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24 Best & Fun Things To Do In Anderson (South Carolina)

Anderson is a city with about 30,686 population located in South Carolina, United States.

That notwithstanding, the city is known for its exceptional fun things such as the most inspiring culture, and picturesque that sight wouldn’t resist.

The city is just an hour’s drive away from the Blue Ridge Mountains and about four hours from the South Carolina coast.

If you are looking for the best and most fun things to do in Anderson, Sc you will always be satisfied!

Beautiful parks, plenty of museums, great landmarks, lovely markets, and tons of other fun things.

In addition, this beautiful city is surrounded by incredible lakes and several state parks, restaurants, stores, and malls worth visiting.

Above all, this city is also home to plenty of breweries, kids’ playgrounds, and sports and entertainment centers, each having its own uniqueness.

So, if you are after a truly Anderson experience, you will find varieties of fun things to do in this city.

Kindly read through our best recommendations!

Things To Do In Anderson

1. Brookstone Meadows Tennis Club

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Brookstone Meadows Tennis Club

Are you a lover of tennis or probably love to watch people playing tennis?

If you do and desire to see people playing it, endeavor to visit Brookstone Meadows Tennis Club in Anderson, Sc!

This amazing place in Anderson, Sc is an awesome and fun place to play tennis.

Besides, they have over 50 tennis clubs that are registered here and always coming here to play.

There is also a pool next to this wonderful place in Anderson, SC, so if you get hot, you could jump into a pool!

If you have the opportunity to come to this very welcoming and beautiful tennis complex in Anderson, you will love to come multiple times again because you will be addicted to the fun things this incredible location has to offer!

Not just that, you will love the layout of the courts because it is definitely unique.

If you are in Anderson, don’t be in haste to leave without checking out the fun things this awesome location has to offer.

It is certainly going to be fun!

Address: 107 River Club Dr, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

2. Split Creek Farm

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Split Creek Farm

Split Creek Farm is a beautiful dairy farm in Anderson, South Carolina.

The farm is set out in grades. For instance, the Grade A Dairy includes the milking and cheese operations and a little kid play area.

Apart from these various grades in this wonderful Anderson destination, there is also a retail gift shop that features goat milk products and folk arts.

Farm from being a farm, they also host various types of cultural events in this wonderful destination in Anderson.

If you are available, make it up to their ‘goat yoga’, which is usually held during the summer.

You will be impressed by the employees in this beautiful, fun place because they are always very nice and welcoming.

Even with that, you will not pay so much to enjoy what this incredibly fun place in Anderson, South Carolina has to offer!

Address: 3806 Centerville Rd, Anderson, SC 29625, United States. 

3. Sadlers Creek State Park

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Sadlers Creek State Park

If you have limited time to spend in Anderson, South Carolina, do well to spend some at Sadlers Creek State Park.

This Creek State Park is situated at a lake that extends into Hartwell, a known Savannah reservoir in Anderson.

If you are in this fun place, you can camp on Lake Hartwell or rather observe wildlife and beautiful water sports.

The park is simply a perfect venue for family reunions or other special gatherings.

If you are after their lakeside pavilion or willing to rent picnic shelters, you can easily do so without having to pay much.

This is simply a tempting spot for anyone near Anderson, South Carolina!

You can’t resist getting addicted to this quiet, calm, and fun destination!

The views are amazing; the bathhouse appears so clean and they have the best sets of receptive staff.

A must-go winter spot!

Address: 940 Sadlers Creek Rd, Anderson, SC 29626, United States. 

4. Anderson County Museum

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Anderson County Museum

Anderson County Museum is a History museum in Anderson, SC.

One of the few modest museums showcasing Anderson County history with original artifacts and plenty of kids’ exhibits.

Besides, this museum is filled with lots of interesting history, from art pieces to beautiful historic photographs and really neat monuments on display.

Even from the outside, you wouldn’t resist admiring the ancient building!

Beyond being a historic museum, this location in Anderson, Sc is equally a wonderful event center for children.

They regularly organize children’s parties and some refreshing goodies are available to every kid who is present.

If you are curious about the history of Anderson and its neighborhood, this place should be included in your itinerary!

Incredibly, they have a large space meant for visitors to park their vehicles and there is no admission fee whatsoever!

Do not forget to come with your kids while coming to this museum because there is something for all ages to enjoy in this amazing and fun place!

