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26 Best & Fun Things To Do In Gulfport (MS)

With its bright, green seas and white sand beaches, the town of Gulfport on the Mississippi Gulf Coast attracts many visitors each year.

Gulfport, being Mississippi’s second-largest city, is one of the most pleasurable tourist destinations in the United States.

It is well-known for its crystal blue seas and lovely beaches, which draw many people all year.

Indeed, this coastal city warrants a position on your bucket list, since it has some of the greatest white beaches, amazing nightlife, and casinos.

Gulfport also has theme parks, museums, and other tourist attractions for visitors.

With so much pleasure to offer, this city is an obvious pick for your next holiday.

If you’re seeking recreations outside of the Gulf Coast, these are the outstanding things to do in Gulfport.

Things To Do In Gulfport, Mississippi

1. See the Joseph T. Jones Statue

Things to do in Gulfport

Joseph-T. Jones-Statue

One of Gulfport’s founders was the remarkable guy, Joseph T. Jones.

As an oil producer, Joseph Thomas Jones made a fortune and co-founded the City of Gulfport.

To express their respects, the city officials erected a statue of him.

This guy spotted an opportunity in Gulfport when no one else did.

Despite being paralyzed from his Civil War wounds, Joseph Jones utilized his military resources to explore for oil and invest in oil pipelines.

By 1883, he had become the greatest significant oil producer in the United States, and he co-founded Gulfport with William H. Hardy.

Jones was the first to recognize the potential for a decent harbor and supported the plan.

He was also interested in sponsoring the possibilities of Gulfport railways.

The existing Gulf and Ship Island Railroad were nearly insolvent, so Jones decided to take matters into his own hands and halt development.

To say just a few words, this individual was responsible for many of the significant advancements in Gulfport.

His statue stands at a scenic and strategic point in the city.

This bronze sculpture honors Joseph Jones and is one of the essentials to see in Gulfport.

So, if you’re searching for free things to do in Gulfport, pay your respects to this man.

Address: 1300 21st Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

2. Visit The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

Things to do in Gulfport

Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

Owing to its nature as a coastal city, there are a few marine research facilities in Gulfport.

Gulfport has diverse marine life.

Exploring a few of them can be one of the best ways to spend time in the city.

Spectacular amongst most is The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.

The popular Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is a marine facility showcasing marine mammal biology and ecological research, protection, and education throughout the Gulf Coast.

Behind the scenes, the institute performs vital research on creatures native to the region, as well as caring for and rehabilitating ill and injured animals.

It also operates the Center for Marine Education and Research, which develops instructional displays on species with whom the institution collaborates.

Visitors who visit the center will find it quite interactive, especially with so many fun options to choose from.

On its grounds, there are vast touch pools and a fossil dig.

There are options to interact with dolphins and other marine creatures and even see relevant presentations.

Meet dolphins and watch birds in their swiftest movement.

You can even see touch rays and watch sea lion shows!

Address: 10801 Dolphin Lane, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

3. Half Shell Oyster House, Gulfport

Things to do in Gulfport

Half Shell Oyster House, Gulfport

The Half Shell Oyster House, Gulfport is a top-notch eatery in the city serving New Orleans-inspired food.

Gulfport locals have something notable and tasty to say about this restaurant all the time.

It imitates the French Quarter atmosphere but sells local, succulent oysters and seafood in Gulfport flavors.

To top it, there are even classic American menu offerings.

Half Shell Oyster House’s legendary charbroiled oysters are constant topics.

Cooked over an open flame with special herbs, barbecue, and more fresh ingredients, its aroma is appealing.

Traditional favorites include seafood gumbo, crab cakes, fried shrimp, and, of course, wonderful oysters.

Hand-cut steaks, Redfish Orleans, and seafood stuffed portabellas are some of the eateries’ specials.

Also, they serve a fine selection of specialty beverages, such as keg and bottled beer, wine by the glass, and martinis.

If you enjoy martinis, make sure to try a glass of their Pink Pearl Martini.

