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24 Unique & Best Things to Do in Traverse City (Michigan)

Thinking of taking that long-awaited vacation in Traverse City? Good idea!

You won’t want to miss a fine, pleasurable stay in the second-largest city in Michigan. However, it isn’t only the size of its geography that makes this place a must-visit.

Located in the head east and west arms of Grand Transverse, this city is home to a population of 15,678 citizens.

Regardless, it drags over 5,000 tourists to its abode because of its terrific and entertaining attractions.

It’s also known to be the largest producer of tart cherries in the US and its viticulture industry.

If you are looking for delicious wine and alcohol, this city is for you.

Take tours around its many wineries and distilleries in this magnificent city.

You will also marvel at its surrounding freshwater beaches, dunes, and national lakeshore.

Moreover, this city was formerly inhabited by the Ojibwa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi tribes.

So if you are fascinated by them, you will learn a lot about their history in Traverse City.

Likewise, you can partake in festivals like the famous National Cherry festival.

To top it all, this city embraces the LGBT community and is even top on the list in Michigan.

Eager to take that trip?

Then let this article expose you to the exciting things to do in Traverse City.

Fun and Best Things To Do In Traverse City

1. Clinch Park

clink park

The Clink Park

Clinch Park stretches two miles on West Grand Transverse Bay.

It offers a variety of recreational activities, breathtaking views of the Grand Traverse Bay, and a peaceful atmosphere.

The park features a sandy beach perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and playing in the water.

There is also a large grassy area that is perfect for picnics, Frisbee, and other outdoor games.

However, for those who prefer more structured activities, there are several picnic tables and grills available for use.

Likewise, a playground for children.

Children can run around the park and play with the slides.

One of the highlights of Clinch Park is its beautiful views of the Grand Traverse Bay.

The park is situated on the bay, providing stunning vistas of the water and the surrounding landscape.

You can take a leisurely walk along the park’s promenade and enjoy the fresh lake breeze.

While at it, you can sit and relax on one of the many benches along the water’s edge.

In addition to its natural beauty, Clinch Park is also a hub of cultural and social activity.

The park is the site of several events throughout the year.

Here, you can groove to live concerts, festivals, and community gatherings.

During the summer months, visitors can enjoy live music and other entertainment on the park’s performance stage.

Another feature of Clinch Park is its proximity to the downtown area of Traverse City.

The park is just a short walk from the city’s main shopping and dining district.

So you can make it a fantastic location for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you think of convenience, consider this lovely park.

Address; 111 E Grandview Pkwy, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

2. The Village at Grand Traverse

The Village at Grand Traverse

The Village at Grand Traverse

Situated in Traverse City, this ever-vibrant and charming village offer a unique blend of modern amenities, outdoor recreation, and small-town charm.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the village is a paradise.

Adorned with breathtaking scenic beauty and an abundance of recreational opportunities, it is a terrific place to visit with family.

Just a stone’s throw from the stunning beaches of Lake Michigan, residents can enjoy the beauty of the water and the sand as well as a range of water sports and activities.

In addition to its natural beauty, the village is also home to various shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

You can enjoy a leisurely afternoon shopping at one of the local boutiques.

While at it, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the many delicious dining establishments.

The village is also home to several popular attractions.

Some of these include the historic State Theatre, the picturesque Clinch Park, and the bustling Traverse City Farmers Market.

If you are looking for a more relaxed pace of life, the village is the perfect place to call home.

With its quiet streets, friendly neighbors, and small-town atmosphere, the village provides the perfect backdrop for a simpler, more relaxed life.

Despite its tranquil setting, the village is also home to a thriving arts and culture scene.

From live performances at the State Theatre to the numerous galleries and studios that dot the village, there is always something new and exciting to experience.

Try out this attraction, as it encompasses simple but creative energy all around it.

Won’t you want to be in the midst of this outdoor paradise?

Don’t hesitate to make this attraction one of your top places to visit in Traverse.

