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32 Unique & Fun Things To Do In Denton (Texas)

Denton is a beautiful city in Texas that has so many attractions.

The mistake several visitors make while planning a trip to any of the United States’ cities is that they make their decisions based on the popularities of those cities.

You will be pardoned for being myopic about the fact that some unpopular cities also have amazing fun things to make visitors’ trips memorable.

This beautiful city is the 27th-most populous city in Texas. Besides, it is the home to several annual artistic and cultural events that cater to residents and tourists.

What particularly should you include in your itinerary?

If you are looking for the best and most fun things to do in Denton, you are not reading the wrong article.

If you are looking for these fun places to visit, we have compiled some of these places to ease your choices of where to visit if you are in Denton.

So sit back, relax, and get prepared for an adventurous voyage to this beautiful and historic city in Texas!

Things To Do In Denton

1. A-train

Things to do in Denton

Credit: A-train (County Transit Authority)

The A-train is a train of 21-mile commuter rail and an interurban race in Denton, Texas. Notably, this is the third-busiest commuter rail line in Texas and thirty-first in the whole of the United States.

Moreover, it runs parallel to Interstate and acts as an extension of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

If you are searching for an interesting, safe, and comfortable ride, look no further!

A-train is the definition of the kind of transportation service you would love!

Interestingly, the conductors and engineers are cool and will surely interact well with every visitor.

Traffic is increasingly a nightmare in this part of town, so why not relax and take the train if you are in this location?

Although, it takes a bit longer, but you can read a book and eat breakfast as you pass all those cars.

Amazingly, their prices are affordable and their seats are very comfortable.

Even if you are not coming to this amazing place to book a ride, you can come to explore and feed your eye with their beautiful structures.

It is totally different, and unlike what you would have seen in other train stations elsewhere!

If you are just in this amazing train station, no charges whatsoever will be demanded from you.

Are you looking for a suitable mode of transportation that can take you around while coming for a visit here?

Do you want a place to explore while in this part of Texas?

If you are answering any of these questions affirmative, It’s highly recommended you add A-train to your itinerary on your next visit to Denton.

Address: 604 E Hickory St, Denton, TX 76205, United States. 

2. Bayless-Selby House Museum

Things to do in Denton

Nyttend / Wikimedia Commons

Another wonderful place you can visit for fun in Denton is Bayless-Selby House Museum.

This beautiful museum resides in the County Historical Park, just south of downtown Denton.

Moreover, they have some interesting artifacts that tell more about the history of Denton and its environs.

Interestingly, even while you are yet to enter, the walls of this beautiful house tell more of this place’s history.

From the moment visitors step in, the walls of the Bayless-Selby House museum begin their story!

Besides, the wrap-around porch is also home to a free little library.

They have so many fun ways to engage with visitors and residents.

What an amazing place that is worth visiting!

Incredibly, there is no admission fee to gain entrance to this wonderful place.

Even at that, the owner and the entire staff are friendly.

Staff will attend to every visitor in a unique way and answer any form of questions coming from them.

Although, this unique house has limited provisions for food.

Notwithstanding, there are nearby restaurants that visitors can patronize.

Their prices are equally reasonable, and they serve delicious meals.

If you are on a voyage of learning more about Denton’s history or you just want a place to visit for fun, Bayless-Selby House Museum is the right place for you!

Address: 317 W Mulberry St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

3. Denton Campus Theatre

Things to do in Denton

Credit: Campus Theatre

Are you looking for a place to catch up with the latest movie?

If what you are searching for is a place to view some interesting movie, come to Campus Theatre.

They display the latest movies to visitors of all ages on a weekly basis.

Interestingly, this Campus Theatre was originally an Interstate Movie Theatre, and it was built in 1949.

However, In 1990, this Theatre was purchased by the Arts Council and re-opened as a central location for the Performing Arts groups.

Amazingly, this beautiful place is now the center for theatre and other performing arts organizations.

Besides, this unique house presents over 100 performances annually and it is usually graced by visitors of all ages.

Notably, in 2010, this incredible house was designated as Texas historical landmark.

What an incredible location!

Their amazing ensemble chemistry, great set, solid sound, comfortable seats, enticing atmosphere & vocals is second to none!

