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27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Logan (Utah)

Logan, a city in Utah, United States of America, is located in Northern Utah near the border of Idaho, north of Salt Lake City.

The beautiful city is home to Utah State University.

Besides, it’s known for offering great adventure opportunities, delicious food, and some of the best arts.

Logan is a city with over fifty-two thousand (52,000) people and has a great population of Latter-day Saints, which influences the culture of the town.

On a visit to Logan, you can choose to stay low in the warmer canyons and valleys or travel high into the snowy mountains.

Whether you choose to learn about the latter-day saints, bike on the terrains, or go skiing in the mountains, you’re assured of a delightful time in the city of Logan.

The following are places you can visit and things you can do while in Logan, Utah!

Things To Do In Logan

1. Ryan’s Place Park

Things to Do in Logan

Ryan Place Park

Giving your kids the best in terms of fun in Logan is not a difficult thing to do because Ryan’s Place gives them the nice treat they deserve. Located just outside Logan, the park is in perfect condition and it’s also well secured.

It caters to the needs of children of various age groups.

Ryan place park is divided into two sections: a smaller section and a larger one.

The smaller section is for toddlers and has facilities like a sand area, small slides, a lemonade stand, and a short climbing area.

On the other hand, the second section, which is the larger one, has a different climbing structure, monkey bars, a tower, and a huge rocket.

They have a great playground that is primarily built of wood, and the kids love it!

In addition, the bathrooms are just next to it, which is quite convenient!

The playground is also surrounded by a cute wooden fence, which can provide a lot of peace of mind to parents with wandering children. It consequently makes it a lot more difficult for them to wander out.

There’s also a great sand volleyball court and a large grass field just to the north of the playground, which is particularly ideal for older children and adults who don’t want to play on the playground.

Indeed, the nicest part is that it’s in a fantastic location.

You’ll surely have a great time here, whether you’re alone or with your family.

Address: 400 S 600 E, River Heights, Utah 84321

2. Utah State University

Things to Do in Logan

Photo Courtesy of Utah State University

Utah State University is one place you should explore in Logan. The University was built in 1888 as an agricultural college but now has more than twenty-eight thousand (28,000) people enrolled as students.

It makes up an integral part of Logan and is known for attracting guests over and again for various entertainment and cultural events.

It has ample research resources so you can have your research done at the school. 

Arts, engineering, humanities & social sciences, education & human services, agriculture & applied sciences, natural resources, business, and science are among the eight colleges at Utah State University.

The university also includes a nighttime observatory where you can see the stars. Isn’t that just fascinating?!

Utah State University is one of the places you can visit in Logan, explore its rich facilities, and have a great time!

Address: Logan, Utah 84322.

3. Museum of Anthropology, Utah

Things to Do in Logan

Museum of Anthropology

You can find this amazing museum at Utah State University. It is notably one of the major attractions in Logan.

The Museum of Anthropology is located in the Old Main building of the Utah State University campus. Generally, it exposes people to the knowledge of cultures and natural history.

With exhibits from around the globe and not Logan alone, you can check out collections of coins, photographs, pottery, masks, and many more antiques that teach you about the heritages of different towns and cities around the world.

In addition, their first Friday events are usually really fun and kids love them. The displays also are unique and diverse.

Visit this place to check it out.

Address: 730 Old Main Hill, Logan, Utah 84322.

4. Logan Utah Temple

Things to Do in Logan

Photo Courtesy of Cory Maylett

This wonderful temple in logan is the Latter-day Saints temple.

It is a magnificent architectural piece that has four ordinance rooms and eleven sealing rooms.

The Logan Utah Temple is also conspicuously located on an elevated terrace and can be seen for miles throughout Cache Valley in northern Utah.

The location, which takes up a whole city block, has attractive gardens and an oval reflecting pool on the east side, and a large grassy hill on the west.

In addition, the historic Logan Tabernacle, located on heavily frequented Highway 91, is just two blocks from the temple.

On a visit to this temple, you would get to see the Latter-day Saints members in their sacred undergarments of pure white while attending the temple. The garments are to symbolize their relationship and commitment to God.

You should not pass up the opportunity to visit Logan’s majestic edifice.

Address: 175 N 300 E, Logan, Utah 84321

5. Casper’s Malt Shoppe

Things to Do in Logan


Casper’s Malt Shoppe is famous for the FatBoy® Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a much larger than usual ice cream novelty that earned its name. The sandwich has many variations you can choose from and it is enjoyed by many Utahns.

