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The Best Restaurants in Rapid City SD – 24 Top Picks!

Did you know that more than thirty restaurants in Rapid City serve diverse meals?

Rapid City is conveniently close to outdoor adventure and offers a ton of big-city conveniences and attractions.

The culinary scene of Rapid City is likewise distinctive, with recipes and eateries drawing inspiration from Eastern European, Native American, Himalayan, Indian, and Tibetan cultures.

Similarly, as soon as dusk falls, Rapid City’s downtown lights come up, and you may choose from a wide range of places, including upscale eateries, cocktail bars, breweries, and pubs.

With such a wide variety and a range of price points, anyone will find something they like.

Restaurants in Rapid City

1. Independent Ale House

Independent Ale House

Independent Ale House

If you are in the mood for pizza and beer in Rapid City, you can’t beat the Independent Ale House.

The Independent Ale House boasts 50 taps with the best draft beers on continual rotation.

The restaurant is a traditional tavern-style setting that is modern in all the right spots.

Its relaxed atmosphere makes it simpler for people to feel at home.

There is a sizable draft beer selection, which includes regional craft brews. However, since there isn’t a beer sheet, you must read the choices from a television.

They offer a sampling to save you from wasting money on a full pour.

Although the atmosphere is friendly and funky, the restaurant is still quiet enough that a couple or four people can easily chat.

To sample some of the finest handcrafted beers in the City, check out what’s on tap.

Similarly, order the spicy chicken pizza and a Caesar salad for your drinking session with the rest of your mates.

Additionally, along with a variety of handcrafted pizzas, they also serve a variety of red, white, and rosé wines by the glass.

You might also enjoy the chicken, bacon, and ranch option for a meaty pizza.

The Bob’s Popper pizza (cheese, cream cheese, jalapenos, bacon, and raspberry sauce) sounds crazy but is surprisingly very good.

They are open seven days a week, beginning at 11 am on Thursday through Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday through Monday.

Also, stop by for our daily Happy Hour from 3 to 6 pm.

Address: 625 St Joseph St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

2. Juniper, Rapid City

Juniper, Rapid City

The Juniper, Rapid City

Juniper is a fantastic place to go if you are looking for small, cozy restaurants in Rapid City.

They relocated to a new space in the former Landstrom’s building in early 2020, nestled away in a rear corner behind the Dakota Point Brewery.

There is no mistake when you enter Juniper that you are at a neighborhood establishment.

Enjoy Brian, the cook at Juniper, as he expertly combines locally available ingredients to produce a novel gastronomic experience.

The best local ingredients are used to determine the nearly daily modifications to the menu.

There are also vegetarian and gluten-free choices available in case you have allergies.

Address: 405 Canal St Suite 1300, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

3. Millstone Family Restaurant

Millstone family restaurant

Millstone family restaurant

If you are looking for family restaurants in Rapid City, you should consider Millstone family restaurant.

The Millstone Family Restaurant is locally owned and operated, and it’s such a hidden gem in Rapid City.

Jerry and Joan Scriver established the first of three Millstone Family Restaurants in the Black Hills in 1981 at the West Main site.

The success of the two Rapid City restaurants gave way to another restaurant in Spearfish and has continued to grow.

They provide soups and a salad bar with a wide variety of toppings (cheese, meat, vegetables, etc.).

The burgers and fried chicken are also delectable, and the salad bar is generous.

Finally, if you’re a tourist in the area, a Walmart is just next to the restaurant where you can buy food, beverages, and other travel essentials.

Address: 1520 N Lacrosse St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

4. Everest Cuisine

Everest Cuisine

Everest Cuisine

Want to visit one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Rapid City? Then Everest Cuisine is a must-visit.

Since its establishment, Everest Cuisine has been delivering authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisine to residents of Rapid City and tourists.

So, this is your chance to sample Indian and Nepalese food if you’ve been meaning to but haven’t yet.

There are several options available at Everest Cuisine to get you going.

A tasty starter to try is vegetable samosa, an Indian pastry stuffed with potatoes, green peas, and spices.