Despite the unique features of this place has to offer visitors, little is demanded.

Obviously, you enjoy more while paying little.

Even at that, the staff in this incredible house are friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming!

Address: 214 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

4. Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Things to do in Denton

Nicholas / Wikimedia Commons

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center (CCNHC) is a gateway to more than 2,900 acres of bottomland hardwood forest, upland prairie, and diverse aquatic habitats.

This Denton’s attraction is located within Lake Lewisville’s upper floodplain.

In this great place, residents and visitors have unrestricted access to unmatched ecological, educational, and recreational opportunities.

In fact, this is just to mention a few of what this amazing place has to offer visitors and residents!

This amazing location equally has enough playgrounds for kids’ enjoyment!

Not just that, there are other wonderful kids’ programs that are usually organized on a weekly basis.

Definitely, if you are visiting Denton without coming with your kids, you deprived them of so many fun things!

Above all, they have enough parking spaces, and the admission fee for this amazing location is reasonable.

Will you still prefer to dwell more on these mere descriptions or plan a visit here on your next visit to Denton?

A visit here will surely be worth it!

Address: 3310 Collins Rd, Denton, TX 76208, United States. 

5. Denton Firefighters Museum

Things to do in Denton

Chemical Engineer / Wikimedia Commons

The Denton Firefighters Museum takes visitors on a journey to honor brave firefighters, past and present.

Besides, the Museum hosts a collection of fascinating memorabilia from the 1800s to modern day.

These incredible memorabilia allow visitors to step back in time and experience the evolution of firefighting over the last 150 years.

Moreover, this historic location also features collectibles, including a hose cart from the 1800s.

Aside from that, this tourist attraction in Denton equally houses equipment from a 1935 ladder truck, fire extinguishers, fire grenades, helmets and uniform.

Incredibly, visitors will also have access to fire report logs dated back to the 1920s.

What a historic location you should visit in order to appreciate the activities of the past heroes!

This Museum is also home to five life-like mannequins displaying firefighter gear through the decades.

This amazing location has so many things to offer visitors, you should not be left out without checking it out!

Just as what every visitor would expect, this place has schedules for guided and group tours.

We are optimistic that you will enjoy so much greater than the value of what you would pay!

If you plan a visit to Denton, we encourage you to drop in, try on a uniform, and be prepared to take a step back in time.

You will appreciate what this place has to offer!

Address: 332 E Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

6. Denton Creative Art Studio

Things to do in Denton

Photo: A Creative Art Studio

Do you need that special gift for someone or looking for the perfect artwork for your home?

Look no further, come to Creative Art Studio, they have just all you wanted!

This wonderful location houses a Creative Art Studio where you can get artwork of all kinds.

Besides, their artworks are of high quality, ranging from local artists, as well as offering original work from the owner, Robin Huttash.

Incredibly, this easy to locate region has a great collection of employees who will craft out things beyond visitors’ expectations.

Moreover, the studio with several local and international recognition prioritizes visitors’ requests above every other thing.

Thus, their prices are reasonable compared to other places that offer similar services.

If you are here and need some small chops while waiting for your work to be done, there are several shops around where you can get these.

Above all, despite the fact that this is an extremely a small place, there are adequate provisions for visitors to park their cars with maximum security guaranteed.

Come here, come and get surprises for your spouse and loved ones.

You will come over and over again after your next visit!

Address: 227 W Oak St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

7. Lone Star Indoor Sports & Event Center

Things to do in Denton

Photo: Home Teams Online

Are you looking for a nice event center?

If you are looking for a nice event center in Denton that can add flavor to your events, Lone Star Indoor Sports & Event Center is the right-center to visit.

This location is remarkably one of the most sought-after, even venues in Denton.

Moreover, this wonderful location is clean and they have a nice set of servers that will spice up your events.

They are friendly and welcoming and will associate with guests with a friendly look.

Not just that, they have a public restroom that is highly maintained and always in a good position.

Besides, the seats are comfortable and they have the nicest sets of music that will keep the visitors entertained.

Despite all these amazing attributes of this location, the charge is reasonable.

Incredible right? Yeah! Such an amazing place to host your event!

Aside from the fact that this location is a venue for events, it is equally a perfect location for skating.

