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29 Delightful Things To Do In Winston-Salem (North Carolina)

Winston-Salem is a quaint city and the county seat of Forsyth County.

It is the second-largest municipality in the Piedmont Triad region. This remarkable destination is less than 178 miles away from Cherokee in the northwestern direction and about 331 miles from Corolla in the West direction.

It boasts several beautiful attractions that are suitable for vacation all year round.

From its series of historic landmarks to awesome restaurants and shopping malls, you can’t be short of the best and most fun things to do in this city.

In fact, the Lam Museum of Anthropology, which is the only major museum that creates global cultural awareness, is right in this traveler’s city.

So, in order to ensure you have a hitch-free vacationing experience in this downtown, we have put up a comprehensive list of beautiful sites that will be worth your time upon your arrival.

So, sit back, pick a bottle of wine, and read through our list of things to do in Winston-Salem.

Things To Do In Winston-Salem

1. Old Salem Museums & Gardens At Winston-Salem

Old Salem Museums & Gardens, Winston-Salem

Warren Lemay / Wikimedia Commons

If you’re in Winston-Salem and you’re not too sure of where to begin your sightseeing tour, consider starting it at Old Salem Museums & Gardens!

Essentially, Old Salem Museums & Gardens is a historic site showcasing the interesting history of Winston-Salem.

In this insightful area, you’ll experience veritable early American history. This history is brought to life through hands-on activities and storytelling.

This ancient house illustrates how Winston-Salem was centuries ago. Besides, it shows how early inhabitants lived their lives, and their predominant lifestyle, among other activities they’re fond of doing.

If you’re a history buff, this is a must-visit attraction for you when next you’re traveling in North Carolina.

After all, the only thing that can help mankind to fantom the immense complexity of the current world and cope with the challenges that the future presents is history.

No doubt, history repeats itself! The only way we can prepare ahead is to learn from history.

Unlike other attractions in Winston-Salem, Old Salem Museums & Gardens presents the beautiful history of the United States of America.

Impressively, the staff that works here are all historians. In fact, they’re not only friendly but highly knowledgeable.

Not just about the uniqueness of their staff, but the entire environment is equally pleasing. It’s so clean and there are lots of food vendors on site.

Even at that, the admission fee for this beautiful destination is absolutely free!

While you’ll be coming here, take note that, with the exception of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, this lovely area opens between 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM.

Address: 924 S Main St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

2. Winston-Salem Truist Stadium

Truist Stadium, Winston-Salem

Thechased / Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps you might prefer a sporting attraction instead of a historic site. If that’s the case, Truist Stadium is for you!

Established on the 10th of April, 2010, Truist Stadium is primarily a baseball field and the home base team of the Winston-Salem Dash baseball team.

Initially known as BB&T Ballpark, this 5,500-capacity stadium features lots of local and international basketball matches.

Aside from that, there’s a little volleyball court and kids playing area which makes it quite unique.

In fact, the entire area of this stadium in Winston-Salem is grassy, and there are lots of food and beer outlets with several helpful staff on hand.

Similarly to that, the admission fee is so bearable. With as low as $10, you’re in! In fact, you don’t need to pay an additional parking fee!

Overall, Truist Stadium in Winston-Salem is an amazing place worth checking out if you’re on a voyage to North Carolina!

Address: 951 Ballpark Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

3. Salem Lake, Winston-Salem

Salem Lake

The Salem Lake

Salem Lake is another wonderful destination in downtown Winston-Salem.

This 375-acre lake along Reynolds Park Road is an oasis for travelers seeking respite from the bustle, and hustle of everyday life.

If you’re here, you can fish as much as you like, or enjoy boat cruising for the whole day.

For fishing, adults pay only $3.50, while children between the ages of 12 – 15 pay only $2 as a ticket fee. On the other hand, senior citizens and kids under 11 years pay just $1.

Boating fees for motorized vessels cost just $6, while only $4 is payable for other vessels which are considerably affordable.

Salem Lake’s large playground is another huge draw for small children coming here.

The best part is that this playground is extremely structured in a unique way. The structure has bigger and smaller slides, swings, and interactive playing equipment.

If you’re considering Winston-Salem as your next family travel destination, Salem Lake is a perfect fit for your itinerary. This is because there’s a bit of something engaging and fun for all ages.

Remember, as a parent, you owe your kids the responsibility of making them happy. Certainly, they will be happier if you bring them to Salem Lake!

Address: Salem Lake Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27107, United States

4. Reynolda House Museum Of American Art At Winston-Salem

Reynolda House Museum of American Art

Reynolda House Museum of American Art

The Reynolda House Museum of American Art features premiere collections of beautiful American art delis from the colonial era till the contemporary period.

Built by Katharine Smith Reynolds in 1917, if you love arts & creative sculptures, endeavor to spend an hour or two here when next you’re in Winston-Salem.

