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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Athens (Georgia)

Athens is one of the top attractive cities in Georgia filled with lots of fun and interesting tourists attraction centers.

The population of the city isn’t very large, and the most recent headcount is 124,719.

Regardless, It is evident, that Athens is a wonderful place for all ages and a safe place for visitors to enjoy their vacation, express their minds and so much more.

This town is a mid-sized city on the northeastern side of Georgia and it is the location of the state’s public research university.

Besides, the university in Athens is a historical location to visit because you will be opportune to learn a lot of things.

Whether you are going to stop for a weekend or if you are to planning to extend your stay.

Feel free to do so because there are plenty of different fun activities to do in Athens Georgia town.

Interestingly, it is just an hour’s drive outside of the city of Atlanta.

Our list of fun things to do below will help you to navigate the city

Things To Do In Athens

1. Georgia Museum of Art

Things To do in Athens

Photo Courtesy of Georgia Museum of Art

Georgia Museum of Art is an art center that has permanent collections of more than 10,500 works of art as well as 18 to 25 temporary exhibitions in the span of a year.

The art on the well in the canter is inspiring and is interesting to watch.

Likewise, you will see Harry Willson and Jane Sculpture Garden which is hosting rotating exhibitions of work by women sculptors.

The Museum holds different American paintings, southern decorative artworks on paper, as well as works by African American artists and Samuel H. Kress.

Georgia Museum of Art in Athens is indeed a nice place for all artists.

Kids will love this amazing location because there is some beautiful art for kids. Interestingly, the museum is handicap accessible.

There is an Italian Renaissance exhibit in the museum, and it is absolutely spectacular.

However, parking might be challenging in the museum, and you have to pay to park as well.

Address: 90 Carlton St, Athens, GA 30602, United States

2. The State Botanical Garden Of Georgia

Things To Do In Athens

Photo Courtesy of The State Botanical

Spending your holiday in an exquisite and public location is a good way to socialize.

The State Botanical Garden Of Georgia is a beautiful garden located in the heart of Athens and one of the most visited gardens in Athens because of lots of amazing and Interesting things visitors get to enjoy.

Likewise, the State Botanical Garden Of Georgia has different good trails that are easy to walk on, also, you will spot a water fountain and a pond here.

The garden celebrates the best in natural heritage, southern horticulture, and culture through excellence by displaying the practices of stewardship of a healthy nature.

To learn more about gardening, you sure need to visit this location in Athens.

There are different Sculptures in the garden, besides that, there is a building in the place where you can explore to have a great time.

Further, picnics and barbecue areas are available in this amazing location.

The gift shop in the garden is fabulous and you will be glad to pick up a few things for friends and family at a very good price here.

All the volunteers in the garden are so knowledgeable and are really friendly.

Address: 2450 S Milledge Ave, Athens, GA 30605, United States

3. Lyndon House Arts Center

Things To Do In Athens

Photo Courtesy of Lyndon House Arts Center

If you love art or creativity, Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens might be your favorite distinction.

Lyndon House in Athens is a small art center with lots of handmade art and sculptures.

It is an arts complex featuring galleries, classes, and a gift shop.

The rooms here are well clean and the environment is peaceful and safe.

The gift shop serves as home to different items that are perfect for lovers of art.

Besides, there is a small garden in the area, despite the fact that the garden is small, it is a nice place to learn a few things about flowers.

However, the parking space here is not as big as you would expect.

You can get a guided tour of the gallery, and the people here are really nice, you will love your stay here.

We highly recommend visiting this art center in Athens.

You can take your time to read the display information plaques explaining the existence of the center.

Above all, this art Center is a great location in Athens that is worth a short visit.

Address: 211 Hoyt St, Athens, GA 30601, United States

4. Athens Sandy Creek Park

Things To Do In Athens

Photo Courtesy of Sandy Creek Park

Athens Sandy Creek Park is a 782-acre outdoor recreation area with disc golf, different nature trails, and boating activities at Lake Chapman.

The park is a nice place in Athens to spend some quality and amazing time with your friends and family.

The trails here are perfect for different purposes such as hiking, biking, jogging, walking, and many other activities.

Additionally, Athens Sandy Creek Park is home to different playgrounds for younger and older kids to have wonderful fun moments.

Likewise, disc golf is a very good spot for adults to have a wonderful day while kids have a fun time on the playgrounds.

The disc golf can serve as a good location to practice and improve your golfing skills.

Surely, you will love the dog park here because they have a lot of open spaces for them to run around and play.

The entire park has a fence to ensure that all its visitors are in a place and to make sure that they are safe.

But entrance here is not free, you need to pay a reasonable price.

