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25 Best & Fun Things To Do In Calgary (Canada)

Calgary is Canada’s fifth-largest city, located along the Bow River, about 50 miles east of the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Calgary isn’t only a party town; there are lots of activities for the whole family.

With over 120 different languages spoken, Calgary is as multicultural as Canada’s major cities!

The city’s wide-open areas and laid-back culture have earned it the moniker “Cow Town,”.

Explore the displays at the museums in Calgary, have a good time at the farmer’s market purchasing fresh produce.

In addition, there’s also the Calgary tower that gives a beautiful and aerial view of the city.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, the Calgary Zoo, and the Skyline Luge Calgary are among the best things to d in Calgary, Canada.

Let’s guide you on things to do in Calgary.

Things to do in Calgary, Canada

1. Calgary Tower

The Calgary tower

The Calgary tower / Sworld

Are you wondering the first thing you should do when you visit Calgary?

Calgary tower should be top of your list of things to do and place to visit in Calgary.

The Tower, which stands 191 meters above street level, provides stunning 360-degree views of the city below.

The Calgary Tower also gives a beautiful view of the foothills and prairies of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

What better way to start your tour or visit to Calgary?

The Calgary Tower was built as a joint venture between Marathon Realty and Husky Oil to commemorate Canada’s centennial.

It was also built to promote the downtown core as part of a Calgary urban renewal program.

A guided tour of the Tower is available, beginning at the modern Visitor Information Centre and going through the Tower’s history and landmarks.

Dine-in elegance at one of the Tower’s two restaurants after the tour.

On the second level of the Tower, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse serves steaks, is placed 155 meters above street level

There’s also a restaurant right at the top called Sky 360. Not sure if they still have them, but if they do, order the donuts! So good.

You will really love the Calgary Tower, not only for taking pictures, but the view is unlike anything else in Calgary.

In addition, there’s also a glass floor. The glass floor is beautiful, terrific, and scary in an amazing way.

This is a place in Calgary you do not want to miss.

Address: 101 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1J9, Canada

2. Fort Calgary

fort calgary

Fort Calgary

After the wonderful view from the Calgary tower, how about you learn a little about all that you just saw?

Calgary is a city that offers plenty of opportunities to learn about and explore the past.

Fort Calgary is the birthplace of the modern city of Calgary and a National Historic Site.

It is a living museum that depicts Calgary’s beginnings in 1875, at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow River.

In addition, Fort Calgary was the first building built in what was formerly called the elbow, now Calgary.

In short, it is the confluence where the past, present, and future of Calgary come together.

Here you may learn about the Mounted Police’s rich history, take a virtual streetcar tour of Calgary, and experience what it was like when the first train arrived.

Get to see how immigrants to Canada were helped upon arrival, the old railway station, prisons, military

You can also get to dress up and take photos with the costumes.

Enjoy the walk outside with the river’s view and watch the band play live music and even get to try playing the instruments yourself.

Furthermore, your kids can also get the chance to watch a movie and enjoy some popcorn and chips too.

Calgary is extremely proud of its humble beginnings and the lengthy road that it has taken to get to where it is now.

So, from the simplest instruction books about daily life to the life that came along with the CPR, the place makes you appreciate Calgary more.

Make sure to have as much fun here even while learning about Calgary.

Address: 750 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5E1, Canada

3. Prince’s Island Park, Calgary

Prince’s Island Park, Calgary

The Prince’s Island Park

Prince’s Island Park is a beautiful oasis in downtown Calgary.

When you’re here, it no longer feels like you’re in the hustle and bustle of downtown.

In fact, you can regard it as the jewelry in the heart of Calgary.

It’s a magnificent slice of nature right in the center of the city, despite the fact that it’s a little confusing to say (Prince’s / Princess).

Connected by bridges, Prince’s Island is its own separate, almost surreal world that feels miles away from society, but minutes away from everything.

Great scenic spots, a large amphitheater, and a large themed park ensure that there are activities for anyone of all ages all year round.

The Calgary Music Festival and Expo Latino are two of the many festivals that take place here during the summer.

There’s also the River Cafe, a great eating establishment.

There’s so much greenery and old trees surrounding the bow river.

Moreso, there’s plenty of space to sit and have a picnic.

