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21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Blowing Rock (NC)

Blowing Rock, North Carolina, is a charming community nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is the place where nature’s spectacular beauty collides with the adventurous spirit of caring communities.

Sometimes known as the “Crown of the Blue Ridge Mountains,”. It is widely recognized as one of North Carolina’s most picturesque settlements.

This city, founded in 1889, is in the North Carolina High Country,10 miles south of Boone and 24 miles east of Banner Elk. 

Since then, the population has remained relatively stable, increasing from 300 residents at the time of its founding to around 1300 year-round residents today.

However, during the summer, when people go to the hills to escape the heat and humidity of the lowlands, those numbers tend to surge.

The community was named after the renowned geological formation known as Blowing Rock, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, woodland, and the Johns River Gorge.

While downtown Blowing Rock is still the area’s oldest and most popular tourist destination. It also offers a diverse range of other activities.

Things To Do In Blowing Rock

1. Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock

Things to Do in Blowing rock

Carl Grant | Flickr

The Tweetsie Railroad is one of the Wild West theme parks. Here visitors can ride a train driven by an antique steam locomotive.

This 3-mile scenic mountain hike is jam-packed with family-friendly activities.

With 14 carnival-style attractions and live entertainment, there’s something for everyone here.

Besides, Tweetsie, or Locomotive No. 12, was one of the first passenger trains to arrive in Boone, North Carolina, in 1919.

It’s also the only one that survived the ET&WNC Railroad’s closure in 1950 without being scrapped.

The vintage steam train is now the centerpiece of this Wild West theme park. As an additional perk, they also offer live music and fairground attractions.

Also, there’s a small zoo and hands-on activities like gold panning.

The annual Tweetsie Railroad Christmas is a hugely popular event and notably characterized by thousands of bright lights, holiday-themed shows, photos with Santa, and more.

Audiences of all ages here are enchanted by musicals and magic acts.

In addition to the fun, Can-can dancers perform between acts while antique westerns play on the screen. And the Country Clogging Jamboree adds some Appalachian dancing to the mix.

Address: 300 Tweetsie Railroad Lane, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

2. Moses H. Cone Memorial Park

Things to Do in Blowing Rock

Doug Coldwell | Wikimedia Commons

Moses H. Cone Memorial Park is named after North Carolina’s infamous “Denim King,”.

It is a 3500-acre estate, which includes a remarkable Beaux-Arts summer residence. This park was the affluent entrepreneur Moses H. Cone’s rural house.

Moses H. Cone Memorial Park features 25 miles of scenic pathways that go through a thick white pine forest and open pastures.

The property’s centerpiece is the Flat Top Manor; a 13,000-square-foot, 20-room mansion. And here guests may immerse themselves in the beauty of the Gilded Age.

Moses and his wife Bertha began building Flat Top Manor in 1899 and finished it in 1901.

Moses’ love of nature and farming compelled him to plant a white pine forest, hemlock hedges, orchards, gardens, and rear livestock.

This architectural piece of art, painted a dazzling white, shines out against the lush green pine forest backdrop.

The property also has apple orchards and three gorgeous lakes. Notably, the lake comes stocked with bass and trout.

Flat Top Manor is also known as Cone Manor. It was recently refurbished and now houses a superb gallery of folk art from the Southern Highland Craft Guild.

The popular Bass Lake Loop, Flat Top Road, and the short “Figure 8 Trail” near the Cone Manor House are just a few of the park’s hiking trails. The park is also strewn with magnificent North Carolina wildflowers.

Flat Top Manor is open to the public for free.

Hiking, horse riding, and fishing in the stocked lakes are all popular activities in the Park.

Address: Blue Ridge Parkway, Milepost 294, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, 28605

3. The Blowing Rock

Things to Do in Blowing Rock

Robbie Caponetto

The Blue Ridge Mountains’ Blowing Rock was formed by crushing pressure about 250 million years ago.

Blowing Rock is a unique geological feature that lies 3000 feet above John’s River Gorge and is North Carolina’s oldest tourist attraction.

Coupled with that, it’s also responsible for the name of the community of Blowing Rock.

The area’s strong winds earned it the moniker “the only spot in the world where snow falls upside down,”.

