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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Odessa (Texas)

Looking and exploring Odessa will give you an insight into why people are picking this place as a vacation spot.

Known widely for its famous Ben Jack Rabbit Statue and other attraction figures, it is one of Texas’ beauty.

Odessa is a city in the county seat of Ector County, Texas, United States.

With a population of 114,428 at the 2020 census and it is the 28th-most populous city in Texas.

Moreover, in 2014, Odessa was given a rank by Forbes magazine as the third fastest-growing small city in the United States.

From entertainment to exploration sites and parks, there are captivating sights for you to witness in Odessa.

We have put together a small list of the best and fun things to do in Odessa, use this list and explore!

Things To Do In Odessa Texas

1. The Commemorative Air Force Museum

things to do in odessa

Image credit: SanTan Sun News

Are you a fan of airplanes? Would you like to check out spots in Odessa with a touch and feel of the previous war?

If you are a history lover and want to explore, check out The Commemorative Air Force Museum!

The Commemorative Air Force Museum is a popular tourist attraction site and war museum in Odessa, Texas.

This museum in Odessa displays aircraft from various foreign countries and military conflicts during the period of World War II. 

For travelers, there is something for everyone to do. Here, they hold an air show every year and draw a lot of attention from tourists. 

Make sure to check out the Aviation Nose Art Gallery whenever you come here.

On a tour here, you will be able to see this gallery which houses the world’s largest collection of original WWII Nose Art. 

Moreover, it’s a fantastic place to take the kids. Additionally, this museum has a lot of interactive features. 

Every October, there is also a fantastic air show.

Besides, the AIRSHO is an event they hold once a year at the Midland International Airport and showcases the CAF aircraft. 

Overall, the CAF AIRSHO is the world’s largest warbird air show, with more than eighty war birds flying in each show. 

Take your time to explore the history here in Odessa. You will really find it interesting to explore!

Address: Odessa, Texas, United States.

2. I-20 Wildlife Preserve

things to do in odessa

Image credit: CivicEngage

For a wildlife preserve, this place is a really fun place to be in Odessa! If you are looking for a wildlife preserve you can see while on a visit to Odessa, then make this your pick!

This park is located in Midland, Odessa in a vast space and area, which is a tangible spot for outdoor recreational activities.

This 87-acre park has a small marsh, a walking trail, and a butterfly garden.

It’s a real and tangible gem in the whole of Odessa. 

Moreover, you can see the wildlife in I-20 Wildlife Preserve much later in the evening or early in the morning.

Trail lovers who are looking forward to a few exercises will love the smooth trails here. They have a 1.2-mile loop trail that encircles the wetland marsh and is partially shaded. 

You can choose to take an evening stroll here, take a walk or even go jogging around here.

Additionally, you should wait to catch the glimpse of sunset at this spot! Sunset view in I-20 Wildlife Preserve has spectacular energy, and it’d make a wonderful spot for photographs.

Besides, you don’t have to pay an admission fee and it is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Add to your bucket list and allow yourself to relax. 

Address: 2201 S. Midland Drive, Odessa, Tx, United States.

3. The Presidential Museum and Leadership Library

things to do in odessa

Image credit: Tour Texas

Have you heard about a Presidential Museum in Odessa? Did you know you could see animated versions of most presidents and leaders of the United States? 

Explore The Presidential Museum and Leadership Library in Odessa!

However, this Presidential Museum in Odessa differs from most presidential libraries in that it does not focus on the presidents themselves. It focuses on the offices of previous presidents who governed the United States. 

This museum in Odessa houses a large collection of campaign documents and files.

In this museum, you will see several signatures, commemorative items, memorabilia, portraits, and so much more. 

For travelers exploring Odessa for the first time, this place can be a place of both history, laughs, and entertainment.

Moreover, you get to see political cartoons of Presidents and Vice Presidents some of which are quite amusing. 

Also, you will see the Library of Presidents section of the library is dedicated to John Ben Shephard, the oldest son of Texas Attorney General John Ben Shephard. 