Interestingly, the collection here belongs to various talented artists in the United States. This includes Mary Cassatt, Jacob Lawrence, and Georgia O’Keeffe, amongst several others.

These various works are with adequate labeling, which makes it quite easier for travelers to navigate.

Even at that, the staff is very courteous, attentive, and so friendly. Their promptness to answer travelers’ questions is just so encouraging!

Other than its impressive art collections, this site also hosts a series of art concerts.

Considering the uniqueness of this site, it is a free attraction that requires zero fees.

So, when next will you be on travel to North Carolina?

Whenever it would be, whether it’s winter period or summer, extending your voyage to Reynolda House Museum of American Art in Winston-Salem will surely be worth it.

Take note the operation hour of this outstanding area is between 9:30 AM through 4:30 PM on Tuesday through Saturday.

Meanwhile, its operational hour on Sunday is between 1:30 PM through 4:30 PM while they’re closed on Monday.

If you’ll be coming, ensure to come early to beat the crowd.

Address: 2250 Reynolda Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27106, United States

5. Kaleideum North

Kaleideum North, Winston-Salem

Kaleideum North

Unlike other attractions on our list of best things to do in Winston-Salem, Kaleideum North is an interactive museum of sciences, arts, and exploration.

It was established through the merger of SciWorks and the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem.

Ever since its merger in July 2016, this awesome destination has been a favorite spot for several travelers.

It reimagines learning, thereby meeting the expectations of various travelers by providing them with access to lots of interesting exhibits and a host of other engaging activities.

Beyond that, there are whole lots of wildlife animals on site. So, if you love seeing animals, you can’t be wrong checking out this fun place.

In fact, if you’ll be visiting this attraction with little children, that’s pretty good! This is because it’s just too with lots of recreational activities. It is a win-win for everyone!

With the exception of Monday, this Winston-Salem attraction opens all days of the week.

Although its operational period varies. For instance, while its operational hours on Tuesday through Friday are between 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM, it’s open between 10:00 AM through 5:00 PM and 1:00 PM through 5:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively.

While making preparations to come here, note that there are few food trucks on site. So, if you’ll prefer to stay for a longer period, we suggest you come with some good snacks.

Whatever you’ll be bringing, it’s important to state that they don’t allow alcoholic drinks.

Address: 400 W Hanes Mill Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27105, United States

6. The Hanes Mall

Heness Mall

Winston-Salem Hannes Mall

Hanes Mall is a shopping mall that’s located along the Silas Creek Parkway off Stratford Road in downtown Winston-Salem.

Ever since its establishment in 1975, this shopping destination with over 100 stores has become a very high-traffic count area in Winston-Salem.

This is because it’s an all-in-all shopping center. It offers so many options for travelers to choose from!

From chocolates to cakes to children playing toys and lots of awesome gift items, Hanes Mall will certainly surpass your expectations!

That aside, within the mall is also a food court that features several food outlets offering a variety of dishes.

Whether you prefer Chinese, American, or Canadian dishes, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from their incredible menu list!

In fact, as distinct from what’s applicable in other shopping malls in Winston-Salem, this favorite spot boasts of a very spacious parking lot.

Inside this mall is equally a modern restroom. What more would you have wanted from a shopping center other than all these?

Absolutely, Hanes Mall has it all! It will be well worth it if you can make this impressive site your next shopping destination.

Interestingly, the prices of various items here are so affordable and the staff’s conduct is pleasing!

Address: 3320 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, United States

7. Grand 18-Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem

Grand 18-Winston-Salem

Grand 18-Winston-Salem

Established on the 3rd of July, 2006, Grand 18-Winston-Salem is the largest and most popular movie theater in this city of North Carolina.

Also known by the majority of locals as ‘the Grand Stadium 18‘, this megaplex initiative by Amstar Theatres features a series of interesting movies, concerts, and comedies that are always interesting.

Amazingly, this auditorium features Dolby Digital projection and recycling seats.

Similarly to that, there are over three concession stands here, with each of these on each side of the megaplex.

Perhaps if you derive so much pleasure in having some nice coffee to yourself in a public setting, there’s a Bistr café beside each of these concession stands that offers enjoyable coffee & alcoholic beverages to visitors.

Whether you’ll be traveling to this downtown for a holiday vacation or a short trip, no doubt, you’ll have a blast in this pleasurable site!

Although, the only drawback of this area is that there are few parking lots.

Notwithstanding, that’s never anything to worry about! You can park outside the gate and there’s a guard that’ll monitor it!

Don’t forget Richard Bach’s most popular statement; “the best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.”

With many certainties, you’ll enjoy yourself here and have a newer and richer vacation experience!

