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33 Most Delightful Things To Do In Baltimore (Maryland)

Known to be the city of “several historical museums”, Baltimore in Maryland is a lovely tourist destination located about 45 minutes away from Rockville.

Baltimore is a beautiful city with plenty of fun things to offer all kinds of travelers, including families, couples, solo adventurers, and honeymooners.

Tourist attractions in this stunning city range from lakes and parks to waterfalls tucked away in its beautiful forests.

If you like the outdoors, you’ll see varieties of fun things to do in the mountains. These include swimming, horseback riding, kayaking, skiing, paddle boating, and lots more!

Meanwhile, if you are a traveler who prefers air-conditioned attractions, you can explore several of its performing theaters, arcades, art galleries, and live music venues.

Another lovely thing about Baltimore is its quirkiness and old-town charm, which is invaluable!

You will find tons of unique destinations here, including outstanding restaurants and eateries that are top-notch.

So, are you ready for the vacation of a lifetime to this city of Maryland?

Here are our 33 picks of the best things you can add to your bucket list while planning a trip to Baltimore!

Things To Do In Baltimore You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Fort McHenry National Monument And Historic Shrine, Baltimore

Fort McHenry National Monument

The Fort McHenry National Monument

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine is a national park in Baltimore.

This attraction was named after Fort McHenry, who took an active part in the 1812 war that occurred in the United States.

It’s a fun place in Baltimore worth visiting for anyone who loves history, most especially the history of World War I and World War II.

There is a video documentation of most of this historic occurrence, and it’s always memorable.

There are quite a number of exhibits that are not discoverable in other museums in the United States.

Admission to the park itself is absolutely free. However, a $15 admittance fee is required before you can access this historic place.

Besides, there’s a gift shop stationed in this fun attraction of Baltimore.

Though, it’s important to state that this gift shop is not run by them, notwithstanding, you’d have a lot of snacks or gifts that are reasonably priced. It’s well stocked with interesting offerings.

Fort McHenry attraction isn’t only for the admirers of history, on the outside of this fun place, there’s a beautiful view of the harbor.

There are equally some other fun activities throughout the day such as flag folding and it’s also a great place to have a picnic.

A replica of the memorable 1814 15-star and the notable 15-striped flag still flies high in this beautiful location of Baltimore.

While on sight, everyone will see how the 1814 battle that involved the British shaped American history.

Perhaps you might not be aware, but you’d get to gain a new appreciation for the American lyrics in its anthem and the structure of its flag.

Address: 2400 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

2. Baltimore Museum of Industry

Baltimore Museum of Industry

Baltimore Museum of Industry

Located on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, this fun place is suitable for adults and the entire family.

A visit to the Baltimore Museum of Industry is an open door to beautiful galleries, amazing guided tours, and lots of opportunities.

This museum has exhibits that has reflects various types of manufacturing and industry ranging from the early 20th century to date

Not only that, there are several hands-on sections that have larger collections of working equipment and other artifacts which are always amazing.

It’s a beautiful and amazing location in this wonderful location in Maryland that hasn’t stopped being a favorite destination for tourists and visitors for over 45 years of its existence.

Beautifully, it also has a small library that consists of over 5,000 collections of rare and historic books.

Its manuscript collections are equally rich in all major industries in the United States.

This includes the cloth trades, the steel industry, violin making, and lots more.

In fact, its photographic collections that feature more than 250,000 prints are also impressive and you’d love them.

For any visitor that’d be willing to explore this amazing location, note that this museum also hosts guided tours with hands-on activities for little ones.

Adult or young, there’s something fun for all categories of visitors in this amazing place!

Visiting this wonderful place that celebrates innovators and entrepreneurs wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Address: 1415 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

3. Fell’s Point, Baltimore

Fell's Point

Sean Pavone / Getty Images

Fell’s Point is another amazing and fun attraction in Baltimore.

It’s a charming national historic landmark whose establishments date back to the 18th century.

If you are in this fun location in Baltimore, it houses cobblestone, relics and monuments, and lots of crafts.

It’s remarkably one of Baltimore’s oldest neighborhoods, which are always delightful to explore for visitors.

Located east of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, this fun place presents the city’s densest collection of pubs, bars, and other amazing entertaining activities.

The Fell’s Point Fun Festival isn’t out of the fun activities! One of the oldest and largest Baltimore community festivals. If you are in this city of Maryland during the summer, you’d surely appreciate coming!

With lots of live music, as well as seafood joints serving Chesapeake Bay crab and oysters, there’s no limit to how fun this attraction is.

If perhaps none of these interest you, you can conveniently learn the African American natural history here.

Lots of prehistory documentation and quite an interesting history of the slave trade era are also available in this beautiful place.

