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20 Best Things To Do In New Hope, PA (Written by a Local Guide)

New Hope is a little city in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Unlike most little cities, this little town with a big city vibe is home to diverse shopping, riverfront eating, spectacular theater, and cultural activities.

In fact, its booming aura and atmosphere have earned it a place on Travel + Leisure’s list of one of “America’s Favorite Towns.”

It doesn’t matter what tourists intend to do in this location; all activities are pleasurable and worth your time.

Take a walk down time on your sightseeing voyage of the Fonthill Castle.

Broaden your options and try out a scary experience at the Doylestown Escape Room.

There’s just so much to see and do, so we’ve narrowed your option.

Use our list of the best and most fun things to do in New Hope, and enjoy your trip. Also, check out some of the best Restaurants in New Hope to dine at.

Things To Do In New Hope, Pennsylvania

1. New Hope Arts

Things to do in New Hope

NjCarGuy / Flickr

Art lovers and general commentators will love the idea of strolling through one of the greatest gatherings of artworks in New Hope.

Seeing art has a way of revealing the hidden meanings behind a city’s lifestyle and is one of the artistry things to do in a new city.

To make it even more interesting, New Hope Arts offers visitors the opportunity to see art unlike any other.

It offers tourists and general art lovers access to an extensive collection of contemporary visual, performing, and even literary arts.

This art center was set up in 2002 by Robin Larsen.

It offers visitors sightings through six to eight major exhibitions across an extensive collection of media.

You’ll be able to find everything from sculpture, wood, fine painting, artisan crafts, and even new media installations.

They also offer innovative programs, an annual sculpture show, a wood show, and several outdoor installations.

In its exceptional gallery space, you can expect to find unique artworks from both local and foreign artists.

Upcoming and budding artists even have the opportunity to present their artworks and stand a chance to see them on display.

Basically, you should expect to see beautiful art with pleasant definitions.

Pick the inspiration and roam through the gallery checking out sculptures and art generally.

You may come to find it utterly interesting.

Address: 2 Stockton Ave, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

2. New Hope Ferry Market

Things to do in New Hope

Wally Gobetz / Flickr

Exploring new markets on arrival to new cities is one way to unravel what the city holds.

Thus, one of the biggest things to do in New Hope, Pennsylvania, is a tour through one of its largest markets.

When you make the decision to see one, then you must brace yourself for a fun experience at the New Hope Ferry Market.

New Hope Ferry Market is one of the biggest market settings in the city set up for the nicety of both locals and tourists alike.

You’ll find this market on the highly scenic Main Street, presently one of the most charming towns in the city.

It’s a hub of world exhibitions and lighthearted socialization.

Its casual environment and feel give off the trendy and inviting vibes that every tourist looks out for.

At the New Hope Ferry Market, visitors will be able to savor flavors from over 13 outstanding businesses and enjoy indoor and outdoor attractions, in addition to river views.

Visitors will be able to purchase household items, explore food, try different culinary styles, and look at countless exhibitions.

Restaurants, new foods, artworks, items, and sculptures are regularly on display.

Stroll through the market checking out artworks and paintings.

Or stop by and pick fresh produce.

Address: FERRY MARKET 32 SOUTH MAIN ST. NEW HOPE, PA 18938, United States.

3. New Hope Railroad

Things to do in New Hope

Ian Ligget | Flickr

Trains were once a great deal in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Of course, in our history classes, their usefulness was surely over-emphasized.

There’s presently one of New Hope’s major attractions involving a railroad.

Formerly known as New Hope and Ivyland Railroad, the New Hope Railroad is an ancestry railroad in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

It is the city’s railroad, and it operates both diesel and steam-powered trains.

You’ll find this scenic railway just 37 miles outside Philadelphia in New Hope.

At this railroad, visitors will be able to catch a glance into the travel system of New Hope in times past.

The tracks on this railroad were laid as far as 1891, and even after so long, it still offers captivating views of the railroad industry.

Visitors to this railroad can catch a rail ride through New Hope, catching views of the city from the windows.

