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12 Best & Fun Things To Do In Cranston (RI)

Cranston, Rhode Island in United State is one of the most interesting places to visit in Providence County.

In general, this wonderful city is a hotspot for all things relating to nature, restaurants, art, and a host of cultural evolution.

Cranston is one of those cities where you can get lost on a voyage through its modern prowess, or simply be surprised by the level of amount of history the city has as well.

Presently, it is as good as any day to venture out into the tourist attracted city and find out what to do with all the options you have at your disposal.

With The Pawtuxet Inc right in Cranston, you can rest assured of seeing exciting historical and the most delicious local foods that will satisfy your cravings.

Not only is sightseeing a must when in Cranston, but the immaculate array of things to see and do for fun with the availability of different historical parks and buildings is absolutely phenomenal!

Without lengthy words, we recommend taking a well-rounded approach to exploring the city and enjoying the vast elements that make up the beautiful Cranston.

We have carefully put up an awesome list of the best and most fun things to do in Cranston, Rhode Island, just for you.

Things To Do In Cranston

1. Sprague Mansion

Things to do in Cranston

Tim Evanson / Wikimedia Commons

Do you have an interest in seeing perfectly antiques with Cranston?

If you are in Cranston and desire to see great antiquities, come to Sprague Mansion.

This antique home was initially known as the Governor William Sprague Mansion. Moreso, it is a historic mansion and museum that began operation in 1351 at Cranston Street in Cranston, Rhode Island.

This beautiful museum was the birthplace of Governor William Sprague III and his nephew, Governor William Sprague.

However, this incredible tourist attraction was expanded greatly in 1864 and a wilder range of things was added.

These things are a wide hall, wide winding staircase, and they are for the purpose of entertaining visitors that are coming.

Aside from this place being the topmost antique home in Cranston, visitors can also hold their events here.

To talk of the charming mansion, nice decoration, or the security of this place? It is a real gem to behold and they will spice up your events!

Planning a wedding or special events in Cranson? Why not bring it to this wonderful location? Your guest will definitely be happily celebrating events with you here!

Besides, the staffs are so friendly and they will work with your caterers to ensure the events end without any form of complaint whatsoever.

Indeed, there is so much to enjoy in this wonderful Cranston Sprague.

Above all, they have a special ice cream shop where visitors can get ice cream at affordable prices.

Even if you have no interest in bringing your events here or getting ice cream, their little library is stored with local books.

You will definitely love them! There is something for everyone here in this wonderful Cranston!

Address: 1351 Cranston St, Cranston, RI 02920, United States.

2. Pawtuxet Oxboes Park

Things to do in Cranston

Marcbela / Wikimedia Commons

Want to see animals in their natural states, including seeing lots of wonders?

If your purpose of visit to Cranston is to see Natural Wonders, a visit to Pawtuxet Oxboes Park is a must.

This place has some interesting natural creatures, among which are its consistently breathtaking parks, which are home to amazing flora and fauna.

Oxboes Park, a typical example of one of these attractions, is attached to Pawtuxet Village and offers some spectacular vistas as well as the chance to see animals and waterfowl in their natural habitat.

Of particular interest here are the stunning Wood Ducks that inhabit the lake that runs through this amazing park.

Moreover, it is pertinent to state that not many places in Cranston have peace like Oxboes Park. It is equally neat, well furnished, and well managed.

Besides, the staff are tolerable and will do everything possible to make every visitor’s visit to Cranston a memorable one.

If you are not sure of which of the parks to visit while in Cranston, we recommend you visit here and enjoy what they have to offer visitors.

You would not regret coming for a voyage here!

Aside from the fact that several animals in their natural states and waterfowl could be seen at no fee, visitors can also come to visit with their dogs to the dog region that is specifically made for this purpose.

Are you still indecisive about what to add to your itinerary while coming to Cranston?

Why not add Pawtuxet Oxboes Park and explore from the list of things we have mentioned above, be sure it will be worth a stop!

Address: Rhodes Pl, Cranston, RI 02905, United States.

