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14 Best Things to Do in Deadwood SD You Shouldn’t Miss

Deadwood is a beautiful city in the United States that currently serves as the county seat of Lawrence County, in South Dakota.

Just 384 miles away from Sioux Falls towards the North Side of South Dakota, this is a haven for every traveler of various interests.

Besides, this city is likewise an impressive outdoor destination renowned for its geological wonders and stunning scenery, including its ever-popular ‘Adam’s House.

This relatively narrow down that’s 41-mile away from Rapid City boasts a total area of 4.93 sq miles, making it a perfect vacation destination for nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and every fun-seekers.

In fact, if you’re not so sure of where your next summer vacation should be, consider Deadwood!

From award-winning parks to its several historic landmarks and a host of other outdoor recreational sites, there’s a bit of something fun in this city.

Impressively, unlike other cities in South Dakota, Deadwood doesn’t have many inhabitants population.

With a population of about 1,156 (as of 2020), you’re quite confident about visiting a city where the crowd will not be your turn-off.

So, get your pen & book and read carefully through our best recommendations for where you can check out once you arrive in this city

Things To Do In Deadwood

1. Adams House, Deadwood

Things to do in Deadwood

Adams House

Being a location with over 146 years of existence, Deadwood is one of South Dakota’s historically rich cities.

Little wonder this area is known as a “gold rush history city.”

If you’re traveling around this South Dakota, one of the top ways you could enjoy yourself is to visit some of the state’s numerous historic sites.

If you would, Adams House is certainly one of those sites worth checking out!

Adam’s House isn’t only rich in historic exhibits, but it’s equally a place where you’ll appreciate the cultural heritage of this amazing area at a glimpse!

Built-in 1892 by Queen Anne, this historic landmark is a must-visit for every historic enthusiast.

Although being a prominent family in Deadwood, the family of William Adam purchased this house shortly after it was built.

But, in 1992, the Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission officially acquired the house.

Today, except on Sundays and Mondays, this point of interest offers tours to travelers of various ages between 10 am through 4 pm.

The tour is always insightful and so fun. In fact, the tour guide acts almost like an old friend! This will in no small way allow you to feel totally relaxed while being here!

Impressively, the admission fee to this meticulously restored building is so affordable.

While adults pay $12, children of age 6 – 12 years pay $6. Meanwhile, the admission fee for children under 5 years is totally free!

If you have a small amount of time while traveling around Deadwood, this site is worth checking out.

In about an hour or less, you’ll be through navigating through the whole artifacts. Nonetheless, the memorable moments will be for a lifetime!

Address: 22 Van Buren St, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

2. Tatanka Story Of Bison At Deadwood

Things to do in deadwood

Chiu-Yi Lin / Tatanka Story of Bison

If you’ll not be checking out Adams House, Tatanka Story of Bison is a perfect fit for your itinerary anytime you’re on a trip to Deadwood.

Unlike the formal being a historic house, Tatanka Story of Bison Unique features a series of exhibits.

These exhibits reflect the history of the native American people and their lifestyle years ago.

Visiting this awesome area is like transporting yourself to the prehistoric era!

It is not just informative, it’s quite inspiring!

Tons of artifacts here illustrate the rebirth, resilience, and period of perseverance at various periods in the United States.

Aside from that, Tatanka’s Story of Bison reflects the true story of American Bison in a unique and clear manner.

Before the early 19th century, in the Northern part of America, millions of bison are seen all around places.

As of today, it’s hard to see any of these wonderful creatures.

What could have happened to the almost extinction of this massive evolution?

The answer to this question is right here at Tatanka’s Story of Bison!

Upon your visit to this historic site, you’ll understand the real reasons that cause the unimaginable near-extinction of these animals.

Even if you’re not a history lover, this isn’t a spot worth excluding from your bucket list.

After all, the absence of knowledge of history is deadly ignorance!

