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20 Best Things To Do In Round Rock TX You Shouldn’t Miss

Round Rock is a little fun city close to Austin, Texas.

Although this beautiful city has amassed a ton of fun and outdoor opportunities, it is one of the best cities in the United States to relax.

Offering a serene and picturesque view, it is always a top-pick vacation spot and locale.

Take a head start and begin a touristy experience.

Start off at the Dell Diamond and catch a game of the Round Rock Express.

Then, explore the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark, the largest in the United States.

You can be sure of well-accounted leisure and fun in whatever it is you decide to do.

Use this list and plan your trip.

Things To Do In Round Rock, Texas

1. Dell Diamond Round Rock

Things to do in Round Rock

Gary Paul Smith / Flickr

Round Rock does have the ability to offer tourists a wide range of activities and games.

However, nothing beats hanging out in the best part of the city housing these games.

The Dell Diamond Round Rock stadium is one of the top manor highlights offering undiluted sporting activities in the city.

This stadium is the home of Round Rock’s favorite baseball team, The Round Rock Express, a Triple-A Minor League Baseball club of the Texas Rangers.

Although this facility houses this team, there are many other facilities at Dell Diamond designed for the pleasure and enjoyment of fans. 

From any angle of the stadium, visitors will be able to catch incredible up-close views of the action. 

If you’re not bent on seeing games, take the time to explore some of its stunning facilities.

One is the 10,000 square feet of event space in the United Heritage Center, down the first baseline.

Here, visitors can explore 5,400 square feet of conference space, containing a kitchen.

On the suite level of the stadium, there is an Intel Club offering skimming stadium views in a restaurant-style setting.

Just beyond right-field are the pool and spa party area offering a 20 by 50-foot pool and a 10-by-10-foot hot tub. 

For fun and relaxation, there is a covered picnic area with a PlayScape right next to the pool and spa party area.

The Fun Zone, in the center field, includes a few things for kids, like a basketball court called Sport Court.

Additionally, Dell Diamond hosts amateur sporting events, musical performances, artisan exhibits, and other year-round events.

You can hope to catch wonderful views and a full-time fun session if you make plans to visit.

Address: 3400 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665, United States

2. Top Notch Axe Throwing Round Rock

Things to do in Round Rock

Richard Sunderland / Flickr

Axe throwing, over the course of time, has become one of the top activities to do in Round Rock.

Several locals and tourists, probably for the sake of building their muscles or just the fun experience, take up this game.

For something distinct to do in Round Rock, go axe throwing in Top Notch Axe Throwing.

Top Notch Axe Throwing offers visitors one of a kind axe throwing experience in the city.

This unique facility hosts axe-throwing fun and parties.

They host parties for corporate unions, birthday parties, graduations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and several other celebrations.

While they ensure that everyone between the ages of 8 and up can get a safe axe-throwing experience, there are some measures.

Visitors under 18 must have a grown-up present at the axe-throwing boulevard.

You can even bring your own beer or wine along while axe throwing. However, there is no room for hard alcohol.

In addition to axe throwing, visitors can also enjoy ninja stars and throwing cards.

Surely, you’ll find an axe-throwing experience fun to do in the city. Who knows it may just be your new fave.

Address: 1201 S IH-35 Frontage Rd, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States 

3. Old Settlers Park

Things to do in Round Rocko

Old Settlers Park

If there’s somewhere you’ll find an ocean of parks, it is surely Round Rock!

Check out some parks while you move along the city.

Parks like the Old Settlers Park are bound to assist your tourist experience.

Old Settlers Park is a 645-acre park offering facilities for various sports, picnic areas, and leisure activities.

Its 645 acres offer more than enough room for a variety of leisure activities, including disc golf, cricket, a 20-field baseball complex, a 5-field softball complex, and soccer fields.

Outdoor lovers and general reception fanatics will enjoy the outdoor options this park offers.

In addition to gathering outdoors, visitors can play horseshoes under one of the two pavilions you’ll find within the park.

In the park, there are several fields, and courses where games and several competitions take place.

These competitions include soccer, cricket, cross-country meetings, and baseball and softball games with over 100 participating teams.

Because of its popularity, these competitions and events bring in teams from outside the area and are very beneficial for the local economy in Round Rock.

Stop by the well-maintained, legal cricket ground with batting cages for practice.