Both vegans and meat eaters have various options, and meals without gluten are also available.

Similarly, if you ask for “medium” heat, it will be on a scale typical for India or Nepal; be aware that this “medium” is more like “hot” in the United States.

The food is full of flavor and wonderful spices, and they happily tone down the “spicy” factor.

Overall, Everest cuisine is cozy, the service is pleasant, and the meal is excellent for the price.

As you drive along W. Main St., it is difficult to see and simple to miss. So if this place is new to you, it’s helpful to know it’s across the road from Taco Bell.

Address: 2328 W Main St, Rapid City, SD 57702, United States

5. Kathmandu Bistro, Rapid City

Kathmandu Bistro, Rapid City

Kathmandu Bistro, Rapid City

There are a few Indian restaurants in Rapid City, and Kathmandu is one of the best you can visit.

Within a historic 1886 structure in Downtown Rapid City, there is a modest, cozy restaurant called Kathmandu Bistro.

They have booths and mixed furnishings, and the walls are painted yellow with pictures of Kathmandu and Mt. Everest.

In fact, the same people who run the Katmandu bistro also run Everest cuisine.

The restaurant offers a variety of traditional Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan dishes.

Chicken, lamb, fish, goat, lobster, and scallops, as well as a variety of entertaining appetizers, salads, delectable soups, and homemade desserts, are available here.

If you are a vegan, you should try Saag panner.

You can also get soup, salads, homemade desserts, and appetizers.

Similarly, meat samosa, fresh garden salad, aloo gobi, shrimp biryani, and Kathmandu momo dumpling are some dishes popular at the Kathmandu Bistro.

Overall, this location is on par with Indian restaurants in any major city. There will always be some to carry home because the meal is rich, and the appetizers can be filling unless you are careful about what you choose.

Address: 727 Main St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

6. Jambonz Deux

Jambonz Deux

Jambonz Deux

Are you living in the City or a tourist and want to enjoy eating at casual restaurants with great food?

In an eye-catching setting on Main Street in Rapid City, South Dakota, Jambonz Deux offers Louisiana food.

However, don’t allow the strip mall setting of the restaurant to deter you from the excellent food being served inside.

The setting for this beautiful restaurant includes crystal chandeliers, brass horns, comfy booths, and brightly painted walls.

There is a wide selection of Cajun specialties on the menu, including jambalaya, gumbo, po’boys, and other classics like etouffee.

Light and flaky, the fried catfish is topped with a rich, pickle-heavy tartar sauce.

Address: 740 Mountain View Rd, Rapid City, SD 57702, United States

7. Eddie’s Tacos RC

Eddie’s Tacos RC

Eddie’s Tacos RC

Looking for Mexican restaurants in Rapid City? Then Eddie’s tacos is an excellent option.

Mexican food is a specialty of this fast food chain. The chefs here make delicious taco salads, monkfish, and beef tacos.

Mexican food is delivered on wheels by Eddie’s Tacos RC in numerous locations across Rapid City and its environs.

In fact, without a permanent location, this eatery continues to draw lots of locals and tourists wherever it goes.

Their tacos are the ideal combination of savory meat, tangy like, and homemade salsa that is to die for, so even someone who dislikes Hispanic food would adore them.

It’s absolutely mouthwatering when they use the traditional corn tortillas, seasoned chopped beef, fresh daily green (tomatillo) salsa, and multiple heat options to fit anyone’s Spicy desires.

Get the beef, chicken, and pork all-meat combo burrito topped with salsa, cheese, onion, cabbage, and many other ingredients.

You may also choose to use a taco or a taco plate as an alternative.

Address: Rapid City, SD 57702, United States

8. Ruby Tuesday, Rapid City

Ruby Tuesday, Rapid City

Ruby Tuesday

Located beside the Comfort Inn & Suites, Ruby offers a wide variety of outstanding dishes.

Although they offer great dishes, the salad bar is unbeatable and reasonably priced.

The bar also serves a wide variety of beverages, including regional ales.

