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14 Best & Fun Things To Do In Little Switzerland (NC)

Little Switzerland is a fun city, with an enormous amount of historical documentation stemming from 1910.

This community is an extraordinary place that every visitor should endeavor to visit with family and friends.

With a host of free places to visit, Little Switzerland has varieties of amazing attributes.

These are related to nature, museums, and several other fun things.

This amazing city was named due to the fact that its valleys look like the ones in Swiss.

With varying interesting narrations surrounding the narrations of this beautiful city, it is surely one of the destinations that have so many contacts of interest.

If you are not certain of what to see first or where to visit upon arrival in this amazing city, there are tons of amount of parks and beaches.

There are also museums, stores, architecture, and American restaurants that you can include on the fun bucket list of fun things that you can do here.

To see how far the town that was initially founded in 1910 has grown to become a tourist attraction beyond the United States is an inspiring thing on its own!

But to actually comprehend the strong and humble beginning of this city, will create unforgettable memories you can’t stand to forget.

So, if you are looking for the best and most fun things to do in Little Switzerland, North Carolina, we are sure that you would want to be certain that you are visiting the center of establishments.

We would assist you to foster a variety of discoveries within this city!

Let’s begin!

Below are our picks of the 14 best and most fun things to do in Little Switzerland, North Carolina!

Things To Do In Little Switzerland

1. Little Switzerland Books & Beans

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Little Switzerland Books & Beans

Little Switzerland Books & Beans is a beautiful store in North Carolina with three different and unique floors loaded with books.

There is apparently no book you are looking for that you wouldn’t find in this amazing place in Little Switzerland.

Is it books on fiction and nonfiction? Storybooks or American drama books?

They have copies of old classics as well as newer books.

Beyond the display of books, visitors also have opportunities to check through wonderful local arts and crafts.

The restaurant here is also great and they derive joy in serving delicious meals at an inexpensive price.

The staff are amazing as well and incredibly friendly and helpful.

If you are on a visit, you can stop in for coffee and a Danish or some fudge! You’d be treated nicely.

More so, there is also a room on the front porch to sit at a table to enjoy your pick-me-up.

In short, this great place is such a cute book, a perfect location for an afternoon meal, and a great coffee spot!

If you are available, endeavor to check in this perfect quaint bookstore with cozy seating.

Address: 28749 9426, NC-226A, Marion, NC 28752, United States. 

2. Charlie’s Quilts And Sew Much More In Little Switzerland

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Charlie’s Quilts and Sew Much More

Charlie’s Quilts and Sew Much More is a wonderful little shop in Little Switzerland, North Carolina where you can get beautiful and perfect souvenirs and beautiful bags.

Would you want to get an amazing quality bag on your next trip to this wonderful city; Little Switzerland?

This is just an absolutely perfect spot for that.

Their selections are from different brands, with the right quality and nicest price you could ever imagine.

Moreover, they have wonderful bags imported from African countries and they have different sizes, you will love them!!

Also, Charlie’s Quilts and Sew Much More has some amazing quilting fabric that eyes can’t resist.

Besides, Charlie, the owner is a lovely person – so welcoming and warm.

She wouldn’t hesitate to give out gorgeous baskets from Africa and no visitor will not love such.

Of note, the prices of all foods here are beyond reasonable and everything sold is extremely beautiful.

There is also a little Park zone where you can conveniently park your cars at no extra cost.

On your next visit to Little Switzerland, don’t forget to plan a stop at this shop for the lovely items.

Address: 3167 Crabtree Rd, Little Switzerland, NC, United States. 

3. Crabtree Falls, Littte Switzerland

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Crabtree Falls

Crabtree Falls is an incredible waterfall in Little Switzerland, North Carolina that is precisely at the boundary of McDowell County not too far from Yancey County in North Carolina.

If you derive more joy from hiking, this could be a perfect destination for you

The waterfall is so beautiful and an absolute place to be; the trail appears so pretty dry.

The waterfall is of different sections, the 9-mile section is absolutely rocky.

However, the 1.7mile section isn’t rocky but a smooth trail.

Beyond hiking, this is also the best location to do a loop, you can safely go down the 9 and return at the 1.7.

Moreover, the scenery is so beautiful scenery and also, camping here too is so peaceful.

