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23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Chinatown Chicago

Chinatown is a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. It’s towards the Wentworth Avenue in Illinois.

Almost Chinese immigrants residing in Chicago are in this region, making it one of the largest concentrations of Chinese Americans in the United States.

It is one of the ancient cities in America, having its establishment dates to 1912 after the earliest immigrants moved south from near the Loop.

Today, Chinatown, Chicago, boasts lots of recreational facilities and outdoor adventures.

From its many parks to its gorgeous lakes and many children’s fun destinations, Chinatown offers all categories of travelers something pleasurable.

To help you have an epic vacation experience in this downtown, I’ve put up a comprehensive list of 23 attractions and places that’ll be worth your time.

So, pick your pen & your book and carefully read through!

Things To Do In Chinatown, Chicago

1. Ping Tom Memorial Park – Chinatown, Chicago

Ping Tom Memorial Park

Ping Tom Memorial Park

The Ping Tom Memorial Park is a 17.44-acre attraction. It initially served as Western Indiana and Chicago Railroad.

It is along the Armour Square Community towards the edge of the South Branch of the Chicago River in Illinois.

This gorgeous facility offers an indoor swimming pool, a multi-purpose gymnasium, picnic spots, a state-of-the-art fitness center, two meeting rooms, a green rooftop, a second-story outdoor patio with skyline views, and a full-service kitchen.

Outside this attraction, there’s an athletic field and a boat house where tourists enjoy kayaking and canoeing.

Incredibly, in its boathouse, there’s a public dock that is accessible by non-motorized boat cruisers during park hours.

It doesn’t end there; this destination also prides itself on its breathtaking walking paths that are suitable for joggers, hikers, and walkers.

Within this great tourist center, there’s equally a pagoda-style pavilion and a children’s playground.

In fact, if you crave something more thrilling, you can opt for a water taxi. You’ll enjoy the adventure and the scenic view.

Most Interestingly, unlike other parks in Chinatown in Chicago, the walls here are beautiful which really gives it a vibrant and beautiful vibe.

While being here, if you’re not in haste to leave, you can as well watch out for geese poop though.

Note, this lovely park allows tourism from 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM on all weekdays.

Address: 1700 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, United States

2. Chinese American Museum Of Chicago In Chinatown

Chinese American Museum of Chinatown, Chicago

Chinese American Museum of Chicago

The Chinese American Museum of Chicago is another interesting place to visit in Chinatown.

However, unlike the Ping Tom Memorial Park, this favorite spot seeks to create awareness and imbibe an appreciation of Chinese-American culture.

This is made possible through its tons of exhibitions, educational presentations, and empirical research programs.

Aside from showcasing the true culture of Chinese American people, on its second floor, this 2005 establishment equally illustrates this immigrant voyage to the Chicago area. It shows; why, how, and when the Chinese came to settle in Midwestern America.

Moreover, far beyond its contemplation about this set of immigrants, this admirable area also features a 16-minute video on its second floor. This video demonstrates the predominant culture, works, and challenges of aboriginal settlers of Chinatown in Chicago.

On its first floor, there are plentiful objects ranging from photographs to historic furniture to paintings, alongside lots of treasured jewelry and other items lovely items.

Other than all these, at intervals, this museum illustrates Chinese classical rich heritage. Hence, it features lion dance, live Chinese traditional music, Chinese chess, and calligraphy, with many Chinese traditional dishes being served.

Amazingly, the cost of adventure here is relatively low. While general admission costs $8, children and senior citizens pay just $5, which is obviously great.

Whether you’re looking for things to do with your spouse in Chinatown or you just need to do something unusual, the Chinese American Museum of Chicago is a perfect fit for your itinerary.

Meanwhile, bear in mind that tourism is only permissible at this destination on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Address: 238 W 23rd St, Chicago, IL 60616, United States

3. The Art Institute Of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago, Chinatown, Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

Often referred to as “Grand Park,” the Art Institute of Chicago was established in 1879, making it one of the oldest and largest art museums in the world.

