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17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Natchez (Mississippi)

Whether you are traveling with children or looking for a romantic getaway point, Natchez city in Mississippi is a fabulous destination to fix your next vacation.

Named after the Natchez tribe of the native Americans, because of their forefathers who lived here, Natchez is full of amazing opportunities to enjoy nature.

Sights to explore and enjoy its beauty are countless and will leave you yearning for more!

Moreover, with views at every turn, it is a perfect spot for travel all year long.

Without searching deeply, there are tons of exceptional things to do in Natchez.

However, with a lot of amazing things to do in Natchez, you may have a little difficulty deciding on your itinerary.

From history, entertainment and cuisine, there are a lot of outstanding things to enjoy!

Make use of our list of the best and most beautiful things to do in Natchez and explore this city!

Things To Do In Natchez Mississippi

1. Longwood

Things To Do In Natchez

Image: Longwood Mansion

Ever wanted to see an antebellum mansion while on a tour in Natchez?

Take a tour of Longwood!

Also known as Nutt’s Folly, this unfinished octagonal antebellum mansion in Longwood is a historic antebellum octagonal mansion in Natchez.

It is the largest octagonal house you will find in the United States. 

Enslaved people built this mansion in part.

Likewise, this mansion, occupying 35 ha offers an Italianate style of architecture and a splendid setting.

Additionally, it is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark. 

Longwood is open every day from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM and tours around here begin every 30 minutes and the last tour starts at about 4:30 PM. 

Moreover, getting a ticket is pretty easy since tickets can be purchased at Longwood or online on the Natchez Pilgrimage Tours website.

The tour costs about $26 each after booking. While on the tour, you will begin at the small gift shop.

Afterward, you proceed on a guided tour through the finished “basement” of the property first, where you can learn the history of the mansion and the Nutt family.

This tour then proceeds up to the first floor, which is unfinished and fascinating. 

Although you are not permitted to explore any higher, you can easily see the other floors.

After the formal tour, you can further explore the grounds, including the cemetery and a couple of other small buildings.

Conclusively, the entire experience will take you about an hour or so.

Not only is it a nice way to view a little bit of an architectural marvel, but it also gives you access to undiluted history.

Explore when you have time!

Address: 140 Lower Woodville Rd, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

2. Natchez National Historical Park

Things To Do In Natchez

Image credit: NPS

Thinking of exploring a park with most of Natchez’s history or do you just want to see some pictures that narrate Natchez?

Explore the Natchez National Historical Park!

Natchez National Historical Park is a park, garden, and historical museum in Natchez, Mississippi.

The Natchez National Historical Park brings back the history of Natchez, Mississippi. 

This park encompasses four different sites.

Fort Rosalie is one site in this park.

It is an area built by the French displaying the former fortification from the 18th century. 

However, it was later renamed Fort Panmure and was under the control of Great Britain, Spain, and the United States. 

You can’t tour this area because the fort site is not open to the public, but you can view the Mississippi River from Fort Rosalie.

Furthermore, you can also discover how the Natchez came to be as you explore Fort Rosalie.

Secondly, The William Johnson House, home of William Johnson, a 19th-century free African American barber, and resident of Natchez. 

There’s also Melrose, which is the estate of the lawyer, state senator, and planter, John T. McMurran.

Both Melrose and the William Johnson House contain furnishings related to life in Natchez and other exhibits. 

Lastly, Forks of the Road is another significant part of this park.

It marks the second-busiest slave trading market in the Deep South between 1832 and 1863. 

If you are free, take a driving tour through the Civil War sites in Natchez. 

You’ll also be able to go on quick tours, check out exhibits, relax in the gardens, and even use the trails. 

Overall, there are experienced staff available to help you plan an itinerary for your visit to this park and other attractions nearby.

What other fun way could you possibly enjoy Natchez? 

Pack your bags now!

Address: 210 State St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

3. Old South Winery

Old South Winery

Image: Old South Winery tasting room

Thinking of tasting amazing wines or getting wines for a formal event?

Go wine tasting and purchasing at the Old South Winery!

This winery is a local winery in Natchez with a comfortable tasting room.

The winery is owned by the Galbreath family and they create the wines from Muscadines grown in their vineyard.

Muscadine is an American grape with a European name.

Its quaint local winery has a variety of Muscadine wines.

If you are a Muscadine lover, then this winery is definitely a must-see spot for you.

While here, try their dry Noble, It may be the tastiest thing you’ll ever taste. 

However, if you think of Muscadine wine as sweet and yellow, this will change your mind. 