If you’d not be in haste to bring your exploration to an end while in Baltimore, endeavor to check out Fells Point. It’s filled with cool and funky things, bars, restaurants, and interesting historical events.

Fell’s Point is a dynamic, must-see destination for locals and visitors alike, embodying the true spirit of Baltimore!

Address: Fell’s Point Main Street, Baltimore, Maryland

4. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Things to do in Baltimore

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Are you a lover of baseball and would love to show your solidarity during your next trip to Baltimore?

If you’d be answering in the affirmative, check out Oriole Park at Camden Yards!

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is essentially a baseball stadium in Baltimore, Maryland.

It’s a home-based stadium of the American professional baseball team situated in Baltimore.

Founded on 6 April 1992, this beautiful and fun attraction would spice up your experience during your trip to this downtown Baltimore.

You could be here to view live competitions and there’s enough clarity on the parking situation.

No review could do this place justice than planning to check in for some hours.

Interestingly, the admission fee is quite affordable and no extra fee for parking.

Prices for a ticket are considered fair and the customer service is pretty good considering the massive crowds.

The stadium is in an easy location to get to, right near the Inner Harbor, and everyone on sight is safe.

Not just that, the fans are also quite civil and you’re sure to get a beautiful vibe from soaking it all in.

If you are still contemplating the best treats, you could give yourself while in this city of Maryland; add this fun place to your bucket list.

The atmosphere is great and there are food trucks that offer beers and hot dogs which are always cheaper than most ballparks.

We’d definitely recommend it to any baseball fan as a pretty classic ballpark experience awaits you!

Address: 333 W Camden St, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States

5. National Aquarium

National Aquarium

National Aquarium

A visit to National Aquarium will give every visitor the opportunity to explore award-winning exhibits.

You’d also have the privilege of meeting over 20000 animals in this impressive attraction.

Situated in the Herbert Building that is bounded by 14th Street on the east, this 1873 establishment has enough things which you’d love.

Note that, its over 20000 animals cut across 250 species is far beyond what’s obtainable in other similar attractions in Maryland.

Adults pay about $40 per head to explore this attraction, and it’s always impressive from start to end.

The variety of floors and beautiful themes is in itself sufficient to make your visit memorable.

Invariably, Baltimore’s National Aquarium delivers a memorable experience for visitors of any age.

You’ll find thousands of species in award-winning habitats.

Incredibly, children under 3 years old don’t pay any admittance fee while kids only pay $29!

Your kids would particularly love the animals, plus the led lights along the borders of the pyramid are always amazing. Every kid will love it!

With their sole mission to inspire the conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures, this beautiful attraction in Baltimore wouldn’t give room for any regret.

Note that their operation hour varies. However, we recommend you plan a visit at 11 am upward on weekdays except for Sundays.

Address: National Aquarium, 501 E Pratt St, Baltimore, United States

6. The Walters Art Museum Of Baltimore

The Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum

Established in 1934, Walters Art Museum encompasses about 36000 objects.

It’s an art museum with zero admittance fee, and it’s along Mount Vernon in Baltimore.

It’s a fun place in this city of Maryland that holds collections established during the mid-19th century.

Incredibly, the museum’s collection was amassed substantially by wonderful American art and sculpture.

A unique attribute of The Walters Art Museum is that its collection spans more than seven millennia.

This ranges from 5,000 BCE to the 21st century, and it equally encompasses the said 36,000 objects. What an amazing place in Baltimore!

Beyond all these, this museum is as well a cultural hub where so many cultural activities are being held.

Still, thinking of another attribute of this fun place? It’s never the end! It also features ancient Asian art, jewelry, textiles, arms and armor, and furniture.

Truly, there’s a reason this incredible spot is recognized in the historic register!

There are many truly stunning art pieces that are commensurate with such recognition.

If your itinerary is yet to include, The Walters Art Museum, then your exploration is inchoate!

Definitely, a visit to this beautiful museum in this city of Maryland will be worthwhile!

Address: 600 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States

7. The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

The Maryland Zoo

If you love to see rescue animals on your forthcoming exploration of Baltimore, create some time to come to the Maryland Zoo!

The Maryland Zoo is an award-winning zoo in Baltimore with years of beautiful existence.

Ever since it was established 146 years back, it hasn’t stopped being an outstanding destination for several visitors and tourists alike.

Strictly speaking, this attraction is a nonprofit initiative that’s focused on connecting visitors to amazing animals and showcasing the wonder of the contemporary living world.

The animals in this 135-acre park appear so happy and they aren’t in any way hostile to the visitors.

The zoo house about 2,000 amazing animals and there’s also a large Plaza here. The plaza features a gift shop and a friendly playground area.