While you’re being welcomed at the visitor’s center with lots of snacks, you will enjoy an unimaginable nice video that tends to summarize your expectation from this attraction, which is so great.

If you’ll be on a vacation here, take note this site opens on Wednesday through Saturday between 10 am to 4 pm and the admission fee is $12.

Address: 100 Tatanka Drive, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

3. George S. Mickelson Trail

Things to do in deadwood

The George S. Mickelson Trail

Are you an outdoor enthusiast and would love to have a nice time during your forthcoming vacation to Deadwood?

As much as you would want the best moments for yourself, your answer will be in the affirmative!

Quite certainly, there are several trails in South Dakota. But, none seems historically significant as George S. Mickelson Trail!

Other than being an awesome terrain suitable for hiking, biking, and trailing, it’s also a nice place that presents lots of interesting history.

Stretching about 109 miles, due to its uniqueness, this trailing facility has been a major stake for fun-seekers coming to Deadwood for several decades.

With a beautiful surface of gravel and crushed limestone, adventuring here is like being in paradise.

Even though it feels like a wilderness trek, there’s also an opportunity for you to engage in cross-country skiing or embark on horseback riding!

Whichever your option would be, it’s certain you’ll be so reluctant to leave on time, it’s always entertaining!

Importantly, George S. Mickelson Trail doesn’t allow pets and motorized vehicles.

Similar to that, smoking here is not allowed. Besides, their operating period is all days of the week between 6 am to 6 pm. Note further that there are only a few on-site restaurants.

So, it’s advisable you come with some snacks and a bottle of water if you’ll be here for a longer period.

Address: George S. Mickelson Trail, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

4. Deadwood’s Days Of ’76 Museum

Things to do in deadwood

Days of ’76 Museum

The Days of ’76 Museum is another beautiful destination you’ll appreciate checking out if you’re in Deadwood.

Essentially, this museum was established in 1924.

Its establishment was to honor Deadwood’s pioneers, who have done something significant for this community.

Since its commissioning, this landmark has been a worthwhile historic spot that has been driving travelers of various interests across the United States.

Impressively, this museum also features amazing displays of firearms and American Indian artifacts. In fact, carriages, and lots of exhibits that illustrate Buffalo Bill Cody and Deadwood’s enduring friendship are also here!

If you’re meticulous enough to include Days of ’76 Museum in your travel plan, aside from immersing yourself in the euphoria of history, your kids will also have loads of fun activities to themselves

There’s a kid’s play area, lots of entertaining activities for them, and quite certainly, amidst the numerous goodies in the gift store, your kids will have the best choice!

A beautiful attribute that makes this fun area stand out is the fact that it is wheelchair accessible.

That suggests that there’s no form of discrimination here! Regardless of your challenges, this fun place is for everyone!

Although, it’s necessary to note that, between May through September, they open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

On the other hand, between October and April, this resourceful area operates between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Tuesday through Saturday. But then, it’s always closed during the winter holidays.

As for the admission fee, adults pay $10, and Children between 6-12 pay $5. As for children of 5 years & under, entrance is free.

Address: 18 76th Dr, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

5. Deadwood Welcome Center

Things to do in deadwood

Brittany Schoenfelderu / Deadwood Welcome Center

Without adequate knowledge, every decision is useless, and knowledge that lacks action is just futile!

If you’re traveling around Southern Dakota and you want the best of your vacationing moments, it will be worthwhile for you to start your trip at Deadwood Welcome Center!

Established in 2007, the Deadwood Welcome Center provides travelers with sufficient information on the various points of interest and local attractions in Deadwood.

The staff here are so friendly and will do every possible thing in ensuring that every traveler has the best travel experience in this city.

Other than being a visitor information center, this region also offers plentiful souvenirs and gifts of various structures with flexible prices.

You wouldn’t pay any entrance fee to explore the best out of this site and the most impressive of it all is that there are lots of parking areas here.

