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21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bowling Green (KY)

Bowling Green is one of the most lovely cities in Kentucky, United States, which has several beautiful and lovely fun places to explore.

The diversity of landscape in this beautiful city of Kentucky makes it an amazing place to visit for visitors of all categories.

Lovers of outdoor recreation will derive so much pleasure from coming here.

Besides, nature observance, admirers of antiques, and history enthusiasts have tons of things to explore in this wonderful city.

More so, Browning Green is the home to excellent entertainment, restaurants, and plenty of interesting sights.

It is a city that is incredibly accessible by the easiest mode of transportation.

For those who love to go road or travel by air, Browning Green is an often underrated city in Kentucky!

However, contrary to this myopic view, Browning Green has plenty of beautiful places you can visit.

With evidently active and fun things scattered around the city, the combination of memorable things is ever-present here.

Whether you love to look for an urban city adventure or probably to associate with nature, Browning Green won’t disappoint you!

Take a look at our 21 best and most fun places you can visit during your Bowling Green vacation!

Things To Do In Bowling Green

1. Bowling Green Chaney’s Dairy Barn

Bowling Green Chaney's Dairy Barn

Image Credits: Chaney’s Dairy Barn

If you are in Bowling Green, you can never stay hungry for any moment.

This is because in and out of this great city is filled with restaurants that sell food.

Although, it might be uneasy to choose the right restaurant to satisfy your stomach.

The uneasiness aspect is never a problem, if you crave nice American, Canadian, or African food during your visit to this great city, check out Chaney’s Dairy Barn.

Besides, this is the appropriate location where you can get amazing House-made ice cream.

Their ice cream is always the best and of course, you wouldn’t feel disappointed getting one here!

If it happens that you would be visiting this location with your kids, they will greatly enjoy eating ice cream in the play area with the grandkids.

Beyond all these; in this amazing attraction of Bowling Green, they also host many events for kids and families.

You will have a plethora of advantages in viewing the latest movies here and you will not but like the unique experience here.

In fact, their little but amazing gift shop is great because items available here are so cheap.

Once you arrive in Bowling Green, Kentucky, do not hesitate to check out this amazing place.

Address: 9191 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

2. Aviation Heritage Park In Bowling Green

Aviation Heritage Park In Bowling Green

Image Credits: Aviation Heritage Park

Exploration doesn’t end at knowing merely the historical antecedents of aboriginal settlers alone.

Definitely, the history surrounding aviation is equally worth learning about.

This will expand your horizon and allow you to appreciate the world of science and not only nature alone.

So, if you care to learn more about the history of aviation while in Bowling Green, Kentucky, check out Aviation Heritage Park.

This is a lovely park in Bowling Green with so many exhibits about aviation.

A visit to this awesome destination will definitely give you the chance to see some historic aviation planes up close.

Besides, this little outdoor aviation museum of Bowling Green will also allow you to get an up-close look at the aircraft.

Each of these aircraft has an audio story about a local hero associated with it, which is easily accessible by scanning a QR code with a cell phone.

Not just that, employees that work here are so friendly and the customer services here are obviously second to none!

If you wouldn’t be in a haste to leave Bowling Green during your trip, ensure you leave out some minutes to explore this amazing location.

It would definitely be fun and enjoyable if you do visit.

Address: 1825 Three Springs Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104, United States. 

3. Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green

Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green

Bbadgett / Wikimedia Commons

Western Kentucky University is not just a fun place, but an insightful site with so many resourceful books.

This ancient University was founded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the year 1906.

Since its establishment, it has really been a center of attraction and invariably, one of the best attractions that attract visitors to this city of Kentucky.

Except if you are not on an academic exploration, do not conclude your Bowling Green voyage.

Researchers and academicians from all phases of the world kept visiting this place because of its huge importance.

This wonderful university in the state of Kentucky has several books that are useful to every researcher or even a freelancer.

Interestingly, if you are a type that doesn’t like using the traditional model of research, this amazing place of Bowling Green has a well-established facility that you will love.

The librarian and all staff that monitors the book section appear so knowledgeable and friendly.

Moreover, the charge here is so reasonable compared to the great value you stand to enjoy.

To ensure you add this wonderful place to your itinerary while planning a visit to Bowling Green.

You won’t leave less happy if you explore this place!