Also, the owners of this winery are friendly and willing to share a lot of muscadines knowledge.

Additionally, the tasting room has a few engaging opportunities to increase its appeal to a broader audience.

Without a doubt, if you are looking for a local gem, this is a perfect spot.

Although it may seem a little unusual to be listing a winery as an attraction, it exists, and it is indeed something to experience. 

Things for tourists to do in this park include touring.

Taking a tour of this winery is promising and as informative as it can be.

Afterward, you take the 20 minutes tour.

The staff will pour you a small sample of each of the products they create from their grapes, so you can see what a treat they really are. 

Moreover, in this Winery, you will find some special items that you will fall in love with! 

From Blue Bayou, Miss Scarlett, and several blends of muscadine grape wines, it’s fulfilling!

Add to your basket list of things to do in Natchez!

Address: 65 S Concord Ave, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

4. Stanton Hall

Things To Do In Natchez

Image: Stanton Hall

When you take a thorough look at Stanton Hall, the value and setting of this audacious Greek-style home will stun you.

This audacious Greek Revival-style home occupies an entire city block, and it is one of the must-see sites for tourists in Natchez!

Also known as Belfast, Stanton Hall is an Antebellum mansion in Natchez, Mississippi.

It is presently run as a historic house museum by the prestigious Pilgrimage Garden Club. 

The mansion is also a National Historic Landmark and a Mississippi Landmark.

Its owner, Stanton, is an Irish immigrant and gave this mansion the name house Belfast. 

He was a wealthy planter and a cotton merchant. 

For a little while, the house was home to Stanton College for young ladies, before its name was Stanton Hall. 

Highlights of this mansion include its scale, its beautiful marble mantles, and the large pier mirrors. 

Because of its great condition and grand setting, it is also an outstanding feature in many movies. 

Things for tourists to enjoy in this mansion include taking a tour.

Today, it not only offers tours but also events and wedding receptions, and has a section where you can find the gift shop. 

The outdoor grounds are free and there is also a restaurant near the gift shop, where you can get some food. 

You cannot take any photos on the inside, so be patient and get all the information you want.

By the way, if you have bicycles, be sure to drive around the area.

Add to your to-do list while in Natchez!

Address: 401 High St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

5. Magnolia Hall

Magnolia Hall

Image: Magnolia Hall

Looking for a top hall in Natchez to hold official events or yours?

Check out the Magnolia Hall!

Also known as the Henderson-Britton House, The Magnolia Hall of Natchez, Mississippi, is a beautiful hall set up in 1858. 

It is a popular Greek Revival mansion in Natchez On Top of the Hill Historic District.

Additionally, it is also on the list of the National Register of Historic Places. 

A wealthy merchant, planter, and cotton broker, Thomas Henderson, built this Hall. 

The Magnolia Hall is one of the finest examples of buildings in Natchez of the Greek Revival style. 

Things for tourists to do in this park include touring.

On a tour here, you can explore the rooms on the main floor.

Several mid-nineteenth-century antiques are highlights of the main floor.

In addition, the upper floors contain a large costume collection. 

Also, there is a gift shop available where you can get certain items and souvenirs. 

There are also ramps there to bring you right into the building. 

Nevertheless, there’s a lot to see on the first floor and there is a second floor available too.

Furthermore, there is an excellent restaurant too where you can find tasty dishes when hungry.

Make sure to drop by while touring Natchez.

You will find an experience here incredible!

Address: 215 S Pearl St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

6. Rosalie Mississippi State Dar

things to do in natchez

Image: Rosalie Mississippi State Dar

Do you love looking at Victorian architecture or you’re an architect and want to explore more?

Go exploring at Rosalie Mississippi State Dar in Natchez!

For tourists looking for an opportunity to explore the history and Victorian architecture, this area is a must-see.

The Rosalie Mansion is a historic pre-Civil War mansion and historic house museum in Natchez. 

They set it up in 1823 and served as an architectural inspiration for many of Natchez’s grand Greek Revival mansions.

Also, it is a major influence on the Antebellum architecture in the greater region. 

During the Civil War, it was a Union headquarters for the Natchez area from July 1863 on. 

This mansion is on the Mississippi Bluff close to the site of the Natchez Indians’ massacre of the French at Fort Rosalie. 

Its cubical design is splendid, with two-story columns supporting both a front portico and a rear full-width gallery. 

Moreover, it was the headquarters of the Union Army during the War Between the States. 

Tours here hold from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., with the last tour at 4:00 p.m. 

While on a tour here, check out the Rosalie Mansion Watercolor by Wyatt Waters.

