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19 Best & Fun Things To Do In French Lick (Indiana)

French Lick is a town in southern Indiana with a population below 2000 and the town is mostly known for its mineral springs.

The town offers countless opportunities for amusement and fun for people of all ages, in addition to its rich heritage.

The French Lick West Baden Museum provides a history of the area’s renowned mineral springs, the town’s old casinos in addition to a sizable circus diorama.

The town also has amazing golf courses that would interest any golfer.

The French Lick Scenic Railway provides rides on historic diesel locomotives through the Hoosier National Forest.

In addition to all these, there are different restaurants with delectable meals.

Although French Lick is a small town, it’s also rich in attractions and beautiful places to visit.

Things to do in French Lick, Indiana

1. French Lick West Baden Museum

French Lick West Baden Museum

French Lick West Baden Museum

Perhaps you want to learn one or two about French Lick? then this museum is your best bet. In fact, if you are a visitor, this place is a must-go.

Located in downtown French Lick, the French Lick museum is a small local history museum that explains a lot about the history of French Lick and West Baden.

It was established in 2007 for French Lick’s 150th birthday and has since served visitors and residents.

Discover the rich history of the region between 1900 and 1930.

It has exhibits on the founding fathers, the springs and associated resorts, artisans, gambling, sports, the railroad, and the circus.

In addition, you learn more about the well-known athletes, politicians, riders, and artists who have lived in the area in the past.

This museum houses one of the best circus miniatures you will ever see. In fact, you could spend hours looking at the Miniatures exhibit. The attention to detail is just outstanding.

Between 1860 and 1949, French Lick town and West Baden Springs both had numerous casinos that were recorded, even though gambling was prohibited in the state. The Museum shares the intriguing tales of the people who owned and operated these casinos.

There’s also a small gift shop with unique items. Definitely worth a visit. It’s very interesting and fun to browse through.

At the end, there are extensive dioramas of the circus, including how they traveled via train, parade through the town, and the actual circus setup.

The French Lick West Baden museum is one place you shouldn’t miss on your visit to the city.

Address: 469 S Maple St Suite #103, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

2. Shotz Miniature Golf and Lazer Tag

Shotz Miniature Golf and Lazer Tag

Shotz Miniature Golf and Lazer Tag

How about a fun family destination in French Lick?

Shotz Miniature Golf and Lazer Tag offer year-round adventures of various kinds, whether they are inside or outdoors.

Shotz has a variety of options to play.

They offer laser tag, 9-hole indoor black light cosmic golf, 18-hole outdoor mini golf, arcade, and laser frenzy.

There’s also a 35-foot rock-climbing wall, a 3-station bungee trampoline, indoor laser tag, and other activities you will enjoy.

Address: 8529 IN-56, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

3. French Lick Resort

French Lick Resort

The French Lick Resort

French Lick Resort, which includes the storied French Lick Springs Hotel and West Baden Springs Hotel, is one of the best places you can unwind and just have fun.

Originally known as the “French Lick Springs Hotel,” and debuting in 1845, the hotel has since grown to cover three thousand acres.

It also has stables, three golf courses, including the renowned Pete Dye course, and a casino in addition to the two historic hotels.

The lovely resort in French Lick, Indiana, offers a wide range of activities. Whether an adult or a kid, this resort has something for everyone.

At the West Baden and French Lick Springs hotels, you can unwind with a good book on the porches.

You can revitalize your spirit by engaging in enjoyable activities like biking, hiking trails, horseback riding, bowling, and much more.

In addition, don’t forget to visit the Valley Tower. It’s a new hotel that has been added to the resort’s grounds.

Watch all of your favorite sporting events in a comfortable chair while savoring a delectable meal or appetizer.

There are many excellent options to complete the ideal adult night out, including a sizable beer selection, craft liquors, cocktails, and wine.

Address: 8670 IN-56, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

4. French Lick Scenic Railway

french lick scenic railway

French Lick Scenic Railway

There are a ton of different activities you can do to enjoy the outdoors in French Lick, but this French Lick scenic railway is amazing.

Over a distance of 25 miles, the French Lick Scenic Railway runs passenger trains between French Lick and Jasper.

The Railway’s main goal is to give visitors an experience that transports them back to a time when long-distance travel by train was the main mode of transportation.

