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31 Best & Fun Things To Do In Stowe (Vermont)

Stowe is one of the most gorgeous cities in the state of Vermont. This city is fraught with verdant mountains, rivers, lakes, bridges, and several amazing attractions.

The diversity of landscape in Stowe makes this city an exciting place to visit for lovers of outdoor recreation and nature observance.

Besides, this lovely city is equally an excellent place for lovers of parks, great restaurants, and beautiful sights.

Stowe city is as well an especially big haunt for nature and wildlife enthusiasts because of the multitude of attractions that thrives perfectly in its ecosystem.

Of course, the island here is well-known for outstanding offerings like theme regions that are great for recreation.

Regardless of what would interest you, there are tons of fun things to enjoy here!

The top-notch version of fun things here is impressive and good to navigate.

Although most visitors end up navigating through the wrong places, there are honestly great things to do here that are not likely to be found anywhere else in the state of Vermont!

A day trip is good enough to be able to explore the tourist attractions, but the question is, how will you be sure of the right places to navigate?

Narrowing down your itinerary might be uneasy. Meanwhile, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of the 31 best and most fun things to do here!

So, shall we begin to talk about these things?

Let us begin!

Things To Do In Stowe

1. Farmers’ Market In Stowe Vermont

Things to do in Stowe, Vermont

Image Credits: Local Harvest

It is understandable that every tourist would be glad to see a place where they can get awesome and inexpensive farm produce during their trip.

The issue doesn’t lie with getting somewhere where such items are available, but where to get the quality and pocket friendly of such commodities is always problematic.

If you fall into that category of visitor, you do no mistake by reading this post.

Farmers’ Market has affordable homemade goods, fresh apple juice, and other beautiful things like some nice bread.

Not just that, Donuts, Pizza, Crepes, Smoothies, and great foods are as well available here.

There is also live music which makes this location in Stowe more friendly and interesting to navigate.

Besides, there are varieties of vendors and they are all friendly and courteous, and parking spaces are available aplenty for visitors to park cars.

This location of Stowe is a must-visit for all visitors and locals.

So, while planning a trip to Stowe, Vermont, do not be an exception to those who would explore this beautiful location.

It will be worth a visit if you include the Farmers’ Market of Stowe, Vermont in your itinerary!

Address: 2043 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

2. Snowmobile Vermont

Things to do in Stowe, Vermont

Image Credits: Snowmobile Vermont

Are so curious about how to explore this beautiful city of Vermont during your trip here?

Absolutely, your curiosity is over! Once you step into this beautiful city, head straight to Snowmobile Vermont.

Snowmobile Vermont is a tour operator in Stowe, Vermont with a vision to provide satisfaction for visitors as against making profits.

Of note, this amazing initiative provides group tours, Private Tours, and snowmobile tours.

If one may also reflect on where could be a perfect location to celebrate one’s birthday or a lover’s birthday, you wouldn’t regret choosing this as a location!

One great and commendable attribute of this great initiative of Stowe is that these guys pay more attention to details and safety is obviously their priority.

They have all the equipment every visitor would need from them – Helmets to boots and all; it is always available.

A comfortable experience is assured here!

Aside from that, the entire staff are well responsive and engaging.

In fact, the staff are always enthusiastic and eager to answer any form of questions coming from visitors.

The demeanor of these great guys itself will totally give you a relaxing stay during your Stowe exploration.

Importantly, anytime you will be visiting this amazing location in Stowe, you don’t have to worry about bringing food because there are great restaurants here.

Is it American local dishes or Canadian food?

Whichever you crave to fill your stomach with, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

So, when will you be visiting Stowe, Vermont?

Whenever season it would be, do remember to include Snowmobile Vermont in your travel plan!

Address: 823 S Main St, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

3. Remarkable Things At Stowe Craft

Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft

Image Credits: Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft

Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft is another great and fun place to visit in Stowe, Vermont.

This is a specialty and gift store that has been a center of attraction to tourists and visitors alike for over two decades.

This charming and long-standing store features jewelry, art & home accents by many artists & craftspeople.

Incredibly, they are locally made by aboriginal artisans, and these things are so lovely.

If you would not in a hurry to conclude your trip to this beautiful city of Lowe, it is advisable you spend some time visiting this store.

Meanwhile, it totally becomes inevitable to check out this place if your loved ones are eagerly expecting you to bring home gifts after your trip.

