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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Beaufort (South Carolina)

For one of a kind traveling experience, make Beaufort your vacation destination!

Beaufort is a beautiful city in South Carolina that is known for its amazing museums and series of historical sites.

If you’re looking for all the most interesting things to do in Beaufort, your look is over!

In this city, you can take time to enjoy kayaking like never before, visit a performing art studio for a thrilling experience, or check through some of its awesome malls and restaurants.

To make your voyage to this downtown city of Beaufort more fun-filled and pleasurable, take a look at the 20 Best and most fun places you can check out upon your arrival!

You can also check out the best Restaurants in Beaufort to eat when you are in this city!

Things to do in Beaufort

1. Beaufort Running Tour

Beaufort Running Tour

Beaufort Running Tour

Running is an adventurous trip that provides a way to see a new place faster than walking.

It is a form of entertainment that’s easier than biking and so intimate than driving!

Aside from this, running helps to burn plenty of kilojoules, and it’s a great activity that’s helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.

So, do you care to explore an attraction that provides an exciting running tour while you’re on a trip to Beaufort?

If you will, Beaufort Running Tour offers a three-mile comfortably paced run for all categories of visitors.

While providing the most enjoyable running adventure, you’ll have the rare opportunity to likewise learn about South Carolina’s historic and charming in a fun and adventurous way.

Interestingly, the tour costs only $20 per person, and you’ll have access to lots of snacks and a free T-shirt.

If you’re around this downtown Beaufort, make this tour part of your idea!

The combination of exercise, history, and the staff’s friendliness will make visiting this awesome place well worth your time!

Address: 1010 Bay Street · 29902, Beaufort, South Carolina, United States

2. Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, Beaufort

Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, Beaufort

Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

Lined with art galleries and popular restaurants, Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park is another point of interest in Beaufort.

It provides a great walking path, a trailing area with swings, a children’s play area, and picnic tables.

Incredibly, this Park requires $5 as an admission fee, but if you’ll like to enjoy a carriage ride, an additional $29 is required.

This waterfront park also has a great place to park, but a $1 parking fee is required per hour.

If you’re on an adventurous trip to Beaufort, this is a nice place to visit any time of the day.

The views are breathtaking, the restaurants and shops are great, and there’s a live band playing, which makes it a more pleasurable attraction.

Address: Bay St, Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

3. Spanish Moss Trail

Spanish Moss Trail, Beaufort

Spanish Moss Trail

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy the best of any vacation; most times, what you just need is the right information.

Undoubtedly, Beaufort boasts several attractions; if you’re running on a low budget during your trip to this city, Spanish Moss Trail is a perfect option that will give an impressive thrill.

This Spanish Trail is essentially a 10-mile multi-purpose rail trail facility in Northern Beaufort County of South Carolina.

Walking, jogging, cycling, inline skating, and hiking are some activities you can do here.

Paved 12 feet wide, this all-year-round recreational facility is a must-visit for every outdoor enthusiast that wants to have a memorable traveling experience in South Carolina.

Little wonder, in 2020, ‘Outside magazine,’ one of America’s notable magazines, named this lovely trail ‘one of the most enjoyable attractions in the United States.

If you enjoy hiking, riding a scooter, or biking, don’t miss the Spanish Moss Trail any time you’re in South Carolina!

Address: Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

4. Bay Street At Beaufort

Bay Street, Beaufort

Bay Street

Walking down Bay Street is like a walk through paradise. The architecture is amazing, and the historic value is immeasurable!

Several exhibits reflect how South Carolina was in the early 19th century in this quaint little area.

While you’ll enjoy this, it’s interesting to note that there are many shops that offer a great variety of items.

Perhaps you might still have enough time to spend in Beaufort after checking through the insightful exhibits here, trying out the ghost tour rides wouldn’t be a bad option afterward!

There’s nothing like an admission fee; everything is absolutely free! So, there’s no drawback!

Of course, life is like a moving bicycle to keep yourself balanced; you need to keep learning and enjoying every moment!

Bay Street in Beaufort has something spectacular that awaits your arrival in Beaufort!

Address: Bay Street, Beaufort, SC 29902, USA

5. Beaufort History Museum

Beaufort History Museum

Beaufort History Museum

Will you love to explore an attraction where you can learn more about the history of Beaufort during your upcoming vacation?

If you will, Beaufort History Museum offers numerous monuments illustrating the rich Beaufort’s history & culture.

The docents are more friendly and highly knowledgeable.

Apart from the fact that you’ll be guided through the 450 years of Beaufort’s past, these docents wouldn’t hesitate to narrate the recounting stories about this beautiful city that shaped the entire American history.

The admission fee costs $8 per person, and the individual guided tour lasts for about 45 minutes or an hour, which is so great.