Address:1200 W Eleventh St, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

3. The Dennos Museum Center

The Dennos Museum Center

Dennos Museum Center

The Dennos Museum is a world-renowned art museum that offers a unique and enriching cultural experience for visitors of all ages.

This fascinating museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of the Great Lakes region and promoting contemporary art and culture.

One of the standout features of the museum is its extensive permanent collection.

These include works of art from the Inuit people of Canada’s Arctic region, as well as the cultures of the Great Lakes region.

In addition to its permanent collection, the museum hosts a range of rotating exhibitions and special events throughout the year.

These events range from contemporary art exhibitions to cultural festivals, educational programs, and more.

Moreover, the museum also offers a range of programs and workshops for children and adults.

Visitors can engage with the art and culture on display in new and exciting ways.

Another notable aspect of the museum is its stunning architecture and design.

Designed by world-renowned architect Alden B. Dow is a masterpiece in its own right.

This is a result of its unique combination of natural materials, clean lines, and innovative use of light.

Its design provides a beautiful and inspiring backdrop for the art and cultural artifacts on display.

A tour of this attraction will expose you to its many exhibitions.

These fantastic exhibitions include three changing exhibit galleries, a sculpture court, an interactive discovery gallery, and many more.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a resident or just passing through.

Be sure to add the Dennos Museum Center to your itinerary for a truly unforgettable experience.

Address:1410 College Dr, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States

4. Left Foot Charley

Left Foot Charley

Left Foot Charley

In Traverse lies many beautiful wineries, and one of them is the Last Foot Charley.

Left Foot Charley is the region’s first Urban winery in the center of historic Northern Michigan.

Notably, this family-owned and operated winery is dedicated to producing high-quality, handcrafted wines that showcase the unique terroir of the Northern Michigan region.

Its owner Bryan Ulrich is a renowned winemaker who has, over the years, mastered the art of satisfying customers with sweet, tasty wine.

Not sure of what to expect?

One of the standout features of Left Foot Charley is its commitment to sustainable winemaking practices.

The winery uses various environmentally friendly methods.

These methods include dry farming, natural yeast fermentation, and minimal use of chemicals in the vineyard.

These methods allow the winery to produce wines that are not only delicious but also have a lighter impact on the environment.

Furthermore, the winery’s tasting room is a popular destination for wine lovers and tourists.

It also offers a range of Left Foot Charley’s signature wines for visitors to sample.

Likewise, the tasting room is also a great place to learn about the winemaking process.

You can also ask knowledgeable staff questions about the unique techniques and methods used by Left Foot Charley.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability and delicious wines, this attraction is well known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy a lovely time at the inviting tasting room.

This room creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment for visitors to have a glass of wine or a bottle with friends and family.

If you are a fan of high-quality, handcrafted wines, Left Foot Charley is a must-visit destination.

Address:806 Red Dr Suite #100, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

5. Keith J. Charters Traverse State Park

Keith J. Charters Traverse State Park

The Keith J. Charters Traverse State Park

Keith J. Charters Traverse State Park is a popular outdoor recreation area in Traverse, Michigan.

The park covers a large area of land and offers a range of recreational opportunities for visitors.

These activities include hiking, camping, fishing, and boating.

Apart from its activities,  its natural beauty is one of its outstanding features.

Surrounded by rolling hills, dense forests, and sparkling lakes, this attraction has a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities.

For starters, there are many things you can do here, especially if you love the outdoors.

Firstly, you can explore miles of hiking trails, fish in the park’s numerous lakes, or simply relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

For those who love camping, Keith J. Charters Traverse State Park offers a variety of camping options.

These include traditional tent camping and modern RV camping.

The park also has several comfortable cabins available for rent, where visitors can spend a night and enjoy the park’s beauty while still having access to modern amenities.

In addition to its outdoor recreation opportunities, the State Park is also known for its rich cultural and historical heritage.

It is also home to several historic sites and landmarks.