Even if you aren’t getting any of their lovely gifts, discovering these beautiful and practical designs in jewelry, art and furniture wouldn’t be an idea gone wrong!

Vendors exhibit great customer service relations and they are so polite in their interactions.

Above all, the prices of gifts here are so cheap considering the quality of what they offer.

Except you really care less about having unrestricted fun during your Stowe trip. Don’t leave without a visit here!

Address: 55 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

4. The Stowe Country Club

The Stowe Country Club

Image Credits: The Stowe Country Club

If as a visitor, you derive so much fun exploring a golf house during your trip, Stowe is not an exception to a city that has an amazing golf house.

The Stowe Country Club is an amazing golf house in the state of Vermont.

Remarkably, this fun location is the only place that showcases beautiful undulating fairways and manicured greens.

There is also a piece of advanced golf equipment in place, and it doesn’t matter if you are an amateur.

The staff are readily available to guild every visitor, so, being an amateur isn’t a barrier or a reason why you shouldn’t visit here.

If however, you are a pro, the experience will greatly be indelible and so fun.

But then, if you are particularly interested in taking some of their courses, you will definitely enjoy them.

It is challenging, but it will surely be worth a visit.

Of note, there is a relaxation zone and cool beers are as well available at inexpensive prices.

Address: 744 Cape Cod Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

5. Topnotch Stables In Stowe

Things to do in Stowe, Vermont

Image Credits: Topnotch Stables / Facebook

Planning to try out something fun and unique during your visit to Stowe, Vermont? Endeavor to visit Topnotch Stables!

Topnotch Stables is a lovely visitor center that provides amazing horse riding tours for visitors and inhabitants.

Their horse riding services cover a variety of terrain and no visitor has ever regretted coming to this amazing location.

Horses here look well fed and taken care of and they are not harmful to visitors in any way.

More so, the admission fee is so bearable and you will feel happy to see such huge fun things at such a price.

Despite the affordable services available here, the tour guide appears so knowledgeable and not rude.

If at all nothing keeps you alive while in this amazing location of Stowe, the gesture and politeness of the staff will do!

While making a plan to visit this amazing place during your Stowe exploration, we advise you to visit during the weekdays.

This is because the weekend is somewhat rowdy and it might appear so stressful for a visitor coming from other states.

Now, do you see that you stand to miss out on something fun and unique if you do not check out this amazing place?

It is never over, you can still do the needful!

Do not hesitate to check out Topnotch Stables during your visit to Stowe.

Address: 4081 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

6. Stowe Recreation Path

Stowe Recreation Path

Image Credits: Stowe Recreation Path

If you are on a low budget while coming to Stowe, you need to check out Stowe Recreation Path.

It is a 5.3-mile (8.5 km) recreational trail that was built in two different phases ranging from 1981–to 1984 and 1986–to 1989.

As of then, over US$60,000 was put to use, and that is why it appears to be an addictive center for every visitor coming to Stowe.

It is a place that has tons of things for visitors to explore and you need no cost whatsoever to explore here.

Meanwhile, despite being a place that requires no admission fee, you wouldn’t feel less excited to visit here.

If you like to have some walks in a scenic location, it is rightly possible here.

For hikers or bikers, you would enjoy your time here!

Golf enthusiasts are also not left out!

Apparently, there are so many fun things you can explore here, all for no cost!

In fact, there is also a playground that is available for kids to play in.

It is going to be fun and memorable for visitors of all ages coming here.

So, make a decision to check out this lovely place during your visit to Stowe.

Address: Recreation Park, Stowe, VT, United States. 

7. Little River HotGlass Studio At Stowe

Little River HotGlass Studio

Image Credits: Little River HotGlass Studio

Little River HotGlass Studio is yet another beautiful place in Stowe, Vermont.

It is a glassblower that is strictly engaging in activities of glass-forming using a strategy that involves inflating molten glass.

In this beautiful place of Stowe, they create and shape glasses into various shapes and designs.

Thereby, creating handcrafted giftware, stemware, glassware, ornate glass mirrors, and windows.

Sculpture pieces and glass instruments that they use in laboratories are also created here.

Incredible right? Yeah, it is! More reason you need to have a change of mind by adding this place to places you’d explore during your visit to this city of Vermont.

The individuals that work here are highly knowledgeable and skillful.

These sets of individuals will allow you to handle hot glasses without any form of harm.

More interestingly, the staff are so passionate about explaining the process and sharing resources for watching/learning more about glass making to visitors.

