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31 Best & Fun Things To Do In Sioux City (Iowa)

Sioux City is an amazing travel destination that is in the heart of Iowa, United States.

This beautiful city is known for its numerous tourist attractions as well as its rich historical documentation.

Rife with beautiful museums, amazing parks, several brewing industries, and a family-friendly environment.

Sioux City is simply a wonderful place to travel to and, of course, it could be for relaxation, adventure, or just for an exciting vacation.

This City’s attractions are very easy to come by. Meanwhile, narrowing down where to visit during your travel can be so challenging.

With so many beautiful fun and amazing things to do in Sioux City, pinning down an itinerary can be tiring!

Top-notch attractions, incredible restaurants, tons of archeological artifacts in museums and historical sights, amusement parks galore, sports centers for all ages, and casinos aplenty, with several other attractions available during a visit.

Are you after some exciting places and vacation destinations?

Read through our list of the best and most fun things to do while in Sioux City!

Things To Do In Sioux City

1. Sioux City Lewis and Clark

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: Sioux City Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark is the center of an interactive and animated exhibit in Sioux City.

This center basically displays exhibits of July through September 1804 portions of dames expedition.

Interestingly, this amazing place also has other diverse fun exhibits illustrating the history of nearby cities.

Although this museum might not appear so big; however, they are unique because they have “living statutes” telling their stories.

It is really fun and one of the best museums you should visit!

Moreover, it’s an educational and visual immersion in the past.

What a perfect and best destination if you are in Sioux City.

Interestingly, they also have cool weird things like animatronics, nice paintings, and murals.

Besides, in this place, they also have a big nice park with a nice-looking trail, tons of places to park tour cars, picnic areas, and a visitor center that is elaborately set out.

Moreover, the park is well guided and you would be allowed to park your cars without an extra fee!

Would you care to see some animation characters on your next vacation to this place?

We highly recommend you to come to Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

Also on the grounds is a Visitor’s Center that was an old riverboat.

It’s incredible, but this amazing place is totally free of charge!

Those who are avid fans of Lewis and Clark will enjoy the animatics on display here.

Above all, they also have friendly and welcoming staff.

If you are planning a voyage to Iowa soonest, do endeavor to check out this amazing place. It will surely be fun!

Address: 900 Larsen Park Rd, Sioux City, IA 51103, United States. 

2. Sioux City Public Museum

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: Ammodramus / Wikimedia

Sioux City Public. Museum has so many things to offer visitors.

This museum in Sioux City has several historical items that are well labeled.

Their historical items and collection of things in this beautiful fun museum include dinosaurs and Native American artifacts.

Not just that, this beautiful museum also has some historical items from the state, region, and that of Sioux City.

Moreover, it is a terrific and fun destination in Sioux City to take children to because there is also a faux fossil dig that is kid-friendly.

Thus museum is not only meant for the kids, there is also a gift shop that offers amazing things such as kids’ goodies.

Besides, they display the best short film to keep the children entertained while in this wonderful Sioux City destination.

It’s simply one of the best destinations in Sioux City.

The front desk staff are very friendly and apparently knowledgeable.

What a great place for young kids and adults alike.

Obviously, this location has fun things to offer all categories of visitors.

Admission to this beautiful museum is absolutely free, and they have nice parks.

The museum park is well furnished and you wouldn’t believe such facilities could be in a park!

So, why would you want to pay for places with less information when you can come to this museum and have access to enough historical information?

Even at that, you wouldn’t get the best and cheap selection of items that are available in this museum at other museums anywhere!

If you are in the Sioux City area, remember to stop here!

Address: 607 4th St, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

3. Sioux City Trinity Heights

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: Sioux City Trinity Heights

Are you looking for fun religious destinations to visit during your trip to Sioux City?

Look no further!

Trinity Heights is a place and gathering, accommodating people from all over the world.

Aside from the fact that this place accommodates people of the Christian religion, it is also a place where visitors can come just to admire nature.

It is such a place full of many things that visitors can reflect on.

Visit to reflect and see a full-size wood-carved replica of the Last Supper.

You can even visit to see the larger-than-life statues of Mary and Christ the Savior.

You can also stop here to visit their amazing gift shop where you can get items like Bible and others at extremely affordable prices.

Trinity Heights is a must-see for anyone!

Not only is the sculpture in their hall is beautiful but also the garden is lovely!

Interestingly, they have the best and most fun monuments, benches, and plaques that provide great descriptions.

The centerpiece statues are also beautiful and attractive.

Even at that, they have a nice car park and it is not extremely at the back where visitors wouldn’t have a look at their cars.

