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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Macon (Georgia)

It is no surprise tourists are picking Macon, Georgia, as a top vacation spot in the United States.

If you are in for an adventure pleasing to your soul, visit Macon!

Also known as the Heart of Georgia, Macon is a city-county in Georgia.

It lies near the fall line of the Ocmulgee River. In 2020, Macon recorded a population of 157,346.

Its rich history, stunning architecture, unique Southern charm, and peaceful musical heritage have given Macon the name “Where Soul Lives”.

Presently, Macon offers not only undiluted entertainment and history but also big shots in manufacturing, aeronautics, medical, and tourism.

A visit to this fun state will convince you of its beauty!

Below is a list of some of the best and most amazing things to do in Macon, Georgia!

Things To Do In Macon, Georgia

1. Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park

Things To Do In Macon

Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park

Are you looking for museums to explore on a vacation in Macon or you simply want to feed your eyes on some cool exhibits?

Take a stroll around the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park!

The Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park, Macon is a park showcasing native American earth mounds and a museum.

Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park in Macon, Georgia, stores historical-cultural remnants.

This historical park keeps Souvenirs from over ten millennia of culture from the Native Americans in the Southeastern Woodlands. 

It isn’t only a great tourist outdoor attraction site in Macon; it is a thread of history!

For travelers and tourists, things to do here are plenteous and one of them is touring.

Historical exhibits and remnants that will thrill you on a tour here include the Great Temple.

A burial mound and firm defensive trenches are also exhibits to explore in this park.

Also, you’ll be able to explore the museum and see over 2,000 artifacts.

While at it, you will be able to watch an informative orientation film.

After you explore the museum, try venturing outdoors to see the Earth Lodge.

The Earth Lodge here has original floors that are dated to 1015.

Moreover, hiking through several trails at the park is another fun way to spend some time. 

Pack a family picnic and sit on this Parks shaded picnic table and enjoy a quiet moment. 

Finally, on certain springs, you can grab a lantern and enjoy a lantern light tour.

Address: 1207 Emery Hwy, Macon, GA 31217, United States

2. Tubman Museum, Macon

Things To Do In Macon

Tubman Museum

Are you an art lover and love checking out murals and you want somewhere in Macon where you’ll get the best?

Look through murals and art pieces at the Tubman Museum!

From African-American art, exquisite history, and even culture, the Tubman Museum is a significant find!

It is close to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

Also, it is the largest museum in the Southeast that is dedicated to the art, history, and culture of African Americans.

For tourists, while here, you will be able to take an imaginary journey from Africa to America! 

Begin your adventure by looking at Wilfred Stroud’s nine-panel mural.

The nine-panel mural expresses the struggles and victories of the African American Experience.

Additionally, you can dive deep into African Tradition while looking through original African Art. 

Sincerely, one visit will never be enough to unveil all of its beauty! 

You can also expect to check out some special exhibitions from internationally renowned artists. 

Further, they offer the latest in hand-crafted jewelry and trendy Afro-centric clothing. 

Stop by and pack a bag or two!

For children, there are books from collections here with so much history and culture.

Finally, stop by the museum store to get small gifts and souvenirs.

There are just so many things to read, you’d be in thrill. 

Explore this spot in Macon, Georgia when you have time!

Address: 310 Cherry St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

3. The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House

Things to do in Macon

Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House

Are you a fan of the southern rock band or a die-hard fan of the Allman Brothers Band?

Then come check out outstanding collections at The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House in Macon!

Also known as the Big House, The Allman Brothers Band Museum is a museum in Macon, Georgia. 

This beautiful and informative museum is home to The Allman Brothers Band’s real members, families, and friends from 1970 to 1973. 

One of the best and most fun activities to do at this museum is touring.

Structures and objects in this museum have handwritten lyrics and personal letters. 

A really brilliant piece to pay attention to, everything is beautifully displayed.  

Moreover, this is a must-see for any Allman Brothers fan.

Besides, you don’t have to bother about whom to bring here, since this museum is suitable for all ages.

You can come with a partner, a group, a family, or even come alone to take some time off.