Furthermore, it was called the Indiana Railway Museum before and although the operation was moved to French Lick in 1978, everything started in Westport.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; you’re in for a spectacular treat as it passes by some of Indiana’s most breathtaking scenery.

Along the way, you’ll pass intriguing geological formations, an 1850s-era log cabin, and the second-longest railroad tunnel in the state of Indiana.

The picturesque tours last for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The railroad also provides excursions during the holiday season, including Wild West Hold-Up, Dinosaur Adventure Train, and even the Polar Express!

Although you can go on any excursion of your choice; however, scenic tours are available all year long.

Whether you take a Scenic Excursion, a French Lick to Jasper Train, or a Dinner Train Special, you will experience history while riding on the French Lick Scenic Railway.

Address: 8594 W. State Road 56, Box 150, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

5. 33 Brick Street, French Lick

33 Brick Street, French Lick

33 Brick Street, French Lick

Within walking distance of the French Lick Resort and Casino, 33 brick street serves one of the most amazing meals in French Lick.

They provide top-notch food and service and are locally owned and run. You can choose to watch a game or merely browse the sports merchandise on offer.

In fact, the foods are always cooked to perfection, and the chips and queso are to die for.

Numerous sporting medals and other items of memorabilia belonging to a local hero and NBA star Larry Bird enhance the ambiance, since French Lick is his hometown.

Various conventional American meals are available, and indoor and outdoor seating options are available.

Seafood lovers can sample classic fish and chips, fish tacos, shrimp, salmon, and other seafood dishes.

There are also a variety of mouthwatering steaks, ribs, chops, and burgers.

Address: 480 S Maple St, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

6. French Lick-West Baden Indoor Karting

French Lick-West Baden Indoor Karting

French Lick-West Baden Indoor Karting

Come have a racing experience like never before at the French Lick-West Baden indoor karting.

Whether you are here all by yourself or with family, there’s always something for everyone.

This place is loaded with fun from a Grand Prix-style racetrack to a bounce house for the kids.

Experience the ultimate racing action in a 65,000-square-foot space that features a difficult quarter-mile road course, a full arcade, and a spacious viewing area.

Almost any event can be celebrated here, including family reunions, church gatherings, team building, and everything in between.

The French Lick -West Baden indoor karting operates from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm from Monday to Thursday. While it’s 11:00 am – 11:00 am from Friday to Saturday.

However, on Sunday, the opening time is quite shorter as it opens from 11:30 am – 6:00 pm.

Address: 8331 IN-56, West Baden Springs, IN 47469, United States

7. Paintball Planet & Airsoft

paintball planet & airsoft, french lick

Paintball Planet & Airsoft

Another place you could have fun is the paintball planet & airsoft.

French Lick is making efforts to develop airsoft and paintball as sports in the region, so you can come and participate.

Planet Paintball offers open-play Airsoft as well as a range of paintball game options that are ideal for both expert and novice players.

Additionally, there are kid-friendly with low-impact paintball and Gelly Ball. Pre-arrange a group reservation, or take advantage of open play on weekends.

Address: 2449 S County Rd 1000 W, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

8. Patoka Lake

Patoka Lake

Patoka Lake

As Loren Eiseley once said, “if there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” You can’t just resist its magic and beauty.

Patoka Lake in Indiana is a great treasure for both nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

Patoka Lake is a body of water in the southwest region of Indiana, close to the historic settlements of French Lick and West Baden.

You can get a great sense of the lake’s ecology here.

In addition, this location offers the best opportunity to witness bald eagle nesting places and a stunning natural environment for freshwater jellyfish.

The park also has a few grill-equipped picnic tables, contemporary showers, locker facilities, and a snack bar.

You can even take part in one-of-a-kind activities at this lake that will improve your talents. Programs that educate you a lot about bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, and other wildlife are available from property management.

9. Patoka Lake Wildlife Cruise

Patoka lake wildlife cruise

Patoka Lake Wildlife Cruise

Why not enjoy the overall experience of being at Patoka Lake by taking a well-deserved cruise?

Take a scenic nature cruise on Patoka Lake and look for wildlife such as osprey, eagles, herons, loons, beavers, and more.

