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18 Best & Fun Things To Do In Corolla (North Carolina)

Do you want to experience a unique blend of history, wildlife, and premium relaxation? Then get ready to make Corolla your next vacation site.

Initially springing as an Indian hunting ground, the once-quiet Corolla has become a famous vacation site for tourists worldwide.

Home to approximately 500 citizens, this fantastic destination sits between the Currituck sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

Notably, this region was named after John Hill, an early settler, and was inhabited by the Chowanoke and Petoskeet tribes.

After its boom in the 90s, the region has become a significant attraction for beach lovers, art, and outdoor lovers.

Asides from that, there are various locations to shop, dine and take a dip in the calm waters.

Filled with mind-blowing attractions like Currituck beach lighthouse, corolla wild horse fund, Outerbanks center, and the like, this region has experienced a surge in population during summer seasons.

For sure, other tourists can’t be wrong, can they?

Hang on then as this list takes you through the fun and exciting things to do in this region and let’s discover why Corolla is the best destination for that vacation you have been yearning for.

Fun and Best Things To Do In Corolla, North Carolina.

1. Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Currituck Beach Lighthouse

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Currently the only lighthouse on the outer banks, this beautiful attraction was included in the national register of Historic places in 1973.

The lighthouse features a 220 spiral staircase case with a landing, a souvenir shop, excellent facilities, and a nearby boat museum.

Significantly, this attraction is filled with historical information and buildings for you to explore.

Buildings like the Maritime museum located at the base of the lighthouse and the nearby boat museum are open to visitors.

With easy-to-climb stairs for all ages, this hidden gem gives you all the rush of adrenaline you need.

So buckle up and head on for a thrilling climb to the top of the lighthouse as you anticipate the gorgeous view that will welcome you above.

While at it, you can take small breaks on the landings as you note the historical information on the walls.

It doesn’t end there because you can spend a night in the king suite equipped with a kitchenette, a small table, and two chairs.

You also don’t want to miss the souvenir shop where you can buy lovely items for sale for your loved ones.

However, if you are not up for a climb, you can explore the beautiful grounds with landmarks or visit other historic buildings nearby.

Address:1101 Corolla Village Rd, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

2. Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Wild Horses

On a noble assignment to protect, conserve and manage the herd of wild Spanish mustang, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund was established.

Presently dedicated to the mustang, this attraction is home to the Colonial Spanish Mustang and sits close to the lighthouse.

This hidden gem provides an up close and personal feel of the horses.

Likewise, the opportunity to learn about wild horses, the significant history of the area, and how the horses are preserved.

Explore this wonderful land with a tour guide and go through informative displays with the view of lots of beautiful marshes.

Luckily, this reserve also offers memberships, and the money goes to the preservation of the horses.

Not only that but there is also a little gift shop where you can get cool items after the fantastic ride.

Finally, you can crown your trip with a rewarding visit to the museum and feed your eyes with incredible displays on exhibit.

Head down to Corolla Wild House Fund and make it the highlight of your vacation.

Address: 1130 E, Corolla Village Rd, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

3. Currituck Banks Reserve

 Currituck Banks Reserve

Broadwalk In The Currituck Banks Reserve

Currituck Banks Reserve sits on the north of Corolla and stretches from Virginia beach to the Oregon inlet.

This reserve is one of the three original national Estuarine research reserve sites dedicated by NOAA in 1985.

Notably, the attraction is described by the Boston Globe to be among the coast’s most beautiful nature preserves.

As such, this absolutely stunning park features an easy-to-walk scenic Broadwalk that opens to the woods and ocean.

There are some great spots to sit and watch the sunset and easy-to-read information signs positioned in suitable areas in the reserve.

This preserve houses numerous habitats, which includes beach, dunes, grasslands, shrub thicket, Maritime forest, freshwater marshes, and subtidal soft bottom.

There is also fantastic scenery for great pictures and a drive along the beach.

To get the most from this reserve, hike through the Broadwalk trail that leads to a dock with a gorgeous view of marsh and water.

The trails are accessible to strollers and wheelchairs so that everyone can enjoy the hike.

You can also explore the marshes, where you will encounter many animals like turtles, lizards, egrets, and woodpeckers.

Also, a fantastic place to sit back and enjoy the sunset, have a picnic, or just go for a peaceful stroll, this attraction makes it to the list of places to visit when you are in Corolla.

Address: Corolla, NC 27927, United States

4. Currituck Beach

Currituck Beach

Lovely View Of The Beach

Come over and experience tranquility at its peak at Currituck Beach, Corolla.