Finish the experience with the restaurant’s relaxing environment, listening to somber décor and jazz playing in the background.

Reward your belly with a fine serving of Half Shell Oyster House’s specials.

Address: 12068 Intraplex Parkway, Gulfport, Mississippi 39503, United States.

4. Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Things to do in Gulfport

The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Spanning six acres of play space, the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is a great place to meet limitless adventures in Gulfport.

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center first opened its doors in 1998.

This six acres of play space offers a whopping 15,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits that visitors can explore indoors.

It is also Mississippi’s first children’s museum.

Through entertaining, interactive displays, this Discovery Center, Mississippi’s first children’s museum, encourages learning and growth.

In each section of the museum, there is a consistent subject, such as art, wildlife, food, the surrounding port, chronology, and science.

To make exploring the museum even more fun for everyone, there is a mini library outdoors.

There, at its little outdoor library booth, visitors can borrow all types of books.

In addition to regular trips to Lynne Meadows, visitors can take cooking and performing lessons, as well as attend camps with an assortment of themes.

Look through displays while you have time and even take pictures.

Gawk at youngsters experiencing other cultures and explore with them.

Ride a little train or even make a mini art painting at the art studio.

Climb its treehouse, and if you love music, tap a melody in its outdoor musical garden.

While there is just so much to keep you busy, you’ll have a good time exploring this miniature town.

Address: 246 Dolan Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39507, United States.

5. Chandeleur Brewing Company

Things to do in Gulfport

Chandeleur Brewing Company

For beer lovers who want to relish beer tasting around Gulfport, this is a must-see.

The Chandeleur Brewing Company is one of the top beer-producing companies in the city.

Cammack and Cain Roberds, two Gulfport Mississippi locals with a passion for good craft beer, formed the Chandeleur Brewing Company.

It was established in the 1990s.

When the couple decided to convert their hobby into a company in 2013, they went no further than their hometown, where they purchased the historic building that currently houses the Chandeleur Brewing Company.

The brewery is in the downtown area, near the shore, and it makes a one-of-a-kind assortment of beers.

They prepare ales, stouts, and porters using only carefully selected ingredients.

Visitors can take a tour of the vibrant factory to see them make these distinctive Mississippi concoctions.

Hang around and get a taste of their tasty beers.

Address: 2711 14th Street, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States.

6. Gulf Islands Water Park

Things to do in Gulfport

The Gulf Islands Water Park

Then, you could try your next stop at a water park in Gulfport.

Gulf Islands Water Park, a seasonal water park and leisure complex, is one of the most fitting parks in the city.

This park boasts kilometers of water slides and an entertaining show schedule to keep the visitors entertained in the heat.

Thrill-seekers may get their adrenaline pumping on coasters with towering slides and lightning speeds.

While you could try splashing about in the Ship Island Wreck and Spray St. Louis play areas.

Moreover, there is a lazy river and a wave pool for visitors to enjoy together.

They also host several performances year-round and you could come to see one.

If you’re a high fan of Nickelodeon and Disney, then you may be in for a hit.

Characters from Disney and Nickelodeon show frequently appear in performances.

Additionally, this park features numerous food places, as well as cabanas, pavilions, and lockers for hire.

Have a rumble at the water park’s water slides.

Explore its pools and wild rides, and see if you can hold your breath underwater.

Especially, if you’re lucky, catch spectacular shows of dogs, sea lions, or even some of your favorite celebrities!

There is also a wave pool with a lazy river to enjoy to your fullest.

Merely want to kick back and loosen up?

You’ll find a lot of exhibits that go on to keep you fascinated.

Address: 13100 16th St., Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

7. Ship Island Excursions

Things to do in Gulfport

The Ship Island Excursions

According to Ship Island Excursions, the nicest beaches in Mississippi may be found on West Ship Island, 11 miles south of Gulfport and one of the state’s five barrier islands.

In addition to pristine seas and clean sands, West Ship Island is home to Fort Massachusetts, a nineteenth-century brick fortress.

Ship Island Excursions operates a handy boat service that transports people to the island to appreciate its peaceful natural grandeur.