Practice disc golfing on a professionally set 18-hole course.

Fishing is also something you can consider doing in this park.

In fact, The Fish Hatchery program of Texas Parks & Wildlife stocks it regularly and you’ll be able to find Bass and catfish.

Currently, the park is home to more than 40 picnic spaces with barbecue grills.

So, you can also try picnicking for relaxation.

Adults can also try a legal remote control airplane takeoff and landing strip within the park.

Truly, it is a jewel, and just one trial is all you need.

Address: 3300 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665, United States

4. Escapology, Round Rock

Things to do in Round Rock

Round Rocks Escapology

Explore an escape room and see just how good you are with obstacles in one of Round Rock’s crazy escape facilities.

Escapology is a premium escape room center in Round Rock, Texas.

It is one of the escape centers in the city offering visitors and locals a real-life escape game experience.

You’ll find this escape center just a few miles from downtown Austin in Round Rock.

In this game, 6 players will work in unison in the Escape Game to find inklings, hints, solve riddles, and unlock locks that will liberate them from the game room. 

Here, you get to use your mental and team working abilities to free yourself from this room.

For a start, you could try the game “Murder.”

In this game, you’d act like Robert Montgomerie, the sole heir to the Kildermorie Estate and the Montgomerie family wealth. 

While at a gathering which your grandfather put together, a murder occurs.

Your grandfather is the 9th Earl of Kildermorie and is found dead in the library, definitely a murder case.

You’d have the sole quest of divulging these secrets in only 60 minutes.

Make use of hidden clues and discover the killer or you lose your family inheritance and get framed.

Work with a team and clear your name in just 60 minutes.

See how far you can go and if you can work rightly with a team.

Address: 2000 S I-35 Frontage Rd Ste E2, Round Rock, TX 78681, United States

5. Round Rock Express

Things to do in Round Rock

Dan1son / Flickr

Fans of baseball and general baseball lovers have a better way of touring Round Rock.

If you take a trip to Round Rock, there’s no way you wouldn’t crave to see the Round Rock Express.

The Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers in Minor League Baseball’s Pacific Coast League is the Round Rock Express

They are the city’s famous baseball team and have their home games at the Dell Diamond.

This team is named after Nolan Ryan, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame who was known as “The Ryan Express.” 

Year-round, the team participates in most of the baseball games in the city and wins a lot of competitions.

Catch a game if you have nothing serious to do.

Who knows, you may end up switching baseball team sides.

Address: 3400 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665, United States

6. Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl & Grill

Things to do in Round Rock

Milwaukee / Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl & Grill

It is said that bowlers have a special dining area after a game of bowling.

And just like that, there’s a unique place to enjoy a game of bowling and then a delectable meal.

At Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill, you can have a blast alone or with partners.

Start off your experience with bowling in the Ocean’s Bowl.

Bowling here offers visitors a distinctive underwater ocean experience on several lanes.

You’ll find bowling balls with images of mermaids, octopuses, and so much more.

Further into the facility, you’ll find underwater scenes of sea turtles, sharks, and stingrays, by the “Dock” wooden lanes. 

While sea diving, you’ll find a fish theme dangling from the ceiling and hand-painted murals.

After bowling, there’s a genuinely distinctive ambiance and decor to enhance entertainment and dining.

The Grill offers casual family eating where you may choose from a selection of different appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and burgers. 

If you prefer private dining, there’s an ideal location for a business lunch or supper or even a lively birthday celebration.

Here, you’ll have the impression that you are underwater, examining the wreckage of a lost ship, in a bar area with an island motif. 

While you look up, you can see Dorado and sharks that appear to be swimming overhead while dangling from the ceiling.

There’s even a sizable aquarium in the restaurant with lots of fish.

Enjoy appetizers, sandwiches, salads, burgers, spicy hand-breaded pickle chips, seasoned fries, Queso, bacon, with green onion.

Jump into one of the tastiest meal spots in Round Rock while you do your thing.

Address: 200 Bass Pro Dr, Round Rock, TX 78665, United States

7. Play for All Park

Things to do in Round Rock

Play for All Park

Naturally most parks in Round Rock offer a general park treatment which isn’t absurd.

However, a special park in the city offers a different, heartwarming, one-of-a-kind park experience.

The Play for All Park is a 51,000-square-foot playground for children with special needs to play, study, and receive therapy.