It is famous for its curatorial efforts and has for over three decades, commanded more than 1.5 million thrill-seekers to Chinatown annually.

Among its worthwhile collections that are stewarded by eleven curatorial departments, there are iconic works from Northern American artists, including Georges Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, Edward Hopper’s Nighthawk, Grant Wood’s American Gothic, and Pablo Picasso’s The Old Guitarist.

That aside, the permanent collection of over 200,000 works of art that awaits your arrival here is augmented by over 30 wonderful exhibitions presenting scientific research and cutting-edge curatorial.

As a research institute, this insightful location equally boasts of conservation and five conservation laboratories and one of the largest architectural and art history libraries in Illinois – the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries.

More particularly, the collection of this creative center encompasses over 4,000 years of human expression from notable cultures of the world.

It consists of early works of the Byzantine Empire during the American dark age era to Japanese prints and over 3,000 contemporary American art.

Little wonder this thoughtful facility has been principally known as an attraction that houses America’s finest collection of arts.

Anytime you’re traveling around this downtown, don’t constitute an exception to the list of meticulous fun-seekers coming for an adventure here.

Bear in mind that this museum isn’t in operation on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Address: 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, United States

4. Ichiban Candy And Snacks – Chinatown, Chicago

Ichiban Candy and Snacks, Chinatown, Chicago

Ichiban Candy and Snacks

Are you a foodie looking for a more comfortable place while in Chinatown, Chicago?

Essentially, Ichiban Candy and Snacks is a bustling Chinese candy store with several gears of existence.

This remarkable place offers a wide variety of snacks from several countries in the continent of Asia. Their candy collection ranges from dry fruits to gummy candies, to beef/pork jerky, and lots more.

Whether you’re of Chinese origin or you’re just so desirous to try out something exceptional, this store will make a perfect choice for your consideration.

In fact, if you’re looking for Asian original pound gummy-type candies, you wouldn’t be short of great options here.

Best of it all, each of these selections tastes exactly like a fruit flavor. That’s simply why it is always worth the price! They’re made of traditional gummy and have much natural flavor, so healthy!

If you’re around Chinatown, don’t leave without checking out this great shop. You’ll definitely leave with smiles all over your face.

Note, unlike other seasonal stores of similar offerings in Illinois, the Ichiban Candy and Snacks opens every day, all year round.

However, parking may be so tricky here, most especially, during the weekend.

Alternatively, I suggest you come during the weekdays to avoid this drawback.

Address: 2117 S China Pl, Chicago, IL 60616, United States

5. Nine Dragon Wall

Nine Dragon Wall, Chinatown, Chicago

Nine Dragon Wall

The figure; “nine and dragons” are two important symbols in Chinese culture.

At the Nine Dragon Wall, there’s a symbolic scripture that illustrates the importance of these great symbols.

Here, there’s a pretty wall that is modeled after the Beihai Park of Beijing, and it’s of glazed tile from China.

This thoughtful mural replicates over 500 smaller dragons, and in its entirety, it is of gold, red, and blue colors signifying the Chinese ideology of good fortune.

Outside China, the Nine Dragon Wall is one of the only three replicas with the other two outside the United States.

So, if you will be in this downtown, why wouldn’t you stop at this great monumental landmark that’s only available in imperial Chinese palaces?

There is so much ancient knowledge and history waiting for you here.

Interestingly, there’s a little restaurant here offering classical Chinese dishes and American meals.

It doesn’t end there; this destination boasts beautiful shops with cheap-looking souvenirs you may not be able to get elsewhere.

Note, the Nine Dragon Wall is one of the free attractions in Chinatown.

Address: 170 West Cermak Road, Chicago, IL 60616, United States

6. Field Museum, Chinatown, Chicago

Field Museum

Field Museum

The Field Museum distinguishes itself with its State-of-the-art invention and largest Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Whether you’ll be traveling with your entire family to Chinatown, Chicago or you just need a perfect place to explore for a shorter period, a stop here wouldn’t be an idea gone wrong.

