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22 Best & Fun Things To Do In Blacksburg (Virginia)

Blacksburg is a treasured town situated in Virginia. It is home to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the State University and is ranked among the greatest locations to live in the United States.

The city was once home to native inhabitants and then to English colonists. However, today, the town is known for its numerous attractions, beautiful and exciting culture, restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and lots more.

All the nice spots you can visit in Blacksburg are not so far from each other, so it’s possible to see several of those places without spending too much.

A visit to Blacksburg would be nothing but satisfying and refreshing, as there are lots of options regarding what to do and places to visit.

You could use this list as your checklist for things to do in the beautiful town of Blacksburg, Virginia, whenever you come to visit.

Things To Do In Blacksburg VA

1. Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation

Things to Do in Blacksburg

Blacksburg Museum & Cultural Foundation

A visit to Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation is an opportunity to learn and understand the culture of the people of Blacksburg.

The foundation is a cultural institution and, as such, seeks to promote the town’s culture by sponsoring events bothering on cultural awareness.

Some events sponsored by the foundation include exhibitions, lectures, concerts, and many others.

These events help visitors learn more about Blacksburg’s cultural heritage, history, and art firsthand.

A section of the museum tagged “Alexander Black House” displays seeds and gardening tools used by farmers years ago. To see this section and the exhibits, the best time to visit is during Summer.

Blacksburg Museum and cultural foundation also give you the platform to get all the information you might need concerning the history and culture of the town.

Visiting this place should be your first priority when in town, as it would be both fun and educational.

Address: 204 Draper Rd SW, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

2. Huckleberry Trail

Things to do in Blacksburg

Huckleberry Trail

In need of alone time to meditate or just a nice place to take a walk? Huckleberry Trail is just the right place for you.

It is a safe spot, and it’s also very serene.  

On both sides of the trail are green bushes adding to the beauty of Huckleberry Trail.

The surface is flat, and that makes it easy to walk on. You could also take some nice pictures to add fun to your walk.

Taking a walk on the Huckleberry Trail early in the morning is another way to interact with nature. Listen to the sonorous sound of chirping birds and sounds from other animals as you walk.

You will have the impression that you are in the countryside.

In summary, Huckleberry Trail is a great area to visit if you enjoy nature’s tranquility and beauty.

Address; 201 Clay Street, SW Blacksburg, VA 24060 

3. Lane Stadium

Things to do in blacksburg

VTx | Virginia Tech

Lane Stadium is a college football college that opened in 1965 at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

The stadium, home to the Virginia Tech Hokies, was previously the number one home-field advantage.

As you enter through the stadium’s main entrance, you’ll notice a statue of former head coach Frank Beamer. Frank Beamer is considered legendary for coaching the college football team for twenty-nine seasons and winning 238 games.

Asides from touring the stadium and its facilities, you can also watch football games and witness other exciting activities.

Some fascinating traditions you would see during games include the Hokie Walk, where the team walks among the fans to the locker room.

Each game begins with a pre-game field presentation. It usually involves the Corps of Cadets marching.

Football games are conducted every Saturday at Lane Stadium during the fall, so if you visit at that time, make sure to obtain tickets to the game to cheer on your favorite teams.

Due to the excitement the game of football brings, the atmosphere of the stadium is always fun and energizing, such that even if you’re not a sports lover, you would feel the vibes! It’s usually an overwhelmingly exciting experience.

Visiting Lane Stadium involves learning about the history it holds and also enjoying the beautiful game of football.

Address: 185 Beamer Way, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

4. Historic Smithfield Plantation

Things to Do in Blacksburg

Historic Smithfield Plantation

Colonel William Preston lived at the Historic Smithfield Plantation from the time it was built in early 1770 until 1959.

The plantation is rich in history, given the number of decades it has been in existence. Its history is deeply tied to the colonial era.

Coupled with the history it holds, the house and ground at the Smithfield plantation can be simply described as mesmerizing.

Several descendants of the Preston family have gone on to become notable personalities in Virginia. So wouldn’t it be cool to pay a visit and tour the ancestral home of these significant persons? I bet you’d love to.