Furthermore, they have a gift shop by the corner where you can purchase a lot of souvenirs and items to take home.

If you are looking for somewhere in Macon to also host unique events, weddings, and birthday parties, this is perfect.

Spoil yourself with self-guided tours and make sure to take a lot of pictures.

Macon is a gem, and this museum is a major fun place!

Address: 2321 Vineville Ave, Macon, GA 31204, United States

4. Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon

Things To Do In Macon

Museum of Arts and Sciences

Looking for somewhere in Macon to go for art research or even spend a quiet time reflecting?

Picture artworks at the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Georgia!

This Museum in Macon is an art museum showcasing exhibits and events for all ages.

It has four galleries with unique, frequently changing exhibitions.

Tour the Discovery House when you are free and have time to perform hands-on activities.

Also, you will be able to explore live animal habitats, see the Mark Smith Planetarium, and hike its nature trail.

There’s also a garden, a storeroom, an auditorium, and classrooms you can check out. 

If you are running a research project on art in Macon, this museum is a great aid.

Interestingly, this museum is open daily and they even offer programs to schools and groups. 

Friday is almost here and you’re looking for a glorious spot to go on a dinner date. The Amphitheater here is amazing!

Furthermore, you can take homeschoolers or a group on field trips around this museum!

The history it offers is in tons and can’t be overlooked!

Great place in Macon to explore, spend some free time here, it is worth it!

Address: 4182 Forsyth Rd, Macon, GA 31210, United States

5. Johnston–Felton–Hay House

Things To Do In Macon

Johnston–Felton–Hay House

Are you a lover of Italian architecture and settings or you’re looking for somewhere in Macon to check Italian design?

Come exploring at the Johnston–Felton–Hay House!

The Johnston–Felton–Hay House, also known as the Hay House, is a historic Italian home in Macon. 

This house was set up between 1855 and 1859 by William Butler Johnston and his wife, Anne Tracy Johnston.

Popularly known as the “Palace of the South, ” this house has an Italian Renaissance Revival style.

It is undoubtedly one of the top and most beautiful places to stop and explore in Macon!

Sitting atop Coleman Hill on Georgia Avenue, its beauty is ever radiating!

Things for tourists to do in this Italian beauty are plenteous, and there’s a list.

Touring this home is one of the most enjoyable things to do around.

Since its beauty and setting are one of a kind, tourists will have a great time checking its collections.

You can do the special behind-the-scenes tour and get to look behind every door and see all the “secret” places. 

Guides are also knowledgeable and make the experience memorable!

Also, it’s grand setting not only highlights its beauty but makes it an exceptional venue for weddings and formal events.

If you are planning a little wedding and looking for somewhere to host it, then add this place to your list! 

Additionally, if you come early, you can pay and look around the first floor where there is a wealth of information, a gift shop, and displays of the various rooms and items. 

However, they are updating most of the rooms in the house, but the rooms that they have already restored are wonderful. 

Enjoy tours here and get souvenirs to keep it memorable!

Address: 934 Georgia Ave, Macon, GA 31201, United States

6. Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Things To Do In Macon

Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Are you a sports fan or you want to explore a great deal of sports collections in Macon?

See the best sporting collections at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame!

The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame is situated in Macon, Georgia, United States.

With a whopping space of 43,000 square feet, it is the largest state Sports Hall of Fame in the United States.

This sports museum in a stadium-like facility also has a 205-seat Theatre equipped with state-of-the-art audio or visual options for presentations.

Facilities tourists can enjoy at this sports Museum include the Georgia room.

Georgia room is available for rental services during and after operating hours.

Also, Rotunda showcases a unique setting for special events and setup options.

If you are in Macon and want a large space to host a dancing crew or a crowded event, consider this place!

Moreover, if you like or love sports and want to play some games, this is a really nice place to visit. 

Games here are fun and there are a lot of really cool activities to do like interactive things. 

Besides, there is a section where you can catch a movie on the ground floor. 

There’s also an indoor basketball court. 

In all, it is a sport lovers’ world and activities here will leave you wanting more!

Address: 301 Cherry St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

7. Cannonball House, Macon

Cannonball House

Cannonball House

Want to see something cool around Macon?

