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29 Best & Fun Things To Do In Arlington (Virginia)

Arlington is a fantastic travel destination that is offering varieties of fun things for visitors to explore.

The city is one of the charming cities in the United States that attracts lots of tourists.

This is because Arlington is filled with all sorts of fun activities, ranging from amazing museums, kid villages, historic parks, and landmarks that are of great importance to the development of the city.

Furthermore, fans of outdoor activities are not left out. There are tons of activities available for them in the city.

From public parks to outdoor sculptures, war memorials, murals, and restaurants, these are few of many outdoor activities available in Arlington.

Another amazing feature of Arlington is that provisions of fun activities are not only for kids and adults, there are also fun places and pieces of equipment available for your pets.

Aside from that, kids can have a great day in the parks and the number of playgrounds for kids and toddlers here is tremendous.

Nothing is more interesting and better than having fun and a good time while eating good and tasty food. Arlington has proven to be a good location for all kinds of local and international delicacies.

Things To Do In Arlington

1. Arlington Central Library

Central Library

Photo courtesy of Central Library

For the lovers of good books, academicians, and explorers, are you looking for a perfect place where you can get insightful books?

Central Library is a public library in Arlington, Virginia that has a host of resourceful and insightful books.

Their books are always updated and hardly can you visit here without getting a book of whatever kind you are searching for.

Even if you couldn’t find them, the Liberian is always at service to get them for you.

A noticeable and commendable feature here is that their books are always neatly arranged.

Besides, there are modern facilities that are in place that you will definitely appreciate.

They are running on grants, so you don’t have to worry about whatever charge you will pay.

It is such a commendable initiative that is worth visiting if you are in Arlington, Virginia.

Although, there are few provisions for car parking, regardless, you will still find this place so fun to visit.

Address: 1015 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22201, United States

2. Arlington Netherlands Carillon

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of Netherlands Carillon

Do you love to surround yourself with beautiful flowers?

If that is your latest desire, the best place to visit is Arlington Netherlands Carillon in Virginia.

This is a carillon that is donated by the Netherlands during WWII, featuring daily concerts of over 50 bells.

Visiting this amazing location during a concert is a good way to start your fun holiday.

Meanwhile, there is a beautiful garden with all sorts of flowers for those that love flowers; if you do not come to the concert, this is a place for you.

Besides, there are summertime flowers of all kinds that will amaze you here.

There is a cool spot right next to the Marine Memorial bells, which is a bonus for those that love great views.

Also, apart from going to the concert or visiting the gardens, the Carillon is generally a cool place for visitors as there is always background music playing, which is really entertaining.

Additionally, Arlington Netherlands Carillon is a highly anticipated photographic environment for all visitors.

Parking is not a problem here because there is enough space for that. The scenery here will leave you speechless.

Above all, there are lovely picnic areas where you can have a wonderful day alone while listening to the 50 bronze bells played by the Carillonneurs.

This Netherlands Carillon has proven to be a good place to explore in Arlington that you can check out any time of the year.

Address: Arlington, VA 22209, United States

3. National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial

Things To Do In Arlington

Facebook / National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial

National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial is a well-constructed permanent outdoor memorial of over 180 people who died as victims in the building during the September 11 attacks.

Due to the fact that it is a memorial, this makes it a very quiet place which is really cool.

You can visit this lovely memorial anytime to have a fun and relaxing moment also; the design of the memorial is very creative, which makes it an attractive place to visit.

The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial in Arlington is always neat and well maintained.

Additionally, the atmosphere here is really peaceful and relaxing, you will feel conformable. Notably, this environment is considered a good place to reflect.

But, there are just a few things to do here apart from strolling around the environment and paying respect to the victims.

But there are water fountains here for visitors to have a fun time and a bathroom trailer.

A disabled bathroom is also available, the provision for this makes the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial standout among all other attraction centers.

There is a spacious area for parking, but you have to pay attention to some signs because there is some off-limit area.

Equally, you do not need reservations to see the memorial but if you want to go on a pentagon tour, reservations are required.

