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21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Cumberland (Maryland)

Little wonder as to why Cumberland is fondly called the ” Queen City”.

Cumberland is a city in Allegany County, Maryland, United States.

This city is located on the Potomac River and was once the second-largest city in the United States.

Luxury, entertainment, historic places, and even the food make this place quite the tale.

Famous sights like ” The Narrows And Lovers Leap” also make this place quite famous.

Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful places in the United States.

Use our list of the best and most fun things to do in Cumberland and explore this city!

Things To Do In Cumberland, Maryland

1. Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

things to do in cumberland

Photo: Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

Are you looking for a perfect spot where you can see historic trains with very enticing and colorful, playful theme rides?

Looking for a fun option to explore in Cumberland with the railroad?

Explore the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad!

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad is a popular and historic tourist attraction site and a spot in Cumberland, Maryland.

Undoubtedly, its name is derived from the fact that this particular spot is an area in the heart of Mountain Maryland where you can enjoy scenic train rides.

This Railroad is a legacy railroad you will find in Cumberland that operates passenger excursion trains and sporadic freight trains.

What’s more, trains here use both steam and diesel engines over the former Western Maryland Railway tracks between Cumberland and Frostburg.

Moreover, in this railroad, you have access to both coach and first-class service.

If you want, you can also reserve caboose rides, go on murder mystery excursions, and explore special seasonal trips.

Interestingly, during the peak color period along the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, you will find Polar Express train ride!

Do you want a place to take the family on a fun weekend outing? Go over and experience the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad’s brand-new Ice Cream Train.

On this Ice cream train, you can choose from three departures. All have seatings for all ages in both coach and Open Air.

Upon arrival and check-in, you can select an ice cream flavor, then board the train for a fun 35-minute round trip through the Narrows and back.

Additionally, you need not worry about the staff here. They totally care about what they do, and they do so with all sincerity and courtesy.

Besides, there is something for everyone to do even for those who aren’t into trains that much.

Furthermore, this place is a good place to just relax away from the kids and people’s hassle.

What are you waiting for? Book a ticket and relax in this Cumberland gem, it’s worth it.

Address: 13 Canal St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

2. Cumberland Visitor Center

things to do in cumberland

Image credit: Great Allegheny Passage

Thought about exploring Cumberland’s popular C&O Canal? Want to know more about Cumberland enclosed and detailed for you to check out?

Make sure to visit Cumberland Visitor Center!

You’ll find this visitor center towards the end of the C&O canal. Here in this museum, you will see a vast part of Maryland’s history.

Besides, there are boats and people there connoting a lot of what was of Maryland before.

For history lovers, this popular site in Cumberland may be your favorite spot to hang out!

If you try exploring here, not only will you find useful information, you will also see outdoor information placards, maps, trails, and even sites.

Moreover, if you check outside of the building, multiple signs will explain the history of the C&O and show you key landmarks between Cumberland and DC.

Most notably, you will see a massive 184.5 miles double-wide trail begins at this site.

This place is definitely one of the highlights of Cumberland if you like the outdoors and history. And the best part about it is that it is free!

However, there are murals just outside the visitor’s center. You will enjoy looking through them or taking photos with them.

In addition, you will be able to hear the history of this canal, whether by video or audio clip.

Above all, the staff here are very friendly and will answer whatever questions you have about the area.

It is absolutely worth a few hours if you’re around, within, in, near, or even traveling through Cumberland!

Take your time to plan a visit here. You can’t afford to miss a visit here.

Address: Western Maryland Railroad Station, 13 Canal St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

3. Canal Place

things to do in cumberland

Image credit: Greg Larry

Canal Place is a historic park in Cumberland with vast and formidable transportation sites. More than being a park with a lot of transportation sites, it is a popular tourist attraction site.

This 58.1-acre state park is located in Cumberland, Maryland, just at the western terminus of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.

Amongst several other reasons why this place is very popular amongst locals and tourists, it is a very historic part of Cumberland.