Ever heard about a house hit by a cannonball, well Macon has one!

Come exploring at the Cannonball House!

The Cannonball House is an 1853 townhouse in Macon, Georgia, United States.

This house has a historically significant story behind its name, Cannonball House. 

On the 30th of July 1864, this house gained its name because of damage caused by a cannonball that struck it from a Union Army attack in the American Civil War. 

Formerly, it was set up as a planter’s townhouse in 1853, built by and for Judge Asa Holt. 

It also goes by other names like “Mansion of the Old South” and the “Home of Judge Asa Holt.” 

Things for tourists to do here include going on a tour.

Women dressed in period costumes lead tours and share stories of the home and those who lived there.

They also read stories to children and serve juice and cookies.

Inside the mansion, there is the recreated meeting rooms of the Philomathean and Adelphean societies are on display. 

Also, the entire house has furnishings from the 1853 till the 1870 period. 

Additionally, at the rear side of the mansion, you will find a hand-molded two-story brick kitchen. 

At its upper level, you will find the servants’ quarters. 

There are only a few structures of its type remaining in the Southern United States today. 

At the entrance to this house, you will find a bronze cannon on display in front of the Cannonball House.

In all, it is a beautiful home that has been restored to its original luster.  

Very well-maintained and a great place to visit in Macon.  

Furthermore, there is a library available and full of information.

You will be able to explore a vast collection of period photographs, paintings, furniture, clothing and uniforms, weapons, and other artifacts. 

Definitely, a great place to visit in Macon if you like history.

Address: 856 Mulberry St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

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8. Amerson River Park

Things To Do In Macon

Amerson River Park

Want to spend a day at a scenic river park in Macon and you are having trouble deciding?

Visit the Amerson River Park!

This is a popular tourist attraction site and outdoor recreational spot with scenic views, a playground, and trails.

Not only was the Amerson River Park created to satisfy a traveler’s desires, it brings fun to the next level!

Things for visitors to do in this park are plenteous as well as engaging!

One thing to do in this park is exploring its trails.

Trails in this park are paved and well maintained.

Strollers, joggers, and walkers have made this place a top-use site around Macon.

Since this park has gorgeous tree-lined walking trails that are safe for bicycles, cyclers use it often.

Also, there are large open meadows and well-kept playgrounds with several pieces of play equipment.

There are also pavilions present for a small family, church, or corporate events.

Birthday parties and little get-togethers are also fun to organize and host here.

Additionally, there are water fountains for dogs! 

Kayaking, tubing, and rafting are also fun to do on this park’s river.

Plan to have lunch or picnic around here, bring a book along to keep yourself busy and some music!

Address: 2551 Pierce Dr N, Macon, GA 31204, United States

9. The Grand Opera House, Macon

Things To Do In Macon

Grand Opera House

Looking for somewhere to watch music and Broadway shows around Macon?

See a musical performance at The Grand Opera House!

The Grand Opera House, Macon, also known as “The Grand” and “The Academy of Music”, is a historic opera house in Macon. 

This top-notch opera house is one of the most popular tourist attraction sites in Macon for music and theater lovers.

It is presently the performing arts center of Mercer University.

Additionally, The Grand Opera House is an energetic and trendy community-assembly spot for locals of Middle Georgia.

Also, it is one of the most esteemed entertainment and events centers in Macon.

Things for tourists to do in this opera house are plenty and highly engaging.

Due to its highly scenic environs, it is a great place in Macon to host a wide range of events.

Its picturesque view makes it a perfect setting for weddings and bridal showers.

Moreover, performances, receptions, conferences, and even parties will be great to host around here. 

Totally great place to visit and its acoustics are one of a kind.

If you want a wonderful night for both friends and family, this is one place to get it. 

After a visit here, you will look forward to many more evenings at The Grand Opera House, Macon, Georgia.

Make time to visit and explore this entertainment center if you have time!

Address: 651 Mulberry St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

10. Rose Hill Cemetery 1840

Rose Hill Cemetery 1840

Rose Hill Cemetery

Are you a huge fan of the Allman Brothers Band and you want to take a look at their Memorial site in Macon?