Most of the journey goes through the hills and valleys of Buck County and presents the perfect view of the city in so little time.

If you’ve never experienced rail travel, then pick out this option as an easier alternative to your city.

Bring your camera and take flings of the environs as you move past scenic places.

It’s one of the easiest ways to see the city and its natural endowment.

Address: 32 W Bridge St, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

4. Delaware Canal State Park

Things to do in New Hope

visitPA | Flickr

Visits to state parks can be the next wonderful experience you can try in New Hope and just as you would expect, they are unimaginably fun.

On a bright day, take a trip to the Delaware Canal State Park.

The Delaware Canal State Park is a gorgeous 830 acres park in Bucks and Northampton Counties.

Like most parks in New Hope, there is a major attraction to this park.

Within the park, you’ll find the famous Delaware Canal.

This canal, like most, runs parallel to the Delaware River, just between Easton and Bristol.

You will find a lot of activities to do in this park that you may not know which to pick from.

To start off your experience, you can consider the option of a brisk stroll or a hike through its 58.89-mile-long towpath.

If you take a walk down this towpath, you’ll be able to explore this park’s many options.

Explore further and take a walk through its historic canal and towpath.

Afterward, move further to explore the 50-acre pond and capture views of the river shoreline.

As you move along, you’ll be able to find everything from riverside to farm fields down to historic towns.

However, you won’t find any overnight or camping facilities in the park; the neighboring sites have some.

Don’t miss out on a chance to fully explore some of New Hope’s charm.

Address: 11 Lodi Hill Rd, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972, United States

5. New Hope Main Street

Things to do in New Hope

Michael Dailey | Flickr

Your next site of undeniable and unceasing fun has to be the New Hope Main Street.

It isn’t a coincidence that it is known by the moniker “Main Street”.

The New Hope Main Street is one of the major places in the city where visitors will be able to experience various kinds of shopping, visit riverside restaurants and explore cultural attractions.

One of the sites you should look forward to seeing on Main Street is the Delaware Canal.

Interestingly, this canal reaches as far as 60 miles from Easton to Bristol and runs through the center of downtown New Hope.

Visitors can explore this canal and see what a canal looks like.

After checking out the canal, move further to learn about New Hope’s history through a walking tour.

One of New Hope’s strong societies, the New Hope Historical Society, offers these tours.

Afterward, exhaust a night in one of the area’s best inns.

You’ll be able to find extraordinary ambiance in the 1870 Wedgwood Inn, Fox & Hound Inn, and more.

Explore restaurants and check out countless cuisines from Marsha Brown, Nektar, The Landing and Martine’s RiverHouse Restaurant, and Karla’s and Sprig & Vine.

6. The Dubliner on the Delaware

Things to do in New Hope

Exterior, The Dubliner on the Delaware

A whole meal in one of the classic Irish and American restaurants can be a good way to begin exploring New Hope.

The Dubliner on the Delaware is a classic American and Irish restaurant offering tasty dishes and draft beer in a cozy pub.

For new visitors and locals in the city, this restaurant is a top pick and one of the most reserved places.

Here, you’ll be able to explore your taste in live melody, traditional Irish fare, American classics, and a relaxed background.

On a weekly basis, visitors can enjoy the options of Irish music and enjoy countless local talents.

At the Pub, you’ll be able to find a full bar, loft-style seating, and flat screens perfect for sports fans to scream to their delights.

If you move to the other section, the Dining Room, you’ll find a homey dining atmosphere for meals, whether lunch or dinner.

Blackthorne Lounge, right at the corner, features a music venue extensive with a private bar.

All the areas are set up to shit your craving and desire and are very comfortable.

Reserve a seat and enjoy a meal, drink beers, and listen to live music.

Address: 34 N Main St, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

7. Bucks County Playhouse

Things to do in New Hope

Sarahfeprieres | Flickr

When you look for a place that defines, inspires, engages, and entertains, you’ll always find Bucks County Playhouse.

You may not know how it makes it to the list, but that is just the Buck County Playhouse.