It is at South Lake Shore Drive and has since 1921 been one of the top attractions commanding travelers to this city of Illinois.

The exhibits and sculptures in this museum are well-curated and thoughtfully on display.

Besides, this point of interest features periodic performances specifically for the kids during the holiday.

Not just that, the native section of this delightful place is sobering. Especially, looking through all the cultures represented and re-learning about all the terrible atrocities they were put through. It’s well represented and in a way that’s easily digestible, without shying away from the truth of the matter.

There are equally mummified cats and other small animals. And then, as a dinosaur lover, you’ll be overjoyed to see Tyrannosaurus. The overall experience in this attraction is always phenomenal.

Impressively, there are chairs and benches available in every room.

Besides, stairs and elevators are available as well & the restrooms are super clean, and you can find them near every area of the exhibition.

While coming, you can bring your own food or check through their big cafeteria to enjoy your break.

Although, it takes just five hours to explore this recreational center. Nonetheless, that little period will be like a lifetime adventure, it’ll be so much fun.

Whichever way, wear comfy shoes because you may likely spend enough hours beyond your schedule.

Address: 1400 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605, United States

7. Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium, Chinatown, Chicago

Shedd Aquarium

Still looking for something thrilling to explore while in Chinatown, Chicago? Plan to spend two hours or more at the Shedd Aquarium!

In contradiction to what you’ll see at the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, formally known as the John G. Shedd Aquarium, is an indoor public aquarium that was opened in the year 1930.

As of the day of its establishment, this nature-rich attraction features about 5 million US gal.

Today, the Shedd Aquarium holds about 32,000 animals, making it one of the largest indoor facilities in Chinatown, Chicago.

This animal collection consists of over 1,500 species which is so rare for any other aquarium in Illinois.

Among the major exhibits you’ll see here include Amazon Rising, Abbott Oceanarium, Caribbean Reef, Waters of the World, Polar Play Zone, Wild Reef, and a host of others.

Other than its exhibits, this rare gem also features an interactive play area for children with an admirable underwater viewing area.

Hence, while you’re busy navigating through its numerous exhibits, your kids wouldn’t be left out.

In fact, there’s a gorgeous 4D Theater here with insightful documentation and nature-rich presentations.

Anywhere you are in Chinatown, Chicago, drive down to this favorite spot, it will well be worth it.

Bear in mind that the entrance fee here is $40.

Address: 1200 S Dusable Lk Shr Dr, Chicago, IL 60605, United States

8. Millennium Park Of Chinatown, Chicago

Millennium Park, Chinatown, Chicago

Millennium Park

Opening on a daily basis from 6:00 AM through 11:00 PM, the Millennium Park is an inclusive attraction for every park goers.

It is operated by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and has since 2004 been the sole attraction that has been drawing over 24 million tourists to Chinatown, Chicago.

This 24.5-acre attraction has a variety of public arts and in its outdoor area, there is a Pavillion, a beautiful garden, and a children’s play area.

It also features an ice skating ring facility, a movie theater, and an impressive art gallery.

Moreover, this park is known for its user-friendly navigation & it also features a large Campground.

Be it watching the reflections of the majestic Chicago skyline on Cloud gate or exploring the nearby Crown Fountain or catching bands performing in the pavilion area or the Christmas tree during the holiday season, or taking a stroll up to the Buckingham fountain in nearby Grant park, or the Ice-skating rink, there are lots of things to experience at the Millennium Park.

Most lovely, there’s a restaurant on-site with diverse menu options and nice wines & bears.

It’s not overly expensive; a full-day adventure here costs just $45.

Address: 201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

9. Triple Crown Restaurant | Dim Sum | Chinese Food, Chinatown, Chicago

Triple Crown Restaurant | Dim Sum | Chinese Food, Chinatown, Chicago

Triple Crown Restaurant | Dim Sum | Chinese Food

What would have been better than finding a classic restaurant with every menu list that will satisfy your cravings?