Even if you are not invited for any function here, you can come for some stick and puck.

Obviously, there is something for everyone! More than the event center!

Address: 222 S Mayhill Rd #101, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

8. Denton Community Market

Things to do in Denton

Photo: Culture Map Dallas

Denton Community Market is yet another wonderful place we can’t but recommend to every visitor coming for a vacation.

This incredible place provides educational opportunities for visitors to learn about the products made and grown locally.

Notably, this amazing location is aimed at promoting the local economy by connecting food producers and consumers.

Amazingly, visitors can get fresh produce, homemade goods, a live band, fresh natural beef, and some coffee.

All these are not expensive as you would have thought.

They are so affordable and visitors will get the best even while paying less.

Besides, the sellers are so friendly and will not hesitate to make the right selections for visitors.

Even at that, they sometimes give discounts to visitors in order to encourage patronage in subsequent days.

This is typically the definition of what a market should be.

Address: 317 W Mulberry St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

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Address: 633 Hobson Ln, Denton, TX 76205, United States

9. Greater Arts Council

Greater Denton Arts Council

Photo: Greater Arts Council

Do you want a place for networking?

Greater Denton Arts Council is perfect for hosting social, networking, and business events.

Incredibly, this place is connected to an art museum which adds to the entertainment opportunities for the invited guests.

Moreover, the staff and the owner of this initiative are respectful and kind.

They will receive every visitor with a high level of responsibility and utmost respect.

Also, this wonderful attraction has a comfortable seats and enough parking space for every visitor to park their cars.

Not only is this place meant for events alone, but they also organize periodic festivals.

These festivals are targeted toward increasing visitors’ enjoyment.

So incredible! Notably, their Black Film Festival is what you should not miss if you are in Denton!

Besides, if you are not coming for an event or a festival, this is equally a perfect location to enjoy live music that will take you back to the era of the 50s.

Apparently, so much are achievable here!

It is such a fun-filled location worth visiting!

Address: 400 E Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

10. Discover Denton Visitor Center

Discover Denton Visitor Center

Photo: Discover Visitor Center

Are you looking for a nice place to get Texas-themed gifts?

Discover Visitor Center is another wonderful place that is worth recommendation.

This amazing store is the perfect location for themed gifts and collectibles.

Besides, you can also get lots of fun knick-knacks and Denton-themed paraphernalia.

Discover Visitor Center is such an amazing store you shouldn’t miss checking out if you are right here!

Incredibly, these gifts are affordable and of high quality.

Moreover, the entire staff are friendly and visitors oriented, they would do just what will make you happy.!

It is important to state that not only is this place a gift store.

They equally have amazing books by local authors, swag from the colleges, and great prints of the area.

If you’re on the square, you gotta pop in and grab yourself a postcard!

There are so many fun things to do here!

Visiting Denton and in need of a souvenir or a gift?

A suggestion for where to eat? A friendly smile? This place has it all!

They even have public restrooms and free water; a plus for those hot summer days.

If you are in this part of Texas, stop by to check it out!

Address: 111 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

11. The Antique Gallery

The Antique Gallery

The Antique Gallery / Facebook

Do you want some nice antiques while on vacation?

If what you want while on vacation to this amazing city is a nice antique, we recommend you visit Antique Gallery.

This amazing mall features multiple vendors of vintage furnishings and artworks.

Not only that, this is one of the few places you can get nice home decor and jewelry if you are in Denton.

Not limited to that, they also offer beautiful and nice turquoise jewelry.

Incredibly, this beautiful antique gallery brings together one of the largest collections of antique, vintage, and market dealers in North Texas.

Such a wonderful mall in the heart of Denton!

Amazingly, they offer a unique shopping adventure with over 22,000 sq ft.

All these are extremely cheap and of the best quality.

Besides, they offer amazing discounts to customers and help make the right recommendations that would make them happy.

Will you be visiting Denton soonest?

We recommend you add this incredible mall to your itinerary!

Address: 5800 Interstate 35 #400, Denton, TX 76207, United States. 

12. The Antique Experience

The Antique Experience

Photo: The Antique Experience

Are you looking for a traditional and unusual antique?

The Antique Experience is recognized as one of the few true antique malls in Texas.