Basically, this park’s goal is to give kids in Round Rock and the neighboring areas an enjoyable, secure environment where they may play and learn new skills. 

This sizable gated park offers a range of play options to stimulate and foster the development of a number of skill sets of disabled children.

They intend on helping these kids harness social interaction, feeling of exploration, creativity, and strengthening exercises.

Honestly, a few parks may receive praise, but this is just exceptional.

In the park’s playground, visitors will be able to explore a number of skill-building pods for kids of all ages.

You’ll find Retreat Pods, Sensory Pod-Sand Boxes, a Rock Band Pod, and a Rolling Hills/Performance Lawn.

There are also Sensory Pods, an All Abilities PlayScape, and All Ability Swings.

Currently, the park has the brand-new Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships Speedway and the brand-new Nolan Ryan Foundation Train Pod.

Children of all abilities can also explore the brand-new Adventure Hill and the brand-new Nature Pod with a Seton/Ascension Tree House.

Other options include a zip line, Mason’s Monkey Ranch Nature free play area, Baker Realty Building, a new Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, Missy’s Car Wash, and a new Hester’s Automotive Bike Parking Area. 

Certainly, this park draws a lot of attention and over the years has received a ton of visitors.

You can likewise take part if you wish.

Address: 151 N A.W. Grimes Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States

8. Saint William Catholic Church

Things to do in Round Rock

Saint William Catholic Church

Visit a church on a bright, sunny day to explore some of Round Rock’s religious centers.

Make a trip to the Saint William Catholic Church.

In the center of Round Rock stands Saint William Catholic Church, a religious center and a popular Catholic church.

The foundation of this church is built on growth, energy, strength in the faith and in religious traditions.

Occasionally, tourists make trips to explore this religious center and set their gaze on it.

One of its major attractions is its architecture.

Its architectural state and style have regularly drawn locals and foreigners alike.

Visitors to the Saint William Church can also check out the Sacred Heart Chapel and Parish Center, with offices, a parish hall, and a book/gift shop.

For some time with books and religious materials, the Education Center, with a nearby playground for children, is a must-see.

You can also take a tour around the Parish Evangelization Center and Father Michael J. McGivney Pavilion.

Finally, check out the Saint Vincent de Paul Society building and the Sacred Heart Community Clinic.

On your tour experience, you’ll discover that this place is a huge package of surprises.

Wait behind and join one of their masses or just listen to the melodious choir.

Address: 620 Round Rock West Dr, Round Rock, TX 78681-5017, United States 

9. Rock’N River Water Park

Things to do in Round Rock

MJ’sPics / Flickr

You’ve probably heard about Old Settlers Park. Well, even if you haven’t, you’re about to explore one of its major highlights.

Within the Old Settlers Park, you’ll find a 150,000-square-foot park featuring a lazy river, crazy slides, and a water playground. 

Visitors to this river park always expect it to be the usual, but fortunately, it offers more than a waterpark.

Additional features in the Park include a zero-beach entry play area, floor geysers, tipping frogs, tunnel showers, and a water cannon.

If you explore further into this riverbank, you’ll find a sizable spray ground area.

This play unit with 51 play features also contains down jets, hose jets, tipping cones, water curtains, water pistols, water slides, and net obstacles.

Further into the park, you’ll find a 12-foot jumping platform and a fake rock wall with a waterfall effect.

Adults can also explore a 4-foot drop slide that leads into a lagoon of deep water on the rock face. 

Want to explore sporting options and other physical activities?

Basketball and water volleyball are popular games you can give a shot at while in this park.

There are also 13 swim-up seats with covers in the lagoon area, which also has a restaurant service area. 

Additionally, this space has illumination for nighttime use and spots for music and TV entertainment.

To top it all off, you can take a break in a number of brand-new cabanas, a large picnic pavilion, and a brand-new food truck service area.

However, for security reasons constantly supervise children if present.

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10. The Salt Lick BBQ

Things to do in Round Rock

Smokepit at Salt Lick BBQ

For a distinct dining experience, stop by the Salt Lick BBQ for a meal.

Salt Lick BBQ is a prominent outpost serving Texas-style barbecue.

It serves them in a casual, rustic environment with well-known sauces and rubs.

The initiative behind this restaurant came in at number 14 on Thurman’s list. 