While in Logan, you can stock up on Fat boy and give yourself and your family a very nice treat.

Here, you can grab an ice cream and learn about Fat Boy goods. There are also numerous defective products that the factory is unable to send to grocery shops, which the malt shoppe sells at a discount. This implies that you can get “seconds” or overruns at a reduced price.

It’s in fact a great deal to acquire big boxes of fat guys for roughly $7!. With a much lower price for their items than businesses like Dairy Queen, we believe they are totally worth the detour.

The malt shoppe also features a variety of low-cost ice cream selections to enjoy inside. In addition, there is also a drive-through window for those who prefer that means.

The ice cream is very creamy, and the flavors are delicious. Coupled with that, the personnel here are usually really pleasant.

Indeed, this place gives your taste bud a taste of heavenly delight. However, don’t go if you’re in a rush because the service is slow.

There’s usually a line at the door, but if you have the time, your patience will be handsomely rewarded.

Address: 11805 N 200 E, Richmond, Utah 84333.

6. Hardware Ranch

Things to Do in Logan

Hardware Ranch

One of the top places you ought to visit if indeed you want to have a nice time in Logan is The Hardware Ranch. During the winter, Hardware Ranch is a fantastic spot to visit. 

The ranch was built to keep animals from searching for food or another place to stay during winter.

It’s a pleasant trip out of town, and it’s also situated in a stunning canyon.

One thing you’ll really enjoy here is seeing the Elks. The elk are majestic and lovely, and it’s incredible how close you can get to them when riding in the sleighs. The sleigh trip is also quite reasonably priced, so all visitors can have the opportunity to participate.

You also can go fishing around the area and watch the elk being fed.

Make this ranch one of the places you’ll visit when you’re in Logan.

Address: Blacksmith Fork Canyon Road, Hyrum, Utah 84319.

7. Lyric Repertory Theatre

Things to Do in Logan

Lyric repertory theatre

The lyric repertory theatre is part of the Utah State University campus, which was founded in 1967.

If you are a lover of drama? Then you should add a visit to this theater as one of the fun things to do in Logan.

The theatre has been performing different genres of theatre shows for over 50 years.

It is a wonderful small theater with a lot of history.

Despite the age of this theatre, there isn’t a single terrible seat in the house.

The theatrical company and the shows they put on are also excellent and you definitely shouldn’t overlook the lyrics!!

They provide fantastic performances as each show is put on with a lot of effort by the cast and crew to make it a memorable experience. And they also hire top-notch performers and actresses.

In short, it is an amazing place to see plays, musicals, and dramatic features that are well worth seeing.

Be sure to get tickets to these unique shows if you would be visiting Logan.

Address: 28 W Center Street, Logan, Utah 84321.

8. The Jump Zone

Things to Do in Logan

Jump Zone

The Jump Zone is a leading trampoline park that opened in 2012. It is an indoor park that provides fun zones and activities for various age zones. 

It is a top fun spot where your whole family can have a nice time. Rope swings, dodge ball, basketball, and many more are the activities you can engage in at the Jump Park. You can equally host events like birthday parties at the park.

The jump park is the best for hyperactive kids as it has the best activities for them.

The park is usually open to the public every day of the week, except on Sundays. In Logan and searching for fun? Jump park has got you covered. 

Address: 1510 N 200 W, Logan, Utah, 84341.

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9. Logan Lanes

Things to Do in Logan

Logan Lanes

One of the best activities to engage in Logan is to visit Logan Lanes.

It is the perfect place for an all-family outing. For an active night-life scene, Logan lane is recommended.

Logan Lanes is a bowling alley in Lincoln, Illinois.

Bowling, indoor golf simulators, an arcade, and pool tables are all available at this family-friendly entertainment facility.

They also offer a Bar & Grill that serves a varied lunch menu. You can dine in the lounge, and while at it, you can also watch a Tv show, since the lounge has several TVs for your viewing pleasure.

Meetings, birthday parties, and fantasy league drafts can all be held in their free conference room.

In addition, it has a bowling arena open to bowlers for twenty-four-hour bowling, Pool (2 brand new diamond tables), and an indoor golf league.

They also regularly hold Bowling events, an annual Summer Bash, and a Golf-n-Bowl tournament here.

While you spend time in the alley, you can grab fast food from the restaurant. Everything about the meal and drinks is fantastic.

This location will undoubtedly appeal to you.

The center is open every day from 10 am-11 pm and is a great place for all-around entertainment and fun. 

Address: 1161 N Main St, Logan, Utah, US.

