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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tyler (Texas)

Tyler is a famous town in the state of Texas.

It is known for the mantra “visitors destination” and amazing for its progressive and welcoming vibes.

This fantastic location retains much charm in incredible artifacts, enough natural spaces, and beautiful parks.

Excellent and informative museums that cover every imaginable thing are also part of the things you will enjoy here.

Exciting celebrations, escape rooms, children’s amusement locations, and beautiful events centers are equally inclusive of what you will explore!

These are just a few of the gold-standard and fun places you will greatly enjoy during your Tyler’s vacation.

With these many tourist spots, it may not be easy to decide what place to visit while you’re on a visit to this city in Texas.

In fact, the imaginary size of the city connotes there’s something for all ages!

Whether you are keeping an eye out for the bizarre, the historical, the artistic, or the creative.

So, which of Tyler’s tourist attractions and things to see will be worth your time?

Below is our guide for the 20 best and most fun things to do in Tyler, Texas, to make the decision easy.

Things To Do In Tyler

1. Tyler Caldwell Zoo

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Tyler Caldwell Zoo

On top of the list of fun things to do in Tyler is this amazing zoo called Caldwell Zoo. 

If you have been wishing to include an animal zoo in your Tyler’s exploitation, this zoo will create an enabling atmosphere you ever wanted.

Basically, it is renowned to be the most beautiful zoo in Tyler, Texas, having a wild range of animals that are well kept.

A beautiful connotation about this amazing zoo is that there is an adult section and a kids’ section.

Obviously, something fun is rightly available here for visitors of whatever age!

The way the animals are set out so close and the enclosure’s designs will actually give you a good view of the animals.

You wouldn’t resist this amazing view because it is beautiful!

Of note, in this zoo in Tyler, Texas, there is a nice area where visitors can sit or eat.

Are you contemplating what to eat here?

Relax! Lots of your favorite foods are available here at extremely affordable prices.

This Zoo in Tyler is simply a true gem!

The animals are well monitored and have ample area to roam in, more like a natural habitat than in most zoos, where they seem more like exhibits.

Seeing live cheetahs, feeding giraffes, and playing with animals are just a few of what you will enjoy here.

You will appreciate every little time you spend here.

In fact, the souvenir shop in this location has a lot of cool items.

Be sure to check the shop out as well if you wish to take home some nice items for your loved ones while returning home.

Address: 2203 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Tyler, TX 75702, United States. 

2. Tyler Rose Garden

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Tyler Rose Garden

Are you visiting Tyler, Texas on a low budget?

That couldn’t be a problem, nor will it constitute any restrictions to the fun things you stand to enjoy here.

Tyler is a city with so much to explore regardless of your financial strength!

Yes, a visit to Tyler Rose Garden is absolutely free.

This is a lovely garden that doesn’t stop accommodating visitors of all ages on a weekly basis.

This is because it is just an attraction that is full of fun things that could be overlooked.

Precisely, this amazing place is a public, 14-acre that is endowed with so many things that will keep you relaxed.

The roses are what make this place outstandingly unique.

It is so simply because they are not out of the season and will even make you admire nature more.

Although, there are many other plants along with the walkways and the fountains and ponds are quite peaceful as well.

There are many places where visitors can sit and watch the butterflies and birds.

This beautiful oasis in the heart of Tyler, Texas, is a must-visit when next you step into Tyler!

Of course, enjoying this magnificent vegetation without any cost will surely create an indelible memory!

Address: 420 Rose Park Dr, Tyler, TX 75702, United States. 

3. Tyler State Park

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Visit Tyler

Tyler State Park is a state park in the Northern part of Tyler, Texas.

It is a public park that literally operates without any form of donations or admission fee.

This amazing place has so many fun things that visitors and settlers can enjoy without having to spend a dime.

Incredible right, absolutely yes!!

Besides, this beautiful location in Tyler, Texas also includes a 64-acre lake, and it is always appearing clean.

The lake is spring-fed, and the water is extremely clear.

The staff that works here are equally extraordinarily nice and helpful.

They will not only be prompt to attend to you but will also ensure no question is left without an answer.

If you are on a tourist visit to Tyler, Texas, this scenery park will surely be worth a stop.