The park is well managed and, in short; it is such a spacious park!

If you can let out two hours of your time while in Iowa, we recommend you visit Trinity Heights in Sioux City.

You would be able to experience a peaceful and well-organized area with the best statues and all the honors involved in Christian religious beliefs.

It is a fun place you will be glad you visit!

Address: 2509 33rd St, Sioux City, IA 51108, United States. 

4. Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center

Things to do in Sioux City

Ammodramus / Wikimedia Commons

Another fun place to visit in Sioux City, Iowa, is Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center.

This museum is really a wonderful place to stop and learn about Iowa’s history and the importance of riverboats in their historic settings.

Besides, scale models in this incredible museum are simply fun and the best because they are detailed and the exploration maps are just an eye-opener.

How about their real excavated dugout canoe?

There is more to explore in this museum!

Moreover, they have very enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.

Not just that, picnic tables outside under shade trees at this incredible museum are a great setting for lunch.

If you are thinking of what to do while in Sioux City, come and experience this undiluted information about the region and the various explorations and expeditions of the area.

Above all, they have the nicest restrooms that you wouldn’t have imagined.

Despite these amazing features and beautiful things visitors can explore in Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center, the admission fee is absolutely free.

Definitely, you should prioritize this amazing museum in Sioux as a location to stop at on your next visit to Iowa.

It will surely create a memorable experience you wouldn’t forget if you have a stop in this wonderful museum!

Address: 1000 Larsen Park Rd, Sioux City, IA 51103, United States. 

5. Sioux City Stone State Park

Things to do in Sioux City

Photograph by Thomas M. Loftus

Stone Park is an amazing park hosting more than 800 acres.

This beautiful park is located in the Loess Hills.

Notably, only two places in the world host these hills.

That is, this park and one other park!

So, it would really be a privilege to experience what this amazing park has to offer.

The drive-in this beautiful park and the entire location are clean and well maintained.

Besides, the fall colors in the park are so beautiful and simply one of the best of Sioux City’s attractions.

Of note, spring shows the green faster in this incredible park than in the rest of the area.

Interestingly, visitors can also come to this wonderful park to hike and they can also bring their dogs along while planning a visit to the park!

In fact, the lake has a bit of fishing when not too weedy.

Importantly, this is a gorgeous park visitors should endeavor to check out during the autumn months.

Plenty of trails to explore, beautiful overlooks, places for picnics, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

Even for a short drive-through, Stone Park is relaxing!

What a park that has so many things to offer visitors.

Do remember to add this amazing park to your itinerary while coming to Sioux City. It will surely make a difference!

Address: 5001 Talbot Rd, Sioux City, IA 51103, United States. 

6. Sioux City Railroad Museum

Things to do in Sioux City

Credit: Railroad Museum / Facebook

Sioux City Railroad Museum is another location you should visit if you care to have unrestricted fun while on vacation.

This small but beautiful museum has lots of local history and some cool things to offer visitors.

Truly, after visiting this museum, you will surely be glad!

They have great artifacts on displays, and importantly, their storytellers are knowledgeable.

Not just that, they have a model railroad exhibit.

There is more to see in this Sioux City Museum than what you would have thought.

After your next visit to this amazing museum in Sioux City, you will appreciate the railroad history of this area.

Of note is the fact that in this wonderfully placed museum, they are always adding new things and making each visit better than the last.

Moreover, this railroad museum has a fantastic toy train set up for kids to watch.

Obviously, there are so many fun things for all ages in Sioux City Railroad Museum!

You get to ride on a train ride, watch a movie, kids get to play in their playground.

Whether you are with or without kids, this is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon!

Address: 3400 Sioux River Rd, Sioux City, IA 51109, United States. 

7. Sioux City Chief War Eagle Monument

Things To Do In Sioux City

Credit: Sioux City Chief War Eagle Monument

Chief War Eagle Monument is an important location in Sioux City that has been attractive to visitors even beyond the state of Iowa.

This is because this wonderful location is a spot of terrific historical importance for the area of Sioux City.

The monument plaque in this amazing area is also a great thing to see too.

This is a really cool historical monument that is up on a hill overlooking Sioux city.

Definitely, this place is worth checking out if you are in Iowa.

In fact, this is the only location where you can have a beautiful view of the river valley below.

There is also a monument when you first enter the park, marking where earlier indigenous people traveled through the hills.

Of note, this place is equally well maintained, and the admission fee is reasonably priced.

Shops are also situated nearby, and they offer delicious foods that are inexpensive.

Will you be coming to Sioux City the next summer for a vacation or a holiday?

