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17 Best & Most Fun Things to Do in Seaward (Alaska)

Sportfishing, kayaking, boat cruising, and helicopter tours are just a few of what you will enjoy in Seaward, Alaska!

Named after the formal United States Secretary of State, William Seward, this fourth-largest city in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, has tons of awesome activities for adventurers of all ages.

Besides, Seward is also a prime cultural destination that is known for hosting a series of activities that are culturally rich.

If you’re on vacation to this quaint city, you wouldn’t have any issues filling your entire calendar with beautiful sites.

Although Seward looks like an old-fashioned village, but then, there is plenty of modernity in its trendy sites and attractions.

It balances new and old settings of adventure, which you will find highly impressive.

So, are you ready to check out some of Sewards’ most interesting sites that are sure to make your trip memorable?

Let us begin!

Things To Do In Seward, Alaska

1. Sea Life Center, Seaward

Alaska Sea Life Center

Kaitlin Thoresen / Sea Life Center

A vacation is obviously an opportunity to learn, enjoy, and engage in something new and memorable!

With Sea Life Center, you will not only have a fun moment; you will equally have a renewed vacation experience!

Essentially, this lovely place is an aquarium and the only permanent marine rehabilitation facility in the state of Alaska.

Located on the shores of Resurrection Bay, this initiative that began operation in 1998 will surely give you a clearer insight into the marine ecosystem of this United States city.

Moreover, this 115,000 square feet attraction houses a variety of sea animals.

Do note the admission fee is inexpensive, and the entire tour duration is about 2 hours.

If you’re traveling around Seward and you want something so thrilling, a stop here will be worth it!

Address: 301 Railway Ave, Seward, AK 99664, United States

2. Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park

Established in December 1980, Kenai Fjords National Park is another top entertaining area in Seaward.

The park covers a total area of about 669,984 acres, and it’s situated along the Kenai Peninsula in the Southern part of Alaska.

This awesome wonderland offers stunning scenery and ocean adventures.

In addition, this park is one of the best hiking destinations in Seaward, and there are tons of animals that’ll make it more enjoyable, even for younger children.

Little wonder this site was recognized as one of the most visited parks in Alaska and has received over 500,000 visitors since its establishment.

Incredibly, if you might derive much pleasure fishing, kayaking, or cruising on the boats, you’ll enjoy that plentiful here as well.

Regardless of these great features, the admission fee is not just $18, which is quite pleasing.

If you’re planning a trip to Seward, remember to include this exciting attraction in your itinerary. You’ll surely return with lots of positive feedback afterward!

Address: 1212 4th Avenue Seward, AK 99664 

3. Resurrection Bay, Seaward

Resurrection Bay, Seaward

The Resurrection Bay

Resurrection Bay is another great place that would be worth your time.

Here, aside from the fact that you will hike as much as you want, you’ll also see wildlife animals and enjoy a beautiful view of the mountain.

This bay is so large and if not for anything else, walking its rocky shore alone is enough to create awesome memories which you’ll stand to remember in years to come!

Expectedly, you might be in Seaward with your kids; that’s never an issue! Resurrection Bay has a large kids’ playarea that keeps little ones busy and entertained.

Address: Resurrection Bay,

4. Kayak Adventures Worldwide

Kayak Adventures Worldwide

Kayak Adventures Worldwide

Just as the name suggests, Kayak Adventures Worldwide is an internationally operated canoe and Kayak tour agency.

Due to its uniqueness, this attraction is one of the few reasons why Seaward is regarded as a tourist destination in the United States.

From providing amazing winter options and adventure for adventure-seekers to its impressive boat tours and snowshoe tours, everything is just so satisfying here!

Although the tour only takes about 4 hours, you will so feel so reluctant to come down afterward because it’s always an adventure!

Is it about the beautiful scenery that’s breathtaking or the tour guide that’s so friendly? Everything is just so awesome!

In fact, beyond that, you’ll have the opportunity to see beautiful creatures such as dolphins, eagles, sea otters, and other wildlife animals.

Should none of these interest you, hiking is a great option for you to choose!

Hiking in this spot is so tranquil amidst the moss-covered trees, and you will surely enjoy it.

No doubt, Kayak Adventures Worldwide deserves the title it holds; it’s indeed an international adventure center!