Address: 400 Bob Holman Rd, Athens, GA 30607, United States

5. Athens Sandy Creek Nature Center

Things To Do In Athens

Photo Courtesy of Sandy Creek Nature Center

Athens Sandy Creek Nature Center is a public facility that is featuring nature trails, live animal exhibits, and different rooms for physical classes and meetings.

The trails in the center are actually nice and it is a safe spot for both kids and adults. There are lots of trails, some are handmade, while some are natural trails.

Taking a walk on these trails is a very good way to get some fresh air.

Also, there is a place in this amazing location in Athens where you can learn about different animals most especially turtles.

Interestingly, Athens Sandy Creek Nature Center is dog-friendly so be sure to bring your dogs here for a walk.

The visitor’s center in the area is offering educational content for all ages, but it is most especially for children.

There is a restroom in the place that is mostly clean and accessible. The main trail close to the visitor center has lots of information for both adults and children.

Certainly, Athens Sandy Creek Nature Center is indeed a wonderful place to learn about local conservation and to have a nice and refreshing day.

Address: 205 Old Commerce Rd, Athens, GA 30607, United States

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6. Athica Athens Institute

Things To Do In Athens

Photo Courtesy of Athica Athens Institute

Athica Athens Institute is a beautiful environment in Athens where you will be opportune to showcase your talent.

It is a Nonprofit art gallery in a stylish and small building with high ceilings and rooms for many events.

The gallery has lots of local collections of art and you can get a tour of this beautiful building.

Often Attica Athens Institute is rented out for different events at a very reasonable price. In fact, this is one of the best times to visit the gallery since you can watch the art being created on the wall and meet other artists.

Also, there is a band that normally performs a show in the gallery.

Interestingly, access to this Institute is free since it is a non-profit gallery, however, donations are appreciated.

Their donations are channeled towards the maintenance of the building and the replacement of local art.

The volunteers and staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Address: 675 Pulaski St STE 1200, Athens, GA 30601, United States

7. Georgia Museum of Natural History

Things To Do In Athens

Photo Courtesy of Georgia Museum of Natural History

Georgia Museum of Natural History is one of the most attractive, and most visited museums in Athens featuring archaeological, biological, geological, and different paleontological displays.

You will see a lot of animals replica in the museum and lots of animals bones.

Visiting the Museum Of Natural History is an excellent way for kids to learn different fascinating things about animals.

Besides, the museum is really clean, organized and well arranged. Their staff are well trained and approachable, you will surely learn a lot from them.

One of the best parts of this museum is that there is a nature walking path near the building. The nature walk is so relaxing, peaceful, and refreshing.

A few minutes’ walks on the nature trail will be scenic and adventurous.

You sure need to check this amazing place out when you are in Athens.

Address: Natural History Bldg, Athens, GA 30602, United States

8. Tree That Owns Itself

Things To Do In Athens

Photo Courtesy of Tree That Owns Itself

Tree That Owns Itself is a nice neighborhood with lots of big trees.

Most visitors are attracted to the area due to the large number of trees that provide shade for the sitting areas.

There are some trails in this amazing location that is accessible for both kids and adults.

Additionally, you will spot some small buildings in the environment as well. The trees here are actually historical and you will be moved if you listen to the history of the trees.

However, there is nothing much to do in this amazing location but you will feel comfortable.

Address: 277 S Finley St, Athens, GA 30605, United States

9. Athens Ben Burton Park

Things To Do In Athens

Photo Courtesy of Athens Ben Burton Park

Having fun with your family, friends, and pets is one of the best ways to spend your time in Athens.

Athens Ben Burton Park is a small riverside park with several wooded hiking trails that are suitable for dogs on leash and a ramp for kayaks and canoes.

Ben Burton Park was a site that is located in the former hydroelectric generating station that was built in 1896.

This friendly environment for families with kids has lots of fun things for every member of the family here.

There are several trails in the park, you can unleash your dogs to walk freely on some of the trails here.

Some trails in Athens Ben Burton Park are really challenging and are perfect for exercise.

You can also swim in the river here likewise your pets.

Address: 615 Mitchell Bridge Rd, Athens, GA 30606, United States

10. Big Dogs On The River

Big Dogs On The River

Photo Courtesy of Big Dogs On The River

Big Dogs On The River in Athens is one of the most attractive and fun places to visit in Georgia.

This amazing location is home to lots of attraction activities.

There is a big river in the place where you can kayak and there are lots of canoes available.

Also, there are lots of buildings in this amazing location and you can take your time to explore the buildings.

