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22 Best & Fun Things To Do In Ogden (Utah)

Ogden, the county seat of Weber County, is located in Utah, north of Salt Lake City.

The city was inspired by Peter Skene Ogden, a British-Canadian fur trader.

Summers in Ogden are often hot and dry, with snowy winters and partly cloudy days.

The city is rich in museums and historic attractions.

In addition, you can participate in a variety of adventurous and outdoor activities.

Take a stroll down Historic 25th Street, explore the Hill Aerospace Museum, pay a visit to the Utah State Railroad Museum, and catch a performance at Peery’s Egyptian Theater.

No matter where you are in Ogden, you’ll find that Ogden is a year-round travel destination that offers one-of-a-kind outdoor activities and city delights.

If you planning a trip, we have listed some of the top things you can do to get the most out of Ogden city here.

Things To Do In Ogden, Utah

1. Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden

Things to do in Ogden

The Utah State Railroad

If you love trains, you will love this museum both inside and outside. The exhibits are a step back in time.

The Utah State Railroad Museum is housed at the Union Station, which was built in 1869 as the first rail station in Utah.

The historic structure is a two-story wood-frame structure erected on a mudflat on the Weber River’s banks.

It is dedicated to demonstrating how the transcontinental railroad was built.

The museum’s entryway is composed of the same timbers that were used to construct the Lucin Cutoff over the Great Salt Lake.

There are many antiques, displays, and interactive exhibits that may be seen throughout the museum.

Further, the Operation Lifesaver Exhibit teaches youngsters about railroad crossing safety, while the Maintenance of Way Exhibit features a locomotive cab, a rail handcar, and maintenance equipment.

The Wattis-Dumke Replica Railroad, which includes a model of Union Station and 25th Street, recreates the local neighborhood in miniature.

In addition, it is a warm place to be in the winter.

In the main lobby, don’t forget to look up and appreciate the awesome beams.

The trains are great to walk near and the placards are informative.

There is also a History channel video that plays.

Don’t forget to look at the antique car section.

Address: Union Station, 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

2. Ogden Botanical Gardens

Ogden Botanical Gardens

Kerry Hartley / Ogden Botanical Gardens

Ogden botanical gardens is a beautiful place to spend some time during the deep Spring days when the flowers are in their full glory and the plants are growing fruit.

In fact, this is a fantastic way to spend a few hours surrounded by nature and colorful flowers.

One of Ogden, Utah’s most popular attractions is the Ogden Botanical Gardens.

The Ogden Botanical Gardens is an 11-acre public garden located in Ogden, Utah. This well-kept garden is a delight for visitors and locals alike in Ogden.

Along the botanical garden runs the Ogden River Parkway, which stretches from the Rainbow Garden Cafe to the Riverdale Frisbee Golf course and beyond (over 11 miles one way). This parkway passes many sites within Ogden, including the George Eccles Dinosaur Museum & the Lorin Farr Community Pool.

There is also a dedicated rose garden on campus with all sorts of rose species and colors.

Furthermore, you will find many people here taking photos and you can even see the occasional marriage taking place near the pergola just East of the rose garden.

When visiting the Ogden Botanical Gardens, keep an eye out for the themed gardens.

Programs for learning and improving flower gardening abilities are also available at the Ogden Botanical Gardens.

You can’t be a nature lover in Ogden and not pay this wonderful place a visit.

Address: 1750 Monroe Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

3. Hill Aerospace Museum

hill aerospace museum

Flickr /A-10 Thunderbolt on the grounds of the Hill Aerospace Museum

If you are a military or aircraft buff in Ogden, don’t miss this place. This place is an amazing collection of vintage aircraft, along with informative stories about each.

It covers so many generations of aircraft and military engagements that it’s hard to absorb it all in a single visit.

You only get a little glimpse of it from the freeway, but the second you enter, you realize this place is way cooler than you expected!

Firstly, they have an SR-71 which is the first stealth plane that flew at 80,000 and could take photographs while flying at Mach 3, can you imagine?.

In addition, they have hundreds of things to look at, including F-16s, an A-10, missiles, bombs, up to 50 full-size fighter jets, airplanes, helicopters, and more.

You could even spend hours here and it only feels like minutes! Plus, they are continuing to develop “Experiences” that let you go inside airplanes, missile silos (replace scaled down), and more.

In addition, a gift shop is also available if you need to purchase some things.

