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20 Best & Unique Things to Do in Lake Placid (New York)

Tourists naturally love to explore different big and popular cities because they believe that those cities are the real deal.

Meanwhile, in recent times, smaller cities such as Lake Placid have changed the entire narration.

Lake Placid is a city in New York with a surprising range of activities and a lot of fun things which visitors can do.

The city is located in a scenic location that no visitor will find boring. It is apparently one of the most beautiful and picturesque regions in the United States, and you’d indeed find every bit of its attractions interesting.

Old forests, towering mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, and waterfalls are some of the generous natural destinations you should expect to see.

Some other attractions that make this city habitable for visitors include museums, hiking locations, eateries, and lots more! Apparently, it is a city with many opportunities for visitors and tourists alike.

Not only is this city fun for adults alone, but there are also plenty of fun things the kids will equally enjoy, which are fun for all ages.

Shall we get to talk about the best attractions that’d be worth your time and also create beautiful memories for you anytime you are in this City of New York? Let us begin!

Things To Do In Lake Placid

1. Lake Placid Smoke Signals

Things to do in Lake placid

Smoke Signals

Will you love to have a barbecue served in a brick-lined space with a lakefront patio or beers on tap with live music? Head straight to Smoke Signals.

It’s an amazing place in Lake Placid with a good selection of drinks, and they do not only have beer on tap, but they also have some mixed drinks as well.

Besides, brisket gyro bites here are super amazing.

How about the pulled pork sandwich? It is as good as you will love to find it.

Smoke Signals wouldn’t do less to make every visitor feel at home; it’d surely be worth a stop.

Mac and cheese, maple sauce, and a host of lots of amazing bits every visitor would appreciate are here.

Adding Smoke Signals to your travel list during your visit to Lake Placid will be a good decision.

Address: 2489 Main St, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

2. Algonquin Peak

Things to do in lake placid

Algonquin Peak

Algonquin Peak has more than what you’d expect.

This fun place is a synonym for hikers, and it’s the second-highest mountain in New York.

Not just that, it’s incredibly one of the forty-six Adirondack High Peaks discoverable in New York.

It’s such a fun place that is set to create beautiful memories within about 30 minutes spent.

Perhaps you might be a nature enthusiast, and you’d be in this city; this is a plus for you.

Foodies wouldn’t see anything boring here either because there are considerably high restaurants in sight.

Without much, Algonquin Peak is set to give you that vibe of being an explorer.

Regardless of the season, month or day, if you are in Lake Placid, come over to check out what they have for visitors.

Address: Algonquin Peak, Lake Placid, United States.

3. Adirondack Flying Services

Things to do in lake placid

John / Adirondack Flying Services

Adirondack Flying is one of the best places to visit in Lake Placid because that is the nicest spot to get a bird’s-eye view and a magnificent view of the city.

It is a family business that was opened in 1968 and still operating to date.

Visitors get the opportunity to view the surrounding mountains and the lake itself from a different area.

Preferably, you can choose from their several options in their scenic flights of the surrounding because they have a seven-passenger Cessna Golden Eagle that is perfect for families.

To enjoy more of this entertaining environment, you can take the Peak trip in the air that offers a spectacular view of different Lakes such as Henderson Lake, Lost Pond, Avalanche Pass, Tear-of-the-Clouds, Indian Pass, and much more.

The Olympics flight shows a great view of the Village of Lake Placid and different Venues.

In addition to that, the Lakes trip equally provides a close-up view of this amazing city, the Olympic Village, Mirror Lake, McKenzie Pond, and more.

With all these varieties, it is certain that you will have a lot of fun in Lake placid.

Address: 27 Airport Ln, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

4. Boots And Birdies Miniature

Things to do in lake placid

Boots And Birdies Miniature

For the fervent lovers of golf, Boots & Birdies Miniature Golf will make your trip to Lake Placid more fun.

As a visitor planning a visit here, they have the best miniature golf course in this city.

It is an undisputed unique family fun attraction that offers 18 holes of miniature golf courses.

The courses are absolutely challenging. In fact, this attraction is one of the miniature golf locations that will revive your interest.

If you are planning a trip to Lake Placid and you are a lover of golf, your travel plan should include this site.

Besides, the admission fee is relatively affordable, unlike what you get elsewhere.

Also, there’s a snacks shop where you can grab something to eat to fill in your belly quickly.