In Canal Place, there are shops, a Railroad Museum, a bike shop, and even a stage for live events.

Most times, during some seasons, they hold certain festivals that bring people trooping in from all over.

Moreover, it is a place where you can enjoy some outdoor time with family and friends.

Whether it is cycling, walking, or where you can have some tasty food at a local restaurant, you are covered.

It is very clean and well-kept so you need not bother about hygiene.

Additionally, in case you need a snack, a really tasty one, you can get a handful here.

Make sure to stop down if you have some free time and meet some people.

Go and see a concert or even a live band here. You won’t regret it.

Also, if you explore further, you will find a replica canal boat nearby, and the remains of several others which have been buried beneath the ground.

Furthermore, you can catch a ride on the Western Maryland Scenic Railway.

There is also a monument on the lawn in Canal Place dedicated to the Irish canal and railroad workers.

Finally, cross over the pedestrian bridge and visit Riverside Park and George Washington’s cabin.

Address: 13 Canal St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

4. Charis Winery & Distillery

things to do in cumberland

Photo by Maryland Office of Tourism

Are you a wine lover? Looking for a famous distillery or winery to get or taste some good wine?

Planning to host a wedding or a top engagement party in Cumberland and you want to explore your choice of wine?

Check out Charis Winery and Distillery Cumberland!

This place in Cumberland is not only a quality winery but also offers diverse tasty wine.

In Charis Winery and Distillery, you will be able to choose from a variety of grape wines, such as Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Malbec.

Also, white wines are not left out, options like Pinot Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Catawba, etc are wines you will see here.

In addition, you will also get fruit wines like peach, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, and more.

Charis Winery and Distillery also produce spirits such as Rye whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, flavored Vodkas, Moonshine, and Brandy.

It is definitely a top and worthy pick if you ever need wines with excellence.

Some other things you can do here, apart from wine tasting, are going on tours. You can take tours around this gorgeous facility.

Apart from the outstanding and unmatchable service they offer, the pavilion and patio outside are enticing.

You should absolutely stop by!

The winery is in Canal Park, in a strategic setting.

For a much more thrilling and relaxing experience, they are adding outdoor seating and music along with food truck nights.

Certainly, a destination to stop by if you are ever traveling through Cumberland.

Furthermore, since the environment here is really serene, you can host birthday parties, engagement parties, and even weddings here.

Address: 16 Howard St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

5. Allegany Arts Council

things to do in cumberland

Allegany Arts Council

Are you into arts and looking for somewhere in Cumberland to go through varieties of art?

Looking for a specific kind of art for innovation, thrilling galleries, or even a place to take photography courses?

Check out the Allegany Arts Council!

The Allegany Arts Council is an art gallery in Cumberland.

For tourists and art lovers, this might just be your pick!

If you are in Cumberland, you should take the time to explore its galleries.

Exhibitions and top-notch art, exquisite in nature are all over the place.

Most times during certain seasons, its galleries host an artist gift extravaganza.

Just like in the 2021 Artist Holiday Market in December, artists were in thrill.

Moreover, the Allegany Arts Council presents a joint exhibition and Cloth-Metal-Art.

You get to see the work of talented artists like Peggy Black and Dustin Davis in its Saville Gallery.

Also, you will find the artistry of Jenny Wilson with local artists as well as a wider variety.

Furthermore, they also host a mini showcase of art from a local organization that gives support services to the needy.

It’s a rare opportunity to explore the wonderful exhibits and programs here!

Take that chance and take a good photography course here!

Address: 9 N Centre St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

6. Gordon-Roberts House

things to do in cumberland

Image credit: passages of the Potomac

Lovers of former C&O president Josiah Gordon will love this museum.

This museum in Cumberland is also one of the top things to explore on a visit to or around Cumberland.

For the records, this Victorian home was built in 1867.

The home which sits in Cumberland was built in memory of Josiah Gordon, President of the C&O Canal.

