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23 Best & Fun Things To Do In Brunswick (Georgia)

Brunswick is the main urban and economic center of the lower southeast part of the state (Georgia). It is also the largest urban area on the Georgia coast, second only to Savannah, and contains the Brunswick Old Town Historic District.

The city is situated on an Atlantic Ocean harbor, about 60 km north of Florida and 130 km south of South Carolina.

Also bordering the city on the west is the East River, the Turtle River and to the south is the Brunswick River.

Besides the Victorian-style Old Town Historic District and the huge, centuries-old Lover’s Oak Tree the town is popularly known for, it has many other attractions.

There are tranquil rivers, captivating lakes, wide lush marshes, spectacular art galleries, bustling theatres, centuries-old trees, and so on.

Coupled with that are the lively festivals, delectable seafood, the world-famous Brunswick stew, a gorgeous bridge, multicolored shrimp boats, several attractive parks, artistically pleasing buildings, and much more available here.

Swimming, kayaking, fishing, shrimping, and canoeing are just a few of the exciting activities that await you here.

A visit to this place will forever be a treasured memory for you and your loved ones.

Here’s our list of the best and most fun things to do in Brunswick to help you have a great time here.

Things To Do In Brunswick

1. Sidney Lanier Bridge

Things to do Brunswick

Photo Courtesy of Sidney Lanier Bridge

The Sidney Lanier Bridge is one of the unique attractions in Brunswick. It is a cable-stayed bridge that crosses the Brunswick River in Brunswick.

The current bridge was built in 2003 as a replacement for the previous bridge and is the longest bridge in Georgia, about 150m tall.

It was named after a 19th-century regional poet Sidney Lanier, who composed a poem about Glynn County’s lovely wetlands.

Every year in February, a 5K health run, also known as the “Bridge Run” is held on this bridge, attracting thousands of people.

The run is sponsored by the Southeast Georgia Health System. During the event, the south side of the bridge is closed to traffic and people register to run (or walk) the bridge.

The bridge also provides stunning views of the river and the cities below.

Address: Brunswick, GA, USA

2. Art Downtown, Brunswick

Things to do in Brunswick

Photo Courtesy of Art Downtown SoGlo Gallery & Brunswick Actors’ Theatre

Art Downtown is a celebration of creativity. As a production business, it presents local and regional artists, authors, and performers in a variety of venues throughout the city.

The company’s prime location, which is 2,600 square feet, houses a theater-the Brunswick Actors’ Theatre, and an art gallery- the SoGlo gallery.

It is located on Newcastle Street and features a variety of permanent and recurring exhibits featuring works by local and regional artists.

They have an ever-changing series of exhibits, therefore, making the SoGlo gallery a charmer.

Coupled with that, it’s right next door to the Art Studio, making it even more attractive.

It is a terrific gallery showcasing local art and talent!

Generally, Art openings are usually held here on a monthly basis and the theater openings are held every few months.

The plays are also a wonderful venue to get to know the local artists and just to have a good time!

They are a real treat offered by Brunswick Actor’s Theater with talented actors and colorful insights into life.

Mary Miller’s plays are a recurring delight. In addition, the comedies are well-chosen, and the dramas are first-rate.

You’re sure to be thoroughly entertained here.

The institution also hosts seasonal live events and annual outdoor festivals, in addition to classes, presentations, and workshops for both artists and visitors.

Equally important, Art Downtown also offers guided tours of historic Old Town Brunswick, providing in-depth historical information about Brunswick and the Georgia Golden Isles.

Address: 1413 Newcastle Street, Brunswick GA 31520

3. Mary Ross Waterfront Park

Things to do in Brunswick

Golden Isles / Flickr

Mary Ross Waterfront Park (U.S. Highway 341) lies at the end of Gloucester Street.

This park, which is situated across a stream, has breathtaking views of ships, fishing boats, scarlet sunsets, and wetlands.

It includes the Liberty Ship Memorial Plaza, which houses a scale model of a Liberty Ship comparable to those produced in Brunswick’s shipyards during WWII.

An outdoor musical playscape, verdant gardens, a gorgeous pavilion, amphitheater, and farmers’ market are among the other attractions.