Such as old lighthouses, abandoned mines, and former military outposts, providing a fascinating glimpse into the area’s past.

So If you are looking for a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life,  this attraction is an excellent destination to experience serenity.

Address:1132 US-31, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States

6. Mission Point Lighthouse

Mission Point Lighthouse

Mission Point Lighthouse

For over 150 years, the  Mission Point LightHouse has been guiding ships.

Initially built in 1870, it has since been restored to its original grandeur.

The lighthouse stands on a small peninsula that extends into Lake Michigan.

It offers breathtaking views of the water and surrounding area.

From the top of the lighthouse, visitors can see for miles in all directions and admire the region’s natural beauty.

As well as explore the history of the building, view the panoramic views of the lake, and learn about the lives of the lighthouse keepers.

The lighthouse has a rich history and has been a part of the Traverse City community for generations.

It has been used as a navigation aid for ships traveling on Lake Michigan and a lookout point for spotting incoming ships.

During World War II, the lighthouse was a lookout for enemy submarines.

In addition to its history and views, the lighthouse is a popular tourist destination for families.

Visitors can take guided tours of the lighthouse and learn about the daily life of lighthouse keepers.

Learn about their duties, routines, and challenges.

Furthermore, this attraction also features interactive exhibits and educational programs for children and adults.

Despite its age and history, the LightHouse is still a vital part of the Traverse City community.

Thus it continues to play a role in the local maritime heritage.

Not only will you learn about an unparalleled glimpse into maritime history, but you will also get to view the gorgeous landscapes from the top.

So if you are a history buff, a nature lover, or simply looking for a fun day trip, the lighthouse is a must-visit destination that will leave a lasting impression.

Address:20500 Center Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States

7. Cherry Republic Traverse

Cherry Republic Traverse

The Cherry Republic Traverse

Cherry Republic is a well-known retail store and restaurant in Traverse.

The store is known for its vast selection of cherry-themed products, including food, drinks, and souvenirs.

Moreover, it features a wide range of products made from cherries.

Fill your tummy with cherry salsa, cherry BBQ sauce, cherry jams and jellies, and even cherry hot sauce.

Fortunately, you can sample many of these products in the store’s tasting room.

Inside the walls of this tasting room lies an interactive experience.

You can try out different products and learn about the different types of cherries grown in the region.

In addition to its food products, this attraction also offers a variety of cherry-themed souvenirs, such as t-shirts, hats, and mugs.

These souvenirs are perfect for anyone looking to take a piece of Traverse City home with them or for those looking for a unique gift for a friend or loved one.

The restaurant at Cherry Republic is another popular attraction.

Here offers a variety of delicious food and drinks made with cherries.

Its menu features a wide range of dishes that showcase the versatility of this fruit.

To go with its delicious food, visitors can dine in the cozy dining room or enjoy a meal on the outdoor patio during the warm summer.

Cherry Republic is more than just a store.

Instead, it is a cultural experience that celebrates the local heritage of Traverse City and the surrounding area.

Friendly, knowledgeable employees staff the store.

These helpful employees are passionate about the products and eager to share their knowledge with visitors.

If you are a fan of cherries, you should definitely visit this attraction because it will surely give you that memorable experience you have been craving.

Address:154 E Front St, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

8. Brys Estate Vineyard And Wine Yard Traverse

The Brys Estate Vineyard And Wine Yard Traverse.

The Brys Estate Vineyard And Wine Yard Traverse.

Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery is a family-owned and operated winery in Traverse City, Michigan.

The winery is renowned for its exceptional wines and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Since its establishment in 2005, this attraction has grown to include over 20 acres of vines.

Comprising of varietals such as Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.

The winery is committed to using sustainable farming practices.

One of the ways it does this is by covering crops and reducing chemical inputs.

This is done to ensure that the grapes grown on the property are of the highest quality.

Asides from having a tasty wine, visitors can take a tour of the vineyard and learn about the winemaking process from the knowledgeable staff.