Just 23 miles away from the VA border, this beach tops the list of fun places to visit in Corolla.

A great spot to spend time with water and wild horses, this attraction features clean and fine sand to dig your feet into.

Anglers will also love this hidden gem because it is a great fishing spot.

With lines and hooks in hand, settle down with your buddies, a cold bottle of beer, and make some catch.

If you are not cut out for fishing, you can lay back and relax under a shade or take a dip in the water.

Furthermore, this family-oriented beach allows you to view wild horses so you can have a splendid time with them.

To crown it all, you can play games, build sand castles or read a book on this quiet but fun beach.

Address: Currituck Beach, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

5. Outer Banks Center For Wildlife Education

 Outer Banks Center For Wildlife Education

The Outer Banks Center For Wildlife Education

Widely known in the area as the best family attraction, Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education is just a stone’s throw from the lighthouse.

This attraction offers a combination of fun activities with history about the area that will pique the interests of little ones.

Interestingly, this center also offers various programs for groups and schools.

Such programs include wildlife, where learners are introduced to fishes, crabs, frogs, turtles, whales, dolphins, owls, and other birds.

Learners are also taught archery for novices, Japanese fish painting, and the fish food chain supply.

And if you are interested in animal Olympics, the center will take you through sports like turtle hurdles and whack-a-fish.

Amazingly, you can sit back and see a short movie at the center or explore the area with stuffed animals.

There are also a couple of hands-on activities you can try out.

While at it, you can participate in sound activities and crabbing.

Filled with a wealth of information, this mini museum is free and is a great way to learn about wildlife and its importance in the area.

Address: 1160 Village Lane, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

6. Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary

 Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary

Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary

Situated on the northern outer banks between Corolla and duck, the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary is an abyss for nature lovers.

Explore the beautiful hidden treasure bestowed with natural trails that are peaceful and secluded.

These fantastic trails are smooth and enveloped by the Maritime forest’s shade.

Moreover, these trails follow the old road and run through the preserve.

To experience this preserve’s wonders, an incredible tour around the attraction will do justice to that.

Whether you want to see the preserve by road or kayak tours, both are good choices.

With your binoculars in one hand to view the beautiful marshes, this beautiful preserve is also home to various wildlife.

You’ll encounter wildlife like dragonflies, birds, snakes, and other reptiles.

Most importantly, you can enjoy a peaceful hike with your friends and family.

Watch the sunset with that special someone or birdwatch, along with your binoculars.

And, of course, you can navigate through the waterways of the pines as you venture into nature’s Sanctuary.

Address: 300 Audubon Dr, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

7. Corolla Adventure Park

 Corolla Adventure Park

Corolla Adventure Park

Are you looking for the right place to burn heat and a lot of fat?

Then hurry down to Corolla Adventure Park.

This attraction provides a whole lot of adventure for all ages.

With unique features like a little bar, a jungle gym with various obstacles, pleasant trails around the property, and multiple games to keep you busy, this park is your best plug if you want to let go and have some fun.

The exciting rope courses offer a lot of outstanding elements to work with.

Interestingly, the facilities are built to consider both climbers and observers.

None climbers can engage in the axe-throwing game or sit down to rest and enjoy the activities in the park.

They can also head to the bar for snacks and refreshments or take a bit of ice cream to calm the heat.

Nevertheless, this spot should be on your list of favorite places to visit Corolla.

Address: 1215 Ponton Ln, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

8. Whale Head Club

 Whale Head Club

C Watts/ Flickr

Owned by Edward Collin, the Whale Head Club is a sizeable 2100-square-foot home that sits on a remote trail across Currituck.

This beautifully restored 1920s-era art-style mansion-turned-museum first opened its doors as a hunting ground in 1925.

With recent renovations, this beautiful property features a modern museum, a historic village, a theatre, and a museum that exhibits old boats.

Although some believe that the Whalehead is haunted, this location is ideal for weddings, rehearsals, dinners, family reunions, and other celebrations.

A tour around the house will expose you to a blend of history and decor.

Not to mention the beautiful furnishings in every room coupled with artifacts to go.

You can wander around the clean property grounds reading the well-placed signage to learn about the history of the place.

There are also several picnic spots and a boardwalk to enjoy a refreshing walk.

And, of course, if you need to know more about the attraction, the staff, who are knowledgeable and fantastic storytellers, will serve you well.

So hurry down to this scenic attraction and enjoy an excellent tour around this tourist gem.