While coming, do remember to come with $99, which is the admission fee, and ensure you come early to beat the crowd!

Address: 328 3rd Ave, Seward, AK 99664, United States

5. Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures

Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures, Seaward

Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures

At Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures, your desire to enjoy ziplining has become a reality!

With as low as $25, you’ll enjoy a zipline on this three-hour adventure tour.

One beautiful feature of this ‘high ropes and aerial adventure’ is that their modern facility makes ziplining safer here.

Similar to that, there are no treetop obstacles, and the tour guides are exceptionally knowledgeable in aerial adventure.

Do note that, during the tour, you will equally find lots of food vendors, and their food is less expensive.

So, what’s the stumbling block that would prevent you from experiencing an unforgettable zipline adventure in this coastal rainforest attraction?

Think about it; nothing is good enough!

Neglecting vacation is like neglecting success because every success needs accumulated positive energy!

So, don’t be an exception to the larger proportion of travelers coming to check out this fun region in Seaward!

Address: 1304 4th Ave, Seward, AK 99664, United States

6. The Miller’s Landing, Seaward

Miller's Landing

The Miller’s Landing

Miller’s Landing is a secluded fishing campground located adjacent to Resurrection Bay in Seward.

Part of the recreational activities that you’ll enjoy here includes fishing, kayaking excursions, water cruising, and much more!

Beyond these series of activities, this attraction is equally outstanding for its lifelong Alaskan hospitality.

Is it about how the staff acts like old friends to all visitors or how they swiftly respond to questions?

Of a truth, hospitality in Miller’s Landing is second to none!

Just as Richard Burton rightly posited, “the gladdest moments in human life are those moments of a departure into an adventurous site.

During your trip to this destination, you may probably stay longer than you might have planned because fun activities are addictive and highly entertaining!

Address: 13880 Beach Dr, Seward, AK 99664, United States

7. Seaward Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park, Seaward

Waterfront Park

Do you care to check out a recreational site where you’ll have a satisfying moment without having to empty your wallet?

Waterfront Park is a free-admission attraction located between the Seward Boat Harbor and the Alaska SeaLife Center.

This great park offers a series of entertaining activities for visitors and tourists alike.

Among the numerous recreational activities in this park include skating, camping, trailing, and hiking, among several others.

Besides, there’s an opportunity for visitors to swim and the water is always clean.

Should you want some beer to cool down after engaging in any of the fantastic activities here, there’s a little bar center that offers chilled beers!

Address: 420 Ballaine Blvd, Seward, AK 99664, United States

8. Northern Outfitters

Alaska Northern Outfitters, Seaward

Northern Outfitters

If you’re looking for a family-friendly attraction suitable for a holiday vacation, Northern Outfitters is a great option.

Unlike other fun sites above, Northern Outfitters is a fishing charter agency in Seward, Alaska.

Alongside your entire family, if you’re in this delightful place, you can catch fish, enjoy the flying of the seabirds or spend time swimming.

Whichever is your option, it’s sure to give you a pleasurable vacation experience like never before.

Impressively, the water isn’t so deep, which makes it safer for kids to swim.

Except if you’re not ready for enjoyment when next you’re in Seaward, don’t hesitate to check out this place!

However, this attraction is only functional during the first six months of the year.

So, if your vacation period falls within this period of the year, remember to come for a high level of enjoyment with your kids.

Address: 1302 4th Ave, Seward, AK 99664, United States

9. Seward Community Library & Museum

Seward Community Library & Museum

Seward Community Library & Museum

In total agreement with Wayne Chirisa, “Travelling unveils new dimensions of the world not known to the naked eye!”

Of course, unveiling new dimensions go beyond moving from lakes to parks; there are also more things to be learned in the Library.

While on a voyage to Alaska in the United States, Seward Community Library & Museum has a good deal of interesting things.

For example, while you’ll have access to a series of books and archival records, you will also have a glimpse at the video record of most historical occurrences in the state of Alaska.

Aside from that, this public library has a series of book collections for children between the ages of 12 and 16.

The admission fee is just $5 and the operational days of this awesome library are on Tuesday through Saturday between 11 am – 5 pm.

Whether you’re on a vacation or holiday trip to Seaward, don’t leave this city without checking out this fantastic spot. You’ll leave happier than when you came!