Wyatt Waters, a talented, local watercolor artist, painted the beauty of the Rosalie Mansion in a stunning work of art.

Additionally, there are a lot more exhibits you can explore while on a tour with a lot of history on Natchez.

Staffs here are knowledgeable and will make sure you have an informative experience while here.

Overall, an experience in Natchez without exploring the Rosalie Mansion isn’t complete.

Address: 100 Orleans St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States.

7. The Grand Village of the Natchez

Things to do in natchez

Image: The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians

The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians is a native American archaeological site.

Also known as the Fatherland Site, this historical site is 128.1 acres of land covering a historic indigenous village and earthwork mounds in Natchez. 

This village complex has its root in 1200 CE after members of the prehistoric Plaquemine culture set it up. 

It comprises three platform mounds set up in stages. 

It’s also a spot where funeral ceremonies for Natchez elites were conducted on.

These rituals included the sacrifice of relatives and servants of the deceased.

Also, Natchez pottery vessels, as well as European trade goods from the French, were available for the dead.

However, after suffering a military defeat in 1730 military by French settlers, the Natchez abandoned the site and moved away. 

Moreover, this place is home to the paramount chief of the Natchez, called the Great Sun. 

According to facts, you will find a sacred fire within the temple burning day and night. 

Check out the museum exhibits artifacts on this site.

Indeed, it’s a beautiful place full of history. 

Additionally, the ability to explore without a guide is a huge plus! 

Great place to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the gorgeous land of the Natchez Indians.

Check this stunning site out if you have time!

Address: 400 Jeff Davis Blvd, Natchez, MS 39120, United States.

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8. Melrose

Things To Do In Natchez

Image: Melrose

Melrose is a 15,000 square feet mansion in Natchez, Mississippi.

According to facts, they say this place reflects unique perfection in its Greek Revival design. 

This 80 acres estate is now a huge part of Natchez National Historical Park and is regularly open to the public for tours. 

The house has unique furnishings for the period just before the Civil War. 

They widely declared it a National Historic Landmark in 1974. 

Out of the 13 National Historic Landmarks in Natchez, Melrose is the best preserved and extremely significant historic site in Natchez. 

If you are a creative architect and want to look at some unique architecture, this is a must-see.

They set the Greek Revival estate up in 1845 for John T. McMurran, a Pennsylvania native and Natchez attorney. 

For tourists who want to tour this place, the grounds of Melrose are open for tours daily. 

The best periods and times to tour this place are 10 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 3 pm.

Moreover, strolling is something fun to do on its easy 7-mile walk.

There are gravel roads or paved paths for almost the entire route where you can hike. 

Also, there are narrations at the various stops acknowledging the diversity of people who lived and worked at the estate. 

Visitors to this estate will also be able to use their cell phones to access written, audio, and photographic information at certain points. 

Sandwich boards with QR codes along this route will aid this!

Additionally, there is no entrance fee to explore the grounds at Melrose.

Check this place out if you have time!

Address: Natchez, MS 39120, United States

9. Magnolia Bluffs Casino

Magnolia Bluffs Casino

Jaden / Wikimedia commons

Looking for a fun casino to explore during your stay in Natchez or do you want somewhere to play table games?

Try out the Magnolia Bluffs Casino!

The Magnolia Bluffs Casino is a casino in Natchez that is a replica and looks like an old Learned Saw Mill.

This casino has a unique buffet-style restaurant and an Italian Steakhouse.

It also offers unique views on the Mississippi River. 

You’ll be able to satisfy all your gaming needs with over 450 slots.

They also offer 16 table games and a live poker room.

If you are looking for all-around hospitality and comfort, then it is a perfect spot to improve your gaming experience!

Magnolia Bluffs is open 24 hours every day and 7 days a week.

You can enjoy all Natchez offers from the antebellum-style architecture and southern history of the past.

Also, you will experience unique and memorable shopping from the many local shops and boutiques to choose from. 

Additionally, you will enjoy different dining experiences with multiple local cuisines throughout the city of Natchez. 

At its hotel, you will access several guest services during your stay. 

It also has complimentary Wi-Fi access, 24 hours fitness center, a business center, and lots more. 

Address: 7 Roth Hill Rd, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

10. William Johnson House

Things To Do In Natchez

Credit: William Johnson House

Are you inquisitive as to the history of slaves and want to see one in Natchez up close?

Then, go tour the William Johnson House!

The William Johnson House is a former home of a prominent freed slave.

This mansion is the former home of a freed slave William Johnson, known as the “barber” of Natchez.

