Roadside Bar & Grill

Roadside Bar and Grill

Roadside Bar and Grill

The Roadside Bar and Grill has been offering hand-crafted cocktails and top-notch meals since 1995, when it was established.

It’s a fantastic destination in Duck that boasts of an updated menu and seasonal specials that’ll make everyone’s stop worthwhile.

If you are here, you can order from the all-encompassing menu list, including flounder, Ribeye, Pimento Cheese, and if you love baked foods, you’ll surely love the delicious complimentary bread offered here.

As distinct from other restaurants in Duck, this spot also boasts of kids menu, and its gentle beach atmosphere is a big draw!

It doesn’t end there! The setting at Roadside Bar & Grill is homey, eclectic, and highly welcoming.

In fact, the ambiance gives an off-the-beaten-path and a low-key mellow vibe you’ll appreciate!

Address: 1193 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

5. Red Sky Cafe, Duck

Red Sky Cafe, Duck

Red Sky Cafe

For the past 15 years, the Red Sky Cafe has been a delightful restaurant for locals and visitors coming to Duck.

Offering fresh and creative meals at low prices, this favorite location is just too unique to be expunged from any food lover bucket list.

If you’re in this beautiful restaurant in Duck, with as low as $20, you’ll have access to a buffet, grilled chicken alongside some tacos.

In any of these, the order comes out fast, and within 10 minutes, the food will be served!

Anytime you’re in Duck, don’t miss out on this great place for some yummy food.

Address: 1197 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

6. The Duck’s Coastal Cravings

Coastal Cravings

Coastal Cravings

The Coastal is a full-service restaurant in downtown Duck, North Carolina.

It’s a beautiful eatery that offers the freshest prime steaks, local seafood, and a well-garnished steamer.

Whether you’re looking for a great place to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll be on the right path stopping at this Duck’s restaurant.

Aside from its awesome menu options, the Coastal Cravings also boasts a full bar and a variety of entertaining programs.

Moreover, the food portion here is of the expected quantity, and their prices are fair.

Although, as distinct from other restaurants in Duck, this favorite stop doesn’t take reservations.

Nonetheless, you wouldn’t have to wait for a longer period before getting served whatever you order.

In fact, after enjoying your scrumptious meal, there’s a little movie house that features classical and contemporary shows.

Note Coastal Cravings is accessible between 7:00 AM through 9:00 PM!

Address: 1209 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

7. The Lifesaving Station

Lifesaving Station, Duck

Lifesaving Station

The Lifesaving Station is an upscale restaurant in an 1870s rescue station that serves New Southern fare in memorabilia-filled digs.

Whether or not you’re a resident of North Carolina, this eatery offers the best dishes that will surpass your expectations.

The various food offered are well prepared, comforting, flavourful, and not heavy, greasy, or salty!

Not just that, the price tag on each of these menu lists is considerably low. While you’ll have to pay an average of $35 for dinner, it only costs $18 to enjoy your breakfast as much as you want!

Fun atmosphere, excellent team of servers, affordable food, what else would you have wanted?

Obviously, this Duck’s restaurant is top-notch and would definitely give you the best vibe that’ll make your travels to this city worthwhile!

Address: 1461 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

8. Duck Deli, North Carolina

Duck Deli

Duck Deli

Established in 1987 by Ron Forlano, who hails from Pennsylvania, the Duck Deli is another outstanding restaurant in this downtown.

This unassuming eatery offers BBQ fare, sandwiches & burgers alongside some classic breakfast items.

From scrumptious tacos to delicious cackalacky wings and lots of pork and chicken barbecue, this spot isn’t to be avoided!

Besides, the food quantity is pretty good, and the owner and the entire staff are very friendly, smiling, and highly professional in their interactions with Visitors.

Not only that, this restaurant is dog-friendly. A must-visit if you’re in Duck!

Address: 1223 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

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9. The Village Table & Tavern

Village Table & Tavern

Village Table & Tavern

Agreeably, a healthy diet is essential for good health!

