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15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Warwick (New York)

With a lot of tourists and travelers trooping into Warwick, one wonders what its deal is!

Warwick is not only a popular tourist attraction site in New York, it is one of the best vacation spots there is.

Also, being a vast home to so many farms, orchards, historic sites, scenic places, and amazing lakes, it is a gem!

This town in the southern part of Orange County, New York, United States is one of the best spots to find amazing things to do!

Village of Florida, Warwick, and Greenwood make up this town with only a few populations.

Meanwhile, Amity, Bellvale, Edenville, Greenwood Forest Farms, Little York, New Milford, Pine Island, and Sterling Forest make up Warwick town too!

This place is not only notable for its endowments and mountains, but there are also really fun experiences and places to go around!

Entertainment, dishes, music, history, lakes and mountains, there is something for everyone to do!

If you are thinking about exploring Warwick to spend some quality time, use our list of some of the best and most fun things to do in Warwick and have excellence!

Things To Do In Warwick, New York

1. Demarest Hill Winery

Things To Do In Warwick

Photo Courtesy of Hudson Wine Magazine

Are you a wine lover? Touring through Warwick and you are looking for the right spot to get wine? Want to go wine tasting and check out tasty wines around Warwick?

There’s a spot for your cravings. Check out the Demarest Hill Winery Warwick!

This popular tourist and local attraction site in Warwick is a winery and wine tasting spot.

Demarest Hill Winery is the largest and biggest winery in the whole of Warwick, New York.

Located on a scenic hilltop, this place is home to Francesco Ciummo and his wife, Orietta.

With over 80 varieties of wine in stock, this place boasts of only the best and most quality wines in Warwick.

Also, there you will find two ports and ciders.

You will also see four kinds of vinegar, Balsamico, Bombita Red, Apple, and Apple Balsamico. 

Additionally, the estate here showcases a beautiful view of the valley.

For tourists and travelers, things to do here include wine tasting.

Since this place boasts of quality wines, you can go wine tasting here and enjoy the wine.

Moreover, the valley here is really beautiful and you will have a good time picnicking here while looking at the scenic beauty of the valley.

In the summer, you can come here to relax, take in the breeze, or just have a weekend timeout.

Even the paths in this winery are really cool and smooth; you could spend a hot afternoon strolling here.

Enjoy a hot and leisure day here in Warwick, bring your headsets and a book.

Take time to appreciate the beauty of its scenery and watch the beauty unfold before your eyes.

Address: 81 Pine Island Turnpike, Warwick, NY 10990, United States

2. Wawayanda State Park

Things to do in Warwick

Photo Courtesy of Wawayanda State Park

Want to spend time outdoors? Do you want somewhere in Warwick where you can enjoy outdoor recreation and cool off?

Check out the Wawayanda State Park!

This outdoor spot in Warwick is a state park with a lake and convenient trails.

Wawayanda State Park is a 34,350 acres state park in Warwick, northern New Jersey. 

The park is in Vernon Township on the Sussex side and West Milford on the Passaic side. 

In this park, you will find 60 miles of hiking trails in the park.

Also, there is a 20 miles stretch of the Appalachian Trail here too.

Hiking is one of the things travelers can do in this park.

Trails here are really smooth and convenient to go hiking.

On a hot day or cool afternoon, you can come to ride a bike in this recreation area, admire the scenery and listen to sounds.

Moreover, on very hot days, soaking or dipping in its lake is a good idea and a top pick.

Since the lake here is clean, you can rent a boat or a kayak and go kayaking through its waters.

Explore the water to your fill and spend some time with nature.

Additionally, you can take good photography here.

However, be cautious of the wildlife here.

On rare occasions, you may see bears, but it is absolutely safe, but be careful.

Considering the extent of its beauty, it is relatively easy to capture some jaw-dropping pictures here without stress.

It is undoubtedly one of Warwick’s scenic treasures.

Address: 885 Warwick Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ 07421, United States

3. The Warwick Historical Society

Things To Do In Warwick

Photo Courtesy of Warwick Historical Society

Are you a history lover? Looking for some fun place in Warwick where you can explore and dive into the past? 

Do you want a deep insight into history at a standard museum?