If you explore this section, you will find over 4500 volumes of journals, newspapers, repository periodicals, and documents.

Additionally, another exhibit that will pique your interest is the Presidential Hopefuls Exhibit.

The collections contain memorabilia from candidates who were defeated in the election and were unable to win the presidency. 

Other sights you will see too are the Lyndon B. Johnson and John F. Kennedy section, which focuses on the civil rights movement. 

Overall, it is a huge place to explore the history, take time to explore this place in Odessa!

Address: 4919 E University Blvd, Odessa, TX 79762, United States.

4. Odessa Meteor Crater

things to do in odessa

Image credit: Texas State Historical Association

For rock lovers and curators, this could be a fancy! This Meteor Crater in Odessa is a popular tourist attraction figure and a spot geographer will adore!

The Odessa Meteor Crater is located in Ector County’s southwestern region. 

Did you know that the Odessa Meteor Crater is one of Texas’ three major impact crater sites? 

Interestingly, the formation of the craters is a result of the impact of thousands of tetrahedrites, so it is a geographer’s jewel. 

A museum for the Odessa meteor crater has been built near the crater. You will see a 70-pound sample of the meteorite if you take your time to explore the museum. 

Additionally, a total of 1500 meteorites have been recovered from the surrounding areas over time. It’s worth noting that the rock is thought to be around 63000 years old. 

If you enjoy this type of thing, the museum has a very interesting rock collection, you could spend time checking them out. 

Moreover, there is also a small gift shop close by where you can pick up a thing or two you can keep as souvenirs.

Come and witness the second largest meteor crater in the United States! 

Picnic tables are also available, so you can come here for lunch or have a pleasant moment with your loved ones. 

Overall, this is a really great place to learn about history and stretch your legs. 

Trails here are really easy to navigate, so take your time to come to see this crater. 

Address: 5599 Meteor Crater Rd, Odessa, TX 79763, United States.

5. Floyd Gwin Park

things to do in odessa

Image credit: CivicEngage

If you are looking for outdoor recreational areas where you can have tons of fun at a park, there’s just one for you! At Floyd Gwin Park, you will find a lot of things to do!

Floyd Gwin Park is in a facility with over 21 hectares of a vast piece of land with a lot of fun things to do. 

In this area, you will find lots of playgrounds and play areas to keep yourself entertained. 

Additionally, there are many fun pieces of equipment to entertain yourself and your children, swings and so many toys too.

Moreover, for sports lovers and athletes, there are a lot of sporting facilities where you can come to practice or hone your skills.

There are basketball courts, volleyball courts, and soccer courts where you can enjoy a game of volleyball, play basketball and even hold soccer matches.

Therefore, bring a group here or even come with your partner to stretch your legs.

Besides, in this area and its facilities, there are a lot of shades and the construction is perfectly fitting.

So if you need to just relax while children have fun all around the place, you are covered! 

Furthermore, the park is well-kept, and the lawns are properly trimmed so you can also spread a blanket and enjoy laying on the grass. 

Make sure to add this to your bucket list!

Address: 2300 W 10th St, Odessa, TX 79763, United States

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6. Ellen Noël Art Museum

things to do in odessa

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Are you looking for a place in Odessa with not just fantastic exhibitions but also programs and a tour of a sculpture garden?

Check out the Ellen Noël Art Museum!

Ellen Noël Art Museum is a fine arts center in Odessa with various exhibits, a sculpture garden, and several cultural programs.

Going on a tour to the Ellen Noel Art Museum is one of the exciting things to do in Odessa.

Apart from enjoying free admission to this museum, you get to see its unique permanent and changing galleries. 

Moreover, here you will find the Texas photography exhibit. I’m sure it’s one of the most beautiful things you will see in Odessa!

The outdoor sculpture garden here is also a magical experience for the eyes, ears, and touch.

The gift shop will appeal to both children and adults. If one is available, request a tour; the education staff is excellent. The museum provides monthly educational activities as well as summer programming. 