The tasting room is a beautiful space that provides breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

So you can kick back and relax while you enjoy a glass of wine.

In addition to its excellent wines, this attraction is also known for its food and hospitality.

The winery’s kitchen uses locally sourced ingredients to create delicious food that pairs perfectly with the wines.

Food is best enjoyed on the outdoor patio or indoor dining room.

Likewise, if you want an outdoor feel, you can opt for a picnic in the vineyard.

The winery hosts several events throughout the year.

Events like wine tastings, vineyard walks, and live music provide visitors with an opportunity to connect with other wine lovers and experience the beauty of the vineyard.

And you don’t necessarily have to be a wine connoisseur.

So,  if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery with a great glass of wine, this is the perfect place.

Address:3309 Blue Water Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States

9. Wilson Antiques

Wilson Antiques

The Wilson Antiques

Wilson Antiques is a charming and sophisticated store located in the beautiful city of Traverse City.

It is a one-stop shop for all antique lovers and collectors, offering a wide range of rare and unique items.

Of note, the store has been operating for over two decades.

As such, it has established itself as a reputable and reliable source of antiques and collectibles.

The store is housed in a beautiful historic building in the heart of downtown Traverse City.

Its breathtaking interior is just as charming as the city itself.

This antique store is filled with a diverse collection of antiques worldwide.

Shop for furniture, pottery, glassware, and jewelry, and have fun.

Likewise, its owners are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft.

They can guide you throughout your visit and give you a detailed rundown of the historical place.

One thing that sets Wilson Antiques apart from other antique stores is their commitment to quality.

Only items that are in excellent condition are purchased, and they take great care to preserve the integrity and authenticity of each piece.

Besides its wide selection of antiques, this antique store also offers appraisal services for those looking to value their collections.

Their experienced staff can provide a detailed and accurate assessment of your items.

If you are looking to sell or simply want to know their worth, the staff of this establishment will give you the assistance you need.

Wilson Antiques is a must-visit destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

So if you’re in Traverse City, be sure to stop by Wilson Antiques and experience a piece of history for yourself.

Address:123 S Union St, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

10. The Magic Shuttle Bus

The Magic Shuttle Bus

The Magic Shuttle Bus

Traverse City is a beautiful and bustling city with a lot to offer visitors.

From its gorgeous beaches and parks to its thriving downtown area, there is always something to see and do.

And with the Magic Shuttle Bus, getting around the city has never been easier.

The Magic Shuttle Bus is a transportation service that operates in the Traverse City area.

It provides convenient and reliable transportation for all who board it.

The bus regularly runs, with stops at key locations throughout the city.

These stops include famous tourist attractions, shopping centers, and restaurants.

However, one of the best things about the Magic Shuttle Bus is its affordability.

And with the ability to pay for your fare with a credit card or through a mobile app, you are guaranteed a stress-free way to see the whole city.

Another great thing about the Magic Shuttle Bus is its eco-friendliness.

With a fleet of clean and fuel-efficient vehicles, the Shuttle Bus is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the city and improve air quality for everyone.

Furthermore, with a commitment to reducing traffic congestion, the bus is also helping to make the city a more pleasant place to live, work, and visit.

For those looking for a convenient and stress-free way to get around Traverse City, the Shuttle Bus is the perfect solution.


It’s because of affordable rates, reliable service, and an eco-friendly approach; it’s no wonder this transportation option has become so popular.

So next time you’re in Traverse City, be sure to take advantage of the Magic Shuttle Bus and see the city in a whole new way.

Address:10850 E Traverse Hwy Suite 4400, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

11. Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

 Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

The Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting family vacation in Traverse City.

Then look no further than the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park.

This state-of-the-art water park and resort offers a wide range of exciting attractions, activities, and amenities for visitors of all ages.

With over 80,000 square feet of water-filled fun, this park offers everything.

From thrilling water slides to relaxing lazy rivers.

There are even areas specifically designed for younger children.