Check out The Warwick Historical Society!

The Warwick Historical Society is more than a museum, it is the memories and make-up of Warwick!

This museum in Warwick is a museum with stories and revelations of happenings and unique people whose contributions have vastly built and shaped the town.

For tourists inquisitive about Warwick’s growth and history, this story keeper is a top choice to consider.

Not only does it reveal stories and facts that allow you to reminisce the time past, but it also intrigues you.

History lovers and students can come here to hold a group workshop or even hold research here.

You get an amazing opportunity to dive into history and enjoy the stories of this historic town.

Moreover, they hold educative programs, workshops, and seminars you can participate in.

If you have time, you could check out some of their events, like the Notes on the History of Jazz live workshop.

You’ll get to witness a live presentation about jazz music.

“Notes on the History of Jazz” is a live workshop presented in celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month. 

Also, you can come to witness Night at Baird’s Tavern.

Night at Baird’s Tavern is a fun and relaxing evening when you get to meet friends both old and new while enjoying some food and drink in the historic building.

Nevertheless, this place is a big-time treasure in Warwick, you should plan to visit!

Address: A.W. Buckbee Center, Box 353, 2 Colonial Ave, Warwick, NY 10990, United States.

4. Stanley Deming Park

Things To Do In Warwick

Photo Courtesy of Stanley Deming Park

Wondering about where to find a perfect garden and park? 

Do you want a park with a garden where you can take exquisite photo shoots? Or do you want somewhere you can hang out with a group while in Warwick?

Check out, Stanley Deming Park!

This tourist attraction site in Warwick is an area with a park and garden.

In this park, there are various sessions and different fun spots.

There are small sections with closure where toddlers can have a fun experience.

So if you are wondering what to do with that toddler while having a nice experience yourself, this will be a huge pick.

Pieces of other play pieces of equipment for older children are also plenteous and they will find the perfect one to accommodate them.

For athletes and sports lovers or even those who have an interest in basketball, there are basketball courts here.

Basketball courts here are in good shape and are easy to use, so if you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll have no difficulty.

Additionally, there are handball courts here too, so if you would like to play handball or watch a game of handball, you should come.

Moreover, if you aren’t looking for any sort of exercise, you can check out the garden here.

The gardens here are really beautiful with astounding adornments; you could decide to take photoshoots here.

Weddings, birthday party shoots, and engagement shots would be nice to host here.

Besides this, there are plenteous picnic tables in this park, so you could go here to have lunch or even picnicking.

Address: South Street, Park Way, Warwick, NY 10990, United States.

5. Greenwood Lake

Things To Do In Warwick

Photo Courtesy of Greenwood Lake

Want to go fishing or enjoy a cool afternoon by the lakeside? 

Looking for a lake where you can go fishing or teach someone to fish?

Check out the Greenwood Lake!

Greenwood Lake is a wide and popular lake about seven miles long within the borders of New York and New Jersey. 

This lake is located in the busy town of Warwick and the Village of Greenwood Lake.

It is this river that feeds the Wanaque River.

For tourists and travelers, things to do here include fishing. 

Fishing is something you will have a lot of fun doing while at this park. Get a rod, hook and bait and try netting in some fishes.

If you are lucky enough while fishing here, you might just get a basketful; you may catch bluegills, salmon, and others.

You may also see crabs or even capture some of them.

Surfing is something fun to do while here; the waves don’t come crashing roughy so you will enjoy it.

Apart from surfing here, you could also try jet skiing while at it. Try teaching a child or too our partner to paddle here but be sure to give extra guidance.

Additionally, you could rent a kayak and go kayaking on it.

Whichever way you want to explore options here, you will find something suitable for everyone to do.

Go and see the waterfront park during the fall, you will love what you will see here.

Overall, as long as it’s the weekend and you’re thinking of a fun way to kill some time and relax a little, this place in Warwick is something you should look out for.

Just plan to go and let off some steam. You’ll definitely want to go back.

Address: Warwick, New York, United States.

6. Warwick County Park

Things To Do In Warwick

Photo Courtesy of Warwick County Park

Get ready to explore Warwick County Park!

This park in Warwick is one of the most popular tourist attraction sites.

