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16 Best & Fun Things To Do In New Rochelle (NY)

Things to do in New Rochelle, NY are quite on the list!

New Rochelle is the seventh-largest city in New York with a population of over 79, 726.

Also referred to as New Rock or New Rock City, it’s located on the beautiful Long Island Sound in the southeast part of New York.

Apart from the recreational activities and fun things this city offers, it is home to a lot of memorable artists and record-breakers!

Did you know that New Rochelle is home to the world’s famous Mighty Mouse, Heckle and Jeckle, and Deputy Dawg?

Exquisite offices, shopping areas, luxury residences, apartments, food, and art centers spell out its beauty.

Music, entertainment, food, museums, and historic places to see are vast and their specialty.

Also, New Rochelle houses a commuter railroad station which service is by Metro-North and Amtrak.

It is also one of the most beautiful places to see in the United States and a top vacation spot!

Below are some of the best and most fun things to do on a visit to New Rochelle, NY.

Things To Do In New Rochelle

1. New Rochelle Glen Island Park

things to do in new rochelle

Glen Island Park

This 105-acre waterfront park is located on Glen Island, on the Long Island Sound, New Rochelle, New York.

Although Westchester County owns and manages this park, it shares the island with the Glen Island Harbour Club.

Glamorous and stunningly beautiful define this park.

Things to do in Glen Island Park on a visit to New Rochelle, NY are like the sands of a beach!

If you visit during winter after a snowstorm, it is a sight to behold.

Incredibly, this is a great park to catch the sunset or even get a good photo of one!

Also, if you want to hold an event in New Rochelle, you can rent a pavilion for an event here!

Weddings, little-sized parties, and even reunions will be fun to do here.

Even if you just want some alone time behind a fishing rod and with bait, then take your time to fish here.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch some rays.

Honestly, it is a great place to picnic and walk any time of the year and its white sand-covered beach area will also hypnotize you.

Even if you don’t want to swim, just sit on the sand and gaze at its magnificent scenery. Build sand castles or play beach ball also! It’ll be fun!

Don’t forget there are nice trails too! Take your time and digest this beauty!

Address: Weyman Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10805, United States.

2. Pelham Art Center, New Rochelle

things to do in new rochelle

Lauren Silberman / Pelham Art Center

The Pelham Art Center in New Rochelle, New York, is a world of art.

Allow this place to mesmerize you with plenteous works of art that’ll leave even an art pro amazed!

This Arts Center is not really huge or big, but peaceful and professional.

It also has 3 studios and a media center containing macs as an art center.

Also, there is a rotating exhibit space showcasing local artists and if you’re lucky enough, you have the opportunity to meet the creators of those art pieces.

Lightening arranged and consistent throughout the day gives more beauty to the artworks here.

Artworks on exhibit here are beautifully placed and glowing due to the light grey and beige color scheme of the ceiling and walls.

If you’re a fan of the famous Andras Böröcz and Elaine Lorenz, then go have a look. Amazing art pieces by them are on display!

Moreover, it is an excellent place to learn to hone your artistic skills or see other people’s work. It’s a great place to take classes as an adult or even as children.

For food, finger foods such as cheese, crackers, sausages, and grapes are available. So, if you get hungry, just go to the sitting area, get a thing or two and fill your belly!

Things to do here are numerous, so if you live in Westchester County or visiting, you need to check this place out.

I’ll recommend it without second thoughts. It’s a treasure!

Address: 155 Fifth Ave #1503, Village of Pelham, NY 10803, United States

3. Thomas Paine Cottage Museum

things to do in new rochelle

Thomas Paine Cottage Museum / Wikimedia Commons

A mark of the history of New Rochelle, NY.

This historic cottage is owned by the founding father of New Rochelle!

The Thomas Paine Cottage Museum in New Rochelle, New York, was once home to a revolutionary!

Thomas Paine, a revolutionary war hero, was a resident from the year 1802 to 1806. 

Although, on this 300 acres farm given to Paine by New York in 1784, in recognition of his services in the cause of its Independence, it is just one of the buildings there.

Also, it is the historical home, and place of writing Paine’s last pamphlet.

In it, he addressed the citizens of Philadelphia on “Constitutional Reform”.

However, this cottage is now owned by the “Huguenot and New Rochelle Historical Association” and is being run as a historic house museum since 1910.

For a traveler or tourist who is interested in the history of New York, this place is a hit!

Some of the things to do on a visit here include attending most of its festivals and art fests.