Obviously, a great deal for anyone coming to Chinatown for a visit or tourism.

Hence, upon your arrival in this downtown, head straight to the Triple Crown Restaurant | Dim Sum | Chinese Food, there’s every menu desire waiting for you.

The Triple Crown Restaurant | Dim Sum | Chinese Food is a large open space area offering authentic Dim Sum & Cantonese cuisine.

From its buns to dumplings, to perfectly prepared rolls & chops, this eatery is simply top-notch.

To top that up, there are several vegetarian options for those that are conscious of their health, and more particularly, there are lots of options for the kids in its menu list.

And, in fact, the staff are just the best set of individuals you’ll be happy interacting with. They’re so courteous, friendly, and kind in their interaction with tourists.

How about their various prices and food proportion? These are just the best you could get in Chinatown.

On any day you’ll be here, take note that this lovely place opens at 10:00 AM on Sundays and closes at 9:00 PM.

On Mondays through Thursdays, it’s open from 11:00 AM through 9:00 PM.

Meanwhile, if you are in this downtown on Saturday, you can plan to come here from 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Address: 2217 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, United States

10. Grant Park

Grant Park, Chinatown, Chicago

Grant Park

Originally referred to as ‘Lake Park,’ Grant Park is a neighborhood attraction in Chinatown that dates back to this city’s founding.

Grant Park is a 319-acres urban park within the central business district of Chinatown, Chicago in Illinois.

The park features gardens, performance venues, artwork, and harbor facilities.

Additionally, this open space area hosts several cultural activities and a series of public gatherings.

More so, this park is generally flat making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking and biking.

There are also sporting activities, among which are sixteen softball fields, a baseball field, and twelve tennis courts that are open to the public every day.

Interestingly, within this beautiful spot, there are also many children playing amenities and a large playground.

It also boasts many restaurants and a large parking space for travelers.

Whether it is your first time or your hundredth time coming to Chinatown, this is a fabulous place that’s sure to give you an impressive vacation experience.

Incredibly, it’s pet friendly! Although, it’s necessary to state that, dogs must be on leashes for the safety of all other visitors.

Meanwhile, take note that this is a busy area, hence, it’s advisable you come early.

Address: 337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

11. National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture At Chinatown, Chicago

National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture, Chinatown Chicago

National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture

Formerly known as the Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture, the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture is a museum In Chinatown that strives to interpret the arts and culture of the Puerto Rican people and that of the Puerto Ricans of Chicago.

It’s a public attraction established in 2001 and has been known for its series of community education, visual arts exhibitions, and festivals.

Among the notable exhibitions featured, there is the artwork of Antonio Martorell, Osvaldo Budet, Ramon Frade Leon, Elizam Escobar, and Lizette Cruz, in addition to its many Puerto Rican and local Chicago artists.

This Institute has equally sponsored musical presentations and events including an annual Navi-Jazz performance, that’s often referred to as a “fusion of Puerto Rican and African American musical elements.”

Most remarkably, this establishment is not for profit making. Hence, it requires zero dollars to navigate through the many exhibits that await your arrival.

Note, this great spot isn’t accessible on Sundays and Mondays.

Address: 3015 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

12. Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, Chinatown Chicago

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

Known to the locals as Lincoln Park Lily Pool, the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool is an important example of Prairie School landscape architecture design.

It’s a pleasurable spot in Chinatown, Chicago that developed between 1936 through 1938.

This worthwhile destination is a great venue for photos, and moreover, its gorgeous scenery is an excellent place for a quiet walk or rest to escape the city and relax for a bit.

Besides, the lily pond, temple-like structures, and babbling waterfall make this a must-visit for seasoned nature lovers and novices alike.

The pond has ducks and you may see bullfrogs if not you will hear the mating calls if in season.