Although it is now a museum, an education center, and an event venue, Gordon-Roberts House still has a touch of history.

For travelers, things to do here include touring this gorgeous mansion and embarking on tourist excursions around this beauty.

Moreover, volunteers who work here are very knowledgeable about the history of this mansion.

They also know a great deal about Cumberland during those past times and make sure to pass the knowledge without hassle.

Furthermore, since the mansion is in excellent condition, you can bring a group or homeschoolers to check it out.

There’s no better way to spell history than a complete tour!

Come and hear the famous story about how Cumberland was the “Queen City”.

Architects will also find something to do or gain from the settings of this mansion.

If you take time to explore, you will find this mansion setting an excellent piece and who knows, may leave you with ideas.

Conclusively, for historians, this museum is highly recommended to spend a quiet time immersed in history.

Address: 218 Washington St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States.

7. Fort Cumberland

things to do in cumberland

Image credit: Allegany museum

Are you a lover of George Washington? Do you wish to inquire into the American revolutionary war and its history?

Go explore Fort Cumberland!

Fort Cumberland is an 18th-century border citadel at the current site of Cumberland, Maryland.

Notable about this place in Cumberland is the fact that it was an important military and economic center.

According to history, this site played a huge role during the French and Indian War and formed part of the early career of George Washington.

In this place in Cumberland, not only will you enjoy the clear and diverse history of the war, you will get to explore freely.

You can host community gatherings here and large events as it is really spacious; so it is fitting for events.

Weddings can also hold here or even a get-together party.

Overall, although there isn’t much to do, you will have a wonderful time exploring it.

Address: 15 Greene St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

8. George Washington’s Headquarters


Photo by Bill Merlevage

George Washington’s Headquarters is another historic house and home in Cumberland you should think about exploring!

This place is the former home and command post of United States President George Washington.

At the George Washington Headquarters, you will find a lot of history of Cumberland and Maryland generally.

If you are taking a walk around the city, make sure to stop here and check out this historic house in Cumberland.

Although you can’t see the inside, you will have an amazing time checking out the settings of this building.

In addition, you can explore the exterior of the cabin and a lit statue of Washington’s bust in the window.

Walking the Cumberland Trail will provide you with a history of Cumberland as well as an educational experience about the C&O canal and trains.

Moreover, there are a lot of memorable places in the vicinity you can check out after a tour here.

Just take your time to stroll, get some exercise while checking out some beautiful and interesting sites and knowledge.

Don’t forget to explore this place in Cumberland, it is absolutely worth all the time you can give it.

Address: 38 Greene St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

9. Constitution Park

things to do in cumberland

Photo: Constitution Park Cumberland

Constitution Park is another place in Cumberland to catch some fun.

For tourists and even locals, this place counts as a popular attraction site.

In this park in Cumberland, there are several pavilions, playgrounds, and even a swimming pool.

Constitution Park is located in Cumberland, Maryland, on the East Side of the city district.

Also, in this park, there are two playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, several pavilions, a duck pond, and even a public swimming pool.

Additionally, in the outdoor recreation area, you will find a train caboose, a fire truck, a P-80 dual-seat trainer, and an M56 Scorpion.

Famous for its outstanding pick for picnics and family get-togethers in the summer.

Grasses here are mown properly and picnic tables are available to give visitors a smooth picnicking experience.

Other things to explore and do here include using walking paths near the woods.

Paths and trails here are smooth and clean enough if you want to go for a stroll or just run around.

For sports lovers, a basketball court is available and a group soccer pitch where you can practice.

Playgrounds here have several pieces of equipment of different sizes to accommodate all ages and give a thrilling and fun experience amongst teens and children.

Pavilions here too can be rented for parties. If it’s a small get-together or even a small event you want to organize, you can easily use the pavilions here.

Furthermore, they also have an Amphitheatre and host concerts in the park.