Then, explore the Rose Hill Cemetery 1840!

Rose Hill Cemetery is a 50 acres cemetery on the banks of the Ocmulgee River in Macon. 

This vast 1840 cemetery is popular for the notable graves in its vicinity.

The cemetery is named in honor of Simri Rose, a horticulturist and the designer of this cemetery.

Additionally, it is one of the 6 rural cemeteries in Georgia created during the Romanticism era.

During the past times of the Allman Brothers Band, Rose Hill Cemetery was their hangout.

It was also a source of artistic inspiration for them. 

At this cemetery lies Duane Allman, The Allman Brothers Band slide guitarist.

Also, Gregg Allman, Butch Trucks, and Berry Oakley, keyboardist and vocalist, drummer and bassist consecutively lie here. 

Things for tourists to exploit are many here.

Touring this 50 acres of art, nature, and history is one of the best things to do here in Macon.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy spending time on History Hunting. 

Spend time navigating the hills and trails above the banks of the Ocmulgee River while here.

Take some beautiful photography while absorbing the history and artistry of the gravestones and monuments.

There’s just so much to absorb here. 

Furthermore, there are a lot of paths and trails here and you can drive around. 

On a summer break, you can take time to see the beautiful scenery all around. 

You can also lay dandelions on the graves around here. 

Definitely recommend it to anyone who has a little extra time for a stroll. 

Address: 1071 Riverside Dr, Macon, GA 31201, United States

11. Carolyn Crayton Park

Carolyn Crayton Park

Carolyn Crayton Park

Looking for a magnificent park in Macon where you can have a great picnic experience?

Pack a basket and explore the Carolyn Crayton Park!

The Carolyn Crayton Park is a large public park in Macon with grills and a gazebo.

This highly scenic park is popular for its amazing grill spots, picnic shelters, playgrounds, a gazebo, and annual cherry-blossom festival.

With all the fun activities present in one location, this place is a great attraction site for tourists.

Things for tourists to do here include exploring the Round Building.

Interestingly, for children 10 and under, it is free. Also, they host nightly concerts.

If you are looking for a comfy way to spend a night or attend a concert, this is perfect!

Additionally, there is a gift shop available where you can pick some fun items and souvenirs as gifts.

The cherry blossom festival held at Carolyn Crayton Park is also one of the fun festivals to attend here.

You’ll be able to access 10-days of fantastic exhibitions, amazing shows, and fantastic food.

For tourists 21 years and older, during Premiere Events, you will be able to enjoy alcoholic drinks.

You will enjoy the likes of Yuengling, frozen margaritas, Seltzer and more.  

Photographers will also find this place fun to shoot some unique shots.

Overall, the beautiful floral designs by Canaan Marshall and fun photo-ops by SelfieSuite will keep you active.

Carolyn Crayton Park is open from Monday to Friday from noon till 10 pm.

It is also open on Saturday from 10 am till 10 pm and Sundays from noon till 10 pm.

Moreover, they charge a little fee for admission.

Make out time to explore this park in Macon!

Address: 150 Willie Smokie Glover Dr, Macon, GA 31201, United States

12. Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area

Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area

Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area

Looking for an outdoor recreational spot in Macon to enjoy the beach and white sand?

Come wade the waters at the Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area!

The Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area is an area in Macon, Georgia, offering White-sandy beaches and outdoor activities.

This beautiful and fun destination is a must-visit destination for tourists and locals.

Things for tourists to do in this recreational area include camping.

Camping is one of the best things to do around this recreational area.

Not only are camping spots vast but also conducive for a good camping experience.

If you are looking for a splendid avenue to bond with the family, this could be an option!

Also, boating is another fun thing to do here.

Waters in these recreational areas are calm and carry a lot of air, you can take the opportunity to explore the waters.

Moreover, if you are just looking for an experience behind the fishing rod and line, this is perfect.

You’ll find several species of fish and you’ll have a wonderful time catching some.

Additionally, the white sandy beaches are perfect for building sandcastles or even playing beach balls.