Without discrimination, visitors are free to meet over 2,000 animals in this attraction of Baltimore, including chimpanzees.

Maryland Zoo in Baltimore feels like a secret find of the best and obviously, the best awaits all visitors planning a trip down this city of Maryland!

Interestingly, this Zoo is America’s 3rd oldest Zoo that represents nearly 200 individual species.

With much certainty, you’d be back with amazing reviews after your next visitation!

Address: 1 Safari Pl, Baltimore, MD 21217, United States

8. Baltimore Water Taxi

Baltimore Water Taxi

Baltimore Water Taxi

For visitors that’d love to explore something unique yet interesting, Baltimore has that plenty for visitors of all ages!

Baltimore Water Taxi isn’t only entertaining but absolutely fun and would give you reasons of planning a visit over and over to this beautiful city of Maryland.

Essentially, Baltimore Water Taxi provides amazing ferry service in Baltimore and the vibe is always great.

Their impressive services include sightseeing and transportation cutting along the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

Visitors would enjoy being on the water, and the experience is always memorable.

Kevin Plank, the owner, has done so much in this amazing place that no visitor wouldn’t find here so amusing.

In fact, the Baltimore Water Taxi is the oldest of its kind in Maryland with one price for all-day!

With its years of existence, this lovely place has proven itself to be an integral part of Maryland’s history and culture. You’d enjoy yourself here!

Ensure you visit early as they close earlier than other attractions.

Address: 901 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

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9. Baltimore Belvedere Square

Belvedere Square

Belvedere Square

The Belvedere Square is an award-winning food court in Baltimore.

It’s a large complex with boutiques & shops as well as diverse eateries, summer concerts & seasonal festivals.

This lively region is an apt description of a dream come true to all adventurous planning a voyage to this city of Maryland.

Belvedere Square is that cool place with Atwater’s, Pizza Trust, Ice cream, sushi, wine, a cool vibe, and indoor and outdoor seating!

You would be pleasantly surprised to see that this amazing location is absolutely a great and beautiful market with so many food vendors, despite its long existence.

There are varieties of options for every appetite. Seating is plentiful inside of this place, and they have seating outside as well.

Besides, this location and its surrounding area is a slice of Baltimore that isn’t known by many outsiders.

Less crowded, most pleasing, Belvedere Square is indeed a gem!

With its unique architecture and artwork, every visitor will surely get some special experiences that are always incredible.

After you’ve eaten any of their delicious meals, we recommend waking through this scenic place. You’d be marveled!

It’s simply a cool little food hall court with something for everyone.

Note that, the outdoor of this attraction in Baltimore are equally great and there is plenty of free parking.

Belvedere Square is a wonderful place to get a bite to eat and do a little shopping for local goods!

Address: 529 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, United States

10. B&O Railroad Museum

B&O Railroad Museum

Geoffrey Morrison / B&O Railroad Museum

The B&O Railroad Museum is the only museum in the State of Maryland that’s dedicated to the preservation of the legacies and the experiences of American railroading.

If you’d love to expand your horizon by learning this aspect of history, you’d have the privilege here!

Originally opened on July 4th, 1953 with the name Baltimore & Ohio Transportation Museum. It was thus renamed subsequently to reveal its immediate essence.

B&O Railroad Museum has been attributed as one of the most beautiful places that have a significant collection of railroad treasures.

Not just that, it’s an amazing spot that housed the largest collection of locomotives in the United States.

Beyond its historic importance, this museum also features an outdoor G-scale layout and also has a wooden model train for children.

It’s such an attraction in Baltimore that’s obviously suitable for all ages, regardless of their interests.

The store of this beautiful museum equally offers toys, railroad-related items, and books.

Note that, B&O Railroad Museum exhibiting this great historic railroad equipment in Baltimore only requires only $10 Admission fee.

Address: 901 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21223, United States

11. Baltimore Federal Hill Park

Federal Hill Park in Baltimore

Federal Hill Park

Federal Hill Park is another beautiful park in Baltimore.

It’s a park that is situated on 10.3 acres of land along the south shore of the Inner Harbor.

This park is a signature Baltimore landmark, and it remarkably offers visitors some of the most historic views in the city.

Federal Hill Park creates such a beautiful view of Inner Harbor as well as a great area for visitors to walk or jog! It also provides a gorgeous sunset view close to dusk.

Since it’s situated within walking distance of many other districts in the city, you’re sure to navigate through the amazing attractions of this city after checking out here!

It’d surely be nothing short of amazing because it’s loaded with fun activities.

Hikers wouldn’t find here unexciting and golfers will surely see a reason to live in this place.