Notably, this mall offers a broad range of antiques.

Moreover, their range of antiques includes traditional to rare and unusual ones.

They have friendly and understanding dealers who will always associate and interact with visitors with lovely gestures.

Obviously, you can stroll the aisles and visit the booths of their over 40 plus established dealers.

You will definitely have access to varieties!

Besides, all booths are within sight of each other but each in its own distinct setting.

Each dealer here in this amazing Mall equally has their own style and creativity.

They are continuously searching for the most interesting antiques, vintage, and collectible items from every era of the 18th – 20th century.

Unlike other antique malls, this incredible place is filled with a constantly changing array of vintage and antiques.

Aside from that, their furniture, collectibles, and vintage treasures are usually dynamic!

Interestingly, if visitors can’t find what they are looking for, they have a customer wish list available.

What an amazing place to visit!!

If you are in Denton, come and experience this amazing place that offers a friendly and comfortable setting for shopping.

Address: 5800 Interstate 35 #307, Denton, TX 76207, United States. 

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13. Recycled Books Records CDs


Recycled Books Records CDs

The Recycled Books Records CDs is an amazing location that offers the unusual to the visitors.

It is an awesome used book store in Denton.

Indeed, this interesting place has a huge selection of used books and vinyl.

It is such a fun place to browse if you are available.

Besides, they equally offer a multistory used-book and CD shop with rooms full of volumes covering a variety of genres & topics.

Visitors of all races can easily come for this huge selection of used books and rare books as well as CDs, DVD’s and records.

You are missing out if you can’t visit this three-floor building that used to be an old opera house and was later converted into a bookstore!

It is nicely organized by category, with clear labeling for easy searching!

Also, the employees are so kind and they are very knowledgeable about their various departments.

If you are visiting Denton, come and explore this interesting vinyl collection. It is truly unmatched!

The atmosphere is always lively!

Address: 200 N Locust St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

14. Texan Warbird Adventures

Texan Warbird Adventures

Photo: Texan Warbird Adventures

Are you looking for a weekend adventure while on vacation?

If you want a nice place where you can experience a nice adventure while in Denton, Texan Warbird Adventures is worth visiting!

You can come here at a reasonable charge to experience historic Naval Aviation by taking flight in a WW II Navy Texan.

Their staff are very nice and professional and will create the best adventure experience you ever craved for!

They leave every visitor with a memorable experience.

Besides, there are a lot of gift shops nearby that you can also explore and their prices are affordable.

Interestingly, this amazing place also has a little playground that is solely for kids under 12.

There is something for all ages to explore in this wonderful location in Denton.

Are you planning a voyage to Denton and not sure where to visit for a weekend adventure?

Visit Texan Warbird Adventures for loads of fun things!

Address: 170 Dillavou Ln, Rhome, TX 76078, United States. 

15. Denton Atomic Candy

Things to do in Denton

Photo: Atomic Candy

Atomic Candy is a novelty shop in Denton.

Basically, in this little but amazing shop, they sell bottled soda, modern and retro candy.

Not only that, they equally have affordable vintage lunch pails and gifts in cheery digs.

What a little but awesome candy shop loaded with tons of candy

Besides, they equally have plenty of nostalgic selections as well as current choices.

How about their sweet pickled flavored candy?

This is just an amazing location to get out the best of flavor candy!

How about their large gummy unicorns, and Lil nitro super hot candy?

They have it all!

Amazingly, these are all at reasonable prices and their staff are really great to associate with.

They would not hesitate to make the right recommendations for visitors and inhabitants.

It’s a great place to visit even if you are looking to just browse!

There is something for everyone in here!

Address: 105 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

16. Denton Quandary Escape Adventures

Things to do in Denton

Photo: Quandary Escape Adventures

Quandary Escape Adventures is a unique place in Denton that offers an exciting real-world gaming experience.

Their escape rooms are often described as real-life video games and are great.

They offer games for a team of friends, family, or co-workers.

Interestingly, in each of these cases, players find hidden clues and solve puzzles while racing against the clock in a variety of available scenarios.

Players have one hour to solve the mystery and complete the tasks to exit the game.

Such an incredible place every lover of games should stop at while in Denton!

