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19 Best & Fun Things To Do In Columbus (Georgia)

Columbus in Georgia is one of the most beautiful and fun cities in the United States.

The city has a population of about 886,645 (as of the last census).

After Atlanta, Columbus is the second-largest city in Georgia.

It is a great place that is so pleasing for visitors and tourists.

When you take a look at this city, you will realize that there are varieties of fun things available here!

This city is a place for lovers of nature because of the presence of numerous parks, and museums among other attractions.

Besides, this beautiful city is also well known for awesome malls, galleries, art centers, and several other hallmarks.

It is a city that has continually had the purpose of becoming a city that tourists would love to explore.

Another thing great about this city is its numerous roadside attractions.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, you will find plenty of exciting outdoor attractions which are so interesting.

We are so sure that these attractions will be perfect for your exploration records!

Do you care to learn more about these hidden fun things in this great city?

If you are ready, here are our picks of the 19 best and most fun things to do in Columbus, Georgia!

Things To Do In Columbus

1. The National Infantry Museum And Soldier Center In Columbus

The National Infantry Museum And Soldier Center In Columbus

Image Credits: The National Infantry Museum And Soldier Center In Columbus

Columbus in Georgia has some interesting history, from history about inhabitants to history about military men and more!

When it comes to history about the past and present activities of the military men of Columbus, The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center has that interesting documentation.

This museum is a 190,000-square-foot size, and it was established in June 2009.

It is an amazing place that has tons of exhibits that are informative.

These exhibits are in the form of relics and monuments which are so insightful.

In fact, due to the amazing offerings available here, it has been recognized as one of the premier military attractions in the United States.

If you would be in Columbus anytime soon, try to check out this historic museum.

Interestingly, no admission fee is required here, although they demand a $5 donation per person.

Even if you are unwilling or lack the capacity to make such donations, you would still have access here!

If you would be visiting, there are parking spaces too and the entire museum is so attractive and fun to explore.

Indeed, you will leave with wonderful smiles on your face if you visit here!

Anytime you are insight, you can also check the beautiful small garden at the back.

That is absolutely a plus to the fun things that you will enjoy here!

Address: 1775 Legacy Way, Columbus, GA 31903, United States. 

2. Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Image Credits: Columbus Symphony Orchestra

You might have heard that the second orchestra in the whole of the United States is in Columbus.

Absolutely, that is correct information!

Columbus Symphony Orchestra is the second and the most remarkable orchestra in the United States.

It was established in 1855 through the efforts of Herman and some of Mendelssohn’s students.

As a visitor that would be visiting Columbus anytime soon, this attraction will make your visit so memorable.

This group of talented individuals that perform brilliantly here will make some of the best music you have ever had!

Interestingly, it is purely a nonprofit organization, which suggests that you wouldn’t be paying for any admission during your visit.

They played the Nutcracker perfectly and the entire environment is so pleasing and wonderful.

Besides, there is a picnic area, and visitors are treated with the highest form of courtesy.

It is the oldest and best symphony orchestra in the United States, thus you can’t afford to miss a visit whenever you are in Columbus, Georgia!

Address: 900 Broadway, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

3. River Center Performing Arts

River Center Performing Arts

Image Credits: River Center Performing Arts

While you are in Columbus, Georgia, if you would not be visiting Columbus Symphony Orchestra, it is never over!

Surely, you might prefer to visit other best and most fun places.

River Center Performing Arts is yet another beautiful place you can visit if you are in Columbus, Georgia.

This theatre center was first opened in 2002 and it has a seating capacity of a maximum of 250 people.

It is amazing to see that this beautiful attraction is still as great as in 2002 when it came on board.

Spending a few minutes in this wonderful centerpiece of the city’s arts and entertainment wouldn’t do less to make your stay in Columbus fun.

Moreover, the entire equipment in this beautiful place of Columbus is impressive and you would definitely love them.

The air conditioning makes the entire location so habitable and no visitor has ever had any bad reviews about them.