You can come here for their free movie nights and swim. Food Concession stands too!

Make sure to explore this place around Cumberland.

Address: Fort Ave, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

10. Emmanuel Parish

things to do in Cumberland

Image credit: James / Wikimedia Commons

Emmanuel Parish is an episcopal church in Cumberland, Maryland.

This church is in Cumberland’s Historic District and is built on the foundations of Fort Cumberland.

Fort Cumberland is where George Washington began his early military career.

It is said and a fact that earthworks from the fort still lie beneath the church till today.

Although this church is known as far back as 1803, the cornerstone of its current building was set up in 1849 and completed in 1851.

Here, you will see the original and famous Tiffany stained-glass windows from three different periods and a model of Fort Cumberland.

Moreover, architects will love to explore this place as the church itself is a work of art and sure is mind-blowing.

Also, if you want to see musical performances, this church holds excellent musical performances.

In all, if you spend time here or manage to take a tour here, you will realize this is a wonderful experience.

It is simply gorgeous!

As a whole, there aren’t many things to do or see here, but you’ll enjoy yourself nonetheless.

Take photographs and keep them as memories.

You can even hang around for a service or two. You definitely won’t regret it.

Address: 16 Washington St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

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11. Cumberland Parks & Recreation

things to do in cumberland

Image credit: Cumberland Village

Cumberland Parks and Recreation is an outdoor park and garden.

The park here is run by Cumberland and it is amazing to find out just how much fun you can experience here.

Come here during the fall and winter and check their “Adult Fall and Winter Activities”. It will keep you engaged, no matter what.

You’ll be able to explore activities designed that will keep adults active during the fall and winter months.

Also, you should check out their “Adult Spring and Summer Activities”.

You’d be able to get information about their baseball and softball leagues and how you can actively take part in it and have fun.

There’s also an amusement park. Just get yourself tickets and take your loved ones here to spend some time.

Moreover, you should plan to attend their Movies Under the Stars even as well. Buy a ticket for your loved ones and take them here to watch a movie in this park.

In case you are bringing children or you want to use the playground equipment, there is one for all sizes.

Enjoy the hot afternoon exploring and playing at any of their exciting playgrounds.

Overall, this area is an amazing place to have fun and eat tasty snacks. Try camping too, rent a tent and camp here, take photos of the sunset and so much more.

Address: Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

12. Gilchrist Gallery

Gilchrist Gallery

Image credit: Passages of the Potomac

Art lovers, this is another spot for you to explore in Cumberland!

The Gilchrist Gallery is a trendy museum, art, and art museum in the state.

You will see artworks and wonderful exhibits on display in this museum.

Artworks here will marvel at you and leave an inbuilt curiosity for better art.

Although this place is small, it is one of the trendy spots to explore in Cumberland.

Speaking artistically, in the best sense of that word, this gallery is the epitome of true beauty and excellence.

It unravels the story of an old mansion transformed into a cutting-edge art facility with stunning exhibitions.

Besides, was it mentioned that the staff are really helpful and courteous?

You can do a paint night event here and have a very good time.

Also, if you know Georgia O’Keeffe, you can see her O’Keeffe-esque painting.

Overall, you can enjoy both the art and the yoga classes while here.

Just come here to reflect and look through these pictures and paintings.

Allow paintings here to awe you.

Such a lovely place for history and art.

Address: 104 Washington St, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

13. Rocky Gap State Park

Rocky Gap State Park

Photo: Rocky Gap State Park

The Rocky Gap State Park is a Park in Cumberland with a lake, a sandy beach, and a campground.

It is an outdoor public recreation area with a resort seven miles east of Cumberland in Allegany County, Maryland.

Did you know this state park’s 3,000 acres house Lake Habeeb, Evitts Mountain, and the privately-owned are operated by Rocky Gap Casino Resort?

Also, you can enjoy water recreation, camping facilities, and even hiking trails.

For fun things to do around here, you can decide to explore the lake in this park.