Besides, Blowing Rock is a traditional lover’s leap story about a Cherokee brave who fell to his death only to be blown back up to his Chickasaw lady by the wind.

Mount Mitchell, Grandfather, Hawksbill, and Table Rock Mountains are just a few of the renowned North Carolina mountains visible from the famous ledge.

It’s also perhaps Western North Carolina’s coolest selfie location.

Years of erosion have revealed the now-visible Blowing Rock structure.

Visitors will be speechless as they walk down the 1200-foot-long path that overlooks the valley below.

At The Blowing Rock, you may also enjoy breathtaking sights, a man-made waterfall, and two scenic hiking paths,

There’s also a lovely picnic place and a history gallery of Blowing Rock images.

A 3000-square-foot gift shop is also available, as well as a Gorge View Annex building. There’s also a spot for a snack bar and locally created goods that may be rented for private parties.

Address: 432 The Rock Road, Blowing Rock, NC 28645

4. Julian Price Memorial Park

Things to Do in Blowing Rock

Jim Ruff / Julian Price Memorial Park

Julian Price Memorial Park is located at the feet of Grandfather Mountain.

It is a 4200-acre rolling environment. When coupled with the adjacent Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, these two parks make up the greatest area developed for public enjoyment on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Julian Price, a North Carolina insurance magnate, once owned the park and utilized it as a recreational hideaway for his staff.

His heirs donated the area to the National Park Service as a memorial after his death in 1946.

The gorgeous Price Lake is the park’s showpiece. It encompasses 47 acres and is open to kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

You could also go hiking on the 2.7-mile Price Lake Trail.

Other great hiking trails near Price Park include the 2.3-mile Green Knob Trail, the 5.5-mile Boone Fork Trail, and the legendary Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

The park also provides a picnic area with over 100 sites and seasonal overnight camping at one of North Carolina’s top campgrounds.

Julian Price Memorial Park likewise offers a variety of activities, including family picnics along the Parkway and fishing while boating on Price Lake.

Hikers and mountain bikers can enjoy a 13.5-mile track that runs from the Lake to Beacon Heights along the Parkway.

Nature lovers can also immerse themselves in the beauties of the Blue Ridge Mountains by camping under the sky.

Address: Milepost 297 Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, NC 28605,

5. Blowing Rock Art & History Museum

Things to Do in Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock Art & History Museum

The Blowing Rock Art & History Museum (BRAHM) is a Museum of Art and History located in the North Carolina mountains. It opened to the public in 2011 as a community cultural center.

BRAHM is a lovely museum housed in a well-designed, modest stone structure.

It has two outstanding shows that highlight the work of North Carolina artists. One featured numerous stunning landscapes by famed painter John Beerman, while the other featured a selection of works from a couple’s pottery collection in North Carolina.

Visitors at BRAHM are able to get up and personal with both art and history.

This museum is more than a gallery or a museum filled with objects. With classes for adults and family, the BRAHM offers the community of Blowing Rock a hands-on cultural learning experience.

Guest speakers present educational talks about the Blue Ridge Mountain region’s visual and performing arts. Participants also actively participate in painting workshops.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, kids may join in the fun with imaginative art projects and crafts.

Further, during the summer, the Blowing Rock Art & Museum organizes a concert series with a variety of skilled musicians who perform in a variety of styles.

It’s a wonderful place to get away from the clamor of the outside world. And also a gathering spot for people to come together, ponder, rest, and learn.

Each exhibit and event is meticulously designed to encourage people to think, converse, and participate.

What’s more, entry is completely free!

Address: 159 Ginny Stevens Lane, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

6. Appalachian Ski Mountain

Things to Do in Blowing Rock

Appalachian Ski mountain

The Blowing Rock Ski Lodge was founded in 1962 but was purchased by a group of entrepreneurs in 1968 and renamed Appalachian Ski Mountain.

It is North Carolina’s second-oldest ski resort.

The Appalachian Ski mountain now has 11 ski tracks (2 beginner, 6 intermediate, and 3 advanced) as well as three terrain parks and a 46,000-square-foot lodge at its base.

To get to them, two quad chairs, a double chair, and a conveyor lift are used.

The entire ski area is completely snow-covered and illuminated for nighttime skiing, with one of the terrain parks being renovated every week.