The Bucks County Playhouse, located between New York and Philadelphia, was opened in 1939.

It is one of the serene places in New Hope that engages, entertains, and inspires visitors with theatrical productions.

Among most of its productions, you’ll find a wide collection of new and classic plays and musicals starring Broadway and Hollywood artists.

Apart from plays and musicals, they also offer resourceful arts education and community programs in relation to performing arts.

Several popular artists have made performances in this theater, and it is quite famous in the city.

Artists like Helen Hayes, Kitty Carlisle, Shirley Booth, Colleen Dewhurst, Lillian Gish, Robert Redford, and Grace Kelly.

Presently, the playhouse offers some of the best theatrical productions and you can take the time to see them.

Stop by and wander through the theater looking through it or check their schedule and purchase a ticket to catch a performance.

Needless to say, it doesn’t matter what you choose to do, you’ll enjoy everything.

Add to your itinerary of things to do in New Hope.

It’ll turn out just fine.

Address: 70 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

8. 1870 Wedgwood Inn Bed & Breakfast New Hope

Things to do in New Hope

Wedgwood Inn Bed & Breakfast New Hope

Wandering around New Hope needs somewhere to rest the bones after a full day’s stress.

If you’re gawking for one of the best comfort zones to guarantee relaxation and hospitality, stop by the 1870 Wedgwood Inn Bed & Breakfast New Hope.

The Wedgwood Inn has offered visitors bed-and-breakfast accommodation in New Hope, since 1982.

Famous for its Wedgewood blue color, this facility offers 18 romantic lodging rooms in one of New Hope’s historic settings.

Formerly, this very ground was a Revolutionary War encampment site in 1776 for 1200 Continental Army Soldiers and General George Washington.

During the 1800s, it was a significant part of an Underground Railroad.

In its Inn, you’ll find three 19th-century facilities on over two acres of grounds.

Inside each room, visitors will be able to enjoy fireplace rooms and whirlpool suites, the kind that grace you with Victorian charm.

It offers more than the regular lodging delight, besides since its architecture is one of a kind it is one of the scenic places to take pictures.

Book a suite and let them handle your lodging stress while you enjoy browsing through the city.

Address: 111 W Bridge St, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

9. Heart of the Home

Things to do in New Hope

Heart of the Home

If along your trip, it suddenly pricks you to check out the city’s art and crafts, there’s just somewhere for you.

For most people who have toured Pennsylvania, they can attest to the fact that this city is an artistic fancy of its own.

However, looking up the crafts and arts of New Hope takes you to a greater level and extent.

Make up your mind to take a tour at Heart of the Home.

This historic building just at the center of New Hope is an embodiment of different craft and art levels.

Here, visitors will be able to meet a lot of New Hope artists, interact, learn, and even check out some of their recent pieces.

Whether you’re exploring upstairs or downstairs, inside or outside the building, you can be sure to find thrilling art packages and crafts.

What more?

You can even get the chance to pick out any choice and take it home with you.

There are a lot of beautiful options and just what you’d like.

Home decorations, office handouts, and even the typical room crafts are on display.

Check it out and pick out what you’d like for yourself.

Address: 28 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

10. Fonthill Castle

Things to do in New Hope

Mercer’s Fonthill Castle

Who said you have to travel all the way to England to see a castle?

Well, you really don’t have to, since there is one magnificent castle right in New Hope.

The Fonthill Castle has been a treasure and one of the top structures of New Hope, Pennsylvania since it was built in 1912.

It was home to one of New Hope’s anthropologists, ceramist, archaeologist, antiquarian, and scholar, Henry Chapman Mercer.

He built this castle to serve as a showplace for his collection of prints and tiles, in addition to being his home.

Notable about the castle is its architectural style, a mix of Gothic, Byzantine, and Medieval.

Presently, the Fonthill Castle serves as a distinct professional museum offering visitors a look into the life of Mercer and his collections.

Since it is quite famous, annually the castle draws over 30,000 foreigners from every state and over 35,000 from foreign countries.