Address: 1 N Rotary Rd, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

4. DEA Museum & Visitors Center Arlington

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of DEA Museum & Visitors Center

Do you desire to live a healthy lifestyle or your health is for first priority?

If so, one of the best places you can visit to know more about health issues is the DEA Museum & Visitors Center in Arlington.

The Museum preserves and collects all kinds of stories about America’s connection to drugs, which includes federal drug law enforcement and public policy.

Precisely, the Museum is an interactive exhibit chronicling the history of drug enforcement in America.

Visiting this amazing location in Arlington is a good way to familiarize yourself with all kinds of drugs and also, you will know their benefits.

But, DEA Museum & Visitors Center Arlington is not just open to visitors to learn about drugs alone.

There are other fun and impressive items in the building, such as coca, cannabis, and poppy.

Not only that, there are some historical guns, axes, and some hundred-year-old objects on display here.

The exterior of the building is really neat and beautiful.

However, there is no designated parking, but you can park on the street or in a parking garage nearby.

DEA Museum & Visitors Center Arlington is a government building so, there is a security checking area where you will be checked before going in.

Address: 700 Army Navy Dr, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

5. Potomac Overlook Regional Park

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of Potomac Overlook Regional Park

During your next vacation to Arlington, Virginia, will you want to visit a place that has a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere?

If what you so desire is to visit a place that is quiet and where you can enjoy your time, either alone or with friends, then Potomac Overlook Regional Park should be your next destination in Arlington.

This location in Arlington has a very large park with a nature trails center containing all kinds of live animals and exhibits, an organic garden, and summer concerts.

The garden in this neighborhood in Arlington is really beautiful and lovers of flowers will certainly find this place interesting.

Also, there are some areas in the park that are specially made for kids to have a great time running around safely.

Adults are not left out as well because there are lots of hiking trails that are moderately challenging to hike, but it is undeniable that you will enjoy hiking here.

Further, there is a pond in this fun location in Arlington, where visitors can cool off on a sunny day.

Besides being a great spot to visit for humans, Potomac Overlook Regional Park in Arlington is also pet friendly.

Apparently, there is something for everyone that decides to come here for a short vacation.

It is important you know that there is a limited parking area, but there are other places you can park along the street.

Above all, lots of activity is going on here whenever the weather is nice, therefore, be prepared to see different beautiful faces and dogs.

Address: 2845 Marcey Rd, Arlington, VA 22207, United States

6. Arlington National Cemetery

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of Arlington National Cemetery

 Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia is one of the best places to visit.

The Cemetery is a popular location that represents the American past citizen, the present, and the coming generations.

This is the final resting place for those who have served the country with honor and dignity.

Obviously, it is not just a place for people that have served the country; but also a good location for inspiration for those that wish to serve the country.

Apart from that, there are plenty of beautiful places where visitors can visit for beautiful sightings.

Also, there is a provision made for kids to have a great experience in this location. However, the area is small, but their fun experience is inevitable.

Further, there are several connecting trails for adults to take a stroll to get some fresh air.

The atmosphere here is really relaxing due to the fact that it is mostly quiet.

If exploring buildings is your area of interest, there is a place for you to explore here as well.

Address: Arlington, VA, United States

7. Upton Hill Regional Park

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of Upton Hill Regional Park

kid’s happiness should be one of the moments you prioritize because they also deserve to be happy always.

Therefore, if you really care for them, you should create or take them to places that will bring happiness to their faces.

To fulfill that, we have a perfect place for you in Arlington.

Upton Hill Regional Park is a suburban green space with a summer water park, mini-golf & batting cages, and trails.

There are quite a reasonable number of things to do in this fun area in Arlington, however, these fun activities are not only for kids, adults can also take part.

The park has an amazing waterfall with several types of equipment available to complement the relaxing atmosphere.

Also, golfing is one unique fun activity for adults here, whether you are a golf lover or not, you will certainly find this activity interesting.

Kids can have a fun and exciting time in the pool here because there is a well-constructed water slide that leads to the pool.