With the presence of the Village Table & Tavern in downtown Duck, your trip to North Carolina will be worthwhile!

The Village Table & Tavern serves up crave-worthy fare, delightful drinks, and down-to-home hospitality to visitors and locals all year round.

From flavorful kale & Brussels salad to the chicken sauce to raw oysters and Brussels sprouts, every offering is phenomenal!

Incredibly, this dining room is set with windows that provide a sunset view from every table, including the bar, which is unarguably a great deal!

Other than that, there are large television stationed at every turn of each table, and the server’s conducts exceed all expectations.

There’s absolutely not enough rave to describe this beautiful restaurant; it will give you a newer vibe from what you’re used to in other restaurants, and only a stop will suffice!

Address: 1314 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

10. NC Coast Grill & Bar

NC Coast Grill & Bar, Duck

The NC Coast Grill and Bar

The owner of NC Coast Grill & Bar, Chef Wes Stepp, has over thirty years of culinary experience and has been offering wonderful menu options to visitors and locals since 2019 when it was opened.

Various cuisine available here reflects a tasteful fit of his longstanding skills in the industry, which has apparently been the only parameter that has been making this region a high-traffic spot in Duck.

If you’re desirous of having the best meal to fill your stomach during your voyage to this city, do make a stop here.

Although, as distinct from other restaurants on the list, you’re not likely to get bland burgers and fries here.

Nevertheless, its fig & pig platter, shrimp & grits, fish & chips, and rice bowl are always cooked to perfection.

Even if you find beignets so yummy, you’re sure of getting that flavorful and hot from the oven in this Duck’s restaurant!

This restaurant is accessible between 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM.

Address: 1184 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

11. The Coastal Cantina

Coastal Cantina

Coastal Cantina

The Coastal Cantina is a Casual Mexican restaurant that offers tacos, burritos & margaritas, plus a waterfront patio & live music.

What distinguishes this spot among its contemporary restaurants is that, aside from its nice menu option, you’re also sure of having a wide variety of beers.

Most admirably, these various items are fairly priced, and this place is a perfect location for a sunset view.

Supposedly, you’ll grab a table right beside the water and catch a really fantastic sunset while enjoying the delicious food.

Even if you wouldn’t order anything, be sure to get a bottle of beer, and their queso is a must to try!

Beyond that, don’t miss out on the wonderful salsa being offered at $10, it tastes nice, and you’ll enjoy that!

Address: 1236 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

12. Kimball’s Kitchen

Kimball's Kitchen

Kimball’s Kitchen

Located at the Outer Banks in Duck, Kimball’s Kitchen is an international dining restaurant offering handmade pasta, freshly caught local seafood, and certified Angus Beef.

If you crave for an extensive selection of local oysters or handmade pasta, this restaurant creates an impressive dining experience you will appreciate!

Its array of wine selections and hand-crafted cocktails makes this spot a highly trafficked destination in North Carolina despite being in existence for the past decade.

The Service in this awesome location is stellar, and the view from the dining room is always better and more breathtaking as the evening goes along.

If you’re still indecisive about the perfect place to have a nice bite while in Duck, don’t worry, this fantastic restaurant will come to your rescue.

A must-visit if you’re in Duck.

Address: 1461 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

13. Sweet T’s Coffee, Beer & Wine of Duck

Sweet T's Coffee, Beer & Wine

Sweet T’s Coffee, Beer & Wine

Want a taste of coffee alongside a nice bite when you are in Duck?

Relax the Sweet T’s Coffee, Beer & Wine offers more than what you’d expect.

Essentially, Sweet T’s Coffee Beer & Wine is a unique find with specialty coffees, teas & breakfast fare, plus craft beers, wine & a shaded deck.

It’s a beautiful restaurant that was established in 2011 and has since then been a favorite stop for several food lovers.

This restaurant is accessible all days of the week, from morning till dawn, and on average, it only costs about $25 to have the best menu pick and a bottle of wine.