While asking your questions from the owner and staff, they are so patient, and polite and will not hesitate to answer the many questions about the glass blowing processes.

Visiting this wonderful place could be one of the best decisions you’d make during your visit to Stowe.

So, what’s stopping you from making that decision?

It is up to you, however, for the best fun trip to this amazing city of Stowe, endeavor to visit here!

Address: 593 Moscow Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

8. Stowe Smugglers Notch State Park

Smugglers Notch State Park

Image Credits: Smugglers Notch State Park

Here comes that popular state park in Stowe that needs little or no description.

This is due to the fact that the park is not just popular, but has received and had continued to receive awards of recognition in the United States.

Well, for the sake of visitors coming out of state, Smugglers Notch State Park is a lovely park in Stowe, Vermont.

This beautiful and fun park is at an elevation of about 2,119 feet (by estimate, 646 m).

If you are in this part of Stowe, you will have vantage opportunities to view the entire city at a glance.

There is also an animal zoo that you could feed your eyes with, or alternatively, you can take time to go on hiking.

No doubt, something fun will entice you if you visit here.

Restaurants are equally all over this location, and they offer great foods.

More to that, if you ever care for a perfect location for a picnic or photoshoot, this is simply the perfect location for that.

Since it is a state park, you wouldn’t have to pay a dime to enjoy all these lovely things.

Although food is sold by independent vendors, so, do ensure you come with some cash on you if you would be ordering food.

While planning a trip to Stowe, this place must be included in the fall checklist.

It shouldn’t be left out!

Address: 6443 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

9. Stowe Umiak Outdoor Outfitters

Things to do in Stowe

Image Credits: Smugglers Notch State Park

Just as the name implies, Stowe Umiak Outdoor Outfitters is for lovers of outdoor activities.

If you love outdoor activities and sports, think not twice, a visit here is absolutely inevitable!

They provide an amazing visitor’s experience with water trips.

So, if you wouldn’t mind spending a few hours on water during your voyage to Stowe, they will create the magic here!

Besides, they offer kayaks for sale here too, and it is inexpensive.

The entire people that manage here are so friendly and they provide outstanding customer service from start to finish.

From test paddling kayaks to learning how to efficiently tie the new boats to visitors’ car racks, they are wonderful.

They wouldn’t do anything less to exceed your great expectations.

It should be noted that this place is less functional during other seasons except in the summer.

So, if you are fortunate to visit this amazing city during the summer period, a visit here will be worthwhile!

Address: 849 S Main St Unit 1, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

10. The Alchemist In Stowe

Things to do in Stowe, Vermont

Image Credits: The Alchemist

For the lovers of crafted beers, you are not left out on the list of our best and fun things to do in Stowe.

Stowe is a beautiful city that has something fun for all classes of visitors, regardless of your interests.

So, do you love beer and wish to explore a place where you can satisfy yourself during your visit?

If you do, upon your arrival in Stowe, head straight to The Alchemist.

This is a great place that provides contemporary beers with a taproom, a seasonal beer garden & guided tours.

Beers are just so divine here and you wouldn’t but appreciate yourself for coming to this awesome place!

Even if you wouldn’t be coming for a beer, coming to see their beautiful garden alone will be worth the stop.

Besides, the brewery appears so immaculate- the grounds and the interior are well-maintained and you will love them.

It is obvious that if one thing doesn’t interest you here, another will do!

So, why not plan a visit to a place that will provide you with options of fun things to explore?

If you are in Stowe, Vermont, a visit here will suffice!

Address: 100 Cottage Club Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

Planning a trip outside of Stowe? Why not check our list of things to do in Burlington?

11. Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center

Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center

Image Credits: Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center

The Trapp Family Lodge is an adventure sports center in Stowe consisting of 2,500-acre (10 km2) of land.

It is an amazing visitor center that is being managed by Sam von Trapp who is the son of the popular Stowe man; Johannes von.

If you are visiting Stowe, either alone or with friends and associates, this place will give you perfect comfort.

They provide affordable lodging, and the comfort is like being at home.

Besides, the skiing and mountain biking trails in this fun place are top-notch!

Even if you aren’t planning to lodge here or are interested in any mountain biking, that doesn’t shut you out from coming here.

Care to know why? Of course, that is because there is something fun for you too!

Particularly, if you are in this part of Stowe, you can make use of their well-furnished fitness center.

Tennis is equally available, and you can also decide to take some cool moments in their pools.

Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center is simply an incredibly fun place with tons of amazing things that will keep your insight!

The three unique restaurants that operate here are another wonderful thing that couldn’t be overlooked.

Of note, aside from selling good foods, these restaurants produce their own chickens, pigs, and vegetables for use in their restaurants.

Address: 800 Trapp Hill Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

12. Blessed Sacrament Church In Stowe

Blessed Sacrament Church in Stowe

Image Credits: Blessed Sacrament Church

Blessed Sacrament Church is, though, not a game house or a relaxation center; nonetheless, it is a fun place to explore.

The church is a catholic denomination that was erected in memory of a beloved saint, Father Damien, who spent his life tending to the lepers of Molokai Island of Hawaii.

Stop thinking of why a church could be a fun place to visit because we will explain hereunder!

Think less! You will get to figure out that in the course of reading this.

The reason why this beautiful place is fun to explore is because of the so many amazing things to see here.

Of note, the building is made with uncommon designs; both interior and exterior.

Their musical instruments are in a whole full house and, more particularly, the congregation and pastors are so lively.

Little wonder why this Catholic church in Stowe has become the center of religious pilgrimage for several Christians across the globe!

If you come to visit this church in Stowe, you will get that familiar scent of a Catholic Church.

Even if you are not of Catholic denomination, it has much unique religious artwork that your eyes won’t be able to resist.

You will admire the artwork because they are so beautiful and intimate, it will really take you into the lesson that is being portrayed in the Bible.

Moreover, the energy of the parishioners is welcoming to non-pilgrimage too.

There is apparently something fun for everyone and all categories of visitors coming here.

If you are a Christian and you are in Stowe, Vermont, coming here would be a blessing!

Address: 728 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

13. Laughing Moon Chocolates

Laughing Moon Chocolates in Stowe

Image Credits: Laughing Moon Chocolates

The admirers of sweet chocolate will be on the fight path to travel over to Stowe.

If what gives you great delight is having some nice chocolate to yourself, you will have that aplenty in Stowe during your visit.

Chocolate lovers, immediately you step into this beautiful city of Vermont, do not hesitate to check out Laughing Moon Chocolates.

This place is a quaint chocolate shop in a great location with lots of good things to choose from.

Salted caramels, pecan turtles, chocolate marshmallow fudge, Oreo fudge, chocolate PB fudge, and chocolate-covered pretzels are the varieties of chocolate that are available here.

Remarkably, they are the best producer of vodka truffles and salted caramel chocolates in the entire state of Vermont.

The store is a short, 1-minute walk from the central place in downtown Stowe, so, transportation to this place isn’t an issue!

During your short stay in Stowe, do not forget to check out this great little shop that has this mind-blowing variety of chocolates.

Address: 78 S Main St, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

14. Stowe Village Massage

Stowe Village Massage

Image Credits: Stowe Village Massage

Stowe Village Massage is also a fun place you could explore during your journey to Stowe, Vermont.

This is a massage therapist in Stowe that offers exceptional bodywork by certified and professional massage therapists.

It is the right place worth a visit for massage of any kind and on any part of your body.

In fact, if you ever felt any pain within your bone, they would all disappear if you could check out this place.

This is so because their massage facility is of the latest and the appropriate practitioners are in place to attend to visitors.

Note that, their expanded treatment menu is not restricted to massage alone, it covers a wider range of body treatments.

This range of menus includes but is not limited to core manicure and pedicure.

You could just do the massage, manicure and even if you care for a pedicure, all is possible here without having to checkout different consultants to get these done!

Importantly, this amazing initiative in Stowe is always clean, and peaceful, and their prices are fair enough, in all, it is just all-around lovely.

Address: 49 Depot St, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

15. 4 Points VT Of Stowe

4 Points VT in Stowe

Image Credits: 4 Points VT

4 Points VT is an amazing location that offers visitors bicycles of all brands at inexpensive prices.

Besides, they are also great event planners and event managers.

If you will visit Stowe with the aim of organizing an event of whatsoever kind, 4 Points VT will do adequate justice to your ceremony.

They are an outdoor activity organizer that plans and gives an event the flavor it ever requires.

Beyond that, their services also include Door-To-Door transportation in the city of Stowe and its environment.

This is achievable with the presence of expert guides who will make your brewery, biking, research, or whatever tour interesting.

Incredibly, all these services are available at an inexpensive rate.

If you are planning a trip to Stowe in Vermont, a visit here will in no small measure be memorable!

