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20 Best Things To Do In Frederick (Maryland)

The mountain biking, bar scenes, German architecture, sports, restaurants, parks, downtown, community, and family orientation is all Frederick.

Add to that, the reality that you can jump so many states to see so many things in close proximity.

This is a deal it further sweetens by being budget-friendly and variety-packed.

In fact, one of America’s underrated cities is where you are about to have the time of your life.

Frederick, Maryland since 1745 has been home to wars as well as rich cultural and religious ways.

Hence, the experience gets even more notable at its historical museums and sites.

Walk the same grounds general Jubal early did and see the mill that produced sixty barrels daily in the 1890s.

Visit the 10th generation in a family business and taste some quality vintage wine while you are at it.

Simply put, Frederick, Maryland, has come to the conclusion that its visitors have the right to fun, and it is going big!

For an entertaining time in Fredrick, Maryland, below is a list of things to do.

Things to do in Frederick, Maryland

1. National Museum of Civil War Medicine

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Medical care still benefits not only the people of Frederick, Maryland.

However, the dedication of a museum to the medical, surgical, and nursing practices during the civil war is admirable.

At the time of the war, this was a key center to study and make research on medical innovations.

Now, the facility and its exhibits remind visitors why medicine is a passionate way of life and not just a profession.

These immersive exhibits tell the story of one of America’s bloodiest wars with illustrations and actual memorabilia.

The national museum in Frederick was opened in 1996.

This museum is one of the three parts that form a body with the national goal of exploring the success and failure inherited from the civil war.

This is because, as one of the nation’s most destructive conflicts in history, there is much to know about it to avoid a repeat.

While the Museum of Civil War Medicine is an exhibit-based experience, the other two are the “outdoor classroom” and the “missing soldiers’ office”.

Through their various organized events, they highlight the consequences of war and the importance of medical education.

The museum’s store and educational programs are also great sources for more information when you are in Frederick.

To say the least, the impressive amount of collections in the museum define humanitarianism, its impact on today’s society, and why it is worth celebrating.

Closing at 5 pm from Thursday to Sunday, it opens at 10 am on those days besides Sunday when it opens at 11 am.

Address: 48 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD, United States

2. Gambrill State Park

Gambrill State Park

Gambrill State Park

Are you a mountain lover or it is just a thing of the higher the better for you?

Whichever way you will prefer to put it, welcome to your comfort zone.

This public park on Catoctin mountain provides the sort of dramatic view of its surroundings only it can.

Moreover, being on the west of Fredrick, it provides enough mileage for scenic hiking, biking, and horse riding.

An important landmark in the area is the stone overlooks built by the civilian conservation corps in the 1930s.

Combining this with the experience from some seasonally available areas, like the campsite and the cabin campground, is setting yourself up for a vacation special.

Did you also know that there is the part where you get to rent a picnic shelter or even reserve the historic Tearoom if you need to?

Add that to its option of a rock run or a high knob visitor’s section and you are good to go.

These fun facts go to show that a lot of places will give you a memorable experience while in Frederick.

In addition to memories, a hand full of places will give you so many options for entertainment.

Gambrill State Park makes the latter list.

Furthermore, after spending a relaxing time at this migrant trap with warblers and thrushes, you’ll agree that you cannot go wrong with a visit to this park.

It opens every day between the hours of 8 am till 6 pm.

Addressed: 8602 Gambrill Park Rd, Frederick, MD, United States

3. Monocacy National Battlefield

Monocacy National Battlefield

Monocacy National Battlefield

The name of this site tells a lot about the part it played on the 9th of July, 1864.

The park was established in 1934 but stayed as a paper park until the 1970s.

Its launching came decades later as an adjunct park to Antietam and it got its own superintendent in 2003.

Monocacy National Battlefield with its trails, driving tour, and visitor center, interprets the importance of the battle of Monocacy in the civil war.

This is the battle that was labeled to have saved Washington D.C. from general Jubal’s 15, 000 confederate troops.

As if determining the fate of the nation’s capital was not enough, the event of that day went on to have a far more reaching scope of influence.

Another significant battle happened here at the Monocacy junction where the battle of Monocacy took place.

