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24 Best & Fun Things To Do In Jackson (Mississippi)

If you’re planning a trip to Jackson, you may be researching fun things to do.

Lucky for every visitor planning a trip to this beautiful city of Mississippi, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy history, nature, culture, arts, shows, and far beyond.

Known historically as the city of various museums rich, this city of Mississippi definitely has some commemorative attractions every traveler would love.

With its diverse historical landmarks and various kids-oriented attractions, Jackson is surely going to be a fun city for all!

Commonly referred to as the tourist heart of the South, Jackson has loads to see and do beyond historical landmarks!

With impressive arts and entertainment scenes, amazing restaurants, diverse shopping malls, and museums side by side, Jackson will surely keep you engaged and entertained during your forthcoming visit.

Therefore, if you’re searching for lovely things to do in Jackson, take a look at this comprehensive list.

Things To Do In Jackson

1. Marshall Ranch And Rescue, Jackson

Marshall Ranch And Rescue

The Marshall Ranch And Rescue

Marshall Ranch and Rescue is for visitors who’d like to enjoy something unique.

A visit to Marshall Ranch and Rescue is just a reaffirmation of the fact that fun things don’t only lie in the Museum.

Of course, this City of Jackson is loaded with fun attractions and one of these is Marshall Ranch and Rescue!

Regardless of the season, regardless of the month or week, Marshall Ranch and Rescue wouldn’t do less to make every visitor’s stay worthwhile.

Essentially, this fun attraction provides full-service boarding for all non-stud horses and ponies for individuals at all riding levels.

It’s simply a typical attraction that’s suitable for the whole family because everyone would be happy.

Horses are healthy, happier, and don’t harm visitors. In fact, kids and adults would love playing with them while they enjoy beautiful rides.

If you’re in Jackson, this horse boarding stable will change the narration of your travel experiences!

Address: 3816 Henderson Rd, Jackson, MS 39272, United States

2. Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson

Tom Beck / Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

One of the wisest ways of spending your time in Jackson is to learn about what transpired years ago.

By so doing, you’d not only find it fun and delightful, but highly insightful.

If you would, Mississippi Civil Rights Museum is one of the few places that’d afford you such privilege.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum is a museum in Jackson with overwhelming documents, exhibits, and photographic reflections that are so educative as regards the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

It was established on December 9, 2017, and remarkably, the first state-sponsored civil rights museum in the whole of the United States.

Unlike other historic houses, this museum of Jackson promotes a greater understanding of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and you’d find that so interesting.

It presents highly interactive documentation, inclusive of great films and sound effects.

Beyond being a museum with lots of informative things, this fun location also has a great gift shop with lots of local pottery.

Presumably, getting pottery here could be an alternative if the history doesn’t appear interesting to you. This is merely a means to an end, it’s never over!

You can decide to explore the amazing natural habitat or take time to check out their little in-house library.

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson is such a fun place that no accurate descriptions can suffice to illustrate its amazing importance.

Interestingly, the cost of admittance is ridiculously low! With little dollars, you’re in! Whenever your next trip to Jackson would be, endeavor to spend a few minutes in this amazing place. It’s surely going to be worth it!

Address: 222 North St #2205, Jackson, MS 39201, United States

3. 601 Escape Rooms, Jackson

601 Escape Rooms in Jackson

601 Escape Rooms

The 601 Escape Rooms is a premier escape room in the heart of Jackson.

This center is an amazing escape room center in Jackson where visitors would be able to solve a series of interesting puzzles using clues, guided hints, and strategy.

It’s always challenging and highly fun and considerably fun for couples.

Will you be visiting this city of Mississippi with your spouse? If you would, checking out 601 centers will be worthwhile!

Note that the owner creates unique games for holidays and all categories of visitors on sight.

The most impressive attribute of this amazing place in Jackson is that free gifts are often given to the most diligent participants.

If you consider yourself diligent enough to solve puzzles, consider extending a trip to 601 centers in Jackson.

Perhaps you might not be too professional at solving puzzles. Obviously, it’s never the end!

The availability of tour guides is nothing other than creating an inclusive atmosphere for amateurs.

Definitely, you’d love everything about this fun place in Jackson!

Address: 839 State St, Jackson, MS 39201, United States

4. Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, Jackson

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame in Jackson

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame

The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is located in a historic landmark established in 1961.

It is equally a fun place, most especially for sports lovers.