The kids can also jump on the bungee jumper and pan for gems.

And if your kid wants playtime, the playground is enough to make every kid happy.

Address: 1991 Saranac Ave, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

5. Lake Placid Olympic Museum

Lake Placid Olympics Museum

Lake Placid Olympic Museum

To learn new things about Lake Placid and the Olympics, the best place to visit is the Lake Placid Olympic Museum.

It is one of the historical environments in New York.

Not just a historical location; it is also a place filled with informative, educative, and exciting things.

Arguably, Lake Placid is the only city in North America to have celebrated the two Winter Olympics.

The Olympic Museum celebrates both 1980 as well as 1932, and, as a result, this has a potential and positive effect on the history of Lake Placid and its neighboring cities.

The Museum was opened in 1994, till date, and still holds several collections of objects.

Objects relating to the games, such as skates used by Jack Shea in 1932, Fram III bobsled in the 1932 Olympic Games, and others.

Memorabilia from the 1980 hockey team Miracle on Ice are not left out as well.

Above all, Lake Placid Olympic Museum hosts the annual film forum in the building.

With this, it is evident that visitors will have a lot of fun visiting.

Address: 2634 Main St, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

6. Lake Placid-North Elba Historical Society Museum

Things to do in lake placid

Lake Placid-North Elba Historical Society

A man without the knowledge of the past is definitely a man who has lost his identity, so they say.

History is an essential integral of humans. Therefore, as a tourist, it is so sacrosanct to be interested in history.

If that interests you and you’d be in Lake Placid soon, you should include Lake Placid-North Elba Historical Society Museum in your itinerary.

This exhibit museum in New York has lots of interesting documentation on the history of Lake Placid.

Even if you are not from this city of New York, you will definitely find the history enjoyable.

Note that this museum is the house of the erstwhile train station, and it was opened in 1948.

Ever since its opening date, it has really always been a favorite fun place for lovers of history.

As against what visitors might think, they seasonally house exhibits & display documentation on local history.

Of course, the purpose of doing this is to preserve the history of the Village. You need to come and see these exhibits, too.

No admission fee is required, and there is adequate security for lives and properties.

Address: 242 Station St, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

Exploring other places in New York is a great way to have more fun at no additional cost. Places like Queens, Warwick, and SoHo, are nice cities to visit in the state of New York.

7. Mount Jo, Lake Placid

Things to do in lake placid

Adirondack / Mount Jo

If hiking is what you love doing, you will surely enjoy yourself to the fullest anytime you are in Lake Placid.

Mount Jo is a 2,832-foot-tall mountain in this city of New York, which is obviously suitable for all lovers of hiking.

Named in the year 1877 and awarded as one of the best fun places in Lake Placid, you wouldn’t regret coming to this fun site.

The most interesting attribute of this beautiful place is that you will have access to a steep but expectedly short and relatively easy hike, unlike other mountains in this location.

More so, the Mountain likewise offers lovely views of the High Peaks region. This includes Cascade Mountain and Mount Mary, amongst several others.

There are two trails, the short trail, which is steeper, and the other, which is more appropriate for non-adults.

It is such a great mountain for families and beginners. If you’d be in Lake Placid with your kids, this is a must-visit.

Address: North Elba, NY 12946, USA, Lake Placid, United States

8. John Brown Farm State Historic Site

Things to do in lake placid

The John Brown Farm State Historic Site

As the name suggests, John Brown Farm State Historic Site is another historical environment in Lake placid.

But the history is of Mr. Brown, and this has become a hot topic and a hot spot in Lake Placid.

John Brown Farm in North Elba, Lake Placid, is his home and also the place of the rest of Mr. John Brown.

He was an Underground Railroad conductor that later moved to the Adirondack Mountains.

A place to establish a community where freed slaves could live in peace and work on the land.

However, he was imprisoned and hanged on December 2, 1859. This is why this place is a hot place because of his heroic act.

In recent times, Mr. Brown’s property has turned into a nice and safe spot for hikers and bikers.

There are several places in this location where visitors can hang around to have a fun day.

If you are not interested in listing to his history, all the furniture in the house will certainly impress you.

Also, John Brown Farm State Historic Site occasionally serves as a place for special events, encampments, and lectures centers.