Bear it in mind the best way a man could be killed without a sword or harmful substance is to deny him access to his past!

Certainly, the knowledge and understanding of history is not only an entertaining adventure, but it’s also equally an insightful one!

If you like history and want to know more about Beaufort, a trip to the Beaufort History Museum will surely be worth it!

Address: 713 Craven St, Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

6. Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park

The Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park is an amazing tourist attraction established in 1935.

This delightful site is the most popular South Carolina state park, attracting more than a million visitors annually.

Hunting Island State Park is known for its natural environment, which provides visitors with access to lots of wildlife animals.

These wildlife animals include deer, loggerhead turtles, alligators, diamondback rattlesnakes, raccoons, and hundreds of species of birds.

Besides, this 5000-acre attraction also offers swimming, fishing, and kayaking opportunities for visitors.

Despite these awesome features of this most popular state park in South Carolina, the admission fee is relatively low!

While the adults only pay $8, just $5 is demanded from children!

If you don’t have an idea of where you should check out while in Beaufort, Hunting Island State Park is a great option!

Address: 2555 Sea Island Parkway, Hunting Island, Beaufort, SC 29920, United States

7. Pat Conroy Literary Center

Pat Conroy Literary Center

Pat Conroy Literary Center

Learning provides you with knowledge when you seek it, an escape when you need it, and a great and satisfying pastime. It’s a continuous exercise that is part of life!

With Pat Conroy Literary Center, your aspirations and desire to keep yourself informed about the realities of the modern world have come to actuality!

This museum houses lots of exhibits and on a regular basis, a series of educational programs for all categories of visitors are organized here.

Similar to that, there is a diverse group of writers, teachers, and readers across the United States that are on sight to educate people about the cultural heritage of Beaufort.

Take note that, unlike other typical museums in South Carolina, this museum is only open to the public on Thursday through Sunday between 12 pm to 4:00 p.m.

If you will be in Beaufort anytime soon, don’t miss out on this wonderful place.

Its year-round educational programs, literary festivals, and exhibits will surely give you an amazing vacation experience like never before!

Address: 601 Bladen St, Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

8. Robert Smalls Monument

Robert Smalls Monument, Beaufort

Robert Smalls Monument

Another interesting site in Beaufort is Robert Smalls Monument.

It’s a museum dedicated to Robert Smalls, who was an American publisher, politician, businessman, and maritime.

Being a slave born in Beaufort as a slave, he courageously freed himself and his crew during the American Civil War, which has thus become an essential part of American history.

If you’re on a voyage to Beaufort or you’re passing by this city, checking out this great monument built in honor of this courageous man will be so intellectually rewarding!

You’ll not only have access to his mere status, but you will also learn how his legacy and accomplishments are memorialized.

The park is open daily between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and the entrance fee is absolutely free.

While coming, ensure you come with some portion of food and drinks, as there’s no food truck in sight.

Address: 511 Prince Street in Beaufort, SC, 29902, United States

9. USCB Center for the Arts

USCB Center for the Arts

Scott / USCB Center for the Arts

USCB Center for the Arts is a performing art studio in Beaufort, South Carolina, established in 1795.

Known for its remarkable entertaining shows and series of performances, this pleasurable area is a must-visit for any adventure-seeking traveler in Beaufort.

The entire facility here appears so pleasing. From the sound system to the stage decoration to the chairs and the actors, everything is absolutely great.

If you’d like to come for some shows here, do note that it’s open on Monday through Saturday between 10 am to 5 pm, and the ticket fee is inexpensive.

Even the outside space is comfortable, with many trees and a nice breeze.

You can meticulously get yourself a chill bear and enjoy yourself outside before the movie period.

How soon will you love to travel down to Beaufort?

Whenever it would be, the USCB Center for the Arts isn’t an attraction that’s peculiar to any season, it’s always fun all season!

Therefore, we recommend you come over to spend an hour or two here.

It’s certain you will have a blast here!

Address: 805 Carteret St, Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

10. John Mark Verdier House, Beaufort

John Mark Verdier House

John Mark Verdier House

Incorporated in 1965, John Mark Verdier House is a historic building in Beaufort.

This attraction that’s popularly known as the ‘Lafayette Building’ among the locals, was built by John Mark Verdier, who was a French Huguenot.

Mainly, in this gracious antebellum architectural style building, you will see lots of informative displays, photographs, and artifacts presenting the past history of this city of South Carolina and how its wealthiest citizens lived.

Take note that this fun place provides tours on Monday through Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00, and the admission fee is $10.00 per person.

A fantastic attribute of this delightful place is that children and military men are excepted from payment of admission fees. This is apparently so impressive!

In fact, the guide is soft-spoken, and its eagerness to answer visitors’ questions is highly commendable!

