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33 Essential Things to Do in Ocean City (Maryland)

While Ocean City, Maryland, is obviously a coastal city, this is probably the only really obvious thing about it.

However, since it is a popular beach resort city, visitors can expect to enjoy more than just a few things here.

Speaking of beach resorts, over three hundred thousand annual visitors give a lot of reasons you should start exploring the city from the beach.

However, there is quite a lot more to do and see.

Featuring shopping outlets, parks, haunted houses, escape rooms, water activities, and more, the list goes on.

In fact, if you really want to see it all, you will surely need a comprehensive list to help you.

Hence, the list below contains the best and most fun things to do while in Ocean City, Maryland.

Things to do in Ocean City, Maryland. 

1. Ocean City Boardwalk

Ocean City Boarwalk

Ocean City Boardwalk

Do you think the weather is not good enough for much of the outdoors?

Herein lies quite an interesting exception during the summer. In fact, that is that place leading to most other fun experiences.

Thankfully, the name of this attraction no doubt leaves very little to the imagination.

This is because there will be really so much to say if you start with its more obvious qualities or history.

However, it is basically a large boardwalk near the beach of about 2.45 miles with enough variety to last a brief vacation.

Interestingly, it features beyond its basics since it is allegedly the best on the east coast.

Besides that, its thousands of annual visitors have a lot to say about its cleanliness, adequate facilities, and bird views.

Little wonder it is a popular spot for inspiration, relaxation, connection to nature, and more.

More importantly, though, it is a smoke-free zone.

Apart from views, it is also popular for having the most sought bars, shops, and food places.

Really rewarding for a lot of visitors also is the variety of gaming and rides at the end of the boardwalk.

Plan a visit to the Ocean City Boardwalk any time today.

Address: 698 N Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD, United States

2. Ocean City Beach

Ocean City Beach

Ocean City Beach

Since a boardwalk already connotes a beach, that is another thing to do in Ocean City.

Apparently a bustling 10-mile beach, Ocean city beach is the ideal summertime vacation destination.

Apart from its soft white sand, which is probably its best-selling feature, the beach’s popularity cuts across other features.

However, while visiting with kids, you might prefer to pitch your tent on the south side of the pier.

If you will prefer to get as much privacy as you can, considering how popular it gets, you will probably be satisfied relaxing in front of the inlet parking.

On the flip side, you might miss out on a few public perks with some of those decisions.

Notwithstanding, no matter where you are on the beach, there are always things to do and enjoy.

Topping the list of perks obtainable at ocean city beach will definitely be its devoted lifeguards.

Plan your visit to ocean city beach today.

Address: Ocean City, MD, United States

3. Jolly Roger Amusement Park

Things to do in Ocean City

Jolly Roger Amusement Park

Vacation time is always a good time to explore your limits in a safe and controlled environment.

However, if your comfort zone is already within the borders of trilling and trying new things, welcome to this park.

Although the majority of its audience is kids, you do not want to visit the Jolly Roger Amusement Park as an on-looker.

In other words, come ready to have an exciting time as a guardian or even solo.

To be more far-reaching, it currently features two locations in Ocean City, Maryland.

That is, while its pier location typically runs from April to October, its older and main location runs from May through September annually.

Nevertheless, making a presence is not its only good feature.

In fact, visitors to any of its locations can expect thrilling rides, carnival-like games, and even eateries.

In addition, its main location on 30th street features mini golf courses, a splash mountain, a fully functional water park, and go-kart tracks.

Without a doubt, Jolly Roger’s amusement park has been a part of cherished memories since it opened in 1964.

Today, it brings back a feeling of nostalgia to some while it makes new memory for others.

Plan your visit to the Jolly Roger amusement park any day from 10 am to 11 pm.

Address: 2901 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD, United States

4. Ocean City Life-Saving Museum

Ocean City Life-Saving Museum

Ocean City Life-Saving Museum

One of the many interesting things to do on the boardwalk is to take a step back in time.

Built in 1891, the ocean city life-saving museum is a hub of entertaining history pertaining to the country’s life-saving service and ocean city’s history.

However, it officially became a museum in 1978.

Currently, its building of two floors at the end of the inlet is the result of its move from Caroline Street in 1977.

On its first floor, it features its very popular exhibits in a space called the boat room.

Visitors on this floor can expect to see history come to life in the form of boats, a buoy, and every other thing reflecting the 1878 lifesaving service missions.

Another thing to look forward to is its global collection of sand beautifully displayed.

