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36 Interesting Things To Do In St. George (Utah)

You’re sure to catch the vacation frenzy and fever if you pick St. George as your destination.

St. George is one of the great peaceful and beautiful cities you’ll find in the southwest region of the Beehive State.

As a unique haven for outdoor recreation lovers, this city boasts voluminous fun activities as well as breathtaking views.

It doesn’t end with just its views and engaging activities, its lifestyle and remarkable entertainment are some things you should look out for.

Stop by, unwind and appreciate artworks telling a number of tales by visiting Arts Around The Corner.

Explore a booming waterfall and go rock collecting at the Turquoise Falls.

So, if you’re considering a vacation to the lovely St. George, here are some of the best things to do while you’re there.

Things To Do In St. George, Utah

1. Brigham Young Winter House

Things to do in St George

Ken Lund / Flickr

Truly, if you intend on touring St. George, then be ready to explore a lot of mormonish history.

One of the top places visitors and travelers can tour in this beehive city is the Brigham Young Winter Home.

The Brigham Young Winter House is the home and residence of popular Mormon leader Brigham Young, remarkably he spent most winters in this setting.

Brigham Young, the pioneer of the Mormon movement, spent his winters at this historic mansion.

When a menace set in and the inhabitants of the city prepared to leave the city in search of a better solution, Young played a huge leadership role.

During his time here, Young helped the inhabitant settle back in and even assisted with public work programs to ensure they survived.

After his demise, his home was handled and handed down to a lot of organizations before it was bought by the Mormon church.

Later on, it was open to the public as a public museum offering free guided tours.

Visitors to this historic home can explore all of Young’s history and subsequently learn about his family history and his vital role in restoring St. George.

You’ll be able to explore its ventilation room, basement, porches, and even a mini storage room.

There are several original pieces of furniture you’ll find lying around the room, even though some have been changed.

Moreover, this tour is free, so it makes it easier for travelers to explore the city by spending little or nothing.

Take the time to tour this home, even if you just want to stand gazing at it from the outside.

Address: 67 W 200 N, St. George, Utah 84770, United States 

2. Visit the Bloomington Petroglyph Park

Things to do in St. George

Bloomington Petroglyph Park

Parks are top gestures and fun ways of killing time around St. George.

So, when considering a much better way to kill time, come see rock art at Bloomington Petroglyph Park.

The ancient people’s rock art is nicely preserved in this tiny half-acre park.

These representations date back at least that far, to the time that the region was initially populated in 1870 when these boulders were originally found.

To make it more classy, the park is a convenient roadside sight where you can have a picnic lunch.

Spend moments staring at the intriguing animal and human carvings on the stones.

If you’re considering looking at all nooks and crannies, you can do so with ease.

There are a few useful seats and lots of room to stretch your legs or let kids run around the boulders.

Plan to visit Bloomington Petroglyph Park, it’s a fascinating sight to see.

While at it, make sure to take a lot of pictures.

Address: 1460 W Navajo Dr, St. George, Utah 84790, United States

3. Catch breathtaking views of Toquerville Falls

Things to do in St. George

The Toquerville Falls/ Pinterest

Looking at waterfalls could be another great activity you could do in St. George.

However, not all falls radiate the sort of charm Toquerville Falls exudes.

Toquerville Falls is a retreat in the St. George desert that you’ll find using a truck.

This highly scenic set of gorgeous waterfalls surges through the desert and has by itself formed an impressive little swimming hole.

Visitors to this waterfall can catch the glimpse of this dribbling waterfall while looking at the rocks that make up the area.

The locale also makes for glamorous snapshots and the views you’re encircled by will always be sensational.

Nevertheless, if you’re yearning to seize a plunge in the water, make sure you time your stay consequently as the water doesn’t heat up until June.

In all, Toquerville Falls is a remarkable spot full of magnificence and expedition.

When you scheme a trip to St. George, whether it’s for golf or a multitude of other reasons, this is a rare detour to put into that list.

Regardless of what you choose to do at this fall, you’ll enjoy it thoroughly.

Address: Unnamed Road, La Verkin, Utah 84745, United States

4. Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Things to do in St. George

Andrew Nelson / Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

It’s no new tale that St. George owns a ton of beautiful relaxing spots for a vacation frenzy.

One of the most beautiful scenes to visit in Utah is Red Cliffs National Conservation Area., which has a vast 45,000 acres of breathtaking natural environment.

This park is surrounded by the Dixie National Forest and the Pine Valley Mountains, which add to its natural splendor.

The Red Cliffs are a stunning location for climbers and photographers, but the park is also a haven for endangered species like the Mojave Desert Tortoise.

A photographer’s haven is what I’d call it; having some rare species certainly makes it more unique.

Additionally, the park has almost 150 miles of hiking trails that provide the backdrop for grand nature viewing.

If you want to feel nature up close and would rather spend time viewing trees and feeling the breeze run down your spine, this is it.

Wilderness areas, recreational places, and on-site campsites are all close to the paths, so you can come camping.

Furthermore, this oasis is also home to a variety of natural structures, including canyons, cliffs, dunes, and knolls.

Great photography, great structures, and grand picnicking sites. What more could you ask for?

Ultimately, Red Cliffs National Conservation Area is among the top things to do when visiting St. George, Utah, as there is so much to see in one place.

Drop by and roam around when you have the time.

Address: 345 E Riverside Dr, St. George, Utah 84790, United States

5. Hike through Yant Flat

Things to do in St. George

Hendrick’s / Flickr

Going hiking can be a great option, especially if you want to get the best view of St. George.

