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20 Cant-Miss Best Restaurants in Kittery Maine

There is a reason there are many restaurants in Kittery that are unmatched when it comes to the vanguard of fine dining, craft brewing, and cocktails.

Kittery is quite the only city where you may discover restaurants serving fried seafood and tasty lobster rolls with an unhidden view of the water.

Being so classical, this town is popular with visitors as a shopping outlet hotspot and delectable dishes.

Indeed, even the basic scenery presents the most charming setting for you to get down on your knees.

Best Restaurants In Kittery, Maine

1. Weathervane Seafood Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Kittery

Molly Elliott / Flickr

If there’s one thing you’ll find absolutely lovable about Kittery, it’s their strong connection and love for seafood.

Seafood restaurants like the Weathervane Seafood Restaurant are hard to come by. However, when you get to them, you’re sure to have a taste of what you order.

Coastal themes hanging around and adorning these casual New England restaurants brings in the feeling of the sea.

Basically, the restaurant serves tasty chowders, as well as fried and broiled seafood and shellfish.

Being somewhere with a long-lasting family restaurant tradition, you can be sure of delightful meals.

Look through the menu, and you’ll find a full menu of savory seafood treats, excellent fish, shellfish, and salmon.

While you chew and allow yourself to get engrossed in its rare seafood taste, the inner decor is bound to elate you.

Its coastal themes, ventilation, and, ultimately, its right choice of lighting is second to none.

Besides, Weathervane serves a better seafood variety than most of the “fried seafood platter” type restaurants in the city.

You can’t afford to miss out on specials like teriyaki salmon and baked potato.

In all, if you desire an excellent seafood area with a great relaxing atmosphere, trust Weathervane to serve you this quality.

Address: 306 US-1, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

2. The Black Birch

Best Restaurants in Kittery

Brian Samuels / Black Birch

American dishes can be great craving options, and The Black Birch makes sure to serve these dishes in enough ration.

You’d find the enchanting 1,200 square feet American Gastropub at a corner in Kittery.

Likening it to most American restaurants may be a mistake since there’s something off about this one, not in a bad way though.

Unlike most American restaurants, this enchanting eatery serves a farm-to-fork menu and pairings of a couple of dozen beer taps to relax.

Particularly, its inner decor reveals a type of setting quite unique to lovebirds and formal date nights.

Towards the left, you’ll find contemporary hanging globes of different sizes with deemed lighting, several wooden two-tops on the outside wall, and the highlight, a gorgeous slab of polished white pine.

While the rooms’ great decor and design place you in a hypnotic state, the eclectic background music will put you in your own imaginary world.

Speaking of its menu, the best you’d find in the city.

Options vary from tasty finger-licking soup and salads like tomato soup, white bean & escarole soup, warm spinach salad, riverside farm winter greens salad, and chicken pot pie.

Moreover, tasty bites like bacon-wrapped trout, duck breast, portobello paprikash, fish & chips, and a ton of others are must-tries.

All that taste can’t be forgone on the go, and you need to feel its very essence soaking deep into your tongue.

Indeed, you’ll find just enough reasons as to why it makes it to the list of best restaurants in Kittery.

Address: 2 Government St, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

3. Roberts Maine Grill

Best Restaurants in Kittery

Specialty Roberts Maine GRILL

Maine may have quite the preference for its own cuisine choices, but for a city like it, its cuisine is bound to be distinct.

Craving tastily prepared Maine dishes?

Then, you must stop for a bite at Roberts Maine Grill.

What you’ll find here and be able to get down your throat are spicy classic Maine seafood eateries made from the best local ingredients and tasty fresh craft beer.

Just in the heart of Kittery Point is where Robert’s Maine Grill offers you locally-sourced Maine cuisine in a captivating, engaging, and welcoming ambiance.

Most dishes you’ll find peculiar to this restaurant are Maine classics, like lobster rolls, clam chowder, and fried seafood dishes.

Personally, I have an excellent preference for the Lobster Roll, some mayo, hot buttered, Old Bay, and clam chowder; who wouldn’t love those?