In September 1862, order number 191 written by the confederate general Lee, got lost in transit.

Finding this special order while trailing the confederates was the union’s special guidance in the battles of the south mountain and Antietam.

Now, for all it represents, this place holds monuments, research, programs, and interpretive exhibits to show.

As such, it encompasses centuries of history important to both the state and the nation.

This is the package you will find wrapped up in over 1,647 acres of farm fields, historic buildings, and the beautiful Monocacy river.

More than just a large picturesque historic site in downtown Frederick, it is proximal to other attractions in the area.

It opens every Thursday to Monday from 9 am till 5 pm.

Address: 5201 Urbana Pike, Frederick, MD, United States

4. Baker park

Baker park, Frederick

Baker park

This is 44 acres of scenic Frederick park with a pond, a covered footbridge, a band shell, and a carillon.

An extra 14 acres add courts, fields, pool, and playgrounds to the experience.

Built-in the year1927, it is the treasured legacy bordered by a historic neighborhood full of beautiful homes.

Running parallel to Carroll creek, the park starts off with a small reservoir and some waterfalls and ends with a historical focal point.

Baker park features children’s theater and concerts as well as other park events all year long.

Baker Park is also home to some of Frederick’s popular annual events involving fireworks, music, and after-dark entertainment.

In fact, hosting the best outdoor events in the area is its stock in trade.

After over seventy-five years of dedication to these sorts of recreation, it is no wonder it easily tops the memorable list for visitors.

Located within the heart of historic downtown, this liner park is the entertainment heartbeat of the city.

Also, you can take advantage of the two hours of free street parking at the west end of the park.

It opens every day except Sunday from 8 am till 9 pm and on Sunday from 7 am till 10:30 pm.

Address: 121 N Bentz St, Frederick, MD, United States

5. Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery

Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery

Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery

If you have ever wondered how mead is different from wine, it is a good thing you are planning a trip to Frederick to get a first-hand experience.

Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery is Maryland’s first of its kind.

And it sure does a good job in creativity and excellence in its chosen niche.

This you will adequately appreciate when you enter its tasting room.

The room sits on 15 acres amongst its raw materials, like grapevines and beehives.

For years, it has been dedicated to translating the world’s oldest alcohol from classic old-world monastery recipes to the 21st century.

This is done by applying the advanced knowledge of chemistry and microbiology to understand and replicate the process.

Its additional wine collection is a handful of red and white wines to welcome wine lovers.

Faced with making a choice for the best father’s day gift in Frederick, Maryland?

This is the second most popular thing the place is known for as making the best Meads comes first.

Bring your dog, picnic basket, and the whole family to have a good time here, but individuals must be 21+ to drink here.

It opens every Friday to Sunday from 12 pm till 5 pm and from Monday to Thursday by appointment only.

Address: 8546 Pete Wiles Rd, Middletown, MD, United States

6. Gambrill Mill

Gambrill Mill, Frederick

Gambrill Mill

This is the original visitor center at the Monocacy battlefield in Frederic, Maryland.

The mill was built in 1830 as part of the landholding of James Marshall.

In 1855, he sold this mill, also known as Araby mill to Gambrill.

The new mill owner, James H. Gambrill, was a southern sympathizer.

He used his wits to survive the turmoil at the time by selling flour to northern troops that set up their line of defense on his land.

During the battle, the mill was his refuge, as well as that of his three other friends.

While they sought refuge under the waterwheel, the Federals turned the mill into a makeshift field hospital.

At the end of the battle of Monocacy, Gambill, his friends, and his mill were survivors.

He further went on to keep the mill in operation till the 1890s, transforming it into a successful business.

On a good day, its production quota got as high as sixty barrels of flour per day.

This resulted in its expansion with the inclusion of a sawmill, chopping and plaster mill, the miller’s house, and other supporting structures to form a complex.

In the year 1893, Gambrill was forced by his financial circumstances to give up the Gambrill Mills and the house.

These structures are still wonderful attractions to visit when in Frederic city.

In the 1920s, renovations converted the mill into a dwelling house.

Find out what it is today during your visit to Frederick, Maryland.