If being safe is what you are worried about, you have no reason to be afraid because they have different lifeguards watching over the visitors.

Swimming and golfing may not interest you, Interestingly, there are other fun activities you can do here as well.

It is also important you know that all these fun activities are not available for free; you have to pay a reasonable price.

But the price is worth the play because the excitement you will experience here will certainly be more than what you paid for.

Address: 6060 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205, United States

8. Military Women’s Memorial

Military Women's Memorial

Photo courtesy of Military Women’s Memorial

Honoring the past heroine of Arlington, Virginia wouldn’t be anything bad.

Of course, these women have done so much for Virginia.

What they have done will forever remain indelible.

So, do you care to spend time in a place that is specifically set up to honor these women?

If you do, the Military Women’s Memorial will provide adequate information that will eliminate any form of curiosity you might have.

This amazing location is an ancient museum in Arlington, Virginia.

It started operation in the year 1997 in a grand style.

Besides, this neoclassical memorial does not only honor women who have served in the Virginia military but also those who served in the US military.

This awesome place in Arlington, Virginia is breathtaking beyond words.

To see the level of sacrifice trailblazers made deserve your visit and more.

It will be a great honor to meet, walk and live among these treasures who believed in their call to duty and action.

The many military relics, exhibits, and monuments will surely make your visit so memorable and fun.

Importantly, no admission fee is demanded here and the entire staff are so efficient in their interactions with visitors.

If you are in Arlington, Virginia, be sure to check out this amazing place.

Address: Memorial Ave, Schley Dr, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

9. Arlington Good Stuff Eatery

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of Good Stuff Eatery

Are you in Arlington and you are looking for a good place to eat?

You don’t have to search further anymore because Arlington Good Stuff Eatery is the best place to get tasty and healthy foods.

The Eatery offers fries, shakes, and handcrafted burgers that are served in upscale-industrial fast-food digs.

Their food here is really affordable, and the environment where the eatery is located is really neat.

Aside from that, they have a very large menu, meaning that you are open to lots of food options.

You will not just enjoy your food alone, their seating is also comfortable which makes visitors feel relaxed and concentrate on their food.

Even if you are not a foodie type, a visit here alone will make your day and you can try their beers instead.

Certainly, you will never feel lonely here because it is mostly crowded. Their staff are polite and are very attentive when taking orders.

The owner of the eatery is also approachable as well.

Arlington Good Stuff Eatery is certainly a popular place that is worth the time.

Address: 2110 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

10. Fort C. F Smith Park

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of Fort C. F. Smith Park

One of the top attraction centers that should be on your list of places you should consider visiting in Arlington is Fort C. F. Smith Park.

The park is a 19-acre ground featuring house Civil War battle earthworks, a 20th-century mansion, different connecting trails, and a wildlife center.

This location attracts tourists with all its fun activities and beautiful sightseeing available.

Visitors also get to feel and admire the breathtaking nature of this park.

Also, there are lots of mini buildings in the location where you can explore.

Particularly, the park is known for its beautiful serenity, and animal center. Obviously, you will certainly enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere here.

If at all you love butterflies, this is your spot.

Fort C. F. Smith Park has a wonderful small park with a large butterfly meadow.

It is important you know that there is a beautiful forest and well-manicured grounds. Interestingly, there are different paths in the forest that can serve as a hiking zone.

If swimming interests you, there is a river where you can swim, and you can fish here.

You will also come across the historic and gorgeous Hendry house in the park.

You can plan a visit to this park while on your trip to Arlington.

It will surely be a fun time for you, your friends, and your family. In fact, you will totally love your experience here.

Address: 2411 24th St N, Arlington, VA 22207, United States

11. Ocean Dunes Waterpark Arlington

Things To Do In Arlington

Ocean Dunes Waterpark Arlington

How happy do you feel wherever you visit a fun place with your friends?

If you feel good, visiting Ocean Dunes Waterpark Arlington will make you feel even better and more entertaining.