The smoke-free Bavarian-style lodge offers amenities such as a 200-foot observation deck with great views of the slopes, as well as a huge restaurant for exquisite dining.

High-quality ski equipment, accessories, souvenirs, and presents are available at The Alpine Ski Shop and The Appalachian Gift Shop.

Address: 940 Ski Mountain Rd, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

7. Blowing Rock Brewery

Things to Do in Blowing Rock


Blowing Rock Brewery opened its doors in 2013 with the goal of producing the best mountain craft beer in the area. This was after five years of research and development.

When Jeff Walker and Todd Rice got an outpouring of support from the community, they knew their hard work had paid off.

Along with the brewery, Jeff and Todd established the Blowing Rock Ale House and Inn, which combines lodging, excellent dining, and a microbrewery into a single experience.

Elegant furnishings, spa-like private showers, and gleaming hardwood floors add to the hotel’s attractiveness.

In addition, a menu of mountain-inspired artisan foods made by professional chefs is available at the restaurant. Crispy Duck Legs appetizers and Carolina Bison Burger meals are sure to tempt even the most discerning palette.

So, if you are in the city and wondering where to stay to explore the town’s beauty, this hotel will surely serve you well.

Address: 152 Sunset Drive, Blowing Rock, NC 28605 

8. Green Knob Trail, Blowing Rock

Things to Do in Blowing Rock

Green Knob Trail

The Green Knob Trail is a short hike, and it packs a lot of activities for nature lovers.

The diverse terrain includes flowery tunnels of clustered rhododendron trees, spacious grassland meadows, trickling creeks, and shimmering miniature waterfalls.

The trail is also just over two miles long.

The ideal place to start the Green Knob Trail is at the Sim’s Pond overlook.

This point notably leads hikers counter-clockwise around and through a picturesque alpine terrain with breathtaking views of adjacent Grandfather Mountain.

Although this trail is one of the shortest in the area, it demands attention and preparation due to the damp and harsh conditions, especially at creek crossings and steep inclines.

Bulls may also be grazing in the pastures, so visitors must be vigilant and alert.

Address: Milepost 297 Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

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9. French-Swiss Ski College

Things to Do in Blowing Rock

© / Thomas Senf

During the winter of 1968, world-famous ski instructor Jim Cottrell founded the French-Swiss Ski College at Appalachian Ski Mountain.

It was named for the prominence of Swiss and French techniques that were popular at the time.

Taking lessons from competent instructors is definitely the recommended approach to learning how to ski and snowboard.

The French-Swiss Ski College offers introductory and advanced technique lessons to people of all ages.

Notably, during the peak of the ski season, spaces fill up rapidly, thus making a reservation is strongly advised.

Address: 940 Ski Mountain Rd, Blowing Rock, NC 28605, 

10. Camp Coffee Roasters

Things to Do in Blowing Rock


Camp Coffee Roasters began as a dream of one man to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Jason Campbell served in the United States Army and is now serving out the finest handcrafted cups of coffee. Of course, with the support of his wonderful wife Amanda.

Camp Coffee Roaster is located on Main Street in Blowing Rock.

It is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and is undoubtedly the place to go to in blowing rock for a good cup of coffee and delightful conversation.

Address: 921 Main Street, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

11. Foggy Rock Eatery and Pub

Things to Do in Blowing Rock


Foggy Rock Eatery and Pub is a Blowing Rock community favorite and family-owned eatery.

Chef Burt Myers, a master chef, prepares classic southern dishes with a twist of his own unmistakable flair.

The Eatery and Pub draw inspiration from all over the world, believing that an eclectic blend results in an unrivaled menu.

Two interesting appetizers that will capture your interest are the Great Little Smokies and Avocado Egg Rolls.

In addition, the heartiest appetites will be satisfied by classic meals such as Bourbon Porkchop served atop creamy rosemary scented potatoes with asparagus.

Foggy Rock Eatery and Pub is usually open for lunch and supper, and it is also known for its outstanding cuisine.

This eatery promises an unforgettable dining experience. Check it out.

Address: 8180 Valley Blvd., Blowing Rock, North Carolina 28605

12. Village Cafe, Blowing Rock

Village Cafe

The Village Cafe

The Village Cafe initially began out as a spinning, weaving, basketry, and woodworking workshop.

