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20 Cant-Miss Best Rooftop Restaurants & Bars in Atlanta Georgia

If you want to relocate or travel to Atlanta, Georgia, you must experience the best rooftop restaurants in Atlanta. This city has many of them that outdo any other in the region of New York.

Hot-lanta, as its residents fondly call it, has always been the commercial center of the South. And it’s one of the most vibrant cities in the country.

Today, Atlanta has become the home of a colorful urban scene rooted in Black and Southern culture.

You will find all the information about Atlanta rooftop restaurants in this list. It’s closing hours, pictures, dress code, and many more.

Best Rooftop Restaurants In Atlanta

1. SkyLounge

Rooftop Restaurants In Atlanta


I would like to start by saying this is not a place you go for dinner, it’s not somewhere you go to a party (you could), and it’s not somewhere you go hard on the weekends. This is a magical place with beautiful views of the city skyline.

However, you can see the ferry wheel and enjoy the weather. It’s cool, warm, and breezy up top. This is somewhere you go when you have someone to impress; it’s where you go for the perfect date, a romantic night away, an unforgettable time away from reality.

Views cannot be beaten. This is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Atalanta for a “city view” the building is only ten stories tall, but you get the open-air view of Centennial Park and most of downtown.

All in all, it’s an interesting place to go for a drink. The view is sensational, and the people are more upscale.

The service does a good job whenever they can get to you (or you to them), but the space is limited, and getting a place to sit is not a guarantee.

Speaking of its menu, they have a lot of good drink options, and if you don’t like alcohol, they have several juices, water, or soda. The menu for finger food is extensive as well.

Whether you are looking for a place for a corporate event, a baby shower, an engagement party, or a wedding and reception, SkyLounge is the spot!!!

Plan a visit only on Fridays and Saturdays, from 6 PM – 12 AM.

Address: The Glenn, 110 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

2. Nikolai’s Roof

Rooftop Restaurants In Atlanta

Nikolai’s Roof

Preparation, attention to detail, and fresh ingredients all make for a lovely dining experience. Anytime you take an express elevator to a restaurant, you are in for a good night with a bird’s eye view of the city.

However, the low lighting, elegant decor, and candles around make it a highly romantic date night upscale dinner spot.

Not afraid to use light colors, and gold detail, this spot is a French-Russian fusion, very apparent in the baroque but slightly modern decor.

Start your meal with the cured salmon: lightly seared salmon belly, wakame salad, and yellow tomato coulis. Or try the seared fois gras: cranberry and orange mascarpone, sweet corn pudding, fig, and demi-glace.

Then for your entrees, try the herb-crusted lamb chops: acorn squash, braised greens with cranberry mustard jus. Or try the beef tenderloin: pearl onions, mushrooms, haricot vert, truffle salsify puree.

Also, don’t forget to order for dessert; try the fall spiced creme brulee: biscotti cookie, fresh berries. Or the grand marnier souffle: almond creme fraiche.

This spot is a highly underrated restaurant in Atlanta. Rooftop restaurants in Atlanta have a myth of having overrated food for outrageous prices, but Nikolai’s Roof completely changes that myth.

Plan a visit on Tuesdays – Saturdays from 5:30 PM – 10 PM.

Address: 255 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

3. Polaris

Rooftop Restaurants In Atlanta


If you want the 1960s, mad men, throwback dining experience, look no further than one of the oldest rotating restaurants in the country. Brushed steel and polished wood veneers frame a surprisingly unpretentious menu with the most classic staples.

Mid-century modern, a true Jetson’s venue designed by John Portman. The restaurant rotates and provides beautiful views of metro Atlanta, the reflection of the Hyatt, and other Portman buildings in a mirrored building across the way.

However, a great place to eat and enjoy a rotating view of Atlanta. This restaurant takes about an hour to go around in a counterclockwise circle. Only the seating area moves, so you see outside views slowly change, and also, the internal view changes from the kitchen to the lobby to other stations.

Undoubtedly, one of the best fine dining rooftop restaurants in Atlanta with a spectacular view, a rotating restaurant in downtown Atlanta viewing the skyline.

Hence, the cuisine is fusion-style American, and the menu seems to have a mix of everything. The pearl pina colada is amazing and unique, and the lemon basil sour is also tasty; both drinks are very good.