Just so you know, if you derive more fun fishing, they have a modern fishing facility that will meet your expectations.

Obviously, this place has so many fun things that you will enjoy.

How about the plenty of wildlife to view and the raccoons that are bold and fun to see?

Merely reading these amazing and fun attributes of this place will not do any justice!

Ensure you include Tyler State Park in your bucket of fun places to explore during your forthcoming trip to Tyler, Texas!

Address: Tyler State Park Area 1 Bath House, 789 Park Rd 16, Tyler, TX 75706, United States. 

4. Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary, Tyler

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary, Tyler

Will you want to see what a wildlife refuge ever looks like?

Just as noted above, Tyler, Texas has all you might have in mind to explore.

If you will love to explore a wildlife refuge on your next visit, be sure to check out Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary. 

It is a refuge that is mainly for animals, and it operates with internationally recognized standards.

Mainly, it is for rescued lions, tigers, leopards, and more in natural habitats.

The sanctuary is incredibly well-kept and none of the staff here are rude.

In fact, no one has ever complained about them, and they are highly professional.

It is in short, a place for animal lovers.

A notable and commendable attribute of this beautiful location in Tyler, Texas is that these animals look well cared for, healthy, and pretty active.

Moreover, they have a cafe where visitors can get whatever thing they need.

So wonderful a place to visit, right? Definitely!

So, do remember to update your list of places to visit in Tyler by adding Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary to your travel plan.

Address: 17552 FM14, Tyler, TX 75706, United States. 

5. Kiepersol Vineyards, Winery & Distillery In Tyler

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Kiepersol Vineyards, Winery & Distillery

Lovers of good and crafted wines, here comes your favorite expectation.

Kiepersol Vineyards, Winery & Distillery is a winery located in the beautiful city of Tyler.

The core objective here is to provide incredible experiences to visitors.

This wonderful initiative ensures they do this by sharing their passions for wine.

Their wine is made with the right flavor, and you wouldn’t expect less of what you will get here.

Beyond that, this is also a perfect location to get some nicely prepared American dishes.

All of these are inexpensive, and overall, their admission fee is zero dollars!

This implies that you have the whole day to explore here for free except if you are getting wine or food.

A commendable thing worthy of mention about this great location is that staff pay more attention to details and they accommodate visitors well

If nothing else will keep you for hours here, the gesture of their staff will surely do more.

If you do love wine or wish to see what the industry looks like, endeavor to spend some time here.

Address: 21556-B Merlot Ln, Tyler, TX 75703, United States. 

6. Tyler 1859 Goodman-LeGrand House And Museum

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Tyler 1859 Goodman-LeGrand House And Museum

Just like what every visitor planning a trip will look for, of course, Tyler in the state of Texas is blessed with beautiful museums.

The 1859 Goodman-LeGrand House and Museum is invariably one of the few beautiful museums here.

It is a museum with so many informative monuments that are preserved.

This monument will not only provide clear insight into how the earliest occupiers of Texas lived, but it will also demonstrate their predominant style of life.

So, do you care to delve into the history of the past?

If you do, consider visiting The 1859 Goodman-LeGrand House and Museum!

Beyond what is on record about this historic house in Tyler, it has more fun things to offer visitors.

Tour guides will not also do less to provide historical stories and answer questions for guests.

In addition, this house and all of its things are very well kept.

Above all, no entrance fee is demanded and they also make spaces for visitors to park their cars.

Address: Goodman Park, 624 N Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75702, United States. 

7. Children’s Park, Tyler

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Children’s Park

Just as we make perfect recommendations for the adults and grown-up visitors, something fun is also here for your kids!

Children’s Park, a popular park with kids’ settings in Tyler, Texas.

They are always available to create a fun experience for your kids during the weekdays and weekends.

Unless you are less concerned about your kids’ happiness, this is a must to visit for every kid!

Also, this incredible place has safe, modern, and well-managed playgrounds of various categories for kids.

There is also a little garden where kids can go to feed their eyes.

More so, they equally have a small climbing piece for toddlers to play on

Although this wonderful place is created for children, it is also pleasant for adults.

It is very thoughtfully set out, adults can relax and have some walks.

We hope your kids will enjoy their Tyler’s visitation if you bring them here!