For weddings and brides, there are special exhibits of wedding gowns in this museum. 

Moreover, the use of early 18th century lace reveals their high level of craftsmanship. 

You can even vote for your favorite dress in each of the two galleries.

Undoubtedly, The Ellen Noel Art Museum embraces art in all of its forms, and it is the best place in the area to view artworks. 

Photographers will adore the photography section and the sculpture garden with an artistic and appealing appearance. 

Make sure to go to the gift shop where you can buy souvenirs to take home to your family. 

Address: 4909 E University Blvd, Odessa, TX 79762, United States.

7. Ratliff Ranch Golf Links

things to do in odessa

Image credit: GolfPass

Thinking of playing golf in Odessa or probably you are a golf lover? How bad are your skills? 

Do you need to practice golf more or do you just want to watch golf? This is just the place for you!

Visit the Ratliff Ranch Golf Links in Odessa and start golfing!

The Ratliff Ranch golf course is about 6,849 yards in size. 

This golf course in Odessa was designed by Jeffrey D. Brauer, ASGCA/R Colligan Golf course design, and it was open to the public in 2008.

If you enjoy golf or are thinking about starting, Ratliff Ranch Golf is a great place to visit. 

Moreover, this place in Odessa is a popular attraction site for both locals and tourists who enjoy golf. 

Here, the lawns are properly mown, and the grounds are absolutely clean. 

It is a great place to play if you’re a beginner golfer because it has an 18-hole course. 

Also, you can rent carts and even browse the golf shop for golf accessories, kits, and equipment. 

Take your time to come here and explore the world of golf at this facility!

Address: 7500 N Grandview Ave, Odessa, TX 79765, United States.

8. Stonehenge Replica

things to do in odessa

Image credit: Realestate

Have you seen a Stonehenge? Do you want to explore a campus setting and see some nice stuff?

There’s just somewhere here in Odessa with uniqueness you can’t overlook!

Stonehenge replica is on a college campus in Odessa.

The Stonehenge Replica is located on the University of Texas campus.

This is a fascinating place to visit in Odessa. 

Based on the actual design and location of Stonehenge, when viewed from a distance, the mind does not fully comprehend the magnitude and complexity of what this is. 

Then, as you walk among the stones, you begin to be transported into the awe of what Stonehenge truly is. 

How did such massive stones end up in such locations so many years ago? When you consider the real thing, this replica is kind of awe-inspiring to see. 

Whether you want a taste of the real Stonehenge or just want to relax next to a stonework, this is the place to be!

Also, the grounds are clean and appear to be well maintained, with no graffiti or other evidence of property misuse. 

Moreover, adjacent to the replica is one of the art buildings, which has a neat little display inside from some of the students that you can stop by on your way out. 

Tourists and visitors who have visited here will always tell you that it is one of the best places to visit in Odessa. 

Visitors can touch the stones in order to get a sense of the stone’s texture. 

Additionally, this is also an excellent place for meditation and reflection, and its beautiful art pieces are thought to have been created by primitive people. 

Although this is not the real Stonehenge, it’s close. Come and check this out!

Address: Preston Smith Rd, Odessa, TX 79762, United States.

9. Cinergy Odessa 

things to do in odessa

Image credit: Forbes

Entertainment and party lovers will find this place in Odessa an interesting site to visit!

Game lovers will also find this place quite fancy!

The Cinergy is a unique entertainment complex in Odessa with theater dining, event specials, cutting-edge facilities, and an outstanding gaming center. 

Here in this facility in Odessa, you will be able to enjoy super fun recreational and gaming options. 

Visitors are constantly coming in to enjoy Cinergy’s full capacity of fun, which includes a mini-escape room, a bowling alley, and state-of-the-art arcades. 

Cinergy is the ideal location for a fun night out with friends, family, or coworkers. 

Moreover, its bowling alley is one of the most well-known gaming establishments in Odessa. 