Also, try the Spanish octopus and foie gras tart starters, and the octopus is the standout. It is grilled and seasoned perfectly with a delicious sauce! Everything on the plate tastes so good, the foie gras is very buttery, and the apple jam is a welcome addition.

Signature cocktails compliment your meal, your date, and your style. With the slowly rotating Atlanta skyline as your backdrop, Polaris is more of a dining experience.

Address: 265 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

4. Der Biergarten

Rooftop Restaurants In Atlanta

Der Biergarten

Germany is in the heart of Atlanta! If you are looking for authentic German food, beer, and an authentic fun experience, then this is the place. Wholly unexpected and delicious food.

Although the beer selection is great and accurately represents Germany, the food options reflect classic Bavarian cuisine, and they nailed it.

The atmosphere is enjoyable and pleasant; it feels like it could be an actual Biergarten.

Cozy atmosphere with a running train along the ceiling and greenery everywhere you look. The final touch is German hip-hop being fed through the speakers, much to your delight!

Nestled above the waffle house in Atlanta is one of the most German bier rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, Der Biergarten. This is the most authentic line of German biers, from hefeweizen to dunkels; these beers will cheer you!

However, don’t fill up on beer because their foods range from schnitzel to bratwurst, pretzel, knackwurst, kasespatzle (basically mac n cheese), to schweinshaxe (ham hock on the bone), the riesenbretzel (giant pretzel), and geraucherter Lachs auf reinbekuchen (smoked salmon & potato pancake), to mention a few are all tasty.

Stop in if you want something casual; it is worth it.

Plan a visit on Wednesdays – Sundays from 4 PM – 9 PM.

Address: 300 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

5. New Realm Brewing Co.

Rooftop Restaurants In Atlanta

Thomas Cizauskas / Flickr

This spot is one of the best breweries in Atlanta. As one of the largest brewery rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, there is plenty of indoor and outdoor space.

The main level has a small sidebar, picnic tables, a dining room, two bars, and a patio terrace.

However, the main dining room has the downstairs and growler bar, booth, tables, and bar seating. While upstairs, you will find an indoor/outdoor rooftop bar with additional tables, TVs, patio seating, and heaters for cold weather.

Hence, this spot has a variety of craft beers; IPA, porters, pilsners, sours, seltzers, and more. Try the sour eclipse and ultra-crisp beers; the sour is similar to your typical sour but a bit darker and more robust.

Then the food at New Realm Brewing Co. is next level! Order the new realm burger with the wagyu patty + LTO and fries. The burger and fries are unbelievable; the burger is perfectly cooked and has so much flavor.

Also, parking is available on site, and you can also park along the Beltline or near the new super Kroger and walk 3 minutes over to the brewery.

Address: 550 Somerset Terrace NE Unit 101, Atlanta, GA 30306  

6. The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View

Rooftop Restaurants In Atlanta

The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View

Beautiful venue with amazing sites of the Atlanta skyline. The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View is a reservation only; access is through a direct elevator enclosed in glass. If you are afraid of heights, closing your eyes is recommended.

You will enjoy the view on the way up and can clearly see the cityscape and the evening traffic. Also, the elevator space is like a cylinder, so it’s tighter than the average elevator.

However, the restaurant is accessible through level 72 of the Westin, which is on two levels (levels 71 and 72).

On the upper level, you are able to check in as well as walk around the floor and see multiple vignettes of the Atlanta skyline.

Hence, there are large tablets with details of the buildings within a specific view and telescopes to get a closer look at the city. Dining is downstairs on level 71; there is not a bad seat in the house!

Literally one of the best rooftop restaurants in Atlanta with the best views. The restaurant does not spin anymore, but they have lots of observation spots, so you can get views from every direction.

Though it may be expensive, it is definitely worth the price. The food offered is good quality, and the service is excellent.

The oysters, seafood chowder, and lobster tail are all prepared perfectly, and an extensive wine list.

Address: 210 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

7. Big Sky Buckhead

Rooftop Restaurants In Atlanta

Big Sky Buckhead

Where can you get: a weekend bite to eat, a moon taxi concert, a girls’ night out, a yoga class, or a lunch date with a co-worker?