You might have to wait in line when you get here, but they have done a fantastic job enhancing traffic flow, particularly about the brunch lines.

There are electrical outlets in the booths. So, you can charge your phone or computer while you wait, which is a bonus.

Address: 821 Fairmont Blvd, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

9. Thirsty’s

Thirsty's, Rapid City

Thirsty’s Patio

Located close to downtown rapid city, thirty’s is one of the must-visit restaurants in Rapid City.

Thirsty’s is known for serving wonderfully cooked buffalo burgers, chicken salads, and monkfish.

This probably isn’t the spot for you if you’re searching for a multi-course meal deserving of a Michelin star.

Burgers, sandwiches, and other items are available on the menu, and the bar has a great range of beers on tap.

Additionally, you can enjoy a fine-draft beer, bourbon, or wine after a long day of labor.

This pub grub elevates the bar with its delectable appetizers, juicy burgers, flavorful salads, handmade fries, and locally produced buffalo.

Remember to sample the 30 beers on tap, including “throw-back” beers like PBR, Grain Belt, and Old Milwaukee, as well as the hand-selected wine menu.

The restaurant is a little noisy, as is typical for sports bars, but the booth area is noticeably quieter.

Address: 819 W Main St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

10. Colonial House Restaurant & Bar

Colonial House Restaurant & Bar

The Colonial House Restaurant & Bar

Colonial House is one of Rapid City’s best-kept secrets.

When you enter, you will see a variety of bakery cases filled with pies, cookies, and other delicious treats.

From excellent steaks to super salads, soup & sandwich combos, and some superb liver and onions, the menu has “Something for Everyone.

Everything from the standard bacon and egg platter to the fancier Villa Frittata and the Jack Rabbit Scrambler is available for breakfast.

Similarly, take home a piece of Oregon Berry Pie, a pound of Peanut Butter Crunch Bars, or a dish of Apple Crostata.

The traditional chocolate chip and sugar cookies are available, but cookie fans can also choose from more unusual flavors such as salted oatmeal #9, mudslide, and peanut butter chocolate chip.

Take a seat in one of the large booths in the room to the left of the door you enter, then relax and have fun!

Address: 2315 Mt Rushmore Rd, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

11. Bistro at the Black Forest

Bistro at the black forest rapid city

Bistro at the Black Forest

If you want a restaurant far from the hustle and bustle of the City, then you won’t go wrong with Black Forest restaurant.

The Black Forest Inn is tucked away in the South Dakota Black Hills. This inn may be found in one of Rapid City’s more remote neighborhoods, far from the busy downtown.

In fact, despite having a Rapid City address, they are around 30 minutes away from the City’s center.

There is an indoor/outdoor café in front of The Inn’s main building.

The café at Black Forest Inn serves delectable meals to everyone, including non-guests.

Suppose you are a hiker or adventure lover. In that case, you will also enjoy the environment as the Inn is positioned for all summer and winter sports, including hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, golfing, ATV trails, snowmobiling, and others.

When your day of sightseeing and fun is over, return and relax in your lovely room.

Have a great brunch or a nutritious breakfast here while admiring the surrounding expanse of greenery.

To satiate your sweet taste, it’s also nice to get their luscious black forest chocolate cake.

Address: 23191 US-385, Rapid City, SD 57702, United States

12. Sabatino’s Italian Ristorante

Sabatino's Italian Ristorante

Sabatino’s Italian Ristorante

How about some Italian food while on your visit to Rapid City?

Sabatino’s has provided exquisite Central and Southern Italian cuisine to Baltimore residents and visitors for over 50 years.

You are welcomed inside the institution immediately, and the environment is relaxed.

Dark wood tables create a cozy dining atmosphere with unique lighting that hangs down and shines on your table.

When you order food, it is served to you in large servings. Similarly, everything is prepared properly here, including the lasagna, manicotti, salads, and desserts.

Although it’s not necessarily inexpensive, it offers great value, and the service was exceptional.