More to see on this first floor is everything you would like to know and see about fishing in ocean city.

More importantly, this is where you get to learn more about ocean city’s native aquatic wildlife.

Moving on from this floor, its second floor is definitely eye candy to younger visitors.

This is because this little keeper’s dayroom, as it is popularly called, is the place to play games, have tea, and engage in hands-on activities.

While you are at it, enjoy the evolution of surfing and the boardwalk and all their milestones in ocean city.

Lastly, there is no end to the tour of this museum without an appreciation of the feminine impact on ocean city, specifically between the 1800s and the 1990s.

Plan a visit to the Ocean City Life-Saving Museum any day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Address: 813 S Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD, United States

5. Northside Park, Ocean City

Things to do in Ocean City, Maryland

Northside Park, Ocean City

As far as popularity goes, this is by far the most popular park in Ocean City, Maryland.

However, opened in 1983, it is definitely not the city’s oldest park.

Although, since it sits on about 58 acres of public land space, it is the largest park in Ocean City, Maryland.

Speaking of land space, more than half of these 58 acres are dedicated to its land activities, with the rest accounting for its wetlands

From softball, baseball, and soccer to fishing, picnic, sundaes, playground, footbridge, wetlands walkways, and paths, northside park is multi-dimensional.

In addition, this amazing space also boasts recreation and fitness centers, as well as a lending library.

With so many acres of water area, it is no surprise that summer comes with a lot of paddling and kayaking in the park’s lagoon.

Name it: live music, fireworks, family, new friends, budget free, and more are adjectives and nouns defining the north side park experience.

In essence, this is a little community of fun and everything in between.

The only question is how many days of your vacation will it take to fully explore the experience at Northside Park?

Address: 200 125th St, Ocean City, MD, United States

6. Fager’s Island, Ocean City

Things to do in Ocean CIty, Maryland

Fager’s Island

Apart from feeding you, a restaurant is one way to feed your appraisal of a place.

However, since ocean city has a number of great restaurants for any and everyone, let’s begin with one.

Fager’s island, which is also known as ocean city’s award-winning Bayfront restaurant.

As a delicate blend of casual and fine dining, Fager’s island features American and regional dining in style.

Initially opened as a bar on a two-acre property in 1975, Fager’s island steadily developed to include a restaurant, a Bayfront dock, a pier, a gazebo, an outside bar, spectacular surroundings, and hotels.

However, one thing obviously remains the same: hospitality.

Today, Fager’s island is definitely a hot spot for the city’s nightlife.

In fact, if you are not too fond of Mondays, then you certainly want to attend a deck party here every Monday night.

If you love the sound of Monday, then you will love knowing what a Monday night should look like during a vacation.

Simply put, if you want to pay for a quality enjoyable meal or drink that comes with a complementary ambiance like no other, this is it.

Plan a visit to Fager’s Island any day from 11 am to 2 pm.

Address: 201 60th St, Ocean City, MD, United States

7. Art League of Ocean City

Art League of Ocean City

Art League of Ocean City

All things considered, vacation time is a time for creativity and more creativity.

That is, whether you are keeping or getting the creative juices flowing, the point is to stay in the loop.

One sure place to do this while visiting ocean city is the art league of ocean city.

As professional as that sounds, you really don’t need skills to have an entertaining day here.

In fact, the popular opinion points to a theory that less experience makes you more receptive during art classes.

Moreover, since there are art classes for all age groups, this can be a wonderful family bonding experience.

Speaking of things to do together, the ocean city film festival is always a wonderful time to meet, greet and connect.

In addition, when it becomes engaging, the ocean city film festival or 5-dollar film night can be a means to discover a new hobby.

Of course, as an art museum, you can expect a good lineup of art and in various media too.

However, what you might not anticipate is the number of things you can do here free of charge.

In essence, the art league of ocean city combines art, nightlife, originality, and creativity to develop its community and, by extension, the world at large.

Plan a visit to the Art League of Ocean City any weekday from 9 am or 11 am to 4 pm

Address: 502 94th St, Ocean City, MD, United States

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8. Splash Mountain Water Park

Jolly Roger Splash Mountain Water Park

Splash Mountain Water Park

Having options is always fun, but if you want to be specific, look no further.

In other words, welcome to ocean city’s largest water park, popularly known as Jolly Roger splash mountain water park.

Starting from 1970 when the park started with a concrete water slide, splash mountain has steadily been delivering family fun.