The restaurant at Big Dogs On The River in Athens provides a wide array of tasty meals, and the restaurant menu is quite extensive so there are a variety of options.

There is a gift shop in the environment where you can get beautiful and amazing items at a discount price.

Not only that but there is also an area in the park for picnics and barbecues.

The front of the building in this location serves a as parking lots.

However, if you desire to get a good spot to park your car, you have to visit early to secure your spot.

Address: 2525 Atlanta Hwy, Athens, GA 30606, United States

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11. TRR Cobb House

TRR Cobb House

Photo Courtesy of TRR Cobb House

TRR Cobb House in Athens is a very big and beautiful building with several rooms and art.

The building is a historical site with lots of amazing history.

Interestingly, admission is free here so you can visit anytime at no additional cost.

There are lots of rooms in the building likewise you will see a small library where you can read some inspirational books.

Furthermore, the building and its surrounding are really neat and well kept.

The owner of the house and the person maintaining the building are really nice and you will give you a full tour of the building.

The exterior of this building has a small garden where you can spend some time alone.

Although there is nothing much to do in TRR Cobb House, you can visit to get some positive inspiration.

Address: 175 Hill St, Athens, GA 30601, United States

12. Athens Memorial park

Memorial park

Photo Courtesy of Memorial park

Athens Memorial park is one of the most fun and safe park for kids of all ages.

The park is filled with different fun activities for all visitors.

It is a popular green space in Athens different with play equipment, a dog park, a pond nature trails, and a swimming pool.

With the above, it is certain that there is some fun in Athens Memorial park for every member of the family.

Not only that, you will see a park that is specially made for wide animals and there is a different park for dogs.

You will be happy you visited this fun location in Athens because you will not get anything lesser than a good fun memory.

Here you will find a pool which is specifically made for swimming, as well as a pond where you can fish.

Besides, there are lots of trails in this beautiful location where you can bike or walk safely.

Some of the trails and the sitting area are close to the playground. So if you desire to keep an eye on your kids, you can easily do so.

Athens Memorial park is worth the price because your fun experience in this park is indeed unlimited.

Address: 293 Gran Ellen Dr, Athens, GA 30606, United States

13. World Of Wonder Playground

World Of Wonder Playground

Photo Courtesy of World Of Wonder Playground

Do you love seeing those happy faces of your kids when they are having a great time?

If so, you should visit the World Of Wonder Playground in Athens.

This is a fun and memorable location for both kids and adults.

Reasons have been that the park is home to lots of play equipment and activities and obviously different from the other parks because of the way their playgrounds are structured.

There are different playgrounds in this park and some of the playgrounds are covered so that kids won’t have to play in the hot sun.

Further, there are lots of beautiful areas for picnics and barbecues.

Besides, the park is really neat and all the fun equipment here is well maintained.

Interestingly, there is some play area in this park that is perfect and suitable for adults looking to exercise while having fun at the same time.

A visit to the World Of Wonder Playground in Athens will make you desire to explore other fun places in the city.

Address: 325 Whit Davis Rd, Athens, GA 30605, United States

14. Athens Walker Park

Walker Park

Photo Courtesy of Walker Park

Athens Walker Park is a fun place for all kinds of outdoor fun activities like bike trails, a fitness zone with weight, cardio equipment, and playgrounds.

Besides, there is a water fountain here where you can cool and refresh yourself on a sunny day.

If you are a lover of bikes, you are not left out here, the biking trails are meant for that.

There is an area in this amazing location that is specially made for picnics and for a small gathering.

Celebrating your kids’ birthday in Athens Walker Park will actually be fun and will definitely be worth it.

Athens Walker Park is a family park, however; you can either visit with your family or go alone.

Address: 200 Trail Creek St, Athens, GA 30601, United States

15. Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail

Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail

Photo Courtesy of Bear Hollow Wildlife

Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail in Athens is a historic cabin on 225 acres with wetlands and woodlands.

There is a visitors’ center that is perfectly made for interactive exhibits in Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail.

This park is a multi-purpose park because you will see all kinds of animals because there is a zoo here.

There are several connecting trails that are perfect for both hiking and biking.

Despite the fact that there is a zoo in the park, there is also a small playground where you can have fun.

Apart from the zoo, Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail has a river where you can stay to cool off.

Lover of bears is not left out here because there are lots of bear collections with different specie.

Above all, there is a lot of fun demarcating the animals from the people to ensure their safety therefore you are absolutely safe.

Address: 293 Gran Ellen Dr, Athens, GA 30606, United States

16. Athens Dudley Park

Dudley Park

Photo Courtesy of Dudley Park

Spending some time alone in a beautiful and quiet place is a good way to think.