This lovely place is not a typical historic museum that has historically inclined artifacts. Otherwise, what’s this beautiful place showcases is the achievements of Mississippi athletes.

If you are a sports enthusiast planning a trip down here in Jackson, this amazing fun place is a great place to visit.

This is because visitors have a vantage of opportunities to learn about the rich history Mississippi has in sports.

Without absolute assertion, every visitor will be amazed at how much sports talent was birthed in Mississippi!

This amazing place in Jackson is a great reminder that a city’s values are not defined by its location.

Even if you’re not a sports fan, checking out this amazing place will highly expand your horizon. After all, learning is synonymous with tourism!

Above all, note that the entrance fee is so reasonable, and you’d love to be here!

Address: 1152 Lakeland Dr #4701, Jackson, MS 39216, United States

5. Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium

Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium

Jfurr1981 / Wikimedia Commons

Viewing live football matches isn’t only an adventurous endeavor but an absolutely fun one.

Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium is available in Jackson and is the most suitable stadium where you’d enjoy this.

This outdoor football stadium has been the official stadium of the Tigers football team of Jackson since 1970.

Although originally known as War Veterans Memorial Stadium before its renovations, it has hence become a favorite location for all sports lovers.

With a capacity of about 60,492, every visitor on sight will surely enjoy every time spent here.

The seats appear so comfortable, and that aside, everybody appears cheerful and welcoming.

Even if you aren’t a supporter of any football club here, spending your afternoon here will revive your interest in soccer.

Plenty of food trucks are available and neither do visitors required to make any payments before the right of ingress is granted.

Address: 2531 N State St, Jackson, MS 39216, United States

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6. McGehee Cruise & Vacation, Inc.

McGehee Cruise & Vacation, Inc in Jackson

Stacy / McGehee Cruise & Vacation

Do you care to experience the vacation of your dreams with a bid to leave the pesky logistics to the professionals you’d trust?

That’s achievable with McGehee Cruise & Vacation, Inc. anytime you’re in Jackson!

McGehee Cruise and Vacation is a family-owned initiative in this city.

They are a tour agency that specializes in vacation and provision of cruise getaway packages at reasonable prices.

To illustrate how wonderful this cruise tour agency is, they were the recipient of sandals’ best travel agency in Mississippi.

If you’d not be in haste to conclude your journey in this beautiful city, endeavor to journey with them.

Food isn’t a challenge nor is snacks. Everything a visitor would appreciate is right here!

In fact, they’re also very responsive to my inquiry and provide first-class historical accounts of this amazing city!

Address: 4500 Interstate 55 North Frontage Rd #293, Jackson, MS 39211, United States

7. Eudora Welty House And Garden, Jackson

Eudora Welty House And Garden

Picasa / Eudora Welty House And Garden

Eudora Welty House and Garden is another fun place in this beautiful city of Mississippi.

This location is essentially an archive with lots of awesome features that no visitors wouldn’t admire.

It is an attraction that was the previous home of Eudora Welty for almost 80 years.

What this attraction that dates back to 1925 has to offer visitors includes numerous historic writings by this revered lady and several other prominent fellows.

Ever since its establishment, it has always been an amazing tourist attraction to several visitors coming to Jackson.

Thinking how? Obviously, aside from its historic importance, lots of other best and fun activities are rightly available in this fun place.

For instance, there’s an opportunity to hike, they have a little garden, and biking is equally largely allowed.

In recognition of this worthwhile importance, it was declared a Mississippi Landmark in 2001. Not too far from then, in 2002, the National Register of Historic Places recognized this place as one of the best attractions in Mississippi.

Evidently, it isn’t a typical attraction worth excluding on your itinerary if you’d be in Jackson anytime soon.

Perhaps you might be an author or a freelancer who appreciates literary works. This place is a dream come true for you!

You’d learn, have fun, enjoy yourself and re-learn! A visit here will create an amazingly thoughtful experience you’d always love to remember.

Please note that parking lots are available, and they are open all days excluding Sundays.

Address: 1109 Pinehurst St, Jackson, MS 39202, United States

8. Russell C Davis Planetarium

Russell C Davis Planetarium

Russell C Davis Planetarium

The Russell C Davis Planetarium is one of the top planetariums in Mississippi that is so fun and amazing.

This attraction was built primarily in order to present shows that are educational and entertaining, mainly on astronomy.