The unique architecture of the plantation, detailing in the room placement and furniture, portraits, Native American antiques, and beautiful decorative arts from the 18th and 19th centuries are some of the things you would see while touring the Historic Smithfield Plantation.

Here, you would learn more about the colonial era and what it was like working at the plantation.

Don’t miss a trip to this hidden treasure of history and beauty if you are in Blacksburg.

Address: 1000 Smithfield Plantation Road, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

5. Hahn Horticulture Garden

Things to Do in Blacksburg

Kim Peterson | Wikimedia Commons

At no cost, you can visit the beautiful Hahn Horticulture Garden found at Virginia Tech University and on any day of the week.

The Hahn Horticultural Garden is the largest of its kind in the entire Virginia. It was established in 1984. It was notably named after T. Marshall Hahn, the previous president of Virginia Tech.

The breathtaking garden features a stream garden, twenty species of bog and aquatic plants, a pond with Japanese Maples, and a perennial border with over ninety species.

Also, It was built by students, members of the University community, and volunteers.

Hahn Horticultural Garden spreads across about six acres of different plants and flowers, and it’s a destination in Blacksburg you would love to explore.

The variety of beautiful flowers and ornamental plants, as well as the nice-looking oasis, are not what anyone visiting Blacksburg should miss.

Hahn Horticulture Garden is certainly a great spot to unwind and relax.

Address: 200 Garden Lane, Blacksburg, VA 24061.

6. Rising Silo Farm Brewery

Things to Do in Blacksburg

Rising Silo Brewery

Beers from the Rising Silo Brewery are unique and taste really good. So for beer lovers who would love to have a nice drink, this is the place for you.

Rising Silo Farm Brewery was founded to create the best beers that taste original and tasty.

The owners formed it as part of a community movement that brought together creative minds to collaborate and work together in a farm space.

They make fermented drinks with water from a nearby well and ingredients from their farm.

The Eastern Divide Pils, a German-style Pilsner; the Leggy Blonde, a blonde ale; and the Thunder Snow Stout, a vanilla oatmeal stout made with locally roasted coffee, are just a few of the fantastic beers available at Rising Silo Farm Brewery.

The outdoor seating area is also beautiful, and the atmosphere is fantastic.

In summary, with the great-tasting drinks and the environment, you’re sure to have an evening full of vibes.

Address: 2351 Glade Road, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

7. Beliveau Estate Winery

Things to Do in Blacksburg

David / Beliveau Estate Winery

Beliveau Estate Winery is owned and operated by a family. It started with a dream to make delicious wine, and then the family bought the farm in 2001. However, the first wine production took place in 2011, and they officially opened the winery in 2012.

As the saying goes, “Whenever you visit a new place, tasting the local wine is a must.” Visiting Blacksburg for the first time? Then tasting local wine made in Beliveau should be a priority.

Coupled with the winery, the estate also has a lavender farm and has since 2008 been hosting its Lavender Festival yearly.

The beautiful Mountain view goes so well with the great-tasting wine sips.

In addition to views and wine, visitors and tourists alike can do lots of other things as well. Some of which include having picnics on the well-dressed grass and hosting mini parties or get-togethers with family and friends at the event place in the estate.

The special delicacies from the amazing chefs as well as choice wines, are also available for your stomach’s delight.

Aside from being the winery that brews the finest wine in Blacksburg, Beliveau Farm Winery is also well known for its gourmet pizza.

Your visit here will be absolutely enjoyable, so make sure to check out this place whenever you’re in Blacksburg.

Address: 5415 Gallion Ridge Road, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

8. Blacksburg Farmers’ Market

Things to Do in Blacksburg

Blacksburg Farmers’ Market

The Blacksburg Farmers’ Market has been in existence since the 1980s. It is managed by a non-profit Friends of the Farmers organization.

Also, this farmers’ market is at the heart of downtown Blacksburg. In need of fresh farm food? Then this market should be your go-to place.