Their games are just exceptional and exciting.

Although, this amazing location is Egyptian-themed.

However, even at that, visitors can learn a few things about ancient Egypt they might not know.

If you are in this beautiful city, remember to come and experience this fantastic escape room with unique and fun puzzles

Address: 5800 I-35 #506, Denton, TX 76207, United States. 

17. Denton Cinemark

Denton Cinemark

Photo: Cinema Treasures

Cinemark theater is another unique place for every visitor to visit for fun.

This wonderful Denton location offers the latest movies to visitors at an extremely low price.

Besides, if you enjoy alcoholic drinks and fresh popcorn, you should not miss out on this amazing place if you are available!

A visit to Cinemark will enable you to upgrade your movie experience with reclined Seating!

Their ticket is always affordable and could be gotten easily without much wait.

The staff in this amazing Denton location are always friendly and helpful.

Moreover, the theater is very clean, and the reclining seats are very comfortable!

What an amazing place in the heart of Denton!

Incredibly, the concessions in this location are also a little less expensive than in other places.

A great movie theatre with terrific surround sound quality. Stadium-style seats with reclining chairs.

What more would you have wanted aside from these beautiful attributes?

A visit here will be worth it.

Address: 2825 Wind River Ln, Denton, TX 76210, United States. 

18. Oak St. Drafthouse And Cocktail Parlor

Oak St. Drafthouse and Cocktail Parlor

Photo: Oak St. Drafthouse and Cocktail Parlor

Do you crave craft beers and some nice cocktails while in Denton?

If you care for craft beers and cocktails, kindly visit Oak St. Drafthouse and Cocktail Parlor. 

It is a beautiful location where visitors can get adequate craft beers and enough cocktails

Amazingly, this historic house is with a large playground where kids can also play while on site.

Besides, there is a non-smoking regulation inside and they have a huge back patio with plenty of seating that is dog and kid-friendly.

Moreover, the patio serves visitors’ favorite drinks and they are all amazing!

You will definitely love chilling in Denton with your friends and family.

Interestingly, the staff in this amazing location of Denton are so friendly and professional in their interactions with visitors.

You wouldn’t be bored if you are in this beautiful location!

There is also a food truck outside this location with Mediterranean food. Such a wonderful spot that has so many things to offer visitors!

Incredibly, aside from the fact that this place is pretty, the prices of goods are equally affordable.

If you are not sure of how to spend your time while in Denton, ensure you visit this great place that always has a good selection of craft beer.

Address: 308 E Oak St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

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19. Denton Sleeping Lizzards

Things to do in Denton

Sleeping Lizzards / Facebook

Do you want a place to get unique shop to get necklaces, crystals, and other adornment materials?

Sleeping Lizzards is a favorite gift shop that offers necklaces, crystals, and other adornment materials.

Not to exaggerate this incredible location in Denton, the prices are great and what they offer is of the right quality.

Incredibly, the gifts in their shop are so unique, and they support local artists by selling their crafts.

Besides, they have a variety of sellers and you will surely have options even if one seller doesn’t have what you are looking for.

Sleeping Lizzards is such an amazing place to visit if you care for some amazing gifts for your spouse and loved ones.

This is also the perfect location to get beautiful cards and unique trinkets

The store is always decorated very nicely and they have lots of parking spaces for visitors to get their cars parked.

You can find great gifts for everyone!

They have great-smelling soaps and house sprays.

The crystals they carry are priced right and they carry more rare and hard-to-find crystals than most crystal shops.

Even the card section is very diverse and fit to find something for everyone.

The home goods are so cute, great for mom’s gifts.

What more would you have wanted for a gift other than these amazing things?

If you planned a visit to Denton the next summer, be kind to yourself by visiting Sleeping Lizzards.

Address: 424 N Elm St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

20. Denton Paschall Bar

Denton Paschall Bar

Paschall Bar / Facebook

Paschall Bar is a favorite place to drink while in Denton.

In this amazing place, the ambiance is at the top level.

Besides, their signature drinks taste so good and you can rest assured they have the right flavor.

This incredible location is not only a location to get drinks, they also offer delicious and inventive cocktails for a great price.

Obviously, the decor and low lighting put in place for a romantic evening make this place more unique!