Address: 115 John Brown Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

9. Big Slide Brewery & Public House

Things to do in lake placid

The Big Slide Brewery & Public House

Big Slide Brewery & Public House is a Brewpub in Lake Placid.

They are essentially a low-key brewery and tap room that was opened in June 2016.

This public house offers incomparable small plates, pizza, and Sunday Brunch.

If these are what you’d look at while in Lake Placid, coming here is apparently a dream come true for you.

Not only that, there are ten rotating beers in this great location.

Perhaps you might love to eat some pepper snacks or fish after some beers, which are also provided here.

It’s evidently an outstanding offering as its focus isn’t to monetize its services alone but to create an enabling environment for visitors.

Besides, you can also grab some ice cream for your kids just around the corner.

It’s overall a fun place that will create a worthwhile exploration.

Address: 5686 Cascade Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

10. Lake Placid Sleigh Rides

Sleigh Rides

Adirondack / Lake Placid Sleigh Rides

Lake Placid Sleigh Rides is a romantic getaway for lovers.

Not for lovers alone, it is a pleasurable place for those that love quiet and peaceful environments.

This area is an excellent environment for private or shared wintertime sleigh rides on horseback.

The horse involvement show is also a great place where horse lovers can visit.

But there is always something romantic about moving along the snowy path through the Lake Placid Sleigh.

Rides certainly will take you to see the Olympic Village, but it is advisable you come with a cup of hot cocoa to make your ride more enjoyable.

Visitors do have fantastic views of the Sentinel ranges High Peaks and the Ski Jumps.

Equally, at night, you will be opportune to see the magnificent stars while you are under a warm blanket with lanterns to stay warm.

Visitors can also ride to the Lake Placid Club and the small hills. There is also a field and forest that is perfect for the hiker.

On the path, you will come across many streams and some other beautiful things. As a result, this gives many fun experiences that are equally unforgettable.

Address: 651 NY-186, Saranac Lake, NY 12983, United States

11. Lake Placid Center for the Arts

Center For The Arts

Center for the Arts

The Lake Placid Center for the Arts is a performing and visual Arts Facility in this beautiful city of New York.

Essentially, it’s a fun place for every lover of entertainment planning a trip to Lake Placid.

This location along the Adirondack Park of Northern New York is top-notch and the right place for evening crooners.

Still thinking of how best you could spend your evening while in Lake Placid? A visit here will surely suffice.

Known for its highest caliber of music, dance, and theater performances, every visitor is going to be happy to visit this art center.

More impressively, the visual arts presentations and film exhibitions provided at the site are second to none, and you’d definitely love it.

Despite its exceptional attributes, it isn’t such an attraction that you will spend all your dollars on.

Yes, it isn’t! It’s affordable and reasonably priced. You are surely going to be happy seeing this level of entertainment at such low prices.

Besides, their seats aren’t old out, and you can conveniently sit for hours without any pain.

Address: 17 Algonquin Dr, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

12. Cascade X-C Ski Center

Cascade X-C Ski Center

Cross Country / Cascade X-C Ski Center

Located on a magnificent mountain lodge, Cascade X-C Ski Center serves as the Lake Placid service Nordic Center.

That has a very big and popular Knickers’ Bar and Restaurant where visitors can eat a tasty but cheap delicacy.

Cascade X-C Ski Center in Lake Placid doesn’t just have a restaurant; there is a bunkhouse that can fit over 25 people.

The room is a cozy area that serves as a perfect place where skiers can gather to warm up after a day on the slope.

Notably, the center also maintains 20 kilometers of perfectly constructed trails for snowshoeing as well as cross-country skiing.

Interestingly, the trails here connect with the Mt. Van Hoevenberg trail, Jack Rabbit trail, and the Olympic trails; this shows that skiers will have a lot of options.

A lodge for celebration and local social gatherings is also available for activities such as the full moon celebration with brightly lit ski trails.

Hot dogs, beer, and hot chocolate are tasty things to get along with the celebration.

Address: 4833 Cascade Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

13. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is also another wonderful fun place in Lake Placid.

It’s a beautiful location that houses a relaxed restaurant and bar.

If you’d love to get some nice American or Canadian dishes during your trip off to this New York City, The Breakfast Club is where you should check out.

Name any food, think any food, it’s rightly available in this fun place.

Food here is always of great taste and to make it more enjoyable to visitors, they aren’t expensive.