Address: 5601 University Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27105, United States

8. Winston-Salem Reynolda Gardens

Reynolda gardens, Winston-Salem

Reynolda Gardens

Over a century ago, Reynolda’s Gardens was part of the footprint of the Reynolda estate of 1917.

It included a man-made lake with formal gardens, a golf course, woods, and greenhouses.

This landscape has changed over the years. Nevertheless, many of its ancient amenities still remain intact.

Today, this 134-acre horticultural oasis enables every tourist to review his or her senses as each and everyone on-site connects with nature.

Besides, this colorful area features an amazing garden with lots of beautiful plantations, a waterfall, and scenic walking trails.

If you’re an adventurer and you’re traveling around Winston-Salem, extending your voyage to Reynolda gardens will definitely be worth it!

Impressively, other than its greeny plantations and beautiful views, there are also lots of wildlife animals here, and best of it all, there’s also a picnic area!

While relaxing in the picnic area, if you’re a wine lover, there is plenty of that available too.

Take note that, with the exception of Sundays, this public attraction of Winston-Salem is open all year round between 10:00 AM through 5:00 PM.

Address: 100 Reynolda Village, Winston-Salem, NC 27106, United States

9. Winston-Salem Muddy Creek Greenway

Muddy Creek Greenway, Winston-Salem

Muddy Creek Greenway

Muddy Creek Greenway is a family-friendly attraction offering varieties of recreational activities.

You can have your leisurely stroll, cycle, walk, and watch your kids play. In fact, you can take time to watch birds or go on hiking. Whichever your choice, you’ll appreciate checking out this attraction!

The most interesting attribute of this trail is that it is averagely long for a good workout and shorter enough that little ones could ride with it without any issue.

Similar to that, Muddy Creek Greenway in Winston-Salem features large cool areas where you can quietly sit to observe its beautiful scenery. You can also watch your kids playing or take some moments to see how horses interact with each other.

Whether it’s summer or winter period, you’ll surely appreciate including this outstanding site on your bucket list!

Address: 285 Meadowlark Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27106, United States

10. Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial ColiseumLawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum

The Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum which is also known by several locals as ‘LJVM Coliseum‘, ‘The Joel, or Sumy Joel Coliseum, is a 14,407-seat eventful arena in Winston-Salem.

Construction in this area began on the 23rd of April, 1987, and was officially opened to the public on the 28th of August, 1989.

It was named after Lawrence Joel, who was a Winston-Salem army medic and who received several awards for his various roles in his community during his lifetime.

Aside from being an amazing spot that features lots of northern California’s cultural activities, this lovely place is also the home to the women’s and men’s baseball teams of Wake Forest University Demon.

With its Parquet multi-surface and perfect seats, you’ll be here for hours without thinking of leaving quickly.

In fact, this arena equally features lots of concerts by several famous artists of different genres.

Other than that, wrestling performances and racing amongst several other sporting activities here will also make your visitation worth it.

Although, there is little parking space here. Nevertheless, there are food trucks on site and if your kids are coming with you, their playarea is sufficient to make their day as well.

All in all, Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum is a lovely spot with lots of amazing activities.

Anytime you’re traveling to North Carolina, make some effort to be here. You will definitely be glad you oblige!

Address: 2825 University Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27105, United States

11. Lost in Time Antique Mall, Winston-Salem

Lost in Time Antique Mall

Lost in Time Antique Mall

Do you love antiquities and you’ll love to get some to yourself when next you’re in North Carolina?

If you do, don’t be hesitant to check Lost in Time Antique Mall in Winston-Salem!

Located along Peters Creek Avenue, Lost in Time Antique Mall has been a favorite ‘antique hunting spot‘ to several travelers for over two decades of its existence.

From furnishings to a series of old stuff and jewelry, you’ll definitely have the best pick in this amazing store.

If you’ve been thinking of how best you can give your home a modern vibe and classy, you’ll never be wrong visiting this area! There are whole lots of amazing antique collections that are pretty good for interiors.

Beyond its amazing collectibles, the staff that works here are so cautious and well friendly. In fact, they’re also knowledgeable. They interact with every traveler like an old friend. You will surely like associating with them!

Similar to that, the antiquities collections here are so cheap, you’ll be glad at how many items you’ll take home with some little dollars!

Impressively, unlike other antiquities stores in Winston-Salem, this lovely area opens all days of the week.

So, why wouldn’t you consider a stop here when next you’re in North Carolina?

Absolutely, there’s no excuse that’ll be good enough to justify its exclusion from your travel plan.

Remember to reminisce over Steve Maraboli’s popular statement when he said; “at the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets“.

Address: 2101 Peters Creek Pkwy #20-22, Winston-Salem, NC 27127, United States

12. The Bailey Park At Winston-Salem

Bailey Park, Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem Bailey Park

Bailey Park is another interesting site that’s outstanding for its green space and lots of interesting events.