You could even enroll your kids at the Hill Aerospace Museum STEM education program while you are in Ogden.

Even if you are not an aircraft lover, you will love it here. It is one of a kind place in Ogden.

The Museum is open to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Address: 7961 Cottonwood St Building 1955, Hill AFB, UT 84056, United States

4. Treehouse Children’s Museum, Ogden

Treehouse Children's Museum

Treehouse Children’s Museum

Perhaps you brought your kids to Ogden and you are wondering ways to keep them busy, excited, and let them have fun.

The treehouse is a great place for your kids’ imaginations to run wild!

The Children’s Museum is a hands-on museum that focuses on the arts, humanities, and children’s literature.

Jack’s Fairy Tale Diner, One World Village, Oval Office, Pioneer School House, and the Utah Heritage Rodeo display are just a few of the exhibits available here.

There’s a chance to explore different countries and have learning experiences.

Daily programming includes Art Garden Activities and Step on Stage, as well as family literacy programs such as Alphabet Soup and On Track to Reading and a Kindergarten Readiness program.

Furthermore, professional performers recite fairy tales and traditional folk stories in the Treehouse Theater as part of the Treehouse Troupe.

There are also activities that older kids can enjoy, such as a guided art project area and a mini-town with a diner, store, and fire department where kids pretend to be a part of those places.

They also have small handrails for your little ones to use the stairs, so your kids are safe here

The best part? It is very reasonably priced for a membership which allows you to go any time you like.

You would agree at this point that Ogden is a city that has something for everyone of all ages.

Address: 347 22nd St, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

5. Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park

Ogden's George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park

Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park

If you want a place for the whole family in Ogden, then this is the right place to be. You do not need to be a dinosaur lover to enjoy this place.

The Dinosaur Park and Museum is a five-acre attraction featuring more than 100 full-size dinosaur reproductions and a museum with hands-on activities.

The dinosaur replicas are sculptures that are operated by robotics and a sound system and are based on authentic fossil skeletons.

The animatronic display upstairs is rapturous for kids, and the crystal and gem displays are gorgeous.

Additionally, the indoor museum with bones and fossils has several interactive portions and even a couple of games for kids, and there are several bones they can touch.

A Ceratosaurus, a Parasaurolophus, a Triceratops, and a 45-foot-long Tyrannosaurus Rex, the park’s most popular dinosaur, are among the dinosaurs on display.

One beautiful place to visit here is a little building near the restrooms with an iguana and a couple of tortoises you can look at.

There are a lot of benches, picnic tables, and covered seating areas, so it would be a lovely place to have a picnic.

There is also an education center as well as the Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart Museum, in addition to the dinosaurs.

In short, this is an amazing place to spend at least half of your day.

Nature is such a beauty, right?

Address: 1544 Park Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

6. Waterfall Canyon Trail, Ogden

Waterfall Canyon Trail, Ogden

Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune

This is another natural wonder in Ogden you do not want to miss.

The Waterfall Canyon Trail stretches for 5.3 kilometers with a total elevation gain of 1,197 feet.

Furthermore, the Waterfall Canyon route is one of the most popular in Ogden, making it a must-see attraction for visitors.

March through October is the greatest time to visit.

The trek to the top takes approximately an hour; it is moderate and not too strenuous.

The path starts at the top of 29th Street, and the trailhead is known as the 29th Street Trailhead; it serves as a gateway to many other recognized trails throughout Ogden.

Also, be ready for people that bring their pets; you can also bring yours, but they must be kept on a leash.

Stop near the creek while trekking and take in the natural beauty.

Even though the route is somewhat long, the waterfall at the finish is well worth the effort.

The ambiance around the waterfall is relaxing, the scenery is breathtaking, and there is always a cool breeze.

The Waterfall Canyon Trail is open to visitors in Ogden all year.

It is the quietest and most serene location in all of Ogden, so you can take a seat and unwind.

Address: Ogden, United States

7. Talisman Brewing Co.

Talisman Brewing Co.

Tailsman Brewing

If you need a great spot to grab some beers while in Ogden, the talisman brewing co. is a great spot.

The Talisman Brewing Company is a small craft brewery with a wide range of beers and one of the great things to do in Ogden is to try out the many beer flavors at the Talisman Brewing Company.

Founders Dusty and Joann Williams are lovely people. Even though they are from varying backgrounds but they come together over their love and appreciation for craft beer.

Good beer brings good people together indeed!