For tourists, this outdoor recreational area is a bag of fun activities.

If you are a golf lover, admirer, student or you just want to watch golf, this park is the best place to be.

In this park, there are golf courses, golf courses with different difficulty levels to suit everyone.

Courses here are relatively easy to use and if you’re just learning the basics or even a professional, you will find one to suit you.

Come here and learn how to play golf or even talk over some business while golfing.

Sports lovers will also find the ball field in this park interesting to use.

Since the field here is vast, a group can come here for ball practice.

Moreover, there are covered pavilions here too for cookouts.

Also, grassy paths for strolls, jogging, and even workouts.

In addition, this park is dog friendly, so you can bring your dogs here for a walk.

Put them on a comfy leash and walk them in this park.

Just go here and relax. You need not bother about security as the local police patrols here often.

Have this place in mind when thinking of luxury and fun in Warwick.

Try the food too, you will love it!

Address: 156 NY-17A, Warwick, New York 10990, United States

7. Warwick Glenmere Lake

Things To Do In Warwick

Photo Courtesy of Angelo Marcialis

Have you heard about endangered species? Do you want somewhere where you can check out the Northern Cricket Frog?

Go see Glenmere Lake!

The Glenmere Lake is a historic Millpond situated in Orange County, New York, United States.

This lake is a wide lake in Warwick with a vast amount of aquatic and marine life.

Notable among a lot of fun facts in this park is the fact that is home to the endangered Northern Cricket Frog.

If you are an amphibian lover or you love to see frogs hopping around, this is somewhere for you.

Here in this park, you will see so many species of frogs and you can watch them hop on and on from the leaves in the lake.

Moreover, this place is a reservoir that holds a lot of water, so you can come here for sightseeing.

Other interesting things for tourists to do here include fishing.

Fishing in this park is another fun thing you can do here, as the lake here is rich with fish.

Bring your partner here and spend some time just looking at the lake.

Furthermore, if you want to take some nature pictures or even observe nature thoroughly, this spot is perfect.

Things to do here are plenteous and befitting for everyone.

Gather your friends or come alone and spend some time with nature and the amphibians here. You will love it!

Address: Warwick, New York, United States.

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8. Masker Orchards, Warwick

Maskers orchard

Jeffery / Wikimedia Commons

Want to check out some of the amazing orchards in Warwick?

Do you love fruits and want to see how they are grown? Or do you want to take a group around to see an orchard but don’t know where?

Exploring Warwick’s Masker Orchards is a must!

Masker Orchards is a family-run commercial apple orchard set up in 1913.

However, in 1972, it was upgraded to a “Pick-It-Yourself” orchard. 

In this Orchard in Warwick, there are 14 different types of apples that you can choose from.

You can bring a bag home with you, but visitors pay for each bag of apples they bring home. 

Although, the season or period when you can pick apples only runs from the end of August to the middle of September.

Are you an apple lover and want to soak yourself in the delicious taste and delight of apples? You should give this a try.

Moreover, there are some other country stores around here where you can buy some apple processed and finished products.

You’ll be able to buy some apple pies, apple ciders, Marple syrups, jams, apple juice and so much more apple products.

Additionally, if you have a winery and you’re thinking about making apple wine, this place could be a great place to explore.

Try checking out their website and see how much more services they offer.

It will surely delight you!

Address: 45 Ball Rd, Warwick, New York 10990, United States.

9. Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden

Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden

Alfred / Wikimedia Commons

Do you love sculptures? 

Are you a sculptor or you are an art student and maybe you are working on a project and need ideas?

Or you just love art and looking for somewhere in Warwick where you can see pieces of mind-blowing art?

Check out Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden Warwick!

The Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden was made by Frederick Franck, a Dutch artist who lived most of his life in Warwick.

This place is a six acres of area with over 70 unique pieces of sculptures made from wood, metals, and glass.

Not only is this place a unique setting, but it also sets in the right amount of spiritual energy one needs to meditate or ponder on issues.

Here in this Garden, you will find a beautiful and thoroughly mown grassy lawn.

Things you can do there include taking wedding pictures; parties can also be hosted here if you want.

Also, by the side of this garden, you will find a labyrinth and a chapel where you can come to pray.