Address: Western Kentucky University, 1906 College Heights Blvd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

4. Sloan Convention Center

Sloan Convention Center

Image Credits: Bowling Green Kentucky

Sloan Convention Center is also a fun place where you can enjoy some moments.

Do you know why? The reason is not farfetched!

The reason is simply that lots of cultural activities are open for visitors to see in this amazing location.

Not only that, but if you are in Bowling Green and you are looking for the best location to host your birthday celebration, wedding activities, or other related events, you can easily do so in this wonderful place.

This location is a 60000 square ft facility that has 35500 square ft in size.

It would be the nicest decision you would ever make while in Bowling Green to bring an event here.

The entire environment is always clean, and spacious; likewise, there is also plenty of room for all sorts of events.

Of note, those people that work here are so respectful and absolutely courteous.

No visitor or guest has ever complained about them and we are so sure you wouldn’t complain, too!

In fact, the chairs outside of the main rooms are equally comfy and well placed.

The parking lot is as well pretty, big, and holds a good amount of cars.

Overall, it is so affordable to host events here, even beyond your imagination, their services are inexpensive!

Address: 1021 Wilkinson Trace, Bowling Green, KY 42103, United States. 

5. Houchens Industries L. T. Smith Stadium

Houchens Industries L. T. Smith Stadium

Image Credits: Houchens Industries L. T. Smith Stadium

Do you love a fun place to watch live matches during your visit to Bowling Green in Kentucky?

Houchens Industries L. T. Smith Stadium is a perfect place where live matches are played virtually on all days.

By way of description, this is a multi-purpose stadium in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

In addition, it is a 22,000-seat and the home to the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers football team.

If you are in this beautiful city of Kentucky, the ambiance here is so welcoming and the whole sporting activities here, most especially the football is fun to view.

It is an absolute right place with free entrance and easy parking for all sets of visitors of all ages.

If it happens that you arrive early, the team walkup before the game is a great Gameday experience and you won’t be less entertained!

Interestingly, there are places you can get nice food, so, you can’t stay hungry if you are in this lovely stadium in Bowling Green.

How soon will you be in Bowling Green, Kentucky?

Whichever season it would be, have a stop here and enjoy the best of this fun place!

Address: 1605 Avenue of Champions, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

6. Basil Griffin Park Of Bowling Green

Basil Griffin Park Of Bowling Green

Image Credits: Basil Griffin Park Of Bowling Green

Basil Griffin Park is another great place to spend some of your time during your visit to Bowling Green trip.

If you love hiking or biking, you will enjoy your time visiting this amazing attraction.

There is an expansion of land here and a lot of hiking facilities.

Aside from that, if you are craving of getting a perfect place to unleash your dogs, that is absolutely available here!

The kids’ area will also keep your kids so alive here.

Obviously, there is something fun and interesting for all ages who are visiting here.

Please note that only a few restaurants are available here and parking can be uneasy if you visit during the weekends.

So, get ready for a journey to Bowling Green and add this lovely place to your itinerary.

Address: Three Springs Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104, United States. 

7. Vette City Antique Mall, Bowling Green

Vette City Antique Mall, Bowling Green

Image Credits: Vette City Antique Mall

Not even the lovers of antiques will stay empty amidst the tons of best and most fun things here in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Since the lovers of history have lots of places to visit and the sports lovers are not left out too, of course, Vette City Antique Mall is for the lovers of antiquities.

Vette City Antique Mall is an antiquity store in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

They are the best antique store in this awesome city, with over 259 booths and 40,000 square feet.

It is, in fact, one of the largest antique stores in the south and remarkably part of the best in the United States.

All this incredible recognition is because of the diversity of objects that are put up for sale.

From fine vintage jewelry to 150-year-old apothecary tools, apparently, there are so many things that will interest you here!

More importantly, the prices are as well great and the building is in excellent condition.

The super friendly staff is another noticeable improvement here and while planning to visit Bowling Green, give yourself an hour or more to see everything here!

This lovely establishment will make your day and create some memorable experiences.

You will love Vette City Antique Mall, not the junk you find in many such places.

Address: 778 Interstate Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

8. Bowling Green Pipe & Cigar

Bowling Green Pipe & Cigar

Image Credits: Pipe & Cigar

To the admirers of Tobacco, Bowling Green Pipe & Cigar is your spot!

It is an amazing tobacco shop in the heart of Bowling Green with several local and international recognitions.

