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18 Best & Fun Things To Do In Waynesville (NC)

Waynesville may appear like an unusual choice for a tourist draw, but it is actually a city that attracts a high quantum of visitors yearly.

This wonderful city is typically an idyllic but amazing metropolitan attractive city with tons of best and fun things to be explored.

With all the amazing attractions, this city that was formed in 1810 is the largest city in Haywood County and also the largest in the western part of North Carolina.

It is no wonder that visitors of all ages desire to vacation here

If you are on this page of Travelaroundplaces, you are possibly on the prowl for amazing things to do in Waynesville.

Beautifully, you wouldn’t have to look far.

Waynesville provides a picturesque backdrop for several amazing attractions.

Once you have concluded where you will stay and how you will stay in Waynesville, narrowing down an itinerary can literally be an uneasy task.

With tons of beautiful things to do, it may be uneasy to select just a few.

This city is the home to several beautiful parks, markets, lovely stores, museums and so much more.

In order to assist you in coming up with amazing plans for your stay, we have put a list of some best and most fun places you can explore.

Below are our picks of the 18 best things to do in Waynesville, North Carolina!

Things To Do In Waynesville

1. Barber Orchard Fruitstand In Waynesville

Things to do in Waynesville, Nc

Image Credits: Barber Orchard Fruitstand

Barber Orchard Fruitstand is a fun place that you will enjoy visiting if you are in Waynesville.

If you need any of this farm produce that you have been anticipating getting during your visit, this should be the first place you should have a stop!

Their products are of great quality and of course, there are varieties of vendors.

This implies that you will have access to plenty of options to explore.

They also have local vegetables at good prices, bread, apple, cake, and several other amazing things.

The apples are what you would expect; however, the bakery is phenomenal, the cider donuts are out of this world, the cookies are delicious, and the pies are amazing.

How about their lovely jelly, jam, and butter?

Saying they are great is an understatement; they are extremely amazing!

It is simply a place where you can’t wonder but get whatever you wanted, so lovely a place!

In fact, if you would visit without getting anything else, be sure to get their great selection of various apples.

Of these apples, some are perfect for eating, while others are ideal for baking.

Not to dwell more on its importance, it is remarkably the most sought-after product that visitors can’t do away with during their Waynesville vacation.

Interestingly, even if all that would not be enough for you, there is an on-site bakery with great choices of tempting treats

Despite all these, the conduct of their staff is also a development that is worthy of commendation.

The staff here seem knowledgeable about the apples offered and they are totally friendly.

Above all, their products are extremely affordable.

Do check them out when next you are in Waynesville!

Address: 2855 Old Balsam Rd, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

2. Waynesville Haywood Arts Regional Theater

Things to do in Waynesville, Nc

Image Credits: Haywood Arts Regional Theater

Except for a tourist who is visiting outside the state of Carolina, this amazing place needs a little description.

This is because it is popular not only among the local inhabitants but also among residents of North Carolina.

The reason is not difficult; it is due to the fact that several people derive pleasure in exploring this wonderful place.

Definitely, if you are coming to North Carolina, you should not be an exception to those visitors who come here to enjoy themselves.

Haywood Arts Regional Theater is a little but an amazingly fun place in Waynesville, North Carolina.

In this wonderful location, they organize amazing entertaining shows periodically.

Of these shows, the weekend shows are always the most entertaining.

Although, all their shows are generally interesting.

But if you want something better, we recommend you visit here during the weekend!

The actors are fun to watch, and they are skillful.

Moreover, they are also smart and are particularly knowledgeable about the world of entertainment.

The admission fee is reasonable as well, and you wouldn’t encounter any issues parking your cars.

Besides that, restaurants are all over here too, and they sell good American and Canadian food.

Merely reading these descriptions wouldn’t suffix, do well to check out Haywood Arts Regional Theater when next you visit Waynesville.

If it’s not fun, then it is somewhere else!

Apparently, you will be glad to visit this Waynesville attraction!