During spring, this museum hosts Colonial Fair, in October, during Art fests it hosts the Colonial Tavern night.

Also, Toys for Tots Lightning Events in December.

Festivals here are always fun, safe and coordinated, thus making it a popular attraction site amongst travelers.

Apart from this, the cottage also hosts many local school field trips.

So, if you’re thinking of organizing a trip or a history learning trip amongst a group, this is a great place to check out!

Quiet reflection and sightseeing are some other things to do here in this museum.

Address: 20 Sicard Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10804, United States.

4. Hudson Park & Beach

things to do in new rochelle

Hudson Park & Beach

This attraction site in New Rochelle, New York, is an area with a sandy beach and a fun playground.

Although this beach isn’t too large, there are a lot of fun things to do here!

In the beach area, the sands are clean, and nice to build sand castles or even play beach ball.

If you want, you can go for a dip in its cool waters or just feel its warmth under your feet.

However, if you don’t want to swim, there are plenty of areas right around where one can sit on a beach chair or even on the benches.

Also, there is boat watching too! Boats sail by quite often and you can just rest on these benches and just take in the sun or watch the boats sail by!

Picnics, cheap dates, and great photography are some of the things you can do too. Picnickers can use the benches in the park or just sit on the sand. It’s really comfy and hygienic.

Not wanting to be outdone, the scenery in Hudson Park and Beach will wow you too, so if you want to take some clean shots, it will satisfy your craving.

The kid’s park or fun playground also has fun things to do.

Moreover, to prevent boredom for the children, make sure to bring them a bike, scooter, or even a skateboard.

Just come here, chill and relax and make happy memories! Bring a book to read too!

Address: 1 Hudson Park Rd, New Rochelle, NY 10801, United States.

5. Ward Acres Park

things to do in new rochelle

Ward Acres Park

The Ward Acres Park is a woody retreat area in New Rochelle, NY with both trails and an old barn.

This 62-acre park in the Wykagyl section of the city of New Rochelle is also a popular attraction site in Westchester.

Before its purchase by New Rochelle, the Ward Acres Park was formerly part of a large country estate and a horse farm.

It is now a combination area with hiking trails, a fencedin 5 acres dog park, and a community garden.

Although in the past it used to be a farm, the quaint stone walls and the old barn make it a beautiful and must-visit sight.

Things to do in this park could be visiting the gravesites of Ward champion horses.

Champion horses belonging to this farm are buried here. Although it’s been long, locals still keep its memories.

Also, this place is used widely as a dog park. With a large grassy area for large dogs and a separate area for small dogs or unfriendly dogs, dog lovers frequent it.

If you want, you can walk your dog off-leash on the trails around the park.

Dog lovers will consider this a gem if explored! However, dog walkers also need to obtain a permit with New Rochelle city hall.

Both Residents and non-residents need to pay, but it’s definitely worth it.

It is an absolute treasure for everyone who is comfortable with it.

Address: 300 Broadfield Rd, New Rochelle, NY 10804, United States

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6. Five Islands Park, New Rochelle

things to do in new rochelle

The Five Islands Park

Five Island Park is a beautiful park and garden in New Rochelle, New York.

This hidden gem is such a great find in the city, especially if you’re considering going for a great winter walk. It is a great place to take beautiful winter pictures.

Things to do in this park are vast. Among all, it is one of many ocean points parks around the area.

Also, you will catch the sight of bridges. These bridges connect the islands and a small little ramp or dock where you can actually sit and touch the water! Although, just a heads up, it can get very windy.

There are also trails where you can walk and explore this park. Make sure you walk all of these trails so you can explore the various views it offers.

Furthermore, it’s a good picnic place.

Barbeque grills at this park are at 100 dollars to rent and you can bring your own BBQ grill too. 

Views here are always beautiful and calming and when the weather is good, it can be really amazing.

An interesting activity they also offer is their paddle boarding classes. You can also take kayak classes as well!

While kayaking, you’ll enjoy the waters. It’s simply beautiful!

Be sure to walk the neighborhood as there are lots to see, including Salesian missions and the famous 100 years old Salesian high school.

Take your time to explore this beauty and have a good time.

 Address: 99 Le Fevres Ln, New Rochelle, NY 10801, United States

7. Larchmont Manor Park, New Rochelle

things to do in new rochelle

Larchmont Manor Park

This attraction site is a park and garden in New Rochelle, New York.

Located in the village of Larchmont, New York, the Larchmont Manor Park, is about 13 acres of land long.