They offer a fantastic wine selection and excellent food.

Additionally, every table is visited by the owner, who checks to see if everyone is having a good time.

Try the numbing Penne with Vodka Sauce, the romantic cheese-covered Veal Florentino, the zingy scaloppine, and the crisp-baked parmigiana.

Overall, Sabatino’s provides the setting you want, whether you’re out for a romantic meal for two, a family get-together, or hosting a larger group in a Private Dining Room.

Address: 617 Main St #1, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

13. Texas Roadhouse, Rapid City

Texas Roadhouse, Rapid City

Texas Roadhouse

There are a few chain steak restaurants in Rapid City. You can choose to visit any, but Texas Roadhouse is a must-visit.

The Texas Roadhouse is a typical American eatery in the Rushmore Mall area, but it stands out because they serve amazing steak!

In fact, you should visit this restaurant if you enjoy a juicy, tender, and tasty steak.

There is a complete bar accessible for your hydration. In addition, there are several options for sides, and they are all great.

There are also tasty peanuts on your table to keep your mouth busy till your meals arrive, so if you have a serious peanut allergy, you might want to look elsewhere.

If you don’t know what to get, try the 8oz sirloin, you will love it.

Address: 2106 N Maple Ave, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

14. Firehouse Brewing Co.

Firehouse Brewing Co.

Firehouse Brewing Co.

One of Rapid City’s most distinctive and noteworthy landmarks is “The Firehouse,” as residents affectionately know it.

It is situated in the first Rapid City firehouse, a 1915 building recognized on the National Historic Register.

The Firehouse Brewing Company welcomed its first set of customers in 1991.

The company now has a brewery, an inside restaurant and bar, a terrace with a band shell for live music, a winery, a mercantile, and a sports bar.

The brewery offers a selection of award-winning craft beers that are entirely created there.

Local classics like steak, gumbo, and well-liked buffalo burgers are all featured on their Midwestern menu.

Sit inside or outside on the heated patio, which features fire pits, a lovely view of downtown Rapid City, and live music during the summer.

Although the Firehouse is located in the older section of Rapid City, it is still a lovely and well-kept area.

The food is well prepared, the service is prompt and courteous, and the atmosphere is pleasant.

The decor is themed around firefighting.

Genuine South Dakota firefighting artifacts from the era of Rapid City’s earliest fire brigades, such as the first fire pole, ladders, patches, and more, are displayed in the bar.

Bring a patch if you are a firefighter since they are all over the walls in this interesting décor.

Address: 610 Main St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

15. Minervas Restaurant & Bar

Minervas restaurant & bar, rapid city

The Minervas restaurant & Bar, Rapid City

Minervas Restaurant is one of the best fine-dining restaurants in Rapid City.

The restaurant has long been recognized as a symbol of excellent cuisine and prompt service.

The extensive and delectable menu, which offers everything from house-aged steaks to ocean-fresh seafood to traditionally authentic pasta, is praised by customers.

This restaurant is a part of the Best Western hotel. You’d never know you were at a hotel at this excellent steakhouse.

Due to the ample table spacing, customers can converse in privacy while yet being able to observe the nearby activity.

Additionally, the establishment serves elegant meals with white tablecloths and solely piano-based entertainment.

Beautiful interior design makes the space feel homey, especially with the fireplace.

Small but exciting salad bar – greens, fresh veggie toppings, preserved toppings, and creative mixed salads are available.

Get the Hunter ribeye; it’s one of the best, and you can also get alcohol at the bar.

Address: 2111 N Lacrosse St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

16. Storming Crab – Rapid City, SD

Storming Crab - Rapid City

Storming Crab – Rapid City

How about a restaurant where you can write your name on the wall?

Storming crab is a fantastic restaurant with a great structure. It is tastefully designed and immaculate.

There is something for everyone here, the food is very diverse, and the beer is excellent.

Each guest is given a plastic bib, gloves, a seafood cracker and splitter, a fork, and a piece of butcher paper to cover their table, which helps to reduce mess.