Address: 250 Pigeon St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

3. Sutton And Son’s Antiques, Waynesville

Things to do in Waynesville, Nc

Image Credits: Sutton and Son’s Antiques

If your purpose of coming to Waynesville is to get a nice place where antiquities are offered aplenty, relax, something of such is available for you!

Sutton and Son’s Antiques is an antique store in North Carolina with diverse lovely antiquities put up for sale.

Interestingly, this wonderful location is renowned to be one of the best antique malls in the city of Waynesville.

The sweet ole kitty cat and such a rare form of antique makes here a must-see attraction in the city.

These beautiful antiquities are less expensive, and they are always great as usual.

The staff here are so informative and always ensure they make the best recommendations to every visitor.

Not only that, but this beautiful place also housed a little museum.

Incredible right? Yes, it is!!

Apparently, if you would not have an interest in antiquities, coming to this amazing museum would never be a wrong decision.

This awesome location is a family attraction, so do come with your wife and kids.

It will obviously going to be fun for all!

Address: 3156 Dellwood Rd, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

4. Waynesville Museum Of North Carolina Handicrafts

Things to do in Waynesville, Nc

Image Credits: Romantic Asheville

Do you want some pictorial things to give you more insight into the history of this city?

If indeed you do, come to the Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts.

This museum has tons of exhibits that are informative, insightful and so fun to see.

No wonder the mantra of operations here is “Heritage preservation of Waynesville”.

One incredible thing about this great location is that it focuses on crafts & agricultural displays.

And of course, these are initiatives from local artisans, which makes it more great and celebrated.

This place is definitely a treasure and you will appreciate coming here if you can come.

The senior tour guide (Miranda) and the others who work are also a wealth of information.

Beyond all that, there is a little gift shop almost opposite this wonderful location.

In this shop, you can also be sure of getting nice and beautiful gifts for your kids here.

While you are planning your trip here, ensure you include the Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts in your itinerary!

Address: 49 Shelton St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

5. Cedar Hill Studio & Gallery

Things to do in Waynesville

Kevin Light Photography

Cedar Hill Studio & Gallery is an Art gallery in Waynesville, North Carolina is another amazing place you can visit during your vacation.

This is a lovely location that is blessed with a great variety of artistic works.

These works are wonderful and attractive and they are available at great rates.

If you love arts, apparently this place should be prioritized on your travel plan.

That apart, the artisans employed here and all the employees are so friendly and helpful.

In fact, not only will they welcome you well, they will welcome your dogs too!

So, why wouldn’t you explore this amazing store with helpful and happy staff couple with their beautiful art?

Although, the decision is yours, meanwhile, to be truly adventurous, do check here when next you visit Waynesville!!

Address: 196 N Main St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

6. Love Lane Flower Farm, Waynesville

Things to do in Waynesville, Nc

Image Credits: Love Lane Flower Farm

Will you be glad to see a place where flowers are available aplenty during your visit to Waynesville, North Carolina?

If you are the type that appreciates seeing beautiful flowers of various breeds, do not hesitate to visit Love Lane Flower Farm.

Love Lane Flower Farm is a Florist in Waynesville, North Carolina with enough flowers that will make you happy.

Besides, this lovely place also has standard restaurants, beer, wine & spirits joints, and great farmers’ markets.

It is evident that you can sub zoom your voyage into one by visiting this lovely place.

This is because apparently what a diligent visitor would expect are available here.

An unimaginable feature of this place is that none of the workers are rude and they pay great attention to details.

In fact, not minding the volume of the questions any visitors will ask, they are always eager to answer all questions!

If you really plan a visit here, that would be the best decision you will make as a tourist coming to Waynesville.

So, why don’t you make the decision and plan a visit here?

Definitely, you can’t regret coming here!

There are provisions alike for visitors to park their cars at no extra cost!

Address: 431 Dellwood Rd, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

7. Waynesville Parks And Recreation

Things to do in Waynesville, Nc

Image Credits: Town of Waynesville

If you care to have a little stay in a relaxing and welcoming location during your Waynesville trip, ensure you stop here.