In fact, all its additional slides and other facilities give a clear picture of why it is a favorite spot for different age groups.

With the addition of the lazy river in 1991, splash mountain water park became a notable family relaxation spot.

Succeeding this milestone in 1997 is the wave pool.

Years after that, more expansions and additions were included.

Fast forward to the present day, splash mountain allegedly has slides to test even brave and daring people.

However, since it is a park for everyone, kiddies also have a lot to entertain themselves for the longest time.

Interestingly, even visiting the park as a lone wolf is a popular thing too.

Especially when you intend to spend a lot of time at the pool.

Plan a fun visit to Splash Mountain Water Park any day from 10 am to 4 pm.

Address: 2901 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD, United States

9. Ocean Gallery, Ocean City

Ocean Gallery

Ocean Gallery

Since it definitely stands out on the ocean city boardwalk, you might be tempted to give it more than a few glances.

However, this location is well deserving of those glances and more.

As a piece of art itself, the ocean gallery has a unique building. Hence, the first interesting thing to notice here is its bold claims.

Yes! One such claim is that the ocean gallery is the Hollywood of the east coast.

However, apart from its exterior mural with such claims, it adds a lot of descriptions of what to expect behind its doors.

Basically, its exhibits are a combination of folk art, custom framed photos, signed and numbered limited edition print, posters, paintings, and more.

Interestingly, the ocean gallery goes past aesthetic features to show sustainability and relevance.

To start with, the building itself is made from recyclable resources.

Moreover, as a popular landmark, this is where you want to hear some entertaining and enlightening history of ocean city.

Plan a visit to the Ocean Gallery World Center from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Address: 201 N Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD, United States

10. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Ripley's Believe It or Not!, Ocean City, Maryland

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

This specialty museum can be described in four words- small but oddly mighty.

No doubt, if you have ever been to any other location of the franchise, these words speak volumes.

However, there is more to the story.

Dating as far back as 1919, Robert Ripley started carving a niche for himself by making cartoon features of bizarre facts in a newspaper.

Although a year before this, he was specializing in sports feats, that beginning was only a stepping stone, as we now see.

After a while, his genre specialization of bizarre facts became such a hit in the papers that he delved into other media.

One such media is Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium (museum).

Starting off as a display of his collection at the 1933 Chicago world’s fair, the show attracted so many visitors and word spread far.

By 1950 and just a year after Ripley’s death, the first Ripley’s Believe It or Not! odditorium was opened.

Today, such Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditoriums are over 30 in the country.

In any case, while the franchise boasts of several locations in the country, there is always something unique about every location.

The first unique thing about the Ocean City location is that it started in 2001.

Furthermore, apart from the shark model that appears to have crashed into the museum, the museum features some interactive and challenging displays.

Plan your visit to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum any day from 10 am to at least 6 pm.

Address: 401 S Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD, United States

11. Harry W. Kelley Memorial Bridge

Harry W. Kelley Memorial Bridge

Harry W. Kelley Memorial Bridge

Chances are your fascination with this attraction comes from stories about its design and age.

However, since it is as interesting to talk about as it is to visit, why not check it out?

Moreover, as one of the bridge routes to ocean city beach, you will love finding out why it is a preferred option.

Built-in the year 1942, the harry W. Kelley memorial bridge on route 50 came as a replacement for an older bridge on route 707.

Basically, the Harry W. Kelley memorial bridge is a 4-lane bridge with two sidewalks across the Sinepuxent bay.

However, the most notable part of the bridge and why it is called a drawbridge is near its ocean city end.

Specifically, since its design fits the criteria for an original French word translated as balanced scale, it is called a bascule bridge.

In reality, its primary function follows its name in that it balances traffic on land and water in the area.

In fact, with ocean city welcoming visitors in large numbers annually, cycling, jogging, fishing, and strolling have become other popular ways to enjoy the bridge.

Although it looks forward to being replaced come 2035, it is currently still a very functional and entertaining bridge to visit

Plan a visit to the Harry W. Kelly Memorial Bridge.

Address: Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, MD, United States

12. Oceanic Fishing Pier

Oceanic Fishing Pier

Oceanic Fishing Pier

As cliche as this sounds, this is not just a popular sight for exercising your fishing skills.

As a matter of fact, visitors to the oceanic fishing pier can also expect a nice city view from here.

However, if you love to fish or you would like to learn a few tips and tricks to aid your fishing hobby, this is your spot.

Spanning a distance of about 635 feet, the oceanic fishing pier is no doubt famous among others for crabs and flounders.