Remember to add this beautiful place to your itinerary and don’t forget to come with your kids and loved ones.

It is going to be super fun, and you’d surely love to come over and over again after your next visit.

Address: Sioux City, IA 51103, United States. 

8. LaunchPAD Children’s Museum

Things to do in Sioux City

LaunchPAD Children’s Museum

Have you ever taken your kids to a Children’s Museum?

Have your children explored the fun things the Children’s Museum has to offer?

If you have not, try to visit LaunchPAD Children’s museum if you are in Sioux City.

This museum is the only location in Iowa where children can have a hands-on learning experience.

Besides, the activities that are done here are very realistic and simply the best.

All things and facilities in this incredible museum are also very clean, including the bathrooms.

Incredibly, this wonderful location also has the nicest sets of staff.

They are very friendly and know more about the task they are saddled with.

Despite the huge fun this place has to offer to kids, the prices are also very expensive.

It only costs $14 or lesser per person. Amazing right? Yes!

Although this museum is geared towards increasing fun things kids can explore, however, some adults might even find themselves playing around just as much as the kids

They have an area for concessions that adults can relax at as well.

It surely has so many fun things that all ages can explore.

So, why wouldn’t you plan a trip to this wonderful museum on your next trip?

You will surely enjoy yourself coming over here!

Address: 623 Pearl St, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

9. Sioux City Art Center

Things To Do In Sioux City

credit: Sioux City Art Center

Sioux City Art Center is an art museum and a local hub that has provisions for rotating art exhibitions & community classes.

If you are on a voyage to Sioux City with your spouse or associates, this is the perfect place you should visit.

Incredibly, this beautiful location has an absolutely fantastic grouping of local exhibits.

The best part of this beautiful place is that they are showcasing art from the Communities Action Agency of Siouxland’s Early Childhood Programs.

In fact, very rarely, they have a bunch of art on display from infants up through 5 and 6-year-olds with some exhibits for some of the local elementary-aged children.

It is obvious that there wouldn’t be any dull moment in this amazing location.

What a beautiful museum that has an amazing children’s exploration area.

Children and parents will surely love this location.

Besides, this is not merely a place to learn more about history, they equally have a very nice spacious art center with varied contemporary styles.

Notably, the building also displays many exceptional artists with a connection to this area, including their paintings and sculptures.

They also offer educational opportunities which no visitor will not want for their kids.

In case you are still unsure about what to do while visiting Sioux City, why not plan to spend some time here?

You will be glad you do!

Address: 225 Nebraska St, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

10. Sioux City Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: Sioux City Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

Do you want to see some indoor exhibits and a beautiful garden while on vacation?

If you would love to see Indoor exhibits plus a beautiful garden while in Sioux City, we recommend you visit Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center.

Besides, this incredible location also has adequate provisions for an amphitheater & wildlife.

Not just that, visitors can come to this location to explore vast outdoor spaces with oaks.

What an inclusive place to enjoy and explore so many things!

The displays and information they provide are also superb.

Of note, this place is equally incredibly clean, and they have a very great bathroom.

This Sioux City attraction also has enough provisions for hiking, and you can surely see plenty of wildlife on the grounds at affordable prices.

What a great place to come and soothe the soul.

Good trails for hiking, tons of wildflowers and birds, accommodating and courteous staff.

What more would you have craved for as a visitor?

Besides, they have a nice park where visitors can park cars, and they are absolutely secure!

Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center is certainly a great place to visit.

Address: 4500 Sioux River Rd, Sioux City, IA 51109, United States. 

11. The Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: The Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation

The Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation is another amazing museum in Sioux City, Iowa.

It is a museum of 30,000 square feet.

Besides, the aviation and transport museum has historic planes, cars & military artifacts.

This beautiful museum in Sioux also has a large collection of different transportation vehicles and memorabilia from the civilian world and military.

Moreover, this museum also features a lot of home-built or kit planes.

Incredibly, the price of seeing all these wonderful facilities in this amazing museum is very reasonable.

Even at that, the staff are very friendly and eager to provide answers to whatever question visitors might be willing to ask.

Notably, this is the only museum that tells the history of aviation in the Siouxland area.

If not here, no other museum!

The documentation about what happened in 1989 when United Flight crashed at the airport is equally well preserved here in The Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation.

There is a couple of large dilapidated aircraft outside that visitors can climb around in while visiting this well-maintained museum.

If you would be in Sioux City anytime soon, the Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation is just a perfect place to see a lot of aviation history and so much more!

Address: 2600 Expedition Ct, Sioux City, IA 51102, United States. 