You can drink good beer while relaxing in a welcoming atmosphere. The ABV of the full-flavored craft beers ranges from 5% to 12.5 percent.

You can bring your food or even buy a number of nearby eateries.

The place is also dog friendly!.

Address: 1258 Gibson Ave, Ogden, UT 84404, United States

8. Weber County Ice Sheet

Weber County Ice Sheet

Weber State University / Webber County Ice Sheet Addition

Ogden’s ice sheet opened in 1994 as a recreational rink for figure skating, hockey, and curling.

The Winter Olympics curling competitions were hosted in Ogden’s Ice Sheet in 2002, making it a popular tourist destination in Ogden and Utah.

In addition, it is even a fun way to spend quality time with your family or friends. On the ice sheet, you can figure skate, play hockey, or play any other curling game.

The Ice Sheet also offers local competitions, public skating, lesson programs, hockey, curling, figure skating and speed skating, and ice shows, and includes a pro shop, conference rooms, locker rooms, and an outdoor terrace for meetings.

For kids and adults interested in studying figure skating or hockey, the ice sheet also offers training programs.

Address: 4390 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, UT 84403, United States

Planning a trip outside of Ogden? Be sure to check our lists of things to do in Logan, Provo, Park City, and St. George!

9. Fort Buenaventura Park

Fort Buenaventura Park

Fort Buenaventura Park

This is a lovely little park in Ogden.

The grounds are beautiful, lake with canoe rentals, campsites, picnic areas, a playground, reconstructed trapper’s fort.

Firstly, Easter Rendezvous is the first event to start the year at Fort.

There are numerous activities to partake in here.

There are camping areas, a fishing pond, a golf course, and a historic fort that was once utilized for fur trapping and commerce.

The main attraction here seems to be frisbee golf, but this is also a great place to camp & picnic with family or host an activity.

However, if you are looking to hike, fish, hunt, rock climb, bike, canoe or raft, etc. this is not the place for you.

There are also some pavilions that are available as well.

Address: 2450 A Ave, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

10. Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Historic 25th Street

Don’t come to Ogden without making time for Historic 25 Street.

The Historic 25th Street neighborhood occupies three blocks of 25th Street, beginning at Wall Avenue on the west end and ending at Washington Boulevard on the east, with Lincoln and Grant Avenues transecting.

Sightseeing and shopping are two of the many enjoyable activities available on Historic 25th Street in Ogden.

Unlike too much of Utah, where any building more than 50 years old is torn down for a mid-rise box.

Ogden has most of its late 19th and early 20th-century buildings still around.

The historic 25th Street in Ogden had a bad reputation in the past. Brothels, opium dens, gambling, and bootlegging were all commonplace.

The current renovation of the street has wowed many people and drawn a large number of tourists.

There are endless fun and numerous thrilling activities to do with your friends on Historic 25th Street.

The street is bustling with stores, restaurants, museums, and a variety of other attractions to keep visitors entertained.

In addition, there are great trails for road biking along the rivers, dedicated bike lanes, and reasonable places to eat.

You can also have an iced tea and egg burrito at Grounds for Coffee close to the eye candy train station.

Even though the street is very interesting with a wide variety of shops, pubs, restaurants, and art galleries. However, there are some homeless people on this street begging for money.

Take a stroll around the Municipal Garden, pick up some chocolates at the Queen Bee, look at gorgeous artwork, and spend an endless amount of time on 25th Street.

Address: Historic, 25th St, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

11. John M. Browning Firearms Museum

John M. Browning Firearms Museum

John M. Browning Firearms Museum

The John M. Browning Firearms Museum is another intriguing memorial museum worth visiting in Ogden.

This firearms Museum in Ogden honors John M. Browning, the designer of numerous sports and military firearms.

The Museum is situated on the second floor at Union Station’s north end, Ogden, with elevator and stair access.

A collection of tiny models representing the evolution of firearms from flintlocks to the Gatling Gun to today’s contemporary firearms is used to present the history of firearms.

Rifles, shotguns, pistols, machine guns, and cannons are among his innovations.

Learn about the history of the American gunmaker by exploring these creative inventions from years past.

If you really enjoy adventure and discovering new things, you should go and spend some time here.

Address: 2501 Wall Ave suite a, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

12. Peery’s Egyptian Theater

Peery's Egyptian Theater

Courtesy: Highsmith, Carol M., 1946-, photographer

This is an absolutely beautiful building and if you have an opportunity to see performances or films here, you won’t regret it.