Yant Flat is a hiking canyon in St. George that offers tourists the most spectacular scenery.

If you want to spend time outside, Yant Flat is one of the best things to do in St. George.

To say that it is just an attraction site in the city sounds like an understatement. This is literally one of the few gems in the city.

Trails in the Yant Flat send you across a quick mile of the equatorial forest at the base of Pine Valley Mountain.

This will then take you onto some of the most exceptionally tinted sandstone formations that exist on this earth.

After that, you’ll journey through its two main areas of exploration and you can effortlessly devour a couple of days trudging across the candy-like whirls.

It isn’t just the trails that you’ll find amazing about the Yant Flat, the flora and fauna are absolutely remarkable.

Go lowland hiking and take photographs as you explore its plains.

For something more effortless, bring a book or camera and admire the trail’s serenity.

There’s also a huge probability that you may get to touch them or find them sitting still for a picture.

Check or visit Yant Flat if you’re seeking fantastic outdoor activities in St. George.

Address: Leeds, Utah, United States

6. Tour the Zion National Park

Things to do in St. George

WP Webify/ Pinterest

There are countless parks in St. George, this is because the city is blooming with fun.

Among this endless list is Zion National Park.

One of the biggest tourist destinations in St. George is Zion National Park, better known as Utah’s first national park.

The vistas you can view in Zion National Park are unmatched, this is because it is surrounded by enormous sandstone cliffs that rise to the expansive Utah sky.

Every curve of the small cliff tunnels, teeming with gorgeous animals, provides tourists with breathtaking new sights.

Interesting plant life, the magnificent Virgin River, and many other magnificent views can also be seen at the park.

Thus, botanists and florists aren’t left out of the entire sightseeing process.

Besides that, the park also has amazing waterfalls, a varied landscape, and rare animal species.

There are also on-site camping, canyoneering excursions, an abundance of hiking routes, and even a visitor’s lounge.

Find a fancy spot amongst the trees and set up camp while roasting marshmallows.

Last but not least, Zion National Park’s birds are a fantastic attraction to the area.

Go bird watching and practice bird photography while you can.

Zion National Park, one of St. George’s most breathtaking attractions, deserves a place on your itinerary.

Sounds absurd, but certainly isn’t.

Address: St. George, Utah, United States

7. St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

Things To Do in St. George

When lost in / Flickr

If you are traversing with children and looking for something that’ll tremendously draw their interest, consider a stop at the lively St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site.

Nonetheless, it isn’t only children who will enjoy a time out at this beautiful St. George discovery center.

Lovers of the Jurassic age and dinosaur fanatics will be extremely joyful to explore this opportunity.

Its history long began in the 2000s when Dr. Sheldon Johnson, a local optometrist, discovered a thick sandstone layer while leveling a hill on his land.

You can call this layer the “paleontological jackpot”, this is because what he found were dinosaur footprints!

He decided to share these dinosaur tracks with the world and this opened up their farm to the public.

After a while, thousands of fossils were uncovered in the city.

The Museum was opened in 2005 at the Johnson Farm and since then has welcomed over 500,000 visitors.

Visitors can now explore this site which is not only the oldest Jurassic dinosaur site in Utah but also the best basal Jurassic track site in western North America.

Journey through the Johnson farm and explore a 200 million-year-old ecosystem that was once home to dinosaurs, aquatic life, plants, and much more.

As you’ve gone along, it isn’t only the ecosystem that you’ll get to familiarize yourself with.

Besides the real antediluvian, you won’t want to exclude exploring the five life-sized models of prehistoric animals.

There’s even a tour through the working fossil preparation lab.

Visit the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site if you enjoy spending time with dinosaur aficionados.

You’ll be thrilled over what you’d find.

Address: 2180 E Riverside Dr, St. George, Utah 84790, United States

8. Head on to St. George Historic Downtown

Things to do in St. George

Historic Downtown

One of the fun things you can try while exploring St. George is exploring its Historic Downtown.

Downtown St. George, which has a historic city center, is teeming with history, entertainment, incredible restaurants, arts, and culture.

Make time to see the downtown area of St. George if you’re trying to decide what to do there.

The Ancestor Square Complex, a nice site to rest and take in the sights, surrounds the old city, making it a popular gathering spot for both locals and visitors.

If you intend on making friends before leaving the city, stop by the Ancestor Square Complex.

At the heart of the community are municipal sculptures, old monuments, and banners which you can also check out.

Undoubtedly, Downtown St. George is the ideal location for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

You may discover a ton of fantastic housing alternatives, a ton of delicious restaurants, and a number of commendable museums.

You’ll also find a ton of art hallways and even vibrant nightlife in this town center.

Additionally, the downtown farmer’s market is a great spot to browse for regional treats, and small retail establishments contribute to the city’s vibrant urban environment.

You won’t need to ponder what to do in Utah if the St. George Historic Downtown is close by.

Endless music, food, fun, and entertainment all in one package.

Address: 2 UT-34, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

9. St. George Carousel

Things To Do in St. George

Smart Destinations / Flickr

One of the cutest places to go when in Utah is the St. George Carousel.

The St. George Carousel is a classic amusement nestled within the charming Town Square Park that is enjoyable for youngsters of all ages.

Carousel rides are available every day starting at 11 AM and cost just $1 per person. 

They are surrounded by the stunning Red Mountains.

Did you know that the carousel at this amusement park in St. George opened in 2011, but it was really built in 1989?