In fact, this beautiful, tranquil, and quiet place has Japanese garden vibes, making it a more desirable location for lunch or a date with family or a lover.

The garden is also stunning and if you love animals, you’ll spot lots of monarch butterflies on our stroll around.

It feels like you are in the middle of paradise. Definitely worth a little walk-through anytime you’re in Chinatown, Chicago, Illinois.

The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool is a lovely oasis to walk through or stop and enjoy the natural landscaping and natural wildlife.

It’s free to get in and parking is equally free!

Address: 125 W Fullerton Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

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13. Nature Boardwalk At Lincoln Park Zoo

Nature Boardwalk At Lincoln Park Zoo

Nature Boardwalk At Lincoln Park Zoo

The Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the most picturesque places in Chinatown, Chicago.

It’s a beautiful place that offers lots of wildlife and animals.

Here, you’ll see a very chatty lion, circa Alex from Madagascar, a baby baboon, a little hippopotamus, and many more.

Also, this admirable location has gorgeous views and lush areas, and if you love hiking, you can take the half-mile hike around the nature Boardwalk.

Not just that, this open space area features space for picnics, pet play, and tons of outdoor activities.

On a relaxing walk down the boardwalk around the pond, you will equally see some of the plants and wildlife native to Illinois, they appear so beautiful, and you’ll love them!

Even at that, when you look down in the water, you will see egrets, turtles, as well as fish.

More particularly, this is as well a great place to take a leisurely stroll, meet up with some friends, enjoy nature, or see the Fantastic Chicago skyline.

Besides, anytime you’re here, take some time to read the plaques around the pond, it will give you some good insight into the care that was put into this gorgeous location.

The Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo is also a lovely place to take pictures and get some fresh air!

If you are in Chinatown, don’t shy away from this beautiful greenscape on the outskirts of city life.

Although it’s most beautiful in the summer when the cone flowers are blooming, you really cannot go wrong, even on a rainy spring morning.

This is just one of the best free things to do in Chinatown, Chicago!

Address: 2121 N Stockton Dr, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

14. Hyde Park Art Center

Hyde Park Art Center

Hyde Park Art Center

Through the development of socially adept programs that find ways of engaging diverse people in Chicago’s work of arts, the Hyde Park Art Center is a must check out destination for every lover of arts with an upcoming trip to Chinatown.

Hyde Park Art Center is a visual arts center and the oldest alternative exhibition initiative in Chinatown, Chicago.

What distinguishes this public place from its contemporaries is that this spot primarily exhibits work by emerging artists native to Illinois.

These set of individuals include Leon Golub, Roger Brown, Ed Paschke, Juan Angel Chávez, Ruth Duckworth, Dawoud Bey, Kerry James Marshall, and many more.

Other activities that make this great site relevant among tourists include; gallery talks open house events, gallery talks, and a series of short pieces by guest artists.

Additionally, there’s a “Creative Lessons” for tourists that want to re-envigorate and ensure their re-connection with the creative world.

This Chinatown attraction also prides itself on its many children’s programs that help children to get involved in the arts.

Even with zero cost, you can browse through some really great art installations by European artists, and if that’s not enough, you can head straight to the coffee store adjacent to this fun spot for some nice treats!

In fact, as rarely as you’ll expect of an attraction of this nature, there’s equally a restaurant on site offering nice sandwiches, fries, and lots of appetizers.

Amazingly, the Hyde Park Art Center of Chinatown is wheelchair accessible, and parking is so easy, even, for handicapped vehicles.

This is just a place to unwind, will certainly be worth the stop any time you’re on a visit to Chinatown.

Address: 5020 S Cornell Ave, Chicago, IL 60615, United States

15. Oriental Institute Museum, Chinatown, Chicago

Oriental Institute Museum

Oriental Institute Museum

Since its opening in 1919, the Oriental Institute Museum has been a prominent leading research institute for the study of human civilizations.