Address: 202 E Greenville St, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

5. Denver Downs Farm

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Denver Downs Farm

Do you want a place to get some farm products while away from Anderson, Sc?

If you want a perfect location where you can get varieties of vegetables and fresh seafood, remember to visit Denver Downs Farm.

It is a fun place for the whole family!

Aside from being a perfect destination to get fresh farm products, they also have a large store that offers numerous salsas, jams, and other goodies, grown and canned on-site, and several others!

Plenty of outdoor games for kids and parents alike.

Besides, the vendors are cheerful and always after visitors’ satisfaction!

If you would be visiting this location of Anderson, South Carolina, endeavor to go early so as to beat the crowds!

They have A LOT of stuff for the kids to do. The only downside was how expensive the spot is, but still worth it.

Address: 1515 Denver Rd, Anderson, SC 29625, United States. 

6. Carolina Wren Park

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Carolina Wren Park

Carolina Wren Park is an incredible city park with an open-air pavilion & amphitheater, spray plaza & nightly light show.

The area appears so great with the decoration.

Even with the trees with their lovely autumn colors, you will love this fun place in Anderson, South Carolina!

If you can let out 30 minutes of your time while on a trip, coming to this beautiful little spot in the heart of downtown will surely be worth it!

Great family fun picnic tables, a large play area for all kids, the perfect venue for parties, and lots more!

This location has so many fun things to offer visitors!

If you come during the summer, you can run through the fountains and in the winter there is also ice skating.

There is equally a tribute to Anderson’s Bose man here!

Downtown Anderson is a great place to explore which shows off Anderson’s diversity and cultural influences.

Remember to add this place to your itinerary while planning a visit to Anderson, South Carolina!

Address: 111 E Whitner St, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

7. Concord Produce Market, Anderson

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Local Harvest

If you wouldn’t be visiting the earlier market recommended, don’t leave Anderson without checking what Concord Produce Market has to offer.

Basically, it is an interesting and lovely indoor market, with a covered patio, offering local fruits and vegetables, as well as seafood.

They sell cheap and quality products that can’t be gotten somewhere else in Anderson at that price.

With that, you can also be sure of their great customer service at this lovely market.

They also have a reserved center for kids to play and little sporting activities are as well provided!

Incredibly, they don’t charge visitors any admission fee and the area is not always crowded.

Do not forget to come with a conveying basket as you’d definitely go with lots of goods.

Address: 2511 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520, United States. 

8. NewSpring Church

Things to do in Anderson

NewSpring Church / Facebook

If you are a Christian planning a visit to Anderson, South Carolina, do add NewSpring Church to your itinerary.

It is a wonderful ancient church that has not only so many fun things to offer visitors but is also a perfect location to offer supplications to the Almighty.

The pastor is highly embracing and totally friendly.

As long as you can identify yourself with them, your accommodation and feeding are covered!

What an amazing visitor’s destination worth visiting if you are in Anderson, South Carolina!

You will absolutely love the welcoming atmosphere, and greeters while coming, don’t forget to check out the coffee stations and the creamer.

In fact, if you are a church leader, you need to come here in order to grow your faith through their conferences, training, and continued evangelism.

They’ve got some of the best pastors and their Sunday services are what you should endeavor to attend if you have the time.

Amazing church for all ages! Such a great atmosphere and wonderful music and worship.

Address: 2940 Concord Rd, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

9. Rocky River Nature Park, Anderson

Things to do in Anderson

Chris Light / Wikimedia Commons

Rocky River Nature Park is another wonderful park in Anderson, South Carolina.

Notably, this beautiful park is a tree-topped nature park offering short walks and wildlife viewing in a tranquil setting.

Rocky River Nature Park is a work in progress and you will be excited to see what Anderson University has put up in this fun location of Anderson, South Carolina.

Currently, the park has a boardwalk going over a swamp with several of what you can call old four-wheeler trails weaving all over the place.

Although no bikes are allowed here, however; all necessary hiking and trailing pieces of equipment are adequately provided to visitors and onlookers.

If you are coming to see this beautiful gem hidden right in Anderson, don’t forget to check out the boardwalk over the marsh.

Incredibly, the admission fee to this amazing location is extremely affordable and the tour guide is nice, knowledgeable and so friendly.

If you are in Anderson, South Carolina, do remember to make a stop here.

It’s surely going to be worth it!

Address: 1311 Old Williamston Rd, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

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10. Carolina Bauernhaus Brewery And Winery

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Carolina Bauernhaus Brewery and Winery

Carolina Bauernhaus Brewery and Winery is a reputable hybrid brewery in Anderson, SC.