With over 18 lanes of upscale bowling having high-quality seating and architectural design, it’s a gem. 

Now, you don’t have to think about what to do in Odessa for a fun-filled time. 

Overall, it is one of the best places in Odessa with a lot of things to do for your checklist.

Activities here will keep you in thrill and excited. Look no further, you will definitely have a good time here! 

Address: 8250 TX-191, Odessa, TX 79765, United States.

10. George W. Bush Childhood Home

things to do in odessa

Image credit: Visit Midland

Are you a big fan of George W. Bush? Did you know that his childhood home is here in Odessa?

Be sure to explore George W. Bush’s Childhood Home here in Odessa!

The George W. Bush Childhood Home is approximately 1400 square feet in size and is located in Odessa, Texas. 

Moreover, this place is on the National Register of Historic Places listing, so you should definitely check it out. 

George W. Bush Childhood Home is open for tours from Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and also on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

If you are free and want to lay your eyes on some unique design and architecture, then you can pass the time here.

Also, with as low as 5 dollars, you can tour the house and see the President’s childhood home.

Although there isn’t much to do here in this home in Odessa, it is quiet and a good place if you just want to lay your eyes on stuff.

Make sure to come if you ever want to tour Odessa. It is a fun place to spend the day!

Address: 1412 West Ohio Avenue, Midland, Texas 79701, United States.

11. Sibley Nature Center

things to do in odessa

Image credit: John Boswell

The Sibley Nature Center is a nature center located in Midland’s Hogan Park on its vast 49 acres of land.

Also, in this nature center, you can see features of the southern Llano Estacado, Edwards Plateau, and Transpecos Regions. 

If you want to visit, the Sibley Nature Center is open for visits Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and also on Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

There are numerous outdoor recreational activities for children at the Sibley Nature Center.

Additionally, this place is a great place to visit if you want to go on exciting trail walks. 

Trails here are clean and really smooth to go for strolls or even running. You can bike here too as it is allowed.

Children will enjoy the collections of animals from the region at the Sibley Nature Center. 

Moreover, they also give room for interesting toddler times with story time, gardening, and guided tours.

This gem should be on your checklist for places to visit in Odessa. There is something for everyone to do!

Address: 1307 E Wadley Ave, Midland, TX 79705, United States.

12. Globe of the Great Southwest

Great Southwest Globe

Image credit: Pinterest / Alyssa

Have you heard about the Shakespeare Globe in London? There is a little piece of this little wonder in Odessa!

The Great Southwest Globe is a must-see attraction site in Odessa. It is a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe in London. 

This popular attraction piece is located on the college campus on Odessa’s south side. 

Interestingly, many production plays are on display here, and the Shakespeare Festival holds here every year. 

Moreover, if you visit here, you will see several unique films such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and classics such as Romeo and Juliet.

In addition, you will also see several contemporary productions such as August and Beauty and the Beast.

A classic movie empire in Odessa, you should really go if you have the time.

You will pretty much find things that suit your taste to explore here.

Also, another notable sight to see is the replica of the house where Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway, grew up.

Explore more and you will find the wonders of this place filling. 

Gems don’t really have to be big things. This right here is really a classic. Try to go, you won’t regret it!

Address: 2308 Shakespeare Road Odessa, TX 79761, United States.

13. Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center

Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

Image credit: ArchDaily

Art lovers and artists who want to tour a performing arts center will find this place a magical city!

The Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center is located on the campus of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, about 15 miles northeast of Odessa. 

This performing arts center’s theatre hosts a variety of musical concerts and lectures, including performances by large symphonies and large country bands. 

If you are a lover of music, concerts, and arts alike, this place will be a big hit for you in Odessa!

Moreover, this is a fun place to listen to great music and watch live performances. 

Also, if you want to take music lessons, the theatre also provides music lessons and community programs. 

You can view their music schedule on their website, buy tickets, and enjoy the music. 

Finding things to do here in Odessa are really easy and the moments you spend here will be memorable.