While making great moves to Jackson, be rest assured to learn about astronomy, voyages, and celestial navigation in this fun place.

If you’re yet to conclude where to visit with your kids during your forthcoming trip to Jackson, this attraction should be considered.

Besides, this wonderful place also plays host to other fun events, including film screenings, cultural festivals, and plenty of fashion shows.

Come and experience the universe in one of the South’s largest and best-equipped planetariums.

If you’d oblige, we are confident you’d surely leave some positive reviews.

This is because the experience will be so amazing and addictive!

Address: 201 E Pascagoula St, Jackson, MS 39201, United States

9. Jackson Capital City Kayak Adventures

Capital City Kayak Adventures in Jackson

Capital City Kayak Adventures

For visitors that’d love to spend a couple of minutes on the water enjoying themselves while in Jackson, Capital City Kayak Adventures is a dream come true!

Essentially, they’re kayak rentals, tours, and adventures in the Jackson-Metro area.

The kayaking service of this lovely attraction in Jackson is available for families, friends, teams, and travelers.

It is indeed a place every tourist will enjoy the sights and sounds of nature with the aid of the impressive tours available here.

This is typically one of the best outdoor experience attractions you could relax, explore, and have the best day ever.

Interestingly, the service isn’t only fun but also affordable, and a safe alternative outdoor opportunity for those looking for a new experience.

You’d have a great time kayaking in this fun and engaging location of Jackson if you could visit!

Address: Capital City Kayak Adventures, Jackson, United States. 

10. Medgar Evers Home

Medgar Evers Home in Jackson

Kay Jones / Medgar Evers Home

Medgar Evers Home is for historians! The home with tons of historical exhibits, monuments, and relics.

Anytime you’re in Jackson and you’d love to learn more about the historical antecedent of Jackson, this is a place to go!

This award-winning museum was built in 1956 and since its commencement, it hasn’t stopped being a favorite attraction to several visitors coming to this city.

With clear documentation in various forms, you’d see the history as if you were there when the entire thing occurred.

In addition, they have a little playground with a bid to occupy any kid who’s visiting with their parents.

It thus presupposes that there are no restrictions as to the category of persons that can visit this amazing place of Jackson.

Do you wish to explore this city of Mississippi soonest? No matter how sooner or later you’d love to visit Jackson, this fun place will give you the best Jackson vibe you’d appreciate.

The tour guide is exceptionally knowledgeable, and their restroom is always clean.

Not only that, they have a snacks shop where visitors can get snacks and all forms of candy.

Medgar Evers Home is invariably an all-rounder fun place, which would definitely be worth it for any visitor who visits!

Address: 2332 Margaret W Alexander Dr, Jackson, MS 39213, United States

11. Mississippi Children’s Museum, Jackson

Mississippi Children's Museum

The Mississippi Children’s Museum

Will you be on a trip to Jackson with your kids? If you’d, your sole responsibility is to make them happy.

Of course, they also deserve the best, and this creates an unfettered responsibility for you.

Mississippi Children’s Museum will surely take care of that! Yes, it’d!

By way of an apt description, this museum is children oriented and kids will have lots of amazing things to engage them here.

Tons of exhibits that are educative, amazing documentation on history, great exhibits that directly show them what they’ve been reading in books, and lots more!

Their core mission in this amazing place of Jackson is to inspire and make every child from all backgrounds happy, which is always apparent.

Completed in the year 2010 and in 2021, was recognized by Medium and Library Service as one of the most informative children’s attractions in the United States.

Note that this award-winning museum in Jackson opens on Tuesday through Saturday between 9 am-5 pm. However, they open on Sunday between 1 pm-5 pm.

Admission is $10 per child, which is considerably affordable! The service they provide here couldn’t be provided here at that price!

Incredibly, adults on sight too can enjoy their stay in this scenic view or possibly, they could take time exploring the little garden.

There’s something fun for all ages here. Children’s Museum is a perfect day trip that’d make a difference and make your kids happy anytime they are in Jackson!

Address: 2145 Museum Blvd, Jackson, MS 39202, United States

12. Nandy’s Candy, Jackson

Nandy's Candy

Nandy’s Candy

For the admirers of candy and lovers of sweet chocolate, Nandy’s Candy is simply where you’d love to see Jackson!

This attraction in this city is an award-winning Candy store, which has been one of the reasons neighborhood cities are coming to Jackson.