Address: 900 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75701, United States. 

8. Tyler Historic Aviation Memorial Museum

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Historic Aviation Memorial Museum

The aviation industry also has some history about them.

Just as the history of the earliest inhabitants is interesting, aviation history is also great.

Will you love to know the myth that surrounds the aviation industry?.

Historic Aviation Memorial Museum is a museum in Texas that is enriched with history about aviation.

This wonderful location in Tyler, Texas has some great exhibits relating to aircraft.

Not only that, it is a place where you can see the great memorabilia.

The tour here is available either in private or in a group.

Whichever one you choose, it is always fun!

Employees have a great experience with aircraft and aviation in general.

They are smart and enthusiastic about answering questions from visitors.

We suggest you include this wonderful place in your itinerary while coming to Tyler.

Come and see this museum with significant artifacts, an array of historic aircraft, and enthusiastic, engaging, and dedicated docents and staff.

You will leave more informed.

Address: 150 Airport Dr # 2-7, Tyler, TX 75704, United States. 

9. Liberty Hall, Tyler

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Kingdom Service

Liberty Hall is a theater center in Tyler, Texas.

This is a very picturesque and wonderful place where the latest movies are put on display.

Remarkably, they have a large screen and the seats are comfortable to sit on.

This wonderful location also has courteous staff, and they are so friendly.

If you are in Tyler and you care to enjoy your evening, do well to check out Liberty Hall!

Free craft beer and wine samplings are always added as a bonus to every visitor.

These are amazing, right?

Yes, it is absolutely amazing.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t end there; they charge a reasonable price as well.

If you are visiting Tyler alone, with friends, or with spouses, this place will be a great location to enjoy the moment.

Address: 103 E Erwin St, Tyler, TX 75702, United States. 

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10. The Earth And Space Science Center

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: The Earth And Space Science Center

The Earth And Space Science Center is a planetarium in Tyler.

If you are searching for the perfect place to enjoy your moment, either alone or with your spouse, check out this amazing place!

Their show is always informative and highly entertaining

Not only that, their speakers and display screen make the entire show more inclusive!

The admission fee is just less than $9, which is considerably cheaper than what you could get elsewhere.

During most of their shows, they also offer some sweet popcorn to keep visitors alive.

Employees are equally very nice and considerate.

They are just the best set of people that you will love interacting with.

If you do come with your kids, they will enjoy their shows in the kids’ session.

Interestingly, they have a little museum downstairs and that is a plus to the fun things you stand to enjoy here!

Just if you want to limit the fun things to explore in this amazing city, do not leave without visiting this amazing place!

Address: 1411 E Lake St, Tyler, TX 75701, United States. 

11. Faulkner Park In Tyler

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Faulkner Park In Tyler

Faulkner Park is an amazing city park in Tyler, Texas.

This park is accredited and one of the most visited parks in Tyler.

It is a park that has tons of lovely fun things to offer visitors.

Notably, visitors could, without any cost, partake in their hiking, biking, or even take a walk.

Regardless of any of these chosen, there is always a fun and memorable experience you will get here!

They equally have a large tennis complex where visitors can enjoy unlimited access to play tennis.

In fact, you wouldn’t be required to make any additional payment aside from the admission fees.

Their fishing pond, baseball field, playground & splash pad is a plus to the best and most fun things you tend to enjoy here!

The tour guide is always attentive and supportive and always treats visitors just like a king.

Parking spaces are also available in abundance and they have in-house restaurants that sell nice food.

Why wouldn’t you plan a visit to Faulkner Park during your next visit to Tyler, Texas?

Doing so will add to the bucket of fun things you will enjoy here!

Address: 410 W Cumberland Rd, Tyler, TX 75703, United States. 

12 Lone Star Harley Davidson

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Lone Star Harley Davidson

Are you an inhabitant of Tyler in Texas looking for the best-authorized dealers of motorcycles?

Lone Star Harley Davidson is an authorized dealer of motorcycle dealer in Tyler with credible years in the business.

They have all brands of motorcycles that you may be looking for.

Their brands include the legendary brands of American motorcycles, plus apparel and more.

Beyond that, they also sell motorcycles part of various brands.