These are all experiences you would have at Big Sky Buckhead, and to top it off, their food is amazing!

However, my favorite thing to get is the far east guacamole, with wasabi and pickled ginger mixed in; this flavor will leave you wanting more and make regular Tex-Mex seem so unique.

Not to mention, they have fresh donuts. Come on, who does not love a fresh donut? They are made with big sky’s coconut bread.

If you are leaning more toward a savory taste but still want to try the coconut bread, don’t worry. Try one of their steamed coconut bun sandwiches.

Hence, this is one of those rooftop restaurants in Atlanta offering a great partial outside patio experience.

The bar is covered and divides two outside patios; this adds to the outdoorsy mountain lodge feel that the rest of the decor creates.

Address: 3201 Cains Hill PI NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

8. TWO urban licks

Rooftop Restaurants In Atlanta

TWO urban licks

Easily one of the best upscale bar/rooftop restaurants in Atlanta. The indoor atmosphere is soft and welcoming, with dim lighting, music, and nice decor. It smells incredible, like someone is cooking up quality food with flavorful seasonings.

Upon sitting, the waiter will greet you, fill your glasses with water, and take your drink order, while you take your time to scan the QR codes and look over the menu.

However, for your meal, you can order the beef empanadas for your appetizer, then the hangar steak as your entree, including fingerling potatoes and asparagus. Hence, the beef empanadas appetizer is perfect and absolutely delicious.

They are cooked with a nice crisp texture, the meat is well seasoned, and the plate has this melody of herbs, spices, and veggies with feta cheese. Also, the side of macaroni and cheese is so delicious.

Usually, mac and cheese can be pretty bland when you get it out at a restaurant, but here in Two urban licks, the dish has plenty of flavors, texture has a nice kick.

Then meat lovers will love this spot, as you get to see your meat prepared in the oven in the center of the room, and the ambiance of the place alone makes it a spot worth visiting and will be impressive to bring any guests to.

Plan a visit on Mondays – Fridays from 5 PM – 10 PM and on Saturdays -Sundays from 11 AM – 11 PM.

Address: 820 Ralph McGill Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

9. STATS Brewpub

STATS Brewpub

STATS Brewpub

A few blocks from Phillips Arena and a short drive from the Georgia Dome, STATS Brewpub is the place to watch your favorite team.

Located in the center of all the action, this spot offers guest TVs and beer taps at the table (yes! You pour your own beer, so no more standing in line at the bar).

However, this gigantic sports bar has three different seating areas: the first-floor classic bar/restaurant vibe, the second floor is a lounge, and the rooftop bar is a standing room with a few tables.

Also, diverse food offerings are guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eater. And the menu is easy to access with your phone, even the servers are delightful humans, incredibly friendly, and provide fabulous service.

Interestingly, this is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, with a very good beer and a variety of choices. The pretzel appetizer is perhaps the best in Atlanta, with everything seasoning sprinkled on top.

Hence, the flavor is on point. With both cheese and mustard for dipping, they are a hit. The cheeseburger is juicy and cooked to perfection, and the wings, though a bit pricey for the serving size, are cooked to perfection and has just the right amount of sauce.

Make sure you arrive early because this 16,000 sq ft restaurant will max out, or you can reserve one of the private sections for you and your friends.

Address: 300 Marietta St NW, Suite 101, Atlanta, GA 30313

10. Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery

Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery

DAEMON BAIZAN / Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery

The problem with downtown Atlanta, and many other central business districts across the good USA, is that they are catered towards the business traveler with little time to eat and go or to the executive who is okay having a corporate party at an overpriced chain restaurant with good food quality.

Exquisite is the only word to describe this fantastic and one of the best rooftop restaurants in Atlanta.

The food is delicious and filled with complex tones of flavors. It is as if Picasso is painting your mouth with different tastes and the room with aromas.

Needless to say, you cannot be disappointed with the food; however, the food is only a fraction of the fun. The service cannot be matched; you will feel a connection between the customer and the host.

However, the food here at Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery is absolutely exceptional!

Try the cowboy steak, which is probably one of the best steaks ever. The flavor is perfect, cooked exactly right, and the roasted redskins and wood-fired asparagus pair perfectly.