Address: 1100 Club Rd, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

9. Currituck County Southern Public Beach Access

Things to do in Corolla

Currituck County Southern Public Beach Access

Currituck County Southern Public Beach Access is a gorgeous beach with loads of activities to engage in.

This secluded beach is well-maintained and is accessible to the public at all times.

With fun activities to indulge in, you can surf through the waves, play a game of volleyball, beach soccer or fetch with your dog, hunt for crabs or shells, and many more.

As a matter of fact, this magnificent beach is an excellent place to go for quiet strolls or to gaze at the dolphins.

Moreover, you can rent your equipment at the beach or bring them along.

No need to worry if your equipment is heavy; the employees can help you carry your beach equipment and go the extra mile of setting it up.

Additionally, clean restrooms and an outdoor shower are available to rinse off the sand.

And if you get hungry amid all the excitement, there is a surf shack with available snacks and drinks.

So you can never run out of fun activities on the beach.

Address: 470 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

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10. Corolla Chapel

Corolla Chapel

Corolla Chapel

Renowned for being one of Corolla’s most treasured historical buildings, this interdenominational church sits behind the Currituck Beach lighthouse.

Built in 1885, Corolla Chapel was relocated across the village road in 2002.

The 100-year-old chapel has all its original interior still intact from its pews, pump organs, pulpit, and pulpit chair.

Remarkably, all these furnishings are century-old original items.

However, the chapel is easy to find and is the quaintest and most charming church you will ever see.

Moreover, the best way to see and experience a warm welcome at the chapel is to attend a service there.

So endeavor to make Corolla Chapel a home when you are in the Corolla.

Address: 1136 Corolla Village Rd, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

11. Monkey Island

Things to do in Corolla

monkey island

Previously a Monkey Island hunting club site, this island sits on the northern side of Currituck sound.

A member of the Currituck national wildlife refuge, approximately half of the land is forested and has supported a large colony of wading birds.

Currently, it is known as home to the Sebal minor palm in the north region.

This North Carolina heaven features a hunting lodge, caretaker house, boathouse, and many more.

The 8-bedroom hunting lodge has a large clubroom, kitchen, dining room, gun room, bathrooms, and servants’ quarters.

This fantastic destination is perfect for nature lovers with a thing for the wild as well as a haven to engage in a hunting spree with your friends or just explore the area.

You can also hike through the trails, check out the boathouse or spend time in the lodge.

This attraction has many fun and exciting things to do, so check it out once you are in Corolla.

Address: Monkey Island, North Carolina 27927, USA

12. The Carolina Club

The Carolina Club

The Carolina Club

In for a game of golf?

Then grab your clubs and journey to the finest golf club in Corolla.

Approximately 12 minutes’ drive away from the outer banks, the Carolina Club guarantees a great golfing experience for visitors.

First, this attraction has a scenic layout within driving range and a complete practice area to go with it.

The practice area features practice bunkers and the best greens, and the course is in perfect condition.

To get the most out of this club, get down and play a game of golf with your buddies.

And when you are exhausted, head to the fabulous little restaurant for a refill.

After that, you can also check out the lovely pro shop and pick the beautiful items you need.

Above all, endeavor to visit this exquisite golf course when you are in Corolla, North Carolina.

Address:127 Carolina Club Dr, Grandy, NC 27939, United States

13. Sanctuary Vineyard

 Sanctuary Vineyard

Sanctuary Vineyard

To salvor fine wine in this coastal region, visit the Sanctuary Vineyard.

This attraction features excellent flights and tasting choices with the luxury of beautiful grounds.

Other features of the attraction include picnic tables that are strategically placed outdoors, a stage, and a gift shop.

The wonderful winery hosts several events alongside its delicious wine.

Part of the events the attraction hosts are musicals and concerts, a crab daddy event (an all-crab event), and loads more.

Likewise, you can also try out their famous plank wine with excellent barbeque to go.

And remember to bring your friends and family along as you unwind and bask at the moment.

Address: 7005 Caratoke Hwy, Jarvisburg, NC 27947, United States

14. Corolla Adventure Golf

 Corolla Adventure Golf

Corolla Adventure Golf

The whole family can engage in the game of golf at Corolla Adventure Gold Club.

This fun site features three fantastic hole golf courses, bumper cars, and shades.

Two of the courses are stroller and wheelchair-friendly so that everyone can partake in the game.

Not only that, the course is filled with landmarks placed along the holes.

These landmarks foster an easy game around the courses.