Regardless of your interest and reasons for exploration, Federal Hill Park in Baltimore wouldn’t disappoint your expectation.

Amazingly, there’s an educational film that will be played upon your arrival here and it’d largely inform every visitor about the United States history.

The image of British ships that hold the position by firing cannons really does put into perspective the hell these pioneers were put through.

Emotionally, yet fun-filled, you’d leave with loads of memorable moments!

Address: 300 Warren Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

12. Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse

Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse

Mark Jonas / Flickr

Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse is a Lighthouse in Baltimore, Maryland.

Located along the Patapsco River shoal, this 1855 attraction is nonetheless a screw-top lighthouse preserved as a museum.

Visitors of all ages can check out this lighthouse and it is open to the public all days around.

No entrance fee is required, and there are full of interesting photos and facts.

Besides, it’s an amazing spot in Baltimore that contains an extensive collection of exhibits and artifacts.

If you’d be in this impressive place, be sure to enjoy the terrific view of Baltimore Harbor.

Note that, that’s not all of what this oldest screw-pile lighthouse of Maryland has to offer visitors.

It also has a section that’s suitable for picnics and if you love being all around with pets, you can come to enjoy yourself to the fullest here.

It doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic because of its obscure location and it will definitely be worth a visit.

Restaurants are on sight too in this 40 ft high attraction and all their offerings are reasonably priced.

Anytime you’re in Baltimore, visit this fun site if you have at least half an hour to spare!

Address: Pier 5, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

13. Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Baltimore

Port Discovery Children's Museum

Discovery Children’s Museum

Port Discovery Children’s Museum is merriment and exciting attraction in Baltimore.

It’s essentially a wonderful place that’s suitable for the kids.

If you’d be exploring this exciting city with your kids during your subsequent trip to this city of Maryland, it would be great to bring them to this beautiful site.

It’s a non-profit museum targeted at creating an inclusive delightful experience for children of various categories.

This 80,000-square feet fun place located in the historic Fish Market area in Baltimore will surely create awesome memories for your kids!

All kids will be able to explore its three floors of exhibits and programs designed and they are always interacting and so insightful.

Little wonder it receives more than 265,000 tourists on a yearly basis.

Note that a few of the interesting exhibits of this 1998 establishment include; the Art Showcase, which has rotating art exhibits, and PD Presents.

Other great things children would enjoy include Kick It Up, adventure expeditions, the oasis, tot trails, and lots more.

Bring your kids to this best spot in Baltimore and let them enjoy hours of indoor play, family fun, and learning!

They open from 9 am to 10 pm every day and three are a little parking lot. But it’s highly advisable you visit early to avoid crowds.

Address: 35 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

14. Creative Alliances

Creative Alliances

Creative Alliances

Another fun place worthy of recommendation on our list of best things to do in Baltimore is Creative Alliance!

As its name implies, if it’s creativity, it’s definitely Creative Alliance!

This little but fun site is an art center in Baltimore, Maryland showcasing theater, art, and films in an informal setting.

Being served Baltimore for years, every visitor will be delightful visiting this location!

This program creates some real Baltimore magic, and it’s an attraction where everyone on sight is so secure, inclusive of their properties.

If you’d love to enjoy some cultural ceremonies and magical shows, this multi-faceted arts organization wouldn’t do less than your expectations!

Since the essence of the establishment was to present and promote Baltimore’s wealth of creative talent; you’d enjoy that aplenty here.

Of all seats available here, there is no bad seat at the Creative Alliance and tickets are quite affordable.

This is a great place worth checking out. Everyone on sight would surely leave happier and satisfied!

Address: 3134 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224, United States

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15. Horseshoe Casino

Horseshoe Casino

Devin O’Connor / Horseshoe Casino

Do you love casinos?

If you’d respond positively, then Horseshoe Casino is an attraction worth exploring if you are in Baltimore.

Opened on the 26th of August 2014, Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore is the most remarkable urban two-story casino with a 122,000 feet gaming floor.

The greatest gaming experience awaits every visitor heading towards this amazing location in Baltimore!

Moreover, this multimillion-dollar facility also features video lottery terminals, which is an exceptional attribute not likely to be available in other gaming houses.

Table games and a World Series of Poker room are also a feature of this fun spot that is worth mentioning.

With its over 2,200 slots and 150 table games within its 122,000 square feet of gambling space, you definitely will enjoy every moment spent here.

Regardless of its uniqueness and amazing things here, enjoying a game here is quite inexpensive.

If you are the game type, a visit to this wonderful location is obviously a dream come true for you. Surely, it’d be a blast!

Address: 1525 Russell St, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

16. Lake Roland Park, Baltimore

Lake Roland Park

Karen Mallonee / Flickr

Lake Roland Park is a city park in Baltimore that encompasses over 500 acres of woodland.