Take note that this information desk is in operation on a daily basis all year-round between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Don’t forget, you may be having a different orientation about Deadwood! Or, what if your facts are not accurate? What if everything you intend to enjoy has seized to exist?

To avoid a disappointing moment that may be a result of unforeseen circumstances, begin your Deadwood vacation here!

Address: 501 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

6. Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower

Things to do in Deadwood

The Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower

Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower also known as Mount Theodore Roosevelt Monument, is located along the Black Hills National Forest in Deadwood.

Dedicated on July 4, 1919, to Theodore Roosevelt, who was the 26th President of the United States of America.

This structure was erected by Seth Bullock shortly after Theodore Roosevelt died in 1919, as a memorial to illustrate his strong love for his friend (Roosevelt).

Although, pathetically, Seth Bullock died a month after the dedication of this monument. Nonetheless, as of today, this insightful area has gained a greater momentum among visitors and tourists alike.

If you’re on a trip here, you can take a little hike to the tower before you decide to ascend the stairs to experience an impressive panoramic view of this beautiful Black Hills!

In addition, picnic facilities are plentifully available along the way, and several educational plates throughout this route will give you a perfect history of the lifestyle of this 26th United States President.

To underscore its importance, this awesome destination was recognized on 22nd December 2005 as one of the most historic landmarks in the United States.

It’s a typical attraction that you have to come with a very sharp camera to capture every one of your activities here because it’s sure to be memorable.

Impressively, this is a free attraction, so, regardless of your budget, it’s a win-win for you!

How soon will your vacation to this city of South Dakota be?

Regardless of when it would be, it will be well worth it for you to spend a couple of hours here.

Address: Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

7. Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort, Deadwood

Things to do in deadwood

Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort

If you love casinos and you’re traveling to Deadwood, you’ll probably feel at home beyond your expectations, because the city boasts one of the best casino gaming centers in South Dakota.

With Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort, your gaming experience is sure to be action-filled like never before!

Situated in the downtown city of Deadwood, South Dakota, Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort is the Black Hills’ most pleasurable full-service casino offering games to travelers of age 21 and above.

Get in on the action with live poker, sports betting, over 240 slot machines, blackjack, roulette, or craps. Whatever your choice would be, you’ll feel good to be here!

This gaming floor is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is so great!

In fact, during any of the gaming intermission, you can step out of the casino to satisfy your cravings in their all-in-all restaurant. You’ll never be short of great choices!

Not just that, to lodge here is the best decision you could make when next you’re in Deadwood.

Everything isn’t just perfect, it’s extremely awesome!

Perhaps you might be cut up by the night here, that’s never anything to feel sad about!

If you’re not lodging, the exhilarating nightclub is enough to keep you awake all through the night without having the thought of missing home.

Address: 360 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

8. Wild Bill Hickok Memorial Status

Things to do in deadwood

Wild Bill Hickok Memorial Status

The major fault of humankind is the fact that we are prone to repeat mistakes.

That is why it’s never too much to learn every aspect of historical antecedents. This is because it tends to open everyone’s eyes to stories of past generations.

By so doing, you’ll have the necessary knowledge which invariably will be helpful to avoid the shortfall of earlier inhabitants.

Located just adjacent to the Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort, Wild Bill Hickok is a historic landmark that’s dedicated to Wild Bill Hickok.

Historically, Wild Bill Hickok is known for his life on the frontier as a scout, soldier, gambler, lawman, actor, and showman.

He was a nobleman that earned a great deal of notoriety during his period.

Although some reports that are contemporaneous with his exploits are proven to be fictitious. Nevertheless, they stand as the basis for much of his fame in the present-day era.

While this man was known to have killed several unknown gunmen while he was alive, he died in 1876, living for only 39 years!

His story is so interesting and no matter what’s in various literature illustrating this, you can only have a better appreciation if you stop at this monument memorialized in his honor.

There are parking lots, there is zero admittance fee and they are open all days of the week.

