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24 Best Restaurants in Fells Point – Baltimore (For First Timers!)

There’s something about good food that evokes a feeling in you that you can’t quite explain, but you become addicted to it and strive to recreate it. Be ready to get this feeling from restaurants in Fells point.

Fells Point is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Baltimore and is known for its lively atmosphere.

Because this Baltimore neighborhood is one of the oldest in the city, it has a diverse range of entertainment options, including numerous restaurants.

There are also several taverns, many of which feature live music and seafood restaurants.

Aside from delectable seafood, you are also open to various cuisines, ranging from traditional American fare to international flavors such as Asian and Italian.

No matter the kind of food you crave, there’s always something for everything here, and these are the best restaurants to visit in Fell Point.

Restaurants in Fells Point, Baltimore

1. Pitango Gelato Fells Point

Pitango gelato fells point

Pitango gelato, fells point

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Pitango is a fantastic option.

Although the obvious choice here is Gelato, there is also pastry, biscotti, and espresso.

The Gelato is made from pure organic cow’s milk, so no artificial sweeteners or mixes are used.

You must try the pistachio gelato from Mount Etna. It has a strong flavor that distinguishes it from all other nuts.

You can even take in the sights of Baltimore while enjoying Pitango’s artisanal Gelato, sorbet, and/or a cup of coffee.

If you can’t decide between flavors, try nut-based, like pistachio or hazelnut. However, Pitango Gelato is delicious no matter what flavor you choose!

It may be a bit pricey here, even for gelato, but you get a massive portion for the higher price and better quality too!

Pitango Gelato is open from 4 pm to 8 pm Monday through Thursday and from 1 pm to 9 pm Friday through Sunday.

Address: 802 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

2. The Point In Fells

The point in fells

The Point in Fells

When you have visitors come into town, and you want to take them for a quick lunch, the Point is just the right direction to go.

Located on Thames St. in the historic Fell’s Point district of Baltimore, The Point is a bar with lots of character.

The bar has an outside seating area that looks toward the harbor. Inside there is a splendid bar with character and a sense of history.

Beveled ceilings, mahogany flooring, and accented walls grace the second floor of the dining room.

If you’re looking for a more traditional Fells Point bar atmosphere, go to the first-floor main bar, which features live music and TVs.

They provided an excellent bar selection and a good buffet dining experience.

The food is always delicious whether you come for brunch, lunch, or dinner. There are many options, so there is something for everyone.

Similarly, their local offerings and creations are fantastic. Grilled cheese with a balsamic reduction is a favorite here.

Address: 1738 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

3. Ampersea


The Ampersea

Ampersea is one of the nicest waterfront restaurants in Fells Point to eat and drink in Baltimore.

Located at the intersection of Harbor Point and Fells Point, it offers a stunning combination of panoramic harbor views, impeccable service, and delectable dishes.

Enjoy an exquisite dining experience here while taking in the waterfront’s beautiful views.

When you dine outside, some umbrellas provide shade in the morning, while the building casts a shadow over the tables in the afternoon, so it is naturally in the shade.

Ampersea also has an excellent restaurant experience in addition to an excellent view.

Come here for happy hour crushes at the outdoor bar, a romantic dinner on the water, or a splurge-lunch sandwich. Ampersea is fantastic.

Try the crab dip. It comes with a massive soft pretzel and is ideal for sharing. The mussels are served in a flavorful, spicy broth.

Address: 1417 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

4. One-Eyed Mike’s

One-Eyed Mike’s

The One-Eyed Mike’s

One-Eyed Mike’s is one of those restaurants in Fells point you want to visit and always come back to.

It’s your typical Fells Point establishment, with a small bar in the front and a larger room that opens up in the back.

One-Eyed Mike’s old-school charm stems from its location away from the other taverns and restaurants in Fells Point.

It stands alone on a cozy block of Bond St., just off the beaten path. Yet, it’s a spot that locals frequent and refer to as their own.

They have a unique, large bar, and the entire establishment is decorated with Grand Marnier bottles. Everything is orange and copper.

The duck entree is a menu highlight, with perfectly executed flavors and an excellent overall flavor profile, and the Grand Marnier cocktails are amazing.

Note that this is not just a drinking establishment; foods are also available.

They have a wide range of options, from pub food appetizers to Italian and American classics to fine dining cuisine.

The beer list is strong on craft. But, overall, it’s a place worth a visit if you’re in town. You will instantly feel at ease.

Address: 708 S Bond St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

5. Rec Pier Chop House

Rec Pier Chop House

Rec Pier Chop House

Are you looking for Italian restaurants in Fells Point with a conducive environment? Try Rec Pier Chop House.