Incredibly, the bartenders are also helpful in figuring out a good cocktail for visitors.

This part of the city is just a great place to go if you love cocktails.

The absinthe, Hemingway daiquiri, and Veux Carre are really good!

The atmosphere is equally nice and cozy, and the building is beautiful.

Incredibly, the prices of what they offer are extremely low compared to what visitors can get in another similar store.

Even despite their affordable prices on their goods, their staff are awesome and knowledgeable.

No matter the number of questions a visitor may want to ask, they will definitely answer them promptly with a friendly look.

What a location to check-in if you are in Denton, you will surely leave here with a smiling face!

Address: 122 N Locust St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

21. Denton Painting With A Twist

Painting with a Twist

Photo: Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist is not so popular in Denton, however, it is a perfect visitor destination for visitors who love to get some painting artworks.

This amazing place is a beautiful chain of art studios offering easy-to-follow painting classes for groups & individuals.

Regardless of what you’d want them to make out for you, they are always at visitor’s service and will do just the best to make every visitor satisfied.

Aside from this, they wouldn’t even hesitate to make some perfect recommendations to visitors who are naïve or indifferent about the kind of decoration they’d go for.

Painting with a Twist is such an amazing place to get beautiful artwork for your loved ones, children, friends, or associates.

Notably, the atmosphere in this great location is set up for appropriate social distancing and the underground kinds of music are always nice.

So, remember to allot some hours, if not an entire day, to check out this amazing place.

Address: 208 W Oak St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

22. Denton Armadillo Brewing Company

Things to do in Denton

Photo: Armadillo Brewing Company

Armadillo Brewing Company is one of the most popular brewing companies in Denton.

Notably, this company has won several awards among brewing companies in Denton.

Their beer options are nice and quite diverse.

Besides, their environment is so clean and the workers are totally decent.

Do you care for some excellent coffee or fantastic beer while on a trip to Denton in Texas?

Highly recommend you visit the Armadillo Brewing Company and satisfy your cravings!

Incredibly, in this amazing place in Denton, they also offer spacious indoor seating for hot Texas summer days, while the patio will be perfect for crisp fall evenings.

Armadillo Brewing Company is such an amazing place that has so much to offer visitors, anytime, any season!

In fact, if you are indecisive about what to go for while in this amazing location, they will definitely make the right selection for you!

Even at that, you can be confident of getting away with several of their drinks here with a little dollar.

The prices of their drinks and coffee are just the best you could ever get in Texas.

Why get lesser quality drinks in other places when you can get the expected quality at lesser prices here

Address: 221 S Bell Ave, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

23. Denton GBass ReelFitters

Things to do in Denton

Photo: GBass ReelFitters

GBass ReelFitters is a family-established fishing charter in Denton, Texas.

Unlike other places visitors can visit for fun in Denton, what they do here is somewhat unique.

This is because they basically provide visitors with fishing trips for bass, crappie, and duck hunting.

Their establishment is notable and unique, with over 20 years of experience geared toward fishing trips.

This is apparent from the numerous awards they have received both locally and internationally.

GBass ReelFitters is just a perfect destination for anyone who hasn’t experienced a fishing trip before.

Even if you have experienced one, this is the right place to get back on track and get the fun experience one more time!

Regardless of what every visitor come here for, either for bass fishing, white bass fishing, or crappie fishing, the Staff are always available to provide an amazing experience for each visitor.

Definitely, they know the lake better than any other guide fishing there and will surely create a memorable experience for every visitor.

Besides, if you are not interested in fishing, coming here to see the fish in their natural state itself is a voyage that is worth embarking upon!

Is it that perfect time of the year to do something different once again?

Why not visit GBass ReelFitters in Denton for an unusual?

Address: 1401 Linden Dr, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

24. Denton’s Minifigs Bricks And More

Things to do in Denton

Photo: Minifigs Bricks and More

Minifigs Bricks and More is the best Cheery shop for buying and selling Lego sets and figures.

Although this place is not so popular, however, it has so many hidden treasures to offer visitors.

Aside from the fact that you can rarely get some of what they offer anywhere else, they are also unique in their own ways.

One of the unique things about this amazing Denton location is that they also provide an avenue for children’s parties at an extremely low price.