The trip lasts 50 minutes, and passengers frequently witness Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins swimming in the gulf’s clear waters.

Exclusively, ship Island Excursion also offers a variety of private charter packages for those looking for a more opulent experience.

Address: 1040 23rd Ave, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States.

8. Gulfport Dragway

Things to do in Gulfport

Gulfport Dragway

Are you looking for some momentum in the littoral city of Gulfport?

Besides, if you’re out for a little heart-shaking adventure with races, then this option is ideal.

If you are a racing aficionado or are enthusiastic about seeing race tracks and lovely races, Gulfport Dragway is an extraordinary place to dig into.

It is said that sunsets attract daredevils in Gulfport together for an evening of eventful drag races, with more than a thousand dollars up for grabs.

Everyone has an equal possibility to win cash prizes.

The Gulfport Dragway is a long drag racing track in the city.

Gulfport Dragway, with its long, straight drag racing track, handles 1/4- and 1/8-mile races, adding a little something unusual to this seaside city.

Its drag way sits a little further inland, with trees and flora beautifully decorating the entire scenery.

This drag way conducts a variety of high-speed drag races, including street and foot-brake automobile races.

Not just that, there are even fast-paced motorbike and diesel truck championships.

In a thrilling, yet family-friendly setting, spectators can root for their favorites in the open air along the side of the track.

All those cheering are going to make you starving and if you’re a voracious eater, may want something.

However, if you are hungry, food is available at Gulfport Dragway and fans are even welcome to tailgate.

Enlist for a fee if you dare, or sit back and loosen up and watch how racers do their thing.

Travelers love this since it’s one of the most exceptional things to do in Gulfport.

See if it’s your favorite.

Address: 17085 Racetrack Rd., Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

9. Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

Things to do in Gulfport

Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

In its train track and vehicle displays and exhibitions, the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum offers one of the most spectacular sights.

There are lots of model trains and railways on display in this museum.

This club contains three HO, O, and N model railroad and train table layouts on display.

Train lovers and railroad enthusiasts will love the little piece of history in this place.

There’s even a LEGO railway kit with its own little village, as well as five elevated G trains.

You can explore history through its railroad displays of trains, Futurama, and Jurassic Park.

Take a brisk look around, and a lot of things will surely catch your attention.

Visitors can visit the museum on a regular basis or rent out the venue for birthday parties.

Additionally, one can board the museum’s electric carnival traveling train or one of its six Thomas the Tank Engine riding trains during these occasions.

Don’t forget to try out the mini-train ride with the entire squad.

Surely, it’s one of the precious ways to explore Gulfport.

Address: 522 Pass Rd, Gulfport, MS 39507, United States.

10. Set Sail Away-Day Cruises

Things to do in Gulfport

Sail Away-Day Cruises

While exploring Gulfport, you could choose to sail on the waters as well.

Set Sail Away-Day Cruises offers one of the best sailing experiences in Gulfport.

With its premium yachts and cruise packages, Set Sail Away elevates the charter experience.

The firm runs three boats, two of which are large enough to accommodate individual cabins.

There’s even space for visitors to wander and enjoy onboard amenities such as sofas and television entertainment systems.

Additionally, Set Sail Away cruises seat up to six persons and can range in length from two hours to a whole day.

Even its boats are furnished with a complete crew, making the trip exceptionally luxurious and pleasant.

Depending on the duration of the sail and the time of day, visitors can explore several eating options and dine to their delight.

Wait to sail during the sunset, it not only gives off one of the most romantic atmospheres but also helps relaxation.

Address: 1133 20th Ave, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

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11. Mississippi Aquarium, Gulfport

Things to do in Gulfport

Mississippi Aquarium

No matter who it is, everyone will enjoy learning about the Mississippi Aquarium’s stunning aquatic fauna.

This world-class institution isn’t only full of breathtaking sights for amusement in Gulfport.

It is also serious about educating its visitors by presenting them to some of the world’s most significant ecosystems.

While here, visitors get a chance to learn about hundreds of aquatic species.