If you want the best hand-crafted ales, ciders, and meads, this is a place you should visit!

Interestingly, their handcrafted ales, ciders, and meads pay homage to the rich agricultural resources of Upstate South Carolina and the region by using locally sourced malt, grains, yeast, and hops.

While their brewing techniques may be Belgian-inspired, the beers are by no means reverent to tradition and no visitor wouldn’t love it!

The owner and the entire employees are personable and really cool, you wouldn’t have wanted something better!

Aside from their great variety of craft brews, they also have some shops that offer great bar food.

What a great place with so many fun things for visitors!

Neat, funky local place! Great, cheerful service! A must-visit if you are in Anderson, South Carolina!!

Address: 115 Federal St, Anderson, SC 29625, United States. 

11. Anderson Kid Venture Playground

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Anderson Kid Venture Playground

Kid Venture Playground is a little but beautiful park in Anderson, South Carolina not just for kids, but for older ones too.

This popular park with soccer and baseball fields also features a large playground and a lake with ducks.

Besides, this amazing place in Anderson, South Carolina, also has a pond with ducks and geese located beside it

Invariably, it is just a beautiful park around a small lake with a lot of nature to explore.

Their playground is also a plus for your kids. They will surely admire it because of so many fun things available there.

With a little admission fee expected to gain entrance here, there are lots of gifts available for your kids!

If you are coming to Anderson, South Carolina during the next summer, do remember to add this incredible place to your itinerary!

While coming, do not forget to bring your kids along!

Address: 7 Jim Ed, Rice Cir, Anderson, SC 29625, United States. 

12. Remnants Antiques, Anderson

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Remnants antiques, Anderson

If you admire antiques so much, your exploration of Anderson is not complete unless you have a stop at Remnants Antiques.

Remnants is an eclectic and beautiful mall of dealers retailing antiques, furnishings, giftware, and lots of artwork.

Incredibly, the mall is 6200 square feet, accommodating several vendors.

Obviously, you can be sure of getting varieties of antiques!

The prices are very reasonable and without a doubt, there’s something for everyone here!

The people who manage this establishment are also very pleasant and accommodating.

Dealers and various vendors are equally friendly and don’t do less to make appropriate recommendations to visitors.

In short, it is an outstanding establishment with a noble mission!

Address: 300 S Main St, Anderson, SC 29624, United States. 

13. Anderson Willow’s Antiques

Things to do in AndersonRegal Starlight - Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Willow’s Antiques

If you can’t visit Remnant’s antiques, Willow’s Antiques is also a great and fun place you can visit.

They have many different dealers from all over the world who have a variety of items available to be sold.

Besides, this beautiful Anderson attention has just anything you can think of when it comes to antiques, collectibles, and home decor.

The vendors there truly have amazing things in their areas and, in fact, you can be sure of purchasing a vintage parmesan shaker that looks like a mouse, some jewelry, and more!

Such a fun place to visit if you are in Anderson! Apparently, there wouldn’t be any dull moments here!!

If you go in there once, you will go again. They have an upstairs as well as a ground floor just full of wonderful stuff!

Address: 2716 N Main St, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

14. Fire Department Museum, Anderson

Things to do in Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Biddeford

Fire Department Museum is not like any other museum you can visit in Anderson, South Carolina.

This is because this museum has several exhibits relating to the history of firefighting on display.

Beyond that, the outdoor decoration in this museum on its own is greatly beautiful and no visitor will deny its uniqueness!

There also are some beautiful and well-placed antique fire trucks from the 19th century.

Since this museum is under a department that focused on fire, the employees are always ready to take visitors on a tour to see the incredible facilities.

Interestingly, you wouldn’t be demanded of anything before being allowed to see these amazing things that will remind you of how the past was lived.

That isn’t the only thing this place has to offer.

You can also be sure to get some nice cheap gifts from nearby stores and, while doing that, don’t forget to check their little garden.

Beyond that, you may stop by to read some books in their library!

Fire Department Museum is in short, a perfect visitor destination!

Address: 400 S McDuffie St, Anderson, SC 29624, United States. 

15. Centerville Pickers Market, Anderson

Centerville Pickers Market

Photo Courtesy of Centerville Pickers Market

Centerville Pickers Market is an antique store in Anderson that needs not much description due to its popularity even beyond Carolina.