Very beautiful and suitable for family and friends coming to enjoy! 

However, remember to carry your swimming suits and picnic blanket when you come.

Try jet-skiing when you have time, host a birthday party or even explore the butterfly park! 


Address: 6600 Moseley Dixon Rd, Lizella, Macon, GA 31052, United States

13. Macon Fort Hawkins

Fort Hawkins

Mirabel / Wikimedia Commons

Looking forward to exploring a fort on a visit to Macon, Georgia?

Explore the Fort Hawkins!

Fort Hawkins was established by Thomas Jefferson between 1806 and 1810.

You’ll find this fort at the Fall Line on the east side of the Ocmulgee River.

It overlooks the sacred ancient earthwork mounds of the Ocmulgee Old Fields.

Little wonder why a lot of tourists have marked this site in Macon as a popular exploration site.

The undiluted history in this fort makes it a popular visitation site for history lovers and students.

Originally, this fort has a tall log palisade encompassing a 1- 2-acre complex. 

Also, it has living and working quarters and two blockhouses on diagonal corners.

For history lovers, it is a great little museum to spend quality time. 

Moreover, the visitor’s center is very informative and the docent is knowledgeable. 

Although the site itself is still being restored, the Block House is fully restored and is interesting to explore. 

Additionally, they hold several events throughout the year, you’ll find satisfaction here.

Visit during your free time and enjoy!

Address: Emery Hwy, Macon, GA 31217, United States

14. Sandy Beach Water Park

Sandy Beach Water Park

Sandy Beach Park

Beach lovers and fun lovers will find this Macon treasure as exciting as exciting can be.

This classy white sandy beach is a water park offering rides, slides and pools.

Interestingly, this lakeside water park also offers a variety of lap pools and splash areas in a scenic environment.

There’s plenty of water, sun and fun, and beach, for the whole family.

Moreover, its splash park packs a big punch and is amazing.

Tourists can enjoy several side attractions like the Lazy River Adventure.

Also, the Kiddie Isle (under 48” tall), and the Splash Race Body Slide is also engaging.

Take the time to build sandcastles and play beach ball with family.

Make sure to try out the Paradise Pool which is the Junior Olympics leisure pool.

Address: 6880 Moseley Dixon Rd, Macon, GA 31220, United States

15. Tattnall Square Park

Tattnall Square Park

Matt Odom Photography

Are you a sports lover or an athlete and you are looking for a park in Macon to play some sports?

Try the Tattnall Square Park!

Tattnall Square Park is a leafy city park in Macon, Georgia, offering a playground and several sporting facilities.

This city park has a playing field, playground, picnic areas, and tennis courts.

Not only that, this park is famous amongst tourists as a locale for cultural events.

For sports lovers, this place is a gem and extremely engaging.

If you are a top fan of tennis or you want to learn tennis, the tennis courts here are appealing and highly conducive for a game.

Bring a group or a partner and hold a tennis tussle on its courts.

There’s also a soccer field where you can come to stretch your legs or play soccer with a team.

Also, you’ll find scenic fountains and flowing water around here.

Photographers will find it really interesting to take time-lapse photos here. 

Highly recommended for a pleasant afternoon as well as a great place for night photography.

It also has a beautiful waterfall and lots of trees to shade off the paths. 

Moreover, the pavilions and picnic spots here are amazing and pleasant to bring a family for lunch.

Birthday parties will also be fun to host around here.

It’s easily one of the best all-around parks in Macon. 

Perfect spot to sit and chill, run around, post up in a hammock, and enjoy pickle ball.

Furthermore, you can wait to watch the sunset around here, it’s beautiful and worth it.

Address: 1155 College St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

16. The Douglass Theatre, Macon

The Douglass Theatre

Douglass Theatre

Looking for a venerable spot to watch films and performances in Macon, Georgia?

Try a movie night at The Douglass Theatre!

The Douglass Theatre is a film theatre in Macon, Georgia, and was founded by Charles Henry Douglass in 1921.

This theater in Macon is one of the most visited areas for tourists and entertainment seekers.

In this theater, you will find State-of-the-art stage lighting and sound and cinema equipment.