It was also a marketplace for mountain people to sell their wares.

Over the years, amenities such as a kitchen and an upstairs bath have been installed.

The Blowing Rock Community Club saved the structure after it was destroyed by fire in 1923.

The Historical Society also recognized the structure in 1991. And it today stands triumphantly as the Village Cafe under the care of Annie and Andy Whatley.

Village Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch and likewise offers a menu of gourmet meals mixed with the simple pleasures of the mountains.

It’s a very lovely and serene place and you’ll enjoy your time here.

Address: 146 Greenway Ct, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

13. Appalachian Fossil Museum

Appalachian Fossil Museum

Appalachian Fossil Museum

The Appalachian Fossil Museum houses North Carolina’s biggest privately owned collection of fossils, minerals, and gemstones.

Randy “Doc” McCoy, the company’s founder, has had an interest in paleontology since his mother first showed him fossils when he was a child.

He returned to college after serving in the US Army as an Emergency Field Surgeon, majored in Geology, and has since taught students at Appalachian State University.

His collection includes rare fossils and high-end replicas of dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park movies. This collection is currently valued at over $10 million,

The skull of a giant prehistoric alligator, which is positioned over an equally large tyrannosaurus rex skull for size comparison, is one of the museum’s most cherished pieces.

A triceratops skull, as well as a dromaeosaur and a smilodon, were discovered in Montana (a.k.a. saber-toothed tiger).

Following the educational tour, you can pan for gold or gemstones in their North Carolina gem mine. You can also play a game of Paleo Putt-Putt, or browse the gift store for souvenirs.

Address: 100 Shoppes on the Parkway Rd, Blowing Rock, NC 28605, United States

14. Grandfather Mountain Attraction

Grandfather Mountain Attraction

Grandfather Mountain

Because there are various different parts to Grandfather Mountain, it might be a little confusing when people refer to it.

The first is the eponymous mountain: It’s the tallest mountain on the Blue Ridge Mountains’ eastern escarpment, standing at 5,946 feet.

It was formed around 750 million years ago and has some of the world’s oldest geological formations.

Then there’s Grandfather Mountain State Park, which spans 2,456 acres of backcountry wilderness and features 12 miles of trails.

Grandfather Mountain also has a privately owned, non-profit attraction that charges admission.

It costs $9 for children ages 4 to 12, $20 for elders, and $22 for adults, with funds going to assist their conservation efforts.

In exchange, you’ll get access to more hiking trails, the Nature Museum, and Wildlife Habitats (which include native species like Bald Eagles, Black Bears, Cougars, and Elk). As well as the 228-foot-long Mile High Swinging Bridge, which offers breathtaking scenic views.

In addition to the breathtaking views, the bridge trail is a blast. The bridge is a must-see, as is the small animal zoo.

It’s advisable to come here when the crowds aren’t as much, but even with the crowds, it offers a fantastic experience.

Notably, because of the steep height and lack of guardrails and restrictions, this is a site where you’ll want to keep a close eye on the little ones.

However, the lack of rails significantly creates an extraordinary sensation at the summit of a mountain.

Address: North Carolina, United States

15. Grandfather Mountain State Park

Grandfather Mountain State Park


The 2,456-acre Grandfather Mountain State Park is located about 16 miles from downtown Blowing Rock. It is easily one of the most popular Western NC State Parks.

The park is an International Biosphere Reserve, which rises nearly a mile above the North Carolina Piedmont.

It is also home to more than a dozen distinct ecological zones and more than 70 kinds of rare and endangered plants and animals.

Here you get to see some of the most beautiful views in the Appalachians!

The park is easy to navigate and lovely to drive through. They also offer you a small USB drive that describes the park’s history as you drive about!

Make sure you buy your tickets online before going to the park.

The Black Rock Trail, Grandfather Trail, Daniel Boone Scout Trail, and others are among the 12 miles of hiking routes available.

The majority of these hikes are considered tough, and some even demand scaling ladders and scrambling over rock. However, the views from approximately 6,000 feet above sea level are stunning.

Be aware that the park is recognized for having some of the most severe weather and difficult terrain in the Southeast.