The Atlantic bottlenose dolphin and the rare alligator snapping turtle are major highlights visitors can unravel through the aquarium’s exhibits and daily activities.

Also, you will see various sharks, alligators, and even birds of different species.

Bird watching is also great to do in this place, and if you are a bird photographer, you’ve hit the jackpot.

In between attractions, with just so much to see, you can get hungry.

When this happens, visitors can find satisfaction at the Pelican Pointe Cafe, in the aquarium.

You’ll find a serving of varieties of appetizing appetizers such as grilled cheese, tacos, nachos, and even burgers salads.

Address: 2100 E. Beach Boulevard, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501, United States.

12. North Star Sailing Charters

Things to do in Gulfport

North Star Sailing Charters

Sailing on cruises and exploring the waters is another fun way of exploring Gulfport.

If you have time for a moment within the waters, then make this your sailing plug.

The Gulfport Small Craft Harbor is home to North Star Sailing Charters, a private charter sailing company.

Its major highlight is its 40-foot Kashmir and the 31-foot Polaris sailboats.

The 40-foot Kashmir and the 31-foot Polaris sailboats carry visitors on private charter voyages along the Mississippi Sound and the Gulf of Mexico.

Each charter can accommodate up to six persons, and there is a variety of packages visitors can enjoy on a cruise.

There are options for daylight, sunset, and moonlight excursions, dolphin and pelican watching expeditions.

In addition, visitors can have a meal at its special dinner cruises by the local Gulfport restaurant.

Also, North Star Sailing Charters offers variable start times and helps clients to tailor their charter to their own needs.

It also provides sailing instruction for visitors with their first experience in the sea.

Address: 2250 Jones Park Dr, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States.

13. Stennis Space Center, Gulfport

Things to do in Gulfport

The Stennis Space Center

Did you know that NASA also has an official testing center in Gulfport?

Stennis Space Center is an accredited NASA site that performs flight certification and rocket propulsion system testing.

It is a crucial testing facility in the United States’ enormous space program.

The INFINITY Science Center is a specialized tourist facility at Stennis Space Center.

Visitors can explore its various interactive displays focusing on the history of space exploration, STEM concepts, and other intriguing topics.

Discover interactive exhibits at the space center’s INFINITY Science Center and take a bus tour to wander the entirety of the massive facility.

You can even take a bus tour of the visiting area at Stennis Space Center from INFINITY.

If you are a science geek, you can’t afford to miss this. It’s one of the most promising things to do in Gulfport.

Address: One Discovery Circle, Pearlington, MS 39572, United States.

14. Set sail at Making Memories Sailing

Making Memories Sailing

Making Memories Sailing

A vacation to Gulfport would be pointless without some time spent on the calm waters of the Mississippi Sound.

The Making Memories Sailing charter business offers several options for exploring the Mississippi Sound in Gulfport.

Making Memories Sailing owns and runs the Kahlua, a 33-foot vintage sailboat.

Its Captain, Captain Roger takes visitors on charters of varying lengths, such as a sunset cruise for two and a half hours.

They also offer half-day morning or evening cruises for four hours and full-day six-hour cruises.

Moreover, its boat features comfortable seating both on and below the deck.

Visitors can enjoy the sun and saltwater spray while on charter, and possibly even encounter some fish or dolphins.

However, though you can choose to set sail at any time since all the times are suitable for sailing, try sailing during the sunset.

You’ll catch some of the most beautiful views of the city and will leave yearning for more.

Address: 1133 20th Ave. Pier 6, Slip 4, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States.

15. The Crosby Arboretum, Golfport

The Crosby Arboretum

Crosby Arboretum

There’s nothing quite like taking a calm stroll through Gulfport while breathing in fresh flower scents.

With dazzling nature sights, this arboretum is truly one of the most romantic places in Gulfport to hang out.

The Crosby Arboretum is affiliated with Mississippi State University.

It is an important educational site that strives to conserve and educate the public about many of the species unique to the Pearl River Drainage Basin.