Furthermore, you can take a ride on the double-decker tour boat Patoka Pride or the 60-foot-long Patoka Voyager.

There are inside seating areas and facilities on both tour boats.

Asides from the beauty and watching out for wildlifes, you can also take some fantastic photos on the cruise, whether selfies or just some wildlife photography.

10. French Lick Winery

french lick winery

French Lick Winery

If you are a sucker for wines and spirits, the French Lick winery is just the right place to go.

French Lick Winery first opened its doors in the Beechwood Mansion in 1995.

As the winery expanded and began producing different types of wines, they moved to another site.

Visitors will be guided through their extensive choice of more than 30 different wines, which range from dry to sweet, fortified, and sparkling, by professionals.

Plan your trip to the French Lick Winery to take advantage of the award-winning wine tastings and the observation windows to observe the winemaking process.

There are also opportunities to grab something to eat if you are famished.

You can buy different sorts by the glass, bottle, or case, ranging from Dry through Semi-dry/Semi-sweet, Sweet, Sparkling, and Fortified.

Only on Saturdays are tours offered, and reservations are necessary to accommodate groups.

The winery is open from 11 am-5 pm from Sunday through Thursday while Friday and Saturday opening times are from 11 am-9 pm.

Address: 8145 W Sinclair St, West Baden Springs, IN 47469, United States

11. The Donald Ross Course

The donald ross course

The Donald Ross Course

Consistently ranked as Indiana’s second-best public course by Golfweek since 2011, the Donald Ross course takes golfers back in time to play the game as it was meant to be played.

Donald James Ross created “The Hill Course,” as it was initially called, in 1917.

Furthermore, the course hosted the PGA Championship, won by Walter Hagen, just seven years later, in 1924.

Similarly, the course has a history of hosting championship women’s golf events, going all the way back to the 1900s

You will find a total of 80 of Ross’ signature bunkers, which are known for their flat bottoms and steep, gnarly sides. The original 35 bunkers Ross built for the course in 1917 still exist today.

The old clubhouse on the course has a pro shop and a welcoming atmosphere for a drink or bite to eat.

This is a place a golfer, be it professional or amateur, will appreciate.

Address: 11160 IN-56, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

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12. Big Splash Adventure

big splash adventure french lick

Big Splash Adventure

This location doesn’t need an introduction. Looking at the name, you know what to expect. But you do not expect how large and amazing this place is.

Adventure Big Splash is the place to have a splash no matter the season. It’s one of those places you want to go to as a family and make sure everyone has some fun.

In fact, this indoor water park is 40,000 square feet of awesomeness.

In addition, it has been referred to as “the greenest big water park project to date” due to its creative and environmentally friendly design.

The pirate plunder slide and the lost reverse are some of the most well-known water rides in this place.

Retractable roofs, water slides, lagoons, and artificial indoor rivers are some of its key features.

On the Pirate’s Plunder slide, the Lost River, the Lost Treasure Lagoon, and the Jolly Roger Jetty slide, you’ll hear people of all ages squealing with childlike glee.

No need to worry about the weather because you can enjoy the water park all year long as it is an indoor park enclosed in a gorgeous glass structure.

Best part? Accommodations, dining, and on-site shopping are available here.

Address: 8505 IN-56, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

13. Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

Close your eyes, and imagine eagles, elephants, or just anything carved into a wood sculpture. These and more are what you’ll get at this place.

Bear Hollow is a Must Visit for anyone visiting the French Lick.

The store has a large variety of things to see and buy. From chainsaw carvings by the owner, Jason Emmons, and several other nationally known artists, to shirts, soaps, lotions, pottery, popcorn, and so many other items.

In addition, you have the option of purchasing one of the pieces that are on exhibit or having a wood carving made just for you or a friend.

The Block Bash event, which attracts top performers from around the nation, is the ideal time to go.

Finally, great ice cream and coffee drinks are available at the nearby Licks Ice Cream.

Address: 469 S Maple St #104, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

14. German Cafe

german cafe french lick

Kristie W / German Cafe

Take a delicious tour of Germany’s world-class cuisines.

You are served a very traditional basic German feast that doesn’t fall short in either amount or quality.

It is also affordable, which is always a welcome benefit.