Address: 801 Bay St, Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

11. Collectors Antique Mall

Collectors Antique Mall, Beaufort

Collectors Antique Mall

Don’t seek only money, seek adventure, for it’s better to live 40 years full of adventure than 100 years of money in the Bank!

While in Beaufort for a vacation, endeavor to add Collectors Antique Mall to your bucket list for a more adventurous vacation experience.

Collectors Antique Mall is a 35000 square foot antique mall housing hundreds of antique dealers displaying varieties of nice antiquities.

Aside from being a paradise for antique lovers, this arena also offers affordable shabby chic, collectibles, and toys.

Collectors Antique Mall is undoubtedly a very lovely store with so many things at pretty good prices!

Moreover, the owner is very nice, and the entire vendors appear so courteous to visitors.

For your treasure hunting in Beaufort, starting in this spot will be great!

Address: 102 Sea Island Pkwy, Beaufort, SC 29907, United States

12. Beaufort Rhett Gallery

Rhett Gallery

Rhett Gallery

Opened by Bill and Nancy Rhett in downtown Beaufort in 1981, Rhett Gallery is another interesting site that will be worth your time if you’re in South Carolina.

It’s an entertaining location displaying beautiful sculptures and paintings that were done by five generations of the family.

Different from that, this lovely destination offers amazing antiques, artifacts, and guitars – so much interesting history and treasures!

Perhaps the spectacular wood carving might appear less fun to you, but that’s not an issue!

There’s a little garden and if you’re not in haste, the periodic concert and exhibitions will in no small way make your stay worth it.

Although the admission fee and cost of antiquities are fair, nevertheless, there are no such parking lots.

To salvage that, we suggest you find an alternative place to park your car.

After all, there’s a price for everything, and whatever it takes to have a pleasurable moment is never too expensive!

That drawback shouldn’t prevent you from checking out this local art gallery!

Address: 901 Bay St. Beaufort, SC 29902

Of course, if you want something more thrilling, you can check out fun sites in Cherokee, Greenville, Florence, and Anderson!

13. Reconstruction Era National Monument

Reconstruction Era National Monument

The Reconstruction Era National Monument

Reconstruction Era National Monument is a national park in Beaufort.

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, established this popular attraction in South Carolina.

The area commemorates and preserves the activities associated with the Reconstruction Era following the American Civil War.

Situated on 64.99 acres of land, this area in Beaufort has rich documentation relating to the American Civil War Era.

In addition, if you wish to have a clearer perspective about the ordeal that the African American populace went through in the United States, this site has lots of great artifacts on that.

During your exploration in Beaufort, don’t leave without checking through this historic building.

Make sure you either on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, which is their opening period.

Address: 706 Craven St, Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

14. Burton Wells Dog Park

Burton Wells Dog Park

Burton Wells Dog Park

Just as Bruce Cameron said; “You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him!”

Meanwhile, little did much travel knows that it’s of great necessity to make your pets happy as much as you’re happy.

Burton Wells Dog Park in Beaufort offers off-leash excitement for your pet as well as a few fun things for visitors.

Located next to the basketball courts of Beaufort, this pleasing destination offers two gated and spacious areas that allow your pets to enjoy themselves and play in the water.

A little down this region is a children’s playground and trailing path.

This means that, while your dog keeps cool during summer, you’ll also find something fun and engaging here at Burton Wells Dog Park.

Incredibly, the admission fee is just $5, which is apparently fair!

You and your dog are sure to love this Beaufort park!

Address: 118 Burton Wells Rd, Beaufort, SC 29906, United States

15. Southurn Rose Buggy Tours

Southurn Rose Buggy Tours

Southurn Rose Buggy Tours

Re-live the past through the most memorable and fun horse and buggy ride tour at Carriage ride service in Beaufort, South Carolina!

Southurn Rose Buggy Tours allows every traveler to discover Beaufort’s charm on a horse-drawn carriage tour around its notable historic centers.

This community-focused initiative has a long-standing record of over 10 years and has been one of the reasons why travelers kept coming to this city of South Carolina on a yearly basis.

The entire tour takes about 40 to 50 minutes but, the satisfaction you will have within this shorter period will be so immeasurable!

If you love to enjoy something more thrilling during your vacation to Beaufort, a visit here will suffice.

Remember that to travel is to experience something new beyond the usual things. It might be challenging, regretful, or fulfilling.

Certainly, Southurn Rose Buggy Tours will give you a fulfilling vacation experience!

Address: 1002 Bay St, Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

16. Every Second Counts ESC Escape Rooms

Every Second Counts ESC Escape Rooms

Every Second Counts ESC Escape Rooms

With its intriguing storyline, adventure, and an assemblage of riddles and puzzles, Every Second Counts ESC Escape Rooms is one of the most tempting spots you shouldn’t miss out whenever you’re in Beaufort.