If you need some locally made antiques while in Anderson, then do have a stop here!

It is spacious and always a clean place with lots of great parking!

If you don’t know what you will find, you definitely want to find something you can’t live without! Check them out!

Every booth is unique, and always freshly filled with beautiful treasures for your home.

Besides, every style and taste is represented, so there truly is “something for everyone”!

If you visited them when they were using their old location, you need to check their new location out. You will definitely love it!

It is well laid out, has easy access, and has plenty of parking spots, unlike the formal!

In fact, the booths also contain a wide variety of merchandise from pins and earrings to vinyl records to furniture old and new.

There are so many great dealers and the employees are friendly and helpful. If you haven’t been there, you are in for a treat!

Address: 1300 Pearman Dairy Rd, Anderson, SC 29625, United States. 

16. Anderson Sports And Entertainment Center

Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center

Photo Courtesy of Anderson Events

Do you want a nice location to enjoy all varieties of sporting activities while in Anderson, South Carolina?

Look no further! Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center have the attributes of what you’d ever wanted!

The 300-acre Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center is located in Anderson County, South Carolina, just minutes from Interstate 85 halfway between Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.

The center majorly plays host to concerts, sporting events, tournaments, festivals, trade shows, community meetings, and more.

This location is also a fun and very nice multi-purpose venue serving a small city and the surrounding area.

Plenty of parking and easy access to the venue makes it more unique and attractive!

Beyond that, this location also sits in a sports complex with a large playground, walking track, tennis courts, ball fields, and a sizable lake.

In fact, there are countless fun things you can explore in this amazing location!

So, while planning a visit here, do remember to add Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center to your itinerary!!

Address: 3027 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Anderson, SC 29625, United States. 

17. Anderson Grady’s Great Outdoors

Grady's Great Outdoors

Photo Courtesy of Grady’s Great Outdoors

Grady’s Great Outdoors is an outdoor sports store in Anderson, South Carolina, United States.

This visitor’s favorite destination has been owned locally and managed since 1961.

This is an amazing location for all outdoor things.

If you need quality things such as beautiful shoes and several outdoor demonstrations when in Anderson, be sure to check out this lovely place.

Their friendly and knowledgeable staff provide amazing customer service that you can not get elsewhere!

Not only is this place a location that provides enthusiasts of outdoor things with unique products, but they also offer great discounts on their services.

Without a doubt, Grady’s Great Outdoors is a place you will love to visit repeatedly after your next visit.

Address: 3440 Clemson Blvd, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

18. CocoBon Chocolatier, Anderson

CocoBon Chocolatier

Photo Courtesy of CocoBon Chocolatier

Do you want some cool chocolate while in Anderson, South Carolina?

CocoBon Chocolatier is the best location where you can buy the best quality chocolate.

One of the amazing things about this cool shop is that it is right in downtown Anderson, just a walking distance of several shops and several delicious meals.

The shop is beautiful, neat, and absolutely organized!

More importantly, the service is also great and the owner and the entire employee are so lovely and friendly.

CocoBon Chocolatier is apparently a nice store with a variety of selections of chocolate treats.

If you are here during the weekdays, you can check out this beautiful store full of delicious chocolate made by a talented artisan!

Even if you are not a lover of chocolate, you can’t resist the lemon chiffon and cheesecake

Do well to check this place out during your next visit to Anderson, Sc!

Address: 111 N Main St, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

19. Anderson Viva Wine Bar

Viva Wine Bar

Photo Courtesy of Viva Wine Bar

Viva Wine Bar is a super relaxing, beautiful place in Anderson Sc, where you can get a glass of wine (or select beers) and spend time with friends and family.

The atmosphere is great, and the staff are super helpful.

If you are visiting Anderson SC, this should be the best location for unwinding, meet-ups, and much, much more!

The sidewalk seating area is also lovely on pleasant evenings and seats in their bar are totally comfortable.

While coming for their tasting crafted wine, do remember to have a taste of their cheese and crunchy snacks!

Wall of Wine night is a blast if you can make it up in the late hour of the night, you can wait to catch some more fun!

Interestingly, they have large parking spaces and it is always monitored by a guard employed for that.

Another great attribute of this beautiful place is that, except if you are ordering a bottle of wine, you need no entrance fee; it is absolutely free!

Address: 110 E Church St, Anderson, SC 29624, United States. 

20. Massage Envy, Anderson

Massage Envy

Photo Courtesy of Massage Envy

Do you crave a better style of life?