It also lies along the Long Island Sound and Larchmont Harbor. Its age-long history travels way back to 1614 when a Dutch ship captain saw campfires in the area and had reportedly complained.

However, within a century, the British and Dutch settling in the area bought a vast part of the land.

Famous for its striated rocks, gazebos, scenic views, and smooth walking pathways, the Larchmont Manor Park is a must-see sight on a visit to New Rochelle.

The views of the water is amazing, and it is a great place for a walk in any season. Indeed, it is very spacious and you’ll also enjoy just sitting here and looking at its serene waterfront.

If you are going to sit here, then bring a book to read or you can bring something to paint or even draw.

Bird watching is also one thing to do here! Since you’ll see a lot of swans, egrets, sparrows, hummingbirds and other species of birds.

You can take your time to watch them or even take beautiful photographs of them.

The gazebos are lovely and a nice place to sit for a few minutes and enjoy the views.

Perfect place to meditate or even do yoga. You can take your time and sit on rocks here since there is no noise and you will enjoy having your spiritual exercise here.

Most of its residents here are friendly and pleasant, so if you have time, you can make friends.

Also, if you feel like talking to someone about something, people are here so you can freely converse.

In addition, there is a boat club that you can always look up or check out.

Somewhere around there’s a security guard to guarantee your safety.

Address: 108 Park Ave, Larchmont, NY 10538, United States

8. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

things to do in new rochelle

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

A place for fitness lovers in New Rochelle, NY!

This place in New Rochelle is an area full of indoor trampolines. It is a chain of indoor trampoline parks featuring freestyle bouncing, dodgeball, fitness programs, and a lot more.

From jumping on these trampolines, there are a lot of fun things to do.

There are several courts in Sky Zone Trampoline Park to try several exercise options depending on what interests you.

Options from dodgeball to basketball to warrior challenges to participate in.

Fitness is something really admirable about this place, exercises are its trend.

If you want to stretch your body or you are looking forward to stretching those stiff muscles after a long, tiring journey then, pick this spot.

However, if you are a little overweight or you want to get in shape, then you can opt to partake in their fitness programs.

These routine programs are really flexible and if you’re dedicated, you’ll get that body fitness level you require in a little while.

Moreover, you can bring children or teenagers here for a little practice. The basketball court here is a good practice zone, free from danger, and excellent enthusiastic coaches to keep you going.

Seating tables and chairs are comfy here in case you need to relax and rest those muscles after a tiring workout.

Masks are compulsory too, so wear one to ensure your safety and that of others and peace of mind.

Challenge obstacle courses for people who like solving puzzles and strategic games too. Use more of your head here and although it is easy, it will help you think more.

Pizzas, fries, and tenders are some of the delicacies, and food served here. Don’t bother about your stomach and exercise, but if you do get hungry, there’s always somewhere to refill that space.

Address: 33 Lecount Pl, New Rochelle, NY 10801, United States

9. Execution Rocks Lighthouse

Execution Rocks Lighthouse

Execution Rocks Lighthouse

Now meet one of the top tourist attraction sites in the city!

On the border between New Rochelle and Sands Point, New York is the famous Execution Rocks Lighthouse.

It is in the middle of Long Island Sound and stands 55 feet tall, with a white light flashing every 10 seconds.

This rugged beauty is receiving admiration and praise from tourists visiting the country.

A gigantic granite tower in white with a brown band of paint around its middle.

Also, it has attached to it, a stone keeper’s house, which has been vacant since 1979.

Very popular a tourist site, people from all over and around just come to embrace and gaze upon its beauty.

Fishing is a popular thing to do in its vicinity. However, depending on its tides, it’s a pretty good spot to ply the waters for fluke.

It’s also a nice boating destination. So if you want to explore its waters while feeding your eyes on the beauty of this lighthouse, then you can.

Finally, when the sunset comes into display at this point, its scenery is mesmerizing. Take your time to watch the sunset in this spot and you can take good photographs.

Capture some of your top moments in this spot and keep them as memories!

Address: Mamaroneck, NY, United States

10. Sheldrake Environmental Center

Sheldrake Environmental Center

Giftly / Sheldrake Environmental Center

Among the many places in New Rochelle, where a traveler connects more with mother nature, The Sheldrake Environmental Center spells nature cleanly.

This hidden gem has a beautiful and relaxing lake in a semi-secluded area in the middle of a suburban area.

Spots like this in New Rochelle is somewhere people are delighted to come and spend time at. The lake here, though big and cool, has some rules guarding it.