Ocean Dunes Waterpark Arlington is a sprawling water park boasting 2 slides with a 500-gallon dumping bucket plus a large swimming pool.

This is a nice environment for all ages because there are other things to do here, apart from swimming.

Also, the environment is always clean and you will enjoy your stay here.

Other amazing and relaxing things you can do in this beautiful location in Arlington range from playing with your pet, taking a stroll along the trails, and sitting under the provided umbrella to enjoy a tasty meal among other.

There is a specially made swimming pool for pets in the fun park in Arlington, apart from the human pool.

Furthermore, as for kids that don’t know how to swim, there is a provision for them, not only kids for adults as well.

Visiting this park in Arlington will certainly give you another definition of a fun experience.

Interestingly, there is a mini restaurant here where you can get good and healthy meals at a very affordable price.

With just a few dollars, you will have access to all the fun activities and equipment in Ocean Dunes Waterpark Arlington.

Address: 6060 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205, United States

12. Water Park Towers Apartments

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of Water Park Towers Apartments

If you are visiting Arlington for the first time and you need some important places to make your fun experience memorable, or you are looking for a very beautiful and quiet place to stay?

Well, if so consider checking out Water Park Towers Apartments.

This apartment is one of the most hospitable lodges in the city.

They provide conducive and well-furnished traditional and international fashion rooms for their visitors.

A unique feature of this beautiful lodge/apartment is that they have an elevated pool with a relaxing deck and a billiards room fitness center, among others.

If your desire is how to get an apartment to settle down in the city, Water Park Towers Apartments has a place for you.

The availability of apartments is a distinguishing feature that makes the place more unique.

You also don’t need to think too much about the rent fee because the fee is very affordable depending on the apartment or lodge you want.

Besides, their staff is really friendly and they make sure that the entire environment is clean.

Indeed, it is a very lovely place to stay, and the neighbors are also friendly.

If you decide not to leave the apartment, they have a small game area that has modern games equipment.

Apart from that, there is a decent dining room for visitors here.

Absolutely, there is no entertainment and fun experience better than this.

Address: 1501/1505 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

13. Arlington Hayes Park

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of Arlington County

Another interesting and fun place you can explore during your stay in Virginia is Arlington Hayes Park.

This is a cozy park that is offering tours, school-age playgrounds, a covered picnic area, a summer splash pad, and many more.

From the above, it is certain that there are lots of things visitors can do here.

Interestingly, hike lovers are not left out, but the hiking trails are short and easy, which means kids can also hike easily here. If kids don’t want to hike, there is a specially made playground for kids in this amazing location in Arlington.

Playing in the splash pad is another fun and relaxing activity for all visitors.

If you are not interested in spending some time in the splash area or hiking. Picnicking and biking are other fun things you can do in this environment.

Arlington Hayes Park is always neat and mostly busy. If you love to socialize, this is an opportunity for you to do so.

Despite the fact that it is a very busy park, parking is not an issue here.

However, if you want to get the best parking spot, you have to visit early.

Address: 1516 N Lincoln St, Arlington, VA 22201, United States

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14. Long Bridge Park

Things To Do In Arlington

Photo courtesy of Long Bridge Park

Do you love to spend some time in a beautiful location where you can see all kinds of fun activities?

If so, you can plan your next trip to be in Arlington.

Long Bridge Park is a modern city park with different athletic fields, walkways, picnic areas, and beautiful views of nearby monuments.

There are several fun activities of fun in all categories for sports lovers in this amazing area.

The athletic fields in this place as a small swimming pool and also there is a new aquatic center here for visitors to have a great day.

Likewise, the walkways in this environment are perfect for biking and jogging, lover of sports can also make use of the perfectly made walkway as well.

The picnic area is another fun place for visitors in Long Bridge Park.

Long Bridge Park has fun things for kids as well. There is an indoor swimming pool where kids can have a fun time and take swimming lessons at a very good price.

There is a beautiful and well-maintained bathroom in the park open for all visitors.

Long Bridge Park in Arlington is dog friendly, therefore there is something for everyone here.