If you do, come and get the magic done in Massage Envy which is located in the heart of Anderson SC.

They are an accredited massage spa with modern equipment and knowledgeable employees.

Besides, this is a great place in Anderson SC where you will get a relaxing massage, stretch session, or facial.

The entire team is very professional and courteous! You will definitely be glad you visit!

Interestingly, they use modern facilities, and their charges are very affordable.

Aside from the charges being reasonable, they equally have a lot of restaurants nearby where you can get some cost-less and delicious meals.

If you are coming to this incredible location in Anderson SC, it is advisable you come during the weekend so that you can enjoy their weekend shows!

Address: 3501 Clemson Blvd, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

21. Anderson Regal Starlight – Charlotte

Regal Starlight - Charlotte

Photo Courtesy of Regal Starlight – Charlotte

Regal Starlight – Charlotte is a movie theater in Anderson with several onsight screens featuring the latest release.

The inside of this great movie theatre in Anderson is neatly designed and the employees are so nice.

In fact, the movie seats in the theater are extremely comfortable.

Not just a comfortable type, seats are the reclining type!

You can literally recline seats to a flat position, you can watch a movie just like leaving on your bed!

This is so incredible!! Yes, Regal Starlight – Charlotte in Anderson SC has so many best and most fun things to offer visitors!

Sounds quality is also good and ticket prices are not expensive.

Far from every visitor’s expectation, they also offer online(pick your seat options), for tix purchases.

In short, Regal Starlight – Charlotte in Anderson SC is simply a perfect destination you need to visit while on a trip!

Address: 11240 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States. 

22. Sue’s Wings & Things, Anderson

Sue's Wings & Things

Photo Courtesy of Sue’s Wings & Things

Are you after where to get the best American food while in Anderson SC?

Look no more! Sue’s Wings & Things had the best American food that will surely satisfy your cravings!

If you are in this amazing destination in Anderson SC, you wouldn’t have to do much waiting before your food will be served.

Besides, despite the fact that they offer the right quality of these American dishes, they are inexpensive.

They also have the best sets of staff that are readily on the ground to assist you in all ways.

If you are visiting, you can also check out their little bar spot and get some chilled beers for yourself!

Beyond these, you can also be sure of getting awesome discounts if you visit during summer.

Apparently, you wouldn’t leave this beautiful destination less happy!!

Address: 4711 SC-81, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

23. Anderson Skateland USA (North Anderson)

Anderson Skateland USA (North Anderson)

Photo Courtesy of Skateland USA

Skateland USA (North Anderson) is a roller skating rink in Anderson, SC with lots of fun things available to visitors.

If you want to know how fun is skating, don’t hesitate to visit this amazing fun place on your next visit to Anderson SC!

This location is always nice, clean and the kids will really enjoy coming here, especially on Sunday skating.

As an adult, coming here will take you back to when you were a little younger.

It is such a fun place worth an hour or two if you are available here.

More importantly, if you have any upcoming events, such as a birthday party, this could also be a perfect location for it.

If you are also a lover of animals, do check out their animal house while visiting.

Moreover, they have a well spacious park where you can park your cars without any extra cost.

Skateland USA (North Anderson) has so many fun things available to be explored!!

Address: 4142 Clemson Blvd, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

24. Anderson Relics 1208

Relics 1208

Photo Courtesy of Relics 1208

Relics 1208 is a rare gift shop in Anderson SC that has different beautiful and best quality gifts that you can get for your loved ones.

Notably, they have over 500 sellers, and they are all friendly, calm, and welcoming.

Besides, their gifts are always not expensive and they wouldn’t keep quiet without making the perfect recommendations to visitors.

Although they have limited space for guests to park their cars, this place is still a great place worth checking if you are in Anderson.

One unique attribute of this amazing location is that they offer great discounts for visitors who are coming for the first visit.

So, if you can let out some hours during your voyage to Anderson SC, don’t forget to come to this lovely and fun place in order to get some gifts for your loved ones.

Address: 1208 N Main St, Anderson, SC 29621, United States. 

Final Remarks

Fun things to do in Anderson, SC are not just so many.

The city is loaded with several beautiful and so many exciting places.

From beautiful museums, great restaurants, sports centers, parks, and all things in between, Anderson has so much to offer!

In Winter, (or any season) there are tons of unique experiences that are so memorable!

So, pack your luggage and set on a journey to this amazing city for a beautiful trip!

Happy travels.