Address: 1211 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

14. Duck’s Fishbones Raw Bar & Restaurant

Fishbones Raw Bar & Restaurant

Fishbones Raw Bar & Restaurant

Situated towards Scarborough Lane in the southern part of Duck, the Fishbones Raw Bar & Restaurant is another top restaurant with unique offerings.

Although, unlike other eateries, this restaurant is relatively small. Nonetheless, this is just a place that aligns with the proverbial statement of “not judging a book by its cover.”

Since 1995, this great spot has been offering the freshest seafood, and its ‘raw bar center’ is second to none.

Among the numerous menu list include; shrimp, clams, oysters, and steaks, as well as great burgers and other southern favorites.

How about their eclectic and diverse drink menu? Fishbones Raw Bar & Restaurant is just too unique!

Interestingly, this area is dog-friendly, and there is considerably large amount of kids’ menu, which makes it a friendly place for the whole family to have a nice bite.

Address: 1171 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

15. The Sunset Grille & Raw Bar

Sunset Grille & Raw Bar, Duck

Sunset Grille & Raw Bar

The Sunset Grille & Raw Bar is hands down one of the best Caribbean-style restaurants in Duck, offering seafood in a waterfront setting with an outdoor deck, tiki bars, raw bars & sushi bars.

In contradiction to other restaurants on the list, here, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the sunset while enjoying your dinner, and, of course, this is also a unique sound-front venue!

Its oysters aren’t tiny and always taste fresh. In fact, the Shrimp you’ll get is always cooked to perfection, and the Parmigiano crisp & lace isn’t chewy.

Most encouraging, the servers are so personable and attentive. Hence, your selection wouldn’t only be tasty but highly timely!

If Sunset Grille & Raw Bar is still missing from the list of restaurants you intend to have a bite while in Duck, your list is inchoate!

Address: 1264 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

16. Eventide

Eventide, Duck

The Eventide

Among the list of top restaurants with a high proportion of patronage, the Eventide stands out. Of course, the reason isn’t far from its uniqueness.

As distinct from other restaurants that offer basically seafood, this great laid-back waterfront spot serves sandwiches and snacks in a welcoming environment.

If you’re looking for a nice destination to grab a quick lunch, you can’t go wrong visiting this spot.

The seating area is always cozy, and the views of the sound in the afternoon are just the perfect complement to the experience!

Anytime you’re in Duck, this is just a casual place to sip and eat!

Meanwhile, pets aren’t permissible here. So, do away with them while coming!

Address: 1190 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

17. Duck Duck Burgers

Duck Duck Burgers

The Duck Duck Burgers

If you’re a foodie type and the Duck Duck Burgers is still missing out on the list of restaurants you’ll stop for a bite while in this downtown, you’ll be missing out on something precious!

Consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in Duck, this beautiful destination boasts great service, a simple menu, and excellent food.

In addition, this easy, quick lunch route offers flavorful ice cream at low prices, and the kids menu is extremely impressive.

It doesn’t end there; there are also neat trivia cards on each dining table for groups to enjoy.

This restaurant is highly recommended for all vacationers and locals!

But then, take note that, in contradiction to other restaurants herein, this eatery is only accessible between 11:30 AM through 3:00 PM.

Address: 1211 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949, United States

18. Duck Pizza Company

Duck Pizza Company

Duck’s Pizza Company

Just as the name suggests, the Duck Pizza Company is a family-owned shop that offers specialty pizzas plus wings and enjoyable sandwiches.

It’s always open to tourists and locals alike between 11:30 AM through 8:30 PM all year round, and they offer a free sample option of their various offerings.

At the Duck Pizza Company, it doesn’t requires special reservations and the waiting period is always bearable.

Once you arrive and make your order, it will be served instantaneously. Even at that, the prices of these items are the best you could ever get in all other restaurants in Duck.

Address: 1171 c5 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27948, United States

Final Remarks

Evidently, Duck’s restaurants are second to none; regardless of your cravings, you’re sure to enjoy a tasteful meal during your vacation.

So, stand up, set for your trip, and don’t hesitate to make way with the above recommendations!