If you’re looking for a suitable destination for an afternoon stroll or a place where you’ll have access to observe lots of beautiful animals, you’ll never be wrong about coming to Bailey Park!

Bailey Park is an area to take a break from everyday stress. It is a perfect spot to soak up the sun or relax. In fact, if you’re here with your family, you’ll enjoy its fresh air as well.

Whether a weekend or weekday, you can always find several travelers relaxing, or playing in this beautiful park.

Outrightly, this publicly accessible 1.6 acres of green space is just for all categories of park-goer!

During the lunch, you’re sure to find people drawn by impressive smells coming from their local food trucks.

In fact, the movie-lovers will also feel good at how they’re all making their way to the Innovation Quarter for amazing shows.

Beginners and fitness gurus will also have an inclusive feeling! here’s a lawn for a yoga adventure at no extra cost.

Admirers of events and cultural festivals are also sure to get entertained with a host of amazing and fun activities that are regularly held here.

This is just an amazing spot in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with something amazing for every parkgoer.

Just as you’d appreciate, this park opens all year round and the admission fee is so affordable.

Even at that, there’s free on-site parking which is considered great.

Address: 445 Patterson Ave, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

13. Museum Of Early Southern Decorative Arts

Museum Of Early Southern Decorative Arts

Museum Of Early Southern Decorative Arts

Founded in the year 1965, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), preserves and exhibits the regional Southern works of art before 1821.

The famous artistic work of Theo Liipfert Horton Taliaferro, built on core exhibits belonging to Horton and his mother, ancient furniture, textiles, paintings, and ceramics are part of the beautiful sculptures that will make your visit here worth it.

Unlike other museums in the state of North Carolina, this beautiful place features about 19 rooms showcasing these beautiful works.

Even at that, there are over five galleries here with impressive offerings.

In fact, part of the amazing exhibits that make this awesome location quite distinctive is the fact that the original Virginia great hall, which dates back to the seventeenth century, is right here.

Similar to that, a backcountry North Carolina log house, and its series of educational programs reflecting the sharp cultural contrast and fundamental divisions in the South between the Lowcountry, Chesapeake region, and the backcountry (Piedmont) is a thoughtful and impressive attribute of this great area.

With approximately 15,000 photographic catalogs and comprehensive documentation about them, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts is just too amazing.

Interestingly, it’s a free attraction, so you’ll not be paying for any admission.

However, this museum isn’t open to the public on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. but, for other days of the week, you can plan a visit here between 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM.

Address: 924 S Main St, Winston-Salem, NC United States

14. Total Escape

Total Escape, Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem Total Escape

Total Escape is Winston Salem’s most immersive and best escape game center.

Unlike other escape houses in the state of North Carolina, this particular escape house is 100% family-friendly. It is not in any way scary!

You have a whole hour to explore this immersive room. Through that, you can solve puzzles and find clues.

So, do you consider yourself competent enough to escape from this scary room?

Don’t be too sure! Upon your arrival in this delightful city of North Carolina, plan a visit to this wonderful place, and you’ll be able to evaluate your ability better.

Impressively, the cost of admission is so cheap, and the conduct of the staff is highly pleasing!

Address: 280 Charlois Blvd #200, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, United States

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15. Broad Branch Distillery

Broad Branch Distillery

The Broad Branch Distillery

Broad Branch Distillery is an award-winning distillery in Winston-Salem.

If you’re over 21 years and you’re looking for a nice stop to enjoy quality alcohol, Broad Branch Distillery offers that plentiful!

Their mission is to make Winston-Salem fun and habitable for everyone.

Besides, this lovely area in North Carolina has used the most appropriate ingredients in every one of its productions. You will surely appreciate that!

Not just that, they work with a group of carefully appointed growers and farmers who share their topmost focus on responsibly brown goods that are of high quality.

Mashing and fermenting the best grains and sugar in a bid to ensure that there is the production of authentic spirits that will reflect the Blue Ridge Mountain heritage, Broad Branch Distillery is just too superb!

The best part of the production stage in this delightful area is that each batch is tempered to enhance and preserve the defining aromas, and awesome flavors that every tourist will like.

If you’re so curious about devoting your time to things that are not easily forgotten, endeavor to check out this place.

As several industries transit from mash to barrel to bottle, this pleasurable place still remains focused.

Come and give yourself a beautiful treat! You will love to be here over and over again after your forthcoming trip here!

Note that, Broad Branch Distillery opens all days of the week, and pets are disallowed from this location.

Address: 756 Trade St NW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

16. Theatre Alliance

Winston-Salem Theater Alliance

Winston-Salem Theater Alliance

Theatre Alliance is a group of performing artists in Winston-Salem. They’re committed to making this city of North Carolina more fun for visitors of all ages.