Address: Unnamed Road, Frederick, MD, United States

7. Adventure Park USA

Adventure Park USA

Adventure Park USA

Maryland has something for everyone and here is another entertainment special with a variety of amusement opportunities and arcades.

It is a long list of coasters, go-karts, bumper boats, courses, laser tag, and bowling…

There are also interesting fall specials making the experience all the more worthwhile.

Opening its gates in the summer of 2005, it is an important indoors and outdoors adventurous location in the state.

This is because its 17.5-acre theme park features a 22,000-square-foot building for this cause.

This western theme can be appreciated in all its attractions throughout the park.

It is also an ideal destination for meetings, team bonding, parties, hangouts, and picnics.

The Adventure Park USA is the brainchild of an entertainment enthusiast by the name of Stottlemyer.

Little wonder there are remarkable accomplishments with him when it is a topic of attraction in Maryland.

Adventure park USA is a lot of unforgettable things to different people and it is still growing.

If you say this is too good to be true, check out their mission statement when you visit.

In summary, what is a Maryland vacation without an adventure park experience?

It opens every day from 11 am till 8 pm except for Friday and Saturday, when it closes at 9 pm.

Address: 11113 W Baldwin RD, Monrovia, MD, United States

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8. L’Hermitage Slave Village Archeological Site

L'Hermitage Slave Village Archeological Site

L’Hermitage Slave Village Archeological Site

This archeological site lies within the boundaries of the Monocacy National Battlefield.

Its founders are believed to be refugees who fled the Haitian revolution to Maryland and became landowners.

This French family, by the name of Vincendière, went on to run the l’hermitage plantation from 1793 to 1827.

L’hermitage as a 748-acre plantation started with twelve slaves, which increased to ninety by 1800.

After a while, this Haitian family plantation became famous for its structures, size, and, unfortunately, slave brutality.

Hence, the L’hermitage Slave Village Archeological Site is now valuable for comparative studies about the 18th and 19th century enslaved population.

It also broadens the understanding of the lives of these individuals that lived and worked on the plantation.

Although the park had been acquired in 1993 during the expansion of the battlefield site, preliminary investigations came in 2003.

However, most of the structures on site now are the result of a succeeding archeological excavation in 2010.

With a current temporary limit in scope, the site interprets with the deposits and artifacts an association of an African-American enslaved population with the l’hermitage plantation.

Significant future excavation comes with great hope for more clues, as the archeological site suggests a high level of integrity.

Want to know what more has been found so far?

Visit the l’hermitage slave village archeological site in Frederick city, Maryland today.

Address: Frederick, MD, United States

9. Downtown Frederick Partnership

Downtown Frederick Partnership

Downtown Frederick Partnership

It is not on every trip you get a place such as this.

Downtown, Frederick, and partnership; these three words make all the difference in this national main street community.

Since most people are afraid of change and the emotional cost of improvement, the partnership has a void to fill.

The downtown Frederic partnership makes a change in Downtown Frederick Comfortable.

This partnership is essentially an advocate that helps creative business owners work together.

It works to improve, promote and jealously guard the vitality and livability of the area.

It does this primarily for the teaming population that lives, works, plays, and connects here.

This way it provides a wonderful attraction of a thriving downtown Frederick for visitors to explore.

Downtown Fredrick has obviously come a long way from what it used to be before 2001.

Now, it fills up with community-driven, passionate, and creative residents and old buildings with their character intact.

This is probably why the art and shopping experience you find here comes second to none.

Nevertheless, the availability of something special and interesting every day for everyone is the charm of this Maryland neighborhood.

It opens every other day except on weekends from 8 am till 5 pm.

Address: 19 E Church St, Frederick, MD 21701, United States

10. Roads and Rails Museum, Frederick

Roads and Rails Museum, Frederick

Roads and Rails Museum, Frederick

The museum is creative in 3D fitted with sounds and movement.

Roads and Rails Museum is a specialty museum with an extensive layout that took five people five years to make.

The world it depicts features the largest model railroads with working trains, miniature villages, mountains, and automobiles.

It goes further to include a zoo, a castle, rivers, an erupting volcano, a circus, a fair, a roller coaster, etc.