In this lake, swimming is not allowed, but you can do freshwater fishing here. In the hottest of summers, its environs always have the coolest breeze there is to get.

Things to do in this environmental center are much to find.

For a spot where you can just relax to read books, listen to cool music, or even listen to nature, this place is a pick.

Melodious bird chirps and other mother nature sounds will keep you company. A dam here is also something to look out for.

Bird watching is something you can look forward to doing here at this environmental center.

Plenty of wildlife to see here too! Ducks and some other interesting wildlife roam around this place so you can explore it as a mini zoo.

Also, wooden pathways and trails here are smoothly curved and placed, so you can hike.

You don’t have to be a pro to be able to use its trails. Trails here are easy, so at any level you are, you can use them efficiently without issues.

If you walk along Sheldrake Lake, you’ll be blessed with views of the backsides of mansions across the way.

The sunlight, the wooden pathways, the boulders, and the ducks are just wonderful to see.

Your dog will love running around off-leash and meeting some other dogs!

Can you imagine such a big pond in the middle of a town? Don’t just imagine, try biking down this center and take in tons of fresh air.

Address: 685 Weaver St, Larchmont, NY 10538, United States.

11. Glen Island Beach, New Rochelle

Glen Island Beach

Talk of the Sound

This is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit in New Rochelle, New York!

Featuring a beautiful view of the beach’s landscape and so many fun things to do, it is one of the most popular attraction sites in the state.

In addition to its beauty, there are so many places to explore on this beach.

Waterfronts on all sides of its island may be the prettiest thing you will see in Westchester County.

Although it is very pretty but very busy on the weekends, and the traffic is appalling!

If you need some time to self-reflect or probably time off with your thoughts, a relaxing and absolutely calm environment, Glen Island Beach is something you should opt for.

Bring a book too or bring some pictures you want to go over, or you could just watch different people do kinds of stuff and get down on something creative.

Beautiful beachfront, so you can access the water if you search for it or pay for a lifeguard behind the gates.

Also, you can take advantage of its beautiful area to take good photography and memorable pictures.

There’s also a small beach, so you can walk on the water, pick some rocks or even get a collection of seashells washed ashore.

For weddings and some other mini-events or get together you may want to hold, there is a beautiful water view catering hall.

In this park, there are about three playgrounds. It is a popular play spot for kids. Playgrounds with well-equipped play objects and structures for children of all ages.

Grill barbeques while here too and afterward there are disposal bins to put off the hot coals.

This is a serene spot for family outings or even a cheap play date or engagement party.

Make sure you get a county park, too. You will need it during the state’s Memorial Day to Labor Day!

Address: Weyman Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10805, United States.

12. Willson’s Woods Park

Willson's Woods Park

The Willsons Woods Park

This is a summer water park and picnic area in New Rochelle, New York.

Willson’s Woods Park is located in Mount Vernon, New York.

It is also one of the oldest parks in the County’s parks system.

Having over twenty-three acres, this park has a variety of activities for tourists to do, including birding, fishing, walking, ice skating, picnicking, and swimming.

Since over 50 species of birds can be found and seen here, it is a good spot in the state to do bird watching.

During different seasons, you can explore the revelations of its natural beauty on the display.

Not only are there fun things to do here, but this place is also a health booster. You can go here for therapy, sit by the lake and watch the waterfall. A gorgeous and highly therapeutic place to be.

There’s also a wave pool, a playground, and a picnic area as well.

Picnic areas with benches are really conducive and seemingly a good spot to hold short meetings and eat.

Grilling is also another pleasant thing to do in this park. The barbecue area is equipped with what it is you need for grilling.

Come with a friend or two and drink some soda over steak.

The playground area is also safe and secure. If you have kids, bring them here. Pieces of equipment here can accommodate any size and age so you need not bother.

You’ll love cooling off in the pool on hot days, so if you’re feeling hot or heavy, bring yourself here and allow yourself to lighten.

Furthermore, they have volunteer programs too, you can volunteer to pay courtesy to mother nature.

Try volunteering with Pitch In For Parks to help the park clean up some invasive species of bushes.

Have fun also planting evergreen trees and flowers here during your leisure.

Don’t forget to check this place out. I’m certain you’ll love it! Make your memories!

Address: 8 Bradford Rd, Mt Vernon, NY 10553, United States

13. Hour To Exit – Escape Games: Westchester and NYC

Hour To Exit- Escape Games

Kerry Ducey / Hour To Exit – Escape Game

The Hour To Exit- Escape Games is a game house and a tourist fun center in New Rochelle, NY.

