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20 Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole WY (For First Timers!)

Whether you’re looking for a casual apres-ski snack, here are the 20 best restaurants in Jackson Hole that not only offer that.

But also offers a plant-based or fancy fine dining experience with an awesome view of the Grand Teton National Park.

However, the picturesque valley has always been the tourists favorite, attracting explorers, skiers, and snowboarders.

Also, this town is well known for its upscale hotels and many local restaurants that offer different dishes.

Interestingly, Jackson Hole is well known for its meats, bison, and game. There is something for everyone. You will also find a pizza spot inside an old renovated theater, pastries, and plenty of game meat as well.

Best Restaurants In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

1. Virginian Restaurant

Restaurants In Jackson Hole

Olga Nayashkova / Virginian Restaurant

Did you ever watch the old TV show “The Virginian” and want to know what it would be like to eat as they did in the old West? Here is your chance!!!.

However, Virginian Restaurant is all homemade at its finest, with larger-than-life-size portions. Even the butter is homemade; it doesn’t get any better than that.

Hence, there is nothing on the menu you won’t find to satisfy your cravings. And while you are digesting your food, look around at all the TV shows memorabilia they have on display. It is pretty interesting.

Also, this place is pleasing to the eye and reminds you of a very small town. They have traditional American breakfasts that remind you of the West and are considered comfort food.

Speaking of its menu, it is your basic breakfast diner selection of biscuits and gravy, eggs, potatoes, meat, oatmeal, pancakes, and so on. But what makes it different from other restaurants in Jackson Hole is the staff.

They are always personable and friendly and make you feel welcome. Then if you have a gluten-free diet, the menu works for you as most of the options are eggs, potatoes, and meat-based. And they do have gluten-free toast.

Address: 740 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

2. Snake River Grill

Restaurants In Jackson Hole

Paulette Phlipot / Snake River Grill

Set on a second floor overlooking snow king mountain on one side and the town square on the other. Snake River Grill has been providing one of Jackson’s finest and the best culinary experiences than other restaurants in Jackson Hole.

Adorned to feel as cozy as a cabin lodge in the Teton range, this restaurant welcomes you with a beautiful fireplace in the middle of the restaurant and rustic decoration throughout that makes you feel like you are in an old-school steakhouse.

However, the menu is far from that, with innovative plates and options from 4-time James Beard award-nominated chef Jeff Drew.

Hence, to begin your culinary experience here, start with the Fole Gras Terrine, which is covered in a carrot reduction accompanied by strings of carrots. This plate is amazing and surpasses your expeditions.

Then, follow this with New Zealand Elk chops for your entree. These exquisite chops are accompanied by a sweet potato reduction and whole sweet potatoes.

After an active day on the slopes and snowmobiling, this plate is an answer to your prayers as it is very filling and cooked to perfection, in how elk should be prepared.

Also, the service is outstanding, with very knowledgeable and kind servers that make the experience even more worth the while.

All this great food, along with the cozy fireplace and great service, makes a cold, snowy Wyoming night into a cozy and warm evening.

Whether you visit Jackson Hole in the winter, summer, fall, or spring, this spot is a must-visit in your culinary tour of what Wyoming has to offer.

Plan a visit on Mondays – Saturdays from 5 PM – 9 PM.

Address: 84 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

3. Bin22

Restaurants In Jackson Hole


Excellent for what it is, a neighborhood wine bar where a casual atmosphere, relaxed yet outstanding service, and wonderful food and wine meet.

However, Bar22 is not a Michelin-star place, but kudos to Chef Hernandez, as the food could easily belong to many of them.

Although you would have a short wait, you will be offered cocktails, wine by the glass, or cork service for anything from their thoughtfully curated wine store.

Interestingly, this spot is one of those restaurants in Jackson Hole that serves a wide variety of wines, liquor, and beers, both local and international. It has a happy hour, but it does not apply to the bottles in the store.