Fortunately, if you love to watch how a plane takes off and lands, then you should consider visiting this amazing location in Arlington.

The long beaches here, as the name implies, are the perfect place to be to get the beautiful views of take-off.

Address: 475 Long Bridge Drive, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

15. Airport Park

Airport Park

Airport Park

That amazing and lovely park that has been a perfect destination for visitors should also be included in your itinerary.

Guessing the park? It’s no other park but Airport Park in the beautiful city of Arlington, Virginia.

This is a park in Arlington that has tons of fun things to offer visitors.

Although, it is considered to be a relatively small park, notwithstanding; it has a lot of amazing fun things that are available to be explored.

It has a big area where kids could play, lots of space where adults can relax, a picnic area plenty, workout zone.

And, if you don’t have an interest in any of these, you can just observe and watch the planes flying over in the sky.

It is glaring that there is something fun for all ages to enjoy in this wonderful location of Arlington.

Besides, this great location also has a bicycle rental and port-o-potty restrooms.

The good length of paved trails for bikes and peds alike is also a great attribute of this location that can’t be overlooked!

Upon walking into the main grounds, you will be greeted with a bike rental if you want to ride around and enjoy the views, or you can bring a blanket and some snacks for a picnic and watch the planes fly over.

What else would you have craved for in a park if not all these?

Make this place a top place you will visit on your trip to Arlington, Virginia. It is definitely going to be worth it!

Address: 12 Mt Vernon Trail, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

16. The Ashley At RiverHouse Apartments

The Ashley At RiverHouse Apartments

Photo courtesy of RiverHouse Apartments

Are you in Arlington and you are looking for a place to stay?

The Ashley At RiverHouse Apartments has made things easier because they have just the perfect apartment you can stay in.

The apartment is a campus featuring over thirty-six landscaped acres, rooftop decks, two swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers.

Apart from lodging in this beautiful apartment, the place has a lot of interesting things you can do without leaving the environment.

If you decide to stay fit in your own apartment, the fitness center is the best option for you, but you need to pay to get access.

The swimming pool available in the apartment is another amazing place to be.

You should be aware that the apartment comes in different sizes, meaning that the prices are different.

Not only that the apartment beautiful, but the environment is also peaceful, and it is a friendly neighborhood.

Address: 1600 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

17. Crystal Towers Apartments

Crystal Towers Apartments

Photo courtesy of Crystal Towers Apartments

Crystal Towers Apartments in Arlington is an amazing location you can stay during your visit to Virginia.

If you are not satisfied with Ashley At RiverHouse Apartments, Crystal Towers Apartments is another beautiful option.

The apartment has two and three-bedroom floor plans coupled with some dens and studio apartments.

Additionally, there is a ceramic tile bathroom, modern kitchens, walk-in closets, in-unit washer and dryer and among others.

So if you are planning to tour Arlington with your family or friends, this apartment should be your to-get area.

There are several apartments that are perfect for families here.

Besides, the prices are really fair and affordable.

If you are picky, you have no reason to worry because this environment is really neat and the atmosphere here is always friendly.

Above all, a safe and comfortable apartment is the best and all these features are what you will find in Crystal Towers Apartments.

Address: 1600 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

18. Clarendon War Memorial

Clarendon War Memorial

Photo courtesy of Clarendon War Memorial

Records of history provide that there are several wars that can’t be eliminated from the history of Virginia.

Although most of these wars produce tragic effects, nevertheless, there are great lessons to be learned.

Whether you are a historian, academic researcher, or freelancer who cares to know the details about these wars, check out Clarendon War Memorial.

How did it happen, when, the causes, and how long did it last?

Answers to these questions are rightly available here.

They have memorable exhibits that are still preserved today.

Incredibly, the employees and attendants appear so nice and are always available to shed more light on grey areas.

If any of the exhibits appear strange, they will tell you everything that will clear your curiosity.

In addition, this memorial park in Arlington, Virginia has all its exhibits with labels.

These will ensure easy identification of the exhibits.

The admission fee is not pricey and there are plenty of places to park cars if you come with one.