Paths interwind and flow through the park, inviting you to walk, bike, or take a scooter on them.

And if you want a nice meal, River Café situated in the middle of the park serves some delectable dishes.

In short, it’s a great place to go after you finish working to sit in a calm place and think about tomorrow’s plan

Apart from that, it’s just a lovely park where folks congregate to relax, play frisbee, jog, and observe the Canadian geese and ducks, who also call this spot home.

Address: 698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5N4, Canada

4. Calgary Farmers’ Market

Calgary Farmers' Market

Photograph by Jared Sych

Even in Calgary, you can still get fresh produce, organic and homemade goods, and the Calgary farmer’s market is a demonstration of that.

Calgary’s Farmers’ Market has a long and illustrious history in Calgary.

The Calgary Farmers’ Market is located near Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive.

The market is a welcoming market that takes place every Thursday through Sunday throughout the year and contains over 80 merchants.

The merchants provide locally produced, handmade and homemade goods.

Most foods are organic and very fresh.

Moreover, people are very friendly here, so you will enjoy a relaxing time.

Visitors to the market can discover anything from fresh, seasonal produce such as fruits and vegetables, herbs, flowers, meat, chicken, Etc

Analog Coffee is the first place to hit for a delicious latte and kickstart to the shopping experience.

Prepared dishes and baked goods, organic items, handcrafted jewelry, apparel, and more, are also available.

Moreso, this place is a local farmer’s market, and you are supporting local and small businesses, so, keep that in mind when you are shopping.

The best part? Even if you are a vegan, you will find this place delightful.

Lots of amazing vendors with a great little food court full of delicious options for the vegan and vegetarian.

You will also discover that some of the best kinds of seafood are available here as well.

Bakeries, vegetables, and fruits galore and there is also a little pet boutique for folks to grab treats and toys for your beloved kids.

In addition, there are lots of parking around the back and several ways to enter the market.

Every weekend, the market holds a variety of events, including chef-led tours of the market.

So, do well to visit the market while you are in Calgary.

Address: 510 77 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1C3, Canada

5. The Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo

Photo credit: Calgary Playground

Zoo anywhere in the world is amazing but at Calgary, it’s special because it’s nature’s delight.

The Calgary Zoo has not only become a member of the ranks of highly regarded zoos in Canada, but it has also taken the lead in terms of effective breeding programs, animal diversity.

The Bow river surrounds the Calgary zoo, and a pedestrian bridge connects the main area to the dinosaur park.

The zoo is reasonable in size; one may explore all the zoo’s regions in a single day.

Trees, plants, pavilions, photography places, roads, and other refreshment facilities of varied sizes make up the landscape.

There are several larger attractions, such as the Horticulture building housing butterflies and many tropical plants.

The animals and multitude of other creatures are the star attraction.

Hippos, Mountain Gorillas, Giraffes, and anything else you may find on the Serengeti will take you on a tour through the heart of Africa at the Calgary Zoo.

Watching the bear accumulating leaves for making himself warm is an encouraging experience.

Watching gorillas playing with each other is another wonderful experience.

You will also like watching penguins so much. It’s like you are in an entirely different world.

In short, this is one of the best places to spend a day in Calgary.

Amazing place to enjoy a great day or weekend with your family, and also your kids.

Come get a sense of Canada’s wildness while watching naughty mountain goats and lively grizzlies.

In addition, there are around 1000 animals, as well as botanical gardens, a conservation and Research Center.

This is one of the most entertaining things to do in Calgary if you have little children.

Address: 210 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7V6, Canada

6. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre

How about a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle?

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre, located southeast of Calgary, is a huge wildlife reserve that acts as a resting spot and is home to over 270 species of birds.

Since 1929, the center has provided a resting area for migratory birds.

This bird sanctuary in Calgary is more than just a sanctuary.

This is a place you do not want to miss in Calgary.

It’s a beautiful park within the city that feels like an escape from the city.

The best part? It’s not just a sanctuary for birds, you’ll see deer and other animals up close if you can keep quiet.

Moreso, the park itself has a well-laid path system that should be accessible for many people.

While it’s not the biggest path, it does offer ample ability to see many animals.

It can get pretty crowded during peak hours, but it’s still a terrific site to visit.