Waynesville Parks and Recreation is a popular recreation center in Waynesville, North Carolina, with tons of things available to be explored.

Some of these fun things in this attraction include enough area to relax, an adequate and safe play area for little ones, and their pretty lame disc fold course among several others.

So, this presupposes that you wouldn’t stay a minute here and be bored, so much enjoyment here!

In fact, their Park is so amazing and unlike other places where you will be charged to get your cars parked, it is absolutely free here.

There are also nearby shops near this location that provide snacks, gifts, and several other amazing things.

If your vacation falls during summer, make sure you make some effort to check out this wonderful place in Waynesville.

With confidence, we are sure that this will make your trip more fun and memorable!

Address: 550 Vance St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

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8. Smoky Mountain Jump House Of Waynesville

Things to do in Waynesville

For an inclusive visit to Waynesville with your kids, Smoky Mountain Jump House should be on top of your itinerary.

Truly, just as you wouldn’t want to visit a place and spend so much time being bored, this lovely place is an inclusive tourist destination.

This implies that, while you get some fun, your kids are not left out.

By way of clear description, this lovely location is an amusement center in Waynesville, North Carolina.

Precisely, it is situated in the central town and the entire location is a safe place to explore.

The little kids, grown-up ones, and toddlers will definitely see something fun to keep them stay for a long period here.

Aside from the fact that you can relax and have some chilled beers, the little ones can run some energy out on a rainy day.

Incredibly, their service fee is not pricey for any category of visitor, adult or kids!

The owner is also so sweet and will make everyone feel welcome

This is a perfect place you should visit upon your entry to this amazing city of North Carolina.

Address: 228 Muse Business Park, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

9. First United Methodist Church, Waynesville

Things to do in Waynesville, Nc

Wikimedia Commons / Warren LeMay

Are you on a religious exploration to Waynesville looking for a wonderful place to worship?

Obviously, this recommendation is for you, look no further!

Head to First United Methodist Church in Waynesville, North Carolina.

They are so receptive to any visitor and both the Bishop of the church and the entire members are friendly.

In fact, if your religious inclination is not that of the Christian faith, you will still find this amazing place in Waynesville interesting.

Are you wondering how it could be a fun place for non-Christians?

Definitely, we will not leave you in a curious state without completing the description!

They are less doctrinal and absolutely no segregation of whatever kind.

It’s absolutely a place all visitors can come to, for either worship or for an ordinary tourist.

You can not find this ancient building less entertaining. Of course, the embodiments of this building itself are a wealth of information for all kinds of visitors.

More importantly, if it appears that you are homeless upon your arrival in this beautiful city, head towards the First United Methodist Church.

Based on the amazing attributes of this location, it becomes imperative for you to consider a visit here.

Without any hesitation, it will be worth the time!

Address: 566 S Haywood St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

10. Waynesville Blue Ridge Beer Hub

Blue Ridge Beer Hub

Image Credits: The Full Pint Media

For the lovers of beer, here is what you have been waiting to read!

As earlier noted, Waynesville is a city with something to offer all classes of visitors.

So, lovers of beers, if you want a place that will create amazing memory lines for you, check out Blue Ridge Beer Hub.

It is a reserved beer store in Waynesville, North Carolina that provides not only in-store shopping but also curbside pickup.

This beautiful beer house has an unlimited selection of national, international, local, and regional beers.

Besides, they also have a large variety of other spirits including wine, ciders, and meads.

If you develop a thirst while shopping here, this amazing place also has a bar that will serve you.

Stop in here if you are visiting Waynesville and try a local craft beer!

The beer selection looked decent, cozy, and with the right flavors.

Staff are also great and their conduct alone is what will make you feel welcomed.

On your subsequent voyage to Waynesville, consider a visit here and it’s certain you would leave more excited!

Address: 21 East St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

11. Haywood’s Historic Farmers Market

Haywood's Historic Farmers Market

Image Credits: The Mountaineer

Haywood’s Historic Farmers Market is a market in Waynesville, North Carolina that offers the freshest farm products from the great Appalachian farmers.