12. Sioux City Court Administration-Woodbury

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: Woodbury County

Court Administration-Woodbury is also popularly known as Woodbury County Courthouse.

It is a wonderful building that housed a classic prairie-school monument.

Besides, they also allow the visitor to see incredible artwork outside and inside.

In fact, they have kid’s session that showcases monuments that every kid will appreciate.

This is a beautiful building in Sioux with majestic views.

Even if you don’t have things to do here, just coming here to admire this beautiful building itself is an adventure!

The owner and employee are so polite, they are always on set to attend to all visitors’ requests.

They will surely attend to every visitor like a king!

Moreover, though this amazing location is not as large as others; however, it is still unique in its own way.

Talk of comfortable seats, nice environment, relaxed atmosphere, and reserved location for kids.

Beautifully, you can come here at any hour of the week, even on weekends.

Above all, be rest assured that you will get a safe place to park your cars if you are coming to this amazing location in Sioux City.

If you would be visiting this region soon, do remember to add this place to your itinerary.

It will greatly be memorable!

Address: 620 Douglas St # 210, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

13. Sioux City Bacon Creek Park

Things to do in Sioux City

Jim Frost / Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to experience nature while in Sioux City?

Bacon Creek Park is a spacious locale for picnics and lake fishing.

If you haven’t visited a place that gives you the opportunity of seeing fish in their natural state, come to Bacon Creek Park and experience this aquatic animal in its natural state!

Besides, this is not merely a place to see fish, it also has a playground for kids.

Obviously, kids can definitely enjoy themselves to the fullest while being in this beautiful park.

Not just that, they have a dog park where you can bring your dogs to relax.

The atmosphere in this beautiful park is also always great.

Although no motor craft is allowed in the park, visitors can paddleboat or canoe.

Wonderfully, there is a nice walk trail that rounds the circumference of the lake, and a lot of people walk it, jog, or ride a bicycle around it.

Evidently, there is more to explore in this amazing Sioux City attraction (Bacon Creek Park) beyond what you would have ever imagined!

Admission fee is inexpensive to Bacon Creek Park and sometimes, they offer various discounts targeted at motivating visitors who visit here.

Do ensure you have a stop here if you are in Sioux City and remember to come with your kids or alone as will be fun!

Let them come and explore the beautiful things this park has to offer!

Address: 5015 Correctionville Rd, Sioux City, IA 51106, United States. 

14. Orpheum Theater

Things to do in Sioux City

Tom Noll / Wikimedia Commons

Orpheum Theater is a historic, opulent symphony hall that presents classical things and contemporary concerts in Sioux City, United States.

If you are looking for where to catch some fun, alone or with your family, you can visit Orpheum Theater.

Every show and event at this ever-fun location is a great experience.

Have you seen the ghosts of the past before?

This theater is the perfect venue to see Ghost of the past.

Aside from that, you will also be privileged to see Mannheim Steamroller and other fun things.

Amazing right? Yes, you will definitely enjoy yourself coming here!

If you visit during the Christmas period, be sure to check out their Christmas show!

The Christmas show is always delightful and sure to fill your heart with warm memories as you listen to an amazing performance.

Not only is this place for these best things alone, but it is also an amazing event location.

Visitors can celebrate their weddings, concerts, and other social events here with the security of their guests so certain!

It is such a very neat place and has a great view.

Even from the nosebleed section! Very clean, best, and kind employees!

Interestingly, they also have comfortable seats and nice gift shops around.

Above all, their charges are not so inexpensive and they have a flexible mode of payment ever!

All things are just amazing here!

Address: Orpheum Electric Building, 528 Pierce St, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

15. Oscar Carl Vineyard

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: Oscar Carl Vineyard

Do you want a very nice place to relax while visiting Sioux City?

How about coming to Oscar Carl Vineyard?

Well, until you know what this amazing place unfolds for visitors, you wouldn’t make a decision to come here!

This part of Sioux City is a wonderful place where every visitor can come to drink some delicious wine.

Moreover, the owners are super welcoming and friendly.

You can also bring your weekend events here; they will surely make your event a memorable one!

They have accommodations for visitors as well and they are absolutely perfect!

It is undeniably a great place to have some fine wines and fun hanging out with friends and family. So cool!!

Incredibly, they also have a building that housed lots of antiques.

Apparently, this is a multipurpose location in the heart of Sioux City!

Don’t miss this amazing place; even if you’re not a wine lover, you won’t be disappointed!

Incredibly, while being offered the right quality, you will pay a lesser amount.

So, be good to yourself. Plan a visit to this wonderful location.