There is a smaller parking lot; it’s also on the bike path system which offers a great alternative to trying to park there.

Additionally, the Nature Centre is accessible all year and features a variety of educational exhibits as well as information on conservation and local wildlife.

The Center also offers a variety of nature-based activities, including birding adventure courses, volunteer opportunities.

Furthermore, summer day camps for children ages 4 to 12, and school programs for students of all grades.

In short, there is always something fascinating to see.

There are numerous benches throughout, and you can picnic along the river.

Address: 2425 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4T4, Canada

7. National Music Centre

National Music Centre

Home of National Music Center

If you are in Calgary and are into Canadian music, this is a must for you.

The national music center is a museum and performance venue located in Calgary, Canada.

The Center, which was designed by Portland architect Brad Cloepfil and is housed in the historic Customs House building.

This center also houses a collection of over 2,000 rare instruments and artifacts, including one of Elton John’s pianos and items from the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Many informative and accessible displays about Canadian music venues, acts are also available.

Separate galleries focusing on Indigenous, Francophone, and country music are available.

The NMC is light and informative way to spend an afternoon experiencing and interacting with music.

All these awesomeness right in Calgary!

The demonstration of the theatre organ is a highlight not to be missed.

All in all, a worthwhile choice for a Saturday afternoon’s entertainment!

The historic King Edward Hotel is a live music venue that is part of the National Music Center. It is open seven nights a week.

If you are in Calgary, this place should get on your list of places to visit.

Address: 850 4 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0L8, Canada

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8. Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary

Heritage Park Historical Village

Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler / LightRocket via Getty Images

Whether you live in or on a visit to Calgary, this is a must-visit.

Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary is Canada’s largest living history museum.

It has over 200 exhibits and attractions scattered across 127 acres of lush, natural grassland.

Discover a real printing press and blacksmith shop, an ice cream parlor, and a bakery, as well as an original steam train and an antique midway.

In fact, if you’re looking for something to do in Calgary, this is a terrific location to go.

Interpreters dressed in costume are on hand to give information and answer inquiries.

There are a couple of stores that have a variety of souvenir-type items, as well as clothing and hair accessories, such as historical hats and cultural items too.

In addition, there is a small cafe and a really cool old car museum with an old gas station.

Many people come here for walking or biking or to simply enjoy the breathtaking views of the water (and stunning sunsets).

You will also see people kayaking, sailing, and just hanging out by the water.

There are some free parking areas and paid parking as well.

It’s definitely a place in Calgary for everyone in the family where you can also have a pleasant picnic since there are benches (limited) too.

Address: 1900 Heritage Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2X3, Canada

9. Fish Creek Park

Fish Creek Park

Photo courtesy of Nicki Brown

Fish Creek Park is a Calgary provincial park., and it is Canada’s second-largest urban park!

This park covers much of Calgary’s south side, crossing rivers, and connecting to the lovely Glenmore Reservoir.

You can start walking, running, biking, or even rollerblading from a variety of locations.

You can also check out the Fish creek Ice caves in Calgary as well.

It’s a great place to check out in the winter and a not-so-hidden secret swimming hole for the hot summer days.

Can be very busy and crowded with people on weekends in the summer, but the rocks and naturally deep pool at the bottom offer a great place to have fun and cool off.

Typically, you see a variety of ages from young families with little babies to grandparents bringing their grandkids.

So whenever you happen to be in Calgary in the summer, this is a great place to be.

Address: Calgary, AB, Canada

10. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame / Sports Heritage

This is a terrific site to visit for the sports fan in Calgary.

The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame is an award-winning building dedicated to recognizing and celebrating Canadian sports role models.

It is a really cool place, with lots of history on a wide variety of sports.

They have a lot of exhibits for all different types of stuff.

You’ll adore this site since it has over 95,000 artifacts, 52 hands-on interactive exhibitions, and displays in the Grand Hall.

In addition to a truly inspiring “Canada’s Greatest Sports Moments” film in the Riddell Family Theatre, there are also sports challenges in the Changing Gallery.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame tells the stories of inducted ‘Honored Members’.

The center also has a Pepsi café where you can bring your own snack or lunch, as well as an Education and Resource Centre for educational events.

It has a good mix of artifacts, interactive multimedia displays, and even fun simulations.