Hence it offers about 12 main dishes and some local mozzarella pairings; the pork belly sliders are solid. And the summer salad is light and refreshing with some added tang of blanched seasoned tomatoes.

Also, you should try its octopus as it’s hard to find it cooked properly with complementary flavors as they have done here. Then the tapas size is influenced by Italian and Spanish cuisine.

Visit Bin22 on Mondays – Sundays from 11:30 AM – 10 PM.

Address: 200 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

4. Cafe Genevieve

Cafe Genevieve

Nancy Brown / Flickr

This is one of the top restaurants in Jackson Hole, whether you are meeting a friend for breakfast, lunch, or in town and want a great place to have a bit by yourself.

However, the menu is one of those great menus that everyone at your party will find something fabulous to order. Not a pretentious foodie menu, but the food is fit for a foodie.

Try out the eggs over medium with bacon, toast, and hash browns or the Belgian waffle with fruit and whipped cream.

The waffles are absolutely loaded with blueberries and strawberries, and the whipped cream is thick and delicious.

Genuinely, Cafe Genevieve offers the best waffles you would ever imagine. Coffee is so rich and hot, and they give you a bottle of fresh cream.

Also, try its signature Cajun eggs Benedict and the fried green tomatoes eggs Benedict. They are both incredible, then the pig candy salad which is great as long as you like the taste of caramelized bacon (and who doesn’t).

Finally, don’t forget to get a side of home-fried chips; their bloody Mary is pretty good, too. The old bay seasoning and salt mix on the rim are a nice touch.

Address: 135 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

5. Gather In Jackson Hole

Gather In Jackson Hole

Gather In Jackson Hole

The food here is delicious, and I would say slightly more affordable than other nice restaurants in Jackson Hole.

Gather In Jackson Hole is the best of the best in Jackson; the red wine-marinated bison is a unique culinary experience, both in its array of flavors and its presentation.

A good menu is diverse in nature and lives up to most of its potential. Reservations are highly recommended, and you will be treated by very friendly and knowledgeable staff who know the menu by heart and all sets for all plates.

This spot has the best-fried chicken, and I can confidently say that Gather’s fried chicken entree is superior to all.

The chicken is perfectly cooked with well-seasoned buttermilk breading, juicy and tender with every bite.

Then, paired with the three cheese mornay and hot sauce, this dish is one of the best dishes you will ever have. Also, try the wider noodles that go so well with the sauce that has such a deep richness.

Hence, the truffle pasta is amazing too. The sauce is creamy, delicious, and homemade pasta makes it perfect.

Finish it with the Jackson donut holes (crispy on the outside and moist in the middle with good dipping sauces); huckleberry cheesecake has lots of sprinkled graham cracker crumbles and tasty expresso martinis.

Plan a visit on Mondays – Sundays from 5 PM – 9 PM.

Address: 72 S Glenwood St, Jackson, WY 83001

6. Bubba’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant

Bubba’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant

Bubba’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant

Good solid menu with attention to sides, so often BBQ joints hit the mark with the meat, but not so much with the sides. However, here at Bubba’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant, you get a whole plate of great food.

Juicy bone-in chicken, the ribs are so tender, and the sauce is amazing. They have a hot barbecue that is spicy and super yummy if you are inclined to heat it up a little bit.

However, this spot is one of those BBQ restaurants in Jackson Hole that opens early for breakfast and then changes to their classic BBQ food around lunch.

The food here is great, especially breakfast. Portion sizes are huge, prices are great, and the flavors are there.

Hence, the chicken fried steak is pretty delicious, and you can get a biscuit with gravy as a side (highly recommended).

Also, their Southern-style food is incredibly good; the buffalo wings are to die for and extra spicy too. If you are tired of the burger and sandwich fair and want a real meal. This is the place to go.

And by the way, they have good sweet tea for the Georgia folks, which is extremely hard to find out West.