10. Maverik Stadium

Things to Do in Logan

Photo Courtesy of Jasonlesliewright

For lovers of sports, Maverik Stadium is the place for you. It is a top attraction in Logan you should not miss. 

It was opened for sports in the college in the year 1968.

The stadium had some renovations in 2012 and it now uses AstroTurf for the field instead of regular grass because Astroturf lasts longer and is more reliable.

Also, over twenty-five thousand people may now be accommodated in the Maverik Stadium.

When the stadium was refurbished in 2012, it included a conditioning and strength center. A total of 21,000 square feet of offices and training areas were added as part of the renovation.

You can get tickets to the stadium online or at the stadium. A visit to the Maverik Stadium, Logan will be worth every bit of your time. 

Address: 7400 Old Main Hill, Logan, Utah 84322.

11. Logan Cinefour Theaters

Cinefour Theater

Cinefour Theaters

Experience a wonderful time watching your favorite movies at Cinefour Theaters, Logan. 

The theatre was established in 2000 and is located on the north side of Logan. Since its establishment, it has operated as a discount house with admissions of $3.00.

The Cinefour theatre offers quality service with the kind of movies they have and the snacks they offer. It is such a nice establishment with friendly employees who are so helpful.

And the movie selection, don’t even get me started! They have such good movies.

They also serve very delicious popcorn made with real butter along with a large diet coke.

You’re guaranteed a perfect and fun experience in Cinefour theaters.

Be sure to add it to your list of places to visit in Logan. 

Address: 2297 Main St, North Logan, Utah 84341.

12. Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

The Nora Eccles Museum of Art was named after its benefactor, Nora Eccles, through a generous gift from her foundation. The Museum was established in 1982.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of art is an academic art museum that particularly focuses on contemporary art. The NEHMA facility was designed by Edward Larabee Barnes.

The museum has a variety of art pieces such as ceramics, photographs, and paintings. To clarify, over five thousand art pieces are present in the museum.

NEHMA also organizes free events and exhibitions to offer educational opportunities for students and graduates of Utah State University.

Some of these events include film screenings, educational activities, artist talks, and curator talks.

If you’re a lover of arts, the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of art is of the best places to hang out in Logan.

The museum usually opens from 10 am between Tuesday and Saturday.

Address: 650 N 1100 E, Logan, Utah 8434.

13. Wind Caves

Wind Cave

Wind Caves

Go hiking with friends at the wind caves hike in Logan.

Wind caves is a long and challenging trail where nature enthusiasts get to see the very best of nature.

Along the way, signs which give information about the cave, trail, and local wildlife are displayed.

This 6.44-kilometer out-and-back trail is located in Logan, Utah.

It takes an average of 2 hours and 5 minutes to accomplish this moderately difficult route.

Because this is a popular hiking, trail running, and walking area, you’ll very certainly run into other people while exploring.

March through November are the best months to tour this trail.

This popular walk leads to a delicate triple arch and a natural cave in a limestone outcropping on the north side of Logan Canyon.

The cavern is also known as the Witch’s Castle, and the trail is around 1,000 feet above the highway. It’s well-marked and simple to navigate.

Hiking over these long and difficult routes is one of Logan’s most enjoyable pastimes, and you’ll enjoy it no matter what.

Some of the caves seem mysterious, while some trails take visitors across the habitat of wildlife.

A visit with friends to the wind caves is a worthy adventure you shouldn’t miss.

Address: Logan, Utah 84341, USA

14. Beaver Mountain, Logan

Beaver Mountain

Photo Courtesy of Re Wikstrom

Although Utah is known for its warm weather, it has many snowy mountains such as Beaver Mountain in Logan.

One of the interesting things to do in logan is to check out these snowy mountains.

Skiing is one of the fun activities you can do on the mountains asides from watching skiers. As a novice, while here, you can get drilled on skiing so well that you ski up and down the hill like a professional.

This is one sure spot for fun and adventure in Logan.

It should, in effect, be on your list of places to visit in Logan. 

Address: 1351 E 700 N, Logan, Utah 84321

15. Whittier Community Center Adventure Playground

Whittier Community Center Adventure Playground

Whittier Community Center Adventure Playground

This is another exciting place to visit in Logan. The Whittier center adventure playground has many places to explore. 

This playground caters to the needs of kids of all age groups as well as kids with special needs. 

The park has two parts, one for toddlers (Totland) and the other for older kids. The Totland has small slides, climbing toys, and a few small swings.

On the other hand, the other area has huge castles, swings, and play areas befitting older children.