The arboretum contains a pavilion, seven natural areas, and three primary curated ecological displays.

Views of the Savanna, Aquatic, and Woodland exhibitions, in addition to its research endeavors, are on display.

Visitors can see over 300 species of native wildflowers, shrubs, trees, and grasses at the arboretum.

Each of these exhibitions includes flora from the region as well as information about the ecosystem.

Botanists who want additional information about its Flora can visit their essential information center to learn more about Gulfport indigenous plants.

Guide your way through the center by following the trail signs while exploring the arboretum.

You can also sign up for a staff-led tour of the premises if you want.

Address: 370 Ridge Road, Picayune, MS 39466, United States.

16. Zip’N Fun Adventure Park

Zip'N Fun Adventure Park

Zip’N Fun Adventure Park

A visit to Zip’N Fun Adventure Park will undoubtedly be a tough, sporty, and enjoyable experience.

Unlike other Gulfport seaside attractions, Zip’N Fun transports visitors to the trees, where they complete a fifty-game obstacle course.

Its stimulating experience offers nature enthusiasts self-paced obstacle courses across varying difficulty levels.

Visitors put on harnesses and climb to high platforms, where they must overcome hazards such as tight ropes, swinging logs, shaky rope bridges, and more in order to finish the course, which becomes increasingly harder as players progress through it.

In addition to the challenging obstacles, the Zip’N Fun course includes six zip lines for adrenaline rushes along the route.

Try climbing, swinging, and crawling through tight ropes.

Hop on swinging logs and unstable rope bridges and see if you can hold on.

Hold on to zip lines and other elements and see if you can conquer Zip’N Fun Adventure Park’s challenges within the woods.

There’s just so much fun to get from one place.

Address: 17200 16th Street, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States.

17. Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards & Rentals Gulfport

Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards & Rentals Gulfport

The Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards & Rentals Gulfport

Obviously, being on the Gulf Coast comes with several thrilling water activities galore to explore.

To assure you of such deserved fun, visit some waters around Gulfport.

Wut SUP Standup Paddleboards & Rentals offers visitors a unique way to see the Gulf Coast by renting a standup paddleboard, or SUP.

The shop’s purpose is to promote the love of paddle boarding by providing guests with everything they need to get out on the water.

Whether you want a board, a leash, bags, fins, and paddle, as well as training from an on-staff teacher, you’ll find it.

Besides, the business is close to both the gulf and Gulfport Lake, making either a fun paddleboard excursion.

Visitors can rent paddle boards, kayaks, pontoons, jet skis, and bikes, as Wut Sup Paddle Boards offers the only equipment rental shop with beach access.

Enjoy water fun while in Gulfport and free lessons come with each rental.

Also, they sell kayaks, bicycles, and skateboards, and will bring all of their equipment to the nearby lodging.

Check out their list of social media handles and see what you can find.

Catch weekly events, dragon boat races, sunset paddles, outdoor movies, and summer camps.

You’ll have a great time outdoors.

Address: 13247 Seaway Road, Unit E, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States.

18. Jones Park

Jones Park

The Jones Park

For a unique way to spend the moment around Gulfport, hang out at the Jones Park.

This sprawling 60-acre park is ideal for spending a day with the family.

Jones Park, often known as the “Front Yard for the State of Mississippi,” is near the state port and features various attractions inside its limits as well as nearby.

Locals in the area adore the park, which was rebuilt from the ground up following Hurricane Katrina.

Its renovation took seven years and was ultimately completed in 2012.

The park currently features a walking path, a working amphitheater, a massive replica lighthouse, a playground, and a tropical-themed splash pad.

Also, there are two pavilions accessible for those interested in having a picnic.

Take some time off and go picnicking.

Spend some time on the splash pads or even take pictures near the lighthouse.

Moreover, you may also discover a variety of additional sights and food options nearby.

It isn’t adequate to just explain this park. A visit is all that is in place.

You’ll find this place one of the major highlights of Gulfport.

Address: 2250 Jones Park Drive, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501, United States.