Address: 128 Deer Hill Ln, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

16. Stowe Mercantile

Stowe Mercantile

Image Credits: Stowe Mercantile

Stowe Mercantile is an inclusive fun place you can take a few of your time to explore if you ever visit Stowe, Vermont.

It is the appropriate place to head to if you need all forms of mercantile.

By way of proper description, this store is a family-owned place that has been in existence for over 30 years.

Handmade fudge, gourmet food, Vermont maple syrup, and Vermont craft beer are all available here at inexpensive prices.

Not only that, wide selections of random food, condiments, clothes, books, cards, kitchen items, and maple products are equally sold at cheap prices.

One impressive attitude of vendors here is that they always offer free samples of whatever you order.

This will invariably give you an overview of what you are about to order, what an impressive vendor’s conduct!

If you ever need to step into one place for multipurpose, standard, and unique gifts, don’t be sluggish to head to Stowe Mercantile!

Although, despite these nice things about this amazing place of Stowe, the only drawback here is that, not many provisions are available for visitors to park their cars.

Whichever the situation is, it is a place that will be worth a stop!

Address: 37 Main St, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

17. The Fly Rod Shop At Stowe

The Fly Rod Shop in Stowe

Image Credits: The Fly Rod Shop

If your sole interest lies in spending some of your quality time with a fishing agency, that wouldn’t be an issue to reflect on during your stay in Stowe.

Of course, it appears to be that there are limitless providers of fishing tours in Stowe.

The main issue comes where to actually go for the appropriate and best fishing agency that wouldn’t give you bad vibes.

Because you crave the best, anytime you are in Stowe, The Fly Rod Shop will give you an unprecedented fishing tour experience.

The owner of this tourist attraction in Stowe has put so much effort into making this location an addictive region for all lovers of fun things.

Basically, they have the best facilities and their prices are reasonably bearable compared to what is obtainable elsewhere.

They are equally open all days, unlike others that have selective days of operation.

Address: 2703 Waterbury Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

18. Stowe Harrison’s Restaurant & Bar

Harrison's Restaurant & Bar

Image Credits: Harrison’s Restaurant & Bar

It is an undeniable fact that while fixing up your itinerary in preparation for your trip to Stowe in Vermont, you would be looking out for the best restaurant that could serve you nice food.

After all, you can’t do all your exploration with an empty stomach every day.

So, read on if you care to check out the best restaurant for a delicious bite.

Anytime, any day, any season, Harrison’s Restaurant & Bar is a visitor’s restaurant that sells whatever food you might be looking for.

For American dishes with local flavors, you really can’t go wrong coming here!

Cozy tavern with a heated patio serving home-style American grub with creative local twists. They are just so amazing here!

Interestingly, they serve this creative comfort food in an upscale and relaxing environment.

If you wouldn’t have anything else here while in Stowe, endeavor to take the chicken piccata, in fact, a single order wouldn’t do justice to your cravings!

The servers are incredibly nice too and they ensure that everything is available promptly.

This restaurant is just a hidden gem in Stowe that will commensurate the expenses you will incur.

Address: 25 Main St, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

19. Mount Mansfield In Stowe

Things to do in Stowe

Image Credits: Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield is nonetheless another popular and fun place you can visit during a trip to Stowe.

It is the highest mountain in Vermont, at an appropriate 4,395 feet above sea level.

This wonderful place is an attraction that so many funds are diverted for its renovation and it has never been a boring place to visit.

Aside from the fact that if you are in this part of Stowe, you will have a great view of the entire city, it will equally give you the mindset to appreciate nature the more.

There is no how you could visit here without having some thoughtful moments.

Is it how tall the mountain appears or the so many fun things available therein? Definitely, several questions will resonate in your mind.

Of note, it is important to note that this place is safe to explore because lots of technological machinery is in place.

Little spaces, however, available for cars and restaurants are not so much here.

It is notwithstanding an awesome place that you could spend a couple of hours exploring.

Outrightly, no admission fee is required, and each visitor is given the maximum opportunity to enjoy their stay here.

Your horizon would expand if you do visit here and you won’t but leave with unprecedented great memories.

So, subject to your convenience, make a plan to visit here while planning a trip to Stowe!

Address: Mount Mansfield Dr, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

20. Stowe Free Library

Stowe Free Library

Image Credits: Stowe Free Library

Just as the name implies, Stowe Free Library is a public library in Stowe, Vermont that is available to visitors and inhabitants.