However, the food is only part of the unique additions you’ll find about this restaurant, the beer, on the other hand, maybe everything.

Besides, what’s spicy, tasty seafood without some excellent craft beer to wash it down?

At a corner in the restaurant, you’ll personally delight in the local craft brews and the spacious raw bar.

Additionally, the restaurant has a relatively large space.

It can hold up to 40 guests, and since its setting is quite unique, you may want to add it to your list for get-togethers, birthdays, rehearsal dinners, business meetings, and even conferences.

Try out dishes like Haddock Reuben, Fried Chicken Sandwich, New England Clam Chowder, Maine Crab Cakes, Stued Clam, and Classic Caesar Salad, and they are some of my favorites on the menu.

Yet, you wonder why it is on the list of best restaurants in Kittery?

Indeed, you need little or no conviction to visit.

Address: 326 US-1, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

4. Bistro 1828 at Pepperrell Cove Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Kittery

Dishes from Bistro 1828 at Pepperrell Cove Restaurant

I enjoy dining in great places offering endless views of the ocean.

If your goal is to hang out at the best restaurants in Kittery, where you can feed your eyes on waves crashing along each other, then you are in for something huge at Bistro 1828 at Pepperrell Cove Restaurant.

Just at the heart of Kittery Point is where you’ll find Bistro 1828 at Pepperrell Cove, a neighborhood restaurant and roof-deck bar.

The restaurant, which offers clear and unique ocean views, is one of the best romantic places to have dinner with a sea lover.

Besides, given that its setting and atmosphere are pretty tranquil, it’s a worthy pick for quiet meals.

Additionally, you can’t beat its beautiful, windy view!

Moreso, dining options can include eating outside on the deck; however, if windy, indoor dining is also perfect.

There’s also a bar where you can take your pick of beers and wines to go down with your dish pairings.

In all, there’s just everything you’d ever need.

Ocean views, check.

Multi-level building with several themes, check.

Cozy bar and even a rare view of the sunset from the deck.

Yet, consider this option if you’re out on a romantic date.

Address: 88 Pepperrell Rd, Kittery Point, ME 03905, United States

5. Anju Noodle Bar

Best Restaurants in Kittery

Tasty Anju Noodles

Nothing beats the taste of a hot, flavorful Asian dish on a cold Friday evening.

Noodles may turn you off since most restaurants present them as quite soggy. However, there’s something distinct about Anju Noodle Bar.

Though noodle bars aren’t a trend, you’ll be able to try innovative Asian-style fares like roasted eggplant or duck yakisoba in this restaurant.

Popularly one of the best restaurants in Kittery, Anju Noodle Bar provides the nicest, finger-licking freestyle Asian cuisine.

With its small, energetic, open dining space, all is set for a tasty midday meal or a late-night dish.

Interestingly, most dishes on the menu are entirely eclectic, gluten-free, and most vegan options.

My favorite, the spicy miso ramen with roasted cauliflower, has more flavors than you get from any other noodle dish.

Also, since they serve most of their noodle options quite hot, this can be a relaxing choice to keep the body warm on cold days.

Then there is the outside space, a fantastic way to enjoy a lovely hot evening.

Address: 7 Wallingford Square #102, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

6. La Casita

Best Restaurants in Kittery

PostresJuntos1 / Flickr

Craving Mexican dishes?

Grab the ultimate chance to dine and taste great Mexican dishes at Kitterys famous La Casita.

Right on the Kittery Traffic Circle is where you’ll find this little but beautiful Mexican eatery.

As anyone who has been to La Casita would agree, the area is a unique experience for everyone.

At this restaurant, you’ll be able to try different Mexican dishes alongside exquisite sandwiches as well as many other great foods.

Their famous Puerto Rican Rice and Beans Bowls are some of the most tasty additions to the list, and you’re sure to enjoy them.

Thinking of sandwiches?

Most of their crunchy sandwiches are served with Papas Bravas or SWEET POTATO FRIES.