In fact, anyone who has been to this restaurant would agree to its excellence

The jaeger schnitzel, short ribs, and German fries are must-tries despite the menu’s wide variety.

In addition, there’s a sizable beer and wine selection to go with your meal. You won’t go away hungry, so be sure to pack some food.

They are also veg-friendly and offer gluten-free options.

If you’re in town and want a special dining experience, this is the place to go.

Address: 452 S Maple St, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

15. Peter Dye Course

Peter Dye Course

Peter Dye Course

French Lick is endowed with quite a handful of golf courses; if you are a golfer, you will always find the course you like.

Peter dye course at French Lick is rated one of the best courses in the country.

This design featured volcano bunkers, rumpled chipping swales, and country-lane cart paths.

Pete Dye at French Lick measures just over 8,100 yards from the tips.

Three lakes, bunkers, and a stunning panoramic view of the countryside are some of the things you will get from the course.

Whether for golfing or the beautiful panoramic view, you will love it.

Address: 8670 West, IN-56, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

16. Escape French Lick

escape french lick

Escape French Lick

If you want to go out of the norm and have a good time, learn something new and just have fun, escape rooms are just the right place.

In addition, escape rooms are ideal for a date, a birthday celebration, a night out with friends or a team-building exercise.

Founded in 2016 by Robert and Julie Miller, Escape French Lick has up to 3 different escape rooms you can explore.

Although reservation is required and children from 6 years of age upward are allowed in escape rooms; however, children between 3 and 6 can be considered if it’s fine with the parents.

Furthermore, this establishment’s escape rooms are carefully crafted with realism-inspired set design and interactive objects to offer a profoundly immersive and captivating experience.

Al Capone, where’s Harry, and time capsules are the three escape rooms you get to explore here. The best part? You can explore them all.

It’s time to escape the room, so look for hints, solve riddles, and cooperate to solve the case!

Address: 8582 W College St, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

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17. Xanadu

Xanadu, French Lick

West Baden Springs Hotel / Xanadu

Xanadu is located just down the hall from the lobby inside the West Baden Springs Hotel.

Visit Xanadu Coffee and Creamery if you enjoy baked products and coffee.

It’s just impossible to resist the delicious aroma of their freshly made waffle cones, baked goods, and Starbucks coffee

Additionally offered are chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.

When the weather is nice, you may relax outside and enjoy their favorite baked goods and coffee while taking in the atmosphere.

What are you waiting for? Grab a cappuccino or mocha and enter the stunning old atrium or garden-view verandah!

18. The Mansion at the Pete Dye Course

The Mansion at the Pete Dye Course

The Mansion at the Pete Dye Course

Enjoy a peaceful meal while admiring one of Indiana’s most breathtaking sights.

The Mansion at Pete Dye, which was built in 1928, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Jazz Age.

Thomas Taggart, the former proprietor of the French Lick Springs Hotel, erected the residence for his son Thomas D. Taggart and his family.

Enjoy a sandwich and a drink while taking in the stunning Pete Dye-designed course that has been cut into the southern Indiana hills.

Furthermore, chicken salad, burgers, Po-boy, and a range of sandwiches are among the most popular things on the menu.

After dinner, you can also enjoy leisurely strolls around the mansion or the lovely golf course.

The restaurant is open between 11:00 am -3:00 pm from Monday to Sunday and reservations are required.

Address: 8670 West, IN-56, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

19. Wilstem Wildlife Park

wilstem wildlife park

Cheryl / Wilstem Wildlife Park

Have you always wanted to snap and get up close with an elephant? Here’s the opportunity.

This 1,100-acre property is located halfway between French Lick, Indiana, and Paoli, Indiana.

You may go on zip line tours, have animal interactions, ride horses on the trails, and more at this wildlife park.

You can have elephant encounters, where you get up close with elephants, from march to November.

There are grizzly bear and giraffe encounters as well.

In addition, several cabin combinations for families, couples, or bigger family reunions are available at the horseback riding lodging facility.

Address: 4229 US Highway 150, French Lick, IN

Final Remarks

Sometimes it’s not about the size of a place that matters, but how much fun you can get and the historical artifacts available. Fun, Historical facts, great eateries, and many more are things you will enjoy here.

Don’t forget to board the French Lick scenic railway for the of a lifetime.