This attention to detail in its creation is the first thing to wow you, but you might want to reserve some excitement for later.

There are quite a number of things here to stop you in your tracks, apart from the obvious subject matter.

That is; if you are able to help yourself from staying overwhelmed by all the cool and sometimes weird stuff.

Check out the home of Elvis, after which, your next stop can be the Lego display.

While you are doing that, you might want to spot what is behind the circle of crops.

Look closely to anticipate when and where you will be hearing the next “choo choo or vroom vroom”.

If you have the time, Frederick has the fun.

It closes every Friday till Monday by 5 pm.

Opening time on these days is 10 am except Sunday when it opens by 12 pm.

Address: 200 N East St, Frederick, MD, United States

11. Catoctin Creek Park & Nature Center

Catoctin Creek Park & Nature Center

Catoctin Creek Park & Nature Center

The nature center is essentially an education facility that provides public enlightenment on the local environment and ecosystems.

A mandate it obviously takes seriously from its architectural design to its to the surrounding 139 acres where it sits.

The creek park, on the other hand, is the picturesque background you need for all the right pictures

As a combo, Catoctin creek park and nature center opened in February 2011 and is Frederick county’s latest environmental park.

Catoctin Creek Park’s Nature Center is also a regularly renowned host of events, camps, and programs throughout the year.

It does this through various means for all age groups; that is, preschoolers to adults.

The center carries out its function through classroom lessons, live animals and hands-on displays, trails, and a recreation area.

Speaking of live animals, what do you think of jewelry snakes?

The park’s recreation area is made of a playground, gazebo, musical garden, and trails and facilities.

Still, wondering what to expect at the musical garden or a sensory trail?

It is a good thing you are planning a visit for a first-hand experience.

Without a doubt, there is something fun for every member of the family.

Even fur babies cannot agree more.

It closes every Thursday till Sunday by 5 pm.

Opening time on these days is 10 am except Sunday when it opens by 12 pm.

Address: 2929 Sumantown Rd, Middletown, MD, United States

12. Clue IQ: An Escape Room Experience

Clue IQ: An Escape Room Experience

Clue IQ: An Escape Room Experience

Most people think they work best under pressure until faced with 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, break codes and unravel mysteries.

Feeling up to the challenge?

Then welcome to Clue IQ where high tech makes all the difference.

Actually, specific words that describe this place will include entertainment, groups, unique, classic video games, and real-life version.

Good job! The answer is an escape room, so you just solved your first clue.

It is a good thing you do not think this is your regular escape room with locks because it is not.

In fact, the reason for its establishment in 2017 by Steven was to provide innovative entertainment in his city.

Hence, this immersive adventure begins with transporting you to a unique place, time, or event.

An interesting detail at this point will be the delicate balance of challenge and possibility the game maintains.

The story-driven experience also unfolds at your pace as you advance through the game.

Hence, in your race against time, try to fully appreciate the Hollywood set designs and tech interactions on the way.

Clue IQ is open throughout the year and the fame of any particular game here is kind of season-dependent.

However, you can try as many games as you like to pick your personal favorite anytime.

It opens every day from 10:30 am till 10 pm.

Address: 103 S Carroll St #1a, Frederick, MD, United States

13. Surreybrooke, Frederick

Surreybrooke, Frederick

Surreybrooke, Frederick

This is probably a cliché by now, but you really cannot complete a Maryland visit without checking this box.

It is a tour of historical buildings heavily dowsed with nature’s beauty.

With towering trees and the sweet scent of blossoming flowers, you can bask in the reality that peace is free.

It also provides the ambiance to slow down and explore the finer things of life.

This famous Maryland garden covers almost twenty acres with various themes.

While it is free for the tour, plant acquisition comes at reasonable prices.

This is one good piece of news you can only fully appreciate when your location reads Surreybrooke.

Over the years, its variety in plant selection and colors has proven to be more than sufficient to provide an exciting time and conversation.

If you are not already a garden enthusiast, wait till you get to the nursery.

Or maybe wait till you get to the greenhouse.

Perhaps you can get an extra opinion at the children’s garden if it is a family getaway.