3. Cranston Street Armory

Things to do in Cranston

Kenneth C. Zirkel / Wikimedia Commons

The Cranston Street Armory is a historic building in the Broadway–Armory Historic District of Providence, Rhode Island.

This top-notch historic region was built in 1907 for Rhode Island National Guard to occupy until 1996, when part of the house was converted to film studios.

This impressive structure with amazing architecture has a lot of entertaining events for visitors such as Home shows; Dog shows; Halloween parties, Military Drills, Track Meets, National Guard meetings, and several other events.

What an amazing place full of events to keep you entertained while in Cranston!

Interestingly, the admission fee to this multi-event location is extremely low and even with that, visitors are offered goodies and gifts that are far above what they paid for.

What about the seats? They are wonderfully made with modern wooden materials; you will always feel comfortable seating for hours watching their events or shows.

Above all, the management structure in this amazing location is one of the best you’d ever appreciate.

From their director to the lowest staff, they act professionally and prioritize visitors’ happiness.

Even if you are coming here for the first time, you will definitely feel at home.

If you are looking for a cool place to enjoy a short holiday without necessarily having to spend so much, come to Cranston Street Armory.

You will be amazed at what this place has to offer you!

Address: 310 Cranston St, Providence, RI 02907, United States.

4. Cranston John L. Curran State Park

Things to do in Cranston

John L. Curran State Park

If your craving is not far from getting a good spot for a quick hike while in Cranston, we strongly recommend you visit John L. Curran State Park.

Like any other parks in Cranston, this is specifically a nice place every hike lover should come to.

It is such a beautiful location that provides visitors with a plethora of opportunities to choose from different trails that are provided.

Amazingly, visitors can even choose to engage in fishing after the hike.

Definitely, even if you are not interested in hiking, coming here to engage in the farming of fish itself is a voyager worth engaging on! Water is not dirty at all!

Besides, this incredible place is fairly well populated, not too busy and visitors’ safety is absolutely guaranteed.

Moreover, there is a playground available for every kid that they interact with kids of their counterparts. It is such a perfect place to bring your kids.

Above all, they have enough parking space that can accommodate all visitors’ cars with their safety of them guaranteed.

Planning a trip to Rhode Island? Remember to add this wonderful place to your itinerary.

Address: Cranston, RI 02921, United States.

5. Meshanticut State Park

Things to do in Cranston

Andy Parrett / Wikimedia Commons

Meshanticut is a residential neighborhood on the western side of Cranston. It is an Indian word meaning “place of woods” and it primarily features an eclectic array of housing styles, including Victorian homes, cottages, and lots more.

This is a wonderful place to walk your dog, exercise, fish, or just sit and watch the wildlife (especially ducks, geese, and swans).

Wish it were just a little bigger, but it’s a good place for a short walk to get some fresh air.

Although it is a small park, however; it has one of the best ponds in the whole of Cranston where kids can go to engage in fishing.

Interestingly, the pond is surrounded by pavement. What an amazing place to be in Cranston!

Even if you cherish picnics, there are open areas where you can have a picnic if you would like.

Moreover, this tourist-attracted area is not often populated and the tour guides are professional in their interactions with visitors.

They will answer every bit of questions coming from visitors, regardless of how they may appear.

Not only that, they will take you through the exercise or fishing processes, depending on your interest.

Above all, they would also ensure your kids stay happy by giving them lots of gifts without paying for them.

If your choice is getting a place to fish and learn about fishing, come to Meshanticut State Park in Cranston.

Address: 12 Meshanticut Dr, Cranston, RI 02920, United States.

6. Cranston Rhodes On The Pawtuxet Inc

Rhodes On The Pawtuxet Inc

Magicpiano / Wikimedia Commons

Another wonderful place you can visit for fun in Cranston is Rhodes On The Pawtuxet.

It is a historic recreational complex at Rhodes Place, on the Pawtuxet River in Cranston, Rhode Island.

This incredible place originally consist of a series of buildings, including a stateroom, pavilion, and waterfront facilities.