Overall, just allow yourself to flow with entertainment and enjoy music at the extreme.

Find time to go. You will definitely enjoy the atmosphere here; it is as serene as you can imagine!

Address: 1310 Farm to Market 1788, Midland, TX 79707, United States.

14. White-Pool House

White-Pool House

Wikimedia Commons / Josh Alberto

Do you want to see one of Odessa’s oldest structures?

The White-Pool House is a historic site in Odessa and one of the city’s oldest structures. 

This house was built in 1887 by an Indiana family, and inside this house, you will find exhibits depicting various periods of Odessa’s history. 

Also, this two-story red brick home has a windmill, water tank, an eclipse, a barn replica, and several outbuildings. 

Moreover, this location is a National Register of Historic Places and a Texas Archaeological Landmark. 

Additionally, this historic house allows visitors to see what ranching was like in the town in the past. 

Visit here and enjoy tracing your footsteps back to ancient times.

Guides here are really knowledgeable and courteous and will enjoy taking you on a tour through this facility. Don’t miss out on a tour here.

See Odessa’s history here and take the time to tour the house. I recommend this place to both tourists and locals.

Address: 112 East Murphy Odessa, TX 79761, United States.

15. Southern Maid Donuts

Southern Maid Donuts

Copyright: Christina Forbes Photography

Are you a donut lover? Want to enjoy crispy, soft, and tasty donuts in Odessa, make sure to check the Southern Maid Donuts!

This place in Odessa has delicious donuts that you should try, and their donuts are out of this world. 

There are several many flavors to choose from on their menu for a great taste, including chocolate, blueberries, maple, strawberries, orange, and lemon. 

Undoubtedly, when you visit Southern Maid Donuts, their Cherry donuts will delight you because they are fluffy and delicious. 

Simply looking at it will cause you to salivate. Make sure to get a bite here. 

The donuts here are properly prepared, and the result is a perfect taste that gives you that wonderful feeling after taking a quick bite that leaves you wanting more. 

Moreover, if you’re craving some delectable sweet donuts, this place has delicious donuts that you should try, and their donuts are out of this world. 

Certainly, the tasty snacks here will leave you craving for more.

Address: 721 N Hancock Ave, Odessa, TX 79761, United States.

16. Jack Ben Rabbit Statue

Jack Ben Rabbit Statue

Image credit: Texas Pop Culture

Have you seen the popular Jack Ben Rabbit Statue in Odessa? 

The Jack Ben Rabbit Statue is an eight-foot-tall statue that is well known for being a historic landmark in Odessa.

When you visit Odessa, you will undoubtedly be drawn to this statue. 

John Ben Shepperd erected the statue in 1962. He was the Odessa Chamber of Commerce’s president. 

In honor of the Odessa Jackrabbit Roping Competition, the statue was named Jack Ben Rabbit. 

Interestingly, this event is held at the Odessa Rodeo every year. 

Moreover, during that period, a medal with the words Odessa and Texas is hung around the statue’s neck.

Of truth, this is one of the most fun attractions in Odessa.

Go here and take excellent photography with Jack Ben Rabbit Statue and leave them as memories.

Overall, you can plan a trip here and witness the Odessa Rodeo yourself. 

It’s a fun experience you can’t afford to miss!

Address: 802 N Sam Houston Ave, Odessa, TX 79761, United States.

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17. Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park

Wikimedia Commons / Ann

Looking for a bouncy trampoline park to spend time and relax in Odessa? The Altitude Trampoline Park should definitely make it to your list!

The Altitude Trampoline Park is a trampoline park in Odessa that you will not regret visiting on a visit to Odessa.

Trampolines here are extremely bouncy and you will not want to leave this off your bucket list of things to do in Odessa because it will transport you back to your childhood days.

Moreover, the thrill of jumping on these trampolines and then flying high up and then falling face down is exhilarating. 

Additionally, the Trampoline Park offers a variety of exciting and enjoyable activities. 