Burgers & sandwiches, plus craft beers and mimosas, are also available in this beautiful place of Lake Placid.

It’s presumably an exceedingly fun spot with plenty of the best and most fun things everyone could engage ib.

If you aren’t here for beers, their food will create addictive scenes for you.

Contrary to this, their burgers are enough to be a reason you would love to visit Lake Placid.

The Breakfast Club is evidently a fantastic place that is more than a mere restaurant.

In fact, there are parking spaces for visitors at no extra fee.

Once you plan a trip to this city of New York, be sure to add The Breakfast Club to your itinerary.

Address: 2431 Main St, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

14. Lake Placid Jack Rabbit Trail

Lake Placid Jack Rabbit Trail

Jack Rabbit Trail

The Jack Rabbit Trail is a beautiful and quiet environment to have fun.

It is over a 45 km long rabbit trail that was opened in Lake Placid in 1986 and has ever since offered an excellent deal for beautiful scenic and fun cross-country skiing.

Of note, the trails stretch from Saranac Lake to Paul Smith to Keene and connect with the populated areas.

This area includes the four ski centers that have a longer environment of fun wilderness skiing.

But no worries because wilderness skiing is equally fun and, most importantly, it is safe.

Of note, the Adirondack Ski Touring Council is in charge of the maintenance and construction of the Jackrabbit Trail.

Therefore, you might see some similarities.

However, Skiers do not pay a trail fee while passing through Whiteface Club, Ski Cascade Cross-Country, and Lake Placid Club trails.

So, Jack Rabbit Trail is one of those fun places to hang out for free.

Address: Lake Placid + New York

15. Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex

Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex

Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex

Lake Placid is popularly known as America’s winter sports center.

So, if you are in the city and you are a sports lover, you have to stop at the Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex to get a better and more stunning view of the giant ski jump that was used in the Winter Olympics.

While you enjoy some other fun available in the area, you will see many things in the same place.

The ski jumps here are obviously massive. It is standing at over 99 meters tall, and despite the fact that it is old, it is still helpful today to some professional athletes.

Interestingly, you may also come across some professional athletes. Visitors can also learn from them because there is room for that.

Just be ready to be amazed because most professional athletes do display their talents by flying great distances and flipping through the air. So you don’t have to feel intimidated.

Moreover, the flips are too dangerous for beginners, but visitors can also get to share the thrills by riding the ziplines close to the ski jumps.

This is obviously an excellent way to feel among as well because as you ride it, you will feel like you are flying off the ski jump just like the professional athlete does.

You may as well ride the scenic gondolas to the base of the jump towers.

All these fun activities come with little and affordable fees.

Address: 5486 Cascade Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

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16. Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake

The Mirror Lake

Experiencing a tranquil lakeside luxury would not be a bad idea during your visit to Lake Placid.

To do that, Mirror Lake is a place to visit! It is an award-winning lake in New York with tons of visitor interest.

Amazing dining opportunities, the privilege of exploring the beach, and hiking are inclusive of the fun things available here.

Different from that, visitors can enjoy the scenic view of this fun place; if you’d not be in haste, it’s surely a place to visit anytime you are in Lake Placid.

It is important to reemphasize that its activities create an all-year-round experience for all ages within this their expansive grounds.

This picturesque lake, which is a 2.7-mile route, is also perfect for as many laps as a visitor would love to get while in Lake Placid.

Soccer lovers wouldn’t find here less interesting as its playing field is enough to play soccer and burn off energy.

Interestingly, restaurants aren’t something hard to come by as there are a considerably high number of them in sight just in case you get hungry.

Mirror Lake is certainly going to create a fun experience that all adventurous will appreciate.

Address: Mirror Lake Dr, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

17. Herb Brooke Arena Lake Placid

Herb Brooke Arena Lake Placid

The Herb Brooke Arena

Herb Brooks Arena became one of the most famous and favorite attraction centers in the city.

It gained popularity when an Olympic gold medal was won when a match was played against the Soviet Union.

There are several other exciting histories about the place.

In this beautiful arena, there are three indoor and one outdoor skating arena for both children and adults.

Also, it is the place where local Irving Jaffee and his teammate Jack Shea won two different gold medals during the same year.

This as well adds to the popularity of Herb Brooke Arena Lake Placid.

Tourists should be aware that Herb Brooke Arena Lake Placid is also a place where locals can skate during the winter.