It has wetlands, serpentine barrens, rare plants, and rocky plateaus surrounding which are suitable for weekend exploration.

This site is a typical attraction suitable for the entire family and was established in 1945 by the Baltimore City Department of Parks and Recreation.

If you live around Baltimore or planning a trip here, this beautiful place is definitely worth a visit for a chill-out or to hike the trails.

Of note, there are also beautiful trails with some interesting art sprinkled along their path.

The trails are equally a great place where visitors will be able to see a ton of different birds!

Interestingly, there is also a bakery that is nearby if you want to get some coffee.

It’s apposite to also state that there are quite lots of visually interesting places which are appropriate for a picnic.

Lake Roland Park is overall one of the coolest places with tons of engaging activities.

Address: 1000 Lakeside Dr, Baltimore, MD 21210, United States

17. National Museum of Dentistry

National Museum of Dentistry

National Museum of Dentistry

If your aim is to explore something unusual during your trip to Baltimore, the National Museum of Dentistry has that!

It’s a fun place that houses a preeminent cultural repository of dental history and knowledge.

Thinking of how strange could be? Yes, it is! Not so many visitors are aware that a historic location is available where this form of history is preserved!

This and several other reasons make visiting this Maryland city always memorable.

If you are in this location, you’d enjoy interactive and educational exhibitions that focus more on oral health history generally. It’s always fun!

For every visitor willing to spare 30 minutes of their travel schedule, stop by and explore this historic place that has tons of exhibits of dentistry in the United States and the world at large

It greatly strives to be a repository of this form of history and folklore.

Beyond that, there are insightful teaching resources on oral hygiene which are apparently invaluable.

The staff is excellent, and the exhibits are full of information which you’d surely admire!

Not too expensive, under $20 a person and you’re all in!

Address: 31 S Greene St, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States

18. Patterson Park

Patterson Park

The Patterson Park

Patterson Park is a wonderful park in Baltimore that’s dominated by a massive green space.

With its swimming pool, ice-skating rink, and boat lake, you’re set for a lifetime experience by visiting this fun location.

Besides, it also hosts summer concerts plus interesting events.

Halloween lantern parade, LatinoFest, and food truck festival are a few of the lovely events that you will enjoy in this amazing location.

There are cozy eateries nearby this attraction that serves casual fare and bars food.

Perhaps, you might love to see some creative artworks, and galleries, or enjoy live music, regardless of how incredible it might sound, they are all available in this amazing place!

Patterson remains the most significant tourist attraction in Maryland ever since its establishment in 1827.

Impressively, this impressive location is just within walking distance of some of the city’s best attractions.

During your upcoming trip to this downtown city of Maryland, endeavor to come to check the oldest parks that spanned 300 years and are still relevant!

Address: 2601 E Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21224, United States

19. Power Plant Live

Power Plant Live in Baltimore

Travis / Flickr

For unlimited trendy entertainment in Baltimore, you’d not be wrong to visit Power Plant Live!

Venue to entertaining activities, Power Plant Live is an amazing destination for all entertainment enthusiasts.

Features a variety of amazing shows, restaurants, bars, comedy clubs & nightclubs.

You’d appreciate checking out this amazing site because it has loads of fun things you’d not be able to resist.

Locals and visitors alike love the overwhelming vibe at Power Plant Live and you’d not be an exception to those who enjoy this location!

In fact, this incredible spot in Baltimore is the coolest district of bars in Baltimore; you’d surely enjoy everything that’s available in this amazing location.

If you’re a military man, you’d get in for free. However, for nonmilitary visitors, the admission fee is affordable.

Not always crowded and its activities are always inclusive! Regardless of your age, there’s always a nice time and good vibes in this lovely location.

Food is also incredible. You’d have salad, bacon, and mozzarella sticks with different great flavors.

No end to the limit of the best and most enjoyable things that await everyone’s arrival!

Address: 34 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

20. Royal Farms Arena

Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore

Omaryan White / Royal Farms Arena

Royal Farms Arena is an area in Baltimore that is the original Baltimore Civic Center.

Located about a block off Baltimore Convention Center, it’s always a fun site for all!

In fact, it is equally a short distance from the Inner Harbor, and there are tons of interesting activities available for visitors to explore.

Established in 1962 and currently being managed by ASM Global, Royal Farms Arena has hosted many notable events in Maryland.

With its capacity of about 14,000, this spot in Baltimore has been host to several events, such as wrestling, music, boxing, and other related events.

It’s certain each visitor in sight will love the event and the food isn’t expensive!