Its wide lake is very clean and you can rent a boat or even go kayaking through the waters.

The park has lots of things to look at and you can also take good pictures there.

Trails here are good to hike, there are several trails here to see and use.

You can ride a bike or even stroll through its calm environment.

Bird watching is another fun thing to do here.

Different species of birds come here regularly, so you can come to watch them or even just for the day, walk in the woods.

If you are a fan of camping, the campgrounds are wonderful and you can rent a tent or two and hang out with friends or just look at the Moon.

Moreover, there are lots of spots for grilling barbecue or even going picnicking.

Since its grounds are calm and peaceful, you can pick this spot to go picnicking.

Golf courses are here too in case you want to try golfing.

Furthermore, you can come swim at the beach and even build sandcastles.

Overall, make sure to check this spot out when in Cumberland.

Address: 12900 Lake Shore Dr, Flintstone, MD 21530, United States

14. Tri-State Zoological Park

Tri-State Zoological Park

Photo: Tri-State Zoological Park

The Tri-State Zoological Park is a zoo located in Cumberland, Maryland.

This 16 acres zoo is a non-profit zoo that opened in 2003.

Moreover, this zoo contains mainly exotic animals rescued or in need of homes.

Animals with no homes, abandoned and injured such as lions, tigers, primates, various exotics, birds, and reptiles are taken in.

However, this zoo is privately owned by Bob Candy of Cumberland and has no paid employees but volunteers.

And although it needs a lot of work, it is an incredible place to visit and see the wildlife.

You can donate if you want since it’s a really good spot, and the volunteers are amazing.

Animal lovers can assist too. Many of the animals here have nowhere else to go, but they have a home here and are well cared for.

If you are lucky enough, you may meet the owner and it might inspire you as to how much thought, care, and attention he gives to these animals.

Additionally, while here, you could meet Pip the duck.

Pip follows tourists around the entire time, and you may just fall in love with it.

Make a trip here and I’m sure you will want to go back.

Mountain lions here are tame and behave like house cats. It’s certain you’d want to see that.

Take photos too so you can keep them as souvenirs to remember the amazing work Bob is doing!

Address: 10105 Cottage Inn Ln NE #8250, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

15. Allegany County Fairgrounds

Allegany County Fairgrounds

Photo: Allegany County Fairgrounds

Do you want to explore good music and get into the lyric world in Cumberland?

Have you seen the Allegany County Fairgrounds?

The Allegany County Fairgrounds is situated on the west of Cumberland along McMullen Highway.

Throughout the year, this fairground in Cumberland holds musical concerts, car races, and private events.

Tourists and locals definitely have a markup of this place on their list. Its popularity and trend bring people from far and near to explore.

Once annually, the Allegany County fair holds and hosts the Allegany County Fair and AgExpo.

Also, another major event you can attend here is the DelFest.

DelFest is a 4 days bluegrass festival raised by Del McCoury, and it holds annually since 2008 over the Memorial Day weekend.

Moreover, apart from festivals, this fairground host many events throughout the year.

You can host large events here since it is really spacious and can accommodate many people.

Auctions, dinner nights, get together and even weddings can hold here and will house over 300.

Additionally, you will find beautiful baseball fields with night lights, a concession stand, restrooms, and plenty of parking space.

Hold a music concert here and you’d be amazed by the crowd you will pull.

Besides, the staff here are amazing and work hard enough to give you the best experience while here.

Whatever it is you want to do, It’s assured Allegany County Fairgrounds won’t be a bad choice.

Go see for yourself, then you can make a decision.

Address: 11400 Moss Ave, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

16. Bone Cave

Bone Cave

Image credit: Research Gate

Are you a biologist or a lover of fossils?

Do you want to explore Cumberland and check out some of the fantastic caves there?

There’s just one for you to see at the Bone Cave.

Bone Cave is a historical landmark located in La Vale, Maryland.