With over 350,000 artifacts, this museum allows tourists and locals alike to learn more about the beginnings of man’s existence.

Through the numerous galleries, you’ll be able to have an empirical look into the ancient Egyptian and Nubia civilizations.

More so, there is a considerably larger proportion of monuments illustrating Persia, Syria, and Mesopotamia civilizations.

Even, if you’re desirous of expanding your horizon by delving into Anatolia and the Levant civilization, you’ll be at the right place coming here.

Other notable works you’ll be able to explore here include the famous Megiddo Ivories; Persepolis treasures from the ancient Persian capital, and a series of Luristan Bronzes collections, among others.

There’s also a monumental statue of King Tutankhamun and its numerous galleries are with pre-historic objects.

Don’t forget, “written sources only tell you what was captured; it’s only archeological excavations that’ll present the true state of things in situ.”

Whether you’re a history buff or an average knowledge seeker who has a keen interest in various ancient civilizations, make it a responsibility to check out this great place when next you’re in Chinatown.

Although donations are strongly advisable, nonetheless, this is a free attraction. Hence, there’s absolutely no drawback to avoiding a stop here.

Best of it, with the exception of Mondays, this establishment by professor James Henry allows tourism on all other days.

Address: 1155 E 58th St, Chicago, IL 60637, United States

16. The Chicago Theatre

Chicago Theatre, Chinatown, Chicago

Chicago Theatre

The Chicago Theatre is a legendary performing arts venue in Chinatown that has been drawing tourists to Chinatown since its inception.

It is wildly known as the Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre and accommodates about 3,600 fun-seekers at a go.

The theater is awesome, and the classic architecture and decorative work around the place are amazing. It’s a great place to see classical movies, including Smokey Robinson’s performances.

It’s also an iconic venue that gains prominence for its musical presentations, concerts, and comedies.

No matter what type of show you have an interest in, it will be an amazing experience in this lovely amusement center.

Also, without any additional fee, popcorn, wine, and alcoholic drinks are regularly served during each presentation.

If that’s not enough, there are a plethora of offerings in its eatery and snack store that’ll solve every one of your cravings.

This venue is a relic of Illinois and is worth seeing a show there if you’re anywhere near Chinatown.

Although, reservations are necessary here. Similar to that, it’s not pet-friendly!

Address: 175 N State St, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

17. Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park

Alexis / Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a recreational community Park on the North end of Chicago in Illinois.

It is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Chinatown that offers lots of delightful activities.

In this enjoyable area, it feels so relaxing and refreshing walking through the grounds, and you’ll have a great view of the Chicago skyline.

Also, in its Conservatory zone, it showcases some exotic plants from all over the world.

It is also nice to gaze at the sparkling blue waters that you’ll see here during your vacation.

This park equally includes many statues, playing fields, playgrounds, and a pond with a nature Boardwalk.

Perhaps, you might love to see and play with animals; there are a plethora of them that are native to Chicago.

There are also amazing bike paths all around this park. Hence, if you have time, rent a bike and set out to see the city in a pleasurable way.

Just as you’ll appreciate, this park is very well kept, and there are many places to picnic or just to have lunch.

Bear in mind that, this place opens all days of the week at 6:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM.

Address: 500-5700 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

18. Willis Tower

Willis Tower,Chinatown Chicago

Willis Tower

Originally referred to as the “Sears Tower,” the Willis Tower is an 11-story in the Loop community area of Chinatown, Chicago.

It was designed by engineer Fazlur Rahman Khan and architect Bruce Graham and was formally opened to the public in 1973 as the world’s tallest building, a nomenclature attributed to it for nearly 25 years.

Today, this monumental landmark is the third-tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere and occupies the position of the 23rd-tallest building in the world.

On an annual basis, this historic landmark welcomes nearly two million visitors from all over the world coming to observe its Skydeck observation deck, making it one of Illinois most popular tourist spots.

To underscore its importance, this ancient site has appeared in several television shows and films including; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Channel’s Life After People, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, amongst others.