The staff here are lovely and courteous, no one has ever given any complaint about their conduct.

While planning a visit to this incredible place in Little Switzerland, North Carolina, don’t forget to add this place to your itinerary.

It is surely going to be fun, and it will also create an unforgettable experience.

Address: 39000 Blue Ridge Pkwy, Marion, NC 28752, United States. 

4. Little Switzerland Snakeroot Ecotours

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Snakeroot Ecotours

If you are not visiting Crabtree Falls, Snakeroot Ecotours is another amazing place worth visiting if you arrive at Little Switzerland, North Carolina.

If you are here, you will enjoy affordable tours and limitless hiking.

It’s certain that, after a tour here, you will find yourself taking noticing even the smallest amounts of life everywhere you go.

More so, this is the only destination where you can get an immense amount of information about the forest.

These include trees, moss, lichen, newts, and so on.

Employees here are also kind, knowledgeable, and understand their duties.

They don’t hesitate to provide additional information to visitors and it’s all fun!

It will be astonishing how many species of rare plants they will identify while you’re on sight here!

It is beyond being extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but their genuine excitement to answer different questions coming from visitors is incredible.

In fact, they will simply customize your trip based on our interests and you won’t love it less!

Are you ready to end your day rejuvenated and motivated while on a visit to Little Switzerland in North Carolina?

A visit here will surely be sufficient to make your voyage worthwhile!

Address: 169 McDowell Ridge Rd, Burnsville, North Carolina, 28714, United States. 

5. Whiteside Mountain, Little Switzerland

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Thomson 200 / Wikimedia Commons

Whiteside Mountain is another wonderful fun and best place to spend your time in Little Switzerland, North Carolina.

It is a great mountain along Jackson County in North Carolina.

Particularly, this amazing mountain that has been attracting tourists for years is along Cashiers, Highlands in North Carolina.

One amazing attribute of this great mountain is that Whiteside Mountain can boast the highest and most lucrative cliffs in the state.

That is incredible right? Yes, a visit here will surely be worth it if you can!

From the beautiful peregrine falcons to the lovely rolling blue hills, this is a magical destination you have to visit for yourself to see all these.

Moreover, the pristine trail is totally safe and loaded with lots of rich history.

The trail is wonderful in both ways, however; we suggest going clockwise for an easier ascent/descent.

In between moderate to difficult uphill, you can hike with amazing views at the top.

Above all, the trail has many rocks and tree roots so hiking shoes are a must!

Admission prices are also affordable and it is less crowded.

If you care to enjoy all these descriptions, it’s high time you add this to your itinerary, Little Switzerland, North Carolina is definitely a fun place to explore!

Address: Whiteside Mountain, North Carolina 28741, United States. 

6. Emerald Village In Little Switzerland

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Emerald Village

Emerald Village is not just a popular tourist attraction in North Carolina, it is equally a distinct place to visit.

Are you wondering why?

This is because this village houses house a group of gems and rare historical attractions.

Besides, they have some great shops and they are cool and you will surely love to get some nice gifts there.

How about the amazing restaurants? Wonder not, their food is topnotch and super delicious, you will definitely love it!!

In fact, if you love picnics, you can get that done here.

We are sure the fun will drive you to visit here over and over again after your next visit!

The staff are incredibly welcoming and very helpful, they won’t treat you less than your expectations.

In addition, they have a playground where kids are welcome to play.

Another interesting thing about this fun place is that they only require little money as an admission fee and it’s surely going to be worth it.

Obviously, there is something fun and enjoyable for all categories of visitors that check out this wonderful place.

Try to check out this place on your next visit to Little Switzerland, North Carolina.

Address: 331 McKinney Mine Rd, Spruce Pine, NC 28777, United States. 

7. Rio Doce Gem Mine, Little Switzerland

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Rio Doce Gem Mine

Rio Doce Gem Mine is a rock shop in North Carolina that needs few descriptions because of its popularity even beyond the city of Little Switzerland.

This shop is located just adjacent to the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in Spruce Pine, North Carolina.

Basically, this amazing shop provides an amazing gem mining experience for amateur and pro rock collectors.

It is surely going to be a perfect destination for rock collectors or anyone who is enthusiastic about this.

You can simply create a wonderful and memorable experience for your kids by bringing them here for fun mining.