The Cumberland Bone Cave is a cave on the Western slope of Wills Mountain full of fossils.

It is on the outskirts of the city, near Corriganville in Allegany County, Maryland.

Although there isn’t so much to see here, there are information placards and a cave that is fenced to explore.

Also, there is a knob behind the cave, which is presumably also of archaeological significance.

Go here and check out the fossils and look around if you haven’t seen a cave here is an opportunity.

Moreover, if you are just looking for where to walk and bike, this is also a good spot.

The breeze here is refreshing, so you can just stroll around here and inhale the cool air.

Photography will also be nice to do here or you can also bring a slate and sketch!

If you have time, try to go, you’ll always find something you want to do!

Address: Great Allegheny Passage, La Vale, MD 21502, United States

17. Helmstetter’s Curve

Helmstetter's Curve

Image credit: Anne Masha

What comes to your mind when you hear a place that has curves?

Well, just as you thought, there’s also a curve in Cumberland, but not just any type of curve.

On a visit to Cumberland, take your time to check the Helmstetter’s Curve.

This place is an amazing place with scenic views of the Cash Valley along the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Trail.

During autumn, with the changing leaves, it would be the perfect time to visit and hike this place’s trails.

Moreover, if you want to take cool photos of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, this place is amazing and a hotshot.

If you are worried about parking, there is just enough parking for about 15 cars.

Besides, it is really close to the Brush Tunnel and you can easily walk to Brush Tunnel from here.

Additionally, Helmstetter’s Curve is a few degrees cooler than Cumberland in the summer, so it is a great place to cool off.

You’ll be able to capture the entire view of the train in this spot in a single picture.

Also, dog walkers have a place here too!

Most trails here are fitting and convenient to walk dogs or pets.

Jogging, running, and even strolling are also some things to do here in Helmstetter’s Curve too!

On a good day, who knows? You might just bump into some wildlife and see some deer.

Go ahead and explore this place. You won’t regret it!

Address: La Vale, MD 21502, United States

18. Lake Habeeb

Lake Habeeb

Photo: Lake Habeeb

Lake Habeeb is a popular reservoir and a visiting site in Cumberland.

This 243 acres reservoir is located in Allegany County, Maryland.

The lake in this reservoir has its source from the Rocky Gap Run, and it rests on the east side of the southern tip of Evitts Mountain.

What’s more interesting is that this reservoir has a depth of about 74 feet near its earthen dam.

Also, inclusive in this reservoir are three public beach areas along its 9.4-mile shoreline.

There’s a fishery as well!

To appreciate Edward Habeeb, a local florist who helped initiate the development of the area, the lake was named after him.

You will find it within the Rocky Gap State Park.

If you are looking for what to do here, it is just too numerous.

The beaches here are all clean and chill to soak by during the summer.

Moreover, you can scan through its surroundings to pick some beach rocks and seashells washed ashore.

However, if you want to do sport here, you can play beach ball on the beach or even build sandcastles.

Furthermore, there is a lakeside loop trail by the reservoir where you can hike on. Some pavilions, and also a boat dock as well.

Go fishing if you want. If you are lucky, you will net in some trouts.

Quiet area to go picnicking by the sand and probably just watch the sunset.

Photography will be extremely beautiful here as well.

Kayaking is also something fun to do here, so go rent a kayak and explore those waters.

Splash by the beach here and just allow yourself to relax.

It is worth a try!

Address: Cumberland, Maryland, United States.

19. LaVale Toll Gate House

La Vale Toll Gate House

Photo: La Vale Toll Gate House

What do you know about toll houses? Do you want to explore what a toll house is like or even take a group to see one?

Check out Cumberland’s outstanding La Vale Toll Gate House.

This historic toll gatehouse is located in La Vale, Allegany County, Maryland.

It is a popular attraction site amongst tourists and locals who want to explore the city better.

Standing beautifully, the La Vale Toll Gate House is a two-story brick structure.