Since Thurman was popular for his mouth-watering barbecue at family gatherings, he made the decision to start cooking for paying people in 1967. 

With this in mind, he put up a sizable barbecue pit with his two boys. 

So did the journey of this great restaurant begin.

On Thursday evenings, Thurman would enter the pit and begin preparing food. 

He did so throughout the weekend and would sleep on a cot until all the meat was sold. 

After a few months, the boys and Thurman built a little screen porch around the pit.

The Salt Lick has grown from there. 

Presently, The Roberts family now serves mouthwatering barbeque to thousands of locals and foreigners each week.

Visitors can lay their hands on barbecue, sauces, and rubs.

Try out a Brisket Plate, a Pork Ribs Plate, a Turkey Plate, or a 1/2 Whole Chicken Plate.

Afterward, you can order a Sausage Plate, a Vegetable Plate if you’re vegan, or potato salad, coleslaw & beans.

Take a walk after a dining experience and check out the salt lick cellars, the breezeway, and the banquet room.

Address: 3350 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665, United States

11. Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf

Games at Monster Mini Golf

Looking for a family entertainment center where you can enjoy monster mini golfing?

Drop by Round Rock’s Monster Mini Golf.

Monster Mini Golf & Laser Tag is an indoor, black-light family entertainment center offering recreational indoor activities.

Here, you’ll be able to find facilities for games like Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Laser Maze, and arcade games. 

It also features a glow-in-the-dark indoor course in addition to arcade games and a DJ.

With its 18-hole miniature golf course, visitors and people of different skill levels can explore mini golfing.

Since there’s just so much to see and do, children and adults will love escaping to another world at Monster Mini Golf.

Address: 3916 Gattis School Rd Suite 112, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States

12. Hoody’s Sub Shop, Round Rock

Hoody’s Sub Shop

Scott Firestone / Flickr

Craving snacks, cheese, and chocolates?

There’s just one place in Round Rock that’ll offer you a delicious experience.

Stop by the Hoody’s Sub Shop.

Hoody’s Sub Shop is a sandwich shop offering cheesesteaks and meatball sandwiches in a memorabilia decorated restaurant.

Basically, Hoody’s has been putting out the best sandwiches around since 1989. 

You’ll find the restaurant in the laid-back town of Round Rock, on the northern edge of Austin. 

With only the finest quality meats and cheeses and a welcoming family atmosphere, this restaurant is a mainstay in the neighborhood.

Everyone praises and adores Hoody’s delectable meals, and it isn’t difficult to find.

For a start, try out the most well-known sandwich, the renowned Philly Cheesesteak.

It is praised by both patrons and critics and is unquestionably one of the best snackies you’ll find in the city.

People of all ages can explore this restaurant because it offers a down-home, family-friendly setting for a satisfying lunch. 

You can be sure that they use only the best Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, and fresh vegetables.

Tempt your taste bud further, add some chips to your sandwich or pick up a tasty cake.

Address: 1205 Round Rock Ave #121, Round Rock, TX 78681, United States

13. Bluebonnet Beer Company

Bluebonnet Beer Company

Bluebonnet Beer Company

Lovers of beer and beer-making processes will enjoy a tour of the Bluebonnet Beer Company.

Established in 2013, the Bluebonnet Beer Company is the accomplishment of a 10-year beer-making experience.

This family-owned brewery is set up by David and Clare Hulama.

They began this brewery in order to bring their unique beer-making experience to the city of Round Rock and beyond.

Luckily, the beer pub grew into fame over a short while and presently, the pub is one of the tourist draws in the city.

Visit the brewery tap room on the weekends or any other day you’re all out for a sip of beer.

Here you’ll find Cream Ale, Texas Pecan Brown Ale, American Amber Ale, India Pale Ale, and a Trophy Buckle IPA.

Other beers you’ll find include Hefeweizen, a Czech Pilsner, an Irish Draught Ale, and an Irish Dry Stout.

Hang out by the bar on nights when you need a quality beer gulp.

There’s a serene pub atmosphere and setting you’ll enjoy if you just go to relax.

Even if you don’t want to take some beer, you can just go on a tour to see the beer-making process or, better still unwind.

The pub offers a more relaxing view than you’d find in some other places and you’ll find it wonderful.