More interestingly, you don’t need a license and you get everything you need at a reasonable cost.

Moreover, since the pier is at the southern end of the boardwalk, it is a convenient way to enjoy the least busy part of the boardwalk without missing a lot.

What is more?

This is definitely where you want to pass down a family fishing tradition or simply just get the kids more involved with finding their meal.

Also, it is definitely the saltwater you want to be fishing at while in ocean city, Maryland.

Plan a visit to the Oceanic Fishing Pier any time on Friday and Saturday and from 8 am to midnight every other day.

Address: 710 South Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD, United States

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13. Trimper’s Haunted House

Trimper's Haunted House

Trimper’s Haunted House

Not much does it better than this iconic boardwalk attraction.

Originally inspired by the dark rides at Glen Echo Park, Trimper’s haunted house came as a bold step to ultimately replace the rundown Windsor theater at the time.

Being an original Bill Tracy design completed in 1964, Trimper’s haunted house gets its name from its builder; Granville Trimper.

Although it was always built to offer the best-haunted house experience, its expansion in 1988 took that up a notch higher.

Following this, it continues as a popular hub of strategically timed shockers, animatronics, and displays.

Today, it is a popular thrilling dark ride of vintage dark stunts and more recent spooky effects.

As a combination of both, it comes with no shock that it is very appealing to different age groups and generations.

In fact, some may even call it cheesy because it prioritizes fun, memories, and of course nostalgia above all else.

However, as a matter of entertainment, the attraction offers its riders a rewarding scare for their money any day.

Finally, although it is a bold claim, there can be much truth to the saying that there is no proper ocean city tour without a Trimper’s haunted house tour.

Plan a visit to the Trimper’s Haunted House from Friday to Sunday.

Address: On the Boardwalk, 720 S Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD, United States

14. Old Pro Golf, Ocean City

Old Pro Golf, Ocean City

Old Pro Golf, Ocean City

If you can make a paradise out of a beach, then you are in the right city.

However, if you will rather chill in an already prepared paradise, this is the next place you want to visit.

With four different locations on the coastal highway, ocean city, old pro golf makes mini golfing as accessible as possible.

In fact, showing off your mini golf putting skills at its beautifully themed courses is something you don’t want to overlook.

As a family business of the Schoellkopf, old pro golf started in 1965 with the 23rd street course location.

By 1990, old pro golf was on its third location with an outdoor dinosaur course.

Nevertheless, since it was purchased with the idea of having an indoor location, the undersea adventure and family arcade were added.

To say the least, this bold step was so successful it was like hitting a jackpot.

In light of this, along came an outdoor Caribbean pirate course, an indoor rainforest adventure, and another arcade at a fourth location.

This fourth location that will forever mark the summer of 2010 for old pro golf also effectively remodels the other three outdoor courses in style.

As an obvious product of dedication, creativity, and more, all four locations collectively feature an amazing time over six courses.

Plan your visit to the Old Pro Golf any day from 10 am to 10 pm.

Address: 6801 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD, United States

15. Odyssea Watersports Jetski & Pontoon Boat Rentals

Odyssea Watersports Jetski Rentals and Pontoon Boat Rentals

Odyssea Watersports Jetski Rentals and Pontoon Boat Rentals

Honestly, can you actually enjoy a coastal city without touring it from its water body?

More specifically, can you really say you have explored ocean city without touring the Atlantic?

Having said that, the next things you want to check off your list are watersports, activities, and rentals.

No doubt, the activities alone make up quite the list. However, let’s start somewhere.

From leisure paddling to speeding jet skis and everything in between, everyone loves a place with options and more options.

In fact, at the Odyssea Watersports Jetski Rentals and Pontoon Boat Rentals, it is always like an invitation to go big while doing you.

Hence, with jet skis, pontoons, paddleboards, and kayaks, you can make the most of your time here and enjoy it with as many people as you like.

In addition to that, you get a discount for being a veteran or current service member.

Furthermore, being in operation since 1997, this is where you want to pick up on a few business tricks and also some interesting city history.

Simply put, if you want a proper vacation treat, this is where to get just that and more!

Plan a visit to the Odyssea Watersports Jetski Rentals and Pontoon Boat Rentals from Friday to Sunday.

Address: 5003c Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD, United States

16. Ocean City, Maryland Visitor Center

Ocean City, Maryland Visitor Center

Ocean City, Maryland Visitor Center

No one wants to visit a place only to find out you missed out on some fun places.