Stopping by Blacksburg farmers affords you the opportunity to meet members of the community and support local businesses if you have the means. From the market, you can go home with a variety of foods.

You can’t get bored at the Blacksburg market as the environment is designed to keep you charged up and entertained with music from local musicians.

Here you can hold picnics with friends and family. There is also an eatery where visitors can grab a bite.

There is really no boring place in the Blacksburg market; every nook and cranny of the market speaks of fun and friendliness.

A visit to the Blacksburg farmers’ market would be totally worth your time; you should be sure to include it in your list of places to visit.

Address: 108 W Roanoke St, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

Planning a trip outside of Blacksburg? Why not check out our list of things to do in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Lynchburg, and Roanoke?

9. The Artful Lawyer, A Fine Gallery Inc.

Things to Do in Blacksburg

Artful Lawyer Gallery

Lovers of Arts, this one is for you! View and appreciate the creative pieces made by local artists of Blacksburg.

The Artful Lawyer Gallery, located at the once-upon-a-time Creekmore Law firm, displays the creativity of local artists on a rotating array of beautiful art pieces. It is a beautiful gallery dedicated to fine arts.

There are different shows to see here, such as the Gallery show that holds every three months. As well as the “Whet Your Palette” art pad where artists, prospective clients, friends, and neighbors come together to celebrate creativity, have a nice time, and eat delicious food. You can also buy artwork for yourself or your loved one.

In addition, you could attend the monthly paint parties organized by the gallery. 

At the paint party, you get to see local artists paint live.

They take you on a step-by-step journey while they make amazing paintings.

Artful lawyers gallery, in some ways, help boost the local economy of Blacksburg.

Moreover, they always update their artwork, so visitors can see something new every time they visit.

If you’re in Blacksburg, don’t miss this gallery.

Address: 318 N Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

10. 622 North Restaurant and Wine Bar

622 North, Blacksburg

Andrew / Flickr

622 North is your go-to place to fill your stomach with a plate or plates of sumptuous goodness.

It is an amazing trio: restaurant, bar, and lounge located in a Victorian building in Blacksburg’s downtown district.

A variety of meals that can be served as lunch as well as dinner meals are available to choose from on the restaurant’s menu.

The chefs put in their best to ensure the visitors or customers desire to have more of any meal they ordered.

During summer, you could choose to have your seat outside in the paved area. There you get to enjoy the air and the views of the garden, the Blue Ridge mountains, and Main Street.

622 bar section is also a nice place to relax with friends, play games and even watch your favorite games.  

In addition to the restaurant and bar, 622 serves over a hundred of the best wines from different parts of the world, specially made cocktails by professionals, as well as a private dining room that is great for you and your spouse.

Be sure to stop by 622 Restaurant, as it will add to making your visit to Blacksburg much more memorable.

Address: 622 N Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

11. The Blacksburg Tavern

Things to Do in Blacksburg


The Blacksburg Tavern is a restaurant and bar located at an old house on Blacksburg Main Street. At the time the building was constructed, Main Street was a dirt road for horse carriages.

However, when the building was bought, the owner made it better than in its previous state. He also introduced a farmer’s menu to serve as a remembrance of the area’s past.

Appetizers and sweets, well-prepared meats and vegetables, and other delectable cuisines are available for you to enjoy and feast on at the restaurant.

In addition, all the beers and wines at the bar are excellent.

The Hungry Hokie, a bowl of meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, mac & cheese, and a biscuit, is a popular-demand dish at the Blacksburg Tavern.

You surely won’t want to miss out on that delectable taste! But, unfortunately (or rather fortunately if you’re in town), you’d have to go to the Blacksburg Tavern to get it.

In addition, the tavern is quite casual and accommodating.

You can listen to musicians as they perform as well as view various artworks of local artists hanging on the wall.

Address: 103 S Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

12. Glade Road Growing, Blacksburg

Things to Do in Blacksburg

Glade Road Growing

The landscape of this family-owned park is worth exploring by people of all ages.

The Glade Road Growing is housed separately on two plots that have been used as pastures for many decades.