Since you will be in Winston-Salem anytime soon, make some efforts to catch a show at Theatre Alliance! It is a decision you wouldn’t regret taking!

The crew is so knowledgeable and highly versatile.

In fact, if not for anything else, the friendliest of the entire staff is enough to make you feel so comfortable here.

How about its befitting and comfortable chairs?

That’s pretty too! It’s an amazing feature that still helps to preserve their relevance.

Impressively, there are more than two stores that offer various goodies, chocolate, and candies to visitors.

That suggests that, during the intermission hour, you’ll have a lot of picks to cool down, which is a great thing.

Other than all this, this site in Winston-Salem also features amazing programs for kids.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly attraction or a beautiful site to spend some hours in this destination is a perfect fit for your itinerary!

Address: 650 W 6th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

17. Frank L. Horton Museum Center

Frank L. Horton Museum Center, Winston-Salem

Frank L. Horton Museum Center

Are you still not satisfied with the recommendations above?

If you’ve not seen any perfect attraction that will be worth your time during your forthcoming trip to Winston-Salem, how about if you check out an attraction that displays lots of artwork and cultural materials?

Unless you are not curious about exploring something unique and interesting, visiting the Frank L. Horton Museum Center, where you’ll have access to an amazing collection of artwork, is a great option for you!

Frank L. Horton Museum Center in Winston-Salem is remarkably the home to a high number of comprehensive collections of the United States decorative arts.

To underscore its awesomeness, this museum was internationally acknowledged for its series of contributions to the understanding of the history of decorative arts in the United States, and its prevailing culture.

If you want to explore an area offering unique living history, that’s not just authentic but so rich, you’ll not be wrong to come here.

Interestingly, there are tons of exhibits here that equally reflect how the United States was centuries ago. With its special emphasis on the enslaved and free people of African descent, you’re sure of learning something new.

Whether you’re a history buff, cultural enthusiast or you’re just looking for something to expand your horizon, spending an hour or two here is definitely important!

Take note that Frank L. Horton Museum Center isn’t accessible to travelers on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Meanwhile, its opening period on all other days of the week is between 10:00 AM through 2:00 PM.

As for its admission requirements, it’s not an initiative established to maximize profits. So, you’ll not pay anything to enjoy everything this lovely spot has to offer!

Address: S Main St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

18. M.C. Benton Jr. Convention Center

M.C. Benton Jr. Convention Center

M.C. Benton Jr. Convention Center

More commonly referred to by the locals as “the Benton Convention Center,” this state-of-the-art facility is an all-encompassing fun spot and one of the largest meeting destinations in North Carolina.

Upon its recent renovation that cost over 20-million-dollar, the Benton Convention Center now features an exhibits hall, 105,000 square feet of awesome meeting space, a reception area, breakout rooms, a boardroom, and three ballrooms.

Additionally, this beautiful area boasts an expanded pre-function area with carpeted areas and a picnic spot.

As luxurious as this delightful site is, it would not be too good for you and your team to be in Winston-Salem without coming to spend a few hours here.

After all, the Benton Convention Center is situated in an area that’s so close to several other attractions.

Even if you’re here and you’re not running out of time, you can just wait to observe some of its many amazing events and cultural presentations. You will love these thoughtful presentations!

M.C. Benton Jr. Convention Center is open all year round, and it doesn’t require travelers to make any payment.

In fact, having a delicious meal wouldn’t also be an issue! You’ll have amazing food menu options. There are several food vendors on site!

So, what more would you have loved to enjoy in North Carolina aside from all these?

Regardless of your expectations, this is a great spot to extend your sightseeing tour!

Meanwhile, if you’ll be here with your vehicle, ensure you come early. This is to ensure that you secure a parking space for yourself!

Address: 301 W 5th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

19. Bowman Gray Stadium Racing

Bowman Gray Stadium Racing, Winston-Salem

Bowman Gray Stadium Racing

Located in the downtown city of Winston-Salem, Bowman Gray Stadium is the true connotation of excellence when it comes to tracking racing!

Do you love racing adventures and you will be in North California for a vacation or holiday trip?

If you do, consider including Bowman Gray Stadium Racing on your bucket list!

Each and every Saturday night in summer and spring, several tourists stand to observe this amazing and exciting racing action. This is not likely to be found anywhere else in the United States!

This stand isn’t just restricted to some category of travelers, it includes children, parents, and grandparents because it’s just too interesting for everyone.

Another amazing attribute of this area of Winston-Salem that appeals to travelers is that the staff are too polite in their interaction with tourists.

Whether it’s your first time to be here, or you’ve been coming previously, this set of individuals will act like an old friend to you and you’ll surely love it.

It’s not so surprising this attraction has been a favorite stop for a lot of fun-seekers since its establishment in the year 1949.