If you’re looking for a perfect place to look at decorative tiles and building art, this is the perfect spot.

Take a moment and browse through the art within this castle.

Roam through the castle structures looking at art or just come to cast your gaze on the mansion.

Address: 525 E Court St; Doylestown, PA 18901, United States.

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11. Ghost Tours of New Hope

Ghost Tours of New Hope

New Hope Ghost Tours

All fun and no scare is sure to make the trip a dull one.

Thus, while planning your itinerary, be sure to leave space for a scary experience in New Hope.

In fact, one fun fact about New Hope is that they spend most of their time on ghost tours rather than exploring.

Ghost tours are one of the best treats you can enjoy on a tour around New Hope and you should look forward to it.

Most ghost tours take place every Saturday night, specifically from the first Saturday in June down to the one before Thanksgiving.

Several others take place during Halloween nights and they can only get scarier.

You think you have what it holds to keep your cool while venturing into the scariest places?

See for yourself when you participate in one of the ghost tours.

This lantern-led tour will carry you through the alleys of New Hope, where you will make different stops to learn the true stories of hauntings in the town.

All tours last for one hour and cover almost 1 mile of the city.

Usually, the tours take place in light rain, but in rare cases of thunderstorms, heavy downpours, or snow, the tour will end.

Go on a ghost adventure and see what creeps you out.

Address: South Main St. New Hope, PA 18938, United States.

12. Oldestone Steakhouse

Oldestone Steakhouse

Delicacies from Oldestone Steakhouse

It’s no new tale that New Hope is quite the fancy when it comes to mouth-watering cuisine and dishes.

In fact, the present is one of the best culinary skills you’ll find in Pennsylvania, be it seafood or stick.

Therefore, one of the delightful things to do is enjoy seafood, steak, or even vegetarian options in one New Hope restaurant.

One such eateries is the Oldestone Steakhouse.

Oldestone Steakhouse offers visitors a delightful experience through distinctive steak and seafood cuisine in a cozy New Hope atmosphere.

This restaurant is one of the top hands when cuisines revolve around American and traditional dishes.

Visitors will be able to try some of the city’s best seafood mix and delicacies.

Even vegans have a say, and there are just provisions suiting their taste buds.

You’ll even find exceptionally prepared steak and traditional New Hope dishes you never knew existed.

Bar selections and even live music are constantly on display.

Stop by and order some of your seafood delights.

If you haven’t given seafood a try yet and you’re looking forward to some crisp crabs and oysters, this is one place to check out.

Address: 15 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

13. The Tavern at New Hope Winery

The Tavern at New Hope Winery

Mike/ Flickr

Visit one of New Hope’s rustic wineries to explore wines in the city.

The Tavern at New Hope Winery is a rustic winery offering a variety of wines, sandwiches, and live music in an 18th-century barn.

You’ll find this winery just halfway between Peddler’s Village and New Hope, serving traditional American meals with a distinctly rural flair.

This Tavern, which evolved from an initial bistro and wine pairing, has been preparing delectable dinners for almost 5 years.

Visitors can enjoy weekly specials, imaginative and delectable, and a tasty menu that varies periodically based on what is available locally.

All the soups, sandwiches, share plates, and entrees at the New Hope Wineries Tavern change every week.

Additionally, you’ll find a huge selection of wines by the glass, draft beer, and well-made seasonal cocktails.

Even the former tasting room and barn have been enlarged into The Tavern at the New Hope Winery, and now provide a complete dining experience for any occasion.

Want to try a great lunch, breakfast, or cocktail?

Be sure to stop by this New Hope Tavern and enjoy a great dish with wine pairing.

Address: 6123 Lower York Rd, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

14. Parry Mansion Museum

Parry Mansion Museum

Wally Gobetz / Flickr

History lovers and buffs will enjoy a moment of knowledge, browsing through New Hope’s Museum.

The Parry Mansion Museum is the true destination to find out all about New Hope’s rich history.

A lot has transpired and molded New Hope and you can find out so much on a tour of the Parry Mansion Museum.