Not just that, all they offer for sale are of the right quality because they pass through various stages of test before being put on the market.

Besides, the owner is creative and the entire crew are just amazing and will do just their best to make visitors’ stay memorable.

Even if you are not financially buoyant to afford new Legos, they have used Lego you can as well go for.

Notably, they also have a kid session that can get your kids engaged while in this amazing Denton location.

Evidently, there is something for all ages, old or young!

Incredibly, their inventory is volatile!

So be sure to visit often if you are in Denton.

Come for an awesome selection of minifigures and classic Lego sets!

Address: 116 N Locust St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

25. Denton Andy’s Bar & Grill

Things to do in Denton

Orf3us / Wikimedia Commons

Andy’s Bar & Grill is a few of the most beautiful bars in Denton.

They have very relaxing music and a stylish interior.

Incredibly, their drinks are perfect and of the right taste and quality.

This interesting location in Denton has three levels, one at the top that is “fancy” and for more of a quiet place.

Similarly, they have the middle one that’s a stage for live music, and the downstairs one for games, and hangout times

They also have a cellar restaurant, main floor club & 2nd-story cocktail lounge.

What a place that is fully packed to add to visitors’ enjoyment!

Incredibly, the prices of their offers are not really expensive and they taste really good.

Friendly staff, great atmosphere, amazing offers, and nice equipment.

Do remember to add this amazing place to your itinerary while planning a visit to Denton.

Address: 122 N Locust St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

26. Luxor Hookah & Sports bar Denton

Things to do in Denton

Photo: Luxor Hookah & Sports bar

Are you looking for a place where you can get delicious Shawarma in Denton?

Look no further! Luxor Hookah and Sports bar Denton is the perfect place to check-in!

This most sought-after location in Denton offers authentic and amazing Shawarma.

Not only do they offer just Shawarma, they also offer amazing, flavorful, tender meat.

Besides, this is also the perfect location to get good food and good hookah!

Interestingly, they charge reasonable prices for their shawarma and a variety of fast foods.

How about their vibe and atmosphere? Honestly, it is so amazing!

This amazing place in Denton is like a home you never knew existed.

In fact, the staff are extremely friendly and will not hesitate to take very good care of their visitors.

Incredibly, this region in Denton is a very well-ventilated hookah lounge.

The beer is also cheap with great space.

Obviously, you will definitely get something out here if you visit.

So, why wouldn’t you visit this amazing place if you are in Denton?

You have to do yourself the best favor by checking out what this amazing place has to offer!

Address: 233 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

27. Picture Frame Shop

Picture frame shop in Denton

Photo: Picture Frame Shop

Picture frame shop in Denton is yet an incredible place in Denton that is worth visiting if you can.

Do you need a lovely frame for your loved ones?

If you are after getting beautiful frames for your loved ones while in Denton, we highly recommend you visit the Picture frame shop in Denton.

In this wonderful shop in Denton, they have a great eye for detail and never get tired of showing various options for the most suitable frame.

They are so friendly and will do beyond what every visitor would ever order.

Incredibly, the pricing of their frames is extremely reasonable and the staff are very knowledgeable and really care about visitors’ projects.

They will do a great job on visitors’ frames and will create huge help in picking out the right materials.

In fact, they also provide the service of restoring visitors’ oversized picture frames or some that are damaged.

They will incredibly breathe new life into the serigraphs within the frames.

If you want to create more unforgettable memories while in Denton, we strongly recommend you visit this amazing shop.

Address: 510 S Locust St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

28. Explorium – Denton Children’s Museum

Explorium - Denton Children's Museum

Photo: Explorium Children’s Museum

Explorium Children’s Museum is the only children’s museum in Denton that makes 100% provisions for visitors in Denton.

It is not a regular, typical play place, and that is why several people love bringing their children here.

Interestingly, this amazing place in Denton has so many mind-engaging activities and areas throughout that can keep children busy for hours.

They also have provisions for a nursing room with a two-way mirror.

Be kind to your youngsters, and bring them to this wonderful location in Denton!

Let them choose where to go and what to do.

You will be amazed at their level of engagement in this wonderful place of Denton.

Let them come and enjoy their lots of engaging activities such as physical, musical, artistic.