Luckily, there’s also a little history museum inside this point of interest that provide a wealth of information about the tower, as well as its place in Chicago’s skyline.

Even at that, this favorite site has a variety of restaurants on the ground floor, so you can take your pick of what you’d like to eat.

Moreover, there is a gift shop at the top of the tower where you can buy stuff to remember the occasion.

To top that up, there is a parking garage that is conveniently right across the street from the tower.

Notwithstanding all these uniqueness, the entrance fee here cost just $37 which is so great.

Anytime you’re in this downtown, don’t constitute an exception to the list of meticulous fun-seekers coming for an adventure here.

Address: 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606, United States

19. Maggie Daley Park, Chinatown, Chicago

Maggie Daley Park, Chinatown, Chicago

Maggie Daley Park

Looking for something exceptional to do while in Chinatown, Chicago?

If yes, upon your arrival in this quaint city, there are many things to explore at Maggie Daley Park!

Essentially, Maggie Daley Park is a 20-acre public park situated towards the Loop community area of Chicago in Illinois.

It’s operated by the Chicago Park District, and it includes an ice skating ribbon, field house, landscaping, and children’s playground, including climbing walls.

This park features a garden with many plants, trees, and flowers.

It also has large tennis courts, a lawn panel, three open lawn areas, picnic groves, and a café space.

Another feature of this attraction is its many play areas for the kids.

Basically, it contains six different play spots, including; the Watering Hole, the Wave Lawn, the Slide Crater, the Harbor, and the Enchanted Forest.

This lovely area also features three full-sized playboats and a boardwalk, and it’s surrounded by flora all through.

Perhaps you might be an ardent golfer; there’s a great golfing facility that’ll give you an unprecedented golfing experience here as well.

Even at that, Maggie Daley Park also prides itself on its multiple levels of slides and swings.

Beautifully, there’s as well a mini water park that’s always bustling with fun activities for the adults.

If you have kids and you’ll be in Chinatown, Chicago, don’t skip out on a visit to this engaging park!

Note, the playground is free for the kids, but some of the other activities, such as mini golf, and ice skating facilities cost money.

Further to that, this park opens from morning to dusk.

Address: 337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

20. Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo

Also known as the Chicago Zoological Park, the Brookfield Zoo is a zoo in the Chicago suburb of Brookfield, Illinois.

It’s an open space area that houses over 450 species of animals. Although established in 1934, this worthwhile place quickly gained recognition globally for using ditches and moats instead of cages to segregate animals from tourists and from other animals.

This zoo is also acknowledged as the first attraction in the United States to have exhibited giant pandas.

On its list of notable animals, the Brookfield Zoo features a Western gray kangaroo, Woma python, Queensland red-claw crayfish, Laughing kookaburra, Short-beaked echidna, and many more.

For its Big Cats categorization, you’ll find Snow leopard, Sloth bear, Amur tiger, African lion, and Amur leopard.

If you’ll love to see Frogs or Reptiles, there’s a Reticulated python, a Papuan olive python, a Mexican beaded lizard, a Green-and-black poison dart frog, Gray-banded kings naked, and many more.

Incredibly, there are equally sensory and playrooms for the little ones.

And while here, there are a few exhibits that have birds that freely fly around the room. So, don’t be surprised if you see them walking around outside the enclosures.

Different from that, there is plenty of tasty treats, with as $5, you’ll have to yourself a small soft serve ice cream cone, and $12 will get you a hot dog basket. What a beautiful place to be!

The zoo is wonderful, the animals are well cared for, and the atmosphere is friendly as well! A visit here will surely be memorable!

Address: 8400 W 31st St, Brookfield, IL 60513, United States

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21. American Writers Museum

American Writers Museum, Chinatown, Chicago

American Writers Museum

In the heart of Downtown Chinatown, Chicago, the American Writers Museum strives to celebrate major genres of writing through its numerous programs and interactive exhibits.