Address: 1473 Buchanan Ave, Sioux City, IA 51106, United States. 

16. Southern Hills Mall

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: Southern Hills Mall

Southern Hills Mall is a mall for every visitor will want to come and shop in Sioux City, United States.

It is a wonderful place that is always clean, well maintained and they have a lot of varieties to offer visitors.

Their food court is nice, and their attendant is very polite in their interactions with visitors.

Sellers generally in this amazing location are also friendly and will never hesitate to make the right recommendations to visitors.

Besides, it is known that this is the only place visitors can get extremely affordable clothes in Iowa.

Even at that, visitors can rest assured of getting enough spaces where they could park their cars.

If you are coming to Sioux City, be kind to yourself and check out this wonderful mall.

We are confident it will surely be worth the visit!

Address: 4400 Sergeant Rd Ste 317, Sioux City, IA 51106, United States. 

Are you looking for more beautiful places to explore in Iowa? How about checking out Des Moines, Ames, and Ankeny? If you plan an additional trip, here are some best things to do in Des Moines, Ames, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, and our list of top Ankeny attractions

17. Mercy Field At Lewis And Clark Park

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: Mercy Field At Lewis And Clark Park

Another place where visitors from all over the world check in daily is Mercy Field at Lewis and Clark Park.

This park is remarkably known as the perfect spot for baseball and other sporting activities.

Besides, they have a wider playground area for kids below 12.

This amazing park also has clean and well-maintained facilities for hiking.

Aside from that, their tennis court is absolutely the best!

So much to enjoy in this amazing Sioux City attraction!

Even so, in this park, they have enough trainers who are on the stand to assist visitors who are not newbies to these games.

Incredibly, they reasonably charge, and mostly, no admission fee is required on weekends!

Their staff are knowledgeable and fair in their approach to visitors.

Not minding the volume of requests, they swiftly attend to visitors’ demands without a delay!

You wouldn’t have wanted a better staff!

Do you have plans to explore the state of Iowa?

Why not come to Sioux City, particularly Mercy Field at Lewis and Clark Park? You will surely have a memorable experience!

Address: 3400 Line Dr, Sioux City, IA 51106, United States. 

18. Sioux City Convention Center

Things to do in Sioux City

Credit: Sioux City Convention Center / Facebook

Sioux City Convention Center is a popular place that needs not much introduction.

The popularity of this place is simply because of its importance and uniqueness.

Notably, this is the best place to hold all sorts of events.

Regardless of the number of guests you would be expecting for an event, this Convention Center in Sioux City will surely attend to all guests and they have enough space.

You will surely love the setup and this incredible convention center is extremely big!

In fact, in their arrangements, they make adequate provisions for social distance.

Invariably, this is simply remodeled, clean, and it is a very amazing place to have a convention in Sioux City.

Even their gift shops offer the best and subsidized goods.

You wouldn’t believe you could also get sweet popcorn for less than $3.

What a cool place and fun worth visiting!

Moreover, the entire workers are very calm and will do everything to make visitors’ stay in this wonderful location memorable.

Above all, their booking prices are very very low compared to what could be obtained in other places in Sioux City.

Definitely, a visit here will be worthwhile!

Do find time to visit this little but incredible location if you are indeed planning an exploration in Sioux City!

Address: 801 4th St, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

19. Palmer’s Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe

Things to do in Sioux City

Photo: Palmer’s Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe

Do you want candy of any type while in Sioux City?

You don’t have to look any longer!

Palmer’s Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe is an amazing place in Sioux City that almost any candy you can think of,

In fact, they even have some glass-bottled soda

Apparently, you can come to get a bunch of candy by the pound for a very low price!

If you are visiting this amazing place, you can rest assured of getting lots of different types of candy as well as a variety of fresh nuts.

Delicious handmade chocolate treats are equally impossible to resist in this precious location.

Additionally, this amazing store had a gourmet food department that featured cheeses, sauces, dips, and mixes, as well as many types of gifts for cooks.

You can put together a gift basket for any occasion!

Palmer’s Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe is such a wonderful place you need to visit if you are in Sioux City!

Visitors can always count on the friendly and helpful staff to assist them with whatever they need.

Interestingly, visitors can also check out the history of Palmer Candy as there are photographs and old equipment on display.

In fact, the beautiful things this location has to offer visitors for fun are inexhaustible and simply the best!

Address: 405 Wesley Pkwy, Sioux City, IA 51103, United States. 

20. Hard Rock Casino Sioux City

Things to do in Sioux City

Bboy100 / Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever enjoyed casino games while away from your house?