If you’re planning a visit to Jackson, you will leave a huge fun thing out if you failed to check them out.

Handmade, small-batch candy and confections are best offered here, unlike in other places.

Not just that, hand-crafted caramel, pralines, fudge, divinity, molded-shaped chocolates, and popcorn are also inclusive of what’s available in this amazing location.

Since 1980, Nandy’s Candy has been sharing a passion for sweet candy and chocolate with tourists and visitors alike!

If you’d be in Jackson with your kids, bringing them to this fun place could be one of the best memories they’d get from this city of Mississippi.

With more certainties, every visitor will leave happier!

Address: 1220 E Northside Dr #380, Jackson, MS 39211, United States

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13. The Jackson Zoo

The Jackson Zoo

Jackson Zoo

The Jackson Zoo is an animal zoo and the oldest living animal attraction in Mississippi.

It is a fun place that every lover of animals planning a trip to this city of Mississippi should visit.

Of note, this fun place was established in 1919 and it is the home to over 250 animals with about 120 species.

Their mantra is stressed by promoting joy and wonder and making Jackson more fun for all animal lovers.

By so doing provide, they create an enabling environment for visitors who’d love to observe and study wildlife animals.

To estimate the importance of this fun location in the heart of Jackson, over 120,000 are topping out here annually.

So, why would you constitute an exception by not checking out this fun place during your subsequent trip to Jackson?

No matter how factual the excuse might appear, no reason would be too good to deprive you of checking out this amazing place.

The animals in this amazing place appear fat and happy! Not just that, they are not in any way harmful to visitors.

Different from that, if you’d be staying for a longer period, do come with your food or snacks.

Although that doesn’t constitute a material drawback, it’s definitely going to be fun, regardless!

Address: 2918 W Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39209, United States

14. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Ever since 1932, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science hasn’t in any way lost its relevance among visitors and tourists alike.

If you’d love to hatch space and explore beyond imaginations, check out the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science!

This lovely museum mainly centers on natural sciences and it is the largest museum in the state of Mississippi.

For visitors planning to extend their voyage to this fun place, they basically feature aquariums and nature trails that mainly specialize in the flora and fauna of the state of Mississippi.

Besides, this impressive fun place also houses the state’s systematic collections. In fact, they contain more than thousands of specimens of fish and amphibians.

Reptiles, birds, invertebrates, mammals, and fossils are also available for visitors to explore in this location.

To encapsulate everything in one, a visit here will allow visitors to have access to over 200 living species, which is considered great!

Without any sense of exaggeration, this is the only museum in Mississippi that promotes understanding and appreciation of this city’s biological diversity.

In tandem with that, they open between 9 am all 5 pm noon.

While in Jackson, if you’d be on a visit to this fun place, ensure you come early before it’s rowdy with crowds!

Address: 2148 Riverside Dr, Jackson, MS 39202, United States

15. High Street Antique Mall

High Street Antique Mall in Jackson

High Street Antique Mall

If you’d be in Jackson with the intention of getting some amazing antiquity, High Street Antique Mall has the variety of antiquities you’d love.

This antique store has these antiquities in various shapes and structures. In fact, if you’d love a customized one, they’d make it available for you.

High Street Antique Mall is regarded as one of the sellers of the best antiquities in Jackson, which is surely a place worth visiting for any visitor planning a trip here.

The antiques aren’t expensive and in most cases, visitors are offered great discounts.

You could dress up your home with some antique classics from High Street Antique Mall in Jackson and give your interior the best it deserves.

Perhaps you might not be a lover of antiquities. How about pottery?

If you love the latter, High Street Antique Mall is equally a ‘go-to’ area for you!

And to see these amazing antiques being offered at extremely low prices despite their uniqueness really makes this place exceptional.

While visitors get the best, visitors obviously get the best out of this fun place.

Your Jackson exploration might be inchoate until a visit to this wonderful place!

Address: 806 Larson St, Jackson, MS 39202, United States

16. International Museum Of Muslim Cultures, Jackson

International Museum of Muslim Cultures

International Museum of Muslim Cultures

Are you a Muslim planning a voyage to Jackson and looking for places to visit which are in line with your religious belief?

If you are a Muslim planning a trip to this amazing city, the International Museum of Muslim Cultures is a must-visit attraction for you!

It’s a wonderful and fun place that presents and preserves diverse Islamic cultures

Other than that, it’s also a fun place in Jackson which serves as an educational resource for teachers and lovers of Islam.