So, it will be a wise gesture towards yourself to spend a night here once you’re in this city of North Carolina.

Note, visitors’ safety is their utmost priority, so there’s absolutely nothing to be scared about and the ticketing fee is reasonable as well.

Address: 1250 S Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27107, United States

20. Hobby Park

Hobby Park, Winston-Salem

Hobby Park

Just as J. Along rightly observed, “Even in difficult times, there could be good moments.”

That’s a confirmation that moments are not to be endured but to be enjoyed to the fullest!

Therefore, do you care to explore an amazing site with your whole family during the forthcoming summer vacation?

Of course, you will! No doubt, family isn’t just anything, it is everything!

Upon your arrival in Winston-Salem in North Carolina, Hobby Park features lots of entertaining, engaging, and mouth-watering activities that are suitable for all ages.

This Winston-Salem Park offers a wooded mountain biking trail & an open area. These areas are well equipped with lots of children playing amenities.

Nobody will be on a trip here without something engaging that’ll be worth the time of visitation!

The adult mountain bike trails aren’t in any way challenging as well. That suggests that Hobby Park isn’t all about the faint of heart!

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, you’ll not feel excluded if you’re here.

Hobby Park opens to travelers between 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM on all days of the week, including Sunday.

Although, it’s apposite to state that, unlike other parks in this city, food vendors aren’t always available during all of its operational hours.

Nevertheless, we suggest you come with some bottles of water and possibly some snacks if you’re considering staying for a longer period.

Contrary to that, there are parking lots and the cost of admittance is relatively low.

Address: 2301 W Clemmonsville Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27127, United States

21. Forsyth County Public Library

Forsyth County Public Library, Winston-Salem

Forsyth County Public Library

Learning, they say, is a continuous process! It’s what we have to keep doing in order to meet up with the realities of the contemporary era.

Luckily, Forsyth County Public Library boasts one of the most beautiful learning arenas in the state of North Carolina.

With the presence of Forsyth County Public Library, your desire to learn science, mathematics, culture, history, and geography has become a reality.

Beyond this area of knowledge, Forsyth County Public Library also offers an amazing collection of storybooks. These range from fiction and nonfiction, and you’ll surely love them.

In fact, this beautiful library along 5th Street in Winston-Salem also dedicates a session of its collections to kids.

Suggestively, regardless of your age or interest, you’ll always find an interesting book yourself in this wonderful learning center.

An improvement that ensures the stability of the relevance of this lovely spot is that most of its collections are also available in electronic form.

So, if you’re a tech type, you’ll find here not only resourceful but highly easier while navigating through books.

In a related development, except Sundays, you’re confident of being granted access to Forsyth County Public Library, which is quite awesome.

Note further that you may not likely pay an admission fee. Nevertheless, subject to your financial strength, you may be required to make some donations.

While coming, it’s equally advisable, you come with a necessary means of identification.

Address: 660 W 5th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

22. Cobblestone Farmers Market

Cobblestone Farmers Market

Cobblestone Farmers Market

Dedicated to significantly enhancing equitable access to sustainably grown food, vegetables, cakes, bread, and juice in Winston-Salem, the Cobblestone Farmers Market is another delightful location in North Carolina.

With this nurturing diverse, and thriving marketplaces, whether you are coming to this downtown during the summer or winter period, you’re sure to fill your basket with amazing selections here.

Operated by Beta Verde, LLC, this fully sustainable, vetted space only features producer-only goods which are considered great.

This market is well known for its diverse items that consistently meet travelers’ needs, with an assurance of various vendors meeting the humane practices expected in a public place of such nature.

Aside from the amazing items listed above, this lovely space also offers lamb, beef, and pork products.

The best part of this is that all these animals are well-certified by the “Animal Welfare Approved Committee“, which ensures that these products pass through the most rigorous standards for the welfare of animals in the United States.

If your visitation period to Winston-Salem falls on a Saturday, don’t bring your exploration to an end without spending an hour or two here.

After all, you have the obligation to enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Don’t forget what Michael Bassey Johnson retreated several times. “the present moment, though fleeting, is the only tangible moment. The rest are but a heap of memories.”

So, don’t be too conservative without having the necessary plans to enjoy the moment.

Address: 1007 Marshall St SW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

23. Goat Feathers Antiques & Collectibles

Goat Feathers Antiques & Collectibles

Goat Feathers Antiques & Collectibles

The major reason why Winston-Salem has continually been ranked high among travelers is because of its diversity of attractions.

Whether you’re a history lover or an outdoor adventurer, you’ll have varieties of activities to yourself.

So, if you’re an antique lover and you wouldn’t be visiting Lost in Time Antique Mall, due to one reason or the other, Goat Feathers Antiques & Collectibles is a perfect option to consider.