If you want a wide selection of premium cigars, pipe tobaccos, and accessories, you can never go wrong visiting here!

Beyond that, their craft and import beers as well as a variety of spirits are top-notch and most sought after here!

Without mixing words, this is a phenomenal perfect place for a great cigar and drink!!

The most beautiful part of this fun place is that they have so much relaxing seating and a great ambiance.

Chris and all of their other staff are also extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

They are completely professional and make you feel comfortable whether you are a cigar beginner like many might be or a very experienced cigar enthusiast!

Aside from that, these wonderful people take the time to walk through any smoke, make excellent suggestions, and derive so much joy in visitors’ satisfaction.

Except you do not love tobacco or cigars; be meticulous enough to add this lovely and fun place to your itinerary.

Address: 434 E Main Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

9. Bowling Green Fairview Cemetery

Bowling Green Fairview Cemetery

Image Credits: Fairview Cemetery

Sometimes, a tourist feels so much the need to visit a place where they would have some sober reflection on previous heroes.

Do you fall into that category of visitors coming to Bowling Green in Kentucky?

If so, make sure you visit Fairview Cemetery.

This place is a cemetery in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which is also the resting home of notable warlords and great philanthropists.

If it happens that you endeavor to visit this part of Bowling Green In Kentucky, you won’t enjoy this place less because the entire environment is always beautiful and well-kept

Besides, the staff appears very impressive and helpful in providing assistance and resources to finding plots.

Parking might be so tricky here, so, we encourage you not to come with your cars.

Meanwhile, all other things are great, and coming here will greatly enhance your spirit of humanity!

Address: 1209 Fairview Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42103, United States. 

10. St. Joseph Catholic Church

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green

Image Credit: St. Joseph Catholic Church

St. Joseph Catholic Church is an ancient and one of the oldest churches in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

It is the church that attracts pilgrimage on yearly basis to this wonderful city of Kentucky.

So, is your denomination of Catholic in nature?

If you are of Catholic denomination and you are coming for a visit here, starting your exploration there wouldn’t be an idea gone wrong.

Their core focus is called to worship together, evangelize to the community, and minister to those in need.

Beyond that, the church strives to reach eternal salvation with Christ.

Even if you are not a catholic, it’s notwithstanding a good church to come to because there is no iota of discrimination whatsoever here!

A visit to see this ancient and monumental building itself is a visit that is worthwhile!

One outstanding quality of this ancient place is that the entire congregation is friendly and they exhibit Christ-like behavior in all their doings.

If you do visit, be sure to attend one or two of their weekly vices, it’s surely going to be fun and remarkable!

Address: 434 Church Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

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11. Bowling Green’s Blue Holler Brew Supplies

Bowling Green's Blue Holler Brew Supplies

Image Credits: Blue Holler Brew Supplies

Blue Holler Brew Supplies is another best and most fun place that you can visit while in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Of note, this amazing location is a brewing supply store with several years of credible experience.

Great beer in a great setting with really personal service makes them so outstanding in their dealings.

There is absolutely no form or kind of wine that you so wish that you wouldn’t see in this amazing place of Bowling Green.

In fact, there is a guest tap too to be sure you will find something you like to drink here.

The customized beer keg urinal in the guys’ bathroom may be worth the stop itself!

Not only these, the great sampling table, but knowledgeable and friendly service staff will also be the keynote to deuce you here!

If you are in Bowling Green and you are a homebrew or beer enthusiast, do not hesitate to check out this location upon your arrival to this great location.

Address: 1266 U.S. 31 W Bypass, Bowling Green, KY 42104, United States. 

12. General Motors Corvette Assembly Plant

General Motors Corvette Assembly Plant

Image Credits: Torque News Media

Did you know Bowling Green has the largest car manufacturing plant in the United State of America?

Yes, they do, and the wonderful place where that is done should be on the list of places you should plan to visit.

This manufacturing plant is no other place but General Motors Corvette Assembly Plant!

A lot of cars are manufactured in this awesome place while some others are assembled.

They are highly receptive to visitors and indeed, no hide and seek! They wouldn’t care to show how the process of car manufacturing is done.

Different from that, the employees here are so versatile and highly knowledgeable.

And with all these, it is important to note that, no admission fee whatever is required here.

You can easily check out this amazing place if especially you are on a very low budget with a strong desire to explore something fun.