The arena is a big and interesting location in Baltimore that’d surely give every visitor countless reasons to plan to visit this city of Maryland over and over again.

Yet to decide why’d not be adding this attraction to your itinerary? No reason is best to justify this exclusion!

Address: Baltimore Arena, 201 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States

21. Canton Waterfront Park

Canton Waterfront Park

Andrew Kazmierski / Canton Waterfront Park

Will you love to explore a picturesque waterfront park when next you visit Baltimore in Maryland?

Canton Waterfront Park is a picturesque park in this city of Maryland that’s great fun and so interesting to all visitors.

It’s remarkably the home to the Korean War Memorial, and it provides views of Fort McHenry.

This park in Baltimore is renowned for its Korean War Memorial, which pays a tribute to 527 Mary Landers.

If you’d love to learn more about the occurrence of the Korean War, you’d surely not be wrong visiting this beautiful, terrific location in Baltimore!

Located adjacent to Boston Street, it likewise offers eight acres of terrific views of the harbor, and it’s always fun.

However, walking through this park is also something that might interest you, as it’s always relaxing taking in all the scenery view on each step you take.

Address: 3001 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21224, United States

22. Baltimore Visitor Center

Baltimore Visitor Center

The Baltimore Visitor Center

Baltimore Visitor Center is located in the Inner Harbor at Light Street in Baltimore.

This place is essentially a welcoming visitor center, which is an appropriate place to start up your trip.

Started in 1980, it’s a place where every visitor will get personalized and customer service-oriented tourist information.

You’d have first-hand information about reservations and ticketing services in most of the common attractions in this city of Maryland.

This building is conveniently located in the inner harbor and is well maintained.

Besides, the staff appears so friendly and would adequately give every visitor nice and interesting recommendations.

A must-visit for useful and practical information, especially for first-time visitors to Baltimore!

Most of the notable attractions downtown are a short walking distance from here and their tour guides wouldn’t do less to plan well your exploration.

If you’d be visiting, it’s pertinent to state that their operating hours are 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Are you still yet sure where you should begin your exploration in this city of Maryland?

Look no further! Baltimore Visitor Center should be prioritized on your travel plan!

Address: 401 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

23. Pier Six Concert Pavilion

Pier Six Concert Pavilion

Kevin Harber / Flickr

Pier Six Concert Pavilion is an entertaining and live music venue in the heart of Baltimore.

Initially known as Concert Pavilion until it was renamed in 1991 to Pier Six Concert Pavilion in order to reflect its new purpose.

If you care to visit a relaxing and pleasing entertainment attraction during your trip to Baltimore in Maryland, consider visiting this 4,600-seat venue!

It is always fun for all and even if you wouldn’t be able to afford the tix, you can choose to sit on the pier outside the venue at no cost.

This beautiful place is apparently medium-sized and has a pretty good layout that every tourist will admire.

Plenty of vendors are scattered around the whole perimeter, which makes it more accessible to get whatever gifts or snacks you’d care to get while on sight.

This is a darn cool concert venue that’s suitable for all categories of visitors.

It’d surely be worthwhile if you can extend your trip to this beautiful location!

Address: 731 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

24. Frederick Douglass – Isaac Myers Maritime Park

Frederick Douglass - Isaac Myers Maritime Park

Douglass – Isaac Myers Maritime Park

Frederick Douglass – Isaac Myers Maritime Park has too many fun activities to be ignored!

It’s one of the major parks in the United States with gallery exhibits honoring African-American maritime history.

This unique museum celebrates the immense contributions of the African Americans to the development of Maryland’s maritime industry.

With the museum, amazing views of the surrounding area, including the harbor, would indeed make you stay a little longer than expected!

It’s so incumbent on any African America planning a trip to this wonderful attraction in the state of Maryland to check this historic and fun attraction.

Aside from its relevance in relation to African American contributions, it’s also a great venue for cultural displays.

In fact, three are two separate rooms where people can dance or have dinner. It is always fun and amazing to visit here!

It’s overall an important museum that details a critical period in Douglass’ life and will be worthwhile to have a stop here if you’d be in Baltimore in the coming months!

No crowd, the best customer experience, and its admittance fee are so reasonable!

Address: 1417 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

25. Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Theater

Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Theater

Erin Capron / Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Theater

Do you care to explore a thrilling yet fun-filled location while in Baltimore? If you’d, Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Theater has what you’d love!

This location that comes on our recommendation is a performing arts theater in Baltimore, Maryland.

It was founded in 2002 through the combined efforts of Ian Gallanar and Heidi Busch-Gallinari.

This attraction has grown to be one of the twenty largest Shakespeare theaters in the whole of the United States.

It’s an all-year fun site in the state of Maryland where visitors visit in order to enjoy some interesting shows, wonderful performances, and local displays.