Address: 9872 Highway 105 South, Banner Elk, NC 28604, United States

16. Glen Burney Falls Trail

Glen Burney Falls Trail


The Glen Burney Falls Trail in Annie Cannon Park is located just a few blocks from downtown Blowing Rock.

It travels deep into the New Year’s Creek Gorge until it reaches three waterfalls.

To get to this point, turn left on Laurel Lane from downtown Blowing Rock and seek a parking spot on the left, and there you are at the Glen Burney Trail.

New Year’s Creek is fed by a small lake at Annie Cannon Park on the right side of Laurel Lane.

The trail initially follows a wide gravel road, passing by resort cottages perched on the gorge’s edge.

On a short but challenging 2.7-mile climb, the trail declines precipitously when signs of civilization stop, providing personal access to The Cascades, Glen Burney Falls, and Glen Marie Falls.

The peaceful, sloped Glen Burney Falls or the majestic, dramatic Glen Marie Falls, depending on your preference, may be the highlight for you.

And overall, it is absolutely fantastic!

The hike includes ruins and two waterfalls (Cascades-Glen Marie and Glen Burney).

One equally delightful activity, walking by the stream, also provides stunning views.

However, be warned that until you reach the first waterfall (Cascades), the terrain is simple. After that, the trail becomes moderately tough and then it gradually becomes quite rocky and steep.

There are signs up to guide visitors. And also, for the love of God, it is very important that you stay on the trail!. Acting otherwise can be pretty dangerous.

Address: 243 Laurel Ln, Blowing Rock, NC, United States

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17. Doc’s Rocks Gem Mine

Doc's Rocks Gem Mine

Rocks Gem Mine

Doc’s Rocks Gem Mine has relocated to Tanger Outlets in Blowing Rock after 12 years at Mystery Hill.

The Gem Mine founder, Randy “Doc” McCoy stated the firm now has nearly double the space for the gem mine, as well as a larger parking area.

People may now have fun with gem mining at Tanger Outlets.

Customers can come in and choose between real or seeded ore buckets when it comes to gem mining.

Staff places items in the seeded buckets for clients, ensuring that gems will be discovered.

These types are generally promoted toward children who don’t generally care about what gems they find, they just want to discover them.

The real buckets, which contain mine ore from 11 separate working mines across the Appalachian Mountain Range, are another choice.

Staff will not know what will be found in these buckets until the gems are visibly pulled out, so each bucket is an intriguing game of chance.

When you find stuff in the buckets, they teach you about where it came from, how it developed, the minerals that made it, and also the mine’s history

North Carolina has approximately 800 operational mines. And from there, they distribute minerals to the rest of the world.

Topaz, moonstone, feldspar, epidote, ruby, and sapphire are among the local minerals the Mine obtains from Watauga County.

The Gem Mine also includes garnet mines in Madison County and a quartz mine in Avery County. These two mines produce amethyst, gold, fool’s gold, and copper.

Visitors who discover gems while mining has the option of having them cut and fashioned into jewelry at McCoy Minerals, Inc., a sibling firm.

Go along with your kids, spouse, and friends, or better still alone to have a fun-filled time at  Rocks Gem Mine.

Address: 100 Shoppes on the Parkway Rd, Blowing Rock, NC 28605, United States

18. Mystery Hill, Blowing Rock

Mystery Hill


Mystery Hill is a unique blend of indoor and outdoor adventure located near Blowing Rock.

It is just outside of Boone and is one of North Carolina’s most distinctive attractions.

You get to watch a ball journey upwards, and water flows upward in their intriguing Natural Gravitational Anomaly!

In the mystery Hill hands-on science attraction, the Hall of Mystery, you can have fun with strange science. Alternatively, you could encase your pals in a big bubble at Bubblerama.

At Tomahawk Hill, try your hand at axe or knife throwing and also take on the Bull Riding Challenge.

Prospector Hill Gem Mining is a treasure hunter’s paradise.

Coupled with that is the Dougherty House and Historic Farmyard, which is a great place to learn about Appalachian history.

Furthermore, you also get to discover the greatest private collection of Native American artifacts in the world at the Native American Artifacts Museum present here.

For more fun, the New River, which runs alongside Mystery Hill, is a great place to swim.