As long as you care so much about inhabitants of the past and their great role in making Arlington what it is today, be sure to check out this Memorial museum.

Address: 3161-3199 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, United States

19. Arlington Kabob House

Kabob House

Photo courtesy of Arlington Kabob House

Arlington Kabob House is a fantastic family restaurant.

Here, you can get good drinks, healthy food, shopping, and also participate in other fun different activities. One of which is a guest night.

Arlington Kabob House has all kinds of appetizing food and drinks.

The food available is not only for adults, they also provide tasty and healthy food for kids of all ages as well.

Most importantly, the restaurant is never overcrowded, and they have outstanding ways of attending to customers.

In addition, there is a hobby shop, minibar, and a great parking spot available to their customers. Amazingly, parking is free here.

The most likable part about this restaurant is that the food is made in front of customers.

Making the food in front of the customer makes them feel assured that the food is properly prepared.

Another interesting thing about Arlington Kabob House is that the owner is really fun to be with and will constantly check on customers.

Also, the staff are incredibly helpful.

You can try out their raisin carrot rice, spicy chicken, kabob, and pickled veggies. You will certainly enjoy this delicious combination.

Surprisingly, their foods are relatively cheap.

Address: 5046 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207, United States

20. Arlington Gravelly Point

Arlington Gravelly Point

Photo courtesy of ARL

Arlington Gravelly Point is a family-friendly environment.

This is one of the most hospitable, and most visited tourist destinations in Arlington.

It is a waterfront park known for its up-close views of different planes taking off and landing at Reagan Airport.

Apart from watching planes, other fun activities to do in this park are fishing, swimming, and playing basketball, to mention a few.

All these are fun activities that are suitable for both kids and adults, but there is no special playground for kids here.

There are some short trails here where you can have a fun moment with your family and friends.

You can also have a wonderful day alone in this place, however, it gets noisy most times because of the planes.

Additionally, Arlington Gravelly Point is a very nice location for exercise, there is a large and neat grassy area that can serve that purpose.

If you love the view of sunset and sunrise, you can consider visiting this amazing location as well.

You can also visit this amazing location in Arlington with your cameras to capture those beautiful moments.

Address: George Washington Memorial Pkwy, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

21. Arlington Historical Museum (Hume School)

Historical Museum (Hume School)

Photo courtesy of Historical Museum

Arlington Historical Museum is an exciting historical location in Arlington with lots of great information.

It is a historic home in Arlington, Virginia houses that is holding over 330,000 artifacts on rotating display.

This museum is however small but you will find all the items in it interesting.

One of the favorite places tourists visit the most is the piece is the former roof spire of the 19th-century jail.

If you watch closely, you will see long ago holes that are likely made by a shotgun fired from the ground.

Incredibly, the local volunteers in charge are eager to help visitors maximize their time.

The volunteers are really good at telling the story of the museum. You will certainly love the story and they are really quick.

You should remember that the museum is small, so it is a place you can visit for a few minutes, but the few minutes you will spend here will be epic and memorable.

The most important part about the museum is that it is free. Therefore, you can visit at any time you desire.

Address: 1805 S Arlington Ridge Rd, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

22. Crystal Square Apartments

Crystal Square Apartments

Photo courtesy of Crystal Towers Apartments

Looking for a very beautiful place in Arlington to spend your time relaxing?

Crystal Square Apartments in Arlington should be your next destination.

The apartment has an elevator ride from each door, shops, new restaurants, parks, and bike trails that are right across the street.

You will also enjoy the recently beautiful community areas with a resort-style pool, dog park, sundeck, and lots more by staying in this amazing apartment.

Surprisingly, the apartment has everything you need to have fun, so you don’t have to leave the environment.

The dog park is also clean and you will come across lots of dogs’ fun equipment.

Additionally, there are places for kids to have a fun time in the dog park as well.

Not only that, eating is not an issue here because there is a very nice restaurant that sells tasty food and drinks at a very fair price.

If you desire to go on a break, the biking trip can be of good use, you can take a stroll here to get some fresh air and relax as well.