This gorgeously restored bank refitted into a theatre is always exciting and the admission fee is quite inexpensive.

In fact, its chairs are comfortable, with air conditioning affixed all through the entire building.

While in this memorable and thrilling spot, you’ll love the intimate atmosphere, the friendly ushers, the wine bar, and lots of its attributes!

Of note, you could also bring your kids and little ones as there’s a section available for them. It’d be fun for all!

Address: 7 S Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

26. Holocaust Memorial, Baltimore

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial is a beautiful attraction that’s located near the Inner Harbor.

This site in Baltimore essentially contains the work of a renowned sculptor, ‘Joseph Sheppard’.

It’s a beautiful and memorable display that’s basically put here in memory of the six million Jews who got murdered by Nazis during World War II.

Open daily with free admission, the tourist attraction is a must-see for every visitor caring to see the replica of how World War II was fought.

If, however, you are particularly interested in Jewish history, this is a must-stop destination for you!

Ever since 1976, when the Baltimore Jewish Council adopted this structure in memory of the Holocaust victims, it hasn’t stopped being an amazing tourist center in Maryland.

Besides, the simplicity of the humble design always creates a thoughtful reflection.

The statue looks like people on fire flames of hell, which is a true reflection of what Jews went through during the war.

In fact, it truly speaks to visitors and tourists alike in such a way the irony is uncanny. You’d definitely love it!

Of note, the true purpose of this memorial structure is artfully and historically designed to give honor and recognition to those who were also lost during the holocaust.

A trip to Baltimore is not complete until you check this out!

Address: 520 E Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

27. Pride of Baltimore

Pride of Baltimore

Pride of Baltimore

With its mission to promote historical maritime education, and foster economic development, and tourism, Pride of Baltimore is the coolest spot for all outdoor enthusiasts.

The Pride of Baltimore in Maryland is a reflection of the true early 19th-century “Baltimore clipper”.

For nearly four decades, this wonderful and beautiful location has been promoting historical maritime education.

If you’d be on a voyage to this beautiful city in Maryland, we recommend you extend your visit to this fun place.

Although not a typical attraction with zero admittance, it’s nonetheless an amazing place with lots of interesting things for everyone in sight.

The exhibits are quite interesting, and they’re highly informative.

If perhaps you’d love to expand your horizon about maritime history, loads of exhibits here are enough to educate you.

Note that their operation hours are all days inclusive of Saturday but excluding Sundays.

Whichever day you plan to visit, this part of Baltimore has lots of exciting things that await your arrival!

Address: 1240 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

28. American Visionary Art Museum

American Visionary Art Museum

Tamar Alexia Fleishman / American Visionary Art Museum

For self-taught and intuitive artistry, American Visionary Art Museum is absolutely a place to head to!

The museum focuses on the preservation and display of outsider art  -“intuitive art”.

Established on November 24th, 1995 with over 100,000 visitors annually, this museum is a must-visit for all lovers of art.

With the greatest output of Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, you’d enjoy this 67,000 square feet of exhibition.

It has approximately 4,000 pieces of works of art and they are always interesting to explore.

Importantly, exhibits available in this attraction of Baltimore in Maryland include works by visionary artists like Howard Finster, Howard Finster, and Ho Baron, amongst others.

It’s a typical museum in this city of Maryland that has no staff curators but always makes use of guest curators for its shows, which is always exciting.

Aside from being an exhibit museum, there are equally lots of exhibits that tell more about Maryland’s history.

Obviously, there’s no limit to the best and most amusing things every visitor would enjoy in this beautiful place!

The gift shop is super cute too and there are lots of varieties of offering such as crystals, goodies, and chocolates.

It’s much more and its accessibility and affordability make it more attractive to visitors and tourists to explore.

As an art lover, experiencing this museum will be one of the most exciting adventures in your life!

Address: 800 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

29. Suspended Brewing Company

Suspended Brewing Company

Steven Norris / Suspended Brewing Company

Suspended Brewing Company will satisfy all crafted beer lovers! It’s an award-winning brewery that’s remarkable for its wonderful beer productions.

The brewery doesn’t open Sunday through Thursday but is open on all other days of the week.

If you’d be on a trip to this city of Maryland on any of its operating days, you’d appreciate visiting this beautiful spot!

Ecologically conscious, socially justified, and its handcrafted beers are top-notch!

This fascinating site in Baltimore would definitely be your favorite brewery because of its uniqueness!

It has an upscale chic vibe but still maintains a brewery feel, which makes it so impressive for visitors who are on sight.

The beer is always good, and the service is exceptionally outstanding. They have a good sour beer selection for those interested and it’s so affordable.