Rec Pier Chop House is a premier Italian chophouse dedicated to traditional Italian cuisine in Fells Point.

The Rec Pier Chop House is located in Baltimore’s stunning Sagamore Pendry Hotel.

This modern Italian Chop House overlooks Fells Point’s cobblestone streets, exquisite boutiques, and waterway stretches.

With dim lighting, warm wooden floors and tables, and a marble bar, the Chop House dining room is cozy, spacious, and elegant.

The setting is industrial chic, with soaring ceilings and beams behind a glass wall overlooking Fells Point’s heart.

Because the ceilings are high, the stunning chandeliers stand out even more. In addition, the original exposed brick, iron light fixtures, and table-side brass lamps add an air of industrial history to the space.

There is additional seating behind the bar that leads to the courtyard, which has a Chandon/Moet vending machine.

The menu features prized seasonal ingredients as well as housemade pasta, antipasti, and home-baked desserts.

In fact, everything, from the bone-in ribeye to the focaccia bread, is meticulously prepared and cooked to perfection.

Address: The Sagamore Pendry Hotel, 1715 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

6. Kooper’s Tavern

Kooper's Tavern

The Kooper’s Tavern

Kooper’s Tavern is a cool place to stop if you’re walking around Fells Point and want something familiar and reasonably priced.

The restaurant is a Classic American restaurant that serves only seafood, meats, poultry, and produce, as well as an extensive beer and wine selection.

Similarly, the setting is ideal for watching sports or having a casual meal with friends.

Burgers, sandwiches, pizza, baked stuffed chicken, and baby lamb chops are available at Kooper’s Tavern.

The flavors in the poke bowl are delicious. The fried chicken is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The burgers are also good.

Dogs are welcome at the front-of-the-house pet-friendly outdoor tables.

Address: 1702 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

7. Twist Fells Point

Twist Fells Point

The Twist

Twist Fells Point restaurant is a wonderful little gem nestled in a beautiful neighborhood.

The restaurant offers an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience.

Because it is a small space, reservations are recommended, or be prepared to wait. It’s a lovely eclectic space, and the background music adds to the relaxing atmosphere.

The croissant almond French toast from Paris is a delectable treat you should try! The vanilla French toast and California omelet are also excellent choices.

In short, all of the dishes are generously portioned and beautifully presented.

It’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer). You should inquire about the city’s fee for uncorking a bottle or opening a can of beer yourself.

The restaurant also serves gluten-free meals.

Address: 723 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

8. Pie in the Sky

Pie in the sky fells point

Pie in the Sky Fells Point

In an area of bars and restaurants, Pie in the Sky is that quick, friendly place with good food and reasonable prices.

Pie in The Sky in Fell’s Point serves some of Baltimore’s best artisan pizza and sandwiches.

The restaurant is run by passionate Turkish chefs who pay attention to every detail of the production and take pride in what they do!

Everything has been carefully selected and prepared. There are no fillers, substitutes, or low-quality ingredients in the food!

The toppings are made from scratch in-house, and the crust is soft, chewy, and crispy in the best way possible.

Prices for this style of pizza are reasonable, making it a good option for a cheap meal in the area.

The lighting in the space is a little bright, giving the place an institutional feel, but don’t let that deter you.

Takeout and delivery are available, but the restaurant has a beautiful bar with a large selection of beers on tap.

Address: 716 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

9. Blue Moon Cafe

Blue Moon Cafe

Blue Moon Cafe

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Fells Point for breakfast, Blue Moon Cafe is undoubtedly one of the best.

This is a simple neighborhood restaurant in Baltimore’s Fell’s Point neighborhood.

The restaurant is small, and you’ll almost certainly have to put your name on a waiting list, but it’s all worth it.

They have almost every breakfast food you could want with unique combinations.

In fact, there are so many incredible options, with each one better than the last!

Try the sweet baby Jesus. The Sweet Baby Jesus is a delectable mound of shredded potatoes topped with back fin lump crab meat, cheese, and a freshly cooked egg.

You can also try the Captain Crunch French toast; it’s good.

Make sure to get the hot chocolate. It’s one of the best hot chocolate you’ll ever have, and you’ll want another and another.

Address: 1621 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

10. Slainte Irish Pub and Restaurant

Slainte Irish Pub and Restaurant

Slainte Irish Pub and Restaurant

Located across the street from the Pendry Hotel, Slainte Irish Pub is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, especially if you love Irish meals.

For many years, it has been voted Best Soccer Bar in Baltimore. The Gaelic football/soccer memorabilia adorning the walls would warm the heart of any Irishman.