However, due to a series of occurrences, today, only a ballroom and gazebo survive.

Notwithstanding, these two (ballroom and gazebo) that survived in this ancient city of Cranston have turned this place into a region where visitors troop in on a daily basis to have a look at them.

Aside from that, this place is a stunning venue for weddings, cocktail hour, receptions, and other events such as dancing performances. It is certainly not the typical wedding venue site!

Additionally, this ancient site in Cranston isn’t only a location to see monumental objects but equally an area where lots of local items are being sold and raffled.

There are several also lots of local foods sellers who are ready to satisfy every visitor’s cravings while in Cranston.

Indeed, Rhodes on the Pawtuxet is an absolutely beautiful venue in Cranston!

Not only is Rhodes absolutely gorgeous, but the staff are wonderful! Their two receptionists; Hillary and Jenn are so warm and welcoming that will make the touring and booking process a memorable one.

Address: 60 Rhodes Pl, Cranston, RI 02905, United States.

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Things to do in Cranston

TenPinGeek / Cranston

Do you have an interest in Bowling while in Cranston?

If your basic interest lies in bowling, we wouldn’t advise any other place other than Lang’s Bowlarama.

This aged long bowling center was founded by Ed Lang in 1960 and has survived, despite the demise of the founder been revived.

This wonderful bowling reserved area in Cranston still retains its relevance despite its long existence.

In fact, it is still considered the best venue for bowling lovers, especially those within Cranston.

Amazingly, despite the competitive nature of this place, they have great hourly prices for bowling.

Aside from their reasonable timed prices, the lanes are cool, and the entire place is well managed.

Even if you are new to Bowling, there is a staff that is readily available to aid visitors with a kind interest in bowling.

So, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of. Everything is in place to enhance your enjoyment while in Cranston.

Besides, the admission fee to this beautiful place in the heart of Cranston is absolutely low, with a little dollar you are in to enjoy all their numerous services.

Even if you are not here for bowling, there is a top-notch bar and restaurants that are here.

Best bowling facilities, good restaurant, best drinks, what else? This is such a beautiful place you should endeavor to visit anytime you are on vacation to Cranston.

Address: 225 Niantic Ave, Cranston, RI 02907, United States.

8. Cranston Mulligan’s Island

Mulligan's Island

Mulligan’s Island / Wikimedia Commons

Are you a serious golfer or a baseball/softball player?

Whether you are a serious golfer, a baseball/softball player, or just out to have fun, Cranston Mulligan’s Island provides something for everyone, young or old.

This amazing place is located in Cranston, Rhode Island. In this wonderful region, there is something for everyone; they have a 60-station driving range, 10 batting cages, and two 18 Hole mini-golf courses.

Besides, they equally have two beach volleyball courts, a 9-hole Par 3 course, a 9-hole pitch ‘n putt, and a party and events center where you can host any kind of events within Cranston.

Although, there are many golf and entertainment venues around Cranston, notwithstanding, this is one of the best!

If you plan to come to Cranston anytime soon, remember to add this place to your itinerary.

Address: 1000 New London Ave, Cranston, RI 02920, United States.

9. Cranston Chapel View

Chapel View

Txllxt TxllxT / Wikimedia Commons

Do you plan to come to Cranston for the first time?

If you are coming to Cranston for the first time and not sure of where to visit, head to Chapel View.

This beautiful place that has an upscale Italian restaurant has a lot of Italian dishes to offer visitors.

Interestingly, they can come and pick you up upon arrival at the Airport.

Although visitors are generally responsible for payments, their prices are reasonable and affordable.

Besides, they also have a host of events hall where visitors can host any kind of events within Cranston. It is such a beautiful place you should check-in!

What about their old blue music that is always on while visitors are enjoying their delicious food at night?

It is super cool; they will take you back to the 80s and resuscitate your thoughts about the past!

They also have a great brunch! What more would you have desired? It is definitely a place to visit!

Address: Sockanosset Cross Rd, Cranston, RI 02920, United States

10. Pawtuxet Village

Pawtuxet Village

Marcbela / Wikimedia Commons

Pawtuxet Village is a section of the New England cities of Warwick and Cranston, Rhode Island.