Moreover, since ocean city is one of those places always stocking up on entertainment, this is just the right place to get directions to all those places.

From brochures and coupons to info on the best deals and more, this is definitely a place to check out.

Moreover, since it is in the facility of the Roland E. Powell convention center, it is the perfect opportunity for more activities.

In fact, the multi-purpose convention center by itself has architecture and views worth making the trip for.

However, it is still popular for its festivals, sporting events, concerts, shows, and more

In addition to that, the area is also known for some very recommendable restaurants too.

One thing to note though when planning your visit here is that its public parking fills up quickly.

Plan a visit to the Ocean City Maryland Visitor Center any day except Sunday.

Address: 4001 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD, United States

17. Baja Amusements

Things to do in Ocean City

Baja Amusements

If after spending some days on the boardwalk you think you have seen it all, guess what? There’s more.

More specifically, in west ocean city is 10 acres of go-kart tracks, mini golf, climbing walls, and more.

Opening in 1981 as a family fun park, Baja amusements boast of evolving in a lot of aspects while maintaining this aspect.

In fact, while it has some single-passenger go-kart tracks, it also has some “family-double” go-karts on three other tracks.

Speaking of solo rides, you definitely do not have to be a pro to enjoy the rookie track.

Nevertheless, if you will rather enjoy the original Baja amusement track, you can expect a sleek ride on the slick track.

If, however, your priorities involve length, difficulty, or skill show, you are sure in for a challenging time here.

In addition, kiddies’ rides, coasters, and arcades are also popular and entertaining activities at the park.

However, trying out its mini golf course is definitely putting the icing on the cake.

Plan a visit to Baja Amusements any day from 11 am to 5 pm

Address: 12639 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, MD, United States

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18. Carousel Ice Skating Rink

Things to do in Ocean City, Maryland

Carousel Ice Skating Rink

As a popular vacation destination, ocean city has a growing number of hotels and resorts too.

Unfortunately, you cannot stay at all of them or even visit all of them while touring this beautiful city.

Nevertheless, there are some you just have to visit for one reason or the other.

In this case, the carousel ice skating rink is a popular attraction to enjoy whether or not you are staying there.

While it is an interesting skating experience even for kids during the winter, its best days are in the summer.

In fact, some might dare say it is a wonderful alternative to spending your time at the beach during the summer.

This is because right in the lobby of this beachfront hotel is where you get unrivaled summertime shows.

In other words, you get to see entertaining and free choreographed dances performed by professional figure skaters.

However, there is a reasonable admission fee for entrance into the rink and of course discount for hotel guests.

Plan a visit to the Carousel Ice Skating Rink any day from 10 am to 4 pm or 7:45 pm to 10 pm.

Address: 11700 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD, United States

19. OC Foodie Tour, Ocean City

OC Foodie Tour, Ocean City, Maryland

OC Foodie Tour

Have you ever had” the best meal “in your judgment, only to find out there is something better?

Well, that will not be a problem in ocean city thanks to the OC foodie tour.

Basically, this is a journey to sensitize your taste buds to the ocean city’s history and culture through food and drinks.

In fact, it is your best bet at finding some unique places and dishes you otherwise would miss.

In addition to that, it is also a quick way to learn more about the city and enjoy some hospitality.

Spanning about three hours, the OC foodie tour offers 9 food tours to choose from.

Whichever tour you decide to go with ultimately offers five tasting courses from 5 different stops.

However, while the goal of savoring these delectable dishes can sometimes even be overwhelming, the journey there is notable too.

In fact, since it is a walking tour, it eventually offers more than just a food tour.

No doubt, a food tour is something you will want to relive over and over again, so this is where you do it right the first time.

Plan an OC Foodie Tour any day from 11 am to 3:30 pm

Address: 3303 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD, United States

20. Escapomania Uptown – Escape Room

Escapomania Uptown - Escape Room, Ocean City

Escapomania Uptown – Escape Room

Since this is a sure way to keep your thinking cap on and work up an appetite, let’s beat the clock!

Having said that, this is no basic game of finding the next door or finding the next key.

In fact, it involves developing a real-life timed escape plan with nothing more than some puzzles hints and your wits.

However, as challenging as that sounds, nothing beats the feeling of actually getting out in time.

What’s more?

You get to do it with others like you who are also eager to come out in time and with answers.

However, once you are in, there is no coming out without winning against any immersive room you choose.

Hence, without a doubt, the first and perhaps only valid question is, are you brave enough?