During your visit to Columbus in Georgia, consider adding this wonderful fun place to your itinerary.

Address: 900 Broadway, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

4. Columbus Cooper Creek Tennis Center

Columbus Cooper Creek Tennis Center

Image Credits: Creek Tennis Center

Would you prefer to visit a location where you can play some tennis?

Columbus has tons of best and fun things that are so addictive to visitors.

Part of those fun things is Cooper Creek Tennis Center which is the most popular tennis center in Columbus.

This attraction was founded in 1952 with the aim of developing and promoting the growth of tennis.

It is a non-profit organization that has members of about 2,300 or thereabouts.

This fun location is definitely the best place you can play a tennis game in Columbus.

Aside from that, this location made up of 55 clay tennis courts also has bike riding providers.

You would surely enjoy riding a bicycle if at all you don’t have an interest in playing tennis.

Apparently, this place appears to have tons of things you will enjoy if you visit.

Even if you wouldn’t choose either, you can easily fall back to enjoy some moments fishing.

Certainly, Cooper Creek Tennis Center will create some beautiful memories for you if you!

Address: 4816 Milgen Rd, Columbus, GA 31907, United States. 

5. Flat Rock Park, Columbus

Flat Rock Park, Columbus

Image Credits: Flat Rock Park

If you want an absolute fun and beautiful place where you can spend your afternoon, Flat Rock Park is the answer to that!

Flat Rock Park is a wooded area that is always clean and visitors friendly.

A beautiful feature of this fun location in Columbus is that it presents visitors with varieties of fun things to choose from.

From mere sitting to enjoy the ambiance to fishing on the lake and if that doesn’t interest you, you can go on hiking!

Apparently, you can’t feel like a stranger if you come here because there are no dull moments!

If, however, you are craving a perfect location to have a picnic, you wouldn’t go wrong coming here.

One drawback of this beautiful location is the fact that restaurants are not so available on sight.

So, we recommend that you come with plenty of snacks and food if you will stay long here.

But, regardless of that, it is always a fun place in Columbus, Georgia that you wouldn’t regret visiting!

Address: 6106 Warm Springs Rd, Columbus, GA 31909, United States. 

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6. Columbus Aquatic Center

Columbus Aquatic Center

Image Credits: Explore Georgia

Columbus Aquatic Center is an indoor swimming pool in Columbus, Georgia.

This is also a fun place that you will enjoy if you could visit.

After all, there should be a place you should cool the stress of the day after exploring other attractions.

The Columbus Aquatics Center is incredibly the home to six 25-yard swim lanes which is suitable for casual swimming at all times.

This center was established on Saturday, August 10, 2013, and has a capacity of 792 swimmers.

Amazingly, this lovely place of Columbus also has diving areas, a heated pool, and a water surface area which you would definitely appreciate.

The fact remains that this lovely place will not only provide you the opportunity to swim as you wish, but they also make adequate provisions for all necessary equipment.

Swimming dresses, diving equipment, and other things you might be planning to bring are all available here!

Why wouldn’t you consider a visit to this great attraction?

Absolutely, you need to rethink if this attraction is yet to be included in your itinerary.

A visit to this place will be great fun!

Address: 1603 Midtown Dr, Columbus, GA 31906, United States. 

7. Coca-Cola Space Science Center

Coca-Cola Space Science Center

Image Credits: Coca-Cola Space Science Center

Visitors are not aware most times that there are some amazing and fun things that are available in some unpopular attractions.

Well, Coca-Cola Space Science Center is not really a popular attraction in Columbus, nonetheless, it is the best place in the city that will create memorable experiences for you.

This beautiful attraction was established in 1996 and basically features film screenings and observation events.

In addition, if you would visit this location in Columbus, their operating hours on Monday to Friday are between 10 am – 4 pm.

Operating hours on Saturday are however between 10:30 am – 5 pm.

Interestingly, the entrance fee to this wonderful place in Columbus is so cheap!

Adults will pay $8 while kids will pay only $7 each.