This huge edifice was set up by “the Father of New Hope”, Benjamin Parry.

To describe the museum in a nutshell is to liken it to a historical and cultural treasure.

Visitors can go on a walking expedition through this museum and witness what it was like to live in New Hope in the 1800s.

While you scour the museum, you can also engage in walking tours of the downtown that start up at the museum.

Let docents lead you through New Hope, halting along the way to scour distinctive time periods in the city’s history.

During this expedition, you will amass a synopsis of the history of New Hope and its distinctive thriving culture.

Move through the museum and grasp so much about New Hope without much labor.

There is just so much to see, discover, and learn.

Address: 45 South Main Street, New Hope, PA 18938, United States.

15. Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve

Exterior, Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

On one of New Hope scenic settings, you’ll find this 134-acre nature preserve, botanical garden, and authorized museum.

The Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve is the only native plant-focused accredited botanical museum in the city.

Here, you’ll find over 700 of Pennsylvania’s 2,000 native plant species growing in place.

They are all thriving in the 134-acre Preserve’s documented living native plant collection.

Botanists, flower lovers, and florists will be able to capture, explore, and learn a lot about the city’s native plants.

Moreover, the Preserve only cares for local species, unlike the many beautiful arboretums in the area that display plants from all over the world.

Visit the Native Plant Nursery to view more than 200 plants growing in the Preserve.

You’ll also be able to access educational programs for everyone from preschoolers to professionals artistically interpreting these collections of real native plants.

Want to know more about Pennsylvania native plants?

This is the perfect place to be.

Address: 1635 River Rd, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

16. Crossing Vineyards and Winery

Crossing Vineyards and Winery

Crossing Vineyards and Winery

Wine tasting and exploring a vineyard can be one of the top things to do in New Hope.

Of course, you’ll find a lot of wineries and gorgeous vineyards. However, the Crossing Winery and Vineyards is one of the peculiar ones.

This family-owned winery and vineyard was set up in 2000 by the Carroll Family.

Its owner Tom Jr. had always had this long-time dream to set up a vineyard in the environment where he grew up.

Since its establishment, the Crossing Winery and Vineyard have won many awards, including Best of Bucks for eleven years and Best of Bucks Mont for eight years.

Visitors to the city can stop by to walk through the vineyard exploring and learning how they grow their grapes and the type they grow.

The winery is also open for sightseeing and wine tasting.

While here, visitors can book their favorite pastimes and learn about wine while having fun.

In addition, the winery also offers an online store where visitors can purchase their favorite Crossing Vineyards wines and gift cards.

So, if you’re looking for a unique location to host a private or corporate party, its ground provides the perfect spot to pick out wines for your corporate events.

Address: 1853 Wrightstown Rd, Newtown, PA 18940, United States

17. Solebury Orchards

Solebury Orchards

Apple picking at Solebury Orchards

Solebury Orchards is a vast orchard in SouthEastern Pennsylvania’s Central Bucks County.

The orchard comprises over 80 acres of the farm used to grow a variety of orchard fruits and berries.

Apples, peaches, and blueberries are the principal crops, with smaller areas carrying pears, plums, apricots, cherries, and blackberries.

Visitors to Solebury Orchards can purchase seasonal products at the Market from late June through March.

There’s even the Pick-Your-Own option to explore when blueberries, cherries, and apples are in season.

Picking your own fruits is a wonderful way to spend the day, making your choice of fruits around the lovely berry fields and orchards.

There are blueberries, blackberries, and flowers in the summer, and you’ll be able to pick numerous varieties of apples in the fall.

You can dig through the waist-high blooms in the cutting garden and create a unique bouquet from the wide variety available.

They also offer Wagon rides through the orchards on the weekends in September, October, and the first weekend in November for apple picking.

However, for apple harvesting on Saturdays and Sundays in September and October, reservations are necessary.

It doesn’t matter how much they charge, you can be sure to get what you desire.

Address: 3325 Creamery Rd., New Hope, PA 18938, United States

18. Doylestown Escape Room

Doylestown Escape Room

Camp fear at Doylestown Escape Room

Try escape rooms and see if you can get the perfect clues and solve puzzles.