Whether a visitor or you live in Calgary, this is a great spot to learn more about Canada.

Address: 169 Canada Olympic Rd SW, Calgary, AB T3B 6B7, Canada

11. The Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede

Photo courtesy of Jeff McIntosh

Every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the Calgary Stampede is a rodeo, exhibition, and festival.

The ten-day festival is dubbed “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,”

The event attracts over one million visitors per year and features one of the world’s largest rodeos, a parade, etc.

In 2008, the Calgary Stampede was inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame.

You are welcomed by food stalls with a wide variety of food and drinks, ranging from simple lemonade to Gator bites

This century-old show in Calgary merges with 21st-century modernism to create one of the most exciting displays of Wild West history.

There are chuck-wagon races, cattle auctions, midway rides, and games.

There is also an astonishing selection of southern-inspired and not-so-southern cuisine, and, of course, lots of cowboys on the main stage every night.

Every July, the Calgary Stampede takes place, and it is well worth organizing your trip around this time.

So you can time your visit to Calgary if you want to experience the Calgary Stampede.

It is a lot of fun to go to the Stampede yearly with friends, family, and loved ones.

The stampede offers a lot to do.

Whether that be going on what seems like hundreds of rides and games available at the midway on the property, or indulging in a weird food that is hard to find offered anywhere else.

You would agree that the Calgary Stampede is a great event to experience.

We would recommend seeing the firework show/rodeo close up as it is an exhilarating experience everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Address: 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W1, Canada

12. Calgary Pathway System

Calgary Pathway System

The Calgary Pathway System

Calgary is one of Canada’s greenest cities, thanks to its abundance of huge parks and wildlife preserves.

The Calgary walkway system allows you to walk for dozens of kilometers without worrying about automotive traffic from one end of the city to the other.

It is almost as large as the Toronto system, which makes walking a joy.

This is something you want to try out if you find yourself in Calgary.

The best parts of the pathway, however, are the many spots to stop along the river and ponder about life!

Furthermore, the Bow River runs right through the city and so continues indefinitely, but the sections nearest to downtown are the busiest, and they pass through several interesting neighborhoods.

The best is to go on a bike for a distance, but on foot to have time to stroll and slow down.

Some people even wake surf at a location along a bridge! It’s entertaining to watch.

Address: Calgary, AB, Canada

13. Skyline Luge Calgary

Skyline Luge

Downhill karting / Skyline Luge

How about some trips in Calgary?

Skyline, because it is fast-paced and exhilarating, the Luge Calgary is one of the city’s most popular attractions.

If you are a first-timer, you need more time on your first ride, but after that, it’s a super-fast lineup. And of course, depends on which hour you are attending.

This is a great place to have some fun with friends and family.

You take the ski lift chair up to the hill. If you’re afraid of height, might want to think about it.

Even if you are afraid of height, don’t worry the staff will guide you through everything.

The skyline cart is probably one of the most interesting types of go-karts around Alberta

The gravity-powered luge carts have a revolutionary braking and steering mechanism that gives the rider complete control over speed, direction, and stopping, as well as safety helmets for every rider.

Address: Winsport Canada Olympic Park, 88 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary, AB T3B 5R5, Canada

14. The Military Museums, Calgary

Military museums

Photo courtesy of Chuck Szmurlo

Being in Calgary shouldn’t limit your learning scope, as this city offers a lot of learning opportunities.

This is the place to be should you want to learn about the history of the Canadian Armed Forces and their courage during the past wars.

The Military Museums in Calgary are committed to educating the public about the navy, army, and air force’s important roles in world history.

Visitors can explore the Museum’s eight unique exhibits and galleries.

You will obtain a greater knowledge of the Canadian Forces’ achievements, tragedies, and sacrifices.

In short, this museum will remind you of the sacrifices of heroes past

Furthermore, it will help you appreciate how far we’ve come and the cost those heroes had to pay for peace.

Great place to see if you are from out of town, also a great place to see if you live in Calgary and want to know some of the military histories.

A guided tour is also available.

Address: 4520 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2T 5J4, Canada

15. Lougheed House, Calgary

Lougheed House

Lougheed House

If you’ve never been inside the Lougheed House you need to try out this hidden gem.