If the answer is yes, that is your first clue, and perhaps the easiest clue so far.

Good luck!

One other thing though, there are two other Escapomania- escape rooms in the ocean city, so enjoy your time here.

Choose your adventure at Escapomania uptown-escape room from Thursday to Monday starting anytime from noon to 8 pm.

Address: 11805 Coastal Hwy suite I, Ocean City, MD, United States

21. Marty’s Playland, Ocean City

Marty's Playland, Ocean City

Marty’s Playland, Ocean City

The first tip of a vacation is that you want as much of what is entertaining to you as close as possible.

This is even more true when planning for a wonderful family vacation time.

Knowing this, our next stop will conveniently cater to your accommodation and video arcade needs.

Specifically, your vintage video arcade needs.

Dating back to the 1940s, Marty’s playland opened as a complete entertainment arcade venue for visitors to the boardwalk.

Its popularity even became linked to crane diggers, Skee Ball machines, the fortune teller, Pac man, and more.

Today, its vintage collection still includes all these, a lineup of pinball machines, and more.

However, Marty’s playland is very much aware the entire world is in the 21st century, so they are not exclusively vintage.

In fact, visitors to the playland get to enjoy quite an interesting lineup of modern video and redemption games.

Furthermore, you can actually start your ocean city history tour here, as it is an important part of that history.

Plan your extended play date in ocean city at Marty’s Playland any day from 10 am till midnight

Address: 5 Worcester St, Ocean City, MD, United States

22. Little Salisbury Neighborhood Park

Little Salisbury Neighborhood Park

Little Salisbury Neighborhood Park

Now, this is one sure way to get an adorable member of the family part of the vacation bliss.

This is because not only does this park feature a playground and a variety of courts, it has a dog park too.

Moreover, it affords as much privacy as you will like considering the crowd ocean city attracts.

In other words, while going to the beach is lovely, there are a number of other equally lovely options.

Moreover, you sure want to be in a place capable of matching the kiddies’ energy any day.

Speaking of matching energy, this is like a paradise for fur babies.

From obstacles and agility equipment to watering holes and more, it can only get better.

Furthermore, if you think everyone can have fun here except the grown-ups, think again.

For one, the little Salisbury neighborhood is a lovely Bayside community with beautiful architecture.

What this means is that your strolling path will be flanked by beauty on all sides.

Plan a visit to Little Salisbury Neighborhood Park any day from 8 am to 8 pm.

Address: 400-498 94th St, Ocean City, MD, United States

23. Nick’s Mini Golf – Nick’s Maui Golf

Nick's Mini Golf - Nick's Maui Golf

Nick’s Mini Golf – Nick’s Maui Golf

Being at the edge of a popular ocean like the Atlantic makes you a popular beach town, but nothing beats the creativity the city puts into golfing.

Hence, although there are more than a handful of mini golf courses in ocean city, they remain uniquely distinct.

One of these unique and family-fun golfing courses is simply known as Nick’s Maui golf.

Although this Hawaiian-themed golf course is a relatively small one, it is no doubt big in popularity.

In fact, since the franchise has about five different locations in ocean city, finding it will be no hassle.

Interestingly, the different themes in each location reflect environments visitors will love connecting to.

Hence, whether you visit Jurassic golf, beach ball golf, Maui golf, Dino golf, or golf down under the course, it is always an entertaining time.

However, while all five golf courses can become your favorite, you have to start the experience at one of them.

Plan a visit to Nick’s mini golf- Nick’s Maui golf any day from mid-morning to 10 pm.

Address: 101 57th St, Ocean City, MD, United States

24. Hobbit Restaurant

Things to do in Ocean City

Hobbit Restaurant

When you put on your favorite dress or tux, you definitely want a restaurant that will match that look.

Here is one; the Hobbit restaurant, ocean city, Maryland.

Simply put, this is a sleek diner with an obvious connection and appreciation for its roots and nature.

While this welcoming ambiance is always something to keep visitors talking, its milestone journey leading there is always the unbelievable part.

In 1977, its humble beginning started in a repurposed small house.

However, between that time and 2008, when it opened its current location, it made fine dining out of another location.

Today, it is more popular for its innovative cuisine and spectacular view.

From city style and country comfort to Asian flair, every meal sure stands out.

To go with this, it also offers an impressive list of adult beverages.

Little wonder it is usually the popular choice for special events and parties among locals and visitors.

Get a babysitter and plan a visit to the Hobbit Restaurant any day from 5 pm to 9:30 pm.