Regardless, it still exudes the warmth and nostalgia you’d expect of a ride from that era.

It serves as a focal juncture of the city’s downtown culture, a happy draw for everybody, and a location for neighborhood gatherings.

Additionally, the location of the carousel next to the town’s free splash pad is another enjoyable feature that adds to its appeal, especially for young children.

Another fun option for kids to cool themselves in the sweltering desert summers while engaging in unrestrained entertainment is the splash pad.

Finally, if you plan to stay a few days in the region, you should definitely check out this lovely attraction.

Address: 100 W Tabernacle St, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

10. Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum

Things to do in St. George

The Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum

The definition of fun and exploration may be different for an aviation lover.

This is why there is a unique place for aviation lovers in St. George.

Check out the Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum if you’re searching for something fun to do.

Here, you’ll find worldwide fighter planes that have been refurbished on display at this aviation museum.

The exhibitions are realistic and instructive, and they are all in genuine aircraft hangars.

Practically, the museum is a gathering place for those interested in both war and aircraft. 

It is dedicated to telling the stories of aviation’s combat history and legacy.

Interestingly, the museum also honors everyone who valiantly and wisely contributed to the history of aviation throughout the conflict.

Visitors are welcome to seize self-guided tours of some of the most famous warbirds in the world while at the museum.

Some of the museum’s fleet includes the British Jet Provost, a T-38 Talon, an F5, and a MIG 15 UTI, which is noteworthy.

Other exhibits feature artifacts from the aviation industry, images, and even educational signs.

In all, this Aviation Warbird Museum is one of the few free activities in the neighborhood, and it’s wonderful to go there today or this weekend.

Address: 4196 S Airport Pkwy, St. George, Utah 84790, United States

11. Art Around the Corner

Things to do in St. George

Stacy / Art Around the Corner

While touring St. George, you can take the time to explore some fun artistic options.

Visits to Art Around the Corner Foundation are one of the ways to feel the artistic touch of St. George.

The foundation is dedicated to promoting the arts, adorning the community, and procuring fine arts to the heart of historic St. George.

Its extended gallery sites and Art Around the Corner Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit are one of the main tourist draws in the city.

Art lovers and sculptors will enjoy exploring its collection of sculptures from nationally renowned artists.

Every spring, these artworks, and exhibits change and about two dozen pieces are brought in.

Most of these pieces tell a lot of stories and all have inscriptions.

Each piece of art offers a different tale, from pictures of adorable kids playing to terrifying creatures.

So when you visit St. George, make sure to keep a lookout for these wonderful art displays.

Or, better still, draw inspiration from them.

Address: St. George, Utah, United States

12. Explore the Daughters of Utah Pioneer – McQuarrie Memorial Museum

Things to do in St. George

Daughters of Utah Pioneer – McQuarrie Memorial Museum

If the St. George women’s group didn’t find it useful to preserve this gem, you may have missed out on one of the vastly precious sightings in Utah.

Check out the Daughters of Utah Pioneer – McQuarrie Memorial Museum.

This St. George women’s group carefully maintains the heritage of the early inhabitants of Utah and the surrounding area.

The museum offers the biggest collection of objects relating to local history and is one of the top free things to do in St. George.

Notably, the museum contains exhibits with the earliest known items from St. George, as a result, visiting this location is very exciting.

In fact, the collection of the museum comprises everything from grand fixtures to delicate finery, and everything in between.

These amazing objects of early Utah history you may see will leave you in complete awe.

You’ll find beautiful, period furnishings, handcrafted tools, Victorian décor, great paintings and other artwork, textiles, and even medical equipment.

There are even personal letters and tales of the individuals who bravely left all they knew to start a life in an unfamiliar place.

Without missing words, the McQuarrie Memorial Museum is one of the top St. George attractions and features one of the best exhibits of early Utah history.

Address: 145 N 100 E, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

13. Wine tasting at Zion Brewery

Things to do in St. George

Zion Brewery

Going beer tasting is one other top activity you can try around St. George.

Basically, you’ll find a lot of beer manufacturing sites since the city itself is popular for its beer.

However, if you’re looking for somewhere that considers your ambiance while serving very tasty beers, head over to Zion Brewery.

You’ll find this brewery on the southern side of Zion Canyon Park.

Since it’s a well-known brewery and tavern, it draws a lot of attention and similarly receives a lot of visitors all year round.

Located in Springdale, the Zion Brewery is the first microbrewery in Southern Utah, producing a variety of handcrafted beers.

Apart from producing handcrafted beers, they serve delectable dishes all day and live music.

Visitors and travelers to this beer pub get an opportunity to catch a sip or gulp of some of their best hand-crafted beers or even a meal or two on its highly scenic property.

What you’d admire most about this beer pub and brewery is how it projects the view of the city.

Once in a while or during several evenings, drop by to listen to live music and entertainment.

If you’re looking for one of the ample frenzy things to do involving live music, unbeatable views, and a lively year-round event, stop by this St. George Brewery.

Address: 142 N Main St, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

14. Kayenta Art Village

Things to do in St. George

Kayenta Art Village

Sorts of art you’ll find in St. George will leave you speechless.

So, if you want to grab a glimpse at some of the best art pieces or hang out with artists, head down to Kayenta Art Village.

The Kayenta Art Village, just outside of St. George, Utah, is a developing Center for the Arts.

This village is one of many fantastic locations to see while you’re in St. George. 

It’s home to art galleries, museums, restaurants, studios, a theater, gift stores, and a coffee shop.

Every time you visit, you certainly get to discover something new because the town often offers festivals and other unique events.