There is apparently no true description to justify how thrilling this attraction could be. You’d have tons of beautiful memories which will prompt your subsequent visitation here repeatedly!

Address: 912 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

30. The Bingo World, Baltimore

The Bingo World, Baltimore

The Bingo World

Bingo World is a game house in Baltimore, Maryland.

They are remarkably Maryland’s largest bingo hall. It’s an attraction where visitors can play multiple bingo sessions featuring over 200 video gaming terminals.

If you love bingo games, you’d enjoy yourself very well in this incredible spot.

Of note, in this lovely attraction of Baltimore, you must be at least 18 to enter this building.

It’s normally pretty sparse and filled with an interesting crowd.

The payoffs are decent if you are lucky enough to win, and it’s always interesting.

Very nice Bingo spot, great payout amounts, interesting slot play as well, and good food available.

Obviously, there are so many things you’d enjoy in this impressive location!

So, how soon do you plan a visit to this city of Maryland?

Regardless of the season, it’d be worthwhile to plan a trip to this thrilling site anytime, any season!

Note that parking is somewhat tricky, so do come early.

Address: 4901 Belle Grove Rd, Baltimore, MD 21225, United States

31. Riverside Park, Baltimore

Riverside Park in Baltimore

Riverside Park

If you ever want an attraction, that’s suitable for couples, kids, and little ones, consider visiting Riverside Park!

It’s a little clean and beautiful park in Baltimore, Maryland that features lots of interesting activities for all ages.

Hikers wouldn’t find Riverside Park less interesting, bikers will see tons of reasons to admire this fun place. Not only that, it has a space for dog walking and a playground for the little ones.

This 17-acre public park located in downtown Baltimore wouldn’t leave you idle without giving you something thrilling that’d engage you!

Incredibly, there are also some historic exhibits that reflect Baltimore’s early history. This presupposes that historians wouldn’t find this site less interesting!

It’s important to state that there’s also a pool, and it’s less risky swimming in. How about its baseball field? This 1876 establishment is absolutely a top-notch destination for all adventurous!

With its tons of exciting and amazing things, it may interest every visitor to know that the admission fee is so affordable!

Surely, a visit to this wonderful attraction will suffice!

Address: 301 E Randall St, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

32. The Nevermore Haunt

The Nevermore Haunt in Baltimore

Nevermore Haunt

Looking for the scariest yet fun and interesting attraction during your visit to Baltimore?

Look no further! The Nevermore Haunt is a favorite haunted house in Baltimore that has varieties of ingesting and amazing fun things.

Beyond their scariest yet exciting activities, there is also a bar for the adults and performances from magicians!

While you get a taste of amazing beers, you’d have access to view the magical shows and lots of other interesting activities.

If you’d not be in a hurry, you could even check out their pop-up shop!

Do note that there are little food trucks on sight, so, if you’d be staying for a longer period, it’s advisable you come along with some snacks.

Perhaps your kids might be in sight with you. Be sure to check the adjacent shop that has nice ice cream which all kids would love.

It would be thrilling, interesting, and memorable for all!

Address: 450 Mott St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

33. The Baltimore Beach

Baltimore Beach

Elena / Baltimore Beach

Baltimore Beach is mostly for lovers of volleyball! Are you one?

If you love volleyball, you would never regret visiting this local Beach!

Baltimore Beach is a sports complex in Baltimore that has lots of interesting activities suitable for all sports enthusiasts who are in this city of Maryland.

It’s a fantastic location where beginners to experts can play organized sand volleyball, and it’s always exciting and fun.

This beach also offers an escape from the busy downtown of Baltimore and provides visitors the chance to get their toes in the sand and enjoy beach volleyball without the hours-long drive to the ocean.

Stop at this location and test your skills against other players of the game, you’d love the challenge because it is so awesome.

Besides, this remarkable spot is not a bad place to socialize and meet new friends, or court rivals.

This hidden gem in Baltimore is mostly functioning on weekends and we recommend you come on board to spend a few hours of your time anytime you’re in Baltimore!

Expectedly, you’d come with interesting and positive reviews because the experience would be so great!

Address: 300 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

Final Remarks

There are lots of interesting attractions to go in Baltimore, Maryland, and each one of them is apparently as enjoyable as the next!

Whether you are a nature enthusiast, sports lover, or admirer of art, food, history, or music, you are sure to find something that will make your exploration worthwhile.

Baltimore has loads of things you’d surely admire. What you just have to do is to get set and fix your itinerary.

To avoid the difficulties in doing that, ensure you narrow down your itinerary by making use of our painstaking recommendations.

We hope you do enjoy your stay in this city of Maryland!

Happy Travels!