If you are on a research mission to Stowe, this library will highly be resourceful for your research work.

Even if you are a regular tourist looking for a quiet place to read some fiction and nonfiction books, Stowe Free Library will be a great place to visit.

For clarity, the library opens on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between the hours of 9:30 in the morning through 5:30 pm.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, their opening hour is between 12:00 noon through 7:00 in the evening.

Saturday opening hour stands at 10:00 in the morning and they close as early as 3:00 in the forenoon.

But then, worthy of mention is the rage that this place is a beautiful mid-19th century building with a 21st-century attitude.

They also have a good collection of audiobooks and an even better selection of movies (lots of documentaries).

Not just that, there are great sections for kids, a computer area, and a quiet area for adults to read the paper and magazines.

Stowe Free Library is in fact the only place here that has a strict sense towards the promotion of lifelong learning and literacy.

In all, this place is obviously proud to serve visitors with both print and digital resources, as well as engaging library programming for all ages.

While in town, come and spend your time browsing books and other fun things available here!

Address: 90 Pond St, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

21. Stowe Enigma VT

Enigma VT in Stowe

Image Credits’ Enigma VT

Do you care to visit an escape room while in Stowe?

If you love to visit an escape room during your visit here, check out Enigma VT.

This is a popular and most visited escape room center in Stowe, Vermont.

In this amazing location, the escape room is not only challenging but extremely fun and interesting.

Even if you have been to escape rooms in other cities, Enigma VT will create an exceptionally fun moment for you.

Beyond being an escape room, they also make provisions available for visitors who intended to book spaces for parties or related ceremonies.

For your upcoming wedding, the family gets to get her, reunion gathering, or cooperate events, making here the location for such will make a lot of sense.

Interestingly, contrary to what you might be thinking, services here are extremely affordable.

For maximum enjoyment during your stay in Stowe, consider adding this place to your itinerary!

Address: Next to Rimrocks, 394 Mountain Rd #8, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

22. A.J’s Ski And Sports Of Stowe

A.J's Ski and Sports

Image Credits: A.J’s Ski and Sports

A.J’s Ski and Sports specialize in renting out bicycles to visitors of all ages.

If you find more pleasure in riding a bicycle during your visit to Stowe in Vermont, A.J’s Ski and Sports have the best bicycles for you.

In fact, they have employees on the stand who are specialists and experts that will lead you through the tour.

Being a novice isn’t an issue, as long as you have the zeal to ride the bicycle, they will make your dream come to reality.

Besides, if you are not coming to ride any of their bicycles, a stop here to feed your eyes with their little museum wouldn’t be a bad decision.

The museum basically provides a more historical overview of the world of bicycles.

This presupposes that you can decide to expand your horizon by coming to check out their museum if at all you do not have any interest in renting a bicycle.

While coming to explore the museum, you literary wouldn’t be paying a dime.

But then, if what you are coming for is to rent a bicycle, of course, you will be expected to pay a reasonable cost.

Regardless of whichever option you opt for, it will definitely be worth a visit if you are in Stowe, Vermont!

Sports carries all the top brand name outdoor clothing, bike and it is going to be a memorable encounter!

Address: 50 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

23. Gold Brook Covered Bridge (Emily’s Covered Bridge)

Gold Brook Covered Bridge (Emily's Covered Bridge)

Image Credits: Gold Brook Covered Bridge (Emily’s Covered Bridge)

Gold Brook Covered Bridge (Emily’s Covered Bridge) though not relatively a popular attraction in Stowe, but then, it is a hidden gem of the city.

This wonderful location is a covered bridge in Stowe, Vermont.

It is also known by local residents as Stowe Hollow Bridge or simply Emily’s Bridge.

For a clear picture of what you should expect if you visit here, this amazing, unpopular but fun place was set up in 1844 and it is made of a small wooden covered bridge.

In fact, in the whole of the United States, this bridge is the only 19th-century covered bridge that made use of wood.

Little wonder why it was remarkably included in 1974 on the National Register of Historic Places.

Not just that, this inclusive location of Stowe featured as one of the most visited locations in the Paranormal TV series.

Continual description of this amazing place will do no justice unless you plan a visit here!

You will surely enjoy exploring this bridge because the great history and folklore around it are so wonderful.

Besides, the scenery is very pretty and the best view comes if you climb down along the river.

There is also an informative plack and a small parking area on the other side of the bridge.