Address: 100 Flat Creek Dr, Jackson, WY 83001

7. Glorietta



Imagine a down-to-earth but thoughtfully designed atmosphere, a staff committed to cheering and excellence in what they do.

And an energy that fills the room with vibrant, something that blends a small-town cheer with food, and the atmosphere that feels like something out of a big city.

However, the first thing you will notice when you walk into this Italian restaurant is the warm and cozy atmosphere. This is the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner or a get-together at the bar.

Dining at Glorietta is an unmatched experience of a high-end, modern version of old Tuscany. From the cocktails to the anti-pasta to the mains. Everything, I repeat everything is fantastic.

Located in downtown Jackson, on a side street, and reminds you of those family-owned places in Chicago or New York. Unlike other restaurants in Jackson Hole, they make their own pasta in-house, and you can tell from its taste.

Even on a takeout order, dishes are labeled and beautifully plated in the takeout container, along with silver-looking (plastic) utensils and nice napkins. Really nice attention to detail on what is often overlooked at most other restaurants in Jackson Hole.

Speaking of its menu, the food portion is just right. The pork chop is slightly dry in the leaner sections, the fatter parts are super moist, and the whole thing is balanced nicely with the sauce.

Also, the elk bolognese is flavorful, not heavy or greasy, and complemented with pickled veggies. The drink Pandan express is aromatic, light, refreshing, and spiced just right.

Although a bit pricey, it is worth the meal is worth the price.

Address: 242 Glenwood St, Jackson, WY 83001

8. Figs



Set in the opulent hotel Jackson near Jackson Town Square, Figs is a hidden gem of Lebanese food in Jackson.

Located in the secluded and comfortable area of the hotel’s opulent lobby, this restaurant with a fireplace offers a warm and inviting atmosphere and food that will make your evening enjoyable.

However, you would not think that a place like Wyoming would have the best Mediterranean food you will ever have, but it does.

You should start this wonderful journey into Lebanese cuisine with “the figs five mezze,” hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, and pitas. And accompany it with some fried kibbeh.

Then for the entree, order the New Zealand lamb kebab with veggies and pita. Finish your meal with a taste of baklava; every single one of these plates is wonderful, with carefully sourced ingredients from Lebanon that lead to wonderful food.

Hence, the service is impeccable as well, with many personal details and touches, which is made possible by the very small size of the restaurant.

In addition, this is one of those restaurants in Jackson Hole where the food is so good you could really hurt yourself with temptation. But what is even more impressive are the cocktails.

This spot has left me deeply impressed; undoubtedly, Figs makes the best cocktail, hands down.

Address: 120 Glenwood St, Jackson, WY 83001

9. Thai Plate

Thai Plate

Thai Plate

Surprisingly, there are many Thai food restaurants in Jackson Hole, but Thai Plate is a hidden gem in the heart of Jackson Hole.

There are indoor and outdoor options, and the seating outdoors is more secluded than right near the road, which is preferable for me.

However, get seated and order their pad thai. The presentation is very colorful and appetizing; it comes with a small egg roll which is light and nice, while the pad itself is full of flavor.

Also, the staff is so kind that they all deserve a raise and some very good tips. They do very well on the phone, are interested in pleasing, and are fast as they can possibly be during high season.

Honestly, everyone who likes Thai food will be pleasantly surprised by any dish they choose to order. This place looks like a hole in the wall, but this is the spot you should go. The portion is amazingly big, and you can take food home if you want to.

Plus, everything is very authentically flavored and seasoned. Without a doubt, hands down the best place that you will eat in town if you love Thai food.

Address: 145 Glenwood St, Jackson, WY 83001

10. Sidewinders American Grill

Sidewinders American Grill

Sidewinders American Grill

Entering this establishment is an experience on its own. Walking up the stairs, anticipation fills your gut, and the idea of food entices you to take the next step.

However, you will be quickly seated and attended to. In fact, the service is very awesome, and your drinks remain full.

Then, order the pesto chicken sandwich, which makes you really full. The bread is perfectly crunchy on the outside while remaining soft and spongy upon biting it.