Wherever you start and how long you spend is inconsequential to the end result of craving a revisit.

It opens every day between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.

Address: 8610 Baltimore National Pike, Middletown, MD, United States

14. Clustered Spires Golf Club

Clustered Spires Golf Club

Clustered Spires Golf Club

This is a city-owned golf course only two miles from downtown Frederick.

Its lush green course offers a variety of challenging and rewarding opportunities for golfers of all skill levels.

With 183 acres of turf grass, the Clustered Spires Golf course is renowned for its favorable conditions.

Hence, in as much as there is a lot of leisure playing going on here, it also hosts prestigious tournaments.

The clustered spires golf club offers a pro shop with a variety of clubs, balls, and golf accessories to its visitors.

Fitting and teaching are not left out as this is the sole function of the vault at clustered spires.

It essentially fits you to your perfect club and guides you into making your golf play better than the last.

This way, you are able to enjoy your time and get into fun leagues.

Whether you intend to spend an afternoon bonding with friends or making lasting business relationships, this is a place to visit in Frederick, Maryland.

Is it all golf balls, courses, and clubs? No!

For a better explanation of this answer, join the party on Friday nights.

It opens every day from 6:30 am till 7 pm.

Address: Gas House Pike, Frederick, MD, United States

15. New Market Plains Vineyard, Frederick

New Market Plains Vineyard, Frederick

New Market Plains Vineyard, Frederick

This vineyard is right around the corner from the adventure park.

It is a quaint farm that has been in the family since the 1760s.

In fact, it is currently in its 10th generation of family stewardship.

Needless to say, this place has a lot of history up its sleeves.

More history for the family from which one of its current owners Susan hails, but also for the town.

New Market Plains Vineyard’s current variety was planted in 2012 to produce the first vintage in 2014.

Its total release is currently a selection of both white and red wines that come by the glass and bottle.

These include the 2014 Rich Forest Chardonnay, the 2015 Rosé and Hogshead red, and the 2016 Muscat Blanc.

In addition to the wine, it is a warm and inviting atmosphere featuring lush and green vines.

Since it is a large area for both indoor and outdoor sitting, you can spend time with groups while still maintaining a level of privacy.

In light of this, this is a wonderful destination to plan a family picnic or get-together.

In essence, it is a unique place to enjoy good wine and excellent music on a beautiful evening in Frederick.

It opens from Friday till Sunday at 12 pm and closes at 6 pm except for Saturday when it closes at 7 pm.

Address: W Baldwin, New Market, MD, United States.

16. Utica Covered Bridge, Frederick

Utica Covered Bridge, Frederick

Utica Covered Bridge, Frederick

An interesting fact about Maryland is that it once had about eight covered bridges.

However, there are only three left in Frederick county, of which Utica bridge is one.

In fact, it is the longest and the oldest of the three, dating back to 1843.

The Utica bridge was originally built to span the Monocacy river which it did until the severe flood of 1889.

At this time, it was called the Devilbiss road-covered bridge spanning two hundred and fifty feet.

The Utica-Covered Bridge is currently a hundred and one-foot-long per arch design bridge.

After the flood, recoverable parts were gathered, and the bridge was reconstructed over the fishing creek in 1891.

Its movement to a new location features a unique design of Burr Arch truss plus its original timber.

For further stability, it includes a reinforcement with steel beams and a central pier.

Over the years, a maintenance culture of inspection, rehabilitation, and even renovation keeps the bridge in its terrific shape.

Its ability to remain functional and aesthetically pleasing is just one reason why it is a popular destination among Frederick’s visitors.

Address: 7720 Utica Rd, Thurmont, MD, United States

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17. Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick

This is one of the German keepsakes in Maryland since 1738, popularly known as the twin spires.

As one of the oldest Lutheran buildings in the country, Fredrick boasts of its significant connection to the country’s history through the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

This significance goes beyond its unique twin towers, particularly the west tower with its renowned bells since 1771.

It goes onto the legacy of growth, music, worship, and community service.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church was not always the beauty it is today.

At the time when the city itself was in its developmental stage, it was a relatively smaller log church.