By visiting this place to stake occasionally, some lucky visitors will bump into some of the great skaters of all time.

Skaters such as Rachel Flatt and Scott Hamilton.

Every year, Herb Brooke Arena hosts national and international skating competitions.

You will certainly have fun if you visit to watch the competition.

Address: 2634 Main St, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

18. Peninsula Nature Trails

Peninsula Nature Trails

Celine / Peninsula Nature Trails

Peninsula Nature Trails is a popular dog-friendly hiking facility in Lake Placid.

Hikers would surely get the best out of this fun attraction during subsequent trips to Lake Placid.

Near the pristine lake with different vantage points, it is a place with tons of visitors’ experiences on any trip day.

Besides, this fun site is a dog-friendly attraction that doesn’t disallow pets, so great.

Simply put, Peninsula Nature Trails is an ideal setting for lovers of nature of all types because of its exceptional attributes.

Go hiking, enjoy cross-country skiing, or mountain biking; there isn’t a limit to how you can enjoy your time in this fantastic place.

If you are still imprecise about the best ways to spend your time while planning a visit to this city of New York, this pleasant 2-mile trail along fairly flat terrain is sure a place to visit.

Amazingly, there isn’t an admission fee payable before visitors can enjoy all these. Even at that, everyone in sight is not hostile.

This 2.1-mile loop trail is a must-visit for all nature enthusiasts in Lake Placid.

Address: Peninsula Trails, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

19. Lake Placid Bobsled Experience

Bobsled Experience

Bobsled Experience

It would really be amazing to ride a real bobsled anytime you are in Lake Placid.

Bobsled is not only an exciting race that the majority of visitors would love but also a fun and memorable one.

If you will love to experience this while you are available in Lake Placid, one of a kind thrilling Bobsled ride in Lake Placid is the Lake Placid Bobsled Experience.

You can cruise down the track just like world-class athletes. Amazing right? Definitely!

In fact, reaching speeds of up to 50mph, depending on visitors’ choices, is absolutely permissible.

If you’re such a speed freak, roller coaster, and motorcycle riding folk, you will surely hand down the best ride ever in this fun place of Lake Placid.

Tickets are not so difficult to get, and it is mostly not crowded on weekdays. Though considerably rowdy during the weekends.

So, I recommend you take time to check out this fun attraction during the weekdays. Or, at best, as early as possible if you will be here during weekends.

Several visitors considered it an expensive attraction, but then, it’d be worth it because of the crazy experience.

There’s more. Every visitor will get a free tee shirt and photo documentation of all activities.

With the Lake Placid Bobsled Experience, every tourist in this city of New York is set to experience something extraordinary.

Address: 31 Van Hoevenberg Way, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

20. ADK Aquatics LLC

ADK Aquatics LLC

ADK Aquatics LLC

Since 2010, ADK Aquatics has provided wakeboard, waterski, wake surf lessons, and Tubing excursions.

If you’d love to spend a few minutes on the water to enjoy yourself, you need to visit ADK Aquatics LLC.

It’s a typical attraction in this city of New York that allows you to have a great time wakeboarding and wake surfing.

This wonderful location runs an excellent charter service with wakeboarding, waterskiing, and wake surfing that is absolutely top-notch.

Besides, this attraction equally has a clear instructor useful at any skill level. So, even if you are a beginner, you will definitely catch up.

Lake Placid is incredible in the summer, with beautiful water and stunning green mountains all around. Pack a cooler & sunscreen, and enjoy a day of fun.

More importantly, with beautiful water and stunning green mountains all around, you are sure to leave with an exceptionally fun experience.

ADK Aquatics LLC is obviously designed to teach visitors how to have fun on the water, which is worth exploring for all tourists who are available on this Island of Lake Placid.

Take note that the admission fee is absolutely cheap, and the opening hours are slated for 9 am to 5 pm.

Address: 35 Victor Herbert Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946, United States

Final Remark

It is evident that the list of things visitors could explore in this beautiful city is numerous.

Whether you plan to explore museums, spend quality time enjoying the beauty of the beautiful lakes present in this city, or do other fun things, you’d surely enjoy yourself to the fullest.

The list is endless, and this city will surely create some beautiful memories you’d stand to appreciate in years to come.

Do prepare well, and don’t forget to come with your spouse, kids, or business associates. It’d be fun for all.