You’ll get lost as I do in the flavors of their great-tasting Cubano, made solely from fresh ham and pork with Swiss cheese, pickles, and, finally, mustard.

Steaks are pretty tasty and are made out of grilled shaved steak and onions with American cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, potato sticks, chimichurri, and tomato aioli.

The restaurant opens and will serve you dishes from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm.

Service is excellent, tranquility is a plus, and the view is nice; that’s a win-win for everyone.

Address: 181 ME-236, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

7. Festina Lente

Best Restaurants In Kittery

Festina Lente

Italian dishes know how to present the enigma of cuisines, and this is what you’re bound to find at Festina Lente, one of the best restaurants in Kittery.

Culled from the Italian word, Festina Lente translates loosely to make haste slowly.

This reputable restaurant is one to stop by if you’re looking for somewhere to devour dishes made from fresh products.

Local farmers, fishermen, and purveyors are the source of every ingredient used, and you can be sure to trust their judgment on preparing your heart’s content.

With its unmatched calm and swift style of service, there is no reason you wouldn’t be quite comfy in this restaurant.

Moreover, its charming and relaxing dining atmosphere and seasonality of food undoubtedly represent Italian culture and cuisine, so you wouldn’t go wrong choosing it.

You can call it simplicity mixed with refinement, rustic yet precise.

On the other hand, you should keep an eye out for the menu.

You’ll find the Cacio e Pepe spaghetti as tasty as I did; of course, who wouldn’t?

Desserts like its rare chocolate chunk ice cream churned from dairy infused with fresh spearmint leaves or even panna cotta are mind-blowing.

Also on the list are Fregola & Clams, Gnocchi, Baked Cannelloni, and Lamb Bolognese.

All are made tasty and fresh to tease your taste buds.

Reservations and eating times vary, and the restaurant is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 4 pm to 9 pm, while Friday to Saturday from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Address: 1 Government St, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

8. Loco Coco’s Tacos

Best Restaurants in Kittery

Delicious Loco Coco’s Tacos

Hot Tacos can be a great way to start off a lunch experience in Little Kittery.

At Loco Coco’s Tacos, you’ll find a diversity of classic Mexican food with margaritas to refill your craving stomachs.

Additions like a counter service and takeout room, a cantina, a full-service dining room, and a screened-in patio only make you fonder of this restaurant.

You’ll find this top-notch cantina in the shadow of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Though the restaurant has been serving locals and visitors in Kittery since 2004, its authentic recipes and diverse cocktail and beer menu remain pretty fascinating.

Little wonder why it would always make it to the list of best restaurants in Kittery.

I tell you, great food and consistency move beside each other.

Appetizers like the fresh Mexican Guacamole en Molcajete, Nachos Taquitos, California Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, and even the chicken burrito are sheer heaven.

If you’re looking for a restaurant where you can dine in and be waited on or grab a quick dinner or lunch, this is the place to go.

You should try their Fish tacos with homemade chips; they are sure to leave a long-lasting taste on you.

Address: 36 Walker St, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

9. Sunrise Grill

Best Restaurants in Kittery

Larry & Teddy Page / Flickr

If you crave Traditional American breakfast or lunch chow in an old-school, casual dinner setting, you may as well settle for Sunrise Grill.

This beautiful Kittery restaurant serves fine and hearty traditional American Cuisine.

With its laid-back decor and astounding atmosphere, you’re sure to delight in every bite you take.

Delectable sandwiches, cooked cheese omelette, bacon, and tasty fish sauces are some of the top options that will convince you to dine in this restaurant.

You’re yet to experience the best if you just haven’t laid your hands on the delicious blueberry pancakes, French toasts, or even their soft muffins.

Beverages and coffee are also available on the menu if you seek something to wash down all that sweetness.

Prices, on the other hand, are pretty affordable and relatively cheap, with top-notch services and friendly staff you wouldn’t easily find.

What’s more?

There are even tasty burgers, chicken fingers, club sandwiches, and ultimately New England clam chowder.