Moreover, the community boasts a stunning arboretum where you can explore desert plants and a maze-like rose garden.

In addition, there are several cafes, garden restaurants, charming coffee shops, and delicious cafes in Kayenta Art Village.

Consequently, you may easily devote a full day to it.

A sculpture exhibition, a ceramics workshop, a hair artistry business, and more are among the further local attractions.

Visits to Kayenta Art Village are a no-brainer with so much culture and art concentrated in one place.

What’s keeping you from in-depth exploration, go ART out.

Address: 851 Coyote Gulch Ct, Ivins, Utah 84738, United States

15. Jacob Hamblin Home

Things to do in St. George

Jacob Hamblin Home

After exploring most of the adventurous sites in St. George and if you intend to drown yourself in a little bit of history, there are a few places you’ll love.

The Jacob Hamblin Home is one of those few interesting sites is the Jacob Hamblin Home.

Hamblin, who was among the first Mormon settlers to cross the Plains in 1847, was a Mormon at the time.

He was popular for his proficiency in the Pauite and Ute languages and for his ability to mediate conflicts between Mormon pioneers and Native Americans.

Along with the Tabernacle, the Temple, and Brigham Young Winter Home, the Jacob Hamblin Home is one out of four LDS Church Historical Sites in St. George.

Basically, it is one of the top and most significant sites for the Mormons.

Visitors to this Mormon historical center can go on free tours and explore a totally different side of life than Brigham Young’s lovely home.

Besides, this huge edifice made of stone is absolutely stunning, with two bedrooms and a kitchen on the ground floor.

There is also a large storehouse area where you’ll find the famous Jacob’s saddle.

If you look further and deeper into the structure, you’ll find several early American relics on display glimmering and shiny.

It is believed that the Hamblins would have spent the majority of their time here.

Additionally, while exploring, be on the lookout for one other interesting aspect of the site, a large stone that was found recently in the area.

On this stone, you’ll find a bold inscription that reads: “J. Hamblin June 15, 1865” and also has a few petroglyphs on it.

Presently, no one knows the history of this stone, since it was just found a few miles from the home and has long been transferred to the site.

There’s more than enough in this area to help you relax and acquaint yourself with Hamblin’s history.

Even if you’re not mormonish, you’ll still find it adventurous to explore its foundation.

Address: 3325 Hamblin Dr, Santa Clara, Utah 84765, United States

16. Go on Palledin Balloon Excursions

Things to do in St. George

Palledin balloon excursions

Serenity on air is one of the few fun things you can enjoy in St. George.

When visiting St. George, Utah, be sure to check out Palledin Balloon Excursions if you’re seeking offbeat things to do.

Booking one of these trips prepares Utah for an unforgettable experience by giving guests the most breathtaking aerial views in the state.

This trip is for you if you’ve ever fantasized about taking flight in a mystical hot-air balloon.

A Palledin Balloon Excursion won’t let you down if you enjoy being outside, seeking out new thrills, and taking in breathtaking landscapes.

These balloon trips are thrilling and safe since qualified balloon pilots are at the controls.

The morning, notably around sunrise, is the greatest time of day to enjoy these amazing balloon excursions.

Be aware that balloon trips rely on the weather, so having a little wiggle room in your itinerary will be helpful.

Moreover, the balloon trips, in particular, travel above the stunning Zion National Park and its surroundings.

Make an appointment with Palledin Balloon Excursions if you want to experience one of the few truly unique things St. George has to offer.

Even if you have never been on a balloon, don’t bother, you’ll be able to handle it conveniently.

Address: St. George, Utah, United States

17. Wander around the Green Gate Village

Things to do in St. George

Ken Lund / Flickr

You may get the ideal amount of retail therapy in the neighborhood shopping center known as Green Gate Village.

If you’re nosy about stuff to do in St. George that encompasses shopping, this is the spot for you.

Literally, you could easily spend an entire day or evening exploring this Utah gem with its distinctive combination of upscale boutiques and mouth-watering restaurants.

The village, located in the heart of St. George’s city, is surrounded by old-world beauty.

Unique clothing retailers, a vintage general store, a home décor store, the sole bookshop in the region, a jeweler, and even a barbershop are among the stores in Green Gate Village.

In terms of dining establishments, Green Gate Village is home to a classy and cozy Italian restaurant ideal for a date night.

Moreover, the community also frequently offers fun special events.

There’s always something fun going on in Green Gate Village, from a seasonal Christmas village to sporadic food truck festivals.

Stay put till evening and roam around the village counting the stars and looking at fireworks.

Probably, you could bring a partner and try a moonlight date right under the stars in this location, its serenity is unmatchable.

Address: 76 W Tabernacle St, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

18. Paragon Adventures, St. George

Things to do in St. George

REI / Paragon Adventures

One of the most enjoyable scenes to visit in St. George, Utah, is Paragon Adventures.

It might be difficult to choose where to go on an adventure in Utah because there are so many options, but Paragon Adventures is a no-brainer.

Paragon Adventures was founded in 1994 to provide a place for adventurers of all skill levels. 

They offer motivation, knowledge, and exhilarating escapades.

The teachers and guides at Paragon will help you find your thrills in breathtaking locations using a variety of various methods.

Ziplining, canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain riding, cave exploration, and wild walks are just a few of the unique things Paragon can offer.

While each experience may be booked separately, you can combine many of them into one spectacular day of action.

Last but not least, Zion National Park serves as the breathtaking backdrop for all of the excursions, adding to their allure.