A stop here will allow you to dive into a world of discovery! The Museum’s permanent exhibits will take you on a journey through the story of the United States from the writers’ perspective.

It’s a wonderful place that’ll also introduce you to lovely writing in all genres, showcasing how writing influences present-day American culture and history while equally spotlighting the visceral and beautiful impact of great writing.

At any point in time, you find your way to this downtown; you shouldn’t leave this insightful place behind.

Impressively, the wall here features more than a hundred works that represent dozens of writing categories.

Each tourist on a voyage can open any of these boxes in the wall which will in turn reveals a sensory connection to those beautiful work, including sounds, smells, dioramas, and writing.

Not just that, this quaint destination also hosts lots of events and festivals.

Best of it all, navigating through its many collections, including all of its events and festivals, is absolutely free!

Note this spot doesn’t allow visitors on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Nevertheless, on all other weekdays, it’s always in operation between 10:00 AM through 5:00 PM.

However, be sure to come with some portion of food and possibly a bottle of water because there are no food trucks on site.

Address: 180 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

22. Civic Opera House

Civic Opera House, Chinatown, Chicago

Civic Opera House

The Civic Opera House is a beautiful 45-story office tower on the Northern side of Wacker Drive in Chinatown, Chicago.

It’s a monumental building that’s made up of art decoration and, since the 4th of November, 1929, has been one of the notable destinations in Chinatown, Chicago.

It contains a wholesome 3,563-seat making it the second-largest opera auditorium in entire Northern America.

Being the permanent home of the Joffrey Ballet and Lyric Opera of Chicago, this incredible place also features a host of exciting activities.

From the cast to the sets to the orchestra, everything at the Civic Opera House is exquisitely performed and always delightful.

Also, the soloists are always outstanding, the choir and the orchestra are fabulous as well, and the whole atmosphere is captivating.

The costumes and decorations are equally exquisite, portraying the grandeur of ancient Rome, adding to the magic and the immortality of the tragic love story that’s mostly portrayed here.

Civic Opera House is a nice place to visit while in Chinatown, Chicago.

It is 88 years old, but its uniqueness is still so sacrosanct!

Everything is just top-notch! From the musicians to the chorus to the lead singers to the sets, lighting, costumes & beautiful theater, it’s all worth a stop.

Address: 20 N Upper Wacker Dr. STE 400, Chicago, IL 60606, United States

23. Jackson (Andrew) Park

Jackson (Andrew) Park, Chinatown, Chicago

Jackson (Andrew) Park

Are you a parkgoer looking for an inclusive attraction to check in while near Chinatown, Chicago?

If that’s all you want, relax, Jackson Park features lots of great amenities that’ll give you a richer vacation experience.

Essentially, Jackson (Andrew) Park is a 551.5-acre site that’s on the South Side of Chicago in Illinois.

It was initially designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1871 to serve as the spot of the World’s Columbian Exposition, making it one of the most historically significant and the largest park in downtown Chicago.

A number of attributes attest to this impressive legacy. For instance, this lovely park has a Japanese garden, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Statue of the Republic, and many more.

More so, this favorite location equally features a gymnasium with three distinct multipurpose rooms and a fitness zone.

During the summer season, its beachside equally offers enjoyable activities.

Far above that, this quaint destination also prides itself on its gorgeous and well-laid-out golfing facility.

In fact, there are also more than 300 species of birds in this park, including the most sought-after monk parakeets, amongst others.

Over 800 species of plants, fungi, and animals are equally the top highlights of this enjoyable area.

Whether you’re craving some crazy things to do in Chinatown or you just want a relaxing environment to spend an hour or more, stop by this beautiful location, you’ll not regret that!

The admission fee here is $3 per person, and it’s open all days of the week.

Address: 6401 S Stony Is Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, United States

Final Remarks

So, make your right selections and set forth for an unprecedented remarkable adventure.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to bring your kids because there’s something for everyone in Chinatown, Chicago.

Safe Trip!