Address: 182 State Rd, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

10. Warren’s Lobster House

Best Restaurants in Kittery

Dishes at Warren’s Lobster House

You wouldn’t be wrong to crave lobsters in Kittery since the area is well-known for crunchy, spicy lobsters.

The Warren’s Lobster House, a massive dock-and-dine mainstay, is the surest place to catch a thoroughly cooked lobster dish.

It’s all you would desire in a restaurant, classic seafood, astounding indoor and outdoor dining, and gorgeous views of the Piscataqua River.

Moreover, with the building on top of wooden pilings just feet above the mighty waters of the Piscataqua River, you’re in for a surprise.

Basically, you’ll find its 350-seat nicely spaced, a full-service bakery, a lobster pound, the Captain’s Treasure Chest Gift Shop, and the Lobster Trap Lounge.

There’s also Pete’s Stateline Sweets Candy Store for sweet tooths, the Sea Coast’s Finest Salad Bar, and finally, a full-service, open-air deck.

Besides, it comes with a super laid-back atmosphere, a vast but worthwhile menu, and tasty clam chowder dishes.

Maybe you should try my favorite spicy Captain Warren Platter, fried whole-belly clams, scallops, haddock, shrimp, and perfectly cooked lobster.

Address: 11 Water St, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

11. Badgers Island Pizza

Badgers Island Pizza

Joe Marg / Badgers Island Pizza

There are few best places to eat out and enjoy a great deal of Pizza in Kittery, but certain exceptions will leave you happy.

Just in a calm corner of Little Kittery is where you’ll find Badgers Island Pizza, the perfect place to experience savory American food, like specialty salads and pizzas.

Specials are plenteous, and you even have a superb chance to build your own pizzas.

My favorite is the Cheese Pizza, made from Homemade pizza dough and sauce topped with our two cheese blends, and you can even add your own topping.

Additionally, there are Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, hamburgers, and House Specials.

You’ll also be able to enjoy Bacon, BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Fingers, Feta Cheese, Greek Olives, Grilled Chicken, Ham, Shaved Steak, Sausage, and Hamburgers.

Also, you can be sure to catch them fresh, quite cheap, and very tasty.

Address: 3 Island Ave, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

12. Bob’s Clam Hut

Bob's Clam Hut

Wally Gobetz / Flickr

Named “Great American Lobster Destination” by USA Today and on the list of Thrillist’s “50 Essential Restaurants Every American Should Visit, Bob’s Clam Hut is one unique Kittery restaurant.

This tranquil pit stop for tasty fried clams and other coastal Maine dishes is a mecca for fresh clam and lobster rolls.

Truly, no trip to Kittery is complete without a meal at Bob’s Clam Hut.

During the summers, fresh, crispy trays of seafood and ice cream can be quite the catch.

On the menu, you’ll be able to relish the traditional Bob’s fried clams, Bob’s New England Clam Chowder, Lobster Stew, and the Lillian fried clams.

Spotlighted by Yankee Magazine as The 10 Best Fried Clams in Maine, if you’re looking for tasty clams, this is just the place.

There aren’t even many queues if you come quite early, and you can pick as much clam chowder as you want.

In addition, they are quite fresh, and the seafood is crunchy and tasty.

Yet, I would recommend you settle for one in the afternoons and enjoy them with some sauce.

Address: 315 US-1, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

13. Frisbees Wharf at Peppercove

Frisbees Wharf at Peppercove

Diego Bianchi / Flickr

Named after Sir William Pepperrell, the Frisbees Wharf at Peppercove is another restaurant on the list that intrigues you.

Right between the entrance to the Piscataqua River and the open Atlantic is where you’ll find Pepperrell Cove, a unique dining scene with as much ambiance as you would expect.

Views of one of Southern Maine’s most beautiful coves are what you’ll find in this picturesque restaurant.

Moreover, most of its dining preferences are outdoors, allowing you to enjoy an outdoor dining experience with incredible panoramic views.

Indeed, this is the place to stop by if you’re craving hot, fresh lobster, burgers, steamers, salads, and fish ‘n’ chips.