This waterfront area is also a great place to watch the sunset over the marshes.

Along the waterfront docks, you may view huge oceangoing ships from all over the world, as well as charming shrimp boats.

Notably, the park hosts a variety of events, including the Fourth of July celebrations.

In addition, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., the Brunswick farmers’ market is held at this park.

Here you can relax and view the beautiful sunset. You could also take a leisurely stroll beside the peaceful river.

Alternatively, you can have a great picnic in front of the beautiful scenery.

Address: 10 F St, Brunswick, GA 31520, United States

4. Mad Shark Charters

Things to do in Brunswick

Photo Courtesy of Mad Shark Charters

Mad Shark Charters is a company that specializes in chartering sharks.

They offer Day tours of the adjacent islands, led by a guide with over 30 years of experience.

Some of the activities available with them include inshore fishing, shark fishing, and sightseeing cruises.

If you think you have what it takes to face off against some of the world’s largest sharks on this expedition, then you should give this a shot.

There is something for every age category here!

The experience is usually very thrilling and exciting, and large sharks such as bull, hammerhead, blacktip, nurse sharks, sharp nose, and lemon sharks can be caught.

This is undoubtedly the best shark trip, hands down!

For an amazing time in Brunswick, we highly suggest Mad Shark Charter.

You won’t be disappointed, and one more thing, you will surely leave tired from all the fighting with the sharks to get them in the boat.

Address: 1510 Blue N Hall Rd, Darien, GA 31305, United States

5. Ritz Theatre, Brunswick

The Ritz Theatre

Photo Courtesy of The Ritz Theatre

The Ritz Theatre is a historic theatre that can be found in the heart of Brunswick.

It was originally designed solely for the purpose of performing opera.

However, today, musical concerts, plays, dance performances, parties, film screenings, art displays, and other events are currently held there.

The theater is located near the main street drag and has a beautiful facade.

Also, the staff and sound of this theater are outstanding.

This is part of the contributing factor in making this place such a great gem in an otherwise small town.

Even though the theater is old, and considered historic, there are some upgrades and modernizations which make it a good place to go experience Performing Arts in Brunswick.

You’ll really enjoy the play here.

Also, there are a number of restaurants within walking distance, so dinner and a show are a great combination.

The city owns the theater, and the Golden Isles Arts, while the Humanities Association manages it.

It’s the ideal setting for a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Address: 1530 Newcastle St, Brunswick, GA 31520, United States

6. Brunswick Rockin’ Stewbilee

Things to do in Brunswick

Photo Courtesy of Denisles Magazine

During the Brunswick Rockin’ Stewbilee, you may watch a stew-making competition.

The Mary Ross Waterfront Park hosts Brunswick Rockin’ Stewbilee as an annual event in January.

It’s primarily a stew-cooking contest.

Every year, cooking teams from all over compete for the Peoples’ choice and Judges’ awards to see who has the best stew.

A motorcycle ride, live music, a canine parade, a classic and antique vehicle exhibition, and, of course, sample of the Best Brunswick Stew in the country are all part of the day-long celebration.

The competition features several teams, and the event draws a large number of attendees, both tourists, and locals alike.

As a matter of fact, Brunswick Stew is a must-try and an important feature of the local cuisine.

The cost of admission is $5 for children and $10 for adults.

Address: Mary Ross Park, Brunswick, GA. 

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7. Brunswick Last Ride Ghost Tours

Things to do in Brunswick

Last Ride Ghost Tours

On a guided walk of Old Town Brunswick, discover the fascinating history, mysteries, tales, and myths of the peaceful seaside town of Brunswick, Georgia.

Last Ride Ghost Tours is the place to go if you’re seeking a ghostly history tour of Brunswick’s Old Town.

Moreover, the tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable

Also, a customized hearse provides convenient access to all the attractions on this journey for six to nine people.

You’ll have a blast on the ghost tour!.
The architecture of the buildings is also incredible, and you’ll get to learn about the history of the area as well!
If you’re in Brunswick or visiting for a period of time, then you should go on this tour! You won’t regret it!