Go ziplining for a try or you could venture into rock climbing.

Be sure to stop by Paragon Adventures, one of the top destinations for outdoor adventure.

You’ll find it relatively fun and jaw-dropping.

Address: 955 1300 W #4, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

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19. Fios Culinary Adventures

Fios Culinary Adventures

Fios Culinary Adventures

Even amidst roaming the streets of St. George and visiting picturesque areas, make time to see and eat out in some of its eateries.

Several eateries stand out and all offer great homemade meals, as well as wonderful ambiance.

To explore one of the top eateries, stop at the Fios Culinary Adventures.

The owner of this eatery, Fiorenzo Antognini is a Switzerland national.

Tales have it that from the age of 15, Fio began learning how best to make classical French food.

His quest took him far and beyond, through Ascona and then finally, Zurich.

It was in Zurich he met his partner and together they began this culinary journey.

You’ll find this beautiful restaurant in one of the highly picturesque centers of St. George.

Looking at the eatery from the outside will give you the faintest idea of what it really looks like on the inside.

Inside the restaurants, you’ll find floral and peachy decorations. At the corner, you observe a small dining room and a second-level lounge overlooking the main dining room.

Peculiar about this restaurant is the taste and expertise behind its French dishes. It is what you’d call an innovative blend of classic and nouvelle French cuisine.

Visitors can explore a lite menu, one which has meals lesser than 750 calories, and a five or six-course tasting menu.

After that, sojourn into the world of desserts where you can try an appetizer, second course, entrée, salad, dessert, and coffee.

Also, you’ll find various French delicacies on their menu that’ll blow your mind. You just have to keep looking.

In all, if you want to enjoy a session tasting and viewing St. George’s best dishes, make a go for it.

Address: 97 East St., St. George, Utah 84770, United States 

20. Visit the Red Hills Desert Garden

Red Hills Desert Garden

Red Hills Desert Garden

Narrowing down an agenda for a trip to St. George may seem impossible because there are so many things to do there.

However, Red Hills Desert Garden will dispel whatever uncertainties you have about where to go.

Especially noteworthy are the amazing biological characteristics and the five acres of desert plant life that make up this refuge.

For instance, the garden is also the location of an amazing slot canyon and a charming stream.

Together, these garden elements display the distinctive fauna and ecosystem of the desert.

Real dinosaur footprints may be seen in the garden, which must be seen to believe.

Yes, there is one, a clear in-depth dinosaur footprint.

Surprisingly, stones dotted around the Red Hills have amazing 2,000-year-old dinosaur tracks that are in pristine condition.

Ingeniously, the visitors are guided along pathways that precisely highlight the garden’s wonderful features using the dinosaur tracks.

Seven days a week, the garden is conveniently open from sunrise to sunset, and best of all, entry is always free.

Pick a day when you’re free and enjoy a spectacular moment in this garden.

Conclusively, the Red Hills Desert Garden is one of many amazing locations to explore while in St. George.

Don’t miss out on exploring this beautiful location whenever you’re in the city.

Address: 375 Red Hills Pkwy, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

21. Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow State Park

Will Is Bill / Flickr

Sand Hollow State Park is one of St. George, Utah’s most breathtaking tourist destinations and an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

If you’re gaping for some of the most fun things to do underwater, here you have it.

A more than 1,300-acre reservoir in this state park provides the setting for enormous water enjoyment.

That is to say, Sand Hollow State Park is a must-see location since it is the ideal sanctuary for cooling off in the scorching desert heat.

Indeed, if you’re searching for breathtaking natural sights to take in while in Utah, don’t forget to visit this remarkable park.

There are other additional activities available at the park in addition to all the water fun.

One such is off-road hiking.

Adventurers may enjoy miles of off-roading excitement on Sand Mountain at Sand Hollow State Park.

In fact, Sand Hollow State Park offers so much enjoyment that you might want to consider staying there for a few days.

For those who want to remain longer, the park also has nearby basic and RV campsites where you can camp.

People go from all over the world to experience Sand Hollow State Park, one of the top tourist attractions in this Utah city.

Address: 3351 Sand Hollow Rd, Hurricane, Utah 84737, United States

22. Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum

Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum

When Lost In / Flickr

Checking out wildlife and museums can be another great way of spending a vacation.

There are a ton of wildlife museums in St. George, however, check out the Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum.

When in St. George, one of the best locations to visit is this distinctive wildlife museum.

You’ll find numerous magnificent dioramas with animal representations from all seven continents around the museum.

Each animal on display at the museum is a magnificent example of taxidermy art.

It appears as though you are truly seeing the creatures in nature because of the staged dioramas that precisely mimic each animal’s natural environment.

The museum offers self-guided tours, and each exhibit is explained in detail via informative audio presentations.

You may discover more about the animals, their habitats, and how the museum came to own them by listening to these outstanding audio presentations.

Interestingly, the museum houses an interactive children’s exhibit in addition to its magnificent animal exhibits, making it a family-friendly destination.

The “Aaron Olsen Family Insect Room” within the museum is also a sight to behold.

It’s understandable that residents and visitors alike gush about the Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum given the abundance of great things to see nearby.

Literally, they are right, and you should check it out too when you have the time.

Address: 1835 S Convention Cr Dr, St. George, Utah 84790, United States

23. St. George Children’s Museum

St. George Children’s Museum

Mori Kessler / St. George Children’s Museum

St. George Children’s Museum should be on your list of places to visit in Utah if you’re seeking family-friendly things to do.