Although there are no on-site food trucks, that isn’t enough reason to exclude this site from your itinerary!

Its unique attributes outweigh that shortfall!

Address: 501 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States.

9. Terry Peak Ski Area

Terry Peak Ski Area

Terry Peak Ski Area

Dress in lagers, get your gear ready, and prepare to hit the trains & slopes during the winter period at Terry Peak Ski Area!

Skiing in this area isn’t just pleasurable as usual, it’s totally safe and its modern facility makes it a top-notch attraction for travelers of all skill levels.

Stationed in the Black Hills of South Dakota, this family-friendly ski resort also boasts a good range of trails and its layout is so beautiful.

Even if you’re new to skiing adventure or snowboarding, with the great instructors herein, you’re sure of finding the most suitable class for your skill level.

The bar here too is a plus to what every lover of beer coming here will enjoy.

It has surprisingly reasonable drinks and beer with a flexible price tag, unlike other resorts that are hugely expensive.

Although the food selection in this amazing place is a bit limited, what they offer is good enough to give you a choice to make.

The view from the top is amazing! The staff is pretty friendly and helpful and the prices are relatively cheap. What more would you have wanted? Absolutely, everything here is great!

Except you’re not in for the best adventure during your trip to Deadwood. This site is worth prioritizing on your itinerary.

Address: Terry Peak Ski Area, SD 57754, United States

10. Belle Joli Winery Tasting Room

Belle Joli Winery Tasting Room

Belle Joli Winery Tasting Room

Do you love to have some tasty wines while you’re on travel to Deadwood?

For the fact that wines help to keep the memory sharp, regulate blood sugar, and lower bad cholesterol, you definitely wouldn’t answer in a negative form!

If you’re in Deadwood, anytime, any season, Belle Joli Winery Tasting Room offers the best wines at a very lower price.

Belle Joli Winery Tasting Room has multiple award-winning wines & beers and the best part of this tasting room is that the grapes are grown locally.

Delight your senses if you’re traveling around South Dakota by sampling from the series of wine varieties in this pleasurable area.

Note, the hours of operation here are between 11 am to 8 pm. Impressively, other than the most awesome wines this attraction is known for, if you’ll care to have some snacks or pizza while on-site, you’ll be able to have that plentiful at inexpensive prices as well.

Although, there’s really nothing appealing to kids here, and it’s not pet friendly, notwithstanding, every of your time spent here will surely be worth it.

Address: 594 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

11. Antique Emporium

Antique Emporium

Jerry Rawlings / Antique Emporium

Does it mean Deadwood is only popular for its historic landmarks?

Definitely not! Since history enthusiasts have a lot of sites to explore, so also solo adventurers!

Amongst the series of attractions for travelers who want the best vacationing experience in this downtown city of Deadwood is the Antique Emporium!

Featuring over 100,000 items of antiques, Antique Emporium is an award-winning antique store that has been serving South Dakota and its neighboring cities since its establishment.

Specializing in custom paints, aluminum statuary, and other varieties of antique collectibles, Antique Emporium is just a haven on earth for every lover of antiquities.

Being South Dakota’s largest dealer in antiquities, you’re sure of getting the best price range here. Even at that, the conduct of various antique vendors here is quite satisfactory.

If your itinerary isn’t too fixed up, this is a place to stop by for a treasure hunt if you’re traveling near South Dakota!

In case you’ll have a stop here, note that this store doesn’t open on Mondays. Meanwhile, on Sundays, the operation hour here is between 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

While on Tuesday through Saturday, you can conveniently come for antiquities hunting here between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Address: 409 Cliff St, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

12. Boot Hill Tours

Boot Hill Tours

Kelsey Cardot / Boot Hill Tours

Discover the most beautiful narrations that make Deadwood a nonstop tourist spot through an hour tour with Boot Hill Tours.

Boot Hill Tours is best at customizing adventurous trips for adventurers based on travelers’ interests and peculiarities.