Holding formal events and weddings can be a fun thing to do in this theater.

Compared to most theaters, this theater is a pleasant space for small to medium-sized gatherings. 

Also, it has enough space for tourists to hold a buffet or a plated dinner served per guest. 

Moreover, seating is adequate for dining and dancing if it’s set appropriately.  

You can also go to watch plays or see a performance or two around here.

Overall, it is a really good space and entertainment center to explore!

Address: 355 Martin Luther King Jnr Blvd, Macon, GA 31201, United States

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17. Macon Claystone Park

Claystone Park

Claystone Park

Want to go camping and can’t pick a delightful spot?

Camp at the Claystone Park!

Just like other parks in Macon, Georgia, Claystone Park is a good camping area.

However, its highly conducive and comfy areas make it a highlight and a top spot for camping activities.

It also features a top-notch park and garden.

On a perfect day, make out time to lie in the sun and enjoy the sights in this park. 

Also, it has a great lake where you can try wading through the waters or even boating. 

The gardens here are also well mown and will make a romantic getaway point for couples or a date.

Bring a book to read under the tree shades and bring some music too!

Add to your to-do list of fun things to do in Macon.

Address: 6600 Moseley Dixon Rd, Lizella, GA 31052, United States

18. Coleman Hill Park

Coleman Hill Park

Coleman Hill Park

Do you love music and want a top-notch area to enjoy the classiest musical performances in Macon?

Then, go kill your boredom at Coleman Hill Park.

The Coleman Hill Park is a park in Macon, Georgia offering delightful music.

This park is a nice place to chill out and kill an hour of listening to cool music.

Also, if it is a boring day, you’re having and want something to do, you can kill time here reading or having a picnic.

There are also a couple of Macon’s many memorials in this park. 

You’ll find the memorial of former Representative Carl Vinson in this park.

Moreover, if you climb up the hill, you’ll be able to see great views of Macon from the hill! 

If you just want quiet reflection and need to feel on top of the world, then go take in the fresh air. 

The sense of peace and nature this park brings is second to none. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for a great location for special event photos, come during the spring.

During the spring when cherry blossoms are blooming, this park is the most beautiful spot in Macon. 

Weddings, birthday parties, and even engagement parties are wonderful to host here!

Check out the cement slide and the beautiful outdoor sculptures too!

If you are out for a jolly little walk, then try to stop by Coleman Hill.

Without a doubt, you’ll find one of the best views of Macon!

Address: 285 Spring St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

19. Macon Arrowhead Park

Arrowhead Park

Caroline / Arrowhead Park

This is another camping gem in Macon, Georgia!

Arrowhead Park is a grassy park in Macon with a lot of shade. 

Things for tourists to explore in this park include picnicking.

There are a lot of picnic tables, grills, and fire rings available in this park. 

You can spend some time grilling barbecues, but remember to dispose of the coals.

Moreover, the park is on a hillside and there are lots of boat activities near the docks, so it’s pretty peaceful. 

Also, there are bike trails, a playground, and an open field to play. 

There’s also a swimming beach, but it’s tucked in a cove and not opened up to the lake

Watching the sunrises here is a must!

Add to your to-do list in Macon!

Address: 2800 Arrowhead Dr, Lizella, GA 31052, United States

20. Charles H Jones Gateway Park

Charles H Jones Gateway Park

Jameson / Flickr

Want to check out a small park on the Ocmulgee River in Macon?

Check out the Charles H Jones Gateway Park!

This park is a compact green space along the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail offering paved paths and fishing on the river.

For exercise lovers, it is a great place for an early morning run along the river.  

Also, its nice scenery and well-thought-out setting give it an advantage. 

It is a great location for a riverside park with trails, statues, and views available.

However, this park is currently under construction and the bridge is not in great shape.

Overall, if you just need to exercise your body and go for an early morning stroll, it’s perfect!

Address: Riverside Dr, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Final Remarks

It’s impossible to fully express the fun Macon has up its sleeves!

A tour around this city will convince you.

Additionally, the best traveler experience and satisfaction accompany Macon.

Jolly ride and safe travels!