As you are planning a visit here, do not forget to come early because visitation time is always restricted to morning and afternoon hours alone

Address: 600 Corvette Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

13. Shanty Hollow Rentals In Bowling Green

Shanty Hollow Rentals In Bowling Green

Image Credits: Shanty Hollow Rentals

Does your core interest in exploration lie in enjoying some moments on the water?

If that is the position, there is absolutely nothing to worry about during your voyage to Bowling Green in Kentucky.

This is because so much of such services are provided here.

So, if you way ask, where is the best place to enjoy spending quality fun moments on the water?

Obviously, a visit to Shanty Hollow Rentals will suffice!

They provide tours on canoes, canoes & kayak rental services.

The wonderful tour that is provided here includes short and long tours, and whichever one you go for, it is always fun!

Moreover, the owner of this invaluable initiative is evidently super friendly and has a lot of selection and options for visitors!

Services here are affordable and the Kayak/Canoe rentals are just $40/day, inclusive of your paddle, and life jacket, and provide pick up/drop off for your boat!

While planning a trip to Bowling Green, we recommend that you come and enjoy the best out of this lake.

Address: 875 Shanty Hollow Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

14. Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon

Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon

Image Credits: Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon

Are you still indecisive as to how to spend your time and have the best quality enjoyment while you are in Bowling Green?

Decisiveness is normal, but then, we are here to help you to narrow down your itinerary.

To relieve you of this task, once you are in Bowling Green in Kentucky, we recommend you visit Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon.

It is an impressive amusement park that has plenty of fun and the best things to do here.

There is a small pool and splash park area for babies and toddlers, which is really fun.

Besides, for an adult, there is an outdoor char to relax and sip up some chilled beers.

It is always a cool and awesome feeling here because you will enjoy the ambiance and the great view of the entire city.

Food is decent as well, although the lines can get ridiculously long, so, we advise you make provisions for your feeding while coming.

Above all, workers here are not rude and there are quite plenty of parking spaces that are available to visitors without any extra charge.

Be meticulous and kind to yourself by checking out this amazing place immediately after you alight in Bowling Green.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to bring your kids if they are on a trip with you!

Address: 798 Beech Bend Park Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

15. Be Happy Yoga And Salt Cave

Be Happy Yoga and Salt Cave in Bowling Green

Image Credits: Be Happy Yoga and Salt Cave

Be Happy Yoga and Salt Cave is also a fun place to visit in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Although, it is not a tourist attraction meant for all visitors or tourist but for a few who cares about their fitness and state of mind.

In clear words, do you really care about these?

If you do and you are in Bowling Green, Be Happy Yoga and Salt Cave is the appropriate place worth visiting.

They have accredited Yoga studios with advanced and modern yoga equipment.

Beyond these, they feature Vinyasa, Hatha & other yoga classes, plus a salt cave & massage therapy.

These are absolutely challenging yoga classes with positive encouragement, great instructors, restoration yoga, massages,

Their mantra is basically to improve visitors’ and inhabitants’ health & Wellness as against making profits out of it.

Evidently, the service you will get here will far be above the expenses you will incur.

The staff are also very friendly and have excellent knowledge of salt caves.

Address: 2710 Nashville Rd #104, Bowling Green, KY 42104, United States.

16. The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center-SKyPAC

The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center-SKyPAC

Image Credits: The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center-SKyPAC

The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center-SKyPAC is a performing arts theater in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Featuring the most recent movies with relaxing environments for inhabitants and visitors.

An outright applaudable attribute of this place is that they have absolutely good chairs. In fact, some of their chairs are recycled.

You could be sitting viewing their interesting movies for the whole day without feeling any pain.

The lighting and the skillful actors are also worth commendation.

Definitely, you will appreciate any time you can spend here!

Restaurants are also stationed aplenty, so, you wouldn’t go a minute hungry coming here!

How earnest will you plan a visit to Bowling Green in Kentucky?

Any time of the year, any season be it winter or summer, it would be the best decision to add this wonderful place to your itinerary!

Address: 601 College St, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States.

17. National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green

National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green

Image Credits: National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green

The National Corvette Museum is a beautiful museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

It is a beautiful museum that showcases the Chevrolet Corvette, which is an American sports car that began in 1953.

It would really create a memorable experience seeing this preserved history of the Corvette.

The displays here are wonderful and so immaculate.