While traveling through South Dakota and you’ll love to have a glimpse at some of the most historic regions in Deadwood, it’s non-negotiable that a stop here will suffice!

You’ll be happy to see how history will come to life right in front of your eyes with this short memorable tour!

Interestingly, each of the guides that accompanies every visitor through this trip are locals with a strong passion for retelling this city’s rich history.

Aside from taking you through some of these historic sites, you’ll also have the privilege of enjoying meals at some of Deadwood’s best restaurants.

The best part is that going on a tour with Boot Hill Tours is totally economical.

While you spend so low, you’re sure to enjoy a trip to over 20 historic sites, which is so great!

Instead of checking through these sites one after the other and paying separate admission fee, a one-time affordable fee with Boot Hill Tours covers it all!

So, why wouldn’t you join a host of other fun-seekers in adding this attraction to their itinerary?

No matter how perfect the excuse may be, it’s a self-deprivation to oblige to it!

Therefore, if you can modify your itinerary to include this awesome tour agency, you’ll surely be happy doing so!

Address: 3 Siever St, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

13. Deadwood Alive

Deadwood Alive

Tdg / Deadwood Alive

Deadwood Alive has been educating and entertaining travelers and inhabitants of Deadwood for the past 20 years.

With its regular performances and main street shootouts, you’ll likely find this place so interesting if derive so much pleasure in movies.

Aside from its series of exhibitions and concerts, this delightful site is also known for its all-year-round musical performances.

To ensure that every visitor is adequately entertained, Deadwood Alive employed several skillful support staff and actors.

With Deadwood Alive, you’ll experience the historical reenactments of this city in an unusual but entertaining way.

Perhaps you might be a cultural enthusiast, your decision to come here is just so accurate. You’ll also enjoy lots of cultural activities here as well.

No matter your age, no matter the season, and no matter your interests, this place is sure to fit on your bucket list if you’d be on travel to Deadwood.

In fact, despite its huge amenities and host of programs, the ticket fee for this entertaining site is so cheap.

While you have the best, you’ll pay so low, that’s so impressive!

Meanwhile, if you’re here with extra cash in your wallet, you can just take a step outside the theater to have some tasty snacks in their snacks store during the intermission period.

Even if you’re a fan of wine or coffee, you’ll not be short of options navigating through their store!

Deadwood Alive is overall an impressive place suitable for afternoon enjoyment anytime you’re traveling around South Dakota!

Address: 715 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

14. Black Hills Off-Road Rentals

Black Hills Off-Road Rentals

Black Hills Off-road Rentals / Johnny Sundby

Conveniently situated in the southern part of Deadwood, Black Hills Off-Road Rentals is an attraction that offers gear facilities for Snowmobile and off-road enthusiasts.

If you’re desirous of trying out a newer adventure during your exploration of Deadwood, this site should be on top of your itinerary!

Besides, Black Hills Off-road Rentals provides an assortment of ATV and snowmobiling gear for travelers of various skill levels.

The most beautiful feature of this lovely region is that there’s absolutely everything that’ll make your stay comfortable on site.

At Black Hills Off-road Rentals, there’s a full-service gas station, a beautiful bar, a restaurant, and a campground with enough parking.

Perhaps you might be naïve to be here for the first time, but that’s never a problem!

There are friendly and knowledgeable tour guides who aren’t only eager to answer every visitor’s questions, but apparently so courteous.

Not just that, they always devise every possible means to ensure that the fun moment is an inclusive one for everyone on site.

Address: 21565 US-385, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

Final Remarks

Evidently, Deadwood boasts various beautiful and fun sites.

Whether you want an attraction that is suitable for a holiday vacation or solo adventure, this city has a bit of something interesting and fun for all interests.

So, there should be nothing delaying you from planning a vacation here!

But then, while you’d be doing that, carefully narrow down your itinerary with the aid of the recommendations above!

Wish you a safe journey ahead!