The adventure playground can be considered safe and secure as it is well fenced and has just one entrance.

The floor is also well-padded, making it accessible to wheelchair users.

Give yourself and your kids a fun treat at this exciting playground whenever you visit logan.

Address: 290 N 400 E, Logan, UT 84321, United States

16. LDS Tabernacle

LDS Tabernacle

Bobjgalindo | Wikimedia commons

Another exciting thing to do in Logan is to visit the Logan Tabernacle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is where Mormons in Logan go for services, ceremonies, and celebrations.

There are several beautiful things to see at the Tabernacle.

One of such things is the amazing architecture. You would probably also enjoy seeing huge the pipe organ which was built in Kentucky in 1908, then it was shipped to Logan. Although, today the organ has been transformed into something more modern.

In logan, you learn about various religions and how they impact the community, most especially the latter-day saints.

A visit to this tabernacle will definitely be worth your time.

Address: 50 Main Street, Logan, UT 84321

17. First Dam Canyon Entrance Park

First Dam Canyon Entrance Park

First Dam Canyon Entrance Park

This small park serves as access to the Logan canyon. If you are in logan to have fun, you should not exclude First Dam Canyon Entrance Park from your list of things to do in Logan.

Coupled with the beauty of the park, there are so many fun activities can engage in such as feeding the ducks, canoeing in the cool waters, playing volleyball, or picnicking with friends and family. You are sure to have a great time.

In addition, you can take walks around the Park, go paddleboarding, and kayaking at the first Dam canyon entrance park. 

You can also choose to head straight to the spectacular Logan canyon for a great hiking experience. 

The park is oftentimes open from Sunday through Saturday between 7 am and 10 pm.

Address: US-89, Logan, UT 843

18. Logan River Trail

Logan river trail

Photo Courtesy of Whitney Schulte

Have you thought of mountain biking? This is one of the cool stuff you get to do in Logan.

Logan River trail is a perfect place for outdoor sports like skiing and mountain biking.

The logan river trail has a wide bike path, which makes it easy for those who are new to biking to explore the sport. 

The entire trail covers about 7.2 miles in total while passing three ponds.

You don’t need to worry about biking gears as several stores in logan deal in such gears.

A visit here should be included in your list of things to do in logan, Utah.

Address: Logan, UT 84321

19. Juniper Take Out

Juniper Takeout

Juniper Take Out

With all the fun, games, and adventures, you wouldn’t want to go hungry, would you?

Well, that’s where Juniper Take Out comes in. It is a Café which was opened in 1991. They sell fresh and delicious food, cooked daily.

All meat, sauces, and doughs are made within the café. You are guaranteed to be served quickly, but in a much better way than fast-food joints.

They also serve great sandwiches, salads, and soups that would definitely make you salivate. They are that good!

You can’t expect to stay too long at the café though, seeing that they don’t run a full restaurant service. 

Eating good food is fun! Have that fun at Juniper Take Out, Logan, Utah.

Address: 35 E 400 N, Logan, UT 84321.

20. Jardine Juniper Trail, Logan

Jardine Juniper Trail

Jardine Juniper Trail

Another place to have yet another adventure in Logan is the Jardine Juniper trail.

It takes its name from the oldest tree in Utah, believed to be 3,200 old, found at the top of the trail.

This trail is great for you if you want a biking adventure. 

Other than biking, you can walk along the trail and back. Doing this is equivalent to completing 11.4 miles of mountainous trails. 

Biking or walking this trail is definitely worth your time as it is all fun and adventurous! It can also be a great way for you to exercise those muscles. 

Address: Logan, UT 84321

21. Hungry Howie’s

Hungry Howie’s

Ed | Wikimedia common

Hungry Howie’s been known all over the country for its business of selling pizzas since 1973.

They have a specialty in making the Flavored Crust® pizza perfectly.

Coupled with the delicious pizza, you can choose from eight flavor crusts: Asiago, Cajun, butter cheese, ranch, butter, sesame, onion, and garlic herb.

You can also order pasta, salad, wings, and oven-baked subs.

When you’re done with your meal, you can have a nice dessert like the chocolate chip cookie to give you a nice cap off. 

Address: 1475 N Main Street, Logan, UT 84341.

22. Zootah at Willow Park

Things to Do in Logan

Utah’s Adventure Family

Your visit to Logan would be incomplete without a visit to its local zoo. One significant thing this place does for you is that it brings you close to the community and the natural environment. 

Many animals like the reindeer, lemur, cranes, etc are found at Zootah at Willow Park. Seeing how these animals are taken care of shows a lot about the community. 