Address: 239 6th Ave, Seward, AK 99664, United States

Planning a trip to other areas in Alaska? Check out our list of things to do in Anchorage!

10. The Two Lakes Park At Seaward

Two Lakes PArk, Seaward

Two Lakes Park

Two Lakes Park is a recreational center that is nestled in the southern area of Seaward.

Known for its amazing hiking facility and accessible trailing path, Two Lakes Park is a dream come true for any outdoor enthusiast coming to this city.

It would be so unthinkable to come to this downtown without checking out this attraction that has the most remarkable hiking trails in the whole of Seaward.

Certainly, the only way you can take a vacation from your stressful schedule is by embarking on a worthwhile adventure.

If you’re on exploration to this fun area, you will surely enjoy every minute spent in this park!

The mantra of Operation at Two Lakes Park is “visitors’ enjoyment first, which is obviously a reflection of all the delightful activities here.

Note that the admission fee is affordable, parking isn’t tricky, and you’ll not have to make any extra payments to park your car.

Address: Two Lakes Park, Seward, AK 99664, United States

11. Seaward Resurrect Art Coffee House

Resurrect Art Coffee House

Resurrect Art Coffee House

How about if you have a funky hangout with craft coffee drinks in an art gallery setting during your upcoming vacation to Seaward?

With Resurrect Art Coffee House, your imagination of having a funky hangout has become a reality!

Known throughout the United States for its unique coffee, baking, and awesome works of art, Resurrect Art Coffee House is undoubtedly a charming spot to be.

It has unique decorations, plenty of seating, local artists’ work, and lots of unthinkable attributes you’ll least expect from a coffeehouse.

If perhaps you wouldn’t get any other thing here, do not miss the perfectly crisp, warm, and tasty scone package.

It is well prepared far beyond the junk that’s available elsewhere!

In fact, you may end up exhausting all your money on that alone because it’s always yummy!

Different from being a fantastic coffee house, Resurrect Art Coffee House also offers terrific drinks to visitors, and there’s a large selection of sugar-free options for senior citizens.

The good quality of this outstanding place is just inexhaustible. You need to visit to empirically appreciate what awaits your arrival at this delightful site.

Address: 320 3rd Ave, Seward, AK 99664, United States

12. Exit Glacier Guides – Day Tours

Exit Glacier Guides - Day Tours

Exit Glacier Guides – Day Tours

Just as eating good food regularly and enough exercise is good for the body, vacation is equally necessary for a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle!

Conceivably, that’s not too far from what the World Health Organization recommends “Regular physical activity, such as walking, cycling, wheeling, doing sports or active recreation, provides significant benefits for healthy and long living.”

Exit Glacier Guides – Day Tours provides exceptional hiking opportunities on glaciers to visitors and tourists alike.

More so, this significant attraction has a trekking pole, and there are adequate provisions for tourists that are willing to embark on a hiking tour.

Kayaking and boat cruising are also great options of activity that you could consider while available in this beautiful location.

It’s, however, pertinent to state that the admission price appears slightly pricey.

Meanwhile, it’s sure to be interesting as you’ll enjoy Alaskan adventures on the mountains and glaciers to the fullest! After all, whatever that’s sure to make you happy and bring pleasurable moments worth more than money!

Address: 1013 3rd Ave, Seward, AK 99664, United States

13. Marathon Helicopters

Marathon Helicopters

Marathon Helicopters

Providing delightful helicopter tours for travelers and visitors alike since the year 2016, Marathon Helicopters is a must-visit for any outdoor enthusiasts that’s ready to have full-time enjoyment without minding the financial cost.

The flight tour departs from Seward Airport and returns after an hour.

It’s though an adventure for a very shorter period, but then, the one-hour tour here will appear like a lifetime exploration because it’s interesting.

Amazingly, you’ll be flying with a knowledgeable pilot that is so knowledgeable in marathon tours.

Even though you might have traveled extensively, the memorable experience here will surely be unforgettable!

You wouldn’t mind planning a trip back to Seward just to go on another flight!

14. Seavey’s IdidaRide Sled Dog Tours

Seavey's IdidaRide Sled Dog Tours, Seaward

Seavey’s IdidaRide Sled Dog Tours

If you are in Seaward and are desirous of trying out something new, plan a visit to Seavey’s IdidaRide Sled Dog Tours.