There are lots of farm animals like pigs, chickens, sheep, etc., which you would love to play and interact with.

Kids especially love seeing these farm animals.

Glade road growing also has a brewery you can tour, have a nice chilled drink and just enjoy the atmosphere of the place.

Fresh meat, potatoes, cabbages, squash, shishito peppers, and other veggies are popular items you can buy from the farm.

Address: 2351 Glade Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

13. Zeppoli’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Shop

Things to Do in Blacksburg

Yaymaker / Zeppoli’s Italian Restaurant

Zeppoli’s Italian restaurant, as its name suggests, is an Italian restaurant well known for its delicious homemade dishes.

This Italian restaurant is the best place to go for a romantic dinner night with your spouse. It’s also great for a family dinner or dinner with friends.

Many families in Blacksburg make it their celebration destination. Their amazing hospitality will make you choose them over and over again.

The chefs prepare all of Zeppoli’s exquisite dishes from scratch, using primarily refined classic recipes.

Some meals you should make up your mind to have a taste of when you visit Zeppoli restaurant include sausage gorgonzola with fresh spinach, scampi fries with shrimp, spinach ravioli with mushroom rose sauce, and cremini mushrooms.

Add to your list of things to do in Blacksburg a visit to Zeppoli Italian restaurant, have a taste of their delicious dishes, and enjoy their amazing hospitality.

You certainly won’t regret it.

Address: 810 University City Blvd #22, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

14. Sake House Japanese Restaurant

Sake House Japanese Restaurant

Sake Cafe

Yet again, another restaurant in Blacksburg! This one is for Japanese food lovers or those that would live to have a taste of Japanese food.

Sake House Japanese Restaurant is the place to go for traditional and creative Japanese food in Blacksburg.

The popular restaurant started up in 1993 as a sushi restaurant in Roanoke.

They later moved to the town of Blacksburg and continued serving their delicious, well-enjoyed sushi as well as other Japanese cuisines.

The restaurant makes use of locally sourced meats and some ingredients.

However, the restaurant ships in most of the other ingredients from Japan on a regular basis.

Rumaki, which are scallions, bacon-wrapped and deep-fried, and yakimeshi, which is fried rice tossed with chicken, shrimp, and veggies, are two Japanese dishes you should try.

It would be worth your time and money.

Address: 1560 S Main St #116, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

15. English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park

English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park

Jwalte04 | Wikimedia Commons

The Virginia Tech Hokies baseball team plays their home games at English Field. It is one of the state’s most popular baseball venues.

It was first opened in 1989 but was renovated in 2018, which changed the original look completely.

One of the major financial contributors to the university and its projects was E.R. English. They consequently named the stadium after him as a recognition of his contribution.

Watching a baseball game at English Field with friends, family, and over four thousand other people would be an energetic and very exciting experience. Nothing short of memorable.

Address: 260 Duck Pond Dr, Blacksburg, VA 24061.

16. New River Junction, Blacksburg

 new river junction

New River Junction

At New River Junction, there are several water recreational activities you can engage in.

Ranging from canoeing to kayaking to tubing and then fishing, you are definitely going to find one or more of these activities very entertaining.

With the water calm and less crowded in the afternoon, which is the best time to go to New River Junction, you’re sure to have a very nice time there.

The price rates are really affordable, and their services are great.

It’s one of the best places to visit in Blacksburg; you shouldn’t miss out on the fun it gives.

Address: 2591 Big Falls Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States

17. April 16 Memorial

April 16 Memorial

We Remember | Virginia Tech

On April 16, 2007, a spree shooting occurred on the campus of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. The shooting led to the loss of the lives of students.

The April 16 memorial was built in tribute to those who lost their lives in the unfortunate incident.

It is such a beautiful memorial paying tribute to the students who so senselessly lost their lives on that day. The memorial is located at Virginia Tech University.  

Students and professors at the university visit the memorial to pay their respects.

When you’re in Blacksburg, you will do well to recognize the incident by visiting the memorial.

Not the most fun thing to do, but it’s a way of paying respect to the lost lives.