However, you need to watch out for oncoming bikes while on the trail.

Above all, Crystal Square Apartments are really well constructed, beautiful, conducive, and affordable.

Address: 1515 Richmond Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

23. Bonefish Grill Arlington

Bonefish Grill Arlington

Photo courtesy of Bonefish Grill Arlington

Are you a lover of seafood or do you love to try different local food from other cities?

If so, Bonefish Grill Arlington is a perfect spot for you to visit.

This is a contemporary grill chain that is offering lots of seafood-centric menus, cocktails, and steaks.

Their seafood here is top-notch and the prices are really fair.

Also, they have seafood made especially for kids and the way the food is dished will make them want to have more.

Their food is well prepared, and they have professional chefs that do the cooking.

Bonefish Grill Arlington has nice and tasty cocktails as well.

Not only that, their seafood tastes good, but the restaurant is also located in a peaceful environment.

There is a minibar where you can get beers at a very good price.

Interestingly, Bonefish Grill Arlington has a different collection of beers.

You can dine in this pleasant restaurant or order a meal to be delivered to your doorstep

If you are coming with your car, and you are wondering if there is a parking spot here.

Sadly, there is no parking space, but there is public parking nearby.

Address: 1101 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

24. Donaldson Run Park

Donaldson Run Park

Photo courtesy of Donaldson Run Park

Like other parks recommended earlier, Donaldson Run Park is another beautiful park in Arlington that is endowed with beautiful things.

It is a secluded 4-acre park that has a pond and stream.

The park is a place to explore nature trails and paved paths in a wooded setting.

The park has several fun things that can keep kids active.

They have a play area that is safe for kids, including toddlers.

More so, their beautiful garden is also a great feature that makes this park in the heart of Arlington more unique.

Donaldson Run Park is invariably an amazing place to get away in nature on its vast amount of nature trails.

It is equally a hidden gem for hikers if your focus of interest lies in hiking.

In fact, if you are unsure of where to have your morning run, this is the best place for you.

You can as well bring your dog, the amazing view here will set you in a good mood for the day.

While visiting, you need to worry less about what to eat, because there are plenty of restaurants on the ground.

These restaurants offer delicious meals you wouldn’t resist.

Endeavor to check out this great park anytime you arrive at Arlington.

Address: 4020 30th St N, Arlington, VA 22207, United States

25. Astor Mediterranean

Astor Mediterranean

Photo courtesy of Astor Mediterranean

Astor Mediterranean is yet another restaurant in Arlington where you can eat other local delicacies.

It is a comfy outpost restaurant that offers a Mediterranean menu of kebabs, pizzas, salads, and gyros, among others.

The Mediterranean is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Arlington.

The restaurant welcomes its customers with soft and relaxing music.

Also, their food here is really appetizing just by looking at it. Their gyros and pizzas are rich in flavor, and all the necessary and right ingredients are used.

Furthermore, their staff are well trained and are really calm when taking orders from customers.

Equally, you can dine outside the restaurant if you feel the interior is suffocating you.

Importantly, food prices are really low compared to the delicious taste, quality and quality of food you will get.

Astor Mediterranean is indeed worth a visit.

Address: 2300 N Pershing Dr, Arlington, VA 22201, United States

26. Short Bridge Park

Short Bridge Park

Photo courtesy of Arlington County

Short Bridge Park is a beautiful, small, friendly park in Arlington.

This park is a very nice location for those that love to swim because there is a river to do so here.

Also, a pond for fishing is available, so if you love fishing, you can visit this amazing location.

But if fishing is not your area of interest, there are several fun activities to do here, such as hiking, exercising, and many more.

If you love the view of sunset and sunrise, Short Bridge Park is your to-go spot, the beautiful views here will leave you speechless.

Additionally, there is a stair here that can serve as your hiking trail.

Along the trail, you will spot some wildlife but they are harmless so no need to worry.

There are some other places in the park with different tall trees and branches.

This particular area can be used for picnics and barbecues because the branches of the trees serve as shade.