Then try the pizza, and fried chicken is the best you will have. Yes, it is not a pizza joint, but it has one of the best pizzas; you will not be disappointed. The crust is light, and the toppings and flavor are excellent!

Also, the chicken has some type of jelly in the crust, the flavor is awesome, and it is all meat and very tender. The atmosphere is rustic and very cool.

Address: 320 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

11. Chairs Upstairs Bar And Restaurant

Chairs Upstairs Bar And Restaurant

Chairs Upstairs Bar And Restaurant

If you are looking for something different, not quite a speakeasy, but definitely a hidden spot with a diverse crowd, good music, and clean bathrooms! Monday night karaoke, Wednesday night trivia, food the brisket nachos, tacos, veggie burger, then make sure to visit Chairs Upstairs Bar And Restaurant.

However, this is not exactly a “hole in the wall,” but it is not necessarily on the beaten path. Walking to the restaurant reminds you of what it might have been like sneaking into a speak-easy in the 20s, trying to score a shot of whiskey.

Hence, as you traverse the three flights of stairs, you can hear the music gently rumbling above you. Once inside, there is a smokey aura, not from cigarettes or vaping, but from smoked meats, they cook in the back. It is pleasant and aromatic and sets the mood nicely.

The beef brisket menu items are really good, as the chicken wings are tender, with several sauce choices. There are a few vegetable side items and several tossed salad choices on the menu, some healthy choices that many bars don’t have.

All this, in addition to a truly impressive and extensive beer and draft list, so moderately priced that you almost feel guilty for not paying more, makes this establishment one of the rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, somewhere you will like to get a buzz.

Plan a visit on Mondays – Sundays from 12 PM – 2 AM.

Address: 2783 Main St, East Point, GA 30344

12. O-Ku



While hunting for authentic A5 Japanese wagyu, make sure to pop up at  O-Ku.

Usually, if you want wagyu in the area, you have to go to one of the steakhouses and pay outrageous prices for American wagyu, but this spot has the real deal.

In addition to the wagyu, you can order some unbelievably fresh bluefin tuna as well as other recommendations, which are all amazing. The strawberry shortcake dessert glass is such a fun surprise as well.

However, the wagyu is prepared on a hot stone plate directly on the table. And is cooked in wagyu fat (all you need) alongside various vegetables.

The meat of this grade can be eaten raw. So feel free to pick out a slice or two at all cooking stages to get an overall melting-in-your-mouth experience.

Hence, the pricing is shockingly fair compared to what other rooftop restaurants in Atlanta charge for inferior wagyu and sushi.

And coupled with the knowledgeable and truly friendly service, you will definitely walk away satisfied and excited to have found a place you could quickly become regular at.

Also, the restaurant is nice and spacious; if you are there during lunch or happy hour, you may consider sitting upstairs on their rooftop patio. Note the patio stairwell is on the restaurant’s side.

The patio is pretty spacious, with quite a few tables; they have their bar and menu, although the food is prepared in the central kitchen. There are skyline views of Midtown Atlanta, which are unique on a clear day.

In addition, the main downstairs seating area is dimly lit with upbeat background music, creating a wonderful ambiance. Their drink menus include beer, wine, cocktails, and a great selection of hot and cold sake.

Address: 1085 Howell Mill Rd NW A3, Atlanta, GA 30318

13. Park Bar

Park Bar

Park Bar

The location is just so amazing that it’s such an awesome bar for a pre-dinner and drinking before so many events.

They have a pretty cool beer selection as well as food. I love that you can build your own burger or choose from their pre-built ones.

However, when you want to build your burger, build your burger with some mushrooms and pimento cheese. And the meat Park Bar uses organic, which you get here compared to other rooftop restaurants in Atlanta.

Also, they have a thing called a 3-2-1. It’s three shots for the price of 2 with one mixer; they have a handful of taps with a variety of local and craft beers, plus many can/bottle options. They have good details on good-tasting drinks that are worth checking out.

Hence, the staff is nice; they know when to place the order, service, or even follow up—no need to use a lot of energy to wave your hand like in other busy restaurants. Everything is perfect, and yes, you should visit Park Bar.

Plan a visit on Mondays – Sundays from 11:30 AM – 12 AM.