A celebrated attribute of this company is that, even if you are not interested in purchasing a motorcycle, there is still something fun you can enjoy here.

Of note, they have a little garden full of different wonderful plants.

This impressive place also has a nice gift shop stationed adjacent to the store.

Despite all these unique and amazing attributes, the prices of their motorcycle are affordable and reasonable.

If you need a motorcycle or any of its parts, ensure you reach out to Lone Star Harley Davidson upon your arrival at Tyler in the state of Texas.

Address: 1211 Loop 323 S SE, Tyler, TX 75701, United States. 

13. Tyler Harley’s 2

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Harley’s 2

Looking for a perfect place to get men’s clothing while in Texas?

Your look and curiosity are over!

Harley’s 2 has enough men’s clothing in their store that you can actually pick from.

They provide in-store shopping, curbside pickup, and lots of flexible services.

Besides, their clothing cut across various known brands that you could ever think of.

It’s certain that you can’t be less happy if you visit here.

This is because you will be satisfied beyond your expectations.

More importantly, the prices of their clothes are so flexible and inexpensive.

In fact, they also offer a discount to visitors who are coming for the first time in most circumstances.

Although it is apposite to note that parking is somehow uneasy here, however, they will be in haste to create a space for you.

The storekeeper is equally worthy of mention. This is because he is friendly and knowledgeable.

He is always eager to make perfect recommendations if you are uncertain of which brand to go choose.

The beautiful description of this amazing store in Tyler continues.

It’s incredibly unique and mere description cannot suffice unless you plan a visit here!

Address: 4855 Old Bullard Rd #104, Tyler, TX 75703, United States. 

14. Eagle Rider

Things to do in Tyler

Credit: Eagle Riders Rentals

Eagle Rider is a motorcycle agency in Tyler that requires little description.

This is due to their popularity in the state of Texas.

Not only are they known to be the best motorcycle rental agency in Tyler.

They are also known as the most efficient and effective motorcycle rental agency.

Will you love to ride a motorcycle on your subsequent visit to Tyler?

The fear of how to get a motorcycle is over!

Eagle Rider will do justice to that, and the prices they charge are quite reasonable.

Besides, they provide guided tours and even employ the services of experts.

These experts will make your riding experience so fun, they are available to also guild you if need be.

Unless you are not prepared for exclusive fun while in Tyler, ensure you check out this amazing location.

While planning a visit here, don’t forget to come with your riding dresses.

Meanwhile, if you have none, they surely will make provisions for that.

Address: 1211 S SE Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701, United States. 

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15. Ye Olde City Antique Mall

Ye Olde City Antique Mall

Credit: Shop Across Texas

For lovers and admirers of antiques, Tyler is also a beautiful city to explore for you.

Ye Olde City Antique Mall is an antique store in Tyler, Texas.

This amazing antique mall has tons of antiques that you can select from.

Their antique is of different styles (rustic to boho to industrial) and more.

From the guard to the receptionist and all the employees, they are great and fun to interact with.

Besides, their antique is fairly priced and they are of great quality.

You will be happy to browse their list of antiques.

While planning a visit here, ensure you come during the weekdays, as the weekend is mostly rowdy.

Also, don’t hesitate to come early because their closing hour is mostly before noon!

Address: 324 E Locust St, Tyler, TX 75702, United States.

16. Tyler Museum Of Art

Museum of Art

Credit: Museum of Art

The Tyler Museum of Art is located along Southern Mahon Avenue in the city of Tyler.

It is another fun place that you can’t regret visiting.

Unlike other museums suggested earlier, this beautiful museum is privately owned.

In this wonderful place in Tyler, they have an amazing collection of exhibits that mainly depict Texas artists.

Besides, this Tyler Museum of Art exists as an educational and cultural center to enrich the lives of the East.

It will be a fun moment if you can come here to spend a few of your time appreciating these works from local artisans.

Even if you do not have an interest in doing that, you can likewise enroll in their inexpensive classes.

The classes are always fun as well and they will teach some practical things that are so resourceful.

If you do visit this amazing location, it is going to be worth it!

So, be meticulous to include the Tyler Museum of Art on your itinerary while planning a visit to the city of Tyler!