They also have tons of amazing products from artisan food producers and heritage crafters.

If you are in Waynesville, North Carolina, this is a little cute little place where you can spend the morning.

Besides, this wonderful Waynesville market is renowned to be the best place to get nice local produce and lots of arts and crafts.

Coming here for a wonderful stroll wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Of course, you will find amazing things like fresh cheeses, baked goods, wildflowers, seafood and meats, and some crafts.

This awesome hidden gem of Waynesville also provides visitors with the opportunity to see amazing crafts and homemade bread, cheese, and garden veggies.

Not to mention, live music!!! You need to check this market out anytime you are in this city.

Visiting other places without sparing a few hours to explore here will be like a treasure thrown into an ocean!

Address: 250 Pigeon St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

12. Waynesville Big Red Barn Trading Post

Big Red Barn Trading Post

Big Red Barn Trading Post

While you visit Waynesville, for favorite home goods and household-related products, Big Red Barn Trading Post is a perfect spot to stop.

It is a store in Waynesville, North Carolina that provides amazing home goods products to both visitors and inhabitants.

Do not be reluctant to visit and explore the 20000 square feet that housed over 10000 items.

You will definitely marvel and be thoughtful about how much was put up to bring this amazing initiative.

If you like the tiny bits at the bottom of a bag of chips, then you’ll enjoy the Big Red Barn.

The nicer stuff is in the front of the place, but as you go through the maze, you find random unexpected things.

In short, it’s a good way to spend about 2 hours of your visiting schedule.

Prices are also negotiable and you can sell some antiques too if you so wish.

Different from that, the owner of this invaluable initiative and the whole staff are very nice and will treat you great.

Make sure when you plan a visit here that you have plenty of time to peruse the multiple levels and sections of this amazing shop.

Address: 79 Branner Ave, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

13. Mast General Store

Mast General Store

Image Credits: Mast General Store

Mast General Store is another wonderful place where the best and most fun things are embedded.

It is a shop that offers almost everything you might need during your visit to Waynesville.

Since 1883, when it was established, no visitor has felt less satisfied with the products or services they render.

This retail shop sells a broad selection of goods, including food, apparel & outdoor gear.

More so, a lot of vendors are here and that itself will give you the chance to make selections amidst different options.

They are friendly, knowledgeable and will always ensure that every visitor they encounter stands satisfied.

Amazingly, none of the products sold here are pricey, even those that appear a bit expensive will definitely be worth it.

Once you arrive in Waynesville, this multipurpose store will make a difference if you could visit them!

Address: 63 N Main St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

14. The Strand At 38 Main

The Strand at 38 Main

Strand at 38 Main

Another wonderful place that you will appreciate visiting in Waynesville is The Strand at 38 Main.

Although, several visitors are myopic about how fun this attraction is; however, we recommend you visit here.

This recommendation is inevitable unless you are less concerned about having unlimited fun moments during your trip here.

The Strand at 38 Main is an Art Theater in the city of Waynesville where you can view amazing and interesting movies.

Seats here are so comfortable to sit on, even for hours, you can not feel any pain.

Beyond that, they serve visitors snacks while viewing movies at no extra cost.

If you want something different while you are here, just order a beer, it is going to be an interesting moment for you here!

Aside from the fact that this is a movie house, they also provide an enabling environment for your events.

So, you can simply bring forth your upcoming events to The Strand at 38 Main in Waynesville!

They will plan your events and treat your guests right, and interestingly, all these are available at a reasonable charge.

Ensure you add this place to your itinerary while coming to Waynesville in North Carolina!

Address: 38 N Main St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

15. The Recreation Center, Waynesville

Recreation Center

Image Credits: Recreation Center

Just as the name implies, Waynesville Recreation Center is a recreation spot in this city of North Carolina.

If what will catch your interest is a perfect place where you can have a relaxing moment with your kids, come visit this place.

There are tons of fun things available here for all categories of visitors.