They will be happy and surely will demand a visit here again after the next visit.

The owners are so awesome and will teach you about the gem even if you know nothing about it.

It is surely going to be a rewarding experience to visit here.

While coming, you do not have to worry about how to park your vehicles because adequate provisions are made for that here.

Why not plan to check out this amazing and fun place in your subsequent visit to Little Switzerland in North Carolina?

If you are coming, do remember to come with your kids, it’s going to be worth the visit!

Address: 14622 NC-226 S, Spruce Pine, NC 28777, United States. 

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8. Museum Of North Carolina Minerals

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Museum of North Carolina Minerals

Looking for a calm and relaxing destination to spend your day while in Little Switzerland, North Carolina?

The Museum of North Carolina Minerals is a beautiful visitor’s destination in the heart of Little Switzerland with tons of fun things available to be explored by visitors.

Basically, this fantastic museum provides information about the area that is extremely rich in mineral resources and the overall mining heritage of this beautiful city.

Visitors are also provided with the vantage of opportunities to discover some beautiful and highly interactive monuments that demonstrate the creation of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the age saga of mining.

Even if all you care for is emeralds, amethyst, rubies, and quartz that got discovered decades ago, they are available here!

If you ever plan a trip to Little Switzerland, don’t leave this city without checking out these fantastic and highly informative exhibits.

Incredibly, they are all available without paying a dime, it’s absolutely free and Park space is readily provided at no cost, too!

Address: 214 Parkway Maintenance Rd, Spruce Pine, NC 28777, United States. 

9. The Orchard At Altapass

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Blue Ridge National Heritage Area

Do you care to have a different experience when next you visit Little Switzerland in North Carolina?

If you do, The Orchard at Altapass is a relaxing, welcoming, and great place with tons of fun things you can explore.

This amazing location is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization that premised its mission on providing resourceful education and entertainment to visitors.

Although, this place is not always opened, meanwhile, it is still a fun place to be if you are available in this city from May through October, which is their operating period.

A visit to this amazing and historic destination will leave every visitor to imagine how this place was set up and how it became a favorite tourist attraction.

Nothing like sitting on the deck and gently watching the honeybees, butterflies, and barn swallows in their natural habitat!

If you visit during the weekend, be sure to check out their local musicians playing out in the pavilion.

There are also gift stores not too far from this location and you can get some chilled ice cream as well at an extremely bearable cost.

Address: 1025 Orchard Rd, Spruce Pine, NC 28777, United States. 

10. Switzerland Cafe

Things to do in Little Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of Switzerland Cafe

Will you love to get delicious and well-prepared American foods while you Visit little Switzerland, North Carolina?

If you really want a perfect place to get yourself satisfied with nice, delicious, and well garnished American foods during your visit, Switzerland Cafe is the right spot!

They sell incredible meals and provide picnic eats.

Visiting here could be one of the best decisions you can make while in this beautiful city.

One incredible thing about this restaurant is that their foods are of the right quality even though, their prices are relatively low.

They equally have a nice attendant and their entire staff are courteous, knowledgeable, and understands how to satisfy a visitor.

Beyond all these, there is also a nice store not too far from this restaurant that sells pieces of jewelry, ice cream, and lots of bread.

This destination is just all-encompassing! You get absolutely everything that would make your stay in little Switzerland a memorable one.

So, are you planning a visit alone, with kids, or with your spouse?

While making a plan to visit this wonderful city, we recommend you add this lovely location to your itinerary

It is surely going to create some fun and unforgettable memories!!

Address: 9440 NC-226A, Marion, NC 28752, United States. 

11. The Blue Ridge Soap Shed

The Blue Ridge Soap Shed

Photo Courtesy of the Blue Ridge Soap Shed

Have you ever been to a soap-making industry to check out how their activities were conducted?

Definitely, fun things are not limited to the brewery industry!

Yes, it is, The Blue Ridge Soap Shed will inform you about the fun things available in Soap making industry.

This amazing soap industry is rightly located in the heart of Little Switzerland, in North Carolina.

Although their main shop is very small, the assortment of soaps is huge and you need to check it out as well!

The soaps all have a distinct, unique function and different smells, do not be so anxious, if you are here, the owner will surely take time to explain all these to you!!