In this real-life team game venue, you’ll be locked in a themed room.

While being locked, you will have to follow a series of puzzles and tracks in order to escape within a limited time, which is usually 60 minutes.

Although, it might appear like a nightmarish scenario, nevertheless, it’s always interesting in the end.

Solving the puzzles and finding clues is far more interesting than playing a board game with your friends at home!

It gets you and your team members out of the house fully immersed in the adventure.

If you’re searching for adventure, mystery, and excitement, there’s no need to search any further. Every Second Count’s ESC Escape Rooms is a place worth visiting!

Escaping this theme room is exactly like a real-life video game and you’ll surely enjoy it!

Address: 22 Sams Point Way, Beaufort, SC 29907, United States

17. Janet’s Walking History Tour At Beaufort

Janet's Walking History Tour

The Janet’s Walking History Tour

Janet’s Walking History Tour takes travelers on a thoughtful exploration through most historic areas in Beaufort.

This leisurely two-tour is always designed based on the specific interests of visitors, which is an impressive initiative.

So, if you’re more interested in historic adventure rather than a solo exploration, Janet’s Walking History Tour is a place to be!

Amidst some of the finest antebellum homes, landmarks, restaurants, cafes, campgrounds, and lots more, regardless of your specific interests, this tour crew wouldn’t do less to surpass every one of your expectations.

The crew is friendly and has lots of local knowledge of the historical antecedents of Beaufort.

The only way you can deeply experience the charming nature of this city in South Carolina is by booking a tour adventure with Janet’s Walking Tour!

Agreeably, traveling alone is a pleasurable adventure with a high sense of freedom. However, it may get lonely sometimes.

When next you’re in South Carolina, join Janet Walking Tour and enjoy yourself alongside other fellow travelers!

It will be so much fun!

Address: 1006 Bay St, Beaufort, SC 29907, United States

18. Beaufort Lands End Paddling

Beaufort Lands End Paddling

Beaufort Lands End Paddling

Whether you are in Beaufort for a multi-day excursion or just to paddle for an afternoon, Beaufort Lands End Paddling offers amazing canoeing and kayaking.

This Canoe and Kayaks adventure is entertaining and speedy because of the lighter weight of the facility and the double-bladed paddle.

If you fancy something thrilling, Beaufort Lands End Paddling can be one of the most exhilarating ways to engage yourself in South Carolina.

The water is always clean; the facilities are in good shape and the tour fee is so affordable.

During a trip to Beaufort with your family for vacation or tourism, endeavor to add this lovely spot to your travel plan.

It wouldn’t only be fun for all, but it will equally allow you to see some beautiful sceneries, clear skies, and lovely landscapes of this South Carolina city.

Take note that canoeing and kayaking adventure is only available to travelers on Tuesday to Saturday between 7 am to 5 pm!

Address: 1006 Bay St, Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

19.Beaufort Biplane Tours

Beaufort Biplane Tours

Beaufort Biplane Tours

Certainly, Beaufort Biplane Tours continued pertinence in tourism is associated with its consistent excellence.

This point of interest provides a rare opportunity to fly high above, which allows every visitor to see the beauty of the South Carolina coast from the open cockpit of the biplane.

Although, going on a ride through this fixed-wing aircraft tour agency requires lots of expenses.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem if you truly focus on accomplishing maximum enjoyment during your vacation in South Carolina.

Should you consider a visit to this place, note that tour days are on Wednesday and Friday between 10 am to 2 pm.

If you’re financially buoyant enough, come and get a bird’s-eye view of the incredible treasures and coastline that Beaufort offers with an airplane tour here!

Address: 801 Prince St, Beaufort, South Carolina, 29902, United States

20. Thibault Gallery

Thibault Gallery

The Thibault Gallery

Thibault Gallery is a fine art gallery located in the heart of historic downtown Beaufort, South Carolina.

This gallery is a haven where professional artists showcase their awesome fine art.

Tourists and locals alike enjoy visiting this beautiful art gallery because of its amazing local artwork, with a range of prices for every budget.

Here, there’s a good variety of art: glasswork, paintings, photography, and 3-D artwork.

In fact, this collection of artwork changes monthly and if perhaps you’re here during the weekend, you will enjoy the regular first Friday event with wine and food!

Address: 815 Bay St, Beaufort, SC 29902, United States

Final Remarks

Now that it is apparent that Beaufort has lots of amazing attractions, what are you waiting for?

The wait shouldn’t take long! Get up, plan your trip and ensure you enjoy yourself to the fullest in this city of South Carolina!

Safe Trip!