Likewise, the bumper cars are such a blast and are suitable for all ages.

The snack stands are also available for anyone who wants to refill after a long day.

Moreover, if you don’t want to do anything, you can go for a walk or just sit under a shade and relax.

The golf courses are also children-friendly, so you can bring your kids along and teach them how to win some points.

Above all, this attraction should surely make your list if you plan on spending your holidays in Corolla.

Address: 808 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

15. DuckTown Park Broadwalk

Things to do in Corolla

The DuckTown Park Broadwalk

Located in the heart of duck, the DuckTown Park Broadwalk is a substitute home for outdoor goers.

The park features 11 acres of nature trails, open green space, a gorgeous sound side view, and access to the Duck Broadwalk.

Also, an excellent way to experience nature, this park has a reputation for incredible scenes, benches to sit and rest, and multiple birds to watch.

Next to the Duck Pak, you will find the mile-long amazing Broadwalk that goes past restaurants and shops.

This bridge offers a fantastic way to exercise while walking through the coastal area and window shopping.

It’s also a good fishing and crabbing area, so bring your hooks and lines.

Moreover, the Broadwalk can be a great spot to watch the sunset with your date.

You can also watch the boat launch from the bridge or visit a local bar for a cold drink.

With a fantastic Broadwalk and a gorgeous park nearby, this destination is a must-see in Corolla.

Address: Duck Town Park Boardwalk, Duck, NC 27949, United States

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16. Jennette Pier

Things to do in Corolla

The Jennette Pier

Anglers are going to adore Jennette Pier.

This 1000-foot-long fishing pier offers a great space for anglers yearly.

Some excellent features in this facility include a coffee shop, a gift store, and a mini aquarium.

A popular attraction for fishermen and tourists, this pier offers educational opportunities like programs, camps, school field trips, and exhibits.

Sightseers are also not left out on this pier as they get to see marine mammals such as dolphins and sometimes whales.

However, this attraction can be a fantastic location for your weddings, receptions, or family reunion, and it offers public beach access.

Anglers can also purchase a fishing license at the register with just a driver’s license and an upfront payment.

Amazingly, this fantastic pier generates electricity through the use of wind turbines.

Places and posters are also being placed close to the aquarium to get along the pier easily, giving the dock that museum feel.

And if you have no fishing equipment, there is no need to worry because you can rent at the pier for just a token.

Address: 7223 S Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 27959, United States

17. Currituck National Wildlife Refuge

Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, Corrola

The Currituck National Wildlife Refuge

Since its establishment in 1984, the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge has been on a mission to preserve and protect the coastal ecosystem.

Situated on the northern edge of Carolina’s Outerbanks, this refuge has provided a habitat for many species.

Species like piping plovers, sea turtles, and Sea beach amaranth call this reserve home.

However, these habitats include sandy beaches, grassy dunes, interdunal wetlands, Maritime forests, and shrub thickets.

A trip to its gorgeous beach will expose you to the magnificent ocean and clean sand.

This Sandy beach is dog friendly and also has excellent spots for fishing.

The shoreline comprises brackish water marshes and mud flats that have been opened to the tides of the wind.

For premium fun, it is advisable to go on a jeep tour and take many pictures with your accomplices while at it.

Address: Corolla, NC 27927, United States

18. Corolla Beach

 Corolla Beach

The Corolla Beach

In search of a lovely beach to make many memories, it would be an excellent idea to journey to Corolla Beach.

Located north of duck, Corolla, this is the perfect beach to spend time on.

Regardless of the season, this beautiful beach features clean sand, ample space, competent lifeguards, and a pet-friendly room.

You can hunt for ghost crabs, play in the sand or take a refreshing swim in the chilly water.

The shoreline is perfect for your kids to play in, and the waves are what surfers enjoy.

You can also lay back and relax with the gorgeous ocean view or take an excellent stroll hand in hand with your partner.

With many activities to indulge in by the seaside, this attraction is highly recommended if you want to spend time with family and friends.

Address: Corolla Beach, 601 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 27927, United States

It’s Time To Make Up You Mind And Journey To Corolla

It’s beyond doubt that the beauty of this coastal village rests with its wild inhabitants of over a hundred years; the horses.

Regardless, Corolla brims with astonishing history, world-class art, and fascinating museums.

It is a hotspot for beachgoers, people who love the wild, and the perfect family getaway.

Don’t be left out of this splendor.

Hurry up and join the train of never-ending fun that can only be seen in Corolla, North Carolina.

And remember to bring everyone along.

Happy Holidays!