In addition to its water park, Great Wolf Lodge also offers a range of other activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Its features range from miniature golf and arcade games to live shows and interactive experiences.

There is always something to do, no matter what your interests may be.

And for those looking for a bit of relaxation, the resort also features a full-service spa and a range of dining options.

Another commendable thing about Great Wolf Lodge Water Park is its commitment to providing a safe and comfortable environment for guests.

The park is well-maintained, with staff members always on hand to assist visitors and ensure that everyone is having a great time.

And with a range of accommodations, including family-friendly rooms and suites, the resort is the perfect place to stay for a family vacation.

Address: 3575 N U.S. 31 S, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

There are also awesome places you can check out in Michigan, such as Saugatuck, Detriot, Holland, Petoskey, and South Haven!

12. Pirates Cove Adventure Park

 Pirates Cove Adventure Park

The Pirates Cove Adventure Park

Visiting Pirates Cove Adventure Park is one of the best things to do in Traverse City!

This exciting park offers a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages.

As a result, it is the perfect place for families and groups to spend quality time.

One of the highlights of Pirates Cove Adventure Park is its pirate-themed mini golf course.

With 18 holes of challenging and exciting golf, this course is a fun and unique way to experience the great outdoors.

The course features a range of obstacles and hazards, including water features and pirate-themed decorations.

In addition to its mini golf course, Pirates Cove Adventure Park also offers a range of other attractions and activities.

Have fun with the go-karts, batting cages, rock-climbing walls, and an arcade game.

For a more relaxing experience, the park also features a snack bar and picnic area.

So, after all the fun and games, you can settle down and enjoy a sumptuous meal here.

Another great thing about Pirates Cove Adventure Park is its commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors.

The park is well-maintained, and staff members are always on hand to assist visitors and ensure that everyone is having a great time.

Fortunately, you can partake in all this excitement at an affordable price and with available discounts.

So if you’re looking for a swashbuckling adventure, check out Pirates Cove Adventure Park.

Address: 1710 US-31 North, Traverse City, MI 49686, United States

13. Old Town Playhouse

 Old Town Playhouse

Old Town Playhouse

The Old Town Playhouse theater has been a staple in the community since its establishment in 1949 and has provided top-quality entertainment for over 70 years.

The theater is known for its intimate setting, making it a perfect venue for live performances, plays, and musicals.

With a seating capacity of just over 200 people, the theater provides a warm and cozy atmosphere that makes audiences feel like they are a part of the performance.

In recent years, the Old Town Playhouse has undergone several renovations to enhance the overall theater experience.

The lobby and box office have been updated, and the theater has been equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems.

The theater’s stage has also been expanded, allowing for larger productions and more complex sets.

This has helped the theater attract a wide range of performances, including classic plays, contemporary dramas, and musicals.

Old Town Playhouse has been a favorite destination for residents, as well as visitors from across the state and beyond.

The theater’s mission is to provide high-quality entertainment and cultural experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds.

To achieve this, the theater offers a variety of shows and events, including children’s theater productions, Shakespearean plays, and concerts.

In addition to its performances, Old Town Playhouse serves as a community gathering place.

The theater regularly hosts events, such as fundraising galas and holiday parties, that bring people together and promote a sense of community.

Its rich history, intimate setting, and commitment to providing top-quality entertainment make it a must-visit destination for anyone who loves theater.

Address: 148 E Eighth St, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

14. Gallagher’s Farm Market and Bakery

Things to do in Traverse City

The Gallagher’s Farm Market and Bakery

You can only get the best fresh food in one of Traverse’s finest markets.

Established in 1949, the market has provided fresh and locally sourced produce, baked goods, and other food products to the community for over 70 years.

The market is known for its wide selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables, including cherries, apples, peaches, and more.

These products are grown on the market’s farm or sourced from local farmers, ensuring that customers get the freshest produce.

In addition, to produce, Gallagher’s Farm Market and Bakery are also famous for their bakery.