Situated at South Broad Street, which isn’t too far from major attractions and restaurants, Goat Feathers Antiques & Collectibles is a little antique store with amazing collectibles and antiquities selections.

Goat Feathers Antiques & Collectibles is a favorite stop for several travelers simply because of two things which are the pricing and staff conduct.

Beyond that two impressive features, this wonderful place is not overcrowded with highly sought-after items. You wouldn’t regret spending a few hours of your time hunting for an antique here!

Even if you’re not willing to purchase any of these wonderful items, merely seeing these beautiful collections themselves will give you a greater thoughtful reaction.

If you’ll be in this at this site, this store doesn’t open on Sunday through Thursday.

Nevertheless, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, you can plan your trip here between the hours of 12:00 PM through 4:00 PM.

Just as noted earlier, this store is small, so parking might be tricky. But then, come early if you’ll like to secure a space for yourself.

Address: 836 S Broad St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

24. The Little Theatre

The Little Theatre

The Little Theatre

As the oldest performing arts destination in Winston-Salem, The Little Theatre is also a place worth considering if you’re mapping out an itinerary for an epic vacation.

This award-winning fun center has been presenting highly professional performances for the past 80 years.

Despite its aged long existence, this beautiful attraction hasn’t stopped featuring spectacular productions to locals and travelers alike, which is why it’s still relevant today.

If you’ll be in Winston-Salem for a short trip or summer vacation, it will surely be worth it if you can be here to build your imagination, stretch your creative muscles, and enjoy the transformative magic of live presentations like never before.

The seats are comfortable, and mostly, the staff in this 1935 establishment are so friendly.

Besides, the ticket fee is quite affordable, conferring the much enjoyment that awaits travelers and locals here.

Aside from being remarkable for its high-quality theatrical productions that are suitable for all ages, this amazing destination also offers flexible acting classes for young actors.

So, if you have little ones that are keenly interested in acting, the Children’s Theatre of Winston-Salem in North Carolina is a place to bring them to.

At The Little Theatre, it’s enjoyment galore for everyone like never!

Address: The Little Theatre, 419 N Spruce St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

25. Lam Museum Of Anthropology

Lam Museum Of Anthropology

Museum Of Anthropology

Lam Museum of Anthropology is another interesting site that’s located on the Wake Forest University Campus.

This museum seeks to create global cultural awareness by protecting, collecting, managing, and exhibiting ethnographic objects, visual arts, and archaeology of the past and present inhabitants, by providing an avenue for intercultural learning.

Whether you love history or prefer to learn more about the impressive cultural heritage of the United States, endeavor to check out the Lam Museum of Anthropology!

This is the only museum that is dedicated to the study of global cultures and it’s certain that you’ll enjoy every time spent here.

It’s not so surprising this museum has been a favorite stop for several travelers, even beyond the United States, since 1963 when it was established.

So, how can you justify it if you constitute an exception by not checking out this lovely place when next you’re in Winston-Salem?

Although opinion is personal, while observation is general, nevertheless, there’s nothing too good enough to justify such!

The Museum is open to travelers and inhabitants on Tuesday through Saturday between the hours of 10:00 AM through 4:30 PM.

However, for a group tour, special arrangements can be made.

As for the admission fee, this museum is a free attraction.

Meanwhile, the workers will gratefully accept donations of whatever value.

Address: Wake Forest University, Palmer Residence Hall, Carroll Weathers Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27109

26. Miller Park

Miller Park

The Miller Park

Miller Park is a natural park in downtown Winston-Salem that boast nature, streams, paved trails, a playground, and a recreation center.

It is a quiet park with a bit of something amazing, delightful, and pleasurable for all categories of travelers.

Whether you love hiking, camping, or skiing, you won’t be short of fun activities to choose from in this lovely area.

Opening every day between 6:30 AM through 8:30 PM, Miller Park is just a haven for every outdoor adventurer planning a trip to North Carolina.

In addition to that, Miller Park is pet friendly, which suggests that you don’t have to worry about where to drop your pets off while coming.

Perhaps you might love sporting activities, Miller Park also boasts of a large basketball field.

Despite its unique features, the admission fee to this lovely site is inexpensive.

Even at that, there is a little store here that offers amazing varieties of snacks at affordable prices.

If you’re traveling near Winston-Salem, be meticulous enough to visit Miller Park for an hour or two. You’ll be glad to oblige!

Don’t forget, in whatever you do, do not be impressed by your previous glories, and don’t be scared about your future.

One of the best ways of securing a beautiful and memorable future is to live the present well.

With a trip to Miller Park in North Carolina, it’s sure you’ll have a newer and richer vacation experience like never before!