In fact, mostly during the weekdays, kids don’t have to make any payments.

As an adult, comparing the fun things available here to what you are going to pay, you would be willing to pay more!

This is because, beyond what you pay for, you enjoy more!

Anytime you are in Columbus, endeavor to check out this amazing attraction!

It would be wise of you to visit a place where to pay less and enjoy so much than to visit where you pay more and enjoy less!

Address: 701 Front Ave, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

8. Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center

Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center

Image Credits: Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center

Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center is a perfect venue for all kinds of events in Columbus, Georgia.

This place was initially known as Columbus Ironworks, and it was built in 1853.

To illustrate its long importance, in 1969, this incredible place was listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places.

However, this location is presently a convention center.

An outstanding attribute of this beautiful place of Columbus that distinguishes it from other places is that it has enough space.

Regardless of the population of your guests, there wouldn’t be a problem if you bring them here.

Besides, the seats and tables are so comfortable to sit on and there is air conditioning in their rooms.

Even if you would love to get some space to stay over with your guests after events, they have affordable rooms.

It is such a great location in Columbus, and, amazingly, their cost of service is so flexible.

You have no problem with your forthcoming events in Columbus as long as you host them here!

So, what might be delaying you to make that decision? Absolutely none!

Address: 801 Front Ave, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

9. Columbus Linwood Cemetery

Columbus Linwood Cemetery

Image Credits: Explore Georgia

Having a reflection on the past inhabitants has a great lesson to teach every visitor and inhabitant.

Most times, you may want a place where you can have a sober reflection.

That is totally understandable!

Linwood Cemetery is a historic cemetery that was established 1828 in order to preserve the history of some great men.

It is a 28-acre attraction that was established in 1828, almost 194 years ago!

By way of clear description, this amazing place in Columbus is a glass stone house that is so easy to navigate.

Many of the monuments are so interesting and each has a history behind it.

If you would be embarking on a voyage to Columbus, Georgia, a visit to this awesome place will create fun memories for you!

Address: 721 Linwood Blvd, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

10. William L Brown Farm Market

William L Brown Farm Market

Image Credits: William L. Brown Farm Market

While you are in Columbus, William L. Brown Farm Market is that farmer’s market that has varieties of fresh farm produce.

Think of any farm products that you would love to get while you are in Columbus, it is rightly available here!

For fresh bread, cakes, vegetables, and other household supplies, you are not wrong if you visit here.

Apart from all these, this great market equally has several brands of televisions which are absolute quality.

There is obviously no brand of any gadgets that you will not find here.

Moreover, the customer service generally is absolutely impressive in this great place.

Check out William L. Brown Farm Market once you are in Columbus, you will never be disappointed!

Address: 2301 Airport Thruway suite d-11, Columbus, GA 31904, United States. 

11. Ride On Bikes

Ride On Bikes

Image Credits: TraiLink

On your next visit to Columbus, will you love to have an experience of how fun riding a bicycle is?

Although, to decide what to do and what not to do is absolutely a personal affair.

Nonetheless, we strongly you strive to visit Ride On Bikes in order to get absolutely new fun experience.

Ride-On Bikes is a bicycle store in Columbus that was opened in April 2003.

It is a fun place that requires only an hour of your travel schedule.

More so, this place rents out bicycles to visitors and inhabitants at extremely low prices.

The provision of a tour guide without visitors having to pay is what makes this place always outstanding among them all.

Moreover, they also sell bicycles of various brands to visitors and all are equally cheap.

Whichever season you are in Columbus, this fun place is surely a must for you to see.

You would be glad if you follow this recommendation!

Address: 1036 Broadway, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

12. Gallery On 10th

Gallery On 10th in Georgia

Image Credits: Gallery On 10th

Gallery On 10th is not a popular attraction, but you have nothing to regret if you visit this place.

It is an Art gallery in Columbus, Georgia that was established in order to showcase the city’s level of creativity to people.

Yes, creativity speaks and it really speaks here!