Address: 1435 Newcastle St. Brunswick, GA 31520.

8. Brunswick Landing Marina

Things to do in Brunswick

Photo courtesy of Goldenisles

Brunswick Landing Marina is a beautiful marina filled with adventurers from all walks of life.

Here, you can view the sailing ships.

You should also visit the marina to take in the breathtaking views of the innumerable boats moored here, as well as the adjacent marshes and the beautiful river.

They offer free laundry, as well as drinks for happy hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The clubhouses are also filled with books, games, and yoga.

Most of the necessary things, such as little grocers, libraries, post offices, bars, and restaurants, are within walking distance.

Equally important is the marina community, which is the best. If you need any help, someone is bound to lend a hand or direct you to who can help.

Brunswick Landing Marina is situated near the seashore on a stream that connects to the Brunswick River.

You can spend your evening admiring the lovely vessels and ships leaving the marina for sea adventures.

Don’t miss out on these restaurants’ fresh and excellent seafood.

Address: 1 Torras Landing, Brunswick, GA 31520, United States

9. The Lover’s Oak

things to do in Brunswick

Wikimedia Commons | Jud McCranie

In Brunswick, Georgia, The Lover’s Oak is a historic and big Southern live oak tree.

The tree, which can be found in the Brunswick Old Town Historic District, is said to be over 900 years old.

The tree’s trunk measures 13 feet in diameter and has ten major limbs.

According to legend, this tree was once a meeting place for lovers hundreds of years ago.

It is in a residential neighborhood, so when visiting, be polite and courteous.
Moreover, the tree is covered in Spanish moss, so maybe if you’d like a souvenir, take a strand from the ground (beware of critters) and bring that home.
The plaque beneath the colossal tree claims that the tree was present when the United States Constitution was signed in 1787.
We most definitely highly recommend a visit to this tree that breathed when George Washington did. Cheers.

Address: 828 Albany St, Brunswick, GA 31520, United States

10. Brunswick Coastal Tide Excursions

Things to do in Brunswick

Photo Courtesy of Coastal Tide Excursion

Sea exploration with Coastal Tide Excursions‘ on the famous Lady Jane shrimp boat will take you on a wonderful sea adventure.

While catching shrimp, oftentimes, there’s a marine biologist on board who will teach you intriguing things about sea creatures.

In addition to shrimp, you can also catch squids, crabs, stingrays, fish, small sharks, turtles, and other sea animals in the net.

From the boat, the sights are likewise breathtaking.

The tour lasts around 2 hours, and it is a fun and exciting experience.

This excursion is worth every penny! and you can rest assured that you and your family will enjoy it so much!.

Part of the fun here includes catching a sea turtle, blacktip shark, bonnet shark, burrfish, flounder, catfish, gar, and many more. In addition, it is always informative and fun.

The cost of a ticket is $39.99 for children under the age of five and $47.99 for everyone else.

Address: 1200 Glynn Ave, Brunswick, GA 31520, United States

11. Brunswick’s Signature Squares

Things to do in Brunswick

Photo Courtesy of Downtown Brunswick

Downtown Brunswick is filled with preserved historic squares known as Signature Squares.

This collection of squares and parks was established during the colonial period.

There are 14 of these squares, and each one has a unique name.

They were refurbished and maintained so that locals and tourists could enjoy them.

Throughout the year, these squares host a variety of activities.

These parks are worth a visit to see the beautifully planted gardens and charming fountains.

Address: Brunswick, GA 31521, United States

12. The Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

The Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

Photo courtesy of Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

The Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation was a Georgia plantation located on the Altamaha River.

It grew rice from 1800 until 1915 when it became unprofitable to do so. Until 1942, it was mostly a dairy farm.

This area, which is located along the Altamaha River, was purchased by William Brailsford in the early 1800s to create a rice plantation.

His family stayed there for five generations until 1973.

The house on the site was erected by Brailsford’s granddaughter and her husband in the 1850s.

Notably, the house has been meticulously preserved to reflect how it would appear if the family was still living there.

It provides a unique part of Southern history with beautiful scenery

The original furniture, silverware, and artifacts are also all on display.