If you care to enjoy casinos and other exciting and fun things while being away, we recommend you visit Hard Rock Casino Sioux City.

Even if you are not coming for Casino games, this is simply a perfect fun place to just get away for a while.

Moreover, in this fun location, even with the little admission fee that is required from visitors, they have access to see a concert with friends.

It is surely going to be fun and one of the best explorations you would ever have!

If you have never had any of their mixed fruity drinks here, you should definitely try one because they are so delicious!

They also have so many varieties of games to play and there could be no boring moment on the hard rock!

How about the music memorabilia throughout?

These things are surely amazing, fun, and the best!

We are confident it will make your day while being here!

The staff are equally very accommodating, and the atmosphere is so pleasing!

When next will you be in Sioux City?

Do remember to add this amazing fun location to your itinerary, it will surely be fun!

Address: 111 3rd St, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

21. The Greatest Escape

The Greatest Escape / Facebook

Greatest Escape is an escape house in Sioux City, Iowa with so many fun things that visitors can enjoy.

If you have ever been to escape rooms, this one is fun and absolutely top-notch.

Things to explore here are just unlimited!

The rooms and games are very detailed and super fun.

The best part of this beautiful Sioux City attraction is that no cell phones!

So, everyone is actually paying attention to the things around them!

Besides, the staff are also very polite and friendly. You wouldn’t have wanted a nice set of people!

If you are also looking for a great place where you can do things that are fun and different, we strongly recommend you visit this wonderful location.

In fact, you can bring your family, it will only take an hour or thereabouts to explore this amazing location.

Though this region has limited gift shops; however, there are nearby shops that offer a variety of goodies to visitors.

The prices of their offers are so inexpensive and every visitor would be attended to in a unique way!

Would you be in Sioux City the next summer? Do remember to add this amazing location to your itinerary. You do not have to pay anything while having access to enjoy these amazing features!

Address: 621 Floyd Blvd, Sioux City, IA 51101, United State. 

22. Jolly Time Koated Kernels

Jolly Time Koated Kernels

Photo: Sioux City Online Journal

Being reading about this wonderful Jolly Time Koated Kernels earlier?

Yes, its description is still the same, and it is advisable you come here to catch some fun instead of continually reading and being extremely in a suspense situation!

Just as wildly known, Jolly Time is a small retail store in Sioux City that offers lots of different flavors of popcorn of different sizes.

Moreover, this amazing place also makes supplies for visitors in their respective houses.

Incredible right? Definitely, you shouldn’t be left out without enjoying their yummy popcorn!

The workers behind the counter are also helpful and easy to work with.

The exterior looks so much attractive and unique.

One unique thing about this amazing place is that, even if they don’t have a flavor that is being requested by the visitors, they will definitely make it for visitors without any delay.

If you are looking for a great place to find gifts for people or a tasty snack for yourself, come to Jolly Time Koated Kernels!.

In fact, the prices of their popcorn are very affordable and they won’t even hesitate to offer discounts to visitors who request larger quantities.

Address: 1717 Terminal Dr, Sioux City, IA 51105, United States. 

23. Jackson Street Brewing

Jackson Street Brewing

Photo: Jackson Street Brewing

Jackson street brewing is one of the favorite places you can visit when it comes to getting nice crafted beers.

In this beautifully made location, they take pride in their craft and their service is absolutely amazing.

This is not a place where you can just visit to relax all day and you wouldn’t feel bored at all.

The atmosphere in this location is so calm and friendly and the prices of their crafted beers are extremely affordable.

So, why get crafted beers in other places when you can get the right quality at a lesser cost here?

Just as a plus to every visitor, they offer free Wi-Fi to visitors who are here.

The bartenders are also friendly, and their services are just really cool!

This is a Gem in Sioux City that no visitor should resist visiting!

You will surely love the fact that they kept historic elements of their building.

They have got delicious brews, a knowledgeable team, and a laid-back environment that always keeps visitors coming back for more

So, what more would you have expected of a brewing company aside from these?

If it is convenient for you while in Iowa, particularly Sioux City, endeavor to visit this beautiful and amazing area!

It will definitely be worth the visit!!

Address: 607 5th St, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

24. Buffalo Alice

Buffalo Alice

Photo: Buffalo Alice

Are you on exploration to Sioux City with a bid to discover an amazing pizza restaurant?

If that is so, it becomes a must for you to visit Buffalo Alice!

They offer the nicest pizza in this region. Not only that, they have some cool crafted beers.

Interestingly, they have a wide variety of local and national beers, including five or six local breweries.

What an amazing restaurant that has more things to offer visitors for fun!.