Beyond all that, there is a little garden at the back which many visitors also find so fun and entertaining.

Obviously, you have options as to the fun thing to choose while you are in this part of Bowling Green.

Without further ado, we suggest you check out this awesome visitor’s attraction during your voyage to Bowling Green.

If not informative, educative, and entertaining, it is obviously somewhere else!

Address: 350 Corvette Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States.

18. Bowling Green Baker Arboretum & Downing Museum

Bowling Green Baker Arboretum & Downing Museum

Image Credits: Bowling Green Baker Arboretum & Downing Museum

Baker Arboretum & Downing Museum is a botanical garden devoted to trees in the ancient city of Bowling Green in Kentucky.

This Arboretum is a true adventure to walk through if you have the opportunity of visiting here.

As you turn corners, you will see a clever variety of plants, trees, flowers, and architecture.

In fact, the entire composition here creates a discoverable theme of nature and quietness for every visitor.

This place is definitely on the fast track to being a destination location.

Plants here are just beautiful and you wouldn’t but have a fascinating experience visiting here!

Of note, the entire people that work here are so polite and they wouldn’t hesitate to answer whatever questions you might ask.

And with these varieties of fun things available here, no entrance fee is needed.

So, plan to spend at least an hour here anytime you arrive at Bowling Green.

Safe Journey!

Address: 4801 Morgantown Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States.

19. Bowling Green Jackson’s Orchard & Nursery

Bowling Green Jackson's Orchard & Nursery

Image Credits: Bowling Green Jackson’s Orchard & Nursery

If for any reason you will not visit this city with your kids, it is expedient for you to get home some nice gift for them.

Getting that, precisely the shop to get the right and quality gift might appear so uneasy.

Regardless, we bring to you Jackson’s Orchard & Nursery as the perfect place you can get those gifts you imagined getting.

This is a specialty and gist shop in Bowling Green that opens every mid of April to mid of November on a yearly basis.

In tandem with that, it is important to note that the opening hours in this lovely place are between 9 am-5 pm, Monday through Saturday.

If you indeed visit here, you wouldn’t regret following this recommendation, this is because the Jackson family has been offering great gifts to their visitors for over 50 years.

There are also a variety of rustic play options for the kids with some pet animals if you planned to get such during your visit.

Address: 1280 Slim Island Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States.

20. Conundrum Workshop

Conundrum Workshop

Image Credits: Conundrum Workshop

Do you love escape games?

If you love escape games and you are in Bowling Green, endeavor to visit Conundrum Workshop.

Conundrum Workshop is an amusement center in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with over 20 years of operation.

This tourist attraction provides elaborate and challenging escape games where groups work together in search of hidden objects, clues, codes, and so on.

The room is incredibly challenging, but you will love it and incredibly have a great time if you visit.

Incredibly, this great initiative has been reckoned with as the most creative and fun escape house in Kentucky.

If at all you wouldn’t try out any room, the bank robbery room is so great and you should try to try that out!

The workers here are calm and they master their job well, they’re absolutely amazing!

Definitely, you will plan a visit here over and over again after your subsequent visit!

Address: 1901 Russellville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

21. Lost River Cave

Lost River Cave in Bowling Green

Image Credits: Lost River Cave

Of the beautiful places you can visit in Bowling Green, Kentucky is Lost River Cave.

It is a lovely tourist attraction in Bowling Green that has been a great tourist attraction for so many years.

Besides, this incredible cave has one of the natural entrances in the Eastern part of the United States.

By way of description, what they do here is to provide boat tours to visitors all year-round.

A notable feature of this wonderful attraction is that it has been and had continued to receive recognition as a favorite tourist destination even beyond Kentucky!

When it comes to the boat rides, they are absolutely the best and topnotch!

The water is always clean; the workers are experts and the entire interaction you will have here will create lovely and fun memories!

Even with all these, the admission fee is so low considering the quantum of enjoyment available here.

So, if at all Lost River Cave is missing in your itinerary to Bowling Green, modify your itinerary now!

You wouldn’t be less happy if you visit here!

Address: 2818 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States. 

Final Remarks

From the foregoing, it is evident that there are tons of fun and beautiful things to enjoy in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Although, as opposed to the myopic view of the majority, this city of Kentucky has so many things that you can explore.

If you are planning a trip to this beautiful city, we recommend that you consider some of the fun places stated above.

Happy Travels.