This location in Denton has so much for children.

Above all, they have a friendly staff that is so accommodating and receptive.

Your kids will be happy that you brought them here!

So, plan to bring them to this amazing location in Denton. It promises to be fun!

Address: 5800 I 35, #214, Denton, TX 76207, United States. 

29. Denton Island Divers

Island Divers

Photo: Island Divers

Have you been to a Dive Shop before?

Not so many people have been to a dive shop in their life.

If you fall within this category of people, you need to visit Island Divers in Denton.

It is a great dive shop staffed with knowledgeable and helpful people.

The staff will do everything possible to make visitors feel relaxed in this part of Denton.

Not only that, they will provide adequate recommendations where necessary.

Come and experience these exceptional and very positive instructors.

They are not only skillful, they also have joyful personalities that make any dive or training exciting.

Interestingly, this amazing Dive area in Denton opens all day and they only require less than $20 as an admission fee.

What an amazing place you should explore if you are in Denton!

Address: 1704 N Elm St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

30. Denton Dan’s Silver Leaf

Dan's Silver Leaf

Photo: Dan’s Silver Leaf

Do you want a relaxing place in Denton to spend some time alone or with your family while in Denton?

If what you want is a reserved place in Denton where you can spend some time with your family and friends, we recommend you come to Dan’s Silver Leaf.

It is a wonderful place in Denton that provides an excellent environment and lots of outdoor activities for small and large groups of individuals.

Obviously, their beautiful show is top-notch and you should endeavor to catch up with them if you are in Denton.

They equally have an excellent music listening room with great sound.

Indeed, Dan’s Silver Leaf in Denton is an excellent place to visit in Denton!

Their drinks and every other thing they have for visitors here are reasonably priced.

If you think there is nothing to enjoy for fun in Denton, why not try out what Dan’s Silver Leaf has to offer?

We are confident you wouldn’t be in haste to leave on your next visit!

More importantly, remember to come with your family.

Address: 103 Industrial St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

31. The Horse’s Axe

The Horse's Axe

Photo: The Horse’s Axe

The Horse’s Axe is an unusual but awesome location in Denton.

If you want an ax engraved to celebrate the birthday of your spouse or kids, come to this amazing place!

They don’t charge much and they offer awesome services.

Besides, the employees in this location in Denton couldn’t have been friendlier or more welcoming.

Definitely, you can rest assured of getting the best treatments ever here!

More importantly, in this place, they also have free-to-play pool tables that are of high quality and well taken care of.

The pool table area is very spacious, which is always a plus when visitors are busy!

If you’re in Denton looking to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere, you should pay a visit here.

In fact, if this is your first-time ax throwing, they will guide you all through!

Moreover, they provide parking spaces for visitors, and the admission fee is totally affordable.

If you can spare some hours for fun while in Denton, do well to come to this amazing location.

It will be worthwhile!

Address: 400 S Elm St, Denton, TX 76201, United States. 

32. Lantana Golf Club

Lantana Golf Club

Photo: Lantana Golf Club

Do you love golf games?

Lantana Golf Club is a known golf house that is just a 20-minute drive away from Denton.

It is a perfect location for every lover of golf games.

Not only do they provide an avenue for visitors to enjoy some golf games, they equally have some challenging golf courses!

This amazing house is situated in a very nice location with acceptable amenities.

You will definitely love the greens!!

Incredibly, even from behind, you have a great view of this beautiful location.

Not only is this wonderful place meant for gold lovers alone, but they also have an amazing event hall for visitors to host their events.

Isn’t that amazing? Obviously, Lantana Golf Club has something to offer visitors beyond golf games and golf courses!

If you are planning to host any of your events in Denton, bring it to Lantana Golf Club. They will handle it efficiently!

Staff are great and know more about their work.

Moreover, there is more than sufficient space for guests and visitors to get their cars parked while in this wonderful location.

Address: 800 Golf Club Dr, Argyle, TX 76226, United States. 


Final Remarks

These beautiful places highlighted above are just a few attractions that can assist you in making your decision to this wonderful city in Texas.

If you are looking for fun places to visit in Denton, we believe this list will greatly serve as a guide for you.

Happy Travels!