It is located at the point where the Pawtuxet River flows into the Providence River and Narragansett Bay.

The little village is a charming and upcoming area that is rich with tradition, very safe, and clean.

This town in Cranston is reviewing plans for a beautiful structure of a boutique hotel or apartments with a lux restaurant. The future here is trending upscale!

If you can, you should explore this beautiful village.

Moreover, you can have the best local food from their restaurants in this small, compact village.

Also, the people and inhabitants of this incredibly small region are very polite and always embrace visitors on a friendly note.

Apparently, it is also the historic village where the beautiful Pawtuxet River flows.

It is a place where you can sit at a delightful ice cream shop that provides a restful spot to enjoy the view. Such an amazing little village!

If you plan to come to Cranston, we highly recommend you visit this village and enjoy the beauty of Upper Narragansett Bay, as well as the cordial environment among the shops and restaurants.

Pawtucket Village has it all!

Address: 2206 Broad St, Cranston, United States.

11. Cranston Public Library, Central Library

Cranston Public Library, Central Library

Cranston Public Library / Wikimedia Commons

Are you planning to embark on a voyage solely for the purpose of getting good books?

Cranston Public Library, Central Library is one of the best libraries in the state, if not the best that has everything you would ever need in order to get a good book.

This is a modern library that houses a substantial group of collections from books and magazines to films and music.

Apparently, this is a location any lover of knowledge should visit.

Besides, unlike any other library you could ever think of, this book region has a modern tech room that has electronics stored data in form of video, audio, and cassettes.

You will definitely get any book you want, even if not available as a hard copy, you should rest assured of getting an electronic copy of the same. What an amazing place worth exploring for any academia!

Moreover, they have free training courses for aspiring IT professionals and several literacy services. Everything you need in a library is rightly available here!

Adults are blown away by how friendly and informative it is to use this library and the staff is just great. They are always ready to provide answers to every visitor’s questions.

Even if you are not interested in reading any of their books, they equally have a wonderful community room you book as well as a seminar room where you can host any of your academic seminars or related activities.

Interestingly, they do not charge much; it is absolutely reasonable!

This is a true dream for a person who wants a good library. You have found it here!

Address: 140 Sockanosset Cross Rd, Cranston, RI 02920, United States.

12. Cranston Buttonwoods Brewery

Buttonwoods Brewery
Do you want to have your thirst quenched with cool beers while in Cranston?

Buttonwoods Brewery is a cool place where you can get varieties of cool bears to quench your thirst.

They have a lot of fresh ice-cold beer crafted for many pallets that no visitor will not enjoy having a taste of.

This brewery is phenomenal on all levels! Their beers can never disappoint you.

Interestingly, the owner is a great man that will make you feel right at home.

Not only that, the whole staff are all friendly and knowledgeable about the beer.

They will do a nice job to make the space feel comfortable and cozy for you.

They are very warm and welcoming and highly helpful in making rightful beer selections you will always love.

What an amazing place you should visit if you plan to come to Cranston!

Besides, this great brewery in the heart of Cranston has enough space for visitors to mingle and talk with friends and also meet new ones.

Not just is there enough space, they have modern seats plentiful around the bar and the perimeter of the space, with a few tables available.

The interior is equally raw, and the beers are thoughtful.

This place is more than a mere beer region. There are so many good beers.

You should visit if you are beer lover, you will never be disappointed!

Address: 530 Wellington Ave #22, Cranston, RI 02910, United States.

Final Remarks

Even if you are just coming for a night or for a short hour, Cranston is a great place to visit.

Today, it is one of the top cities to go to for a vacation if you are so interested in nature.

A family vacation, hosting of events, a friend’s trip, or even a solo excursion can each be great when they happen in Cranston.

Put some time in selecting from the most intriguing places we have highlighted above and ensure you make the right selections.

Come and soak in all the great experiences Cranston has in store, and be sure to leave more enlightened about the world than when you came.

Happy Travels.