Lougheed House was established as a mansion for the Lougheed family in the late 1800s and has been designated as a provincial and National Historic Site and museum open to the public.

The architecture is so grand in this house.

Moreso, every little nook has a beautifully designed feature.

From painted, stained glass windows to textured wallpaper, this house is a step outside of today and into the past.

On the main level, there is a café (which is open during the summer) and in the basement, there is an art display area.

The house also has grown some of the vegetables for the restaurant at the back of the house. It is beautiful!

However, note that it is more of a fine dining experience, so it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it!

If you’re looking for a place with ornate detail, this house has it.

Their gift shop is small but has items for everyone.

The staff are pleasant and easy-going. As a fun addition, there are decorated spaces for picture posing.

This is a great place to visit Calgary.

Address: 707 13 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0K8, Canada

16. Big Rock Brewery, Calgary

Big Rock Brewery

Big Rock Brewery

This is a must-visit for Calgary if you are a beer drinker or are curious about how beer is made.

There are samples that mean you get a good bang for your buck.

Moreso, if you like a lot of beer choices with low IBU and more than 5%, you should come.

Named as one of the most popular things to do in Calgary on Trip advisor. Big Rock Brewery is Alberta’s first craft brewery.

The high quality you expect from Big Rock beers is also found in the hospitality and friendly atmosphere of the brewery itself.

Lastly, there are really good foods, decent prices, and excellent for meeting with clients over lunch as they are pretty fast on the service side.

Address: 5555 76 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C 4L8, Canada

17. Calaway Park, Calgary

Calaway Park

Photo courtesy of Lindsay MacNevin

Calaway Park is Western Canada’s largest outdoor amusement park and is consistently regarded as one of the finest things to do in Calgary.

You have to go visit whether individually or with family or friends.

It is such a great spot to get away and embrace the fun that comes from visiting Calgary.

This park provides magnificent vistas of the Rocky Mountains, as well as 32 attractions, 23 carnival games, a 3D theater, and enough food vendors to keep the family nourished.

The thrill from most of the rides will keep your heart racing, even long after the ride has ended. I

The food is as expected, with a carnival-like atmosphere and a bit pricey.

The location is just down the road from the Spring bank Airport.

In short, fun, entertainment all rolled into an amazing place called Calaway.

Address: 245033 Range Rd 33, Calgary, AB T3Z 2E9, Canada

18. The Plus 15 Skywalk

The Plus 15 Skywalk

Plus 15 Skywalk

The Plus 15 or +15 Skyway network in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is one of the world’s most complete pedestrian skywalk systems, with a total length of 18 kilometers (11 miles) and 62 bridges.

The skywalk is a network of public pedestrian walkways and paths that connect buildings in Calgary’s downtown region.

It also provides pedestrians with alternative routes to various metropolitan locations.

It is really a good place to visit in Calgary, take some fresh air and sightsee.

Address: Calgary, AB, Canada

19. Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Photo courtesy of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Does it get any better than having this orchestra in Calgary?

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) is based at the EPCOR Center for Performing Arts’ Jack Singer Concert Hall, where they perform the majority of their concerts.

The Orchestra also serves as the resident orchestra for the Calgary Opera, Alberta Ballet, and the Honens International Piano Competition.

They have shows all year round, from classics to pop and everything in between.

Every year, the program is varied.

In addition, their shows are always fantastic.

So if you are a lover of fine music, this is a great place to go in Calgary.

Address: 205 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K9, Canada

20. Bow Habitat Station and Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery

Bow Habitat Station and Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery

Photo credit: Yelp

Bow Habitat Station, located 10 minutes east of downtown Calgary along the Bow River, offers a unique learning experience that is sure to make a splash.

The Sam Livingstone Fish Hatchery is also such a pleasant surprise.

Not only do you see fish and have the opportunity to feed them.

In addition, there is a fabulous museum upstairs with hands-on exhibits that are especially fun for young kids.

This is a good venue for kids’ birthday parties, too.

Outside of the hatchery, there is a small fishing pond, where kids can learn to fish, a park, and a playground.

You can easily make a day out of going here!

On Fridays and Saturdays, feed thousands of fish in the Fish Hatchery while learning how to produce over a million trout each year.