You can take a tour of the house and walk around the historic rice farm.

A visit here will be worth your while

Address: 5556 US-17, Brunswick, GA 31525, United States

13. Blessing of the Fleet

Things to do in Brunswick

Photo Courtesy of The Brunswick News

Blessing of the Fleet is a centuries-old custom in fishing villages along the Mediterranean.

The practice began as a Catholic tradition, but it is now followed by a vast number of Christians.

Brunswick Blessing of the Fleet, also known as Mayfair, is held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day in the United States.

The Mary Ross Waterfront Park hosts the annual event, which dates back to 1938.

After Mass is celebrated, the statue of Our Lady of Fatima is “crowned,” followed by a procession of parishioners across Hanover Square, which is close to the church.

The procession is led by eight Knights of Columbus and an honor guard carrying the statue.

The base of the statue is usually embellished with ferns, fresh crimson (for living moms), and white flowers(for deceased mothers).

There is also an anchor made of red and white flowers at the base of the statue.

The party then goes to the waterfront, where freshly painted and adorned shrimp trawlers surround the area.

In most cases, there are an equal number of recreational watercraft to complement the “working” boats.

The major attraction is a boat parade with a variety of brightly colored and beautiful shrimp boats.

Fresh and tasty seafood, boat rides, water leisure, fun activities, musical concerts, art events, vintage car exhibitions, fireworks, a fitness run, and much more are all part of the festivities.

It is one of Brunswick’s most important events.

Participate in the events and immerse yourself in the vivid local culture.

Address: Mary Ross Park, Brunswick, GA. 

14. Blythe Island Regional Park

Blythe Island Regional Park

Photo Courtesy of Blythe Island Regional Park

Blythe Island Regional Park is a great place to visit.

This park is a well-known campground in Brunswick.

It has lush vegetation, an attractive lake, river access, and picnic places.

Also available is a nice park to go to for a walk or bike ride.
There is also a peer for people to go fishing.
In addition to that, the restrooms are located close to the parking area.
An additional bonus here is that there is no fee charged to enter the park.
Coupled with all these, you also get to enjoy the beautiful coastal Georgia subtropical forest

Then there’s also Lake Cindee, which offers excellent fishing and swimming options.

Camp here and take in the breathtaking natural scenery.

Address: 6616 Blythe Island Hwy, Brunswick, GA 31523, United States

15. Emerald Princess II Casino

Emerald Princess II Casino

Emerald Princess II Casino

At Emerald Princess II Casino, you can try your luck at gaming and winning

Located atop a cruise ship, you can hop aboard the Emerald Princess Casino where 200 sleek feet and four fun-filled decks await!

Their game decks include everything!

250 slot machines, 2 Emerald Princess Stud Poker tables,12 Blackjack tables, 1 Triple Time poker table, 1 Big 20 Bonus poker table, 2 Roulette wheels, and a Craps table are all available!

So, whichever game you’re playing, the Emerald Princess is guaranteed to keep everyone entertained.

The ship’s open-air Observation Deck offers ocean vistas and sea breezes, while the Bistro Deck serves as a dining venue.

Two gaming floors, award-winning restaurants, and a breathtaking observation deck atop a 200-foot cruise ship make the experience at the Emerald Princess Casino wonderful.

There are also a variety of gambling opportunities onboard the adults-only floating casino, as well as a variety of card games and sports betting.

With a view of the ocean and nice sea breezes, dining on the café deck is a terrific way to admire the ship’s open-air viewing platform and take in the breathtaking surroundings.

Address: 101 Emerald Princess Drive, Brunswick, GA 31523, United States

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16. Indigo Coastal Shanty

Indigo Coastal Shanty

Photo Courtesy of Julie Journeys

The Indigo Coastal Shanty, located in Brunswick’s Historic Downtown, is a bright and cheerful cafe that serves a range of local and international foods, including Bahamian and Southern cuisines.

Outside, the hut is painted in faded pastels and flanked by palm trees and plenty of shade trees, while inside, bright red carpets and wide windows let in plenty of natural light.

Without a doubt, this place beats anywhere else along the highway. You will be glad you visited.