Providing summer dog sled rides and kennel tours to the public since 1963, Seavey’s IdidaRide Sled Dog Tours is remarkably an outstanding vacation destination in Alaska.

Once you pay the admission fee, which isn’t expensive, you will enjoy a two-mile ride tour in this magical wonderland of this lovely city in Alaska.

Other amazing benefits you’ll enjoy here without having to make extra payments include a tour through the Seavey homestead and kennel, where you will have the opportunity of meeting the champion dogs and the adorable pups.

If you want to experience real Alaska in all its splendor, then this tour is what you shouldn’t be excluded from your bucket list while planning a trip to Seward!

You literally have nothing to worry about; the tour adventure is safe, the guides are friendly, and you could even have it at the Resurrection Roadhouse near this beautiful place.

Just a soft reminder, each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for, but just an exploration and fun galore.

Of course, you’ll enjoy yourself at Seavey’s IdidaRide Sled Dog Tours!

Address: 12820 Old Exit Glacier Rd, Seward, AK 99664, United States

15. Yukon Bar

Yukon Bar, Seaward

Yukon Bar

Do you love beers and will love to visit a chilling place where you could have enough of that to yourself when next you’re in Seaward?

This city of Alaska unarguably has loads of bars and beer houses.

Meanwhile, it’s not about the number; what’s important is which of these bar houses will give you an enjoyable vibe.

With much certainty, Yukon Bar is apparently the best to the beat!

Yukon Bar is a historical bar offering awesome beers, cigars, and wine.

It’s a fantastic spot that’s always occupied by locals who are happy to engage in exciting conversations with tourists.

Besides, the outstanding old rock-n-roll music typically makes staying here for a longer period so comfortable

Note that if you’re in Seaward on Wednesday or Thursday, don’t miss the Karaoke and the dance night!

Address: 201 4th Ave, Seward, AK 99664, United States

16. Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker

Captain Jack's Seafood Locker

Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker

If you’re a foodie, Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker is for you!

Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker is located along docks avenue in Seward.

It’s a fantastic place that offers incredibly well-prepared and garnished fish at affordable prices.

An incredible attribute that kept the relevance of this beautiful place intact is the fact that these fish and seafood are harvested in Alaska by local fishermen.

You’ll be surprised to see this little city of Alaska having such a fantastic output.

Amazingly, after your subsequent trip here, you don’t have to repeat your trip to have these amazing packages delivered to you in your home state.

That is, once you visit here and register, your subsequent order will be shipped to you wherever you are, even if it’s outside the United States. This is a welcoming development!

Please note, beyond being one of the most sought-after seafood suppliers in the United States, this attraction also offers some beautiful, fun activities like shows and a series of concerts.

Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker is not just a regular store filled with fish; there’s more to it!

Address: 303 S Harbor St, Seward, AK 99664, United States

17. The Anchor Down Sportfishing

Anchor Down Sportfishing

The Anchor Down Sportfishing

Anchor Down Sportfishing is for travelers who prefer fishing and love to spend more time enjoying what nature has to offer.

Be it winter or summer; Anchor Down Sportfishing is a perfect spot that’s worth visiting either on a lone trip or a group tour.

Aside from the opportunity you’ll have to catch a big fish here; this region equally offers amazing fishing adventure and boat cruising services.

You can choose either the full-day or half-day admission package.

However, the most impressive thing about the admission package is that you would have to make a single payment regardless of how large the number of friends or family coming with you is.

That’s amazing, right? Absolutely, an entertaining destination can never be better than this!

Expectedly, there are a lot of parking spaces. Nevertheless, the admission package appears a bit expensive.

Address: Anchor Down Sportfishing, Seward, AK, United States

Final Remarks

From the above list of attractions in Seward, it’s clear that this city has beautiful sites that will, in no small measure, make your vacation so enjoyable.

Whether you’re a solo traveler or you’re planning a holiday vacation with your family, Seaward has a bit of something fun for everyone.

As you’re making plans, don’t forget to narrow down your itinerary using the above recommendations.

Remember, life is not expected to be taken too seriously at all times.

Sometimes you need to take a break, you need to pause, and you need to embark on vacation.

So, what are you waiting for?

There should be nothing!

While we expect your positive reviews after your trip to this downtown, we wish you a safe trip.