The museum is a must-see since it offers interactive events and exhibitions that are interesting, educational, and thrilling for kids in particular.

Each of the museum’s displays is intended to stimulate kids’ imaginations, creativity, and spirit of exploration.

Also, the museum offers 12 interactive rooms for visitors to explore during self-guided tours.

A lending library, a farm hall, an outer space center, a transportation display, a bank, and a food shop are just a few of the inventive exhibits at the museum.

Each of these entertaining exhibitions blends a child’s sense of play-based learning with the imparting of applicable knowledge and abilities.

Additionally, the museum’s theater is the ideal place for imaginative children to dress up, sing, dance, and practice newscasting.

Aside from these activities, the museum often hosts unique classes like handicraft sessions, music lessons, and tinker labs in addition to its great exhibit areas.

Without a doubt, this museum is the best option if you’re seeking family entertainment close to St. George.

There are not so many places offering its kind of charm. Go if you can.

Address: 86 S Main St, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

24. See art at the Sears Art Museum

Sears Art Museum

Sears Art Museum

Looking at art is one thing; when it is in a reputable museum, it’s a different feeling.

The Sears Art Museum was founded in 2004 and is located at Dixie State University.

Be aware that the museum is only open from Monday through Friday, but that entrance is free when making travel plans.

If you’re an art aficionado, you should certainly schedule some time to visit the museum because there are so many beautiful things to view all under one roof.

Since the museum displays six new exhibits each year, tourists frequently come back to see each new exhibit.

You may expect to find works of art in the museum that range from classic to contemporary.

Although there are many different media on show, the museum can hold up to 200 artworks at once.

Moreover, the museum also has a sizable permanent collection, some of which explore topics like women’s voices and retrospective art.

Others show off a vast range of cultural stigmas, to mention a few. 

Spectacularly, all of these exhibits alternate annually.

Be sure to include the Sears Art Museum on your schedule if you’re in St. George because it’s one of the city’s most culturally responsible tourist sites.

Address: 155 N University Ave, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

25. Silver Reef Ghost Town

Silver Reef Ghost Town

Byron Borisoff / Silver Reef Ghost Town

The Silver Reef Ghost Town is a historical location that is quite fun to visit.

This outstanding historical piece was a mining boomtown in the late 1800s.

Since the town discovered a highly rare occurrence of silver in sandstone, it quickly rose to fame and recognition.

During the period of 1876 to 1890, it bloomed. Presently, you’ll find what remains of it in Silver Reef.

What remains of it and tells a bit of this ghost town is what you’ll find in a historic museum in Silver Reef.

Visitors who visit this historic museum can explore artifacts and displays from when this gorgeous setting bloomed.

You’ll find it just 18 miles north of St. George.

Guided tours are available for visitors who want to tour, while there are several other points of interest around the village where you can explore freely.

Begin your tour at the Wells Fargo Express Stop Building and explore the historic museum.

However, if a tour through this ghost town doesn’t interest you which is highly rare, there are several other walking trails in the village you can choose to explore.

Bring a partner and go hiking or stroll down this quiet area.

If you like the solitude that much you can come around and try meditation.

It’s a better way to spend a quiet evening, literally taking advantage of the tranquility.

In all, visits to Silver Reef Ghost Town are a fantastic activity to do while in the area.

Address: 1903 Wells Fargo Rd, Leeds, Utah 84746, United States

26. Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

One of the leading tourist destinations in Utah is Snow Canyon State Park, which is in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.

This park is a must-see while traveling since it is full of stunning natural scenery that is unpaired anywhere else in the United States.

There are several highlights and attractions that beautify this place and can easily be seen.

Incredible gorges etched into the Red Mountains’ indigenous sandstone are among the park’s captivating attractions.

Then, there is the dormant Santa Clara Volcano, which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and is another important sight to behold.

Other notable features include the park’s enormous 7,400-acre size and its gorgeous, vibrant desert terrain.

Amazing geology provides the backdrop for strenuous hiking and rock climbs.

Falcons, tortoises, and Gila monsters are merely a few of the wonderful animals you could see during your visit to the park. 

The park is also home to unusual plant life and fascinating fauna.

You should check it out and capture the flowers while in bloom.

Hang around for a picnic or just stay for yoga.

Indeed, you won’t want to miss the chance to see Snow Canyon State Park, one of the finest attractions in St. George.

Be sure to explore before you head out of the city.

Address: 1002 Snow Canyon Dr, Ivins, Utah 84738, United States

27. Color Country Air Adventures

Color Country Air Adventures

Shana Cody / Color Country Air Adventures

Visits to the Color Country Air Adventures are one of the top things to do in St. George.

This big bag of adventure is one of the top flight operators in the city.

Just around the southwestern corner of Utah, the Color Country Air Adventures is packed full of great views and stunning scenery for visitors to take in.

Literally, you will adore everything about this red rock desert, while you journey from Zion National Park to Snow Canyon State Park and to everywhere in between.

You don’t have to be an air-flight fanatic to enjoy a brisk adventure timeout with the Color Country Air Adventures.

In fact, it’s one of the quickest alternatives you can take in exploring St. George.

Even though you prefer to travel by hiking or mountain biking, try something new this time around.

View all of St. George’s fascinating locations from 8,000 feet in the air.

Catch a scenic tinge of the geography of St. George out of these little oval windows.

While you’re looking through the gorgeous view of the city through those oval windows, get a 360-degree view of all the desert plateaus, mountains, canyons, and reservoirs.

Besides, while you fly through these canyons, you’ll catch the rare sight of the Kolob Fingers.