Address: 1700 Bryant Dr #107, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States 

14. Tom Foolery’s Adventure Park

Tom Foolery’s Adventure Park

Adventure at Tom Foolery’s Adventure Park

Visits to Tom Foolery’s Adventure Park is one of the things to do on a free day in Round Rock.

Offering multiple indoor fun and adventure, Tom Foolery’s Adventure Park is an 80,000-square-foot adventure park.

It is one of the parks in Round Rock offering 250 of the best arcade games, a challenging ropes course, climbing walls, an indoor zip line, bowling, and laser tag.

This adventure park provides visitors with a setting to enjoy modern thrill rides, games, and so much more in an interactive world of fun and adventure.

On a bright day, go bowling in its one-of-a-kind bowling lane.

Enjoy indoor zip-lining, screaming, and screeching in the air.

Try a game of laser tags and see if you can wrap your head around it.

Rope courses, although challenging, can be one of the activities to try.

Go right at it and see just how much you can climb.

When it’s time to dry off or you simply want to up the thrill level, this adventurous park will have all you need.

Give this park a try and see just how much you can make out of it.

Address: 3001 Kalahari Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665, United States

15. Fuego Latino Gastropub

Fuego Latino Gastropub

Dish at Fuego Latino Gastropub

The Fuego Latino Gastropub is a restaurant offering Latin American cuisine, creative cocktails, and local draft beer.

Its owner, Jorge Alcocer, popularly known as Chef Mario Alcocer, is a Mexican immigrant and former 25-year executive chef.

This family restaurant is run by him and his incredibly supportive wife, Aracely.

At the age of 18, Chef Jorge Alcocer began his culinary career and passion, and it has indeed paid off.

For lovers of Latin American cuisine, this is a haven and a very comfortable place to make peace with your cravings.

Their menu is pretty detailed and they offer almost everything from ham, ribs, pork briskets, and even raisins.

Start off with the Latin Salad, which comprises Romaine lettuce, sweet corn, black beans, avocado, and chipotle Caesar dressing.

Then, head on to try the Cuban Style Crispy Sandwich.

A meal of pulled pork, Swiss cheese, smoked ham, and creamy mustard sauce, served with plantain chips.

Beef Argentinian Empanadas is another you should look out for.

It is a flank steak cooked with caramelized onions and flamed raisins, served with traditional chimichurri.

You’ll also find Grilled Marinated Achiote Chicken Wrap, Cheese Pupusas and Lorocco, and Arroz con Pollo.

Pictures don’t do justice to the excellent nature of this eatery; you just have to visit.

Address: 708 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626, United States

16. Blue Starlite Drive-in Movie Theater

Blue Starlite Drive-in Movie Theater

Entertainment at Blue Starlite Drive-in Movie Theater

Drive-in movie theaters may not be really popular, but they are the top places to explore in Round Rock.

Visits to Drive-in movie theaters is just a perfect way to begin your Round Rock tour experience.

The Blue Starlite Drive-In Movie Theater is a thriving movie theater in Round Rock.

It is one of the perfect places in the city to take a step back in time and enjoy a real drive-in movie.

If you’re considering a perfect place to take your partner on a date night or a family outing, this is it. 

Interestingly, you can watch the whole movie from the comfort of your car or even bring your own lawn chairs. 

You can be sure of a super cool experience and a distinct movie session.

There’s even a great concession stand by the corner where you’d find anything you need.

Although it really isn’t free, the prices are fair and you can catch any movie from your own car and convenience.

Look up their website and see what movie is showing.

A truly great idea for a quiet weekend evening.

Address: 800 Harrell Pkwy, Round Rock, TX 78665, United States

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17. Kalahari Indoor Waterpark

Kalahari Indoor Waterpark

Slides at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark

The Kalahari Indoor Waterpark is America’s Biggest Indoor Water Park.

This 223,000-square-foot indoor water park is jam-packed with family-friendly entertainment and a soothing vacation atmosphere. 

For one, visits to the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark is unquestionably one of the beautiful things to do in Round Rock.

At the park, you’ll find a wave pool, an adult swim-up bar, private cabanas, a waterfall, and a kiddie pool area.

Offering over 30 water slides, 20 pools, and whirlpools, this is the place to be.

Begin your indoor water experience at the Barrelling Baboon Riders.

Here, you enter oscillating funnels by sliding through lofty dips and turns. 