Additionally, the atmosphere is that of a traditional pub, and it can get quite rowdy on Saturday and Sunday mornings when the English Premier League is on.

Slainte offers a consistent menu of Irish and Maryland favorites.

The lamb sliders are delicious as an appetizer. The plump patties have a crispy exterior and a medium-rare interior. The famous gumbo also has a peppery zing and plenty of sausages.

There is also comfortable outdoor seating shared with the next-door establishment – it isn’t immediately obvious that Slainte also serves the area, as most people go inside.

The best part is that your dog is welcome to join you at any dog-friendly table.

They serve breakfast daily from 7 am to 12 pm on weekdays and 7 am to 1 pm on weekends.

The beer selection and English Isles food menu will not disappoint too.

The main menu includes traditional Irish dishes and unique bar bites such as Slainte Nachos and Guinness Onion Soup.

Address: 1700 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

11. Thames Street Oyster House

Restaurants in Fells Point

Thames Street Oyster House

Named the best restaurant for seafood by Baltimore Magazine in 2014, Thames Street Oyster house is one of the hot spots restaurants in Fells Point for seafood.

In fact, this is the place to go if you enjoy fresh oysters. They have a great selection of oysters to choose from.

Similarly, their crab cakes are outstanding, with no fillers and a delicate flavor.

The restaurant is in a beautiful section of town, overlooking the water, close to the Inner Harbor.

In addition to savory dishes, this restaurant offers an extensive alcohol menu that includes cocktails, oyster shooters, beers, and wine by the glass or bottle.

Monday through Friday, happy hour specials are available. Begin with a starter such as grilled Portuguese rock octopus, gulf shrimp ceviche, or roasted cape cod oysters.

A raw bar is also available for guests to purchase fresh seafood a la carte.

You will love everything from inventive cocktails to oysters, delectable appetizers, and delectable entrees.

Make sure to save room for the fabulous and unique desserts (the autumn sundae on a slice of sweet, caramelized squash!)

Address: 1728 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

12. Barcocina

Barcocina fells point

The Barcocina, fells point

Barcocina serves Mexican-inspired cuisine with fresh ingredients and unique twists.

First and foremost, the location is excellent. It’s right on the water in Fells Point, a short walk to other restaurants and shops.

It’s a great place to sit on the porch and watch the sunset over the water while eating the delicious Barcocina guacamole and chips appetizer!

If the weather permits, sit on the deck and people-watch while admiring the water views. It’s fine.

A secret! If it’s a little too loud when you walk in, there’s a smaller satellite bar to your immediate right that’s usually open. Escape the crowd by sneaking in there!

Here are some food options you should try: Barcocina Guac, you will love it. The chips served with it are always fresh. Also, try the crab omelet and mushroom tinga tacos; pretty much any taco here is good.

This location is also excellent for nightlife. They have a large margarita menu if you want to get a drink in the evening.

If you don’t make reservations ahead of time, there will be a wait, but it will be just enough time to grab a drink at the bar.

Address: 1629 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

13. The Black Olive

Restaurants in Fells Point

Black Olive Restaurant

The black olive is a good choice if you want intimate restaurants in Fells Point for a date night or some time out.

The restaurant is located on the cobblestone section of Bond Street in old Fells Point.

The Black Olive is a Greek fish tavern in Baltimore’s historic Fells Point neighborhood. A Greek family owns it, and the menu does include some traditional Greek dishes, but it is best known for its fish preparation.

The adventure starts with a traditional tour of fresh seafood options (just like in Greece). They have a good selection of Greek and other wines and cocktails.

They also have a variety of intimate rooms that make for an excellent dining experience.

This is not a restaurant you should miss, especially if you love seafood; you will not be disappointed.

Address: 814 S Bond St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

14. Max’s Taphouse

Restaurants in Fells Point

Max’s Taphouse

If you are a craft beer fan, you need to check out this place in downtown Baltimore.

Or, if you want to feel at home among friends, other visitors, and simply great people who enjoy good food and drinks, this is the place to be!

Max’s Taphouse is one of the best beer bars in the neighborhood.

The Taphouse, family-owned and operated since 1986, has one of the largest draft beer systems in the country, with 108 draft and four hand cask lines.

Overall, it’s big, popular, and has a lot of beers – 60+ on tap plus hundreds in bottles and cans. You must be able to find something you enjoy.

Address: 733 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

15. Ekiben Restaurant

Restaurants in Fells Point

The Ekiben Restaurant

Ekiben, located just a few blocks from the Johns Hopkins hospital complex, proves to be one of the best restaurants in Fells Point for Asian cuisine.