This is one of Ogden’s most iconic buildings and even has an organ-like in the old days.

Peery’s Egyptian Theater, located on Washington Boulevard in Ogden, is a historic movie palace.

The Egyptian-themed cinema palace was erected between 1923 and 1924, with inspiration from Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Furthermore, it reopened in 1997 as a community theater and performing arts center, as well as a movie theater.

The 800-seat theater hosts classical plays, musicals, and the Nutcracker Ballet’s yearly Christmas performances.

There’s always something going on here.

There are concerts by local artists, movie nights, film festivals, local ballet companies, and Ogden Musical Theatre, and you have to experience the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Egyptian!

They have a super friendly crew, making it nice to see familiar faces each time you are here.

It’s also fun when there’s someone playing the Wurlitzer organ before shows.

In short, the whole building has a warm, cozy feel and you’ll enjoy every bit of the experience

Address: 2415 Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

13. Ogden Nature Center

By Natalie Ockey

If you love and appreciate nature, this 152-acre wildlife preserve and teaching facility in the heart of Ogden is open to the public year-round.

The Ogden Nature Center was established in 1975 as Utah’s first nature center, making it a historically significant location and a popular tourist attraction in Ogden, Utah.

Ogden Nature Center offers a wide range of activities for people of all ages, from walking paths to educational programs.

Children, teachers, and adults can participate in hands-on field sessions at the Ogden Nature Center. The center also includes a natural park and an education center.

In addition, birds of prey, snakes, tortoises, salamanders, and other natural animal species can be seen at the Ogden Nature Center.

Observing the animals while enjoying a picnic at the center is one of the top things to do in Ogden.

Address: 966 W 12th St, Ogden, UT 84404, United States

14. Eccles Community Art Center

Eccles Community Art Center

The Eccles Community Art Center

This is a great place to expose yourself to some arts in Ogden.

The Eccles Community Art Center (ECAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting interest in the visual and performing arts by raising awareness and providing education.

It’s an old Victorian-style mansion in Ogden.

The main house is an art gallery. The Carriage House and back buildings are an art and dance studio. Another building on the property is for the Ogden Symphony Ballet.

The Victorian-style house was constructed in 1893 using red brick from the Midwest and red sandstone from northern Utah.

This fantastic historic building is chock full of interesting historical objects and creations by local artisans.

Furthermore, they also offer classes in visual, diverse, literary, health & happiness, and performing arts.

The Eccles Community Art Center is indeed the cultural center of Ogden!

Address: Ogden, Utah, United States

15. Gallery 25

gallery 25 ogden

Photo by Gallery25

While you are in the 25th historic district, you should pay a visit to Gallery 25. It is the oldest gallery in Ogden historic district.

In fact, gallery 25 is a well-known art gallery and has been operating for 19years.

They have a large selection of beautiful art to choose from, and the prices are affordable.

Arts with different artistic styles to fit your want are also available here.

For yourself and your loved ones, you can purchase a variety of presents and mementos.

There are numerous alternatives to fit a variety of preferences.

Take your time looking through their selections and choosing the best ones to bring home.

An Art souvenir isn’t so bad now, is it?

Address: e, 268 25th St, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

16. Cold Springs Trout Farm

Cold Springs Trout Farm

Cold Springs Trout Farm

A trip to Ogden isn’t complete without some proper fishing.

Cold Springs Trout Farm is a family-owned and operated business that has been in operation since 1924.

First, the trout here are raised in a natural mountain stream, so they are the real deal!

Moreover, this place has been operating for decades and they know their business.

Once you get there, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well-managed the property is. Quite lovely.

The instructions to fish are posted clearly at the entrance and are simple enough. Make sure you read them before you get started.

You can also bring your own pole or borrow theirs.

Furthermore, fish food is available for a quarter and there are several pools to try your luck at.

You pay by the size of the fish you catch and they clean it for you on the spot. While you wait, don’t be afraid to take a drink from the rock fountain.

You keep all the fish you catch, no throwing back in.

In addition, the scenery surrounding you is incredible! You are nestled up against the mountains with a beautiful view.

Because of the mountains, you can go hiking after fishing. There are multiple trailheads very close by.

The Cold Springs Trout Farm is a great site to take your kids fishing for the first time.