The pizzas are tasty and served on a thin crust.

Not only that, but this beautiful place also offers free popcorn to visitors who are on sight.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy a visit to this place, whether you are young or old!

Their music is not too loud, and that helps when visitors are trying to have a conversation.

Though there is not much space for visitors to park their cars; however, it is still an amazing place that is worth visiting.

Do remember to add this amazing place to the list of places you can visit while planning a visit to Sioux City It will greatly be memorable!

Address: Lee Block, 1022 4th St, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

25. Lamb Arts Regional Theatre

Lamb Arts Regional Theatre

Photo: Lamb Arts Regional Theatre

Lamb Arts Regional Theatre is one of the best performing arts theaters in Sioux City, Iowa.

This amazing Art Center provides terrific opportunities to visitors and their children to act and dance without necessarily paying too much.

Of note, they have amazing local playwrights, directors, and actors.

If you want to enjoy this fun place well, come during the weekend, you will certainly have the best of things to be enjoyed!

Remarkably, this and a few other theater art centers are the ones that mainly provide support for local theater in the whole of Iowa.

Moreover, they put on such high-quality shows and quite a variety of things that are amazing!

In addition, the summer camp is wonderful and always the best.

It will surely be worth every penny!

They truly teach visitors the art of the Arts and other things that make up the world of arts!!

Such an amazing location in the heart of Sioux City!

Lamb Theater is great fun and also the best place to watch local talent.

It also has an amazing cast, no matter the play or musical.

Be kind to yourself while planning a visit to Sioux City. It will definitely be a fun adventure.

Address: 417 Market St 1st floor, Sioux City, IA 51103, United States. 

26. Thinker Toys At The Castle

Thinker Toys At The Castle

Photo: Thinker Toys At The Castle

Do you want a nice toy store in Sioux City?

If all you want is a nice toy store while visiting Sioux City, you need to check out what Thinker Toys At the Castle has to offer.

It is a very nice, big and well-organized toy store that offers a lot of imagination toys and also some train sets, and all the classic toys and games.

If you need some nice toys for your kids, we encourage you to visit this beautiful store.

They have friendly and helpful staff who will attend to each of your requests.

Even if you are not interested in getting some toys or any of their things, they have some best and nice presents.

Definitely, this is just the best store that let visitors pick out their presents and whatever things they desire!

If you are on a voyage to Iowa, be kind to your kids by coming to see these decent selections of classic and modern toys.

They have legos, Playmobil, stuffed animals, models, and much more.

It is a unique place to take children to and grown-ups will also appreciate the vintage feel of the things in their store.

Address: 4400 Singing Hills Blvd, Sioux City, IA 51106, United States. 

27. Albrecht Cycle Shop

Albrecht Cycle Shop

Photo: Albrecht Cycle Shop

Have you ever been to a bicycle store?

Do you ever wish to explore and check out what a bicycle store looks like?

Albrecht Cycle Shop is a nice bicycle store in Sioux City, Iowa.

If you are looking for some nice bicycles of various kinds, be rest assured, you will get them at Albrecht Cycle Shop.

Besides, they have bicycle parks where visitors can have a test of whichever selection of things they make.

The park is though not so big, however, there is nothing you’d look for in a normal park that is absent in this little park!

They don’t just offer bicycles for sale, they also have the best quality of bicycles you would ever appreciate.

In fact, the cost of their bicycle is extremely low beyond what every visitor could have imagined.

Interestingly, they have the best staff that knows their duty and will not hesitate to make appropriate recommendations where visitors are uncertain about their choices of things.

Besides, they also give some months’ guarantee on things that are being purchased from them.

What an amazing store you should try to visit in your next visit to Sioux City.

You will surely get your desired bike here!

Address: 200 5th St, Sioux City, IA 51101, United States. 

28. Combat Live

Combat Live

Photo: Combat Live

Do you need a fun place to play with friends?

Combat Live has some of the best games visitors can choose from while in Sioux City, Iowa, United States.

There are lots of different indoor games that are readily available in this amazing place.

Besides, the laser tag course in this location is set up very nicely.

They have some amazing and realistic Laser Tag systems with weekly rotating gun simulations from P90s and G36s.

They also have inexpensive drinks and snacks that are available.

Incredibly, the employees appear to be so friendly and they are amazing, the best and also experts in their different sections.

Moreover, contrary to what is obtainable elsewhere, equipment works very well in this amazing location.

In fact, instruction is top-notch even for novices.

If you have not been to this fun and amazing place, you’ve missed a lot!

Get your Bawls at their front door and play around!