Additionally, the William Johnson House complex comprises the actual Johnson home and McCallum House. 

For Tourists, this location is a popular visitor attraction site.

On a tour of The William Johnson House, visitors will learn more about the life of certain free African Americans during the pre-Civil War. 

Also, visitors who tour this home will learn about the extensive diary of William Johnson’s everyday life from 1835 to 1851.

You will also be able to take a walk through accessible rooms here.

There are also audio descriptions, automated entrances, and cellular signals available.

In addition, there are elevators, first aid kits, gifts, Souvenirs, and books available.

Moreover, you will explore historical, interpretive, and informative exhibits.

Handicapped persons can also access this house easily, which is an added advantage.

Add to your to-do list while in Natchez!

Address: 210 State St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

11. Auburn Antebellum Home

Things To Do In Natchez

Image credit: Auburn Antebellum Home

The Auburn Antebellum Home is a Southern museum in Natchez in an 1812 residence.

It is a popular landmark with Southern history displays and a stylish spiral staircase.

As a National Historic Landmark, Auburn has quite a story to tell.  

This antebellum home was the first major building in Natchez to follow a real architectural plan.  

Following its peculiar structure, in the coming years leading to the Civil War, several Natchez homes used its style.  

Also, a unique feature of this home is its firm unsupported spiral staircase, a feat unmatched even in several modern buildings.  

These very points will introduce you to the dramatic story following Auburn itself.

Things for tourists to do in this historical home include going on tours.

Auburn is open for tours from Tuesdays down till Friday at noon and 3:30 PM. 

Additionally, it opens on Saturday from 10 am until 3 pm with its last tour at 2:30 pm. 

Moreover, tickets here are relatively cheap, adults pay $20, and Children within the age range of 12 – 17 yrs pay $10.

It’s absolutely free for children under 12 years.

There’s also a gift shop where you can pick souvenirs and get certain gift items and get a 10% discount rate.  

Once you’ve taken the tour, take your time to browse through the gift shop for china teapots and cups.

In addition, you’ll also find fine linens, books, and souvenirs for everyone of all ages.

Address: 400 Duncan Ave, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

12. St. Mary Basilica

Things To Do In Natchez

Image: St. Mary Basilica

Want to check out some beautiful cathedrals in Natchez or do you want a religious center of worship?

Try out St. Mary Basilica!

St. Mary Basilica is not only a church but a wonderful piece of architecture!

Formerly known as St. Mary’s Cathedral, St. Mary Basilica is in Natchez, Mississippi.

It is a parish church in the beautiful Diocese of Jackson and a Minor basilica of the Catholic Church. 

In 1979, they listed this church under its previous name as a contributing property on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Also, this Basilica was dedicated to the revered Mary on December 25, 1843, under the title Our Lady of Sorrows. 

Not only is it widely known as an architectural masterpiece among several Catholic churches, but it is also presently the spiritual home of a vibrant Catholic community.

Notably, it is friendly and welcomes visitors from near and far away. 

They began the construction of this church in 1842 as a cathedral in the recently established Diocese of Natchez, and it kept this status until 1977.

Nevertheless, St. Mary’s Basilica is awe-inspiring!

With its architecture and stained glass are like the basilicas of Italy and France, it radiates beauty. 

Moreover, the peace and energy this church gives off are like nothing you will ever know again. 

Stay around and pray. 

Even light a candle and make a donation. 

They hold pilgrimages which you’ll find interesting to explore.

Overall, the experience here is absolutely peaceful and amazing and you’ll find tranquility.

Address: 105 S Union St, Natchez, MS 39121, United States

13. Natchez Museum-African American Culture

Museum-African American Culture

Natchez Museum-African American Culture

Want to explore history at an African American Culture museum in Natchez?

Explore the Natchez Museum-African American Culture!

The Natchez Museum of African American History and Culture is a museum situated in Natchez. 

This museum holds the history and culture of African Americans in the southern United States. 

It was first opened to the public in 1991 by the Natchez Association to preserve African American Culture.

Not only does this museum in Natchez hold a lot of African American history, but it also contains a lot of artifacts.

An experience here will convince you of its absolutely amazing nature and its detailed information! 

Without a doubt, this is a must-stop destination for you if you visit Natchez!

Stories say that a group of women found this museum to share information with the masses who will listen. 

Moreover, it’s free but they take donations, you could spend hours here reading everything. 

They also have a wonderful book collection.

It’s an excellent resource for acquiring a knowledge of the African American experience from the earliest colonial era till the present day. 

Also, the museum curators here have a wealth of historical information on the Natchez community. 