Further, there is a short bridge where you can stand to get a better view of the park.

You can also stand here to fish from the river below. A trail for biking is available here as well.

You can also take a bike to go for biking competitions on the trail next to this park, which is usually called Four-Mile Run.

But there are lots of bikers using the trail. So you have to watch out for them if you decide to walk here.

Address: 3920 Potomac Ave, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

27. Air Force Memorial Arlington

Things to do in Arlington

Photo courtesy of Air Force Memorial

Do you want an attraction center that has many fun things to offer visitors while in Arlington?

If you do, search no more. Air Force Memorial is an attraction center with such attributes.

Air Force Memorial in Arlington was to honor the services of personals of the United States Force alongside its heritage organizations.

This is a tourist destination as to the fact that there are several picnic areas and different great spots for visitors to walk freely in this environment.

Also, the memorial is another interesting part that is attracting tourists.

However, getting to the memorial can be a bit of a challenge, but it will be worth it.

A distinguishing feature in this area is the three stainless steel spires soar into sky-reaching a height of 402 feet above sea level.

This particular area is the most attractive place with amazing views.

Moreover, the view is probably the best and most charming feature attracting tourists.

Furthermore, there is a very big monument here where you can hang out in this location.

Another interesting place to hang out here is in the open space, close to the three statues of the US Air Force.

It is the beautifully simplistic and stylish symbolism of the United States Air Force.

Besides, the Air Force Memorial in Arlington provides excellent visualization of the first stanza of the Air Force song.

A visit to this amazing location will give you the genuine fun experience you need.

Address: 1 Air Force Memorial Dr, Arlington, VA 22204, United States

28. Crystal City Water Park

Crystal City Water Park

Photo courtesy of Crystal City Water Park

Are you a lover of flowers?

If you do, Crystal City Water Park in Arlington is one of the most hospitable places to visit in Virginia.

It is a tranquil outdoor urban park with picnic areas, shade, and water fountains, and also there is a weekly community event going on in this amazing location.

The picnic area in this park is really beautiful, and it is decorated with all kinds of beautiful and colorful flowers.

Also, if you love biking and jogging, Crystal City Water Park is a perfect spot for that.

There are several connecting trails here that are accessible for kids and adults.

Interestingly, the picnic area is a perfect place to relax after long hours of riding biking in the park.

In addition to that, there is a place where different entertaining events take place, you can rent this place for your event at a very reasonable price.

If swimming is your area of interest, there is a place for you in the park as well.

Equality, Crystal City Water Park is a perfect place to relax because it is mostly quiet.

While relaxing, you can as well get some snacks in the mini-store in the park.

Address: 1601 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

29. Lubber Run Park

Clarendon War Memorial

Photo courtesy of Arlington County

Do you love a family time or do you wish to visit a place that has all kinds of fun activities for families with kids?

If you would love that, Lubber Run Park in Arlington is one of the best places in Virginia you should consider visiting.

The park has all kinds of fun equipment and activities suitable for both kids and adults.

The most fun activity that attracts tourists to this amazing park is the sports center that is available. This particular area attracts mostly adults.

Apart from that, there is a special playground for kids as well, which is well constructed.

The playground is absolutely safe for kids.

Additionally, there are water areas in the park and you will come across some trails that are used for biking races.

There are a few specially made picnic areas that are perfect for a family gatherings, reunions, or special events.

Certainly, Lubber Run Park in Arlington is a fun place worth visiting.

Address: 200 N Columbus St, Arlington, VA 22203, United States


Final Remark

Most visitors believe that Arlington is a small and less attractive city in Virginia, with few places to visit for fun.

Well, that mindset is understandable, inevitable because the city appears small on maps, but we hope that the list of things to do above will help you break those barriers.

Obviously, from the list, the city has so much going on within. We hope that you find the list resourceful while exploring fun places in Arlington.

It is evident that you will get the maximum satisfaction of fun in the city.

Therefore, take your time to explore Arlington and make sure to make your fun experiences in the city memorable.

Safe Travels!