Over the last twenty years, this amazing place in Mississippi has brought thought-provoking exhibitions and programs which no Muslim tourist wouldn’t admire.

As any muslin that’d love to be educated about Islamic history, culture, and the contribution of Muslims to the global community, create time to check out this attraction.

It would really be a rare opportunity available to visitors and inhabitants to visit this first Islamic museum in the whole of the United States of America.

Address: 201 E Pascagoula St, Jackson, MS 39201, United States

17. Lamar Life Building

Lamar Life Building

Lamar Life Building

The Lamar Life Building is a historic building in Jackson. It is such a historic site that was designed with the ancient Gothic Revival architectural style.

Ever since 1924, it has been an amazing place for visitors and all tourists coming to Jackson.

Of note, this wonderful place is the twelfth tallest building in Jackson and is remarkably considered Jackson’s first skyscraper.

If you’d be in this wonderful city in Mississippi, checking through this nicely structured ancient building will be highly memorable.

This art deco motif that dates back from 1929 has some cool lofts available that’d be so insightful!

Besides, there’s a restaurant on the ground floor which makes food so accessible to visitors.

To underscore the importance of this 11-story building attraction, it was listed on the National Historic Register in the United States.

In fact, it attracts over 12,000 visitors to Jackson on an annual basis.

This Lamar Life Building also has an in-house gift shop that is open to visitors.

It’s unequivocally a fun place that you’d be glad to explore during your trip to this amazing city in Mississippi.

If you’d be on a trip to this fun place, note that the admission fee is absolutely free.

Address: 317 E Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39201, United States

18. Mississippi Museum of Art

Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson

Julian Rankin / Wikimedia Commons

Mississippi Museum of Art is a public art museum in Jackson that was established in 1978.

It is the only museum of art in the state of Mississippi with considerably high-quality exhibits for visitors’ perusal.

The establishment of this fun place was pursuant to the establishment of the Mississippi Art Association that occurred in 1911 solely with the aim of making Jackson fun for tourists that loves works of art.

It is an amazing fun place that has an extensive array of art collections of notable American artworks.

Besides, they also have extensive documentation on Mississippian cultural heritage.

This Mississippi’s largest art museum has over 4,000 works, pictorial documentation, and lots of video clips.

Not only that, but this wonderful fun place is also a great place where several cultural activities take place.

A visit here obviously has lots of interesting experiences that would in no small way make your trip to Jackson memorable.

Perhaps, you might love to come with your pets, it’s surely permissible in this fun place.

Mississippi Museum of Art has beyond what you’d expect to see in an art museum and surely you’d love exploring this fun place!

Address: 380 S Lamar St, Jackson, MS 39201, United States.

19. Jackson State University

Jackson State University

The Jackson State University

Jackson State University is a citadel of learning in Mississippi.

It’s a public historically Black university in Jackson and the fourth largest university in Mississippi.

This amazing fun place is a place essentially a research institute and several other amazing fun things.

It housed a football field, an insightful research center, and lots more. Besides, coming to see this ancient building that’s over 144 years is an exploration that you’d in itself appreciate.

At Jacksonville State University, they provide visitors with the knowledge and skills that’d help them to reach the maximum expectations.

Different from all these, it’s highly commendable to note that visitors are inclusively received and no iota of discrimination.

In fact, if you are an outdoor enthusiast or a lover of nature, you’d have a nice day being in this academic center.

Address: 1400 John R. Lynch St, Jackson, MS 39217, United States

20. Mynelle Gardens

Mynelle Gardens in Jackson

Allstarecho / Wikimedia Commons

If you’d not be visiting Jackson State University, why not consider a visit to Mynelle Gardens?

Mynelle Gardens is a botanical garden in Jackson. It has lush landscaping, shaded walking paths, and several sitting areas.

If you are in Jackson, you’d enjoy strolling through this luscious garden.

Besides, if you are a visitor that likes hiking, Mynelle Gardens presents that opportunity for all visitors.

Seeing this amazing habitat will create thoughtful moments to discover beautiful plants you might not have seen during your previous explorations of similar attractions.

The admittance fee is less than $15 and kids are excluded from making any remittance fees.

How soon would you be on a trip to Jackson in the State of Mississippi?

Regardless of when it’d be, we recommend you add this fun place to your itinerary. You’d not in any way obliging!