So if you desire that, Athens Dudley Park is your best shot.

It is a 24-acre tract of tranquil fields that features several picnic tables, woods, and a BBQ grill.

This is actually a nice and friendly environment to exercise and a good place for morning Yoga.

Athens Dudley Park was to honor Alonzo Gordon Dudley in 1953, he governed Athens from 1926-to 1935.

The open fields here are used for different fun activities, further, there are several picnics connecting multiple trails in this amazing location.

Some of the trails here are actually challenging but the beginning of the trail is actually easy but while progressing it’s become challenging.

The picnic area here is a good spot to rest after exercising or you can take your lunch here.

Their atmosphere in this amazing environment is really peaceful.

It is really easy to spend the whole day in Athens Dudley Park without realizing it.

Address: 100 Dudley Park Rd, Athens, GA 30601, United States

17. Athens Morton Theatre

Morton Theatre

Photo Courtesy of Morton Theatre

Athens Morton Theatre is a big performance stage in Georgia.

It is a very popular theatre where different people perform all kinds of shows.

If you desire to watch a stage art or a talent show, then don’t wait any longer.

The seat in the theater is well arranged and you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

They also have some places outside the building where you will see some artists having a great time.

You can visit this amazing location in Athens to meet your favorite singer.

Certainly, you will get lots of inspiration from the performance if you visit this environment.

Their staff here are really helpful and friendly.

However, you need to get a ticket to have access, but don’t worry too much because the tickets fee is really affordable.

Address: 195 W Washington St, Athens, GA 30601, United States

18. Southeast Clarke Park

Southeast Clarke Park

Photo Courtesy of Southeast Clarke Park

Having a wonderful day with your friends and family is a nice and fun way to spend your holiday.

Southeast Clarke Park in Athens is one of the most attractive and fun-filled parks in Georgia.

There are lots of fun things and activities to do in this fun location in Athens.

It is a very spacious park with different connecting walking trails.

Also, there is a playground, a dog park, and multisport facilities.

It is certain that Southeast Clarke Park in Athens has a lot of things fun for everyone.

If the park is crowded, you will never realize it due to the fact that there are lots of spaces.

The park has different kinds of fields for all sports activities, there is a special tennis court in the field where you can practice your skills.

There are different playgrounds in the park, you will certainly love the playground that is perfectly made for toddlers here.

The dogs’ park in this area is different from the kids’ park so that they will have their utmost fun experience.

Interestingly, there is a fence separating the kids’ area from the dogs’ park.

Southeast Clarke Park is always clean, and it is well maintained.

Address: 4440 Lexington Rd, Athens, GA 30605, United States

19. Oconee Forest Park

Oconee Forest Park

Photo Courtesy of Oconee Forest Park

Do you love to spend some time in a deserted and clean environment?

If so, you should check out Oconee Forest Park in Athens.

This is a sprawling public park with historic ruins, petroglyphs, 860+ miles of trails, campgrounds, and lots more.

There are varieties of fun activities you can do here. The park is mostly quiet which makes it a good place to camp.

Furthermore, there are lots of trails that you can hike on, all you need to hike here is your hiking gear.

Also, there are different connecting bridges here, you can take a stroll in this beautiful location and you can also stand here to fish.

There are some picnic areas here and some places are specially made for camping.

Apart from hiking, camping, and picnicking, there is some historical ground where you can spend some quality and memorable time.

Oconee Forest Park in Athens is absolutely safe for all ages.

You will certainly see some harmless wildlife and beautiful flowers in the environment.

Oconee Forest Park is a family environment for all ages and the park is indeed worth a visit.

Address: Athens, GA 30606, United States

20. Athens Double Barrel Cannon

Double Barrel Cannon

Photo Courtesy of Double Barrel Cannon

Do you love historical items?

If you do, you can visit Athens Double Barrel Cannon to see more.

There are lots of well-maintained historical items in this amazing location.

Additionally, you will see a historic experimental cannon with 2 barrels that are standing outside Athens City Hall.

There is a beautiful garden in this amazing location, there is also a sitting area in the garden.

You can seat here to enjoy the beautiful views of the garden.

Athens Double Barrel Cannon can be noisy at times because it is close to the road.

Besides, there is an open space in this amazing location where you can park your car for free.

Address: 301 College Ave, Athens, GA 30601, United States


Final Remark

Athens is a beautiful city in Georgia where you can have a quality and memorable time if you are on a low budget.

The city’s level of creativity is different from other cities and this will give your vacation a unique fun experience.

However, you don’t need to feel limited by our list of things to do, there are other places you can explore in Athens Georgia.

Safe Travels!