The bakery offers a variety of baked goods, including bread, cakes, pastries, and cookies.

Interestingly, all of the baked goods are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients, which is one of the best in the area.

Furthermore, the market also offers a variety of specialty food items, such as honey, jams, and sauces, that are made using locally sourced ingredients.

These products are perfect for those looking to try something new or want to take a piece of Traverse City home with them.

Gallagher’s Farm Market and Bakery is more than just a place to buy food.

It’s also a community gathering place where people can come together to enjoy a delicious meal, catch up with friends, or just relax.

It also features a cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers outdoor seating during the warm months.

With its wide selection of produce, baked goods, and specialty food items, it’s the perfect place to find something for everyone.

Hurry to this location to get the ingredients for your favorite recipe.

After all, who says that shopping can’t be fun in the city?

Address: 7237 E Traverse Hwy, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

15. Grand Traverse Mall

 Grand Traverse Mall

The Grand Traverse Mall

Grand Traverse Mall is a shopping center located in Traverse City, Michigan.

The mall offers a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options for visitors.

Featuring over 75 retailers, including popular national brands such as J.C. Penney, Macy’s, and Sears.

Likewise, specialty stores like the Buckle, the mall is a hot spot for shopping.

The mall also has a food court featuring a variety of dining options, from quick bites to sit-down restaurants.

In addition to shopping and dining, Grand Traverse Mall offers several other entertainment options for visitors.

The mall has a play area for children and hosts events and activities throughout the year, including holiday events, fashion shows, and more.

For those looking for a place to relax, the mall also has a spacious lounge area, complete with comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi.

Grand Traverse Mall is conveniently in the heart of Traverse City and is easily accessible by car.

There is ample parking available for visitors, including handicap-accessible spaces.

Whether you’re in the mood for shopping, dining, entertainment, or just a quiet place to relax, Grand Traverse Mall has something for everyone.

So why not plan a visit today and see what this famous shopping center has in store for you?

Address: 3200 W South Airport Rd, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

16. The Hippo Tree

Things to do in Traverse City

Hippo Tree

The Hippo Tree in Traverse City is a fascinating natural attraction that draws visitors from all over.

It is located near the Grand Traverse Bay and is a local landmark and one of the must-see places in the area.

The Hippo Tree is so named because it looks like a large hippopotamus is emerging from the ground.

This is because the tree trunk and roots have grown, creating the illusion of an animal breaking free from the earth.

This tree is a black cherry tree that is over 100 years old.

It stands tall and proud, with its roots reaching out in all directions, creating a distinctive hippo shape.

The tree is surrounded by a small park and a walking trail, making it easy for visitors to get up close and personal with it.

Visitors to the Hippo Tree can take a stroll through the park and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

This tree is a popular spot for picnics and family outings, and it is a favorite of local photographers who come to capture its unique beauty.

The Hippo Tree is not just a tourist attraction, but it is also an essential part of the area’s history and culture.

It has been designated as a protected tree, and local organizations work to maintain and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

This tree will leave a lasting impression and provide a fun and memorable experience.

So why not add it to your list of things to see and do in Traverse City today?

Address: Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

17. Silver Lake recreation

Things to do in Traverse city

Silver Lake Recreation

Beyond beautiful and breathtaking, the Silver Lake Recreation Park is a popular park located in Traverse City.

The park sits along the picturesque shores of Silver Lake and offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for visitors.

However, this park features a sandy beach perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and playing in the water.

Its lake is well-stocked with fish, making it a popular spot for fishing.

There is also a boat launch available for those who want to explore the lake by kayak or canoe.

For those who prefer to stay on land, the park offers hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds.

There is also a campground that offers tent and RV camping sites, as well as cabins for rent.

The campground is surrounded by dense forest.

Nature lovers can escape and immerse themselves in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Silver Lake Recreation Area is a popular destination for families.

As such, there are many activities and attractions that are suitable for people of all ages.

The park is also an excellent place for group outings, such as family reunions, company picnics, and church retreats.