They have a football field, pool and provide an avenue for visitors to play golf games.

Evidently, it is a popular place that will allow you to explore several sporting games.

One celebrated thing about this place is that the cost that will be required of you is so little compared to the fun moments you will enjoy here.

In fact, you can bring your pets here and they have an amazing space for visitors to park their cars.

So, why would you keep worrying about how to satisfy yourself and your kids during your exploration?

This location of Waynesville will surely create the magic if you visit!

Address: Recreation Center, Waynesville, United States. 

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16. Somatic Healing Clinic, Waynesville

Somatic Healing Clinic

Image Credits: Somatic Healing Clinic

Somatic Healing Clinic is a massage therapist in Waynesville, North Carolina.

They are always open and it is a perfect spot for everyone who cares to give their body the best and perfect treatment.

Are you experiencing some muscular pain within your body and you are already tired of it?

Of course, there is a solution, visit the Somatic Healing Clinic and allow them to do the magic!

Their facilities and whole equipment are less hazardous and no visitor has complained about them despite their aged long existence.

The service charge is affordable and the entire staff, from the receptionist to everyone that works here are so friendly.

In fact, you will develop a natural likeness with them because they are so knowledgeable about body care.

Once you arrive in Waynesville, ensure you check out this homey studio that offers Swedish & medical massage therapy services with advanced stretching treatments.

You wouldn’t leave before you say a bye to those notorious pains, so, ensure you visit!

Address: 130 Miller St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

17. Queen’s Farm Stables

Things to do in Waynesville, Nc

Queen’s Farm Stables

Have you ever experienced how it used to feel riding horses before?

Of course, you know it is always a fun and memorable thing to do!

If you haven’t ridden a horse before, you are greatly missing out.

But then, you should not take your whole time worrying!

That is if you would be visiting Waynesville any time soon.

This is because Queen’s Farm Stables is one of the best and most fun horseback riding tour providers, not only in Waynesville but in the United States.

Their horses appear so happy, well taken care of, and friendly.

Besides, the tour guide is fun to be with and always pays great attention to details.

The admission fee here is also worthy of mention because it is extremely affordable beyond what any visitor would expect.

Thus, if you would love to see how it used to be to ride a horse, you should book a trip with them once you are in Waynesville, North Carolina!

Address: 90 Queens Farm Ln, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

18. The Chocolate Bear

Things to do in Waynesville, Nc

Image Credits: The Chocolate Bear

Are you a lover of chocolate and having a heavy thought as to where to get your favorite chocolates when you visit Waynesville?

Absolutely, your worries and overthinking are over!

The Chocolate Bear is a large shop in Waynesville that offers amazing chocolate to visitors and inhabitants.

Their chocolate is amazing and always the best.

No wonder this wonderful shop has received and had continued to receive recognition even beyond the city of Waynesville.

Besides, this wonderful location is blessed with amazing staff, they are so wonderful at helping visitors to pick out the right chocolates.

That presupposes that, even when you are in a dilemma as to which and what to go for over their various chocolates, they wouldn’t hesitate to help you out!

In short, this wonderful shop in Waynesville is a decadent place with delicious, and dangerously addictive offers!

So, anytime you are in this wonderful city, do remember to visit here for chocolate and a wonderful selection of tasty treats to choose from.

The chocolates are amazing and the prices are reasonable for the quality of what you will get!

Address: 170 N Main St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States. 

Final Remarks

Waynesville is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the United States.

With plenty of outdoor attractions like recreational centers, parks, and farms, amongst others enable visitors to reconnect to nature.

It is no wonder visitors flock to Waynesville, every year.

The Waynesville cultural scene is equally booming with amazing and lovely theaters.

Besides, this wonderful city also has tons of amusement parks, sports centers and so much more.

Whether you will be visiting this amazing city alone, with lovelies, with family, or for academic exploration, Waynesville has something fun for every sensibility.

There are tons of things to explore in Waynesville, as evidenced above.

Ensure you add some of these lovely attractions to your Waynesville travel plans.

Happy Travels.