It really stands out, and when you look at it from above, it is indeed stunning.

Visitors and travelers can choose from a variety of 30-minute trips, in addition to a 60-minute tour that takes you to every location that this adventure company visits.

Moreover, even if you don’t want to fly and want to do as little as seeing the area, this area also holds one of the best national parks and four state parks.

Indeed, you’ll be astounded at how quickly you can take in all of these sights in less than an hour.

Overall, Color Country Air Adventures is a must-do and one of the most amazing ways to experience the Beehive State.

Address: 800 West 2300 South Box 11, Utah, United States

28. St. George Art Museum

St. George Art Museum

Soup N Bowl For Art at St. George Art Museum

If you’re an art enthusiast, then this is a must-see while exploring St. George.

The St. George Art Museum is a center for multicultural art and education and one of the top items to do in St. George.

This museum is fun to explore since it has incredible artwork from all ages, themes, and media.

It features a variety of excellent exhibitions by artists from throughout the globe representing many groups of people, locations, and historical periods.

Basically, the museum does, however, also display works by regional artists.

You can’t come to terms with titles to give this museum.

It’s a sophisticated museum that still displays aspects of the industrial look it previously embraced, housed in an old storage facility.

Thus, this architectural transformation makes for an intriguing design.

Moreover, the museum not only has fantastic exhibitions but also offers fantastic family-friendly programming.

For instance, there are art camps for kids and adult Saturday sessions.

There are even Take-Home Art Kits for everyone and art critique nights all week.

Visit the St. George Art Museum this weekend or today. It’s a great location.

Bring a camera along, you may find it useful.

Address: 47 E 200 N, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

29. Dine at Painted Pony Restaurant

Painted Pony Restaurant

Chandice Pobist / Painted Pony Restaurant

There’s no way you’ll visit St. George and not find a way to get even a brisk taste of their cuisine.

Foods you’ll find in St. George will leave you salivating and if you want a unique taste, stop by the Painted Pony Restaurant.

The Painted Pony Restaurant is an art-filled eatery serving miscellaneous Southwestern cuisine, excellent wine, and cocktails in a cozy atmosphere.

This beautiful restaurant carries a pinch of Southwestern class and intriguing relishes.

You’ll find this restaurant tucked away in Ancestor Square.

Notable about this eatery are its beautiful Southwestern art, fresh flowers, and serene, romantic setting.

Interestingly, they offer varieties of well-prepared meals at very cheap prices.

You won’t find anywhere in the city offering such tastiness for such little cost.

Moreover, even if you don’t know what to choose from or try, the staff will help you with recommendations.

Some of their top offerings include duck wrapped in bacon, lamb chops with pistachio crust, and winter squash.

Since everything is presented à la carte, you are free to sample a bit of everything.

You should make sure to visit the Painted Pony Restaurant for one of the greatest dining experiences in the area.

Definitely, you wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else.

Address: 2 West St. George #22 Tower Building, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

30. Go golfing at Dixie Red Hills Golf Course

Dixie Red Hills Golf Course

Jeff Pierce / Flickr

You won’t want to pass up the odds to play golf at the Dixie Red Hills Golf Course if you’re seeking unique things to do in St. George.

This golf stint was the first to be created in St. George and opened its doors in 1960.

Visitors to this course relish more than just a respectable golf course, the surrounding scenery is just as much of a lure to this destination as the golf course. 

It is a sight of beauty and magnificence buried amid the red rocks of the Dixie Red Hills.

Besides, it should be noted that the golf course has a nine-hole, 34-par layout that is appropriate for leisure golfers.

Additionally, the golf course’s holes wind in and out of the hills’ sandstone cliffs, providing a tranquil and natural environment.

You’ll face fresh problems as you play since each of the course’s holes is unique in its own right.

However, this doesn’t cut out all the fun it offers.

You can still enjoy a game of golf conveniently, alone or with friends.

Even if you don’t want to play golf, you can just come around and enjoy the ambiance it offers.

In all, this course is ideal for you if you want to play golf in a relaxed, welcoming setting.

Address: 645 W 1250 N, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

31. Go hiking at Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek State Park

Campsite / Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek State Park is a lovely location to explore during the day or at night. 

It is free all year round from dawn to far beyond sunset.

Visits to Quail Creek State Park are one of the top things to do in St. George on a quiet day.

The Quail Creek State Park is a scenic state park in St. George, offering a 600-acre reservoir.

Spanning across 9 miles west of Hurricane city center and 1.5 miles of Harrisburg ghost town, this state park is a must-explore.

One of the popular activities to do in this park that draws visitors from all over the world is fishing.

Since Quail Creek is as deep as 120 feet and is also cold enough to sustain the aquatic life in this surrounding area, it is a haven for fish.

You’ll find different varieties of fish in this park, including stocked rainbow trout, crappies, and bullhead catfish.

Rent a boat, or a net, or simply rent fishing equipment and ready yourself to fish.

Cast your rod and watch fishes swim towards you with ease.

Even if you don’t want to swim, you can go sightseeing and check out the reservoir.

You could even get to fly a kite if there’s a lot of wind. It’s an extra fun place for outdoor fun.

Address: 472 5300 W, Hurricane, Utah 84737, United States

32. Shop at Judd’s General Store

Judd’s General Store

Carl Berger Sr / Flickr

While exploring St. George, don’t turn down the chance of going on your own shopping parade.

How nice would it seem to find a place where you get to live your childhood all over?

This is where the Judd General Store comes in.