A visit to this amazing attraction in Columbus will allow you to know the real meaning of creativity!

Beautiful artworks, classic decorations, amazing designs, and great carvings make this attraction unique from others!

Something wonderful about this fun place is that most of these great initiatives are done by local artisans.

Yes, not an outsider’s work of art! If you are an American, a visit here is absolutely going to serve a dual purpose.

That is; you enjoy yourself and you equally support local initiatives during the process of visitation.

If however, you are not an American; it is not a bad idea if you come here in order to appreciate these great works.

Subject to your convenience, you can check out this spot when next you are in Columbus, Georgia!

Address: 9 E 10th St, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

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13. Escape This Live

Escape This Live in Columbus

Image Credits: Escape This Live

We understand that not too many visitors know Escape This Live, but then, it is also a fun place in Columbus.

Narrowing down an itinerary of where and when to visit a place is not dependent on the popularity of such attraction.

For the lovers of Escape rooms, this place is a dream come true for you!

It is an incredible interactive adventure game that has been attractive since the year 2016 when they commenced operation in Columbus.

Though it is scary at times, it has never been less fun for visitors.

An amazing thing that kept visitors coming here is that each room has different puzzles!

Sounds amazing, right? Yes, it is! More reason why it becomes necessary for you to also check out this attraction.

Parking might appears so uneasy because of the number of visitors that comes in, but, if you visit in the early hours of the day, you have no issue.

With $10 or less, you will enjoy all these amazing attributes of this great place.

So, will you prevent yourself from this huge opportunity because of $10 or less?

Definitely, you will not! So, get in and enjoy your moment while you are available in Columbus, Georgia!

Address: 1320 Warren Williams Rd, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

14. Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theatre

Sherlock's Mystery Dinner Theatre

Image Credits: Time Out

Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theatre is an event venue in Columbus that was established in 2003.

Despite its over 18 years of existence, it has always been known as the best event venue in Columbus.

So, for any kind of corporate events such as a wedding, outreach, or any similar events, consider using this venue.

From the atmosphere to the decorations to the entire atmosphere, it is absolutely great!

More particularly, the way your guests would be treated will create everlasting memories that you won’t stand to forget in years to come.

Great amenities, pleasing atmosphere, and comfortable chairs.

Little wonder their mantra is “topmost priority centers on visitors happiness”!

Can you ever believe that with all these great attributes, the cost of their services is cheap?

Yes, it is! Absolutely affordable and lots of spaces are available for visitors and guests to park their cars!

Except for other recommendations that are based on wrong analysis, you won’t feel less happy coming here!

In fact, even if you wouldn’t host an event, coming to see this ancient equipment alone will create a great experience.

Whichever way, we highly recommend this spot.

Be sure to check them out anytime you are in Columbus, Georgia!

Address: 800 Front Ave, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

15. Hollywood Connection Family Fun Center, Columbus

Hollywood Connection Family Fun Center, Columbus

Image Credits: Hollywood Connection Family Fun Center

Hollywood Connection Family Fun Center has been a favorite tourist attraction for several years.

Yet, this place is still unique.

While you would be in Columbus, if what you want is a place where your entire family can have access to something fun, a visit here is necessary.

This amusement center in Columbus has great indoor activities for all ages.

For instance, indoor games, arcade games and so many other fun things are available here!

It is obvious that this tourist attraction has something fun for visitors of all categories!

If you would visit here during your stay in Columbus, take note that, their operating hours are between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on Sundays.

Meanwhile, they will start allowing visitors to come in between 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

Whichever time is convenient for you, ensure you spend some minutes checking out what this wonderful place has to offer.

While you are coming, do not forget to come with your whole family so that everybody will have fun!

Address: 1683 Whittlesey Rd, Columbus, GA 31904, United States. 

16. Columbus Groome Transportation

Columbus Groome Transportation

Image Credits: Columbus Groome Transportation

Do you want a reliable transportation agency that can be of service to you when next you are in Columbus?

Though, it is sometimes not easy to figure out the best transportation agency that will meet up to visitors’ expectations.