Address: 150 Walton St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303  

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14. Tom, Dick & Hank

Tom, Dick & Hank

Tom, Dick & Hank

The rooftop is the place to be on a beautiful afternoon. Great atmosphere and an enjoyable selection of old and new school music blurring through the space. But not so loud that you can’t converse with your peeps.

However, Tom, Dick & Hank is a lovely black-owned establishment rustic design, nicely cushioned booths, an upstairs patio with music (you can’t hear on the lower level while dining), making it nice for a first date, and you can talk).

Also, nice bar area, spacious and very comfortable, and it has excellent service; a little pricey, but not too bad for a night out. And they run meal specials Tuesday through Friday and $5 drink specials (grown folk dosage too).

Then the food is excellent; try the $10 crab leg Thursday special (Atlanta location only) and the $16 combo that includes; 4 sides, +kale salad, greens, mac & cheese, and homemade BBQ potato chips, as well as a drink, all for under $45 including tip.

Plan a visit on Mondays -Sundays from 11:30 AM – 12 AM.

Address: 191 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30312

15. Fado Irish Pub

Fado Irish Pub

Fado Irish Pub

If pubs are your thing, then of all the rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, you should visit Fado Irish Pub in Buckhead. They currently have new business hours, but the customer service remains excellent.

Upon arrival, you will find plenty of on-street parking near the restaurant, and within a short walk, you will be at the entrance.

However, the servers greet you, and you can choose outdoor dining or high-top bar seating.

From this view, you will see passersby walking dogs, shoppers heading in and out of nearby department stores, and singles and couples sitting on area benches and socializing.

Soccer is entertaining, although it gets crowded for soccer games. It is great to head here with your girls, especially if you can grab a seat on their rooftop. If you can climb the stairs (the many stairs), it is worth the journey to the roof.

For your entree, order the bacon cheeseburger and thick-cut fries. Grilled all beef patty, American cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion topped burger, it’s definitely worth the visit.

Then for your sides, order the hot and perfectly seasoned fries. If you have not visited Buckhead dining options lately, you now have a new reason to.

Address: 273 Buckhead Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

16. Tin Lizzy’s Cantina

Tin Lizzy’s Cantina

Tin Lizzy’s Cantina

Imagine your surprise when you find out that you can get fried pickles here at Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, and not only that, but they are far superior here to other rooftop restaurants in Atlanta.

As small as this location is, the placement of the tables makes it feel like it is much larger.

The servers are amazing and constantly check on you to make sure you are well taken care of without making you feel like they are overbearing or intrusive.

Also, the parking lot is tiny if you intend to come here. Expect to pay for parking or find somewhere to park and enjoy a little walk down to the restaurant.

What you plan to eat will blow out of your mind when you see an extensive list of creative tacos.

Starting with your appetizers, order a serving of fried pickles. Crusted by a lovely batter that has no problem sticking to the pickles. However, the spicy ranch is flavorful.

Hence, the tacos are nothing short of delicious, with great combinations of flavors. Especially the Korean BBQ and the lobster taco, which are very flavorful. Or Southern comfort tacos filled with wood-fired grilled chicken, goat cheese, grilled onions, fried pickles, and honey chipotle BBQ sauce.

Besides, the outdoor dining has large yellow umbrellas above the table. It creates an incredible outdoor dining space that protects you from Georgia’s 90-degree raging temperature.

From the rooftop view, you will see the beautiful skyline of Atlanta, with its towering buildings across the way in a short distance.

Address: 415 Memorial Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

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17. By George Restaurant At The Candler Hotel

By George Restaurant At The Candler Hotel

By George Restaurant At The Candler Hotel

Exceptional food in a unique, elegant, laid-back setting. Honestly, the food and atmosphere rival any of the best rooftop restaurants in Atlanta.

However, the restaurant is located in the historic Candler building, which once was a bank. Ask to see the original bank vault, which now serves a private dining room; pretty cool, right?

Hence, the location is historical, with beautiful ornate features, like the columns and central staircase. The food is fresh, has good flavors, and the presentation is nice.

For the food, I highly recommend the pork belly with crispy rice and coca cola reduction, the cornbread muffins, and the mussels. And don’t miss the brisket when it’s special; try the creme brulee. You won’t be disappointed.

Though it is silky, not too sweet, and has the perfect crunchy sugar top, then compliment your meal with any of the signature cocktails from the talented bartenders. The waitstaff is attentive, friendly, and efficient.