Address; 121 81st St #101, Ocean City, MD, United States

25. Captive Escape Rooms Downtown Ocean City

Captive Escape Rooms Downtown Ocean City

Captive Escape Rooms Downtown Ocean City

This will probably be the most intense sixty minutes of your life, although you have just one job to do; get out.

Even as basic as that sounds, you can never be prepared for the originality and immersive environment in the captive escape rooms.

In fact, as spacious, regal, and bright as its welcoming lobby is, that is the only place that actually welcomes you.

However, no matter how intense or challenging it gets, it is definitely always worth it.

Of course, that supposes you are all for an eccentric type of humor any day.

Little wonder captive escape rooms in downtown ocean city have steadily become a popular spot for families, teams, and couples since 2015.

However, like all real-life escape rooms, please do not go in if you scare easily.

Because guess what, you are only as strong as your team.

On the other hand, since vacations are all about trying out new things and places, go go go!

Plan an entertaining escape from Captive Escape Rooms in downtown ocean city any day from 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Address: 101 S Baltimore Ave, Ocean City, MD, United States

26. 67th Street Paddle Cove

67th Street Paddle Cove, Ocean City,Maryland

67th Street Paddle Cove

In a coastal town like Ocean City, there is no doubt a lot of water activities to enjoy.

More so when you decide to share this experience as a family, a couple, a team, or as friends.

At this point, you will want to think budget-friendly and fun-filled.

Interestingly, your next stop is just the right place.

Tucked in a calm canal on the bayside of ocean city, 67th street paddle cove features top-notch stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking.

In addition, as an eco-tour, it features amazing wildlife and sea life variety.

However, the icing on the cake is always the hospitality for visitors and locals.

In fact, while popular opinion will suggest this is a gem in ocean city, the only issue here is you cannot get enough.

Hence, if you have not had your fill of land activities, you might want to hold off on visiting the cove for a while.

However, make sure to visit ocean city’s finest paddle cove on 67th street.

Plan your next ocean tour at the 67th Street Paddle Cove any day from 9 am to 6 pm.

Address: 120 67th St, Ocean City, MD, United States

27. Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Since there is no complete ocean city tour without some landmark history, here’s one.

Well technically, this landmark is at the border between ocean city, Maryland, and the now city of Delaware.

However, the interesting thing about this part of history is the number of memorabilia left behind.

Although it was completed in late 1858, the Fenwick Island lighthouse was first lit in 1859.

However, at this time, the 87 feet tall brick lighthouse was more or less a solo building for about 20 miles.

Notwithstanding, the lighthouse does have some interesting and notable milestones to share with visitors.

One such notable period can be traced to the year 1940 when it became automated.

Unfortunately, after decommissioning the lighthouse in 1978, the lighthouse went dark for four long years.

Today, this landmark history is beautifully lit and gracefully surrounded by a thriving neighborhood.

In addition, visitors to the lighthouse can explore a small museum at the base of the lighthouse.

Plan a trip to the Fenwick Island Lighthouse from Thursday to Sunday from 9 am to 12 pm.

Address: 103 146th St, Ocean City, MD, United States

28. Sunset Park

Sunset Park

Sunset Park, Ocean City

Call it the city that fuels your hobby or the place where you find it, and you will still be referring to ocean city, Maryland.

However, for good reasons actually, there are always more popular spots in this city than others.

One such spot fronting on the Sinepuxent bay right around the corner of the inlet is the 0.7 acres sunset park.

Interestingly, although this park has some interesting year-round activities, it is most popular for bird viewing.

In fact, although it might be underwater during high tide, there is an on-site platform providing great beach, bird, and bay views.

Speaking of activities, sunset park is also a ground for craft beer festivals and concerts.

Moreover, since it is mostly paved and board walked, it is an ideal strolling platform beautified by native plants.

However, although this strolling idea is also open to dog owners and their pets, all pets must be on a leash.

Plan an entertaining water viewing and fishing time at Sunset Park today.

Address: 700 S Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD, United States

29. Dunes Manor Hotel

Dunes Manor Hotel

Dunes Manor Hotel

Strategically placed a block from the northern end of the boardwalk, visitors can begin their vacation in style and elegance.

In fact, while staying away from the ocean city’s bustle, the dunes’ manor hotel stays close to everything entertaining.

In other words, whether you are visiting for work, play, or both, this is just the right place you want to be.

Having said that, its location is not the only thing keeping it thriving since its opening in 1987.