From trapeze swings, battle beams, foam pads, tumble tracks, and dodgeball, there is a lot to enjoy here.

Their massive trampoline park provides you with these enjoyable moments and experiences. 

For travelers, you can come to this trampoline park and engage in a few of these activities. It is a lot of fun. 

It’s a fantastic activity area and entertainment center, so you will have no regrets taking time out here.

Also, you should try racing down this vast trampoline and see who wins!

Overall, you will have a lot of fun in this area. Just take your pick.

Address: 5161 E 42nd St, Odessa, TX 79762, United States.

18. Permian Playhouse

Permian Playhouse

Image credit: cityseeker

Are you a lover of live theater and unique performances? 

Looking for somewhere classy to spend that Friday night or take a partner out?

Odessa has just the perfect place for you to be!

Anyone who enjoys live theater and performances should not miss a visit to the Permian Playhouse

Also, the Theatre hosts a variety of theatrical performances such as plays, comedies, and musicals that are performed on stage. 

If you’re looking for a place to take the whole family to have a good time and watch live performances, then book your tickets for a thrilling experience. 

Booking a ticket here isn’t really stressful, and the space is something you can marvel at.

Scenery here is also nice and quiet and you can take amazing photos while here.

Moreover, if you get hungry along the line, there are plenty of burger joints nearby where you can get tasty snacks. 

In addition, the entertainment here is top-notch and you won’t be able to readily replace it!

Free yourself, relax and allow yourself to get lost in this amazing world of entertainment!

Address: 310 W 42nd St, Odessa, TX 79764, United States.

19. Kellus Turner Park

Kellus Turner Park

Image credit: Bryan Smith

Looking for an amazing place where you can stroll and walk your dog with little or no stress?

In Odessa, regardless of the very overwhelming fun and entertainment centers, there is also something fun for pets!

Kellus Turner Park is a dog-friendly park and environment in Odessa.

Also, this park will absolutely make meeting furry friends as worthwhile as it can get.

Kelly’s Turner Park has a lot of play pieces of equipment to keep you engrossed in the endless fun.

For tourists, you can come here to rest, listen to music or even eat lunch without stress.

Moreover, in the surrounding area, there is a lake.

The breeze from this lake is something you should experience. Apart from that, you will find ducks and you can feed the ducks as well. 

Honestly, this Park is as kid-friendly as it can get and there are tons of full of exciting activities to do. 

Overall, come here to relax, come with a partner and throw stones into the water.

I recommend this park for 100 percent!

Address: 2230 Sycamore Dr, Odessa, TX 79763, United States.

20. Chris Kyle Memorial

Chris Kyle Memorial

Bryce / Shutterstock

Have you heard about the famous military sniper Chris Kyle? Did you know that a memorial was built in Odessa in honor of his bravery?

Chris Kyle Memorial is somewhere you should take time to explore when in Odessa!

This memorial was built to remember and honor Chris Kyle, a well-known military sniper and decorated US veteran. 

Moreover, this memorial honors his bravery and stewardship. 

It is a magnificent monument in Odessa that draws the attention of travelers all over Texas.

You will see Chris Kyle holding a flag on the monument and it may bring you to tears if you are emotional.

Undoubtedly, if you look at it and walk around it, you get this breathtaking sense of aura. 

Here on the plaques, you will see the touching and loving messages Chris Kyle’s family has written. 

Additionally, this is one of the most popular things to do in Odessa. 

Take your time to explore and visit this site.

Allow yourself to reflect on the selfless services and sacrifices that men and women in the military and navy make to keep us safe. 

Address: TX-191 Frontage, Odessa, TX 79765, United States.

Get Ready To See Odessa

Odessa is not just a unique city with numerous attractions, the fun here also speaks for itself!

Moreover, with its numerous outstanding attractions and magic, you see why you should plan a trip here!

Odessa is exciting, with everything from museums to entertainment centers to keep you excited!

Pack your bags and get ready to explore!

Jolly Travels!