At this store, you’ll find candies and sodas that will grab you back to your childhood.

For something more warm and tasty, you can try their homemade soups.

During the hot weather and very sunny days, their ice cream comes to the rescue.

Try out some of their specials when you get a chance.

There are very tasty Southwest Chicken Chili, Cheezy Potato, and Cheezy Chicken Broccoli.

You can pair any of these delicacies with their warm fresh garlic bread or warm grilled cheese.

Don’t wish for ice cream, then there are no problems, they have snow cones as well.

In all, it not only promises to be fun but astounding.

Address: 62 W Tabernacle St, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

33. Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Jeff Mosser / Flickr

One of the most gorgeous sites to visit in the Beehive State is Utah’s Arches National Park.

These spectacular geological formations known as The Arches are situated close to the Colorado River.

With more than 2,000 sandstone arches, the park resembles a scene from your wildest fantasies and is situated in a gorgeous area.

Additionally, every one of the magnificent arches towers above the park’s Mojave Desert terrain.

Notable is the wonderful red sandstone terrain of Arches National Park.

This area is ideal for hiking, riding horses, seeing wildlife, and more. 

Also, the formations are breathtaking and provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The park also offers rock climbing and canyoneering as additional activities.

Make sure to stop in the gift store to pick up literature, products, and souvenirs before leaving Arches National Park.

Last but not least, Utah’s outdoor activity is linked with the park’s atmosphere, making it a highly suggested destination.

Address: Utah, United States

34. Outdoor recreation at the Pioneer Park and Sugarloaf Loop

Pioneer Park and Sugarloaf Loop

Pioneer Park and Sugarloaf Loop

One of Utah’s best locations for outdoor recreation and running is Pioneer Park and Sugarloaf Loop.

This hiking destination has more than a one-mile route that is appropriate for hikers of all experience levels.

The walk, which takes a little over 30 minutes to complete on average, is well-known for birding and wildlife observation.

On the same note, the route is an excellent area to enjoy some quiet isolation and is best explored between April and October.

Moreover, the Sugarloaf Loop is also ideal for walking leashed dogs.

Along the walk, one may see mountain vistas, sandstone red boulders, and desert vegetation.

These vistas are just breathtaking from every angle along the walk.

Hang around and take in some sight of these structures.

Bring a camera and take some lifelong photography with the red boulders 

A brief visit to Utah might be made more delightful by the moderate climb and the winding walkways.

Needless to say, Pioneer Park and Sugarloaf Loop are all fantastic options if you’re looking for outdoor activities in St. George.

Address: 375 Red Hills Pkwy, St. George, Utah 84770, United States

35. Watch a show at the Tuacahn Amphitheater

Tuacahn Amphitheater

Mona Olsen / Tuacahn Amphitheater

For lovers of performing arts, the Tuacahn Amphitheater is a must-see.

The Tuacahn Center for the Arts, an institution for the arts in the mouth of the Padre Canyon, is indeed remarkable.

This 42,000-square-foot facility was set up in 1995 by Utah playwright Douglas C. Stewart.

A greater part of it is a 1,920-seat outdoor amphitheater and a 328-seat indoor theater.

There’s also a black box theater, a huge dance studio, a costume shop, and a scene shop.

You’ll even find the famous campus of Tuacahn High School for the Arts in this facility. 

Visitors can tour this amphitheater and explore its performances. During the spring, they hold the spring and fall concert series.

During the course of these concerts, visitors can watch a show or two in its relaxing atmosphere.

If you visit during Christmas, you’ll be able to find a live-action recreation of the nativity called the “Festival of Lights.”

It is one of the best art centers to spend some time exploring St. George.

Besides, if you’re lucky enough, you can catch one of their few blockbuster movies on screen.

Utah! 1996, Utah! Quilters, 1940s Radio Hour, How the West Was Won 1999, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Joseph, and the Amazing Technicolor, and Dreamcoat are a few of its productions.

Be sure to visit before you leave St. George

Address: 1100 Tuacahn Dr, Ivins, Utah 84738, United States

36. Explore the Grafton Ghost Town

Grafton Ghost Town

Richard J Cassto / Grafton Ghost Town

Maybe you’ve been wondering what a ghost town looks like and where to explore one.

Luckily enough, there’s just one exciting ghost town you can freely explore in St. George.

The Grafton Ghost Town is a fascinating site that may be found a few miles south of Zion National Park.

This hamlet was formerly a wealthy neighborhood and was founded by the renowned religious figure Brigham Young as a cotton mission.

However, a slew of local catastrophes, including dangerous floods and war, ultimately forced Grafton’s abandonment in 1921.

Surprisingly, Grafton is reportedly in better shape now than it was at its prime.

Visit this special location today to relive the nostalgia of communal life in the early 1900s.

In reality, since the town was abandoned, the schoolhouse, cemetery, and a few residences have all been saved and kept up.

Even though a self-guided tour of the ghost town only lasts for approximately an hour, it can be difficult to forecast which buildings will be open at any particular moment.

It’s a wonderful site to wander about whether or not you have access to any of the constructions’ interiors.

Apart from wandering about, it is a good location to feel the breeze and capture good photography.

Address: 1717 W Main St, Rockville, Utah, United States

Final Remarks

Utah is unquestionably one of the United States’ most gorgeous states.

With so many wonderful indoor and outdoor attractions, a rich history, and a vibrant culture, there is no way that your visit will be disappointing.

St. George has a wealth of activities, so prepare to have the time of your life settling in.

Safe Travels.