It is possible to write your name on the wall. While peeling the shrimp and cracking the crab, be prepared to get a bit messy, but it will be well worth it.

So, bring your Sharpie (or ask) to decorate the walls.

Address: 1756 Eglin St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

17. Delmonico Grill

Delmonico grill

The Delmonico Grill

Delmonico grill is one of the top Restaurants in Rapid City.

The restaurant is located in downtown Rapid City and is located across from the Firehouse Brewery.

Delmonico Grill was founded in 2007 by well-known local chef Pete Franklin, who earned a reputation for serving excellent steaks, seafood, and wine in a relaxed, jazzy atmosphere.

Chef/Owner Benjamin Klinkel and his exceptional team make use of the seasonal produce available in the Black Hills to make the best meals.

In particular, Delmonico Grill offers a chic interior and tasteful lighting to produce a thoughtful and romantic ambiance.

There are many choices on the menu, including appetizers, sides, and wet and dry-aged steaks.

Although there are many different main meal options, but it’s evident that their specialty is steak.

The “wedge” salad there is definitely superior to a typical wedge salad.

Classics like the “On Green Dolphin St.” and the “Kona” ribeye, along with the “Bourbon Sweet-potato Mash” and the “French Onion Soup,” are also available on the menu.

Despite not having a full bar, Delmonico has a respectable wine and beer list.

Start the meal with a plate of shrimp wrapped in bacon to whet your appetite.

You can drink your soup next to it.

To find out what the chef has prepared for you, be sure to choose the soup of the day.

Address: 609 Main St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

18. Wine Cellar Restaurant

Wine cellar restaurant rapid city

Wine Cellar Restaurant Rapid City

If you want fantastic cuisine and wine in a cozy, peaceful environment, wine Cellar is one of the restaurants in Rapid City to go to.

Since 2001, the Wine Cellar Restaurant in Rapid City has provided delicious, healthy, fresh cuisine that is prepared to order.

The Wine Cellar Restaurant is located in a 100-year-old structure with hardwood floors and 15-foot-high tin ceilings.

This beautiful restaurant offers more than 50 wines by the glass or sample and an extensive wine list.

Additionally, they offer seasonal outdoor dining, or you can eat indoors at cozy tables with candlelight.

The restaurant also has a beautiful atmosphere, and they do a good job of spacing the tables.

Similarly, the culinary menu offers various alternatives, including steaks, seafood, and, shockingly, pizza.

They are available Tuesday through Thursday, 3:30 to 9:00 pm; Friday, 3:30 to 11:00 pm; and Saturday, 5:00 to 11:00 pm.

Address: 513 6th St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

19. Murphy’s Pub & Grill

Murphy’s pub & grill

Murphy’s Pub & Grill

Seeing long-lost friends from your past? Do you require a location for the wedding reception?

Murphy’s Pub and Grill will take care of you. The restaurant is located in the quaint and historic downtown of Rapid City.

It was originally a “fireproof” garage for the Cole Roadsters. In fact, It’s always fun to enter a converted building that tells some history.

Try the Buffalo meatloaf; garlic mashed potatoes, and fresh, crisp asparagus with a sweet ketchup bordelaise sauce.

Additionally, the structure is cozy and has a welcoming pub ambiance inside and out, featuring the stunning bar.

They also serve a wide variety of beers on tap, and the food is just outstanding.

Address: 510 9th St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

20. Que Pasa Cantina

Que pasa cantina

The Que Pasa Cantina

Que Pasa cantina is an excellent Mexican restaurant in Rapid City’s downtown.

The restaurant was influenced by the spirit of the west, from the untamed ranchlands to the breezy seaside beaches of Mexico.

The restaurant features an extensive menu with a large selection of vegetarian options.

Both the patio outdoors and the interior chairs are pretty roomy.

Enjoy your dinner in their elegant and easily accessible dining room, or visit the rooftop cantina or outside patio to see the City of Rapid City.

When the weather is nice, you can eat outside and have a good view of where you want to go after lunch or dinner.