The facility is handicap accessible and pleasant for people of all ages.

The best part? It is open all year.

Address: 1440 17a St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4T9, Canada

21. Calgary Farmyard


The Calgary Farmyard

Did you miss the Calgary Stampede? Or do you want a beautiful place for your kids to have a good time?

The Calgary Corn Maze & Fun Farm is an award-winning play farm and leisure facility for kids of all ages.

You may find some game booths which can fulfill your game gin.

There are tons of fun activities, from trampoline to mini-golf, tractor ride, slides, monkey bars, and good Ole carnival style games!

Not to mention a bunch of cute animals.

The good part? It’s not super expensive and really good value for the cost of admission.

Lots of space to move around.

Address: 284022 Township Rd 224, Alberta T1X 0J6, Canada

22. Spruce Meadows

Spruce meadows

Photo Courtesy: Spruce Meadows

If pushing and going beyond the city (Calgary) limit seem like a fun thing to do, you will like this place.

Spruce Meadows is located just outside Calgary’s city limits

Spruce Meadows is a world-class equestrian venue that holds numerous annual equestrian competitions and tournaments.

Tournaments include the ‘Nakoda Series’ inside and the ‘Summer Series’ outdoors.

Spruce Meadows also produces, trains, and sells Hanoverian horses, as well as hosting the popular annual ‘Name the Foal’ contest, in which the public names a newborn foal.

Furthermore, they have a skate show, horse shows, vendors, patios, kids’ activities, and many more things.

This is also a great facility for wheelchair users, as most of the venues have wheelchair access.

And it’s easy to just roll around the grounds if you want.

There are also lots of shops to purchase souvenirs, accessories, and clothing.

In fact, this is a “must-see” for tourists visiting the Calgary area.

Address: 18011 Spruce Meadows Way SW, Calgary, AB T2X 4B7, Canada

23. Carburn Park

Carburn Park

Photo Courtesy of Groinsmash

Carburn Park is a beautiful place to walk around and to see the views of the ponds in Calgary and the Bow River.

The Park is a huge natural area park on the Bow River’s banks that is home to a diverse range of wildlife, waterfowl, and wildflowers.

There are always lots of deer wandering around and the chickadees will land in your hands. You don’t need food, nor do you have to be a Disney princess for that to happen.

In the summer, kayaking, paddle boarding, or canoeing would be fun.

From family-centered activities, fitness resources, and ample material for nature photography, Carburn Park has something for everyone.

With walk/bicycle paths, picnic areas, and a wide variety of ecosystems, it is easy to lose sense of time while exploring and interacting with the various environments.

Address: 67 Riverview Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2C 4H8, Canada

24. Nose Hill Park, Calgary

Nose Hill Park

The Nose Hill Park

If you need a place to get sun and fresh air in Calgary, Nose Hill Park is here for you.

Nose Hill Park is a well-kept natural park on the outskirts of town that is home to a diverse range of animals and plants and provides visitors with a variety of recreational opportunities.

In fact, this is one of the parks in the city of Calgary that gives a good view of the entire Calgary landscape

The park has a very sizeable area for park-goers, nature lovers, and hikers who can’t go out of the city.

It’s very good for mountain bikes and such workouts as mild hikes, and very safe.

So you can always hike, workouts, and do all sorts of physical activities while in Calgary.

Address: 5620 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T3K 2P6, Canada

25. Expo Latino

Expo Latino

Photo courtesy: Expo Latino

Before you leave Calgary, you need to check out Expo Latino.

It is the western Canada’s largest outdoor Latin festival.

Calgary’s summer schedule is jam-packed with entertaining, colorful festivals, parades, and picnics.

Every August, Calgarians anticipate Expo Latino.

Come celebrate Latin culture alongside proud Canadians, participate in a dance workshop, shop for beautiful handicrafts.

You will also get to eat delicious cuisine.

The best part? You still be able to see amazing live performances by members of the Hispanic community from throughout the country.

Address: 1515 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 2E6, Canada

Start planning your trip to Calgary, Canada

From taking a stroll on a Calgary pathway system to attending the Calgary Stampede, you can’t get enough of this city.

Perhaps you are a military lover? there’s a military museum available too.

Plan to stay longer because you will be charmed by this city.

Safe Travel!