For instance, the food is beyond delicious, and the place is funky as well. Every dish they have here is fresh and homemade. 

The servers are spectacular. And one dish we recommend that you particularly try is the peach pound cake.

It’s a fan fave, so make sure to get it when you are here.

The menu features classic meals like salads and dips, burgers, sandwiches, and specialty plates, as well as a broad choice of side dishes and desserts, and is offered for lunch and dinner.

Address: 1402 Reynolds St, Brunswick, GA 31520, United States

17. Shuck’s Seafood Market

Shuck's Seafood Market

Shuck’s Seafood Market

This is a family-friendly seafood restaurant that serves up catch-of-the-day fish and a big crab.

Mr. Shuck’s Seafood Market is the place to go if you’re searching for a fresh market, a place to eat, or just a fast takeout!

It is a family-owned and operated seafood restaurant and they serve a variety of fish and seafood feasts with eggs, corn, and potatoes, as well as fried baskets, sides, and drinks.

furthermore, they have excellent customer service- one of the best in town, and as well, delicious food at a great price.

In addition, the atmosphere here is very nice, and this restaurant is the best decorated and cleaned restaurant in town

It’s certain that you’ll consider this restaurant to be one of the best seafood places you’ve ever been to.

You can order a fried flounder with battered fries, corn, hush puppies, and a lot more.

You’ll really enjoy the entire meal!

Often times guests have nothing but amazing comments about the food and service.

After visiting here once, you will definitely be coming back!

Shuck’s Seafood Market also offers catering for special events and is open Monday through Saturday.

Address: 107 Altama Connector, Brunswick, GA 31525, United States

18. St. Simons Lighthouse Museum

St. Simons Lighthouse Museum

Photo Courtesy of St. Simons Lighthouse Museum

St. Simons Lighthouse Museum is a museum dedicated to the lighthouses of St. Simon

This picturesque and charming lighthouse was built in the early 1800s on St. Simons Island.

The current one was built in 1872 after the Confederate forces demolished the original lighthouse to hinder the movement of Union soldiers on the sea.

The lighthouse is still operating and serves as a navigational aid for boats and ships passing through the St. Simons Sound.

In the building, there is a small gift shop and a small theatre that plays a 10-minute historical video about the lighthouse.

Afterward, you exit the shop to enter the lighthouse museum.

There are two floors in this museum. The first floor contains displays and information boards on the history of this lighthouse, the daily life of a keeper, and a walk-through of the history of the area.

While the second floor consists of period rooms that reflect the keeper’s home.

Subsequently, you can climb the 129 steps of the lighthouse tower. It’s fairly easy to climb, with platforms to stop every 1/4 of the way and signs to let you know how many more steps to go.

Indeed, it is well worth the climb.

Observing the view on top of the summit is truly awe-inspiring. When you reach the top, you can stroll 360 degrees around the towers outside.

Views of Brunswick, St. Simons Island, and Jekyll Island can be seen from the top of the tower.

Address: 610 Beachview Dr, St Simons Island, GA 31522, United States

19. Georgia Sea Turtle Centre

Georgia Sea Turtle Centre

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Turtles can be seen at the Georgia Sea Turtle Centre.

Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a nature center and rescue and rehabilitation facility for sea turtles on Jekyll Island, Georgia, United States

The Turtle Centre’s mission is to rehabilitate and study marine turtles.

Here you can get up close and personal with the turtles as they are treated and cared for in the rehabilitation center.

As you walk in, there’s a huge store with a large selection of Georgia Sea Turtle Center merchandise.

After the store is a nice exhibit with lots of information about sea turtles and rehabilitation.

You can also visit the area where the sick and injured turtles are being cared for.

And if you’re lucky enough, you can participate in “Meet the Patients”, which usually is a 20-minute talk about the different patients (turtles) in the tanks.

Truly, it’s a very nice facility and they do amazing work here.

You can also explore the facility and the numerous exhibits to learn more about these magnificent creatures.

The organization is committed to caring for these sick turtles, and its study is consequently benefiting many turtles all around the world.

It’s located on Jekyll Island, which is about a half-hour drive from Brunswick.