If you just want to spend a little quality time alone and away from all the rowdiness, you can come here to pray and meditate.

Furthermore, there’s no need to spend money since admission is free.

What’s holding you back? Visit here on weekends and if you are ever going through a tough time and need somewhere to relax.

Warwick undoubtedly has a lot of treasures, but this one will amaze you!

See the scriptures here and get lost in their spiritual feel and energy.

Address: 96 Covered Bridge Rd, Warwick, New York 10990, United States.

10. Warwick Ochs Orchard

Ochs Orchard

Photo Courtesy of Ochs Orchard

Another fun orchard to explore in Warwick and have a fruity experience!

The Ochs Orchard is a fruit farm and orchard in Warwick.

You will find in Warwick Valley with its protruding scenic form

This 100 acres of fruit farm has been owned and operated by a family for four generations.

Notable amongst this orchard is that people and visitors can go and pick their own fruits.

Moreover, for a tasty and absolutely unique experience, this orchard has varieties of fruits you can pick from.

Here, you will be able to pick fresh apples, strawberries, and even pumpkin, although each has its seasons.

For apples, you can come to pick tasty and ripe apples during the fall while they are blossoming in beauty.

Strawberries here are also tasty. You can come during June to pick your own strawberries, all ripe and edible.

Furthermore, in October you can come to pick pumpkins, fresh and juicy pumpkins.

Also, you can come to their farm market between 9 a.m and 5 p.m every day.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are things you will be able to purchase.

It also offers jars of butter, jellies, farm eggs, jam, and some other products.

Come here and pick the freshest veggies for your health or even go fruit picking.

It’s absolutely worth it!

Address: 4 Ochs Ln, Warwick, New York 10990, United States.

11. Bellvale Farms Creamery

Bellvales Farm Creamery

Photo Courtesy of Bellvale Farms Creamery

Are you an ice cream lover and you are looking in Warwick where you can enjoy different flavors?

Do you know that there is somewhere in Warwick where you can enjoy over 50 different flavors of ice cream?

Come and see the Bellvale Farms Creamery in Warwick.

A popular tourist attraction site and touring option.

The Bellvale Farms Creamery is a dairy farm in Warwick.

This dairy farm was set up in 1819 and is run by a family.

Since its establishment in 1819, this farm has been remarkable for producing quality dairy products for over seven generations.

Here, you will be able to see and eat over 50 flavors of special and nutritious ice cream.

They also make yogurts, sorbet, and even cakes.

If you are hosting a fun birthday party or a fun event and need to gather a lot of healthy and eco-friendly ice creams, pick this!

Also, if you want cakes with different flavors for an engagement party, wedding, birthday party, or even get-together, the cake here is excellent!

Additionally, for tourists in Warwick who want to tour this farm, you can make reservations on Sundays and see it.

Touring this place will let you into the life of dairy farmers and allow you to see the ice cream-making process.

Bring kids and take some time out to cool off here. You won’t regret coming!

Spend your weekends with this place as an option, lick ice creams and overall allow yourself to relax.

Address: 1390 NY-17A, Warwick, New York 10990, United States.

12. Albert Wisner Library,Warwick

Albert Wisner Library

Alyssa / Wikimedia Commons

Are you looking for somewhere you can read books and expand your knowledge in Warwick?

Check out the Albert Wisner library!

The Albert Wisner Library is a library in Warwick inside a 20000 square feet facility.

This library used to be a private collection of books, but it is now a welcoming community gathering spot.

To access this library in Warwick, you will need a library card, but if you are a resident of Warwick Valley, the card is free.

For tourists, this place in Warwick is a good reading spot and a good choice to spend time quietly.

If you are looking for certain good books to look through, then check this place because they may have just what you need.

Moreover, the library computers are functional and you can use them anytime you want as long as it is opening hours.

Apart from that, this library also offers several programs visitors will find very interesting.

Children can come here to enjoy this library’s children’s storytime. They can listen to thrilling stories and giggle to themselves.

Also, they also offer cooking classes. If you want to learn to cook or even sharpen your cooking skills, then enroll in their cooking classes.

Playing chess, mahjong, varieties of games and competitions are some other fun things to do while here.