And to round it up, Professor Finnegan’s Old Time Photos can help you remember your fantastic day with a memento photo.

In addition, just as you’re leaving this wonderful fun hub, you get to finish your journey with an amazing Over the Top Mason Jar Milkshake from Front Porch Eats.

Make sure to check this place out because it is definitely worth the money.

Address: 129 Mystery Hill Ln, Blowing Rock, NC 28605, United States

19. Blowing Rock Broyhill Park

Broyhill Park

Alexia / Broyhill Park

Broyhill Park is a gently rolling 9.4-acre park in Blowing Rock featuring picnic shelters, an outdoor basketball court, children’s play areas, and paved trails.

It is located in downtown Lenoir at the intersection of Main, Finley, and Ridge streets.

At the intersection of Main, Finley, and Ridge streets, this park is ideally located in the historic downtown district.

The park’s 9.4 acres include; Numerous picnic areas, a basketball court outside, Two newly renovated play areas, and a walking path with paving.

A gazebo, a strolling trail through magnificent gardens, and a fishing deck are also located here.

Usually, weddings are booked and held here, owing primarily to the exquisite beauty of the park.

It is also a perfect spot for a picnic or evening stroll.

We recommend checking this park out while you’re in town.

Address: 173 Lakeside Dr, Blowing Rock, NC 28605, United States

20. High Gravity Adventures Zip Line & Aerial Park

High Gravity Adventures Zip Line & Aerial Park

Alicia Green / Gravity Adventures Zip Line & Aerial Park

At High Gravity Adventures Zip Line & Aerial Park, professional Zip Guides take you on a tour of the treetops!.

This tour begins at a treehouse and continues over many zip lines. It crosses a sky bridge, zips high above a gorgeous valley, and concludes with a magnificent leap from the last platform to the earth below in a simulated free-fall.

This is your chance to zip, leap, and fly on the High Country’s coolest, family-friendly zipline course!

A Ninja Ground Course is also available!

This park has so much adventure in store for visitors.

Here you can also explore the three-story Blue Ridge Course. This course features 75+ nets, bridges, and challenges that become more difficult as you climb higher.

And for the most incredible experience of all, make it to the summit of the mountain and clip into a rappel station for a thrilling descent.

The Foothills Challenge and Zip Line Course provide age-appropriate tasks for young adventurers ages 4 and up. Furthermore, the Foothills course is only 15 feet high and near to the observation platform. It has 12+ tasks and three zip lines.

The employees are also courteous and professional.

We recommend making a reservation in advance, especially during peak season.

And to sum it all up, this park is well worth the money.

Address: 215 Tweetsie Railroad Ln, Blowing Rock, NC 28605, United States

21. Annie Cannon Gardens

Annie Cannon Gardens

© Cynthia Mccrary | Dreamstime

Annie cannon Gardens is presented as a garden on the internet; however, it is also a trail that runs beside various cleanouts, and a pump station.

A small wooden platform (for children to perform on), a few plants, and a small, stagnant pond are all present.

There’s also the presence of rhododendrons’ splendor, as well as a couple of waterfalls.

This historic native route provides waterfall viewing access along New Year’s Creek in Blowing Rock.

Native Americans used the trail for hunting in the past. And then as a route to logging camps at the turn of the century. Now it offers visitors and newcomers alike a respite from daily life.

The 1.5-mile foot walk begins in the Annie Cannon Gardens and descends 800 feet to provide stunning views of two waterfalls. A two-hour out-and-back trip in a virgin Appalachian hardwood forest with beautiful cascades is available.

However, it’s quite taxing. It’s also quite important for you to pay attention to all path signages.

After completing this trail, the payoff at the bottom is incredible!

Although the walk begins with a downhill slope, the falls are breathtaking!.

Be aware that the trail back is all uphill, so plan accordingly. Moreso, you should definitely take your time and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Address: 229 Laurel Ln, Blowing Rock, NC 28605, United States


Final Remark

It should be able to convince you from the list of top things to do in Blowing Rock in our list that this town has a variety of exciting activities to engage in and have all the fun you ever wanted.

Whether you are touring this city with your family, spouse, or friends or as a lone traveler, you are sure to leave this city satisfied.

Happy Travel!