This game fun house is an enigma and fun at its peak.

It is an interesting concept, and it is definitely directed more toward younger ages, but you’ll enjoy it as it is just okay for you to explore as an escape room.

Although, not much mystery surrounds what you need to do.

There are a few indicators in the game house that will tell you if you’ve successfully completed the puzzles or not.

Not to be sentimental, but this is a must-go if games and solving puzzles are your things.

However, if you’ve never done one before, it’s a good place to start your first try.

Game lovers will find his place mesmerizing to visit and its thrill is for sure!

Visit the Pandora Box. Although it is challenging, it will be a fun course to get through.

Also, there are certain interesting puzzles you should try out, from tedious ones to slow down the pace to relatively easy ones.

Don’t be disappointed, but this place doesn’t have many props in case you need to take a photograph or two, but you’ll certainly enjoy playing here.

Try the illusionist room and see how challenging it can be for you.

Bring your friends or family here and try having a nice free time competing extensively.

Leave memories here and don’t get too disappointed if it is too challenging!

Address: 466 Main St Suite 206, New Rochelle, NY 10801, United States.

14. Twin Lakes County Park

twin lakes county park

Twin Lakes County Park

The Twins Lakes County Park is an Equestrian center with miles of trails to explore.

One nice thing about this park is that it has a lot of trails that you will find interesting to try out.

Hiking, riding a bike, or even jogging are some of the fun things to do in this park in New Rochelle, NY.

Whatever path you decide to take while exploring this park, you will absolutely love it since it is secure and really smooth.

Although this park is very quiet, you may have a chance to bump into a family of deer or other amazing wildlife.

Beautiful scenery and an amazing place to take a walk or even shoot good photos. So many paths to take and stretch your calves.

There is also a barn with horses. If you are a horse lover, then you should check it out.

You can also take your dog here on a leash for a walk here.

Moreover, even though it is a nice place to get a lot of exercises, watch out for poison ivy, this park has a lot of them.

Address: Eastchester, NY 10709, United States.

15. New Rochelle Sprain Ridge Park

Sprain Ridge Park

Sprain Ridge Park

The Sprain Ridge Park is also a park in New Rochelle for wooded hiking and has smooth mountain biking trails.

Beautiful, unmarked, and challenging trails that will thrill you are what this place is made up of.

You can try the rocky single track. It is an amazing and fun spot to practice Enduro if that’s your niche.

Also, it has a great public golf course where you can play golf.

Golf lovers will love to try swinging and hitting balls on this golf course. It isn’t too challenging, so no matter how rusty your skills are, you’ll get through.

It is also a nice place to have picnics. Picnic areas here are well cared for and will be extremely cozy and comfortable to use.

Generally, it is just family-friendly!

A grilling area where you can barbeque is here too. If you want, you can grill a whole cow here and enjoy it over a beer with your friends.

Moreover, if you’re hungry, there are restaurants and bars where you can check out. They serve amazing food.

Address: 149 Jackson Ave, Yonkers, NY 10706, United States.

16. Saxon Woods Park – South Entrance

Saxon Woods Park- South Entrance

Saxon Woods Park

The Saxon Woods Park- South Entrance is a park and garden in New Rochelle, NY.

This park is a nice park with a lot of trails to go hiking on. Apart from hiking, you can also cycle and take a walk down its path.

It is a popular attraction site for tourists who want to stretch their legs.

You’ll, however, also enjoy a great set of shorter hiking trails between Mamaroneck and Scarsdale.

For kids, the playground is cool and fun to explore. Play pieces of equipment here are in good condition and are of different sizes for different ages.

Try the mini-golf here, you’ll have fun trying it out.

Beautiful scenery and the huge rocks seemed to glow like specks of diamonds.

To top it, it has a pool and playground. Soak yourself in its water, especially during the summer, and take your time to cool off.

Walk your dog down here or go jogging and flex those muscles.

Address: 500 Mamaroneck Ave, Harrison, NY 10528, United States.

Final Remarks

Whenever you feel like exploring and visiting this place in New York, make sure to use our list to plan your stay!

Whether you are an introvert, an extrovert, business-minded, or even family-centered, there is always something fun for you to do here!

Take your time and explore this promising scenery, its park, and amusement centers and it promises to be exciting!

Explore this place and do make sure to have a lot of fun during your stay!

Happy Travels!