Overall, you will have an exciting experience. 

You’ll find it amazingly beautiful.

Address: 1 McFarland Dr, Warwick, New York 10990, United States.

13. Yesterdays Irish Pub

Yesterdays Irish Pub

Photo Courtesy of Yesterdays Irish Pub

Are you a lover of Ireland food and lifestyle? Do you want a little taste of Ireland while in Warwick?

Or do you want to try the cuisine and another lifestyle of the Irish?

Come and explore Warwick’s Yesterdays Irish Pub!

This beautiful pub in Warwick is the right place for Irish lovers to be.

It doesn’t just give you the feel of Ireland, but sends you back to Ireland’s culture.

Here you will find food and drinks purely Irish and on the Ireland menu.

You can come here for lunch and dinner and since they are open seven days a week, you don’t miss out on anything.

Try their mind-blowing beef stew or even their delicious lobster ravioli; you will love it.

Moreover, they also offer wonderful deserts you will definitely love to try out the desert here.

Also, in this pub, there is a beautiful event room with a magnificent setting, perfect lighting, and a spacious auditorium.

Book this banquet room for events and weddings as it can accommodate over 80 guests.

Overall, you don’t need to bother about the cooking. They also offer catering services that will suit your taste.

Go now and try all those mouth-watering dishes.

Who knows, you may want to make Ireland your next vacation spot!

Address: 29 Main St, Warwick, New York 10990, United States.

14. Landmark Inn

Landmark Inn

Photo Courtesy of Landmark Inn

If you have time, you should visit the Landmark Inn in Warwick.

This recreation and tourist attraction site is an inn that was formally a family farmhouse.

However, in 1954, it was set up to be a restaurant.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best restaurants in the whole of Warwick, not just in reputation, but in quality!

One interesting and amazing fact about this restaurant in Warwick is that, unlike other restaurants, they have changing menus.

With this style of food service, they allow you to witness and taste different varieties and types of food, both intercontinental and local.

Here you will be able to eat tasty portions of pasta, meat, fish dishes, steak, and even an exquisite list of wines to choose from.

They serve a lot of side dishes too, so if you don’t have time to make something, come to have dinner or lunch here.

Also, they have a casual bar area and a formal dining room where you can choose depending on your taste, you can make a choice.

Bring your partner here in Warwick on a date and enjoy the best services in this place.

You’ll find the experience worthwhile and worth all the money you spend.

Furthermore, if you just want some alone time in a peaceful setting, you will find one in this restaurant!

Take your time and plan to visit here. You’ll love what you see!

Address: 526 NY 94, Warwick, New York 10990, United States.

15. Mount Peter Ski Area

Mount Peter Ski Area

Photo Courtesy of Mount Peter Ski Area

Looking for somewhere to ski?

Do you want to have snowboarding and hiking lessons? Want to hone your snowboarding skills around Warwick?

Check out the Mount Peter Ski Area!

Mount Peter Ski Area is a tourist attraction site in Warwick.

This place in Warwick has a vertical of 400 feet with day or night skiable acres. 

Here, you will find different areas with different difficulty ranges.

The runs are almost equally divided between beginner 30 percent, intermediate 35 percent, and advanced 35 percent. 

Also, there is another fun area where you can learn with a handle tow, called “The Hub,”.

The Hub is situated just a few steps from the lodge.

For tourists, things to do here include long runs.

Since the running areas are distributed and divided equally, athletes will love this spot.

Athletes will love to taste their endurance level with long runs in this area.

Moreover, if you want to learn to snowboard or even take lessons, this place is a good spot to snowboard and hone your hidden skills properly.

Bring a snowboard and come and enjoy the ice here.

Pack skating shoes along and bring your partner here to come to stretch your muscles.

It is a good idea after a really long journey and traveling for several hours.

It’s indeed a stress relief!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find something to do.

There is something engaging for everyone to participate in and enjoy in this ski area.

Address: Rte 17A & Old Mt Peter Rd 10990 Warwick, New York United States

Final Remarks

Warwick will give you whatever type of fun you require and want. All you have to do is take your time to explore!

Its beauty and delight are second to none, and you will have an amazing time!

Jolly Travels!