So why not plan a visit to Silver Lake Recreation Area today and experience all that this beautiful park has to offer?

Don’t miss a chance to visit this hidden gem and take a dive on its picturesque lake, miles of trails, and diverse range of recreational opportunities.

Undoubtedly it is an excellent place to spend a day, a weekend, or even longer.

Address: 1785 N East Silver Lake Rd, Traverse City, MI 49685, United States

18. Music House Museum

Things to do in Traverse city

The Music House Museum

Music lovers and history enthusiasts have a place in the Music House Museum.

Solely dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of music and musical instruments, this museum offers a memorable experience for anyone who troops in.

The museum features a vast collection of rare and vintage musical instruments.

Of the like mechanical music machines, player pianos, phonographs, and much more.

Get ready to see, hear, and experience the history of music in a way that is impossible at any other museum.

One of the highlights of the Music House Museum is its collection of mechanical music machines, which are fully operational.

Visitors can see and hear these fantastic machines playing music and learn about their history.

The museum has a collection of player pianos, phonographs, and other musical instruments.

In addition to its exhibits, the museum offers a variety of educational programs and events.

Such events include concerts, workshops, and educational programs for schools and other groups.

Moreover, the museum also has a gift shop where visitors can purchase unique and musical-themed souvenirs and goodies.

You will find this enchanting musical museum in a beautiful restored Victorian mansion tucked in the heart of Traverse City.

If you love the sound of that, then make haste and visit the inner of this historic musical paradise.

Address: 7377 US-31, Williamsburg, MI 49690, United States

19. Fairy Trails

Things to do in Traverse city

Fairy Trails

Experience a beautiful day at the fairy trails. 

These whimsical trails are found in several parks and natural areas throughout the city.

Its beautiful trails are laced with miniature fairy houses and other magical features along the paths.

The fairy trails in Traverse City are a testament to the creativity and imagination of residents and visitors. 

These trails are lined with miniature houses made from natural materials such as twigs, leaves, and moss. 

However, each fairy house is unique and often decorated with tiny objects such as stones, shells, and flowers. 

Visitors are to leave offerings of food or small trinkets for the fairies that are said to inhabit the houses.

Interestingly, this beautiful attraction sits in Civic Center Park, which is home to beautiful features.

Hidden along its paths are dozens of miniature fairy houses.

Visitors can spend hours exploring the park and discovering all the fairy houses and features along the way.

While at it, visitors will also find other enchanting elements along the trails, such as small bridges, lily pads, and even fairy gardens. 

These features add to the magical atmosphere of the trails and make them a truly unforgettable experience.

This destination is a perfect outing for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone who loves to immerse themselves in a world of magic and wonder.

If visiting here is your first time, you won’t be able to get enough of this captivating attraction.

20. T. C. Fly Board

Things to do in Traverse city

T. C. Fly Board

In for an exciting adventure in Traverse? Then don’t miss a chance to visit the T. C Fly Board. 

Their attraction promises an unforgettable experience that will get your adrenaline pumping. 

In case you don’t know what fly board is, it is a water sport that uses a board connected to a watercraft to propel the rider into the air. 

With T.C. Fly Board, you will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of flight as you soar through the air and glide over the waters of this attraction. 

The experience of Fly Boarding is genuinely unparalleled. 

You will be propelled into the air by the power of the watercraft and can control your movements with ease. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Fly Boarder, you will find the experience challenging yet exhilarating.

This attraction has a team of professional and knowledgeable instructors who will provide you with all the equipment and training you need to get started. 

They will help you get comfortable with the Fly Board and guide you through your first few flights.

You can choose to learn new tricks or simply enjoy the thrill of flight.

Be rest assured that this attraction has everything you need to get started.

Besides flyboarding, T.C. Fly Board offers various exciting water sports and activities.

Such activities include wakeboarding, water skiing, and tubing. 

These activities are perfect for families and groups who are looking for a fun and exciting way to spend a day on the water.