The name of the restaurant has a history of its own. “Ekiben” loosely translates as a boxed meal sold to passengers at Japanese railway food stalls during their journey.

This is the type of place you wouldn’t know about unless someone told you about it, but it’s one you shouldn’t miss.

What does it feel like to be here? Picture this; Wide metal dining counters run the length of the room. The walls are tiled in white. Stools are placed around the perimeter.

Tight quarters make for a very intimate experience. In the background, there is urban music playing.

Young and older adults of all races are friendly to one another and enjoy this place.

You can enjoy one of the many steamed buns, rice bowls, or small plates.

Because the space is quite small, you might have to wait a few minutes to find a seat. However, tofu nuggets and broccoli are must-tries.

Address: 1622 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

16. The Waterfront Hotel

Restaurants in Fells Point

The Waterfront Hotel

Want to visit one of the oldest restaurants in Fells Point? Then waterfront hotel is a great choice.

Waterfront Hotel, built in 1771 as a private residence and converted to a hotel, is Baltimore’s second oldest brick building and still retains its original character.

The Waterfront Hotel is a Fells Point institution that serves classic American cuisine in a Gastropub setting.

You will also enjoy live music seven days a week.

The drinks are tasty, and the food is consistently good. The restaurant can, however, become quite noisy sometimes.

If you’re going to the waterfront for one reason, make it the fries. They come in various rubs, including garlic herb, BBQ, and Old Bay.

They also have a fantastic build-your-own burger with amazing garlic herb fries, but the prices are slightly higher than you may want to pay.

Address: 1710 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

17. The Admiral’s Cup

Restaurants in Fells Point

Admiral’s Cup Restaurant

The Admiral’s Cup, or simply “The Cup” to the locals, is one of the best-located taverns in the area.

This after-work meeting place and music venue in the heart of Fell’s Point attracts a steady influx of professionals and locals.

This pub also benefits from locals and visitors disembarking from a ride around the harbor because it is directly across from a Water Taxi stop.

The Admiral’s Cup features live entertainment, including cover bands and good drinking music.

The restaurant may have a nautical theme, but it’s still a sports bar with live music every night.

Six flat-screen TVs ranging from 40 to 60 inches are arranged around a rectangular wood bar with a stunning pounded copper top.

If the weather permits, sit outside and enjoy the views while sipping some local brews.

They also have a large selection of crushes and freshly squeezed juices. You won’t be able to choose just one.

Seven nights a week, there is live music in the evenings.

Address: 1647 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

18. The Choptank – Baltimore

Restaurants in Fells Point

The Choptank – Baltimore

This is a classic fish & crab house serving Maryland’s famous cuisine, highlighted by steamed hard-shell blue crabs.

The restaurant’s expansive patio includes an outdoor bar, gas lanterns, games, and plenty of seating to watch the bustling neighborhood go by.

Although the name suggests a seafood restaurant, and they do have many seafood options, including steamed crabs, they also have steak salads, fried chicken, Beef Dip sandwiches, and other options.

There are numerous seafood appetizers and entrees! Crab dip, Ceviche, crab meat cocktail, crab soup, shrimp cocktail, fish tacos, and other dishes are available.

Entrees include New England Lobster Roll, Lobster Bolognese, Grilled Scottish Salmon, Carolina Heritage Pork Ribs, 12oz Roseda Farms Dry-Aged New York Strip, and others.

Although there is no view of the harbor, it is still worth a visit because the ambiance and decor are lovely.

You can use the pool tables, cornhole, and air hockey in the outside area. However, you must make a reservation if you want to sit outside.

Address: 1641 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

19. Captain James Seafood Palace

Restaurants in Fells Point

The Captain James

Captain James Seafood Palace is one of the best restaurants in Fells Point to go for seafood, especially if you love crab.

The restaurant is known for its exceptional cuisine, warm, casual elegance, and friendly, professional service.

Although the restaurant is difficult to find, it is well worth the effort once you find it.

There are two locations right across the street from each other. The first is more of a sit-down inside restaurant style, whereas the second is a boat-shaped restaurant.

The boat-shaped restaurant is an indoor sit-down table style with a variety of food, including all of the dock’s menu options.

The crab shack has a porch deck vibe with music and tap beer; mostly crab and small plates are served here.

If you prefer a more refined atmosphere, their full-service restaurant, shaped like a ship, is where you should go.

Locals’ favorites include crab cakes, lobster tails, and stuffed shrimp.

If seafood isn’t your thing, there’s also a good selection of beef, chicken, and pasta dishes.