During Christmas, the zoo sponsors a program called zootah zoo lights where visitors and tourists can wonder at the animals and the Christmas lights. 

There is a lot to learn and see at this logan zoo and as such, it is a great stop to tour with your family.  

Address: 419 W 700 S, Logan, UT 84323.

23. Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre

Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre

Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre

In Logan, another theatre company, the Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre was established in 1992. It is a renowned company known for the shows it puts up on logan’s main street every July and August. 

The company attracts actors and musicians from all parts of the country.

Every year the Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre organizes a youth conservatory to teach young ones how to work in the theatre. 

Some of its shows are; The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Madame Butterfly, The Pirates of Penzance, and Trial by Jury.

 A visit to the Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre(UFOMT) is indeed one of the nicest things to do in Logan.

Address: 59 S 100 W, Logan, UT 84321.

24. Logan Canyon

Things to Do in Logan

Photo Courtesy of Hermann Luyken

The most astounding and remarkable sight to behold in the city of Logan is the Logan Canyon.

Logan Canyon is a canyon in northeastern Utah in the western United States that passes through the Bear River Mountains, a branch of the Wasatch Range.

It is one of the most beautiful locations in Utah. You just have to visit the logan canyon. It should be on top of your list of things to do in Logan.

This great and beautiful canyon has spots for hiking, trekking, and camping. It provides a unique experience.

Coupled with the opportunities for adventures, logan canyons also have some of the most panoramic views of Logan.  

During fall, the leaves change colors with the sky and it displays a beautiful mix of vibrant colors that will leave you in awe. This is the best time to visit the canyon.

Address: Cache County, Logan, Utah; Rich County, Utah.

25. Javier’s Mexican Food, Logan

Things to Do in Logan

Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Baraibar

Javier’s Mexican food, a restaurant owned by a Mexican, offers you delicious, authentic, and the best Mexican delicacies in Logan.

The restaurant opened first in Utah in 1991 and is now found in seven other places.

Janvier’s Mexican food keeps attracting both old and new customers to have a taste of the great-tasting Mexican food over and over again.

Meals like burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and many others are available for every mealtime of the day. It also has the cheapest and best service in town.

Javier’s Mexican food is a place you can check out any time of the day.

When in Logan, don’t hesitate to visit Janvier’s to have a taste of Mexican cuisines.

Address: 2281 Main St, North Logan, UT 84341, United States

26. Crimson Trail

Things to Do in Logan

Crimson Trail

The crimson trail is another great spot for hiking or trekking in Logan. It is roughly just less than a mile from Wind caves trail. 

The views at crimson trail are way better than any other. The crimson trail offers beautiful views of the Logan canyon. 

While hikers can experience the colorful foliage, wind caves, and 360-degree views of the mountainside, the trail is more suitable for hikers and climbers with more experience.

To return from the trail, you can either follow the way you climbed or you can choose to climb up if you are energetic and adventurous enough and meet with the Riverside Trail.

 If you’re up for an adventure, this is one of the places you should visit in Logan.

Address: Logan canyon trailhead, Logan, Utah.

27. Cache Valley visitors’ bureau, Logan

Crimson Trail

Photo Courtesy of Cache valley

Cache Valley visitors’ bureau should be the first place to visit as a visitor to Logan.

The Visitors Bureau is situated in the historic Cache County Courthouse, downtown Logan. It is a great resource both for travelers and locals. 

This beautifully structured 1883 building is a tourist attraction in Logan. You can check out brochures and maps which will be very valuable to you as a visitor. 

The members of staff are also very knowledgeable about the city and will cheerfully give every assistance you might need. The bureau is an information center where you can get important information about the city of Logan and Utah in general.

The visitor’s bureau equally has a Gift Shop where you can get gifts and souvenirs to take home. 

The bureau building is a nice place to visit. There is ample free parking behind the building for cars and the restrooms are the cleanest in town.

Visitors’ Bureau opens from 8 am- 5 pm daily. 

Address:199 N Main St, Logan, Utah 84321-4525

Final Remarks

There’s so much to do in Logan. So many adventurous activities, fun, and education.

You’ll get to learn about the history of the town, the religion of the people, and their society.

More so, whilst on a visit to Logan, you can watch great movies and theatre shows. The artworks present are also worth appreciating. Sporting activities are not left out as well.

All these and more are why Logan, Utah, should be your next vacation destination. Hence, this post will serve as a guide to help you figure out what you can do or see in Logan to make your trip worthwhile.

Safe Travel!