Escape rooms in New Hope present visitors with a fun way of testing their puzzle-solving skills.

One of the biggest escape rooms in the city is the Doylestown Escape Room.

Adventure enthusiasts of all ages can choose from Doylestown Escape Room’s four rooms.

The Big Game area is ideal for guests aged 8 to 11, and even birthday celebrations are held in this section.

In an hour before the big game, can your tiny super sleuths be able to unravel the riddle of the lost playbook?

You must create your way out of the Dead-End Alley while preserving a life.

With the clock ticking and the strain building, you must stand the test of character.

If you and your pals want to demonstrate your tenacity and ability to work well with others, The Attic is the finest option.

You’ll also need to preserve a treasured family heirloom in The Attic before the passage of time ensures its permanent loss.

Try out Camp Fear, the last room, and it’s not for the weak of heart.

This room’s PG-13 rating is understandable given that it features real actors and a plot that will make the strands stand up on the back of your neck.

There’s no reason not to explore since the escape room is right in the middle of the city and stands out well.

Surely, you’ll want to spend the weekend investigating everything since there are so many alternatives for dining, drinking, and dancing.

Stop by and give this escape room a try.

Address: 140 S Main St, Doylestown, PA 18901, United States

19. George Nakashima Woodworkers

George Nakashima Woodworkers

Woodworks at George Nakashima Woodworkers

You can’t visit New Hope without taking a glance at its woodwork and professionals.

Amongst several of them, the George Nakashima Woodworkers stand out.

The globally known furniture designer and architect George Nakashima lived at the George Nakashima Woodworker Complex.

Here, visitors will be able to explore 21 buildings totaling 12 acres created by Nakashima.

This collection of structures functioned as Nakashima’s residence and workplace until his passing in 1990.

They were dispersed across a forested area and open grassy areas.

Nakashima furniture is one-of-a-kind and easily one of the best you’ll find in New Hope.

You’ll find everything from dining tables, chairs, desks, coffee tables, cabinets, benches, and lighting.

There are also shelves, standing pieces, beds, ends and side tables, and nice upholstery.

Take a walk through the structure looking at great handcrafted furniture and household items.

Address: 1847 Aquetong Rd, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

20. Bucks County Children’s Museum

Bucks County Children's Museum

Exterior, Bucks County Children’s Museum

The Bucks County Children’s Museum in New Hope was set up to create a setting that encourages learning through play and links all children to their surroundings.

On November 1, 2011, this children’s museum opened its doors for visits into the interactive learning space.

Visits to this 5,000-square-foot Bucks County facility is one of the top things to do in New Hope.

Yearly, the museum draws over 20,000 visitors, both adults and children alike who seek to experience a distinct type of fun.

Of course, there are a ton of activities to try in the museum and most are educational.

For a start, put on a lab coat and pretend to be a junior doctor to join the medical staff.

In this entertaining and educational display, you may drive the ambulance, test your five senses, monitor your heartbeat, and perform an operation, to name just a few activities.

You can also learn about money, weights, and measurements, work in a general store from the turn of the 20th century, helping to stock the shelves and short produce.

Try a ride in the BCCM Express and “cook” in the kitchen of the vehicle.

Also, you can sort mail at the post office, then stop by to see the museum’s farmyard pals.

Other options include working with gears, constructing a racetrack, and developing and testing a magnetic ball drop.

As you look for spectacular artifacts and fossils hidden in the “Big Dig,” you’ll be able to learn about the history of Bucks County.

Then, you can enter the countryside of Bucks County by crossing a covered bridge.

Afterward, you can try out “Stomp Out the Trash,” explore the treehouse, scale the High Rocks cliffs, and protect local species by scrubbing a virtual river clean.

Address: 500 Union Square Dr, New Hope, PA 18938, United States

Final Remarks

New Hope may be little, but you can be sure to find a ton of activities to explore.

Check your options well and explore carefully.

You’ll want to visit the city again after this.

Safe Travels.