On a tour here, get ready to spend considerable time, at least an hour, reading informative exhibits and listening to video presentations.

You will find exhibits from several Natchez-related African American historic sites, important citizens, and events. 

Additionally, you will check out some other exhibits within the museum-like The Rhythm Nightclub fire.

Forks of the Road is also one piece to look forward to while here! 

Adding the African American Museum of History and Culture to your trip itinerary will show you another dimension of Natchez history that you won’t get anywhere else.

Address: 301 Main St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

14. Natchez Trace Parkway

Trace Parkway

Natchez Trace Parkway

Want to explore a parkway in Natchez and do some incredible stuff?

Check out the Natchez Trace Parkway!

Also known as the Old Natchez Trace, the Natchez Trace Parkway is a scenic, historical trail expanding across over 440 miles.

This recreational road is centuries old and a popular road used by European settlers and Native Americans.

Also, its landscape showcases its cascading waterfalls, campgrounds, dense forests, and beautiful scenery.

If you are searching for unique things to see in Natchez, then consider exploring this historic forest trail. 

It offers the perfect retreat for visitors while showcasing the beauty of the great outdoors.

Things for tourists to do in this fun outdoor area in Natchez are plenteous.

You get an opportunity to go on an outdoor excursion with your friends or even alone while in Natchez.

Additionally, some other things you can do here are biking, enjoying a scenic drive, and even hiking.

You’ll also find horseback riding interesting to do while here.

Other fun options to do here include camping and fishing.

Furthermore, you will also find discovering waterfalls in this area fun.

Add to your list of things to do while in Natchez.

Address: Natchez Trace Parkway, Natchez, MS 39120, United States.

15. The Natchez City Cemetery

City cemetery

Image: Natchez City Cemetery

The Natchez City Cemetery is a cemetery founded in 1822 and a popular tourist site in Natchez.

This spot in Natchez is not only a unique setting offering various tours, it’s a trendy vacation spot.

If you are looking for cool attractions sites in Natchez to visit that are different and easy, then check this out.

It offers jaw-dropping sunset views by the Mississippi River and has a well-formed landscape.

Also, it is the ultimate resting place of many prominent figures, like Louise the Unfortunate.

Things to do in this spot in Natchez include going on a tour of the Cemetery.

Moreover, you could find it really easy touring on your own or with a knowledgeable guide.

Additionally, if you come during November, you can see locals reenacting well-known individuals.

While visiting, take a lot of pictures of the beautiful area.

You’ll also find exploring towering oak trees and historical monuments in this area interesting.

Without a doubt, it’s going to be a fun experience exploring this area, so add it to your to-do list.

Address: 2 Cemetery Rd, Natchez, MS 39120, United States.

16. The Turning Angel

Turning Angel monument

Image: The Turning Angel monument

Want to see some historical monuments while in Natchez or find a great deal of history expressed in sculptures?

See the Turning Angel monument in Natchez!

This beautiful angel monument is overlooking five headstones, each with the same date of death.

On the 14th of March, 1908, there was an explosion at the Natchez Drug Company, a 5 story brick structure at the corner of the Natchez Cathedral. 

The explosion within was so massive that it destroyed the 5 story building.

in addition, it killed many people including the business employees that were working.

After the incident, they set the angel monument up to place at their gravesite. 

Tales have it that the youngest employee was about 12 years old.

However, it is now known as ‘The Turning Angel’ because at night when cars drive by and their headlights shine upon the monument, to some it appears to turn as their car passes by.

This is just one of the many stories of dead people at the Natchez City Cemetery.

Regardless, if you like old cemeteries, you’ll love this one. 

The turning angle is just overwhelming!

While here, you can also check out some other notable graves here.

Address: 21 New St, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

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17. The Towers of Natchez

Alexia / Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve explored every other area in Natchez without checking out this site, your journey is as good as null!

A tour of The Towers of Natchez will convince you of its overshadowing beauty.

While here, you can enjoy a variety of tours like the famous Decorative Arts Tours.

Haunting of The Towers is another tour you can embark on, offering a thrilling experience. 

The Jeweled Christmas Tours is also one to add to your list while touring.  

Each tour of this area takes about an hour to an hour and a half for viewing. 

However, you can’t take pictures, but the experience sure is thrilling!

Address: 801 Myrtle Ave, Natchez, MS 39120, United States

Final Remarks

A tour around Natchez will convince you of its overwhelming beauty!

If you have time, take the liberty to explore comfortably!

You will have a wonderful experience in this city!

Make sure to take photos and enjoy a jolly ride.

Safe Travels!