Nevertheless, Groome Transportation is the best when it comes to transportation services.

This wonderful agency has been providing airport shuttle services to visitors since 1996.

Their services are very safe, convenient and absolutely reliable.

Beyond that, drivers are experts and so professionals.

If you are not living in Columbus, you need to engage this transportation agency to make things easier for you.

In fact, you will even be the one that will recommend your friends to them because of how happy you would be after engaging in their services!

Address: 2800 Harley Ct, Columbus, GA 31909, United States. 

17. NV Nightclub, Columbus

NV Nightclub, Columbus

Image Credits: NV Nightclub, Columbus

Due to the differences of each visitor, we ensure we balance our recommendations.

Balancing is mainly to ensure that every visitor has something fun they can choose from.

For the great admirers of night parties and clubs, you are not left out!

NV Nightclub is a dream come through for you if you love going to a nightclub.

There is a nice bar, the dance floor is also good, but sometimes sticky and hard to dance on.

Whichever way, you can easily come with a simple shoe so that you can properly dance.

In case you would love to check out this club while in Columbus, their opening hour is 9 pm every day, which is quite okay for shows!

Another thing to mention about this place is that there is absolute security of lives and properties.

Park space is equally available and the food available here is totally delicious.

Above all, the cost of their services is not pricey considering the enjoyment that you would have.

Make it a decision to visit this attraction when next you are in this city of Georgia!

Address: 6499 Veterans Pkwy Suite 1, Columbus, GA 31909, United States. 

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18. Columbus Maples Sports Bar

Columbus Maples Sports Bar

Image Credits: Columbus Maples Sports Bar

Maples Sports Bar provides tasty bars that you can’t resist if you are in Columbus.

Essentially, this location is the best place you can visit if you want a cool place to enjoy beers.

It is a beautiful place that has been in existence for over 6 years ago.

Despite its recent establishment, it is an addictive location in Columbus that you will surely love.

There is also a pool, and the water is always clean and so safe to swim.

Besides, the restaurants that sell food here are doing excellently well!

You enjoy the moment with great beers, you also have good food to fall on! What a great thing!

African foods, American meals, and Canadian foods are not left out here, absolutely it is always great!

Anytime you are planning a trip to this fun city, either during the winter or summer, you have no reason to avoid it here!

After all, the admission fee is flexible, and the security of life is sure! So, why wouldn’t you decide to visit here?

Definitely, it is certain that you will get absolute satisfaction if you come here.

If you will come, don’t leave your pet behind because pets are absolutely allowed here!

Address: 8328 Veterans Pkwy, Columbus, GA 31909, United States. 

19. Columbus Brushes & Beverages

Columbus Brushes & Beverages

Image Credits: Columbus Brushes & Beverages

If exploring a firm that engages in painting comes to your mind during your trip to Columbus, visit Brushes & Beverages!

Brushes & Beverages is an absolutely fun place in Columbus that engages in various paintings.

Though, statistics show that several tourists are not always willing to visit a painting house.

But, if you have not visited a painting house, you are sure really missing out!

This wonderful location receives about 0.01% of visitors coming to Columbus.

Meanwhile, 99% of these visitors are always planning to visit this wonderful place again!

The reason is simply because of the uncommon and incredible experiences they get here!

Without a doubt, it would not be a bad idea if you visit here too!

You will even get to watch and see how paints are mixed, how chemicals are added, and how it turns out to be something attractive!

Overall, it is an ideal place that every visitor will love to visit.

So, get set for a visit here and make sure you check out this place!

Address: 1102 Broadway, Columbus, GA 31901, United States. 

Final Remarks

Maybe you are planning an independent vacation or a collective trip.

Maybe you are just planning to check out something unique in other states.

Whatever your schedule and expectations are, you will find the amazing things to explore here.

It is so obvious that this city is so blessed with so many beautiful attractions.

However, ensure you narrow down your travel plans with the help of our recommendations.

Happy Travels.