Depending on your age, the admission charge ranges from $7.49 to $9.63 accordingly.

Address: 214 Stable Rd, Jekyll Island, GA 31527, United States

20. Horton House, Brunswick

Horton House

Photo Courtesy of Horton House

Horton House is a great place to go back in time and reminisce about the past. It is the oldest domestic structure in the state of Georgia.

Major William Horton lived in this historic building on Jekyll Island from 1743 to 1743.

His duties included overseeing the soldiers stationed at Fort Frederica on St. Simons Island. After settling into his freshly constructed home, he began farming on the island.

He similarly created the first beer in Georgia at the brewery he built near his home, using rye and hops from his farm.

Major William Horton also supplied the colonists with beer.

The Horton is still in use today. The place is free but the entry to Jekyll island is 8 dollars per car per day.

Indeed, the history behind the place is amazing, and the surroundings are beautiful.

Today, the Horton House is used for organizing various events and is popular for photography.

Even though it is one of the oldest buildings in the area, it is very peaceful, beautiful, and very romantic.

Visit and explore this historic site.

Address: Riverview Dr, Jekyll Island, GA 31527, United States

21. Driftwood Beach

Jekyll island

Driftwood Beach, on Jekyll Island, is one of the most romantic beaches in the United States.

The gorgeous driftwoods that make this beach unique have given it its name.

Driftwood Beach will amaze and impress you with the beautiful driftwood and trees in this place. The beach resembles a scene from a magical world.

It provides numerous opportunities for amazing photography. It’s literally a photographer’s paradise.

You can enjoy a romantic evening stroll along a beautiful beach while watching the setting sun paint the sky in crimson, pink, yellow, and purple hues.

Similarly, this beach’s sunrise is uniquely beautiful.

It is a well-known wedding venue due to its breathtaking natural beauty and quiet atmosphere.

 Address: Jekyll Island, GA 31527, United States.

22. Fort Frederica National Monument

Fort Frederica National Monument

Photo Courtesy of Fort Frederica National Monument

Fort Frederica National Monument, on St. Simons Island, Georgia, preserves the archaeological remnants of a fort and town built by James Oglethorpe between 1736 and 1748.

British colonists erected Fort Frederica in the early 18th century to safeguard the coast against enemy naval attacks.

The threat of enemy attack on the shore largely faded after the Battle of Bloody Marsh in 1742 between Britain and Spain.

Britain triumphed in this fight, which took place on this island.

The fort was abandoned in 1749 by the army personnel that had been guarding it.

On the site of the Fort Frederica National Monument, you can visit and examine the fort’s ancient ruins.

The park also has breathtaking views of the lovely river, tall trees, and lush marshes.

This facility is a great National Monument with a large area to walk around and it is open to the public for free!.

In addition, there are many informational signs along the “streets” of the old town, about the different buildings that used to stand there.

A visit here offers you the opportunity to learn about the history of this place and you’ll enjoy your visit here very much.

The building now houses a museum filled with items from the region’s past and historical items.

Brunswick is only 12 minutes away from St. Simons Island, so you can easily make your way here as well.

Address: 6515 Frederica Rd, St Simons Island, GA 31522, United States

23. Summer Waves Water Park

Summer Waves Water Park

Jekyll Island

Summer Waves is an exciting water park in Georgia.

It is located on Jekyll Island, near the city of Brunswick, Georgia. The facility is usually open between May and October each year.

In Summer Waves Water Park, you can swim in a wave pool, have fun on various big water slides, explore the lazy river, and enjoy the splash pad.

In addition, a water playground, many pools, volleyball courts, bucket dumps, a sandwich shop, cabanas, and more can be found at this renowned water park.

This place also offers beautiful views of the Jekyll River. It’s an amazing place to bring the kids, and the price is unbeatable.

Spend a relaxing and enjoyable day at this park to relax and break free from the stress of your everyday routine.

We advise that you purchase your tickets online so that you can receive a discount.


Final Remarks

Brunswick is an amazing place to visit for your holidays and vacation

So for your next tour destination, make your plans, book your flight, and come right down to Brunswick, Georgia

Happy Travels