You can also come in your cars because they have a park that is elaborate and large enough.

Do remember to add this amazing, best, and fun place to your itinerary on your next visit to Sioux City.

You will definitely plan to come back again after your next visit!

Address: 4400 Sergeant Rd, Sioux City, IA 51106, United States. 

29. Jolly’s On The River

Jolly's On The River

Photo: Jolly’s On The River

Y is not a tourist attraction that is so popular.

However, it also has some incredibly fun things to offer visitors.

It is situated by the riverside and the entire atmosphere is really welcoming and simply the best!

It is a great location for visitors to relax while in Sioux City, IA, United States.

Moreover, they even have firepits outside when it’s chilly. Wonderful things, right? Yes, it is!

Besides, the attendant and cook are professional and are simply the best you’d ever encounter.

Also, they will surely offer a sumptuous meal you wouldn’t resist!

Not just that, they have a playground where kids can play and they are known to be one of the best sellers of crafted whines in this region.

If you want to enjoy the best out of this place, do not plan to come alone!

Although, their services are pricey, however, it is still a unique place you can plan to spend an hour or two while on vacation to this incredible place.

Above all, they have provisions for where visitors can park their cars, and safety is totally guaranteed.

In fact, the park is made with modern facilities and they have a guard that looks after the park.

The park is just a plus here!

Do remember to come with your kids and your family while coming.

It would be super fun!

Address: 1100 Larsen Park Rd, Sioux City, IA 51103, United States. 

30. Pickled Palette

Pickled Palette

Photo: Pickled Palette Sioux City.

Pickled Palette is another wonderful Art center in Sioux City, Iowa.

It is a very cute but little place to go to paint!

Do you want some nice painting, pottery, plates, or just need a place to catch some fun?

If you need a location where you can get some nice paintings and nice artistic works, this place is a must-visit if you are in Sioux City, Iowa, United States.

Besides, it is also the best and most fun place to take artistically inclined kids.

They will definitely love it if you brought them here! It would be fun!

The establishment is so cozy, fun, and also comfortable!

Come and explore this large selection of pottery.

Amazingly, the owner of this wonderful and fun location and the entire employees are very professional and helpful.

If you don’t plan to spend much while getting the right quality, you really need to check out the fun things this beautiful Sioux City attraction has to offer.

In fact, there are fun things for all ages to explore here.

If the description fits well with what you’d love to explore, kindly add this amazing fun place to your itinerary.

Though, few provisions are made for visitors to park their cars, notwithstanding, things to explore here are the best you could ever imagine while in Sioux City!

Once visitors are on the ground, they will promptly make arrangements of where to park their vehicles.

It is such a fun and best place you can explore!

Address: 4014 Morningside Ave, Sioux City, IA 51106, United States. 

31. Flight 232 Memorial

Flight 232 Memorial

TheCatalyst31 / Wikimedia Commons

Flight 232 Memorial is another beautiful and fun place you can visit for fun in Sioux City, Iowa.

Interestingly, the inconsequential thing is an establishment built near the Missouri River in Sioux City, Iowa.

These amazing things were put up to commemorate the heroic acts of the flight crew and the alternate things the Sioux City community played after the crash.

Basically, it contains the statue of the Iowa Guard, Nielsen, several other heroes people, and things whose impacts had shaped the history of Iowa.

This is just the best monument to the horrible tragedy of United flight 232.

If you don’t have many details about the incident, you need to come to this amazing fun location in order to come and witness these things.

Interestingly, this amazing location is next to the Missouri River with ample park space.

Even if you don’t make use of their park, you surely can utilize other parks here!

Getting where to park your cars is never an issue here!

They have a beautiful and inclusive place you can park your cars!

It is a short, easy, paved walk to the monument!

Were you also informed about the TV movie that was released in 1992 named “Crash Landing” and the things it involved?

The live detail of the incident that was later compressed into a movie is rightly available here!

It is surely the best place you should explore!

If you are visiting this part of the United States, this is simply a very fun memorial and the best venue to relate with family if you just want to have a little picnic or things that are just fun.

Address: Sioux City, IA 51103, United States.


Final Remarks

With incredible things to do for an individual, as a family or with a spouse, beautiful and fun attractions in Sioux City are not difficult to come by.

Whether you are on the prowl for delicious meals or looking for beautiful parks to chill and relax, Sioux City has it all!

Things to do for fun in Sioux City are inexhaustible because the city is so blessed!

With any of these highlighted tourist attractions, we are so certain that you will keep coming back to Sioux City annually.

So, gather your luggage and have the best time enjoying all Sioux City has to offer!

Happy travels.