Also, the bacon is perfectly cooked, the chicken is tender, and the vegetables taste fresh. Served with large fries, you will struggle to finish.

Now, the highlight of the entire experience is the polished clean bathroom, which misses absolutely no spots. You will actually feel cleaner after sitting on the mirror finish porcelain.

I assure you this is no cheap, sleazy establishment. While other restaurants in Jackson Hole would include single-ply toilet paper, the staff at Sidewinders went above and beyond by installing double-ply quilted toilet paper. I can’t overstate how pleasant the ambiance of the place is.

All in all, if you are looking for food that curls your toes or a good place to sit down in solitude, head over to Sidewinders American Grill. You will not be disappointed.

Visit on Mondays – Sundays from 11:30 AM – 10 PM.

Address: 945 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

11. Pinky G’s Pizzeria Jackson Hole, WY

Pinky G’s Pizzeria Jackson Hole, WY

Pinky G’s Pizzeria Jackson Hole, WY

Small pizzeria tucked in the back of a shopping area. Hockey-themed with TVs generally showing sports.

Pizza and salads generally with other items like wings. Also, they have a small bar where a few folks could sit, but it’s mainly tables and booths.

A must for pizza enthusiasts and lovers as well. There is a saying about all pizza being pretty good, even when it’s bad, but that is not the case at Pinky G’s Pizzeria Jackson Hole, WY.

An eclectic mix of topic styles meets a springy, chewy, delicious crust with just the right amount of external crunch.

I mean, what more can you ask for? The inside seating area is comfy, with benches and a big group table if you want to sit down.

However, the pizzas speak for themselves. Creative combos are done well, and classics are done even better.

You should try the Guy Pie created by Guy Fieri; the handmade crust topped with ricotta cheese, bleu cheese, chicken, pepperoni, and hot sauce is extremely what you will be looking for.

Honestly one of the best pizza restaurants in Jackson Hole. Though a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Plan a visit today on Mondays – Sundays from 11 AM – 9 PM.

Address: 50 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

12. Roadhouse Pub & Eatery

Roadhouse Pub & Eatery

Roadhouse Pub & Eatery

The best place to catch every NFL game in Jackson Hole. Really, don’t even look for anywhere else to watch a game in this town than Roadhouse Pub & Eatery.

With excellent craft cocktails and their own brewed beers, the food pairs well with the sports.

Such great brews and food in a great town, with its signature seasonal sweater weather cocktail (apple cider spritzer, homemade apple cider vodka, lemon juice, and red bull).

The apple cider flavorings are obvious, and you could hardly taste the lemon juice or red bull in it.

For the food, choose the aptly named Jackson cheesesteak made with shaved North American Elk, grilled onions, and bell peppers in a magnificent IPA cheese sauce that comes with fries, and ask it to be loaded with jalapenos for an extra zing.

Absolutely delicious, the elk is perfectly cut, and the cheese sauce had just the right amount of flavor and did not overpower the sandwich. They definitely went heavy on the jalapenos.

Also, try its signature Roadhouse burger (8 oz beef burger, white cheddar, iceberg lettuce, house pickles, with roasted shallot garlic bacon aioli, served with fries) cooked medium rare.

Hence, the aioli is spectacular; all the right amounts of garlic-y/bacon-y that blended so well with the rich, high-quality burger makes it different from other restaurants in Jackson Hole.

Address: 20 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

13. Bar T 5

Bar T 5

Bar T 5

Whether you are a history buff excited about the old West, an equestrian interested in learning about draft horses, a barbecue fan who loves trying different styles of food, or a traveler looking for something unique in Jackson Hole, Bar T 5 has something for everyone.

However, fun for the family to catch the spirit of mountain living. Horse-drawn coaches take you for a 30 minutes ride.

The wagons have rubber wheels, so the ride is pretty smooth; you sit down and eat, and they start singing and playing music when you are finished eating.