Notable amongst its architectural design and style is its seven-sided plan, a basic polygon plan.

If you explore this house fully, on one story, you will find Tuscan-columned porches extending around over five outer sides of the polygonal portion.

Moreover, at the top is a non-functional reconstructed cupola.

Popular among residents, because this building served as a tollhouse on the Cumberland or National Road, not only that but was the first such structure to be built.

Interestingly, the La Vale Tollgate House is also on the National Register list of Historic Places in 1971.

In fact, this is what you would undoubtedly call a fantastic piece of American history just sitting on the side of the road.

Unfortunately, this building is not open, so you cannot check its insides, but its exterior is something you shouldn’t miss.

Also, if you are looking for a calmer way to relax, just come here, look at the windows, and walk around the building.

Picnic tables and shelter are also available in this spot, so you can eat lunch here while staring at this beauty.

Host a birthday party here or even come picnicking, it’d be a really fun thing to do while here.

Address: National Fwy, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States

20. Monkey’s Head Rock

monkeys head rock cumberland

Image credit: Aerial Hiking

Do you know there is a place in Cumberland where you can comfortably go backpacking and climbing? Do you want to see the Rocky Gap and The Monkey’s Head Rock?

Let’s explore the Monkey’s Head Rock!

Monkey’s Head Rock is a hiking area in Cumberland, Maryland.

Rocky Gap Lake is fed by Rocky Gap Run, which winds make their way through. The forest here is really dense and full of rhododendron and mountain laurel.

On the cliff overlooks is where you will find the famous Rocky Gap Lake is fed by Rocky Gap Run, which winds its way through a mile-long gorge.

The forest is dense with rhododendron and mountain laurel. On the cliff overlooks is where you will find the popular Monkey’s Head Rock.

If you climb all the way up, you will see the rock hanging out over a valley,

Interestingly, with the way the entire rock formation is positioned, it looks like three monkey heads on top of each other.

Also, you can go here to hike if it is hiking you enjoy.

Although the trails and paths here aren’t all smooth and easy, you will have fun hiking through this place.

Moreover, if you want to go backpacking or you just want to learn, this site is really famous, so it’d be difficult to get lost.

Look up videos on hiking and backpacking if you are a beginner but want to learn.

Start to learn the basics, the right gear, and the right knowledge, and with time, you’d be a pro.

Conclusively, this place is a good spot to enjoy a day off or just stretch your calves if you’re bored.

However, it isn’t really beautiful but you can take amazing photography here at sunset.

Remember to take pictures you can keep as memories!

Address: 21 Gross Rd Flintstone MD 21530 Post B 2243 Cumberland MD 21503, Flintstone, MD 21530, United States

21. 1812 Brewery

1812 Brewery

Photo: 1812 Brewery

Are you a lover of beers? Do you want to explore a brewery in Cumberland? Stumble upon the 1812 Brewery!

The 1812 Brewery is a brewery in Cumberland. It isn’t much of a huge structure or with a lot of things to do, but it is a fun experience to have while in Cumberland.

At the 1812 Brewery, there is a popular BBQ restaurant and they sell tasty and amazing food.

Dishes of different tastes and recipes are common things to enjoy here.

Moreover, with the music, vibe, and energy here, you’ll be super comfortable.

They also offer varieties of tasty beers from different flavors.

Additionally, if you go here, you could try out their famous keel and some of the tasty dishes they serve.

If you want to try out foods in Cumberland, make sure to take this as your pick.

Also, even if you don’t want to drink, you can go here to spend some time alone and just vibe with the environment.

Finally, if you haven’t seen a brewery, you should take the time to go for a tour around this one.

It is recommended to anyone who has an interest in beers or just wants to relax.

Address: 13006 Mason Rd NE, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States.

Plan A Trip To Cumberland Today

Cumberland is an awesome place to explore, and we do hope you are prepared.

Plan your trip now and enjoy limitless fun!

Safe Travels.