19. Island View Casino, Gulfport

Island View Casino

The Island View Casino

A trip to the Island View Casino is a full-time option for entertainment and memories for people visiting Gulfport.

Like Las Vegas, famous for its casinos, this city exhibits such an aura.

Island View Casino sits right atop the beach of the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Offering over 2,600 state-of-the-art slots, 49 steady table games, and two sportsbooks, it’s one trendy place to be.

Also, two hotel towers stand magnificently, with 974 rooms, and bright pools with magnificent Gulf views decorate them.

If you are out for some of Gulfport’s premier adult activities, then buckle up.

Hundreds of slot and table games are available in their huge casino, which guarantees a pleasant, clean, and safe gaming experience for all guests.

There are even several smoke-free eating options, an award-winning buffet, a gorgeous outdoor bar, and a steakhouse.

Additionally, there is a beignet café for those who want a cup of coffee.

The luxury hotel rooms within the casino are just steps away, each with lovely linen and bespoke bath items.

Cut to the chase and spend an hour exploring the casino’s table games.

Try out the slot machines and poker tables.

However, if you aren’t the type to place your money on the line, dip yourself into relaxation at the resort and spa.

Address: 3300 W Beach Blvd, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501, United States.

20. Play games at The Bananas Mini-Golf & Arcade

The Bananas Mini-Golf & Arcade

The Bananas Mini-Golf & Arcade

Visit Bananas Mini-Golf & Arcade for some tropical-themed fun.

This relatively new institution, which opened in 2016, provides an amusing and tough outdoor mini-golf course.

Encourage some friendly rivalry among family and friends as you navigate the 18-hole course and see who comes out on top.

During the day, players can remain cool by using the numerous mister stations and accessible umbrellas.

In the evening, however, golfers will be treated to a fully illuminated course with dazzling waterfall effects.

The course is totally handicap accessible, and handicap putters are available.

Play games and spend some time outdoors.

While you’re having fun, be sure to check out their cutting-edge arcade and country-style small market.

You may pick up some souvenirs you’ll cherish.

Address: 2251 East Pass Road, Gulfport, Mississippi 39507, United States.

21. Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park

Visit the Altitude Trampoline Park for an exhilarating day of fun around Gulfport.

When it’s the rainy season or it’s snowing, Altitude Trampoline Gulfport is one of the best indoor parks to go build some steam and heat.

Literally, this isn’t your typical trampoline park.

In addition to its main court full of wall-to-wall trampolines, there are several more attractions and activities to enjoy.

Take on a challenge in Wipe Out, where players strive to dodge padded arms on a spinning wheel or go head-to-head with buddies at Battle Beam, where you aim to knock each other into a giant foam pit.

Try out dodgeball or trampoline basketball around its surrounding.

For endurance, try the rock wall, ride the trapeze, or even take an adventure along its jump areas.

Trampoline activities, such as extreme dodgeball and trampoline basketball, as well as an obstacle course, are also available.

Undoubtedly, Altitude Trampoline Gulfport is a fun place to while away an hour.

Jump and crawl as you like until you’re full of fun.

Address: 9444 Highway 49, Gulfport, MS, United States.

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22. Salute Italian Restaurant, Gulfport

Salute Italian Restaurant

Andreas / Salute Italian Restaurant

Do you want to grab a bite or taste some Italian food?

There are only a few restaurants in the city offering Italian delicacies and you’ll find one of the best dishes here.

Salute Italian Restaurant first opened its doors in Gulfport in 2008.

Its ambiance and delectable meals have kept it famous since its inception.

It is on the Gulf of Mexico, and you can relish some of the greatest Italian cuisines at a very reasonable price.

Some of the most popular foods here visitors can try include oysters, shrimp, and salmon.

There is also a pub that is available in the evenings.

What better way could you spend a boring evening? It’ll take a lot of hassle to overlook this eatery.

Sip a cocktail, take in some of the nicest views, and unwind in the wonderful ambiance.

Relax as long as you want while stuffing your belly with tasty tuna.

Address: 1712 15th St, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States.