Its highlight, a massive tent where you can bask in the sun or enjoy a cool, sunny day, two fireplaces, and a dance floor, is just the match.

Additionally, the venue is vast and ideal for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, meetings, parties, and events.

Interestingly, it can even accommodate as many as 140 guests.

Also, views of the sunset by the cove in the evenings come out great and are a great way to spend the evening with partners.

Address: 88 Pepperrell Rd, Kittery Point, ME 03905, United States

14. Tulsi Indian Restaurant

Tulsi Indian Restaurant

Specials at Tulsi Indian Restaurant

There’s something spectacular about Indian cuisine, and you’re yet to see all its magic at Tulsi Indian Restaurant.

This is one of the best restaurants in Kittery, which basically serves traditional and contemporary Northern Indian cuisine in a warm dining setting.

Also featuring one of the latest bars within, you’ll come to comfort with Indian food at this restaurant.

Similarly, the restaurant has accolades as one of the Best Indian Restaurants in the United States, according to Travel and Leisure.

On this restaurant’s inspired menu, you’ll find tons of delectable Indian cuisine of traditional North Indian, several Moghlai, and contemporary dishes from only the finest and freshest ingredients.

If you’ve not tried Indian dishes, this restaurant is out to give you a run for your money.

Even if you’re quite familiar with Indian dishes, you will find this cuisine quite versatile and intriguing.

Besides, with its interior giving out the dimly lit and relaxed atmosphere, you’re sure to have picked an ideal spot.

Indeed, there’s absolutely nothing you’ll find wanting; there are great flavors of Shrimp, Chicken, Lamb, and even Goat.

Finally, most meat and dishes are tender and as fresh as you would crave.

Address: 20 Walker St, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

15. The Juicery

The Juicery

Smoothie at The Juicery

Smoothies are excellent health tonics, and The Juicery is one of the best restaurants in Kittery to enjoy most of them.

At the Juicery, you’ll find great Smoothies as well as an organic juice bar offering crunchy salads, vegan wraps, and wheatgrass shots.

To your astonishment, their ever-sweet enticing smoothie menu holds Classic Smoothies, strawberry smoothies, and blueberry, banana, raspberry, and apple juices.

On the menu, you’ll also find Peanut butter bliss, almond milk, Bermuda bliss, Kali mango, Whoa Nellie, and espresso yourself.

Simply put, you’ll be able to grab only the best fruity experience in this Kittery juice world.

Moreso, the restaurant only uses the freshest and most wholesome ingredients in making their products, so you’re sure of excellence and quality.

Additionally, prices are relatively cheap, service is excellent, and the setting gives off relaxing vibes.

Address: 7 Wallingford Square #113, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

16. Amatos


Michael Hussey / Flickr

There’s just a thing about Italian sandwiches that’ll entice you.

Whether it is the rare taste of the perfectly set sandwich or the way it appears and smells, regardless of which it is, you’re in for a loud stomach grumble.

At Amato’s Restaurant, you’re bound to experience some of the best-tasting Italian sandwiches you’ve ever come across.

The restaurant, which serves made-to-order Italian sandwiches and other essential dishes on a take-out counter, is one of Kitterys most famous restaurants.

Literally, the restaurant uses the most incredible ingredients in the kitchen to produce pasta dishes that will tickle your taste buds.

Specialties like chicken parmesan and lasagne, with some meatballs or sausage, are delicious.

Moreover, there is even the best part to it, making it one of the best restaurants in Kittery.

Did you know you can even personalize your dish by adding your preferred pasta and homemade sauce?

Also, there is a whopping list from which you can make a choice of delectable classics, famous original Italians, gourmet hot sandwiches, and fresh wraps.

All come out hot and tasty, with excellent service and ever-reasonable prices.

Address: 103 US-1 BYP, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

17. The Pointe on Badgers Island

The Pointe on Badgers Island

Specials at The Pointe on Badgers Island

There’s no better place to enjoy an intimate, relaxing, and entertaining atmosphere laden with breathtaking views of the Piscataqua River in Kittery than The Pointe on Badgers Island.