Its current architecture in Norman’s gothic style was completed in 1855.

Its different facets preserve the knowledge of how buildings like this were erected without cranes.

Having its lifetime includes wars as old as the French and Indian War, it tells the story of the part it played during the civil war.

The evangelical Lutheran church being used as a temporary military hospital in 1862 was a picture in the album of instrumental things the church would involve in.

Before that, in 1820, its congregation was an important part of the Sunday school movement in America.

Since it predates public education, it was actually really education in general and not just Christian education.

It also has some custom-made artifacts you would like to see during a visit.

With renovations and restorations to maintain its details over the years, it attracts visitors to appreciate both its place in history and its beauty.

Address: 31 E Church St, Frederick, MD, United States

18. Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Popular words that describe this indoor adventure park are energy-activating and awe-inspiring.

With over 40,304 square feet in space, this state-of-the-art facility had its launching in 2020.

At the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park, the kids get enough safe bouncing to last them a childhood!

Or maybe a few hours.

In their own words, “gravity is overrated” so they literarily let you bounce off the walls.

This adventure park is obviously not just a trampoline park, as there is something for everyone, guardians included.

Apart from the activities, it is a one-stop shop for an entertaining day, considering the fact that it meets your tummy needs.

So visit with an intention to spend at least a whole day of fun picking from their long list of activities.

This is no advertisement trick. It really is a full line-up, and no activity is even a filler.

They also host events, camps, and kid’s birthday parties.

Based on popular opinion in Frederick, this is the place to visit to win the best uncle, aunt, parent, or whatever award.

It opens from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am till 8 pm and on Friday and Saturday from 10 am till 9 pm.

Address: 5830 Ballenger Creek Pike, Frederick, MD, United States

19. Urbana District Park

Urbana District Park

Urbana District Park

Although parks in Frederick are unique for their variety of features, this park is the typical picture of what to anticipate.

Simply put, Urbana District Park puts all the diversity it can in a single park.

The large park feature multiple sports grounds and playgrounds.

There are also walking trails, pavilions, picnic areas with grills, and other non-sporty grounds.

Not to leave any detail out, its dog park is a popular get-together zone for fur babies in the area.

If you are still wondering where to fit in at this park, its community garden will come to your rescue.

Other amenities like its free Wi-Fi and clean restrooms will have you spending long inspiring or motivating hours here effortlessly.

These various pieces of this park are why, although several parks come close, it comes second to none.

Moreover, it is close to the community, so you will not be going out of your way.

It opens daily between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm except for Saturday when it closes at 6 pm.

Address: 3805 Urbana Pike, Frederick, MD, United States

20. Schifferstadt architectural museum.

Schifferstadt architectural museum.

Schifferstadt Architectural Museum.

This German-Georgiana colonial architecture built in 1758 is a fine solid structure still standing in Frederick.

The stone structure exemplifies a rare colonial German architecture of German quality built with local 1700s materials.

Schifferstadt Architectural Museum is a home site with its original owners being the Brunner family.

In itself, it is an interesting relic in Frederick.

However, as a museum, it features artifacts of interest to its visitors.

In total, these 221 objects of which the building is inclusive cover a variety of topics of the core subject matter.

Its most distinct feature is its heating system, which is the only example of such a heating system still at its site of installation.

The ingenious and energy-efficient heating system provides an inkling of the lifestyle of the German pioneers.

Moreover, it contains many other typical features still obtainable in German houses today.

The area goes on to feature a rear garden area that was and is still multifunctional.

Little wonder the preservation of this piece of national history is an honor to Frederick county.

Address: 1110 Rosemont Ave, Frederick, MD, United States

Final Remark

When it is a matter of colorful decorations and a tranquil atmosphere, you cannot get too little in Frederick.

More importantly, it offers more history and entertainment than you can take in by just a quick sweep.

Considering it is a growing county and downtown area booming with opportunities, it sure makes out a lot of time to have fun and impeccably host its visitors.

What is your favorite thing to do when all you have to do is have fun?

Not sure you have an answer off the top of your head?

Congratulations! It’s a Frederick, Maryland vacation.

Safe travels!