Hence, the food at the cookout is really good, and they are able to provide modifications based on dietary restrictions.

Do you have a gluten allergy or need a gluten-free menu or celiac disease? They are amazing and keep everything with gluten separate when serving dinner.

Although the gluten-free roll is fluffy, the GF brownie is delicious especially dipped in hot chocolate. But the barbecue chicken is the highlight of it all, very tasty for camp-style food.

Also, the staff are friendly and engaging and makes an effort to cater to the needs of each guest. Musical entertainment is provided, featuring some vaudeville-style skits, jokes, and country Western music.

All these give you a more memorable experience than any other restaurants in Jackson Hole will give you.

Plan a visit to Bar T 5 on Mondays – Saturdays from 9 AM – 8 PM.

Address: 812 Cache Creek Dr, Jackson, WY 83001

14. Miazga’s



Whether you want a simple, casual-to-eat spot in Jackson Hole, then look no further than Miazga’s. Located on W Broadway, this cute restaurant offers a menu of Italian and polish food.

Although its decor is not as fancy as other restaurants in Jackson Hole, it is still the local’s favorite, as well as the tourists.

The view is amazing, with a clear view of the mountain and the surrounding shops of Jackson. The vibe is serene, basking in the tranquility away from the bustling streets of Jackson’s town square.

Overall, the food is delicious, the best cheese and potato pierogies/sauerkraut you will ever have. And they make very good meatball appetizers.

Also, the spinach artichoke dip is superb, with a nice roasting on the top and thick, crisp chips to dip with.

However, the menu selection is interesting. Many Italian dishes with a few polish originals like pierogi or kielbasa. Definitely, a must-try when you are visiting Jackson Hole.

Visit on Mondays – Saturdays from 11:30 PM – 9 PM.

Address: 399 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

15. Healthy Being Cafe & Juicery

Healthy Being Cafe & Juicery

Healthy Being Cafe & Juicery

If you are health conscious, like to eat fresh ingredients, and prefer food that is simple in taste yet satisfying, this spot is the go-to choice. Quick order, fast service, ample seats outside tables and chairs.

Amazingly healthy breakfast option with inclusions for all dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free). Portions are sizable, the presentation is cute, and the food is tasty and makes you feel good.

However, the menu at Healthy Being Cafe & Juicery seems interesting and innovative, so you should give it a shot. The turmeric latte, pumpkin spice latte, and iced mocha (with almond milk) are all fantastic.

Interestingly, this spot offers you the best smoothie any other restaurant in Jackson Hole would offer. The homemade almond milk, almond butter, banana, raw cacao, doma cold brewed coffee, and date.

The food here is exceptional, the sauces are super flavorful, and the vegetables are fresh and delicious. I also love the combination of spinach and fennel as a soup. The place is cute and wonderfully designed, and the outdoor seating is inviting.

Plan a visit on Mondays – Sundays from 7 AM – 6 PM.

Address: 165 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

16. Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Adam Fagen / Flickr

You have to come to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar while you are visiting Jackson Hole; you will have a fun time.

This bar has the best music venue than other restaurants in Jackson Hole for watching a live band and getting out on the dance floor.

Hence, you will feel like you have been transported back in time in this historical setting with saddles for bar stools. Knotty pine woodwork, light fixtures, and the great white shark.

For its menu, try the BLT with fries. It has thick bacon and tomato that is crisp and fresh, and the lettuce is green and flavorful, sandwiched between two delicious thick slices of bread.

Also, try the salad with spinach, arugula leaves, tomatoes, Asiago cheese, pecan pieces, and a sweet balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It is an excellent blend of healthy vegetables, which is delicious and colorful.

The service is fantastic, all the workers recognize you after one meeting, and are very courteous. The best option in town for locals and tourists alike if you want to drink, dance, or shoot some pool.