Address: 1300 S Mahon Ave, Tyler, TX 75701, United States. 

17. IJump Tyler Trampoline Park

iJump Trampoline Park

Credit: iJump Trampoline Park

While you derive some happiness exploring the city of Tyler, do you want your children to be happy too?

If you do so, it becomes your responsibility to find a place that is children-oriented as well.

You don’t have to over-stress yourself in narrowing down your itinerary to get a perfect place for them.

iJump Tyler Trampoline Park will not only make your kids greatly happy, but it will also create some beautiful memories for them!

This wonderful attraction is a Children’s amusement center in Tyler, Texas.

There are so many fun and lovely things that can engage children who are on sight.

They have a lovely playground, field, picnic zones, and lots more.

Children of all ages will find this place welcoming if they are brought here!

Besides, they also provide a rentable party area where children can celebrate their birthdays.

This rentable place is larger than any competitor’s place you could think of!

Of interest, they have a snack bar right inside this area, and children will definitely get whatever snacks they crave.

All workers in this beautiful place in Tyler are also helpful and they make it really fun.

If you will visit them, ensure to also check out their claw machines and mini arcade games

Definitely, you wouldn’t be pressured before booking a visit here again after your next vacation to Tyler!

Address: 2029 Capital Drive, Tyler, TX 75701, United States. 

18. Escapology Escape Rooms

Escapology Escape Rooms

Credit: Escapology Escape Rooms

Are you checking through this amazing list of best and fun things to do in Tyler and yet to locate your favorite?

If all you are interested in is nothing but an Escape room center. Tyler also has that!

As an addict of an Escape room, no dull moment here.

Escapology Escape Rooms is the perfect recommendation when it comes to an Escape room.

In Tyler, they are significantly the best in that industry and no one else.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t experienced what an escape room looks like, you definitely need to visit this place.

Their escape puzzle games are second to none and always amazing.

Besides that, in the escape room, though sometimes scary, staff are always available.

The ultimate goal here is to make you have a great experience and provide the necessary answers to questions.

That is part of the reason why their admission fee is cheap.

Above all, we strongly recommend you visit here during the summer.

This is because they are less functional during other seasons.

Address: 8958 S Broadway Ave #120, Tyler, TX 75703, United States. 

19. Hand And Stone Massage And Facial Spa

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Credit: Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa is a massage therapist in Tyler, Texas.

Try this amazing initiative if you want a nice treat for your body.

They make use of advanced massaging facilities, which are totally not risky.

Indeed, you will be relieved of whatever pain you might be feeling.

Body pain, sciatic nerve injury, and several others, you won’t go back with those pains.

They will magically reduce the pain you are having a hard time living with.

Their staff are professional, accommodating, and attentive.

Apart from that, they do well to make necessary recommendations and advice.

Overall, their services in this amazing location in Tyler are relatively cheap.

Even with that, you get the best out here.

If you are lucky to come during their free service days, you get all services without any charge!

While on a trip to Tyler, don’t hesitate to come here and give your body a nice treat.

Address: 8926 S Broadway Ave Suite 118, Tyler, TX 75703, United States. 

20. Discovery Science Place

Discovery Science Place

Credit: Discovery Science Place

Are you in Tyler thinking of where to end your exploration?

Discovery Science Place is a good place to start a wonderful tour in the city of Tyler.

This awesome location is a museum in Tyler, Texas that has been in operation since 1993.

Their mission is not far-fetched; it’s simply to ignite curiosity in visitors through fun, hands-on exploration, and lots more.

Advisably, it is also one of the best places that you can take your toddler to during your visit to this wonderful city.

They equally provide facilities that visitors could rent for birthday parties and other related events.

Notably, the staff in this beautiful attraction in Tyler are so friendly, considerate and always ensure that they provide helpful services.

If you will spare a few of your scheduled time in Tyler, Texas, there is something that will capture the attention of any visitor.

Interestingly, they do not charge more for kids, although it is slightly pricey for adults.

It is notwithstanding a fun place that will be worth the visit!

Address: 308 N Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75702, United States. 

Final Remarks

There is more to what is on brochures. Tyler is indeed a fun city to visit.

If you plan a trip to this fantastic city, use the above list to narrow down your itinerary.

Happy Travels!