Featuring ocean fronts with balconies, a comfortable bed, a mini fridge, an indoor pool, and more, makes it more ideal when considering a family vacation.

In addition, activities like beach yoga, movies at the pool, and more make it more appealing to visiting homebodies.

Furthermore, if you will pick an iconic but homey feel over its modern counterpart any day, look no further.

Also available are some minor perks here and there that you will surely love to enjoy.

Plan a visit to Dunes Manor Hotel today.

Address: 5400 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD, United States

30. Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ocean city beach sure features a lot of interesting activities.

In fact, you will not be too far from the truth if you call some areas more adventurous than others.

If you do, though, knowing there is a Ron Jon Surf Shop will definitely come as interesting news.

Founded on the new jersey shore in 1959, the franchise is steadily gaining popularity in coastal areas.

Although its subject matter obviously centers around surf, skating, and general beach items, there are always other interesting merchandise available.

Moreover, because it is known to offer enough varieties, especially in different sizes, it is also a family vacation stop.

In light of this, it has become one place that bears a lot of memories for some and makes memories for others

In fact, it can become like a tourist mecca, especially during the summer.

However, beating the rush almost always bears a link to planning an early visit, preferably planning an opening time visit.

Plan a visit to the Ron Jon Surf Shop today from 10 am to 6 pm.

Address: 6701 Coastal Hwy #8, Ocean City, MD, United States

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31. Souvenir City

Souvenir City

Souvenir City, Ocean City

Since the best way to end a fun vacation trip is usually gift shopping, welcome to your next stop.

However, although souvenir shopping comes as no hassle in a vacation city like ocean city, there are definitely some notable places.

One such place with two locations in the ocean city is the souvenir city.

In fact, since it thrives on being unique and standing out, you will surely find it easily.

Featuring some of the most interesting variety you can get, its collections include collectibles, windchimes, hermit crabs, and more.

Another perk of choosing the souvenir city for your shopping experience is its interesting theming.

In other words, the kids will definitely not get bored with this particular outing, whether or not they love shopping.

Hence, if you intend to get creative with your gifting or you just need a hospitable place to entertain the kids, this is it.

However, come prepared, as it is quite unlikely you will not get more than a few things within your budget.

Plan your shopping spree at Souvenir City any day from 10 am to 10 pm.

Address: 711 S Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD, United States

32. Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets

No doubt most Americans, especially vacationers, can get more than a little bit concerned about where their food comes from.

This is even especially true when you are on a family vacation with the kids.

Well, good thing Guy Bashore, the director of operations at liquid assets, is also very much concerned about the same thing.

Hence, short of printing it at the top of their menu, liquid assets definitely scream quality over quantity.

Since opening in 2008, liquid assets have definitely become quite a valuable asset to ocean city, Maryland.

Specifically, when it comes to cheese and charcuterie boards, no one pairs them better.

However, this is not all that tops the list for its increasing number of customers.

In fact, when it comes to wine and craft beer, you can expect only the best quality here.

Notwithstanding, regardless of your beverage choice, there is always something enjoyable for everyone to go with the ambiance here.

Plan a refreshing visit to Liquid Assets any day from 11:30 am to 10 pm.

Address: 9301 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD, United States

33. The Kite Loft

Things to do in Ocean City, Maryland

The Kite Loft

This is no small specialty shop any day anytime.

In fact, while it is like a candy store for any kite lover, it is like a whimsical wonderland for others.

If your hobby falls into a broader spectrum, though, you will love its aerial toys, yard ornaments, and more.

However, if you really want to try new things, this is the right place to start.

That is because whatever it might lack in inventory, it makes up for it in age.

And of course, since its age dates back to 1975, it definitely has some ocean city history too.

In addition, visiting its boardwalk location with two floors is one sure way to spend on authentic and creative stuff.

All that being said, this has steadily become a boardwalk store to experience true ocean city hospitality.

Hence, especially when you are visiting the boardwalk as a family, this is a place not to miss.

Plan a visit to the kite loft any day from 9 am to 8 pm.

Address: 511 Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD, United States


Final Remarks

Whether you are looking for some couples’ alone time, a team bonding trip destination, or a family getaway, you can come here.

In fact, even if you are traveling solo and you intend to have maximum fun under the atmosphere of the sun hitting the water, this is it.

Complete with fishing piers, beach faces, fine dining, karaoke bars, and of course beautiful sunset views, ocean city has it all.

The question is, how much fun do you want to have in ocean city, Maryland?

Safe travels!