Basically, this chic restaurant is the modern interpretation of a typically casual dining experience in New England.

You’ll find almost anything delectable here, from creative seafood to farm-raised favorites and even vegetarian options, all of the latest American cuisines.

To burst your bubble, most of these dishes are medium-sized and come at little cost.

Speaking of the ambiance, it’s heaven in its glory.

Literally a relaxed, private, warm, and enjoyable setting right by the river with the most admirable view of Portsmouth, and it even offers outdoor sitting.

Here, you’ll find excellent cuisine, not your regular standard stuff, incredibly competent kitchen staff, and excellent service.

Salad specials include Pointe House Salad, Caesar Salad, Watermelon, and Feta.

You can also try Clam Chowder, Fried Calamari, Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings, and Lobster Wontons.

Finally, their Beef Skewers are to die for; that’s a surety.

Address: 31 Badgers Island W, Kittery, ME 03904, United States



Food Truck TACOCAT

When you think of Taco’s, TACOCAT speaks just the same language.

This famous Kittery gem is a realization of New Englanders Brahm Bourque and Liz Beebe’s dream.

Along with their Partner, Chef Gabe Jensen, they now produce and offer residents the best-tasting California-Mexican tacos in a New England food truck.

The food truck is always available, and you may visit the CANteen, just at the Kittery Food Truck Pod, to grab a Taco.

You’ll also find some other trendy food trucks, a variety of regional beers, wines, and artisan cocktails that go fantastically well with these tasty tacos.

Additionally, if you’re seeking Taco options and specials, you should try CARNE ASADA and CARNITAS.

Also, Bell & Evans crispy chicken, grilled shrimp, sweet potato, oyster mushrooms, and several great gluten-free options will make your day.

Address: 230 State Rd, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

19. Roses Spring Rolls

Roses Spring Rolls

Mango Salad Roses Spring Rolls

It’s not always that you’ll find a restaurant where you can try Vietnamese dishes. In fact, only a few restaurants in Kittery serve them.

However, you can stop by Roses Spring Rolls, a Vietnamese eatery, if you’re looking for fantastic Vietnamese food,

At this restaurant, you’ll be able to explore some of the city’s most intriguing Vietnamese menus.

Most of the options on the list are rolls, but what you can be sure of is the fact that they serve great Vietnamese food.

You can reserve some of the most excellent and most comfy tables to sit over a meal with your family.

Address: 230 US-1 BYP, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

20. Blue Mermaid Island Grill

Blue Mermaid Island Grill

Specials at Blue Mermaid Island Grill

Jump right on one of the best restaurants in Kittery, offering tasty Caribbean dishes at the Blue Mermaid Island Grill.

This vibrant, energetic spot with a terrace that serves food with a Caribbean flare, local beer, and tropical beverages is one of the best places to hang out and catch a meal around Kittery.

Moreso, being a seaside restaurant with a complete entertainment calendar, music, trivia, and Sunday Brunch, it is quite a popular spot to hang out with friends and talk about the news.

What more?

They also offer indoor and outdoor seating with enough options for takeout and even delivery.

Specifically, events like popular mimosa flights, house bloodies, and Chef Aidan’s inventive concoctions are the life of this restaurant.

While the surroundings and mood are fantastic, the menu also offers a selection of small and medium appetizers.

They all possess island influences as well as a wide range of meal choices that go far beyond the standard Maine seafood selections.

You’ll be able to try out grilled scallops on crispy wontons, a lobster quesadilla, saddle bags, and even margaritas.

Also, every dish presents a different kind of sweet seasoning, and the service is excellent.

Address: 10 Shapleigh Rd, Kittery, ME 03904, United States

Final Remarks

On a visit, you’ll discover why the list of best restaurants in Kittery is quite a handful.

With each restaurant unveiling its charm, you’re bound to fall in love with Kittery cuisine in no time.

Moreso, the excellent service you’ll find in each will allow you to relax while tasting a ton of dishes.

Bon Appetit.