Make sure to try the grilled salmon if you come here. Take a chance on it; you will love it.

Best part? There are so many vegetarian options! Almost anything on the menu has a veggie version, so you won’t t miss out if you don’t eat meat!

The restaurant is open all week from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm.

Address: 502 Main St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

21. Tally’s Silver Spoon

Tally's Silver Spoon

The Tally’s Silver Spoon

Tally’s is a well-known establishment in the heart of Rapid City.

It is a family-friendly restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can’t beat it for homemade food when breakfast/brunch is served until 11 am, and lunch follows.

Customers at Tally’s Silver Spoon have access to a large selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options on the menu.

Furthermore, pancakes, French toast, waffles, egg dishes, and French omelets are all part of the breakfast menu.

For lunch, there are gluten-free alternatives, including grilled chicken breast, Buffalo steak, and Black Hills Buffalo burger.

Pasta, chicken fried steak, fall oak pheasant, and pumpkin porcini chicken are further menu choices.

Similarly, the lunch menu features a wide range of options, including chicken fried steak, burgers, soup, and numerous salads.

French omelets, bagels, fruit risotto, all kinds of potatoes, and sauces are among the breakfast menu’s highlights, but the real winner—and evident from the dishes leaving the kitchen—are the PANCAKES.

Overall, the service is top-notch. The servers are well-versed in the menu and can quickly and easily accommodate small changes.

Address: 530 6th St, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

22. Dakotah Steakhouse

Dakotah Steakhouse

The Dakotah Steakhouse

Dakotah is one of the top steakhouses in Rapid City. In fact, it is one of those restaurants in rapid City you will always love to come back to.

2015’s top restaurant in South Dakota was named Dakotah Steakhouse in Rapid City by Local Eats and Business Insider.

They provide a classy steakhouse with a Western-inspired relaxed ambiance where children are also welcome.

Its wood and stone accents further enhance the restaurant’s rustic charm.

For a dining experience unlike any other, take a canopied glass elevator that can be accessed from the street and descend 18 feet down.

The best option for authentic South Dakota cuisine is chislic and fry bread. Similarly, they frequently offer aged local beef selections on their menu or as a special.

Although they mainly take reservations, they allow a few walk-ins at the bar area.

Address: 1325 N Elk Vale Rd, Rapid City, SD 57703, United States

23. A&D Jamaican Restaurant

A&D Jamaican Restaurant

A&D Jamaican Restaurant

Suppose you want to experience the flavor of home-cooked food and want to try Jamaican food for the first time; come here.

In short, if you live in Rapid City and haven’t eaten here, you’re missing because there is more to life than burgers, fries, and pizza.

The food served by A & D is delicious and truly Jamaican/Caribbean.

The Curry shrimp, Jerk chicken, and rice and peas are outstanding. They also offer a hot brown sauce made of bonnet peppers if you prefer very spicy dishes.

Furthermore, they can offer various heat levels on the curries. Finally, they provide small and large portion sizes for an additional cost.

Address: 710 N Lacrosse St #4, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

24. HuHot Mongolian Grill

Huhot mongolian grill

Huhot Mongolian Grill

Here is a restaurant with a Mongolian barbecue theme and one of the best Restaurants in Rapid City.

Here, you can fill your dish with various meats and vegetables.

It’s all you can eat. Simply fill a bowl with veggies, meat, noodles, etc. You can experiment or stick to their regular sauce recipes.

There are also flip cards with recipe recommendations on them at the tables if you need some direction.

You can even create a mixture of sauces you want to cook.

While you wait, the dish is cooked on a flat, extremely hot grill. When your meal is ready, a plate containing it is brought to you, which you take back to your table and consume.

Be careful not to overfill your bowl to the point that the meats won’t fit in it very well.

Address: 1745 Eglin St, Rushmore Crossing, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

Final Remarks

Since rapid City is conveniently close to outdoor adventure and offers many big-city conveniences and attractions, you can always explore the outdoors, engage in a distinctive food scene, and participate in the local arts and culture.