Address: 2284 Fruitland Dr, Ogden, UT 84414, United States

17. Ogden River Parkway

Ogden River Parkway

Ogden River Parkway

This is an excellent spot for a jog, a dog walk, a great picnic, or pretty much anything else.

The Ogden River Parkway route is a 17-mile river trail with a river.

The River Parkway is a collaborative endeavor between Ogden City and the Ogden Trails Network.

It’s paved, scenic, and offers a lovely semi-shaded workspace right close to the rivers.

The Ogden River Parkway features a botanical garden, a dinosaur park, a trail, and many more attractions.

You can go on a short hike or bike ride with your pals or on your own.

The Ogden River Parkway is within walking distance of Big D Park, the High Adventure Park, and Slackwater Pub and Pizzeria.

Address: Ogden, Utah, United States

18. Ogden’s Pioneer Stadium

Ogden's Pioneer Stadium

The Ogden’s Pioneer Stadium

Ogden Pioneer Stadium is an outdoor arena located within Lorin Farr Park in Ogden.

The Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo, which takes place every year at the end of July, holds at this arena and has a capacity of 12,000 people.

The arena has previously held events, such as marching band competitions and football games for junior and senior high school students.

Today, the arena hosts a variety of fun events, including barrel racing, boxing contests, car displays, demolition derbies, and also mixed martial arts championships.

The Ogden Rodeo Cabin is a classic log cabin that was previously the caretaker’s residence and is now available for special events.

Address: 668 17th St, Ogden, UT 84404, United States

19. Golden Spike Arena

golden spike arena

Golden Spike Arena

How about you watch some demolition derbies and rodeo events while in Ogden?

The Golden Spike Arena, which seats 6,500 people, is a multi-purpose venue that holds local concerts, sporting events, and trade exhibits.

The Golden Spike Event Center has served as a gathering venue for Weber County residents since 1988.

The 150,000-square-foot building, which lies on 150 acres, is well-equipped to host practically any event. Especially if you’re arranging a horse-related event.

Furthermore, indoor arenas, a stadium, a championship equestrian course, racetracks, and over 500 covered stalls are all available.

It’s ideal for sporting activities as well. Two regulation basketball courts, seven soccer fields, and a lighted softball facility are available at the center.

There is also a bar inside serving drinks. There is an adequate beer selection as well as a full bar for mixed drinks.

In short, it is really a fun place to be and while away time.

Address: 1000 1200 W St, Ogden, UT 84404, United States

20. Skyline Trail, Ogden

Skyline Trail, Ogden

Skyline Trail, Ogden

If you need a place to hike or bike in Ogden, the skyline trail is a fine choice.

One of Ogden’s biggest natural attractions is the Skyline Trail.

Skyline Trail is a single-track trail that runs across the Wasatch Front, with mountains rising from the valley below.

The trail winds its way through vast meadows dotted with June wildflowers

Bikers and hikers have dedicated trails that offer a challenge as well as places to stop and appreciate the views from above.

There’s a waterfall canyon worth seeing and, if you are lucky, some wildlife along the way.

This place is really worth checking out.

Address: Ogden, Utah, United States

21. Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse

Beverly's Terrace Plaza Playhouse

By Nubiz

The Terrace Plaza Playhouse is unlike any other community theatre in Utah. It serves as a tribute to the devotion and hard work of the people of Ogden and all of Utah.

The Playhouse has been entertaining audiences for more than 25 years and is known for providing high-quality entertainment.

In addition, BTPP is dedicated to giving the Utah community high-quality, family-friendly musical shows.

It also gives a welcoming setting for audience members and actors to enjoy the theatrical world together.

BTPP is more than just a community theater; it is a monument to sacrifice and perseverance.

One of the best things to do in Ogden is to see comedies, musicals, pantomimes, and a variety of other theoretical acts at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse.

Address: 99 4700 S, Washington Terrace, UT 84405, United States

22. Good Company Theatre

By Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune

Founded in 2012, Good Company Theatre creates and promotes high-quality, diverse theatre shows and events, fostering new connections between audiences and artists.

By putting on fantastic performances, Good Company Theatre helps to keep Utah’s culture alive.

Catharsis is the name of their most popular show.

In fact, this unique presentation is chock-full of emotions and stories.

Address: 2404 Wall Ave, Ogden, UT 84401, United States

Start planning your trip to Ogden

With everything stated above, you can easily guess that this city never sleeps because it is lively and blossoming all year long.

It’s time to wander and get lost!