Address: 4736 Clinton Blvd, Jackson, MS 39209, United States

21. LeFleur’s Bluff State Park

LeFleur's Bluff State Park

John J. Miller Photography—Moment / Getty Images

LeFleur’s Bluff State Park is a state park in Jackson. This is another fun place that’s precisely located beside the banks of the Pearl River.

It’s a 50-acre with an impressive lake and a 9-hole golf course.

If you are a golfer and you’re planning to visit Jackson, this place should be on your travel plan.

This fun and amazing place in the heart of Jackson is a suitable destination for any outdoor enthusiast.

Not only is LeFleur’s Bluff State Park an attraction for golfers, but there’s also more to what visitors can do here!

Visitors can go on fishing, hiking, check through the wildlife, camping, or take some time to burn out energy in the playgrounds.

So incredible, right? Apparently, it is! LeFleur’s Bluff State Park is such a lovely spot with numerous things that’d keep visitors in sight!

Please note that the admission fee is payable to all visitors planning a trip to this fun place in Jackson. Meanwhile, it isn’t anything to worry about, it’s absolutely affordable!

Even with that, there are food trucks, and not a typical attraction that is always crowded.

Any season you’d plan a trip to Jackson in Mississippi, only a visit here would suffice!

Address: 3315 Lakeland Terrace, Jackson, MS 39216, United States

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22. Babalu


Tate Nations / Flickr

Babalu serves offers a wild selection of appetizers, salads, tapas, sandwiches, tacos, and cocktails.

It’s such a restaurant that also has provisions for American, Mexican, and Spanish-inspired dishes no visitor wouldn’t find delicious.

If you’re an American, Canadian, or Spanish visiting Jackson, this restaurant stands out among others in the city and it’d be worth a visit if you’d be in Jackson.

The food is apparently good, and the portions were served. In fact, the hostess is the best set you’d ever meet.

As a visitor who loves guacamole, grilled lettuce, shrimp, or grits, this place is a typical attraction you should prioritize on your itinerary.

Preferably you might want some nice beers while on sight, that are equally available! Babalu is a place no foodie will find less fun!

Interestingly, foods are reasonably priced despite being of the best quality.

Five years and still wonderful, a visit here will be totally fun and create awesome memories!

Address: 622 Duling Ave, Jackson, MS 39216, United States

23. Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

Lamar / Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is a living-history Farm in Jackson. Unlike other museums suggested earlier, this fun museum has tons of historical artifacts strictly in relation to farms and Agriculture.

Sounds incredible, right? Definitely, Jackson is a few of the cities in the United States that provide visitors with such opportunities.

The museum opens on Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m and the general admission is $6 for adults and $5 for kids.

Visitors to the sight stand will get the opportunity to explore the living history of the farm, enjoy the nature trail and spend a couple of minutes in the forest study region.

This 40-acre attraction situated in the heart of Jackson brings to life Mississippi’s rich agricultural heritage.

If you wouldn’t mind checking out something unique, it’s a place to visit.

There are also many animals for the kids to see, a huge model train exhibit for adults, an old cotton gin, a general store, and much more!

Address: 1150 Lakeland Dr, Jackson, MS 39216, United States  

24. Mississippi Farmers Market

Mississippi Farmers Market

Mississippi Farmers Market

From persimmons to peaches, from bok choy to butter beans, the Mississippi Farmers Market is the one place to visit.

The Market opens on Saturdays alone between 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

If you love to take vegetables and you are planning a trip to Jackson, you’d not be disappointed to get the freshest fruits and vegetables here.

This market just off the High Street is the largest farmers’ market in Mississippi and will be worth a trip if you check them out.

With a variety of sellers, this amazing market has been part of the reasons why visitors are coming to Jackson in the past 16 years!

You’ll find locally grown food and fresh baked goods and even enjoy the best cultural shows being held here.

What more would you have wanted from a market of this kind? Definitely, the market will surpass every expectation!

Address: 929 High St, Jackson, MS 39202, United States

Final Remarks

Whether you’d be visiting Jackson for relaxation, exploration of arts and culture, stupendous shows, and more, there’s something for everyone here.

A delightful city with rich historical antecedents that covers all spheres coupled with insightful entertainment attractions will make your trip here worthwhile.

Come by automobile, train, or plane and you will arrive at this amazing city that is rife with tourism.

So start preparation and set for this adventurous trip!

Happy travels.