Of course, this ride keeps you guessing as to what’s around the next corner.

After all of that curiosity, jump on the Racing cheetah.

Basically, what you do here is take a mat and start a race with three buddies.

If you prefer bouncing and sliding, Coral Cove is just for you.

The Coral Cove is a zero-depth entry water play facility featuring slides, bouncers, and mini basketball.

Go plummeting through a tube at racing speeds and make a giant free-fall drop into a deep pool below. 

Check your surfing skills on a 5-foot wave simulator.

Unwind in the Grotto Swim-Up Bar without leaving the water to grab a cocktail.

Try out the challenge of hurling hoops in one of their vast water basketball pools.

There’s also a virtual reality room if you want some time out in a different world.

On a vacation to this waterpark, you’ll find everything and more that’ll thrill a family.

Gyms, shops, fitness training, and even soothing hugs from 2 elephants are all you can enjoy.

What more are you waiting for?

Address: 3001 Kalahari Blvd, Round Rock, TX, United States 

18. Bats in Round Rock

Bats in Round Rock

Roy Niswanger / Flickr

What sounds more exciting than a moment alone with bats?

Surely it sounds absurd to crave watching bats, especially with their eerie, cranky looks and flappy wings.

However, bat watching is a thing and overall a fun experience visitors can partake in around Round Rock.

Even though you know very little of Round Rock, Texas, Round Rock’s favorite McNeil Overpass and I35 Bridge bats shouldn’t be in the dark. 

Since Bats in Round Rock are a fast-growing attraction, you’ll be thrilled to see the famous Mexico free-tailed bats. 

Every spring and summer night, you can catch views of them in the night air in flight.

Basically, you’ll find them drifting at a speed of 60-plus miles per hour at a 2-mile high flight pattern.

Then, you’ll find them feeding on millions of the city’s insects in a feeding frenzy in one night.

Obviously, this feeding frenzy gives visitors the nightly spectacular show of dynamic aerial flight.

If there’s somewhere you’ll find them and enjoy this show, it is at the McNeil Overpass and I35 Bridge intersection.

You’ll find them mainly during the months of March through November of each year.

In addition to Bats in Round Rock, there are the cranky South Congress Bridge Bats.

The South Congress Bridge Bats is a smaller bat colony about 15 miles north of Austin.

Just like the former, they enthrall locals and sightseers in Round Rock.

Grab a camera and capture this unique sight.

However, be sure to bring head covers and hats and maybe something to shut out the noise.

Finally, never attempt to capture any of the bats at any time.

Address: 601 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States

19. La Frontera Shopping Center

La Frontera Shopping Center

Stores at La Frontera Shopping Center

Get into a shopping frenzy during your stay in Round Rock.

When you’re ready and in the mood for some crazy shopping session, head on to the La Frontera Shopping Center.

Its moniker, La Frontera, emanates from a Spanish word meaning frontier or the border.

This shopping center is home to several restaurants, dining centers, shopping malls, and even lodging options.

Here, you’ll be able to meet popular retailers as you shop or dine.

Outlets you’ll find here include Ulta cosmetics, Bath & Bodyworks, the Burlington Coat Factory, and World Market.

If there’s something you can be sure of, it’s a great place to get some of the Round Rock materials at a great price.

Head on out and grab some bags, pick out what you’d like, and spend a couple of minutes enjoying the aura.

Address: 2601 La Frontera Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78681, United States

20. Pioneer Farms, Round Rock

Pioneer Farms

Pioneer Farms

The Pioneer Farms was initially owned by Lt. James O. Rice in 1844.

It is one of the farms in the city which is now a popular tourist attraction site.

Here, visitors can travel back in time to the 19th century.

This living history museum offers visitors a tour through seven themed historic areas.

You’ll be able to explore a wide range of Texas history on its over 90 beautiful, wooded acres. 

Highlights in this farm and museum include an 1844 Tonkawa Encampment, an 1873 Jourdan Farm, and an 1886 Bell Farm.

Visitors can move through the farm looking at exhibits and taking pictures of them.

Final Remarks 

Truly, several vacation experiences can help one discover Round Rock better.

Apart from enjoying a unique session exploring the city, there are countless activities you can try anew.

Create memories and spend time doing what you love the most.

In all, you’d enjoy everything you try to do in the city.

Safe Travels.