23. Windance Golf

Windance Golf

Maria / Windance Golf

To stretch the calves and arms a little, there is something around Gulfport for golf lovers.

Windance Golf’s 18-hole championship golf course is a golfer’s fantasy.

Spanning across 6,600 yards of playing area full of breathtaking scenery, this place is a must-see.

The course, which was originally built by Mark McCumber, has recently undergone modifications.

Presently, a new lake, newly planted native areas, and the installation of cutting-edge irrigation technology are some of its highlights.

It’s no wonder that it’s become one of Mississippi’s top resort golf courses, and it’s consistently named one of Golfweek magazine’s “Best Places to Play.”

Aside from the magnificent course, players can warm up and improve their swing at the driving range.

Moreover, you could even go golf shopping if you have no equipment.

Shop for all of their golfing requirements at the Pro Shop a few steps within the area.


Try lunch at the 19 Bar and Grill in this golf center.

Its view is a fantastic site for a break since it provides an outstanding eating experience as well as great overlooking views.

Want to play golf?

No more obstacles. Head down to this place and try a shot at that hole.

Address: 19385 Champion Cir, Gulfport, Mississippi 39503, United States.

24. Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach

Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach

Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach

When you visit Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach, you’re stepping into your next vacation.

Whether you’re coming with family or friends, you can expect to enjoy fantastic meals and an easygoing island atmosphere.

Shaggy’s, is popular with both locals and tourists and is known for its wonderful seafood.

It doesn’t just offer seafood, there are also cool margaritas, and some of the greatest views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Wraps, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, seafood platter, flatbreads, oysters, and many more delicacies are robust on their menu.

Their yellowfin tuna bowl and American Wagyu baseball cut sirloin are two of their specialties and must-order dishes.

Try out some of their specials and pack a box home.

Truly, there’s nothing like good food after a whole day’s experience.

Address: 1724 E. Beach Blvd, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501, United States.

25. Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum

Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum

Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum

For aviation lovers, this is one of the top spots in the city of Gulfport to explore on a vacation.

The Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum, one of Gulfport’s newest attractions, tells the tale of the aviation’s early beginning along the Gulf Coast.

Its vast space offers a lot of aviation history in the Gulf Coast area through exhibits and displays.

It was built by a group of community leaders to honor the exploits of John C. Robinson, commonly known as the “Brown Condor,”.

According to tales, John fought against Fascist Benito Mussolini in the Ethiopian War from 1935 to 1936.

With time, the museum’s idea expanded to include a location to honor Robinson and other Mississippians who had made major contributions to aviation.

Presently, this museum is directly adjacent to the airport in Gulfport, with relics and instructive displays highlighting the state’s achievements.

Aside from dazzling displays, the museum also has interactive exhibits visitors can explore.

There are touch tables that educate aviation, a flight simulator, and a theater that mimics the interior of an airplane.

Literally, if you have time and do have some love for aviation, don’t miss out on this adventure.

Address: 429 Pass Road, Gulfport, MS 39507, United States.

26. Gulfport Premium Outlets

Gulfport Premium Outlets

The Gulfport Premium Outlets

Gulfport Premium Outlets, just between New Orleans and Mobile, is a shopping area with over 70 outlet retailers.

It is well-known as the city’s primary outdoor shopping destination, boasting designer brands throughout its historic stores.

You’ll find bags, jewelry, and souvenirs of all sorts.

Family-friendly attractions and eateries are a plus to its wide range of offerings and delights.

Visitors can shop more cheaply and replenish from whichever cuisine appeals to them.

You can also relax while watching the kids burn off excess energy at the playground or run around.

Address: 10000 Factory Shop Boulevard, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States.

Final Remarks

Gulfport is known for its rich history, craft, and people, as well as its seafood cottages and magnificent beaches.

Whether you wish to go fishing, kayaking, or simply relax on sugar-sand beaches along the warm and lovely waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll enjoy it.

Whatever your interests are, Gulfport offers something for everyone.

Create memories with this city and take pictures.

Safe Travels.