This is just a nice sight to stop at if you are visiting Stowe in Vermont.

The covered bridge will create a beautiful memory that you will appreciate.

Interestingly, you will have the opportunity to explore all the fun things embedded here at no cost.

Everything is fun and zero dollars is expected, so great a place to visit!

Address: Covered Bridge Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

24. Stowe Cider

Stowe Cider

Image Credits: Stowe Cider

If you won’t be visiting Gold Brook Covered Bridge (Emily’s Covered Bridge), there is an alternate fun place you could visit.

Stowe Cider is an alternate best and fun place in this great city of Vermont with picnic tables and games.

Your choices could be to dine-in, or a kerbside pickup, but then, outside delivery is not available here.

This cider available here is simply an alcoholic beverage that is made from the juice of apples.

A commendable effort here is that their cider is always delicious with several imaginative flavors that are always great.

We are pretty sure you will love to plan a visit here over and over again after your subsequent visit.

This is because they have a lot of options of great ciders which you can choose from and the environment is so relaxing and welcoming.

Is it the Sangria flavor or the blueberry, or the “brainwave” selection of Gummy Bear?

You wouldn’t be able to resist the fun things embedded here if you are in Stowe, Vermont!

Whichever season you plan a visit to Stowe in the state of Vermont, remember to come for a fantastic experience here!

After all, the staff are friendly and their prices are equally great.

Upon your arrival to this great city of Vermont, a visit here will surely Suffice!

Address: 17 Town Farm Ln, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

25. Moss Glen Falls, Stowe

Moss Glen Falls in Stowe

Image Credits: Moss Glen Falls

Moss Glen Falls appears to be a visitor’s destination, although several people who haven’t been to Stowe are yet to figure out why this is so.

Of course, it is because this location has the most incredible waterfall in the whole of Vermont.

As long as you crave something fun and relaxing, this location is definitely a place you should visit.

If you are an adult planning to come here with your kids, it is surely going to be worth the visit for all ages!

The adults can be allowed to go into the water to enjoy themselves while kids, too, could be allowed under strict monitoring.

When next will you come to Stowe, Vermont?

It might sound so compelling, but then, whichever season it would be, whenever it would be, make it a priority to visit this amazing fun place!

You will not feel less happy with the beauty of the waterfalls.

While coming, do not be reluctant to come with your kids because all categories of visitors coming here have a fun thing that will keep them on sight!

Address: 369-615 Moss Glen Falls Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States. 

26. Blazer Transportation

Blazer Transportation

Image Credits: Blazer Transportation

One of those things that will make your journey so easy and smooth during your Stowe’s exploration is getting a reliable transportation agency.

Blazer Transportation is that transportation agency that will be of service to you beyond your expectations.

They are taxi agency in this beautiful city of Vermont with over 10 years in the industry.

Even if it appears to you that you are uncertain about how to actually visit all places you fix up in your itinerary, this great taxi agency will definitely do the magic.

Their taxi are fit and so functional. In fact, all their drivers are certified drivers and they are not in any way rude to visitors.

Regardless of the questions coming up from you, they will not be reluctant in answering them.

And of course, the prices of their service are reasonable.

Coming here would be a great way to start your exploration of this great city in Stowe!

Address: 266 Maple St, Stowe, VT 05672, United States.

27. West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park

West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park

Image Credits: West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park

West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park is another amazing place that is visitors oriented in Stowe, Vermont.

This place is an Art gallery that houses contemporary art exhibitions with amazing sculptures and paintings.

What makes this park different from other parks in Stowe is that, here, they are so committed to promoting exceptional contemporary art in varied media by emerging and mid-career artists.

There is excellent artwork and a great space to showcase contemporary art here.

Interestingly, the artworks and sculptures shown here are made by local artisans and no admission fee is required to enter.

The curator is also friendly and will interact with every visitor in a professional way.

If you could have a stop here, it would be a pleasant experience on your trip to this Vermont city!

Address: 17 Town Farm Ln, Stowe, VT 05672, United States.

28. Theatre Guild

Stowe Theatre Guild

Image Credits: Stowe Theatre Guild

On our list of best and most fun places you can visit in Stowe is this performing arts theater called Theatre Guild.

This beautiful location in this awesome city of Vermont is a non-profit initiative that is generally maintained with grants.

Operations hour here is all days of the weekdays, inclusive of weekends.

Their mission here is to strive to be the highest quality theatre in central Vermont.