Additionally, if you come in the morning, you’ll find something unusual in a Baltimore restaurant: an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Popular items on the hearty menu include omelets, French toast, chocolate chip pancakes, and more.

Address: 2127 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

20. Cindy Lou’s Fish House

Cindy Lou's Fish House

Cindy Lou’s Fish House

Located in the Canopy Hotel in downtown Baltimore, Cindy’s Lou’s is an excellent choice for fine dining.

It has a fantastic bar setup, a massive fireplace, and indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the harbor.

The atmosphere is very lovely. You can sit at the bar or take one of their tables indoors or outside.

Additionally, Cindy Lou’s Fish House has lots of windows and overlooks Harbour Point, where you can see the old Domino Sugar refinery.

Huge glass fireplaces are also located throughout, contributing to the ambiance.

The restaurant is from morning to evening, seven days a week.

Address: 1215 Wills St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

21. Tagliata, Fells Point

Restaurants in Fells Point

The Tagliata

Tagliata is one of the best Italian restaurants in Fells Point.

This Italian restaurant offers hand-cut steaks, freshly prepared pasta, charcuterie made in-house, and an abundance of fresh seafood.

Tagliata also has an extensive wine list, with bottles from all over the world.

The dining room has an open kitchen with an elegant Tuscan farmhouse feel and a view of the chef hand-rolling fresh pasta.

Furthermore, throughout the year, Tagliata hosts a variety of events. For example, you can listen to live music on the piano every night while sipping a glass from Baltimore’s largest wine list.

The outdoor patio is a lovely place to stay during warmer months. The patio features strung lights all over when nightfall arrives.

Their appetizers are delicious, and their entrees are typically served in small or large portions—the small portions are quite generous, especially if you order rich, filling dishes.

Address: 1012 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

22. Duda’s Tavern

Duda's Tavern Baltimore

Duda’s Tavern Baltimore

If a great-tasting crab is on your radar and you are in Baltimore, Duda’s tavern is the right place to go.

Duda’s is an old pub in the heart of Fells Point, right next to a vintage record store.

It is just a two-block walk from the water taxi stop and has some outside seating.

You will not only get fantastic crabcakes, but you will also be able to explore an interesting neighborhood.

This smaller waterfront tavern is steeped in history and charm. The food is delicious, with typical bar fares such as burgers, wings, and crab cakes.

The crabcake platter is a knockout. Steamed shrimp and burgers are also popular.

The draft beer selection is limited but charming. You’ve got to go!

Address: 1600 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

23. Riptide – Fells Point

The Riptide - Fells Point

The Riptide – Fells Point

Riptide by the Bay is a nice, casual spot in Fells Point for a drink or a meal.

Enter via a narrow bar and proceed to the hostess station a few steps. The dining area is narrow, and several levels of seating are inside.

At first glance, the establishment appears to be nothing more than a small bar with a football game on TV, as a previous reviewer had stated. However, booths in the back are cozy and provide an ‘island flavor.’

Outdoor seating and a lively bar are available downstairs, while comfortable dining in a simple setting is available upstairs.

With the window seating on the second floor, Riptide By The Bay offers waterfront views.

There are so many choices of meals here, such that you have to come more than once to really enjoy all the restaurant has to offer.

Address: 1718 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

24. Abbey Burger Fells Point

Abbey Burger Fells Point

The Abbey Burger Fells Point

Abbey Burger is where you go when you need great burgers.

This restaurant is located on one of Fell’s Point’s streets, not far from the dock where the ferry from the Inner Harbor drops you off.

It’s a small venue that feels like a sports bar, as do many Baltimore pubs and bars. There’s a large wooden bar and a few high tops and tables.

It is an attractive place with heavy brick and wood décor. Then there’s the beer: 40 taps of a wide range of styles, many of which are regional craft beers.

Of course, the main course is a burger. However, there are other great meals to enjoy also.

They also serve exotic meats like camel or kangaroo and locally farmed Roseda dry-aged black angus. Delicious homemade vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

The restaurant has seating and televisions both upstairs and downstairs.

Additionally, Abbey Burger Bistro has two dog-friendly tables where you can try one of their famous burgers or exotic meats.

The restaurant offers two ways to order a burger: from a menu or a fun build-your-own-burger checklist.

The order sheet and pencils are provided; you simply mark what you want on your burger and how you want it prepared. This includes various types of meat, which opens up some interesting and fun possibilities.

The Abbey Burger Bistro in Fells Point is open Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 2 am and Monday through Sunday from 5 pm to 2 am.

Address: 811 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

Final Remarks

With the diverse range of entertainment options, numerous restaurants, and several taverns, you are sure to have to have a great time in this neighborhood.

Bon Appetite!