So don’t be afraid to get wet and journey to this attraction for a memorable moment with the refreshing feel of water.

22. The Trail Marker Tree

Things to do in Traverse city

Trail Marker Tree

The Trail Marker Tree is a must-visit for anyone interested in the region’s rich history.

This massive white pine tree has served as a trail marker for travelers and settlers for over 200 years.

Not only that, but it is a testament to the area’s rich cultural heritage.

Located on the historic Old Mission Peninsula, this historic tree is one of the tallest and largest white pine trees in the region. 

The tree has been a vital source of navigation for travelers and settlers since the early days of the area.

Over the years, the tree has become a symbol of the region’s rich cultural heritage and is considered one of the most important landmarks in northern Michigan. 

Visitors can admire the tree’s impressive size and grandeur.

As well as learn about its significance to the area’s history and culture.

Furthermore, the Trail Marker Tree is also a popular spot for outdoor recreation. 

Surrounded by a beautiful park,  visitors can enjoy picnics, take scenic walks, or simply relax and enjoy the stunning views.

Spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy every moment of it. 

Address: Traverse City, MI 49686, United States

23. Doug Murdick’s Fudge

Things to do in Traverse city

The Doug Murdick’s Fudge

If you have a sweet tooth, you should try Doug Murdick’s Fudge.

This attraction is a sweet and delicious destination that will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Owned and operated by a family producing premium quality fudge for over 30 years.

As such, they are considered one of the best fudge makers in the country.

Doug Murdick’s Fudge is made with only the finest ingredients.

Some of these ingredients are fresh cream, pure butter, and rich chocolate to create a fudge that is creamy, smooth, and incredibly delicious. 

The shop offers a wide range of flavors, from classic favorites like chocolate and peanut butter to more unique and creative flavors like salted caramel. 

In addition to its delicious fudge, Doug Murdick’s Fudge is also popular for its charming atmosphere and friendly staff.

The shop sits in a beautifully restored building that dates back to the late 1800s.

Visitors can admire its vintage charm and character as they sample the sweet treats on offer.

Likewise, you can also watch the fudge-making process in action through the shop’s large viewing window.

Afterward,  you can take home a bag or two of the sweet treats to share with friends and family. 

The shop also offers a variety of other sweet treats.

Treat yourself to chocolate-covered treats, gourmet truffles, and handmade caramels, making it the perfect destination for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Everything yummy is right inside the vicinity of this attraction.

So if you are ready for a day filled with treats and learning, include this spot on your list of places to visit. 

Address: 116 E Front St, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

24. The Traverse Tall Ship Company 

Traverse Tall Ship Company 

Traverse Tall Ship Company

Truly is a treasure to behold, this unforgettable destination offers visitors a chance to experience the beauty and excitement of sailing on a classic ship. 

The company features a variety of sailing experiences, including day sails, sunset sails, and private charters, allowing visitors to tailor their experience to their interests and preferences.

Likewise, this Company operates a fleet of classic tall ships, including the spectacular schooner the Inland Seas. 

The Inland Seas is a beautiful and historic ship that is beautiful after its restoration.

This historic ship offers visitors a chance to step back in time and experience the thrill of sailing.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of sailing experiences.

Moreover, they can participate in the ship’s operation, helphoist the sails, or simply relax on deck.

The ship sails through the crystal-clear waters of Grand Traverse Bay, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and the stunning beauty of the region.

In addition to its sailing experiences, the company also offers a variety of educational programs and events.

Party at sunset sails with live music-themed sails, or if you have kids can attend the educational programs. 

Cruise away with the waves in this lovely attraction in Traverse City. 

Now Is The Time To Make Traverse City Your Next Vacation Destination

Traverse City is the perfect place to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Enjoy the beautiful museums, share a glass of beer in its bars, and stretch your muscles in its recreation centers.

A city of fun and festivities, you will be glad to visit this destination over all others.

So don’t hesitate to embark on this beautiful adventure.

Happy Holidays!