Address: Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States

18. Moss Arts Center

Miss Arts Centre

Virginia Tech

Moss Arts Center was established to preserve Blacksburg art and culture. It consists of many studios, halls, visual arts galleries, and lots more.

As such, there is so much for visitors to explore.

The art center only displays high-quality artwork. Moss Arts Center is the place to go if you want to view stunning and appealing artistry.

The center’s halls regularly feature a variety of shows, which you are free to attend.

An evening at the Moss Arts Center is an evening well spent.

Address: 190 Alumni Mall, Blacksburg, VA 24061, United States

19. PK’s Bar & Grill

PK's Bar & Grill

PK’s Bar & Grill

To experience the fantastic nightlife of Blacksburg, PK’S Bar & Grill is the place to go. It’s also a place to set your adrenaline running high.

If you’re a fan of wild fun, then you should visit PK’s Bar & Grill.

The simply sumptuous food is one you wouldn’t want to miss. At the bar, there’s a great collection of liquor for you to choose from.

During the viewing times, you can watch a variety of matches and games. Of course, you know watching football or basketball games with other people is the best way to enjoy it, right? PK’s bar and grill make that possible.  

Drop by PK’s bar and grill to have a night of unlimited fun.

Address: 432 N Main St B, Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States

20. Blacksburg Cassell Coliseum

Cassell Coliseum

Anderson / Wikimedia Commons

A 1932 alumnus and leader, Stuart Kent Cassel, pushed the popularity of Virginia Tech as he expanded the campus to a prestigious university. In tribute to him, the Coliseum was built and named after him.   

Cassell Coliseum is a 229,297-square-foot structure that serves as home to the Hokies women’s and men’s basketball, wrestling, and basketball teams.

With a top-notch architectural design, it features a seating area for over ten thousand (10,000) spectators, two gyms, locker rooms, and other facilities.

On match-free days, you could take a quick tour around the Coliseum to have a look at its facilities.

T-shirts and posters are given out as souvenirs during free women’s volleyball games, and if you’re lucky, you might get one.

Touring Cassell Coliseum and watching games there is one of the fun things you could do in Blacksburg.

Address: 675 Washington St SW, Blacksburg, VA 24061, United States

21. Celebrate Blacksburg Annual Festivals

Things to Do in Blacksburg


In Blacksburg, there are lots of Annual festivals and, more particularly, food festivals. One of which is the Annual Chocolate Festival for lovers of sweets and chocolates.

At the International Street Fair, samples of cultural cuisines and domestic wares you can use at home can be found.

Each year in April, the Fork and Cork Festival showcases food and beverages from Virginia’s wine country.

In June, the Solstice celebrations bring in people from around the United States and the world.

At the end of August, people come out to the streets to celebrate the Steppin’ Out on Downtown Blacksburg.

You can attend any of these festivals to have a nice time in Blacksburg.

Address: Blacksburg, Virginia

22. Museum of Geosciences, Blacksburg

Museum of Geosciences

Department of Geosciences | Virginia Tech

Another fun thing to do in Blacksburg Is to learn about Earth’s geology at the Museum of Geosciences.

The museum has visitors, tourists, and, most especially, students trooping in each day.

This student-run museum at Virginia Tech displays materials such as fossils, gems, rocks, and other geoscience-related materials.

Some of the exhibits are from Virginia, while others are from expeditions led by experts all over the world.

You should visit the Museum of Geosciences as you’d get to learn one or two things about the earth and also have fun while at it.

Address: 2062 Derring Hall, 926 West Campus Drive, Blacksburg, VA

Final Remarks

Filled with many fun centers, museums, historical places, and beautiful scenery, Blacksburg has ample places for you to visit and not get bored.

Not forgetting the restaurants, you have no cause to worry about getting delicious meals, both local and international.

For outdoor adventure lovers, you’ll not be disappointed as there are places for you to exercise your adventurous spirit.

No doubt, when you’re in Blacksburg, you won’t be bored. You can make use of this list of attractions as your checklist for this to do or places to visit.

Have a safe trip