Address: 25 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001

17. Jackson Hole Playhouse

Jackson Hole Playhouse

Andrew Skiers / Flickr

What a great little jewel in this vast, majestic area. Not only are the performers amazingly great singers and dancers, but they are also your wait staff.

A meal accompanied by spontaneous singing, smiles, and friendly service. However, the plays are good clean family entertainment. The talent level is outstanding, and the solos, choral arrangements, and harmony are excellent.

Even if the only thing you come for at the Jackson Hole Playhouse is live music and a pianist, you will not walk away disappointed.

Although the dinner is a bit pricey, it’s delicious, and they have amazing milkshakes too. The food, drinks, and snacks, with their wide variety, are perfect for all your needs.

Absolutely better than every other dinner theater restaurant in Jackson Hole, this spot encompasses great food and an awesome play, making it well worth the money.

Address: 145 W Deloney Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

18. Corbet’s Cabin Top Of The World Waffles

Corbet’s Cabin Top Of The World Waffles

A. Wee / Flickr

At the top of the mountain and accessible by a gondola ride, this offers a fantastic view of the mountains and Jackson Hole below.

However, no a large space, but there is a short hike loop that is manageable for all mobility levels. The loop is accessible in the summer when the snow has melted.

Hence, nothing is better than food at the top of the mountain, but the waffles take the crown for the best food to date. Perfectly crunchy, the gooey brown butter, hot coffee.

I mean, Corbet’s Cabin Top of the World Waffles is one of the best waffle restaurants in Jackson Hole. They have several great options, but my favorite is “The Trad” (brown sugar and butter-filled waffles).

Overall great food, a cozy atmosphere, and friendly staff make this spot one of the best stops on the mountain. (Only serves waffles until 2:30 PM in the winter).

Visit on Mondays – Sundays from 9 AM – 3 PM.

Address: Rendezvous Peak, Teton Village, WY 83025

19. Teton Thai Teton Village

Teton Thai Teton Village

Teton Thai Teton Village

Excellent Thai restaurant on an absolute scale in Jackson Hole. Considering other Thai restaurants in Jackson Hole, Teton Thai Teton Village can compete with the best.

Nice outdoor space makes it a pleasant dinner in the warm evenings of Teton village in the summer.

For the food, try the pad woon sen; I know everybody’s Thai go to are pad Thai and pad see ew. But try something new; this dish is excellent, with thin glass noodles with protein and vegetables.

Also, green curry is delicious, very good green curry, pretty standard, and nothing different than other green curries, but very good nonetheless.

Plan to wait outside in the heated waiting area. It is a cozy waiting area, and you can order drinks while you wait.

Order the bourbon-spiked tea; it will not let you down. And they have a nice little fireplace along with areas to sit and socialize. Food portion sizes are very large.

Address: 7342 Granite Loop Rd, Teton Village, WY 83025

20. Annie’s Thai Kitchen

Annie’s Thai Kitchen

Annie’s Thai Kitchen

You know, if you are going Thai, the vibes better are immaculate, and let me tell you, Annie’s Thai Kitchen is.

Walking into this bung house is more akin to walking into the landing of a Southeast Asian living room. With multiple disposal methods and an extremely clean feel, it is easy to relax and feel at peace in this wonderful environment.

However, if you are interested in satisfying your palate with some “Asian cuisine,” this is the place to go. The food quality is better than other Thai restaurants in Jackson Hole.

Absolutely delicious food with great Thai spices and plenty of heat. Try the dumplings and duck; both have a unique and deep flavor.

Also, the garlic shrimp is awesome, very close to Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas, which says a lot.

Apart from that, this restaurant has cool bamboo seating, and other non-fried dishes are also pretty good.

Address: 265 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

Final Remark

Visiting a new city can sometimes be frustrating, and the best way to get familiar with the city is by trying its local bars and restaurants.

However, with this list of the best restaurants in Jackson Hole, you won’t get yourself worked up trying to get where to dine when visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Whether you crave Italian, Korean, American, Mexican, and so on, you will get your cravings in this city.