Little wonder why so much fund is put up here!

Plays that go up here are also amazing and so interesting.

If you are coming to Stowe, the plays here are so spectacular with tons of laughs!

We strongly recommend you find a time to come and see one of their plays someday.

The venue is very intimate and the acoustics are terrific.

Not only that, the chairs are comfortably put up and the staff are extremely cheerful.

So, make a plan to check out this amazing place anytime you are in Stowe!

It will definitely be worth whatever you give in for it!

Address: 67 Vermont Rte 100, Stowe, VT 05672, United States.

29. Stowe Area Association

Stowe Area Association

Image Credits: Bookings Media Gallery

Stowe Area Association is a popular location that doesn’t necessitate much description.

This is a popular place and incredibly one of the most visited tourist centers in Vermont.

This attraction was established in 1945 with the primary aim of promoting Stowe as a vibrant and exciting visitor’s destination.

Invariably, their mission is to project the beauty and opportunities inherent in this great city.

They endeavor to enhance the quality experience for visitors and inhabitants in a pattern that improves the economic well-being of the community.

Beyond that, they also consciously promote environmental integrity, no wonder why it is remarkably known outwardly as Go Stowe!

While you are in Stowe and are not so sure of where to start your exploration, we suggest you begin here.

No matter how wild your itinerary looks, once you have a time frame, they will bring everything into reality for you here.

More excitingly, the entire people here are coordinative, smart, and totally friendly.

Even if you felt you are a mere stranger, they will welcome you politely and, of course, what will go for these is just a little token off your pocket.

Except if you consider yourself a habitual visitor to this great city of Vermont, a visit here is so important!

Address: 51 S Main St, Stowe, VT 05672, United States.

30. Mad River

Mad River

Image Credits: Mad River

For the lovers of Rugby, here comes your favorite spot!

Many visitors often opt-in for other similar sports as against Rugby, which is their favorite because of its unavailability in cities they visit.

But then, that isn’t the case here. Mad River is a rugby club center in Stowe, Vermont.

It was established in 1972 and ever since then; it has been continually a fun location for every rugby lover.

This great place in the quintessential Vermont state has adequate rugby equipment and materials.

Thus, all you have to do is to come here and enjoy the moments.

The field is so clean, well maintained and there are chairs all around that you could sit if you intend to speculate.

One advantage of visiting here is that, even if it has been a long time since you last played rugby, a visit here will resuscitate your interest.

If conversely, you haven’t experienced how fun it used to be playing the game, you wouldn’t feel alone coming here.

The coach is always on sight to provide the necessary guidance that a visitor may require.

Mad River is just at the center of other fun places within the city and you would not pay any admission fee.

Your itinerary is absolutely your affairs, but then, be meticulous enough to spare an hour or two to visit Mad River!

Address: 660 W Hill Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States.

31. ArborTrek Canopy Adventures

ArborTrek Canopy Adventures

Image Credits: ArborTrek Canopy Adventures

ArborTrek Canopy Adventures offers a year-round aerial adventure in Stowe, Vermont.

The aerial adventure available here includes zip lines, treetop obstacles, and tree climbing.

So, do you want to experience any of these fun things available here?

If you will, ArborTrek Canopy Adventures is up to the task, they will entertain you far beyond your expectations!

The tour guides here are so knowledgeable about the Vermont landscape and the beautiful layout of the forest.

These awesome people will adequately explain so many things that you would ever ask them.

In fact, they will not hesitate to explain the difference between the trees around the city and how the company strives to protect and preserve the local environment.

One thing that is special about this unique attraction in this city of Vermont is that they are so concerned with visitors’ safety.

If however, you are not interested in engaging yourself with the zip lines, treetop obstacles, or tree climbing, it is never over!

Yes, it isn’t. You can decide to take any of their courses.

They have amazing courses that are so challenging and so fun.

You can take their ropes course, climbing course, or the other awesome courses that are available.

But then, if you won’t take any other, the ropes course is so great, and it is what you shouldn’t miss.

So, do you consider this place right to visit?

The decision is yours, but then, every second spent here is remarkably fun!

Address: 1239 Edwards Rd, Jeffersonville, VT 05464, United States.

Final Remarks

It is obvious from the foregoing that Stowe is indeed a beautiful city with tons of things you can explore.

Ensure you narrow down your itinerary with the help of the recommendations proffered above.

So, pack your luggage and set off for the journey!

Safe Trip!