Moreover, there are different Tons of soaps to choose from and the admission fee here is so reasonable.

Not only is this place merely a soap-making destination, but they also have in-house shops where you can get some flavored coffee.

Of note, only a little park space is available here, so, it is advisable you visit early if you do plan a visit here.

Address: 179 Meadow View Rd, Spruce Pine, NC 28777, United States. 

12. WildAcres Retreat


Photo Courtesy of Wildacres Retreat

WildAcres Retreat is a well-maintained conference center in Little Switzerland, North Carolina.

Are you in Little Switzerland looking for a perfect place to host an event or connect with a great mind?

Your look is over, the WildAcres Retreat is a wonderful retreat location providing a meeting space that is open to groups who want to create a more interesting, connected, faith-filled and kind world.

One admired attribute of this beautiful place is that there are adequate, un-air-conditioned dormitories and all the fittings are so attractive.

Besides, they have varieties of meetings, workshops, and auditorium spaces.

Obviously, there is a space for any kind of event or gathering!

Not only do they provide meeting rooms, but they also provide safe and inexpensive lodging for all visitors.

In fact, their lovely dining hall serves delicious family-style meals three times a day.

This is the perfect and fun destination to unplug and relax if you are in Little Switzerland, North Carolina!

If you ever have the opportunity to visit, drop everything and go.

Their attendant is friendly and receptive, they will treat you like a king here.

Besides, they have a space for visitors to park their cars and a little play area where your kids can play.

Apparently, there is something fun to explore for all ages here!

Address: 1565 Wild Acres Rd, Little Switzerland, NC 28749, United States. 

13. Kettle Moraine State Forest – Pike Lake Unit

Kettle Moraine State Forest - Pike Lake Unit

Photo Courtesy of Kettle Moraine State Forest – Pike Lake Unit

Kettle Moraine State Forest – Pike Lake Unit is an amazing State Park that is just about a seven-minute drive away from Little Switzerland, North Carolina.

If you are searching for a place where you can visit in order to appreciate nature the more, this is the best place you can visit.

The forest is well maintained and there are lots of forest animals that you can enjoy seeing.

Besides, the Lake Tower provides great views of this colorful forest.

The hiking trails are also easy for most visitors and the beach is the perfect and the right place you need to be in the summer.

This is just a nice park with multiple best and fun trails to choose from, depending upon the level of ease.

The trails are well marked(brown/orange/yellow, etc), and most of them intersect, so visitors can hike all day.

Wouldn’t you plan a visit to this amazing location on your next visit to Little Switzerland?

If you can, it will surely worth the visit and you will be left with unforgettable memories!

Address: 3544 Kettle Moraine Rd, Hartford, WI 53027, United State. 

14. The Swiss Shoppe

The Swiss Shoppe

Photo Courtesy of Switzerland Inn

The Swiss Shoppe is an Ice cream shop in the heart of Little Switzerland, North Carolina

Do you have kids who crave delicious ice cream and do you prioritize their happiness?

If your answer to this question is yes, you need to bring them to this wonderful shop in Little Switzerland during your next visit!

They’re incredibly an adorable ice cream and candy shop, with about 3-4 vegan ice cream options.

Incredibly, this wonderful location also has some outdoor seating available for visitors to have a relaxing time.

Moreover, their cute photo booth is incredible, you can simply take home a little picture souvenir.

They also have two free arcade games that every kid can play.

Obviously, there is something fun for all types of visitors here!

With that, the prices of their various ice cream are cheap and you would not find such sweet ice cream.

Staff are equally friendly and they are always available to make recommendations. If you are not too sure of which of their sweet ice cream you are to go for, they will help.

If your visit falls on a weekend, don’t forget to attend their live show. That is actually going to be a plus to the fun things you enjoy here!

Above all, there is a nice parking space that is available for all visitors to park their various cars.

Address: 105 High Ridge Rd, Little Switzerland, NC 28749, United States. 

Final Remarks

The things highlighted above are merely a few of the best and most fun things you can do in Little Switzerland, North Carolina.

Whether you have an interest in beautiful museums, lovely parks, amazing restaurants or some nice place to relax, either alone all with your friends and families, there is something fun in this amazing city.

So, start packing your bag and ensure you are guided with the above list.

Happy Travels!