Address: 400 Leisure Ln, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, United States

27. New Winston Museum

New Winston Museum

New Winston Museum

The New Winston Museum is a historic house in Winston-Salem that offers lots of insightful artifacts and exhibits.

However, what distinguishes this attraction from other historic places is that this museum basically focuses on Forsyth County and Winston-Salem history from 1850 to the present day.

The museum is accessible to the public on Monday through Friday between the hours of 12:00 PM through 5:00 PM. On the contrary, if you’ll be here on Saturday, you can come for visitation between 10:00 AM through 2:00 PM.

If you’re so curious about knowing the predominant lifestyle and what happened centuries ago in Forsyth County and Winston-Salem, this is an appropriate stop for you!

After all, the knowledge of history is an important aspect because it doesn’t only let us know how the past was, it’s equally a veritable tool that enables us to predict the future.

With the variety of exhibits and memorabilia here, you’re sure of having insight into this interesting past.

Unlike other attractions reflecting the historical antecedents of these regions of North Carolina, this fun place isn’t established for profit-making.

Therefore, you’re not going to pay any admission fee.

The artifacts have adequate labeling on them. This invariably makes it quite easier for travelers to navigate through these exhibits.

Take note that, pets are not allowed in this park, nevertheless, there are free parking lots plentiful!

Address: 418 Marshall St N #204, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

28. Triad ECO Adventures

Triad ECO Adventures

Triad ECO Adventures

If you are coming to Winston-Salem and you want an all-encompassing fun area where so many possibilities are achievable, consider adding Triad ECO Adventures to your bucket list!

Triad ECO Adventures provide electric bike tours, Segway adventures, and Paddleboarding.

The most interesting and distinctive feature of Triad ECO Adventures is that there’s always something great for every skill level.

So, whether it will be your first time to engage in adventurous activities of such or you’ve been into it on previous excursions, there’s always something fun for you here.

Although, unlike other fantastic sites in Winston-Salem that have fixed operational hours, Triad ECO Adventure is quite exceptional.

For instance, while this pleasurable area is accessible to travelers and locals on Tuesday through Thursday between 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM, visitors would only be allowed in between 10:30 AM through 4:00 PM on Sunday.

On a similar note, you can be confident of enjoying the best of this destination between 8:30 AM through 5:00 PM on Saturdays.

Whichever your visitation hour to this site would be, it’s sure you’ll have a newer and richer vacation experience unlike ever before.

The entire recreational facilities are modern, and in good condition, and best of it all, the staff acts like old friends to everyone on site, which is one of the welcoming development that preserves their uniqueness.

Considering these, it’s pretty interesting to note that the cost of adventuring here is relatively low, unlike what you’d anticipate.

So, there’s no drawback. Triad ECO Adventures will surely be worth a visit!

Address: 176 Ywca Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27127, United States

29. Carolina History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour Of Winston-Salem

Carolina History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour Of Winston-Salem

Carolina History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour Of Winston-Salem

Are you ready to do something new yet fun during your subsequent trip to Winston-Salem?

Obviously, everyone wants to do something that’ll bring a newer vacationing experience, so, you would!

Upon your arrival to this city of North Carolina, head straight to Carolina History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour of Winston-Salem!

Carolina History & Haunts is a remarkable historical ghost-walking tour agency that takes every traveler on a voyage of discovery.

This interesting tour is so affordable and highly interesting.

Although, the only downside is the fact that tours are only made available to the public on Saturdays and Tuesdays because the Carolina History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour of Winston-Salem doesn’t operate on other days of the week.

Notwithstanding, the Carolina History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour of Winston-Salem is a good reason why you need to reschedule your visitation period to this downtown.

Aside from the fact that the tour guides will guide you through this scary tour, they wouldn’t also be reluctant to tell every traveler’s interesting and captivating ghost stories.

It’s, however, important to state that, considering its Scarry nature, it’s not a friendly attraction for kids and little ones.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you choose from other numerous attractions recommended herein if you’re visiting this city of North Carolina with your kids.

Similarly to that, there are handy restaurants along the way. So, we equally suggest you come with a bottle of water and some snacks.

But then, are these drawbacks enough to expunge this fantastic destination from your itinerary?

Definitely, no! The awesomeness outweighs its drawbacks. It will be well worth it if you can create a space in your travel plan to accommodate the Carolina History & Haunts Historical Ghost Tour of Winston-Salem!

Address: Tours meet at 848, W 5th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, United States

Final Remarks

Now that you have seen how amazing and enjoyable your trip to Winston-Salem would be, when do you plan to visit this downtown?

Whenever your visitation period will fall, it’s sure you will have an enjoyable moment in this city.

Meanwhile, endeavor to make use of the recommendations above to narrow down your itinerary.

While doing that, don’t leave your partner or kids at home. This is because this city has a bit of something enjoyable for everyone!

Do have a safe trip.