Also, after your delicious, satisfying meal, relax and take in the intricate architecture or watch the happenings on Peachtree.

Plan a visit to By George Restaurant At The Candler Hotel on Mondays – Sundays from 7 AM – 10 PM.

Address: 127 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

18. Atalian



Once you enter the very deceptive-looking entrance to Atalian, you leave the city noise of Atlanta outside.

There is a quiet, tranquil atmosphere devoid of the noise of car engines, car horns, and crowded sidewalks full of people perusing all that Atlanta has to offer.

Also, the service and food are excellent, and the ambiance is romantic, intimate, and supported by extremely courteous staff.

This spot has a vintage, old world-class charm and some of the best Italian food you will have compared to other Italian rooftop restaurants in Atlanta.

The decor and music build to the excitement as you climb the stairs up to this very stylish venue, with a feeling you are in for a treat right from the start.

Then you will be greeted by a friendly waitstaff, who has all the answers and delivers them with an inviting smile.

Kudos to the bartender, who is delighted with each drink, infusing her personality with each tasty beverage! Negroni, cosmo, and chocolate martini are all exceptional.

Hence, the chicken parm is on point. Herb and seasoned to perfection without feeling overdone. The chicken is perfectly cooked from end to end without finding burnt or overcooked.

Then for your dessert, you can be sold the evening special like; apple cobbler, with a scoop of ice cream on top. It is deconstructed and perfectly balanced in flavors.

Address: 60 Andrew Young International Blvd NE Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30303

19. Sear



An excellent spot for lunch that you can double up for dinner likewise. The quality of ingredients, hospitality, and service is impeccable!

In a couple of years, some rooftop restaurants in Atlanta have emerged as outstanding. One of them is Sear in the downtown Marriott.

However, the atmosphere is pleasant for business or personal. Outlets are available at every booth for all I-charging needs.

The location, design, and service are wonderful; it is a great location for a date or special event, as the size of their facility is impressive with modern and sleek decor.

As for lunch, order the jumbo grilled shrimp caesar with the mini shrimp rolls and charcuterie for starters. The honeycomb, the blue cheese, and the buns for the shrimp rolls are delicious and homemade.

Then for your dinner, you can sit at the bar. The bartender is great; he is knowledgeable, creative, and billowing with a warm personality and sweet spirit. So order the cracked sea salt baked bread. Very delicious!

Order the grass-fed filet mignon with diver sea scallops for your main course. The preparation is carefully executed and delicious, the mac and cheese leave much to be desired, but the mashed potatoes and fingerlings are appetizing.

Plan a visit on Mondays – Sundays from 6:30 AM – 2 PM.

Address: 265 Peachtree Center Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

20. Cuts Steakhouse

Cuts Steakhouse

Cuts Steakhouse

A tranquil yet upbeat restaurant with a soft sultry (heavy reds, gold/cream, and accents of brown and black) ambiance that enables you to forget the area you are in. Various seating styles, from semi-booth to seated chairs or semi-circular coaches, and a bar with high chairs.

Then the parking is paid to park or catch an uber, or if the parking gods are with you, then park a distance and walk. Amazing southern food with contemporary elegance.

Now for the food. Appetizer; order the risotto with goat cheese and tomato sauce cake (one piece cut in 2 or two pieces but still tasty), a spinach or artichoke dip with some form of chips.

Then for the main dishes, try the herb chicken breast (which is tender and well-seasoned) with a side of mac and cheese. Also, the salmon over some cabbage, with Brussels sprouts on the side. And the ribeye with some cooked onion on the side and Brussels sprouts alongside a bowl of whipped mashed potatoes.

Lastly, try the beef or steak; that looks extremely good and well done! All in all, from the service down to the food, it is a memorable experience.

Plan a visit to Cuts Steakhouse on Mondays – Fridays from 11 AM – 10 PM and Saturdays – Sundays from 12 PM – 10 PM.

Address: 60 Andrew Young International Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Final Remark

Atlanta has plenty of rooftop restaurants and bars for delicious meals or drinks with a great view.

Indeed, you will have a memorable experience at all the rooftop restaurants on this list. Whether you are a tourist or local, we got you covered.

Bon Appetite!